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01e38822bd2d84d368ae3b2cafe154fc171 This post is essentially for those logged onto my Blog, may know Annest and cannot believe what they are reading about her or have been led by her to believe that I the as the author of this Blog is simply making up stories. I am NOT making up stories about her and I am NOT telling lies. I have no reason to do that. This is the reality of what she really is and I stand by all that I have written because I have lived through it with her and I have the proof.

 This Blog from the start is a true testament of what Annest Namata is, what she has done, how she behaves, how she treats people and what she has done to me and many others before.This BLOG narration is NOTHING but THE TRUTH. It is a true reflection of what she is, what she does, what she has done and what she continues doing to date.

It is amazing that she can go to bed and sleep when she is so manipulative, disrespectful and dishonourable even to people who have passed away, she is evil, selfish, and a user.

Annest Namata has made statements like these to her friends who have told me:- “I don’t believe in dead people”. Patrick thinks his mother will come back”. “I hate the way he keeps his mothers things, he thinks she will come back”.

Recently she wrote to me:- “Twakowa, many people have lost mothers. You are not the only one. She is not the only one who has passed away”. So to all  the Blog readers, judge for yourself what an evil remorseless devil Annest Namata is.

1544350_782942858384888_2966482896531601799_n Whenever someone tells the truth about her, she always says they are lying but she cannot bring out the real truth and cannot back it up with facts. I have the facts and I have laid them all to bare. So if she is saying I am lying, let her tell the real truth and back it up with concrete facts. I have the evidence to back up all that I have written in this Blog.

 If you challenge her in a relationship or try to get her to care about your needs as a couple, she will cheat on you without a thought and she has no remorse and empathy for doing it. She is a bad creature of habit and cheating/promiscuity is her habit.  She will want you only for material things and money. She is a Gold Digger. She justifies this by saying she wants to forget her past and her Pastor justifies it as well. Her church has a big deco “Forget your past, it is time for a new thing”. So Annest uses people for material things and money, sleeps around and justifies it that way. She is an evil prostitute.

 This is the most devastating part of being involved in a relationship with narcissistic Annest. You love her and she doesn’t care after she either exploited you and got another narcissistic supply or victim(s).  You give her your all and she can and will turn on you or against you and start a relationship with someone else behind your back secretly whilst using you. How easy and cheap can one make themselves? That is the moral immorality of Annest Namata and she claims she is genuine and honest and God-fearing. She is not.

To you the reader of this Blog; Never allow someone like Annest to be your priority while you’re just their option. I made Annest Namata my priority due to her past whilst she made me her option. I made her a priority because I loved her so much and wanted her to have all good things in life. I wanted to give and gave her all the love she never had as a child and as an adult but I was giving my love to the wrong person out to exploit me. I sacrificed everything to make her happy and to give her everything. She still did not appreciate. DO not make the same mistake. She is a rogue, thief and will never appreciate anything you do for her. She will NEVER have that privilege again in her life. She will live to wish she did with great regrets. She is NOT God as she thinks.

Do not be deceived by her bleached and maquillage aided looks and perceived deceitful honesty and what she tells you about herself. There is absolutely nothing honest about Annest. Looks are very deceptive BUT in her case, they are very very deceptive. What you see and hear from her is NOT what you get. She is very evil and very deceptive. She is simply an evil Gold Digger.

Arrogance and Vanity like Annest Namata’s are not traits to associate with people you respect and think highly of. No matter how good, famous or wealthy one may be, stay humble with both feet on the ground. Annest is none of these but she is haughty and disgustingly arrogant. You cannot like a person like her. She does not know what respect is and what it is about. She thinks immorality is moral. She thinks one can buy class by being arrogant and arrogant.

REAL LIFE QUOTATION: I’ll quote what someone who stated(wrote) recently; ‎”Real men in Kampala are extinct” of course they are, women in kampala just killed all of them. You would be alien to still be alive with the Kampala type of woman.”

Annest Namata is one of the women this man is referring to. She is a rogue interested only in getting money and material things off you. The only addition to this exception in her case is that she exploits anyone regardless of who it is. To her it is all about what she can get from you by be-friending you and later exploiting you for material and money – Gold Digger.

Annest is very VAIN
i.e. she is proud of very petty things, or of trifling attainments; has a high opinion of her own small accomplishments with slight reason; she is so conceited with a puffed up inflated arrogant, haughty, egotistical attitude. She praises herself before being praised – “I am brainy”, “I am beautiful”, “my legs are nice”, “I am good in bed”, “I know business”, etc – All delusional praises.

There is no point in reasoning with a haughty worthless arrogant for nothing person like Annest. She cannot recognise herself. It’s like trying to teach a pig how to sing. It wastes your time and makes the pig seem better.

Behaviour is as a result of beliefs. Beliefs and moral values are the cause and behaviour is the effect.  If you upgrade what you believe you will upgrade your behaviour and morals, and when you upgrade your behaviour you upgrade your results which are better morals and virtues which leads to self-respect.

Annest Namata does not have any form of morals and self-respect. That’s why she thinks it is okay to cheat on someone who loves her in a long term relationship but she will go with several other men. That’s why it is okay for her to steal from someone who loves her and has the best intentions for her.

Annest’s disgusting arrogance and ego is a shield used to mask her feelings of inferiority and ignorance. She is aware and terrified of her own inadequacies and therefore clings to her ego-centrism, arrogance and vanity. For those who believe her lies that she is all that high-class and has worked for what she has got, think again or else assess your thinking. You will be exploited by her no matter what type of friend or professional relationship if at all you have with her. She will use you to her advantage. That is what she does everyday but pretends to be religious and “saved”.

Annest is an evil hypocrite. She does not see her deception and she lies with sincerity. That’s why people believe her. She tells lies and acts like it is the truth. You cannot and should not trust a person like that in any circumstance.

I have quoted the above because Annest who claims she is “Born Again” and God-fearing said she follows her heart but as you can see in the Bible Jeremiah 17:9 it clearly states; “The heart is deceitful above all things”. It all explains why she is deceitful in nature.

She is very controlling when she has managed to win your trust because she starts to think you can’t do without her. Severely controlling people liker her are often produced by external factors e.g abusive parents, being abused as a child or clinical mental disorder.

You can hope to change or rescue her or that she will change as she can promise like I did but the best help is :- (A) Refuse to be her “victim”  (B) direct her to professional help which she will refuse to do. I did that but she claimed she doesn’t have a problem simply because she is a user and a Gold Digger.

This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life Character Revelation.

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The Heading of this post are words said by Annest. Stupid as it may seem, she is still telling people that they are jealous of her. That is very typical of a villager who has just seen things and thinks she has arrived. Annest Namata told her friends and colleagues that I am jealous of her job and jealous because she travels to countries like Kenya and South Sudan. What a pity I had to deal with such a backward villager who is a thief at the same time. What job is she saying people are jealous of “Event Planner aka event manager”! Wow!

The fact of the matter here is that she is the one who is jealous of me or other people that she is accusing of being jealous of her. This point will elaborated with facts in a blog ahead. That’s why she goes on and on about people being jealous of her. Jealous of her for what? But then again villagers are like that. When they achieve little, they think and say people are jeleous of them. I have proof of her writing to a stranger online she was trying to seduce that I earn more than her and live a comfortable life etc. She is very evil.images (82)

I have no reason to be jealous of her or her job. I was the only one who helped her when she had no job. I helped her prepare for the interview for her first job that she is hanging on to.  She even got that job to start as a result of the residence I got her to live in and was paying for everything she was using for the job from the car, fuel, Phone airtime to everything else. She was not being paid a salary for two years. She is just an ungrateful fool. What she earns in year, I earn it in a week. I don’t say anyone is jealous of me for that.  I am not arrogant about it. There are very many people who earn a million times more than she earns but they don’t go around posing about their earnings or jobs.

What is there to be jealous about her job or the little business she has now started after stealing money from me, copying my business ideas and stealing my customers?  She is a thief. She could not even be honest with my company Auditor. She avoided him like any thief would. The evidence is available and will be revealed in court.11794122-word-on-keyboard-made-in-3d

It really shows how ignorant and backward she is. I should be the last person on this earth that she can claim is jealous of her because I helped her when no one could help her. That clearly shows the character traits of  her backwardness. I know of so many other people who are much better off whom she has claimed that they are jealous of her. Why would everyone be jealous of her. What is so great about her.

Why should I of all people be jealous of her? For what? She is what she is today because of me. I don’t go around blowing my trumpet about that. But I will now bring out the truth because instead of appreciating, she has been attributing her little so-called success to herself. She is the most ungrateful person you can ever come across.

The people who know her really well and knew her before I knew her know the real truth. They know what she was before I came into her life. But never the less she has the audacity to use me as well and move on to her next “victim”. To Annest, IF you have something she wants to gain from you, you are just an object to be used. She is an evil Gold Digger.

She also said that I am jealous of her traveling to China. How can I be jealous of her travelling to China when I have been to better parts of China. You cannot compare mainland China to Macau and Hong Kong. I have been to better places/countries. But sadly and stupidly because China is the first and only country she has been to apart from three African countries, so she thinks it is the best. She even used to boast about going to a town like Juba in Southern Sudan. Why? Obviously to her it is a big deal. I will NOT lower my level and standards to her villager level. I did that for 4.5 years which was a major grave mistake.

If it were not for the company where she works and her manipulative and promiscuous ways whereby men who invite her for her services pay for the travel, She would not have even gone to these few countries she brags about. How arrogant and obnoxious would she be if she travelled to Europe and the Americas or if she lived there? Even if she lived in Juba, she would still brag about it. That’s what a ghetto low life she is.

I have travelled the world and she knows it but I don’t have to flaunt it. I don’t have to take photos of myself on a plane and post them all over Facebook like she does and tell everybody how she has travelled and make up stories of going to countries she has not been to. Sadly, she is so ghetto and it shows by what she does and Using the plane for first timesays despite trying to act like she is high-class or has any standards.
She used a Plane for the first time in her life two and a half years ago and she thinks people should be jealous of her for that very reason. BUT what is the big deal anyway? When she got to the destination, she rang all her friends saying “I’ve arrived, I can’t believe I used a plane, OMG, it is so good, etc. SO WHY HER ARROGANCE NOW??

As the saying goes “You can get someone out of the ghetto but you cannot get the ghettoness out of them”. So that is the same with Annest Namata, she will always be a villager simply due to the fact that she cannot have humility ans she can’t realise that there are many people who have seen it all but remain down to earth.

She didnt know how to Order food in a hotelShe is the same person who used to ask me what food to order when we went out for a meal to restaurants and hotels. Two years ago, she didn’t even know how to fasten a plane seat belt and she says I am jealous of her for travelling to China. What’s the big deal about China? I have lived and worked in different parts of the world and that’s not a big deal to me. Sorry I forgot its a big deal to a villager like her.

A MESSAGE FOR ANNEST NAMATA who claims to be “Saved”, “Born Again”, genuine, honest and God-fearing:

Be honest with yourself and be humble.

Corinthians 13:4-8 (New International Version)

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.


Learn how to listen. You think you are the only one who has the answers but you don’t. So listen. Annest you are an ogre in disguise.

In a court of law you’re innocent until proven guilty. In a relationship you’re guilty until proven innocent. Annest violated my love and ultimate trust. There is nothing to prove because everybody who knows us knows what Annest did. Worst of all, she disrespected my late mother and stole money from my late mothers account and my account.

My message to anyone who is trusting still trusting her: STOP trusting Annest Namata with anything with immediate effect. If you do not heed my advice, it is your choice and good luck but you will live to regret not listening or heeding the advice. I did not listen to advice given to me by her ex boyfriend whom I didn’t know warning me about Annest shortly after our relationship started because I loved her. I also thought it was because he was saying it because they had separated. She also claimed he was jealous of her. For what? But now I wish I had listened and kicked her out of my life when I was advised right at the start of the relationship.

Proverbs, 16:18


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narcissism21 A Narcissist is someone who takes their self-esteem to the extreme from the way others view them and exploits people without a care in the world. Their personality will therefore centre around how he or she is viewed. That is exactly how the subject of this Blog; Annest Namata reasons and behaves in everything she does. In Public, she acts the nice person, religious and professional all pretence but in private she is sarcastic, unsympathetic, excessively arrogant, exploits people, uses people, she is haughty and insulting. Most of all, she is a Gold Digger.

IF a child was abused during her childhood or neglected in such a way that made him/her ashamed of who she/he is then she will try to cope with that shame in the best available way. Some people will become socially withdrawn while others will choose the other defence mechanism which is becoming narcissists.

I am not stating/suggesting that she was abused in her childhood because she doesn’t like talking about her childhood/past. So something is amiss.

Of significance in this myth is that narcissism is based in a relationship process. Unlike many psychiatric disorders, narcissism does not develop independent of relationships.

Because it develops in relationship disorders, it manifests in relationships and can only be changed through a relationship process. That is why in my relationship with Annest Namata, it manifested itself in the relationship over a period of time despite her pretence.

NPDAnnest Namata chose the defence mechanism thus being a narcissist. This explains why she is constantly defensive even when it is not necessary and has no empathy even though she may pretend to have empathy in certain circumstances in order to get material things and money. Ultimately her goal is to get a Narcissistic supply NOT a normal relationship. To Annest Namata, all men are Narcissistic supplies. As she once said and wrote to me “You want to be the only one giving me good things”.

Annest Namata, go ona947752b651bff262249393dd1b5d1bd slutting yourself and get good things from every man you have an affair with as you said and stated. I now couldn’t care less. After all, that is what you are worth.

A narcissist like Annest Namata exaggerates her own importance (delusions of grandeur) and stops listening to anyone who tries to point out her flaws with good intentions for her.

That’s why ignoring a narcissist like Annest Namata hurts her so much. It’s because the act of ignoring her is seen by her as an attempt to devalue her self gratifying, exaggerated delusional worth!

Initially, it may seem the narcissistic lover is “the one.” But after the honeymoon period is over the tables turn. Why? Well because the honeymoon is over! And narcissists love the honeymoon. The reason the narcissist loves the honeymoon is because she can be stuck in the Peter Pan, terminal boyhood stage where she doesn’t have to be responsible or accountable. She doesn’t want to deal with issues in the relationship. If any issues are brought up she will be quick to dump them back on you and walk away. She loves the romance, the attention, admiration, adoration, promise of ideal love and hope that he has found “the one” who will tolerate all her mannerisms without question. When her beloved begins to question, differ with her or make demands, her “evil rotten mannerisms” escalate. She resorts to her manipulation techniques to get you to stop bringing issues to the forefront. And her greatest manipulation technique is to dump it all on you. It is your fault. You are too demanding! You are jealous, You have bad manners, You don’t accept her as she is!, etc. This is all indicative of Annest Namata’s mannerisms.

Annest Namata the narcissist thinks she is entitled to constant attention and admiration without having to invest anything more than the initial time it took to woo you. Once you have been wooed you should be hooked in and she shouldn’t have to invest so much any more. She has groomed you to be a constant source of admiration, attention, sex, affection, nurturing and material things. The piece that is missing is that Annest Namata the narcissist doesn’t seem to believe that she should reciprocate because she is delusional into thinking she is the best thing in the world.

Underneath it all Annest Namata the narcissist can’t enter into a place of mature love. Her love is immature, self centred and needy. She is looking for unconditional love but is unwilling to give it. 

For a time, you might be “the one” for the narcissist. But when you begin to have needs or demands from the relationship, or you are disagreeable, it will change. When you begin to question her behaviour whether it be viewing porn, staying out late or ignoring you, she will be angry at you because she wants you to completely affirm and validate her, no matter what she does. She expects for you to tolerate her affairs, her porn, her sex addiction with different partners, her avoidance issues, and anything else she does. This is narcissism! Narcissism is self centred and immature. It doesn’t consider you or your needs at

Often when you are cut off, abandoned, devalued and discarded, it is a punishment for your refusal to comply to her deceitful needs. And as victims of narcissism, initially we think it is somehow our fault that she treated us with such contempt. We wrack our brains wondering what we did to deserve such cruel treatment. But it is and never has been about you. What you did is refuse to cater to her selfish needs and affirm her unconditionally. But unless you want to completely give up yourself and be absorbed by the narcissist, it is unrealistic to play this role with her. She is nothing but evil.

But eventually one of two things happens. Either the narcissist Annest Namata gets bored with you because you no longer challenge her, or you get fed up with his behaviour and start making demands for yourself which may eventually result in your leaving.

You can’t always know what is going on inside the tortured mind of Annest Namata the narcissist. The one thing you can know is that she is unable to truly give you what you want, need and deserve; a whole, healthy relationship. So whether you leave or narcissistic Annest Namata leaves, you are much much better off.

images (1) Narcissistic Annest Namata will eventually marry for money, or prestige or power NOT for love. A narcissist may get involved with you because you are eye candy and make her look good. Most people are physically attracted to someone because they perceive that person as hot, or beautiful, or gorgeous. People with money, or power or prestige never have trouble finding a “temporary mate”, because the mate is more attracted to the goodies, than the person.

 It is known that she has abused and exploited people who have kept quiet and made no contact with her afterwards and she has been known to contact them and claim that they are friends and asking them why they were not contacting her. This is because she felt her exaggerated worth was being devalued.

In the self-confidence state, Annest the narcissist feels ashamed of being herself and because of that she tries to cover her flaws by outperforming everyone else around her. Her logic at this point is something like: If I am superior then no one will dare to point out my flaws. When you point out her flaws, she replies with rage or plays the victim card.

When you ignore Annest as a narcissist, you actually remind her of her childhood shame and that’s why rejection hurts her badly. But of course when you find out she is using and exploiting you, you have to ignore her and avoid her at all costs by rejecting her otherwise she destroys your life..

In an attempt to avoid the feelings of rejection, she will get her next “victim” immediately in form of someone to have an affair with. That will be a “Rebound Relationship/Affair”. That is why she cannot be on her own for any period of time because Narcissists like her need people for their narcissistic supply for money and material things by exploiting them. That also explains why she has many affairs on the go at the same time even when she is in a relationship. She constantly needs people to use and exploit for material things and money. Annest Namata idolises money and material things. That helps her keep her excessive arrogance and showing off to those who do not know her well. She will do anything to act the part in her favour to get the adoration from men with money she wants. She will do anything even at the expense of her health and life.

Narcissistic Annest Namata operates from an image she holds of herself in her head. She does not operate from the reality of feelings in her body. This does not mean she does not feel. It means her feelings are generated by what she believes about herself and others in her head. She does not “test” these beliefs through “real” interactions with people. She lives in her head, not her body.images (26)

As a narcissist she claims and THINKS she is infallible, superior, talented, skilfull, omnipotent, and omniscient. She often lies and confabulates to support these unfounded claims. She expects awe, admiration, adulation, and constant attention commensurate with her outlandish stories and assertions. She re-interprets reality to fit her fantasies. This is all her delusions of grandeur.

Because she froze the ability of her body and mind to feel at a young age, she never has the opportunity to correct the picture she holds of herself in the head. We all hold pictures of ourselves in our head. However,we are willing or desire to change these pictures of ourselves on the basis of feedback from others and accurate assessment of who we are.

As a narcissist, Annest Namata is her own worst enemy and she is far more miserable than she leads people to believe. She is wearing a mask that is hiding an abandoned child, sad and lonely, a rejected child, and of course a monstrous insecurity. Her true identity is well hidden in her total luck of empathy, excessive arrogance, deceit, lies and manipulation.

When Annest Namata the narcissist is confronted with a reality of who she is, which differs from her mental picture, she discounts the information. If the information persists or gets stronger she will rage at the information or the informer and does her level best to turn the tables and makes up of all sorts of lies about the person with the intention of destroying their persona.

Because she is frozen inside, she has to cling to the image she holds. If you try to go in deeper, you will discover that there is no depth and substance to her. Annest knows that and will prevent you from going beneath the surface at all costs. Any penetration of the surface reveals the emptiness she experiences from within.images (16)

However there are many Narcissistic HUGE give-aways. Annest Namata’s give-aways are the insecurity, utter selfishness and arrogance she has. When people are insecure it shows:-
a. Can you see it in her eyes and facial expressions?
b. Does she make fun of other people all the time/talking bad about other people?
c. Does she talk bad about everyone else but herself ?
d. Do you feel insecure around her ?
e. Does her being/doing wrong cause a nasty reaction to the narcissist Annest?
f. Does she belittle you or other people?
g. Does she make you feel good and bad, does she build you up and then rip you apart?
h. Is her smile too strong, too exaggerated. Do her emotions change quickly ??

The answer to all these questions is YES.I Love me

Annest Namata possesses increasing degrees of grandiosity, self centredness, disdain for others who don’t match up to her low life standards as well as feelings of omnipotence. In the extreme, she sees herself as a  goddesses who is above humanity. The degree to which one is narcissistic is the degree to which one does not accept their humanity and reality.

I am not concerned and or bothered about Annest Namata’s cheap promiscuous antics any more. I used to be. There is a reason why she didn’t make it to my future. She is NOT worth being in my future. It is good I found out what she is sooner rather than later before marriage which she was constantly pestering me for and children which she was asking for every single day of the year and trying to trap me so that she can be part of my estate. She wanted to be part of me for her own selfish ends not for genuine reasons. She is a Gold Digger and a User for her excessive love of money.

I only wish Annest had accepted her problem, sought help and been honest with herself. She would be very very happy for the rest of her life and would be very far in life. But it is okay, she can keep on lying to herself and think that the little money and material things she is acquiring wrongly/falsely by stealing and falsifying will make her complete and a better person. They will all perish right before her very eyes.

NOTE: Never do people wrong, brag about it and expect it to be accepted. In the end Karma will take effect.

This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life Character Revelation

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“I DON’T DO WHAT YOU DO is what Annest says when she is guilty of CHEATING ON YOU and cannot explain and neither can she give evidence to back up her deceitful lies that she is not.

A case in point is when I found out she was cheating on me and when I found out she was going to her errands on one of her side affairs, her immediate defence was “Don’t I have a right to sell pictures of my body if I want to?”; “I don’t do what you do”. Up to this day her defence is the use of the same catchphrase.

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE is her most identifiable statement after she has used a man by having a side affair withimages (52) him, led him on, exploited him, led him to think he is the one she loves exclusively, got money and material things from him but expects to continue being his friend with benefits, etc. I am sure men she has said it to who are reading this will know what I am writing about. She is very very cheap, disgusting and vile. She is in effect a Sl*t and Gold Digger.

If she dare deny this, I have a video live recording of her saying it in my presence to a man thinking I didn’t know what she was doing.

images-7It was all a matter of her being caught out and she utters/says things without thinking but that is the best time because I was able to get the real truth about what she is and what she does right from the horses mouth.

The most annoying thing about all this is, I was extremely loyal to her in the relationship. I never cheated and never even thought about cheating at all as a matter of principle. But all the while throughout the relationship, she was cheating on me with every Tom, Dick and Harry. It is unbelievable how some women like her can reduce themselves to that level and have no self-respect at all. In this day and age, you would expect a person who is educated to respect themselves and do things with dignity for health reasons. The question is, how educated is she? Having a degree from Makerere BA Arts does not say much. But she does disgusting things and continues to hold her head high and carries on being arrogant. She thinks everybody is ignorant about what she is doing/or does and how she is being excessively promiscuous.

Her selfish Narcissistic ego and sheer arrogance does not let her think logically. But then again, it’s because she does not want to acknowledge her problem and the way she carries herself. After doing all these disgusting things, she continues being arrogant and thinks and acts like she is growing younger nad better than anyone else. Surprisingly, she claims she had misplaced her birth certificate, so she decided to reduce her age by one year. How daft! She has been decreasing her age for a number of years. If she meets you and you dont know her, she will tell a younger age that suits her purpose. If she goes to a new place, she will tell a younger age. How disgusting is that?


I trusted Annest too much, loved her too much, hoped for too much and that “too much” is what is the biggest problem. All the while she was using me as a stepping stone and at the same time she was belittling me to her friends/relations and destroying my name too. All for loving her genuinely and doing for her what no one ever did for her and for providing for her as part of me.

Sadly, her ego and arrogance are clogging her reality. She thinks she is the best thing that God ever created and that is why she goes around pissing off and manipulating everybody whilst being promiscuous.

People like her are like pennies, two-faced and worthless. I should NEVER have treasured her at all. All she loves is money and materialism over anything else. She should not fool anyone that she loves them. All she is after is their money and material things. She will fool you into loving her when all she wants to use you as a stepping stone to the next man who can provide her with money and material things. That’s as good as prostitution. To Annest, sleeping around is normal as a Gold Digger.

NOTE:  For all those who think that this Blog is a “cry baby endeavour” for use of the Ugandan phrase, think again. I am stating the facts as they are. This is the reality of what Annest Namata is. I am not seeking ‘attention for anyone to side with me. If you don’t ‘want to believe, it is your prerogative BUT you’ll learn the hard way. I didn’t listen to Annest Namata’s ex-boyfriend  who warned me time and time again. She did the very things he warned me about and worse. If you want to promote Annest Namata’s promiscuity/sleeping around for money, well and good for you. If you want her to use you, good for you.


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Annest feels happiness in situations but for all the wrong reasons but to her they are the right reasons because of her ego and utter selfishness. That is what Narcissism does to someone.

 A narcissist like Annest can feel very happy when she has been helping someone to a very small extent. To her that is a very big achievement because she is very selfish and does not help but talks about helping imaginary people. That goes to explain why she tells everyone that she helped me a lot when she did not.

NOTE: She only helps when she is going to get something out of it. She will NEVER EVER help genuinely and or for genuine reasons. The source of this happiness is not the fact that I or you who  received the help felt happy, but the fact that Annest the Narcissist was able to appear as someone with a good heart, someone who is caring, divine etc. As a  narcissist Annest is loving the feeling that a narcissist gets when she thinks that she has been helping someone and that this person and also other people are aware that she has been doing “good deeds”. She blows her trumpet to announce to the world how she is helping. So, again it all boils down to the Narcissist Annest, not to the person who received help. This is natural behaviour for a narcissist, who cannot genuinely care about anyone but herself. Thus the envy, arrogance, ego and self centredness.

In other words, malignant narcissists like Annest feel that praiseworthy information about you (me in this case) was diminishing her, and she felt that denigrating information about me elevated her. Hence, like a rapist, narcissists must tear their betters “down off that pedestal” by maligning them and that is exactly what she was doing to me for all the wrong reasons. For her colleagues and friends whom she made sure afb596ef444b5d897bdb61540d8341b0did not get to know me well/better on a personal level so that she makes her lies believable. She maligned me and talked bad about me in order to spoil my image. I hope when they read this Blog they’ll get to know the truth nothing but the truth. If in any doubt, make your comments or email me and I will answer your doubts/questions.

Annest, Think with your head, you really are not that important to the other’s around you. If you treat people with no respect, you don’t deserve any form of respect and you will not get respect from those who know and don’t know. I’ve had people come up to me and tell me “I don’t want to do anything with you and your wife because she is ignorantly arrogant”. I don’t blame them at all. I wouldn’t want to do anything with her. I had to clarify that she is not my wife and I would not make her my wife with that type of character.

Worse still narcissists like her are gossips. She is the worst gossiper and gossips by spoiling/vandalising people’s names and makes herself to appear as a wonderful perfect person. She spreads slander against other people but herself. I will give examples of all the gossip and slander against her friends and colleagues at a later stage.

Annest Namata does not know how to communicate appropriately. She wants things her ignorant arrogant way. She has no respect for others but pretends. She does not know what love is. She thinks love is having one person who is committed to her like I was, whom she lies to like she did to me and having different multi relationships with different men and getting material things and money from them. You cannot trust her because she does this for her own good so that she an only her can gain from it. She does not care if she hurts you or not. So there is no reason to do anything with her. There is no need to love her. It is actually better if she has different relationships for life which suits her lifestyle. Her health is at stake but that is the path she has chosen. She is old enough to know better but she chooses a sly, vain dishonest cheap lifestyle.

As I very well know Annest is an inveterate character assassin, it’s easy to spot her ways. She has a trail of trashed good names, lives and careers in her wake. She initially tells you good things about this person and a later stage when she is envious about this person for whatever reason, she trashes the persons name. She has even told me strange and terrible lies about her friends/colleagues and people in her own immediate family. For example she has told me her sisters and brothers are thieves and claimed that is why she would not invite them to my house because they would steal. Why would you say that of your family? Why?

She has even made very BAD accusations against a colleague that she calls a friend at her work/office who is supposed to be her friend. She was smearing this colleague for years for no reason but she wanted to be able to get away with it.  By stating it, I mean what she is guilty of doing. She is heartless to go to the extent of framing other people she calls friends when she is the one doing the wrong. She always does you wrong , then works on turning it round like you are the one who has done wrong. She is so evil.

And as I know her very well, I know she (Annest) is guilty of the very thing she was accusing this other person/colleague at work. I say this because she made the accusation without me asking or getting to know what was going on but because she was guilty, she decided to make the accusation against her to me. This lady initially was not connected to what Annest was being accused her of doing but because Annest was jealous/envious of this lady, she looked for someone to frame. She decided to accuse her of something I believe/think that lady is innocent of so that Annest who was guilty can seem clear of what was being committed. Again this is a characteristic of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and what Narcissists like her do. She has accused me of the very many things that she was guilty of doing. I never ever thought of doing them but she would come up with the accusations.

She accused me of telling people things I had never thought about and had not told anyone. It is with that in mind that I realised that she was guilty of the very thing she was accusing me of doing or telling people YET I had not even thought about them.

She is an evil manipulator. When she is guilty of doing you wrong, she will do anything to turn it against you and accuse you of the very thing that she has done in order to make it seem you have done her wrong. She then goes out on a campaign to devalue you and vandalise your name. I didn’t have time for all her nonsensical evil traits and actions. The best platform was to publish what she is for anyone who gets in contact with her to know what she is and how evil she is. That’s why I call her evil and deceitful.

In Life you have to look out for deceptive evil people because even the Devil was once an Angel.

This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life  Character Revelation.

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“Arrogance cometh before reality.” – Wes Fessler

Annest Namata’s disgusting Arrogance:

Like all her main features, Annest Namata’s arrogance involves the following components:

  • Early negative experiences in her childhood and early adulthood. She is stuck in needing to put herself first and thinking she is ultra important.
  • Misconceptions about the nature of self, life or others. Her being in life depends upon how others see her thus her delusions of grandeur. That’s why she always says “What will people say”. “I wish you knew what people are saying”. i.e. the people she lies to and makes believe she is what she is not.
  • A constant fear and sense of insecurity on her part. She always thinks she must always appear to be “better” in some way than what she would refer to as her  rivals by exaggerating her self-worth and drawing out others weaknesses
  • A maladaptive strategy to protect herself. The most primitive form of this is blatant, shameless boastfulness combined with outright derision of others to their faces
  • A persona to hide all of the above in adulthood

It is unacceptable to be too obviously arrogant and manipulative in most adult settings. All she does is go around bragging. She looks at people and treats them like she is the best thing that has ever happened to the world and thinks everyone has to worship her.


What have you Annest achieved that warrants your obnoxious arrogance??

Arrogance hides her ignorance. Annest puts on arrogance as a veil/curtain to hide her ignorance. Arrogant people are full of ignorance.

Arrogance is a mixture of impertinence, disobedience, undisciplined, rudeness and harshness.

Certain people fear to approach arrogant persons like Annest and this helps her to hide the fact that she knows nothing. Thus the ignorance.

Where there is appreciation, there is courtesy, there is concern for the rights and property of others.

Without appreciation for what I did for her and everything I did for her, there is arrogance and evil deeds. This is attributable to Annest’s character.

The truest characters of ignorance are Vanity are Pride and Arrogance”. Samuel Butler

What is the definition of Vanity? Vanity is an excessive pride in one’s appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc.

 What is another word for Vanity?  Airs, arrogance, big-headedness, conceitedness, ego trip, narcissism, ostentation, pride, excessive self-love, self-worship.
The term vanity originates from the Latin word vanitas meaning emptiness, untruthfulness, futility, foolishness. It is what happens when you fall for your own lie. Annest always falls for her own lies.
Vain as she is, she believes that she is more attractive than everyone in the world. She excessively enjoys looking at herself in mirrors all the time wherever she is and often exposes a lot of her body for attention from men. Individuals like her who have high scores in the area of exhibitionism often strive to be the centre of attention. She will do anything to be the centre of attention in any given situation.
Definition of Arrogant/Arrogance:  Giving one’s self an undue degree of great importance; assuming great importance; haughty behaviour.
Her Narcissism presents itself to such a degree that it severely damages her ability to live a happy normal life because the traits manifest as severe selfishness and disregard for the needs and feelings of others even those like me who have her best interests and care for her including her family.

Arrogance leads people like her to sickness of mind and incorrect behaviour wherever she goes. That was manifested in her disgusting behaviour with me and is self-evident with her behaviour with others.

People like her who live in a state of arrogance and continuous deception inhabit a very dark internal world.

A pitch black world full of a sincere dread/fear of losing, making a mistake, being disgraced or humiliated, stress, doubt, hatred, anger and passion…This state of mind wears people down and ages them; it has a severe impact on their psychological and physical well-being. People like her who are spiritually weaker than others, are cold.  It is barely possible to expect any genuine pleasant gesture, an honest genuine sign of love or appreciation, or a genuine honest encouraging word from her. It is hard to laugh or enjoy oneself in her presence.

Whenever she attends a meeting she tries to be the most impressive speaker despite the fact that she is not which ends up embarrassing her, the best dressed, to come up with what she thinks are the most intelligent solutions, and to draw the most attention to herself in any way possible. She is constantly “on tenterhooks”.  Her behaviour is never honest, sincere and genuine. She thinks she will never make a mistake when she makes a tonne of them.

She therefore lives in a constant state of discomfort. Ultimately, she will never find peace and contentment. This goes to explain why she is never content with what she has. Thus the need to have affairs even in our long term committed relationship in order to get money and material things and the constant need for attention. Arrogant people like her engage in exaggerated and attention-seeking behaviour in the way they walk, talk and look. This if you the reader know Annest Namata is exactly what she does. She thinks she is better than everybody else.

Nothing is so unpalatable to arrogant people like her as to meet with scorn where they expected an unqualified admission of superiority.

What Annest does not realise is that her Arrogance is the obstruction of wisdom thus exposing her sheer ignorance.

For one to expect or ask things of others that she herself, if asked, would not be willing to do or give, is the worst kind of arrogance.

“Arrogance is a senseless creature. It does not have senses.
It has only a sharp tongue and the pointing finger.” All she does is point fingers.

Annest ought to have some sense of class but obviously she does not have class whatsoever but as a narcissist she thinks she does.

“Class is an aura of confidence that is being sure without being cocky. Class has nothing to do with money or achievements if any or the mixing/mingling with certain people in whatever capacity. Class never runs scared. It is self-discipline and self-knowledge. It’s the sure-footedness that comes with having proved you can meet life. ” 

“Pride is the mother of arrogance.” ― Toba Beta

Arrogance frowns; pride smiles. For those who know, look at her frowning lines on her face going deeper in the skin on the face then you will understand that arrogance frowns.

You are an adult and you are responsible for where you are. If you don’t like where you are, then make a change within yourself. Constantly changing from one partner to the next will only bring temporary relief. All true change must happen from within and the circumstances of your life will also change.

An arrogant person like you Annest can’t make me feel bad any more, because it’s so easy to see through her once you know that she is faking it and she fakes it all the time.  She puts on this mask because she  fears that others will see through her, will understand that no, they’re not happy with her.  I see arrogance as a sad state now, a state in which people like Annest tries to hide behind the perceived money she gets the immoral way. It is not a lot but she thinks it is a lot which is not by any standards at all or her breeding/upbringing which is dismal or her social standing which is make belief or her position of “power” which is not worth mentioning because it is not worth being, but a state in which she’ll never be able to let her true self shine through. . . .

She works excessively hard at trying to have class by using and cheating people of money and their material things to give those who don’t know her the impression that she has class. Annest Namata does not have any class at all. She is a low life trying to achieve respect by stealing from people.

For anyone who wants to dispute that, I am a victim and I am here to make it plain and clear what she did to me and has done to many others before.

Annest, be arrogant if you wish and all you want.  Look down on others and treat them poorly, if you wish and all you want.  But realise that as you do so, you’re only allowing your own inner weaknesses to shine through, and you’re not fooling anyone.  Not the people around you, who hold you in disdain, not the God who made you and loves you and knows all about you, and not yourself.


 Arrogant people like Annest Namata imagine that every characteristic they possess belongs to themselves. For example, she imagines that her current intelligence stems from herself. Instead of realising that it is a blessing bestowed on her by God and giving thanks for it, she regards it as something to be proud of.

 By over estimating this attribute in her own eyes she belittles and disparages those around her. As a result of this behaviour, her associates find her unattractive and repellent. That means that arrogant people like Annest never have true, honest friends who feel a genuine affection for them.

 She also finds it difficult to demonstrate affection for others.

She always wants to be the only object of love, admiration and affection in any given setup, because in her own eyes she is more superior to everybody else. This state of mind leads to another behavioural defect; envy. She envies the beauty, intelligence, reason, moral values or worldly goods of others regardless of where she is. That envy manifests itself into hatred.

She regards everything those people possess with a jealous eye.

Take Note: If someone with superior features to her own is present, she immediately wants to leave the room or building. If she meets someone more arrogant and or challenging her arrogance, she wants to leave the room immediately or she dares to complain that they have an attitude. However, she doesnt assess her own attitude that she carries around all the time. I have seen this happen on several occasions. Her envy means she is invariably unable to get along with others especially of superior quality, superior knowledge and class to her. She will then start talking bad about them.

God/Allah has given a troublesome mood to people like her who are grabbed by the sickness of arrogance. In the same way that arrogant people gain nothing but trouble, sorrow and unhappiness in the life of this world, they also forego the Hereafter and, most important of all, the love of God/Allah. God/Allah has revealed in one verse that He does not love the arrogant:

“Do not avert your face from people out of haughtiness and do not strut about arrogantly on the Earth. God/Allah does not love anyone who is vain or boastful. (Surah Luqman: 18)”

“Arrogance is a creature. It does not have senses.  It has only a sharp tongue and the pointing finger”. -Toba Beta

“Be careful not to mistake insecurity and inadequacy for humility!  Humility has nothing to do with the insecure and inadequate. Just like arrogance has nothing to do with greatness!” JoyBell C

Do not strut arrogantly about the Earth. You will certainly never split the earth apart nor will you ever rival the mountains in height.

Respect is something that is earned, never is respect just given or acquired.

Attitude and arrogance really gets you no where, no one likes arrogant obnoxious people, in hell even arrogant people cannot stand other arrogant people, I don’t care who you are.

Annest Namata’s Personality Disorder – (Narcissistic Personality Disorder):-

Total Lack of empathy is a hallmark of her Personality Disorder, and she finds it extremely difficult to understand others’ (and her own) emotional status and impact. Due to her Narcissism, she found it hard to understand my emotions despite the fact that we were in a relationship for four and a half years. This makes maintaining close and or intimate relationships significantly harder for her. She finds it difficult to perceive or admit this, or may interpret it as a virtue.

It is also worth noting that the individual expressions of grandiosity or arrogance vary with the her value system. She generally attempts to display superiority as she defines it.

  • She manipulates, uses and exploits others to reach her selfish goals.
  • She over reacts to constructive criticism, becoming angry or feeling humiliated
  •  Exaggerates her own importance in any setting
  •  Makes unrealistic fantasies about her achievements, power, beauty, intelligence or romance
  •  Has unreasonable expectations of favourable treatment
  •  Seeks constant attention and positive reinforcement from others in any way possible even immorally
  •  Is easily jealous even if you to a partner
  •  Has an unrealistic sense of entitlement to things that don’t belong to her
  •  Is very exploitative of others
  •  Lacks any empathy
  •  Displays arrogant and proud behaviour all the time
  •  Displays very haughty behaviour
  •  Uses the denial mechanism to downplay her own inadequacies or failings
  •  Uses rationalisation mechanism to justify her self-centered/selfish behaviour
  •  Is very contradictory in everything she says and does

Annest you need to think with your head, you really are not that important to the other’s around you who you treat with no respect.

“You can hate me but you can never be me. I am me, myself and I and you can never juxtapose yourself to me.”

Hypocrisy, Arrogance, Pride, Anger, Harshness, and Ignorance; are the whole marks of those who are born with demonic qualities. Annest has true demonic qualities.

All suffering is caused by total ignorance. Annest inflicts pain and suffering to others in pursuit of her evil self perceived happiness and satisfaction, true happiness comes from a sense of peace and contentment which must be achieved through the cultiv.

“Few moments in life are more gratifying than those when the arrogant like Annest Namata are exposed as the ignorant.”  Wes Fessler.


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Narcissistic Personality Disorder exists in our societies despite the Narcissistic people like Annest looking normal and living what appears to be a normal life. Watch out for the traits which are very obvious once you become aware of what Narcissism is about.

The traits as transposed and explained in this Blog are obvious. I am a true example of a person who has lived with a Narcissist who is very deceitful and a Gold Digger.

The closer we became and the more I did with Annest and trusted her, the more sinful and evil she became. Annest’s evil sinful nature takes the upper hand. she had better ask God to turn his wrath away from her evil ways.

My late mother took years raising and making a respectable man of me with strong impeccable principles and Annest thinks she can come into my life and destroy me in a minute. My late mother meant and still means the world to me. Annest thought that she had the right to be thought of better than my late mother. Annest is an immoral imbecile. How can she compete with my mothers memories? Annest keep your Narcissistic Personality Disorder away from me if you cannot seek help. I wanted you to get help but you think you know it, you think you are the greatest being in the world. My Principles are paramount and will always be.


Never chase love. If it is not given freely and genuinely it is NOT worth having.

In this day an age Never share love with strangers you don’t know. If the person you love is sleeping around behind your back like Annest Namata sleeps around, she is NOT worth having in your life.

GUT INSTINCTAlways follow your gut instincts, if you feel the one you love is not honest and genuine, is evasive constantly causing unnecessary arguments, over reacting to any comment or positive criticism, take action immediately and get her out of your life. I had a lot of gut instincts about Annest and what she was doing behind my back or while I was gone but I chose to listen to her lies and claims that she is a God-fearing person, honest, etc. It is all a fallacy.

Always listen to advice from well-intentioned people about the one you love because there is a reason why they are warning you about her. ( I should have listened)

Never believe verbal promises of love and affection and actions at the site and or realisation by her that you are doing well.

Never react to her constant contradictions and provocations; keep yourself in check and control.

Always take note of the secrets she gives away by opening her foul filthy mouth without you asking!

Always know who your “Frenemy” is and react accordingly with immediate effect. I didn’t know Annest was my Fiancee BUT was also my “Frenemy” and was using me to get material things and money.

Annest you are a selfish evil bigot but all the wrongs you have done will come to haunt you and hit you hard. I wonder how you can go to bed and sleep at night. That all shows what a devil you are.

IF people like Annest are trying to bring you down or destroy you, it only means and is because you are much much  better than they are and will ever be. I am much better than Annest.

Life without emotions is artificial intelligence. No wonder the Narcissist like Annest thinks she is very clever and everyone else is not. She thinks no one can/should advise her because she knows everything when she actually does not at all.

NOTE: This is NOT Character Assassination. This is her Character Revelation.

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