19 Apr

narcissism21 A Narcissist is someone who takes their self-esteem to the extreme from the way others view them and exploits people without a care in the world. Their personality will therefore centre around how he or she is viewed. That is exactly how the subject of this Blog; Annest Namata reasons and behaves in everything she does. In Public, she acts the nice person, religious and professional all pretence but in private she is sarcastic, unsympathetic, excessively arrogant, exploits people, uses people, she is haughty and insulting. Most of all, she is a Gold Digger.

IF a child was abused during her childhood or neglected in such a way that made him/her ashamed of who she/he is then she will try to cope with that shame in the best available way. Some people will become socially withdrawn while others will choose the other defence mechanism which is becoming narcissists.

I am not stating/suggesting that she was abused in her childhood because she doesn’t like talking about her childhood/past. So something is amiss.

Of significance in this myth is that narcissism is based in a relationship process. Unlike many psychiatric disorders, narcissism does not develop independent of relationships.

Because it develops in relationship disorders, it manifests in relationships and can only be changed through a relationship process. That is why in my relationship with Annest Namata, it manifested itself in the relationship over a period of time despite her pretence.

NPDAnnest Namata chose the defence mechanism thus being a narcissist. This explains why she is constantly defensive even when it is not necessary and has no empathy even though she may pretend to have empathy in certain circumstances in order to get material things and money. Ultimately her goal is to get a Narcissistic supply NOT a normal relationship. To Annest Namata, all men are Narcissistic supplies. As she once said and wrote to me “You want to be the only one giving me good things”.

Annest Namata, go ona947752b651bff262249393dd1b5d1bd slutting yourself and get good things from every man you have an affair with as you said and stated. I now couldn’t care less. After all, that is what you are worth.

A narcissist like Annest Namata exaggerates her own importance (delusions of grandeur) and stops listening to anyone who tries to point out her flaws with good intentions for her.

That’s why ignoring a narcissist like Annest Namata hurts her so much. It’s because the act of ignoring her is seen by her as an attempt to devalue her self gratifying, exaggerated delusional worth!

Initially, it may seem the narcissistic lover is “the one.” But after the honeymoon period is over the tables turn. Why? Well because the honeymoon is over! And narcissists love the honeymoon. The reason the narcissist loves the honeymoon is because she can be stuck in the Peter Pan, terminal boyhood stage where she doesn’t have to be responsible or accountable. She doesn’t want to deal with issues in the relationship. If any issues are brought up she will be quick to dump them back on you and walk away. She loves the romance, the attention, admiration, adoration, promise of ideal love and hope that he has found “the one” who will tolerate all her mannerisms without question. When her beloved begins to question, differ with her or make demands, her “evil rotten mannerisms” escalate. She resorts to her manipulation techniques to get you to stop bringing issues to the forefront. And her greatest manipulation technique is to dump it all on you. It is your fault. You are too demanding! You are jealous, You have bad manners, You don’t accept her as she is!, etc. This is all indicative of Annest Namata’s mannerisms.

Annest Namata the narcissist thinks she is entitled to constant attention and admiration without having to invest anything more than the initial time it took to woo you. Once you have been wooed you should be hooked in and she shouldn’t have to invest so much any more. She has groomed you to be a constant source of admiration, attention, sex, affection, nurturing and material things. The piece that is missing is that Annest Namata the narcissist doesn’t seem to believe that she should reciprocate because she is delusional into thinking she is the best thing in the world.

Underneath it all Annest Namata the narcissist can’t enter into a place of mature love. Her love is immature, self centred and needy. She is looking for unconditional love but is unwilling to give it. 

For a time, you might be “the one” for the narcissist. But when you begin to have needs or demands from the relationship, or you are disagreeable, it will change. When you begin to question her behaviour whether it be viewing porn, staying out late or ignoring you, she will be angry at you because she wants you to completely affirm and validate her, no matter what she does. She expects for you to tolerate her affairs, her porn, her sex addiction with different partners, her avoidance issues, and anything else she does. This is narcissism! Narcissism is self centred and immature. It doesn’t consider you or your needs at

Often when you are cut off, abandoned, devalued and discarded, it is a punishment for your refusal to comply to her deceitful needs. And as victims of narcissism, initially we think it is somehow our fault that she treated us with such contempt. We wrack our brains wondering what we did to deserve such cruel treatment. But it is and never has been about you. What you did is refuse to cater to her selfish needs and affirm her unconditionally. But unless you want to completely give up yourself and be absorbed by the narcissist, it is unrealistic to play this role with her. She is nothing but evil.

But eventually one of two things happens. Either the narcissist Annest Namata gets bored with you because you no longer challenge her, or you get fed up with his behaviour and start making demands for yourself which may eventually result in your leaving.

You can’t always know what is going on inside the tortured mind of Annest Namata the narcissist. The one thing you can know is that she is unable to truly give you what you want, need and deserve; a whole, healthy relationship. So whether you leave or narcissistic Annest Namata leaves, you are much much better off.

images (1) Narcissistic Annest Namata will eventually marry for money, or prestige or power NOT for love. A narcissist may get involved with you because you are eye candy and make her look good. Most people are physically attracted to someone because they perceive that person as hot, or beautiful, or gorgeous. People with money, or power or prestige never have trouble finding a “temporary mate”, because the mate is more attracted to the goodies, than the person.

 It is known that she has abused and exploited people who have kept quiet and made no contact with her afterwards and she has been known to contact them and claim that they are friends and asking them why they were not contacting her. This is because she felt her exaggerated worth was being devalued.

In the self-confidence state, Annest the narcissist feels ashamed of being herself and because of that she tries to cover her flaws by outperforming everyone else around her. Her logic at this point is something like: If I am superior then no one will dare to point out my flaws. When you point out her flaws, she replies with rage or plays the victim card.

When you ignore Annest as a narcissist, you actually remind her of her childhood shame and that’s why rejection hurts her badly. But of course when you find out she is using and exploiting you, you have to ignore her and avoid her at all costs by rejecting her otherwise she destroys your life..

In an attempt to avoid the feelings of rejection, she will get her next “victim” immediately in form of someone to have an affair with. That will be a “Rebound Relationship/Affair”. That is why she cannot be on her own for any period of time because Narcissists like her need people for their narcissistic supply for money and material things by exploiting them. That also explains why she has many affairs on the go at the same time even when she is in a relationship. She constantly needs people to use and exploit for material things and money. Annest Namata idolises money and material things. That helps her keep her excessive arrogance and showing off to those who do not know her well. She will do anything to act the part in her favour to get the adoration from men with money she wants. She will do anything even at the expense of her health and life.

Narcissistic Annest Namata operates from an image she holds of herself in her head. She does not operate from the reality of feelings in her body. This does not mean she does not feel. It means her feelings are generated by what she believes about herself and others in her head. She does not “test” these beliefs through “real” interactions with people. She lives in her head, not her body.images (26)

As a narcissist she claims and THINKS she is infallible, superior, talented, skilfull, omnipotent, and omniscient. She often lies and confabulates to support these unfounded claims. She expects awe, admiration, adulation, and constant attention commensurate with her outlandish stories and assertions. She re-interprets reality to fit her fantasies. This is all her delusions of grandeur.

Because she froze the ability of her body and mind to feel at a young age, she never has the opportunity to correct the picture she holds of herself in the head. We all hold pictures of ourselves in our head. However,we are willing or desire to change these pictures of ourselves on the basis of feedback from others and accurate assessment of who we are.

As a narcissist, Annest Namata is her own worst enemy and she is far more miserable than she leads people to believe. She is wearing a mask that is hiding an abandoned child, sad and lonely, a rejected child, and of course a monstrous insecurity. Her true identity is well hidden in her total luck of empathy, excessive arrogance, deceit, lies and manipulation.

When Annest Namata the narcissist is confronted with a reality of who she is, which differs from her mental picture, she discounts the information. If the information persists or gets stronger she will rage at the information or the informer and does her level best to turn the tables and makes up of all sorts of lies about the person with the intention of destroying their persona.

Because she is frozen inside, she has to cling to the image she holds. If you try to go in deeper, you will discover that there is no depth and substance to her. Annest knows that and will prevent you from going beneath the surface at all costs. Any penetration of the surface reveals the emptiness she experiences from within.images (16)

However there are many Narcissistic HUGE give-aways. Annest Namata’s give-aways are the insecurity, utter selfishness and arrogance she has. When people are insecure it shows:-
a. Can you see it in her eyes and facial expressions?
b. Does she make fun of other people all the time/talking bad about other people?
c. Does she talk bad about everyone else but herself ?
d. Do you feel insecure around her ?
e. Does her being/doing wrong cause a nasty reaction to the narcissist Annest?
f. Does she belittle you or other people?
g. Does she make you feel good and bad, does she build you up and then rip you apart?
h. Is her smile too strong, too exaggerated. Do her emotions change quickly ??

The answer to all these questions is YES.I Love me

Annest Namata possesses increasing degrees of grandiosity, self centredness, disdain for others who don’t match up to her low life standards as well as feelings of omnipotence. In the extreme, she sees herself as a  goddesses who is above humanity. The degree to which one is narcissistic is the degree to which one does not accept their humanity and reality.

I am not concerned and or bothered about Annest Namata’s cheap promiscuous antics any more. I used to be. There is a reason why she didn’t make it to my future. She is NOT worth being in my future. It is good I found out what she is sooner rather than later before marriage which she was constantly pestering me for and children which she was asking for every single day of the year and trying to trap me so that she can be part of my estate. She wanted to be part of me for her own selfish ends not for genuine reasons. She is a Gold Digger and a User for her excessive love of money.

I only wish Annest had accepted her problem, sought help and been honest with herself. She would be very very happy for the rest of her life and would be very far in life. But it is okay, she can keep on lying to herself and think that the little money and material things she is acquiring wrongly/falsely by stealing and falsifying will make her complete and a better person. They will all perish right before her very eyes.

NOTE: Never do people wrong, brag about it and expect it to be accepted. In the end Karma will take effect.

This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life Character Revelation

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  1. patblogg

    November 26, 2012 at 06:36

    Kissarean, Annest NAmata is narcissistic and promiscuous. So the combination of both makes her fear rejection. She also thinks she is the best thing that has ever happened to the world. To keep up the appearances, she has to have a great fear of rejection. Recently, she wrote to me and stated that I am giving away her secrets. She forgets that she has been talking the talk while I was listening and warning her to stop. Now that I am telling everything as is, she is afraid of being embarrassed for making a complete cheap slutty fool of herself. She constantly looks for her next victim a man that she will have an affair with to pay her bills and give her money while she is posing that she is rich. . She has promiscuous affairs with men, waiting for them in car parks, meeting them in hotels and they wire money to her account after the promiscuous trysts with them. If that is not prostitution, what is it? Your guess is as good as mine.

  2. kissa rean

    May 5, 2012 at 17:05

    Her fear of rejection without a narcissistic supply explains why she looked for her next victim because then she would constantly have attention, money and material things. That explains why she always has affairs with many men at a time that she refers as you said “friends/business partners”.
    Too bad and not right.


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