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playing with fire  THERE IS NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE. I made the worst mistake in my life and fell in love with a very very promiscuous GOLD DIGGERget-attachment (3) that is also a very MANIPULATIVE THIEF.  She is a manipulating liar who manipulates people against each other in order to gain favours and trust. Trusting her is a very BIG mistake that you live to regret no matter who you are. DO NOT fall for her actingpretence and manipulation. She is NOT what she pretends/acts to be. Everywhere she goes she pretends to be what she is not. Ignore all my advice at your peril.

  The purpose of this Blog from day one publication was to present the truthful evidence of what she is and her characteristics and evil nature that she denies by saying that “I am claiming”, “I am lying”, etc. It ought to be thorough and a helpful resource for those wise enough to use it to confirm her thieving, conning, deceitful mannerisms. I know the law and that is why I am presenting nothing but facts and I am articulating what she does. She made all sorts of accusations and abuse while I was respecting and loving her. I was doing everything DONOTTRUSTHERpossible to make her happy and comfortable but she was busy selling her body and making accusations against meimages (6) behind my back. She made further allegations after betraying and stealing from me. I was quiet for a long while and taking note of what she was saying, writing and doing.. After stealing from me she was busy telling people not to tell me where she lives, I was aware all the while. We eventually get to know the fake, hypocrites, Users and manipulative thieving Gold Diggers like Annest Namata. Her hypocrisy and evilness is at another level. People like her cannot stay in our lives for long because they don’t fit in at all. After she is kicked out, then the right friends/people, the real loving ones, the supportive and the ride or die people come into our lives. I can never stop appreciating the ride or die people in my life because they touch my soul and they are genuine and honest. Not like the pretentious Gold digger and thief called Annest (2)


 My real wakeup call was the discovery of her serial promiscuity behind my back for years for money and material things, her theft from me, my company and my late mother’s estate. As I have stated several times, Annest Namata is a promiscuous thief. Any respectable woman who has grown up with morals, even if she has access to a Trillion dollar account, she would not touch it without asking. Annest Namata inserts herself in your life and starts acting like she is a wonderful trusted person. Behind your back she acts like she made you what you are, like she taught you everything, acts and brags that she owns your business/assets or any other ventures you may have that you give her responsibility to. All the while she is stealing from you and disrespecting you. She will never stop being evil, hypocritical and a thief. 

You go into the relationship with her THINKING she is constructive and she pretends she wants a family, wants to work with you, wants to build a life, etc. All she is after is your money and material things for herself. From day one, she is looking at you and thinking how much money can I get and what assets can I get from him. It is easy to fall victim to Annest the pyscho10440091_10152886420479078_8943016582766965650_n because she will pounce on you and pretend she is genuine and honest but know that she is in your life to exploit you and steal from you. Know that one day, you and her will end up in front of the police/law because of her very deceitful life. Know that she will be gaining as you loose as she steals from you and cheats on you.

She will deny her issues and all complaints made from everyone around and claim she is innocent
How can I be jealous of youand will also claim they don’t like her or are jealous of her thus their complaints. Use your common sense and realise that Annest Namata is the cancer and that’s why you are getting all types of issues and complaints about her. Why would everyone be jealous of her? What does she know or have for everybody to complain about her and her rotten behaviours or to be envious of? She is not ashamed to tell people that I am jealous of her. WHY? WHAT IS THERE TO BE JEALOUS OF?? That orange pretentious bleached thief? REALLY?

 Annest Namata stole my money, money from my mothers estate, household items and business and property documents without shame and she still denies it to-date. Then I came across several email correspondences from several men after she gave me her password and where she was clearly showing how and what a cheap Slut she is. It proved me that she sleeps around for money and material things. She grew up in several homes. No wonder she has no morals and manners or self respect and does not respect the parents because she did not have manners instilled in her when young. When you treat her with respect and love she takes it for granted and then says you have made her a slave.

Thinks I want her friendship after stealing from meimages (21)  I do NbitchpleaseOT want anything to do with you CHEAT, THIEF called Annest Namata. I DO NOT want your friendship. So do not bother sending me friend/professional link requests on LinkedIn or any other social/professional/Business network media. The Professionals linked to me are a cut above your class and have etiquette and self respect unlike you. You are a Thief and a Slut. So DO NOT bother me in any way or form. I was there for you when you had Don-t-Judge-a-book-by-its-cover-it-s-what-s-inside-that-counts-Framed-Quote-954 absolutely NOTHING. I met you with no job and absolutely nothing but you chose to manipulate people against me, making defamatory remarks and defaming me with your lies, defaming and making derogatory remarks and abuse about my mum, stealing from me and sleeping around behind my back. I am living a much better happier life without you. However, you have to answer in Court for stealing from me, embezzlement, destroying my business and stealing from my Late Mothers’ Estate. 

A good relationship needs transparency, respect,  and true love. But the world we live in is full of hypocrites and evil like Annest Namata. Her love for materialism is well known by those who have grown to her ways well but she always cons people into trusting her. Thus her  excessive money greed, thieving and promiscuity.

Money cant buy class and morals

I gave her everything she ever needed that she had never ever had in her life, she still asked for more and went sleeping around, I loved her unequivocally but she still slept around and still stole money from me. No matter what you do for her she can never ever appreciate.

She wants your money, cars, gifts and your assets. You cannot be her priority. All she loves is money not you. She can brag to those who do not know that she stole from me for what she has to-date – #THIEVINGGOLDDIGGER.get-attachment (18)

She is a Gold Digger only after money and waiting to steal from supposed rich men, sleep around then she goes and imagesposes as a wannabe socialite and bragging that she is a business woman/so called chartered marketer. Maybe she should brag as a business slut. She presents a fake hypocritical image.   How did she get the money and the life she has today? She STOLE money from me and had a good life and made people think she was working for it. I will state this boldly again; ANNEST NAMATA IS A PROMISCUOUS THIEF.

 RESPECT is very important in any relationship whether its a working relationship or loving relationship. Annest Namata with her immoral background doesn’t know that. For her it’s all about your money and material things  she wants from you. She really expected me to allow her to disrespect my late mother, steal from me and I accept it and marry her plus start a family with her. She is very deranged.

download (11) She loves money more than anything elseHer love of money is so excessive. I HAVE NEVER AND I KNOW I WILL NEVER MEET ANYONE WHO LOVES MONEY EXCESSIVELY LIKE ANNEST NAMATA. She can do anything evil for money. For those who know her why do you think she wears small tight clothing even in places that need modesty, full of makeup, showing her tired cleavage? WHY? No wonder she looks tired and worn out orange but delusional as she is, she thinks she is the most beautiful.

  Whilst in a committed relationship having affairs isn’t always fun, care-free or health risk-free Annest Namata does it while hiding behind religion and uses men for money, material gain while bragging to those that do not know her. She thinks she is indispensable and she equates sex with love. How pathetic! That is why she is very active on the two biggest instigators of infidelity and breakups online i.e. Facebook and WhatsApp seducing men asking them what their businesses are, looking for men with money. That’s the deceitful activity of a very promiscuous Gold Digger.DSC00072

get-attachment (2)DONT CALL ME HONEY   

Annest Namata will call you and refer to you as honey and you will THINK and BELIEVE you are the one and only. #Honeymyfoot. Make no mistake, do not be delusional, she calls many other men honey
side concibineand signs “love Annest” when communicating with them. She will wear necklaces with your initials to fool you, kneel for you claiming she is traditionally respecting you, etc. #Mannerisms of a manipulating gold digga. 

 It’s amazing how far she will go to make you think she is exclusive to you and developmental. As you can see her wearing my name initials in the picture to fool me into believing that she loved me genuinely. She is just a deceitful Gold Digger with no morals. Do not be naive to stoop to her level of conning/promiscuity and fall for her gold digging prostitution and think it is a genuine relationship.  All she wants is a free loading good life, and ultimately wants access to your assets and money. That’s why she is always having affairs and flings everywhere she goes.  The relationship becomes too much work. All she wants is money, favours and material things. That is not intimacy/relationship but work. Everywhere she goes, she is fighting with people over money. She went to China for a few days, she still fought with someone over money. She will do anything for money. How can you love money that much and that dangerously?

evil What is bizarre, is that every time I was about to leave the country, I would get ill with nausea and food poisoning and she would not show care at all as my fiancee. All she would say every time I was illget-attachment (6) was You are feeling like that because of me”. At the time, I would brush that statement off by saying “yeah right!”. Now I believe she used to do something.  Why was it happening every time I was about to leave the country? After I kicked her out of my life it has NEVER EVER happened again. WHY? That means she was trying to do something to me to lead to my demise maybe.  That’s why I refer to her as evil. Annest Namata can do anything for her excessive love of money.  This also explains why she tried her best to claim I was cheating to cover up her deceitful life. DO NOT LET FIRST FAKE IMPRESSIONS OF HER FOOL YOU. HER AIM IS ALL ABOUT MONEY AS SHE BOASTS TO THOSE WHO DON’T KNOW HER THAT SHE IS RICH/BUSINESS WOMAN. SHE IS EXCESSIVELY ARROGANT AND BRAGS THAT NOTHING CAN HAPPEN TO HER.Betrayal

IF YOU LOVE AND TRUST ANNEST NAMATA, SHE WILL DEFINITELY BETRAY YOU, CHEAT ON YOU AND WITHOUT ANY DOUBT STEAL FROM YOU. You then wonder how you can love and trust someone genuinely and she chooses to exploit and steal from you. IF YOU STILL TRUST HER, KNOW THAT YOU ARE TRUSTING A REMORSELESS HEARTLESS THIEF. WONDER NO MORE. She is now manipulating people who don’t know her well to portray her as a trusted, genuine person. I am giving you all the evidence of who and what she is.

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”  – Martin Luther King

She presents herself as caring, genuine, generous and business aware. It is all pretence, acting and “wannabe” behaviour. She puts on this innocent looking face and lowers her tone of voice as an act but behind it all is nothing but evilness. The people who know her well and know her pastDO NOT, WILL NEVER and CANNOT trust her at all. That is why she hides her past and changes friends apart from the slutty associates. You can never get she is damn rudethe ghetto bragging and thieving personality out of her. That’s why she praises herself over petty things and attainments even after stealing them. For example, she praises herself despite stealing from me. She brags to those she thinks do not know her. Some are too naive as to believe her deceitful lies.

SHE IS VERY VERY RUDE AND OBNOXIOUSLY ARROGANT. HER BEHAVIOUR IS VERY EVIL AND VERY DISTURBING TO SAY THE LEAST. I AM SURE HER RUDENESS HAS NOW BEEN NOTICED BY MANY PEOPLE INCLUDING HER COLLEAGUES, COMPANY SUPPLIERS, SUB CONTRACTORS, VENDORS AND BUSINESS ASSOCIATES OF WHO SHE WORKS FOR. She was rude and obnoxious to everyone I gave her access to work with or administer. Everyone complained about her disgusting rudeness and watch her arrogancedisgusting arrogance. She gives this picture of a very nice person with her deceitful smile, acting nice to you until you turn your back then she talks evil of you to utterly destroy your reputation so that she can get the glory. She has done
that to many other people. Her rudeness has no boundaries. Imagine she did that to me yet were engaged to be married, what else is she doing? By the way, it doesn’t matter who you are she still does the same thing. She would arrange meetings with my company clients without my approval or acknowledgements then tell me later only when I have asked and on many occasions the clients told me. She would keep quiet about it yet it was my company and my money.  She would connive and agree prices with the clients and not tell me and she would go further to steal the money. I am very sure she is doing these same things in her full time job. She has no professional etiquette at all. All she is after is stealing other peoples money. That’s all. She is very rude and arrogant with ultra disgusting rotten manners.

She would connive with suppliers and business associates of my business in my absence and agree markup prices with them. hidden chargesWhenever I asked her for proof of an agreement made, she would lie that things in Uganda don’t images (20)work like that or that there is no agreement. Yet I instructed her to draw a contractual agreement with them. She thinks other people are stupid to believe her thieving lies. She would then get a cut as a kickback in millions after they have made a payment. She is very morally corrupt and evasive in everything she does. I know she is doing the very same thing in her full-time job. What she does is befriend people in the Finance depts and anyone who has the final signatory powers in the company. She will do ANYTHING to get close to that person(s) even if it means having an affair or one night stand. For her it is all about getting money. I am sure to-date she does the same in her full-time job. She must be conniving with gbgsuppliers/vendors and increasing/inflating the costs in order to get her difference and paid price transparency“Kickbacks”. She will connive with fellow thieves and forge receipts. She did all this while running my business Thus the continued arrogance whereby she is now boasting to her friends in town “I am expecting millions coming in”. This is when she has stolen money in the system in the company and from someone. Annest Namata working for you or with you in any way CANNOT lead to the long-term success of your business/company. SHE IS AN OUTRIGHT THIEF AND WILL ALWAYS BE A THIEF.

However, if caught in the thieving racket, she will do anything to deny it and turn it against anyone she was colluding with and turn them in as thieves yet she is the mastermind and biggest thief.

Anyone who is trusting her now should know they are trusting a manipulating evil thief and they will eventually inevitably fight with her over money. UP TO THIS DAY SHE IS STILL STEALING from the few people who trust her. No doubt. She has fought with everybody over money. Everywhere she goes she fights with people over money.


 Annest Namata’s first manipulative trick is to befriend people in the Finance departments. She then makes sure the commissions a.k.a. “kickbacks” are buried deep in supplier/vendor/product costskickbacks and if you don’t know the actual costing or pricing you wouldn’t notice and she gets away with it and boasts that she is very clever and has money. She connives with the suppliers/vendors to increase the price of the product and service so that she can get her cut when they get paid. Then they pay her for getting the business. You end up paying an inflated price for anything she is involved in. For example, she told me that the cost of something as cheap as “plastic tie backs” is 1.1 million/- yet the actual cost was 30,000/-. Her life is all about stealing from other people everyday. She is a thief who covers her tracks and would stop at nothing to blame someone else for her thefts and brag about it after by saying “me I have brains”. A thief only has forty days. Annest Namata does not have and will never have any (1)

Annest Namata is a thief and that is why I have categorically said that I will continue spreading the word because I have all the evidence of her theft from me and even worst of all from my late mothers’ estate. That is why when I hired auditors to do a forensic audit she did not want to cooperate. A thief cannot co-operate with Auditors. She puts money ahead of everything else.

images (42)

  Annest Namata chose to lie, deceive, steal and carry on adulterous secret affairs with different men that she SWORE would never moralshappen because she claimed she is born again and trusted by everyone. She is NOT trusted by anyone who knows her well. When you get to know her parochial villager style behaviours, gold digging preying ways you will regret never taking my advice if you have not and the numerous complaints.

  How can she even celebrate the birth of the saviour and go to Church, claim she is born again when her conscience is guilt laden due to ill-gotten possessions and money acquired via thieving and prostitution means bordering satanism. I suppose she is possessed with a modcum of conscience. With all the wrongs she has done and continues to do, I wonder how she can go to bed and sleep.

 ILust-lrrespective of the fact that I gave her everything and loved her so much, she still had an affair with my neighbour in addition to all the other secret affairs. She was cooking for him, cleaning his house, doing his groceries, etc. She was driving him to wherever he wanted to go, treating herself like his rug/door knob. This was all for money she wanted from him. Lust is not Love. The good thing is, he told someone she was not her type and he was just using her because she threw herself at him. How cheap can one make themselves?

 I’ve met disgusting people, none as a disgustingly thief and promiscuous like her.

 She thinks she can see whoever she wants, behave all single, sleep around & you’re supposed to just sit there like an old flame providing for her and be loyal to her inconsistent ass. No matter how lucky she has been in hiding her secret affairs and her thieving by manipulating people, the truth is the truth and it eventually comes out. As the saying goes “Thefts, Affairs and fragrance are the things which can never remain hidden”. She is far too inconsistent to do anything constructive with.

images (13) Surprisingly, she has the audacity to write about guidelines to promises. #HYPOCRITE. The respect and love she gained from me in all those years vanished in milli seconds the moment I realised that her promises were ALL lies and scam. Does she care about the pain she causes anyone? Not at all because she is too conceited and too selfish and excessively arrogant to accept the wrong she does. Long-lasting relationships of any kind are built on trust, intimacy and respect. How can one ever trust Annest? She is very extremely untrustworthy and ugly inside.nest  She does not have any self respect/integrity.  She steals at any given opportunity. She has the audacity to judge other men’s wives and children like she is the best thing in the world God created. But I realised why she does that because that is when she is having affairs with their husbands and boyfriends/fiances. So that is her way of justifying the affairs. While I was planning a life with her, she was contradicting herself by telling some people that we are going to get married very soon whilst telling others that “we are just friends/business partners”. The very words were dangerous to our relationship. Thus her serial promiscuous affairs and thefts are a total betrayal of Trust.

She looks orange due to excessive skin bleaching but she is busy bragging and slut walking seductively with delusions of grandeur thinking she is the best most beautiful woman God created. Lol! How do you respect someone who bleaches herself orange and steals whilst claiming she is born again?  As I’ve said before, she is the worst mistake I have ever made in my life I am glad she is out of my life for life.

road3 When I found out she was cheating by sleeping around and stealing from me, she started bragging about her career. She was saying things like “You think I work for charity?”; “I have a career to protect”, etc. So why was she living for free in my house if she was earning so much? Why was she begging me for money if her career is so great?  What would she do if some of us bragged about our careers. She can’t write a professional report but she is busy bragging “my career my career”, ” am a manager” etc. Why is she a thief then? Stealing on the job every time there is a contract for anything. Why does she sleep around if her career is so great? I helped her start her career and guided her so much and she would present everything I did for her as her own ideas. Is she get-attachment (26)grateful? Not at all. She will NEVER EVER be grateful for any help she gets from anyone. She just uses people all through her life whilst hiding behind religion. #Born again thief.

I helped her from scratch when she had absolutely nothing but the moment she started working, she was busy sleeping around behind my back. She knew absolutely nothing, had absolutely nothing as you have read in the post “How it all started”. Even getting the job she has today, she got it courtesy of where I got her a house. When she started work she knew nothing, I helped her all through then she had the audacity to tell me one day “I am now a manager I don’t have time to do some things yet she was living in my house rent free, bill free and driving my car bill free. As I’ve said she is just an ungrateful gold digger. I started a company and she was running it, withdrawing more than half a million every month without my consent or approval and stealing and exaggerating costs and getting kickbacks behind my back. Now she has the audacity to brag. What does a Slut have to brag about?

bragging Anyone who is career oriented and successful does not brag about their career or any achievements because it comes as second nature. Self praise and aggrandisation is for cheap people like Annest Namata. I often wonder why she still brags with mobile phones and Apple gadgets/products that she is just given. If someone ever asked her if she knows when the first ever mobile phone call was made would she would answer? Apple products have been around for ages but she acts like they have just been invented. But then again, she is a villager thus the arrogance and flaunting what is not worth flaunting. She is just seeing the things now. So you should not wonder why she brags about petty things like jewellery, watches, clothes and shoes. She is very backward.


In her own words, Annest Namata said “History always repeats itself” Watch it repeat itself. So don’t even think that you will fix her years of dysfunction and deceit. I WILL NEVER FORGET HOW SHE USED TO LAUGH AT BEGGERS.

fsbThere are 364 days to show real love. She was the very person telling the Manager of a restaurant we were in that “I don’t celebrate Valentine on Valentine days. I celebrate it every day with my man”. Come Valentines day, she was practising her slutty promiscuous ways by going secretly with other men for dinner and spending nights with them. Why does she pretend to respect tradition and pretend to have full christian values when she has been sleeping around for so many years? She steals from anywhere and anyone. Don’t the double standards and hypocrisy make her feel stupid?

download She now says that I am making claims and character assassinating her, here is clear evidence of her loose promiscuity and deceitful lies while we were engaged to be married. DISCOVER EXACTLY WHAT THE BOOK IS ABOUT that she is presenting to you as religious, honest and genuine. As she wrote herself  “The fish starts rotting from the head”.

images (84)

As a sensible respectable genuine man, you need a woman who is genuine, honest constructive and doesn’t love money more than anything else. SHE SHOULD TREAT OTHERS AS SHE WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED. She said and wrote “YOU WANTED TO BE THE ONLY WHO BOUGHT ME GOOD THINGS”. Well Annest go on selling your body and being a Slut. I don;t share bodies. It was confirmation that she is a kampala slut as many people have told me since then. I regret believing her lies that she is different. I regret trusting her thinking she was different.  

 How could I have trusted a promiscuous THIEF? images (14)Don’t let her play Russian roulette with your life. She said she wants to be famous in Uganda and wants money at any cost. What a pity!  Good riddance Gold Digger. Indeed as she wrote, she has to work hard on her appearance and fake pretentious image in order to have affairs and steal money from men. Indeed as a Prostitute she is more concerned about how she presents herself to people who don’t know her and selling herself. No wonder she spends hours in saloons even when she is going for a photoshoot. Religious claims, makeup and skin bleaching help her lie and present a deceitful paint covered book for her promiscuous affairs and ease her thieving .

 Anyhow, I am finally very happy without this thieving promiscuous Gold digger who calls herself Annest Namata. She is the biggest mistake I have ever made. She is just a curse. Despite her bragging, you can never do ANYTHING constructive and developmental with her. She gets you involved in her drama yet she has spent her life burning bridges and doing people wrong and using different men and stealing from them.


hf f

Annest Namata the promiscuous thief slut and thiefk,

b get-attachment (3)images (1)images (2)


This is NOT Character assassination. This is true real life Character Revelation.


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