04 Apr

Narcissistic Personality Disorder exists in our societies despite the Narcissistic people like Annest looking normal and living what appears to be a normal life. Watch out for the traits which are very obvious once you become aware of what Narcissism is about.

The traits as transposed and explained in this Blog are obvious. I am a true example of a person who has lived with a Narcissist who is very deceitful and a Gold Digger.

The closer we became and the more I did with Annest and trusted her, the more sinful and evil she became. Annest’s evil sinful nature takes the upper hand. she had better ask God to turn his wrath away from her evil ways.

My late mother took years raising and making a respectable man of me with strong impeccable principles and Annest thinks she can come into my life and destroy me in a minute. My late mother meant and still means the world to me. Annest thought that she had the right to be thought of better than my late mother. Annest is an immoral imbecile. How can she compete with my mothers memories? Annest keep your Narcissistic Personality Disorder away from me if you cannot seek help. I wanted you to get help but you think you know it, you think you are the greatest being in the world. My Principles are paramount and will always be.


Never chase love. If it is not given freely and genuinely it is NOT worth having.

In this day an age Never share love with strangers you don’t know. If the person you love is sleeping around behind your back like Annest Namata sleeps around, she is NOT worth having in your life.

GUT INSTINCTAlways follow your gut instincts, if you feel the one you love is not honest and genuine, is evasive constantly causing unnecessary arguments, over reacting to any comment or positive criticism, take action immediately and get her out of your life. I had a lot of gut instincts about Annest and what she was doing behind my back or while I was gone but I chose to listen to her lies and claims that she is a God-fearing person, honest, etc. It is all a fallacy.

Always listen to advice from well-intentioned people about the one you love because there is a reason why they are warning you about her. ( I should have listened)

Never believe verbal promises of love and affection and actions at the site and or realisation by her that you are doing well.

Never react to her constant contradictions and provocations; keep yourself in check and control.

Always take note of the secrets she gives away by opening her foul filthy mouth without you asking!

Always know who your “Frenemy” is and react accordingly with immediate effect. I didn’t know Annest was my Fiancee BUT was also my “Frenemy” and was using me to get material things and money.

Annest you are a selfish evil bigot but all the wrongs you have done will come to haunt you and hit you hard. I wonder how you can go to bed and sleep at night. That all shows what a devil you are.

IF people like Annest are trying to bring you down or destroy you, it only means and is because you are much much  better than they are and will ever be. I am much better than Annest.

Life without emotions is artificial intelligence. No wonder the Narcissist like Annest thinks she is very clever and everyone else is not. She thinks no one can/should advise her because she knows everything when she actually does not at all.

NOTE: This is NOT Character Assassination. This is her Character Revelation.

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