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FACTS A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP TAKES TWO PEOPLE BEING FAITHFUL NOT ONE PERSON BEING FAITHFUL AND THE OTHER Annest Namata who tells men she is single in your absence and justifies her promiscuous sleeping around antics.

Her defence for her promiscuity/sleeping around is “for you, are you perfect, men also do it”. Nobody has said/claimed they are perfect. She defends promiscuity by justifying her sleeping around. How disgusting! That is the defensive rhetoric of a prostitute. #Easy/Cheap ACTING classy and pretending to be religious.

It is very wise to ask yourself: Is this the right relationship? Is she religious, honest and genuine as she claims? (The biggest red flagAnnest Namata always uses religion as a front to claim she is different, honest and genuine.) When guilty, she will do anything to turn the tables and make accusations against you to make out you have done her wrong. She is doing that to me right now. But it is all good because I have to bring out the whole truth.

MONEYHUNGRY3 DSC00316 - Copy You will be spot on to suspect her because she is very very secretive, very very promiscuous and evasive…but if you’ve become so blinded by one-sided love that is going nowhere and believe her constant lies about being different from other women, “saved”/”Born Again”, honest, etc, it’s easy to miss the alarming BIG RED FLAGS for a while that you have becomeJust the Facts another means to an end for Annest Namata to use and exploit you. NEVER EVER believe her religious claims, lies and deceit, her invitation to pray in her church, to meet her Pastor, etc. Her REAL persona and secretive promiscuous thieving life is a very very deceitful closed book.

Be it a means for sex, money, contracts, assignment, etc, chances are Annest Namata or whatever the case/description maybe is using you for something other than fun & open friendship with benefits – Materialistic Gold Digger. If you think someone is promiscuous, you might well be right. She is a past serial cheat(er) and will always cheat. She lacks courtesy, etiquette, morals and uses people at her convenience. #Absolute deceitful manipulator.

Don't ignore the red flags  She will make you believe she wants to settle down and have a mature trustworthy relationship.. Well, settle down with her and share her with many other men and dance to her drama and headache. She would rather do an exclusive fling review for a short period then come what may… the secretive rotating cycle of men continues… on and on and on despite the health risks involved. She wrote on LinkedIn i.e. in October 2013 that she was being held from her destiny. This is the same person who persued me but in the end she wanted money and material things. To her everything is about money and material things. #Prostitute. So she will do anything for money. Slut on Annest. 

As immoral as this may be, many men in the society don’t need any “girl…friends” either. What some of them want is to just to “hang out”RELATIONSHIP RED FLAGS with a woman and have her on the side? When Annest Namata tells them what they want to hear i.e. “I am single, am corporate, am a business woman, I take care of myself, am independent and rich”, they fall for her foolish village cheap bragging lies. All the while she is ripping off another man as her side affair to act and dress the part to fulfil her lies, deceit and delusions of grandeur.

Annest Namata the Gold Digger knows exactly what she’s doing – using you for money and material things all the while posing to her audience who don’t know her well about being independent, being rich as she lives it up lying and gold digging you.


1. Her Poker Dot Game(s)Poker Dot games - Copy

Did you ever wonder why she ignores you or pushes you away by sometimes not answering your calls and texts, putting her phone on silent or muting/turning it off while you are talking to her and later she will claim that it was the network (Her common excuse)?  All the while, she’s interested in other men and sleeping with them, just to work out her promiscuous options and getting money and material things. She will avoid your calls and texts but answer some men’s calls. Sometimes, she will not reply your emails but reply other men’s emails. She will eventually contactnew-samsung-pix-6139 you when she needs something from you and claim it was the phone network which was the “probrem”. #Network my foot. That’s NOT true at all.    Those are her filthy Poker dot games. Which goes to explain why she wrote this text message to me  “.You wanted to be the only man giving me good things….”  It proves she is a “Call Girl” constantly having slutty serial affairs and getting what she refers to as good things i.e. cheap material things and money #GOLD DIGGER. When Annest Namata claims to be in a committed relationship, and yet avoids you completely for a few days every now and then claiming she has gone on a business trip, that proves there are other men in her life and she’s using you and fooling you into believing that she is exclusive with you.. This is called the “Poker Dot Face game”. After getting the facts, now I know men she was doing this to i.e. sleeping around with them while telling her “deceived audience” that she was exclusive with me and we were engaged and pestering me to marry her and start a family with her – #Gold Digging prostitute.

2. Her “Errand Boy” ERRAND BOY  

It may not be enough that she drives your attention around in her poker dot games, but sometimes she sends you out to run her errands. Her errands may come in a different forms i.e. helping her influence a decision. If Annest Namata sends you on an errand(s), know that she doesn’t respect you and doesn’t see you as a potential long term love interest. She is using you as she uses many others. Get it through your head that you’re not her images (1)boyfriend/business partner regardless of what she tells you or leads you to believe, you’re her errand boy; and any hopes you had of becoming her “friend” went out of the window along with your dignity. She’s not going to officially date you because she doesn’t respect you. Some women don’t like a guy who does whatever she says and who she can walk all overWhat you see as kindness to her, she will view it as a weakness. Initially she will pretend. Annest does not respect her own parents and her siblings. So how can she respect anyone, you inclusive? She will not respect you, your family and your parents regardless of who you are. She’ll pretend to respect you for what she wants from you. Think about it. She is an immoral ill-mannered Gold Digger.

3. Corporate / Social ladderAn illustration of a man on top of the corporate ladder

Are you someone supposedly famous, a Musician, a DJ, a Socialite, a Businessman, somewhat successful or up the Social or Corporate ladder? Are any of your friends/associates any of the above? If you find that she is more interested in what you do, what you have, what you own, the car you drive, the people you hang out with, the events you get invited to or the networks you hang with, which she will be, it’s obvious she’s in it for all the very wrong reasons on your part. So she is using you to get close to you for those reasons or to get close to other people Or she is just another Jennifer Lopez  or she’ll groupie you for a while. Annest Namata who is very materialistic and money hungry and is only concerned with impressing other men rather than focusing on her would be partner #Gold digger. Be warned: She will act patient and pretend to be honest and genuine because she knows she will eventually get something from you.  You’re worth more than that! She acts what she is not while despising and criticising others for the very things she is doing. That’s why I used to call her “Miss Contradiction” but she is worse than that. That’s how deceitful, two-faced and a con she is. She’s always looking for someone supposedly richer to kiss up to. When it comes to making new friends, she’s a very bad snob and covers up her past and evil nature.. Right she is fooling a certain lady and pretending to be what she is not because there is something she wants from her and what she wants is a man with money and a foreign passport and citizenship.

4. “Freeloader” – You Pay Her Bills and Rent/AirtimeBills

It’s one thing to pay for dates, but it’s another thing to pay her rent, pay her bills, giver Airtime money, do her shopping and others in-betweens while she is telling everyone that she is taking care of herself. There’s nothing wrong with helping out a friend in need, or LOANING someone some money until they get on their feet. But unless you are responsible and you KNOW this (or so you think), then there is no way you should be paying for anything that’s in her name. BUT then again, how will you really be sure that you are her only man??  Men and women use each other but you’re a straight up “sucka” if Annest Namata hands you a utility bill and you actually pay it…regularly and or pay her rent. Even if you are in a relationship, there shouldn’t be a reason why you should pay her bills while she disrespects and brags behind your back. After all she works and earns a living and boastsRents and bils paid for her promiscuity behind your back that she is rich. I used to pay all her bills, send her money and images (11)rent plus do all her shopping for everything because I loved her honestly and THOUGHT we were in an exclusive relationship and engaged plus I earn much more than she earns until someone who knows her well warned me and made it clear as to she was saying behind my back. I bought her cars and serviced them for her BUT she would give them to the men she was sleeping around with to drive while I was away. For her to pay the house bills was a struggle because she is a posing Gold Digger. Electricity is cut off while she is in the house but the next day, she will buy a 400,000/- dress and not pay an electric bill that is much lower in value and more important. But then again she is hardly in her ‘slut’ house due to her promiscuous sleeping around in other men’s beds and she boasts about it by saying/writing “I don’t have to go home. Look where your mind is taking you”. To her, bleaching her skin, being seen with material things is more important. Save yourself from having to learn very irreversible expensive lessons the hard way and living a miserable life with the selfish, promiscuous Gold Digger called Annest Namata.

5. You are “Mr. Fix It”/”Painter” – The HandymanHandy man for other services

You’ve let her know that you’re  handy when it comes to fixing things around the house. So she invites you over one Saturday afternoon to “help” her paint her house, repair one or two things, fix the bulb, etc. From there, you might become her cook next. You may think you’re earning some respect but I have to burst your delusional bubble. You’re dead WRONG! All she’s going to do is find a way to be busy “doing something else” while you waste your own time, and when you’re done, she’ll suddenly need a ride to Uchumi/Quality supermarkets to pick up some groceries for the next project you’ll be paying for. So you drive her there, pay for all the extra stuff and fix her leaky faucet/tap. She doesn’t even offer to feed you. She rushes you out of her house before you can say ginger breadman, because she’s “tired” and says she needs to rest or is going out then she has a date with someone else immediately. She’ll be on the phone to the next man even in your presence but pretend its a business call. Oh Yeah! “Call Girl/Promiscuous” business. No wonder she had a handy man living in my house with her for three months in my absence and he confirmed to me that they were having an affair – she is very cheap and immoral.

6. You are Her ConfidantRoad to nowhere

If you realise that you’re in the” friend zone”, but you don’t care or act like you don’t. You may think you still have a chance to woo her, so you continue to be her shoulder to cry on hoping that one day she’ll come to her senses and realize what a wonderful, caring, compassionate man you are. You end up enduring endless hours of her late night calls and texts crying to you about the man who broke her heart (again!) without knowing the real truth but you choose to listen to her side of the story. You encourage her complaints about all the supposed no-good men ROAD TO NO WEHREout there and remind her that if she were your woman, you’d never hurt her and treat her like the queen that she is, you’d marry her, etc. Little do you know, she’s a big epicure for punishment and evil immoral manners, only likes “bad boys” and thinks nice guys like you are weak and pathetic. Run…or else she’ll just continue using you up and walk all over you whilst boasting she is rich, high profile and independent. You’re wasting your time if you think she’ll change her mind about you – and if she finally ever does use her rare sense, it’ll be too late…because you will have found a real respectable woman with morals, manners and etiquette, who appreciates you genuinely for who you are plus real genuine people. Annest Namata was my confidante and my Fiancee BUT she still cheated on me with several men, betrayed me and finally stole from me. What makes you think you are different or special? So make an informed choice.

7. Secret Status – She never asks you to meet her friends or family/siblings (or she chooses who you meet)Siblings by birth

If you have been together for a while and you’ve still not had the opportunity to meet her family especially all her siblings nor have you spent much time with her friends especially the friends and colleagues she talks about negatively, then there’s a good chance she’s not really seeing you as someone who will play an important role in her future plans. But even if you meet them, Annest always has her own materialistic gold digging plans. If a woman is genuinely interested in you, chances are she’ll want to show you off to everyone close to her right from the outset. If this doesn’t happen, she is no doubt using you like she has used so many others whilst claiming and pushing them to marry her and have their children. However, she can also do it just to fool you into thinking she is serious. Annest Namata is a promiscuous sleazy, remorseless con.

8. You are her Sex / Adult Toy

This might not be a problem for some men, but if you are genuinely interested in having a real relationship,love of money getting married and having children one day, then you might want to find a woman who wants you for more than money and material things. Believe it or not, there are women out there, like men, who have “jump-off’s” who they will never be seen out in public with. The side affair might be earth shattering, but trust me if she finds someone who can provide the “Sky fall”  momentarily for a while, sorry you will be changed to the forgotten channel. It’s all momentary for her because promiscuity and materialism are her forte. Even if she refers to you as “honey”, she isn’t in the relationship as you think and as she makes you believe. She calls many other men “honey” but still sleeps around. It is just about the sex and money. Either way, she doesn’t want her girl friends to know about you, so you become her sextingdirty little secret and she calls you after midnight and meets you in secret locations and can invite you to her brothel. Some men could be fine with this arrangement. No wonder she always says “having sex” as opposed to “making love”. But if you’ve got real feelings and etiquette plus self-respect, then it’s best you leave now before your heart gets broken into pieces once she finds a man with money she can be seen with to exploit/use just like a “Call Girl”. And you can provide the services you’re all up on, Well done, you are another of her “sexual rendezvous” and she will brag on.

9. Facebook Status and Use

If for whatever reason her status is single and still says “Single” (either on Facebook, Myspace, in Real time ), she’s not FBfreally making an emotional commitment. She sleeps around, so she can’t. However much she claims it is just Facebook but claiming she really loves you, don’t believe her lies. She is playing you like she has done to many others and continues to do that. However, she may change the status just to please you but deep down inside, she is using you like she has done many others plus she will be telling her different “audiences” different stories like “he forced me to change my status”totally contradictory to what the reality is. She is never FB CHEAT SHEETready for honest genuine emotional commitment as she will make you think. She is fb wpromiscuous and always uses men for money and material things.  She’s not girlfriend or wife material at all – she’s just using you to get money.  She is not worthy. Do something better. Give yourself a head start and move on before you get used, stolen from, exploited and moved on by this selfish, deceitful evil person.


10. Mobile Phone evasive frequency use and Sexting – Cheap Promiscuity

Annest Namata is on the Mobile phone all the time and she will lead you to believe that she is making business calls. EvenRESPECT when she is on the phone after midnight, she will say it is work related. Ever wondered how events planning or her job can be 24 hours? The truth is all the while she will be sexting men and chatting with several men at a time. You are side-lined even when you are supposed to share a meal or drink together. Her attention is on the phone like she has just seen a phone for the first time in her life. Anyway, it’s not long since she saw and got a Mobile phone/Tablet. Bear in mind, she will delete all text messages and chatting messages she receives and what she has sent. That’s clearly mobile moneya sign of cheating. All the while, she’ll be secretly checking your phone like she’s squicky clean/holy to try and turn the tables against you. Those are her evasive manners she has always had. The worst thing is when she receives calls from men at past midnight and 5 a.m. / 6 a.m. in the morning and she puts the phone down by telling the man “Nohogu”/”Who is this?”; “It’s too early”, pretending she doesn’t know him and calling him later in your absence. Those kind of calls received from different men are the type received by Prostitutes/Call girls. Which woman would be in a committed relationship and engaged to be married and receive calls from men as early as 5 a.m./6 a.m, after midnight and not explain who they are? She will be quick to claim its work related calls. Believe those lies if you are naive – #Gravemistake. She is always looking for the next man who supposedly has more money whom she can sleep with for money and eventually trap him into marriage and get material things like houses and land. Watch her cheap slutty mannerisms.

11. Her Mood Swing frequencyMood Swings

Danger mood swingsExperts say that women suffer from bouts of mood swings when they’re plagued by guilt. Her breakouts of temperamental behaviour are a reflection of the turmoil Annest feels inside. So if all of a sudden, she starts throwing fits out of the blue, she’s blaming herself for something. Or she could be troubled by something else. I know for a fact that Annest was moody on a number of occasions and acted stupid only to realise later and apologise to me but her apologies are always very shallow. So don’t believe her apologies. When she is moody frequently, it is when she is having serial affairs with several men. Her guilt makes her moody frequently and she takes it out on you. Her guilt also makes her delusional into thinking that the man will stay with her no matter what she does because she thinks she is the best thing that God created.

12. She is more SecretiveSecretive

At the beginning of the relationship, she will act very transparent and honest. As time goes on, she starts to become secretive. When she becomes increasingly secretive and evasive out of the blue it’s one of the obvious signs she’s got something to hide-She’s cheating on you. She gets very anxious and gets agitated and defensive if you ask her if everything is all right or why she is doing something a certain way. Her conversations no longer start with “We”; they have changed to singular “I”. SecretiveIn addition to this, she will always claim / lie that she is going away on business trips on her own. As a general rule of thumb, the less you know about her itinerary or her sudden creation of the itinerary, the more worried you should be about where she is and who she is spending her time with. As her friend said recently “She is known by men naked everywhere she goes”. She has several secretive serial affairs with different men.

13. Secretive Schedules – She becomes “Defensive” when you ask about her schedule

While many things can disrupt a couple’s schedules – such as a last-minute work trip or meeting – if it’s a Secretive Schedulecommon occurrence and she is being discrete about it, you should have good reason to worry. She becomes very vague about where she’s been or what she’s done, saying something things like, “I have just been asked to travel at short notice because I am the most presentable in the office” after you have found out and asked”. Before you asked, she didnt say anything; “I was at my friends house.” which friend(s) you never see or know. Or she might give you lots of detail in a very formal way as though she’s rehearsed a story for you.” She will claim she is going to the office and switch off her phones, come back much later and claim the land lines in the office were not working or the network was bad and she didn’t have a charger. All signs that she was with one of the men she was cheating with. She is constantly having promiscuous liaisons and her claims of work at odd hours or going for fellowship and night prayers are all her cheap farcical dis-respective immoral putrid lies.

14. Her Lingerie and Jewellery collection has changed/grownESY-000853580 - © - Jordi Ferré

She will probably have updated her underwear within 3 months of the last change and even got some other lingerie night items that she never wears for you or in your presence and keeping some in another man’s house. She will bum enhancer lingerie. She will probably have also got some new items of jewellery – gifts from her cheating partners and promiscuous liaisons – particularly around her birthday and Christmas but she will claim she bought them from a “shop in town”. The shop has no name! While she is telling you that lie, she cannot look at you in the eye like a typical pathological thief and liar she is. This is also when she startsHer constant changing figure from China dressing to impress the other men in her secret promiscuous life and wearing tight-fitting clothes, low cleavage DSC_1232showing and pulling it lower constantly to show more all the while criticising other women for doing it. She dresses “less is more dress code” to attract other men’s attention while criticising other women who are well endowed and more conservative. She will wear to impress the men she is sleeping around withShe had the audacity to ask me to buy her spandex, office suits and party dresses, shoes, etc which she was using to impress and seduce other men for her promiscuity. She asked me to buy her lingerie which she was using to seduce men and sleep around. – She is a cold callous remorseless “Call Girl”. A distinguished woman who respects herself doesn’t have to abuse her sexual prowess by offering and selling her body. She never ever reads a book/novel or a newspaper apart pornographic books, but she knows the ticket price for the latest handbag, shoe, dress, etc in town – Gold Digger. NOW she is reading books to counter the truth am revealing. She never read for 4 years.

Take Note “Just because it is your body and you can be promiscuous all you want, doesn’t mean that your uterus signed up for a ten year plan while you sleep around with every Tom, Dick and Harry.”  

 15. Your Gut instinct tells you soGUT INSTINCT

 The most important thing is to follow your Gut instinct. That gut feeling is there for a reason. If you have a gut instinct that she is cheating, 9.5 out of 10 times you are right. If you know her better than anyone else like I do,  you should instantly pick up on any irregularities, whether it’s in her wardrobe or daily routine or mannerisms. If you suspect anything, don’t be afraid to investigate further. After all, if she’s got nothing to hide then she needn’t worry and will not make it an issue. She is a Cheat by nature, sleeps around and my gut instinct was very right, she always has several affairs with several men secretly for money. A clear sign of her guilt is her being defensive and questioning whether you are spying on her when you are not. Always go with your gut instinct. It will almost never lead you astray.

16.She Starts Acting More IndependentIndependent

When she breaks away from your two-person unit. Basically, she will start to drop her vocabulary from “WE” to phrases that favour “I. However, what is more important to watch out for is that she will stop speaking with you about future plans or will pretend to. If she does, they will not be well intentioned. She is not emotionally and mentally stable because sometimes she will make you believe she means what she is saying. Promiscuity always creeps in her head. E.g. I bought her cars for her travel in comfort and to help me out with a few errands in my absence and she had the audacity of referring to them as “My car” NOT “Our car” to the men she was having affairs with. I was renting a house for her and paying all the bills but she claimed it was her house. She was lying to men “I am independent, I take care of myself” yet I was taking care of her. I started a business for us and gave her the responsibility of running it and she still used the “I”. She would lie to several men “I” have a Business and it does this and that”; “I have a money lending business”;  I am a business woman”, “I know Business”, etc all her deceitful putrid disgusting lies she always regurgitates out of her filthy mouth. She is an Evil Gold Digger. In short, she will start acting in a manner that dictates that she no longer needs you to hold her hand or work together yet she is using you and stealing from you. Whether or not she is simply creating more space for her “double promiscuous life” it is safe to say that she wants the other men as well in her picture. However, she will contradict herself from time to time by acting as part of the relationship to the extent of vowing to love you no matter what and marry you. Take Note: She is very selfish, all that she cares about is “I” i.e. herself and how she can get closer to the new men. While it may sound harsh to you, it is the true reality of her deceitful behaviour/mannerisms.

17. Deflecting Simple QuestionsDEFLECTING QUESTIONS

When she starts acting suspicious and starts to avoid very simple questions which are well-intentioned, then this is a sign that she’s hiding something. If she immediately repeats your questions back to you before answering then chances are good that she’s searching her mind for a lie. By the same token, she may become very defensive when you ask her questions about her whereabouts or future plans. As a general rule of thumb, if she starts to deflect or not answer questions/information that she used to volunteer in the pastshe is hiding something that she does not want to tell you about. More will be hidden from you with time whether you like it or not. Her promiscuous cheating cycle never stops.

18. The Mysterious so called “Friend”/”O.B”.My friend

One tell-tale sign that Annest is cheating on you behind your back and using you is that she will get a mysterious friend who slowly seems to be communicating with her a lot of the time. Whether it is a co-worker or someone who she knows from school, she will keep him a secret as well as be hesitant to share information about him with you. It doesn’t take a Phd to figure out that something out of the norm is happening here. This is when she will claim that the “friend/O.B”. is calling frequently because he is asking her for advice about business. Do not believe any of her trashy slut lies. Is she a Business Consultant? It’s all deceit and lies. She makes out she knows business. What’s her great business success story apart from stealing from peoples businesses and the money she borrows and her serial promiscuity? What? The Business she registered and boasts about being a founder of, she stole money from me which I am suing her for and stole my business customers by convincing them that she started a new business yet she stole from me. She will answer for her thefts in the Commercial Courts.

19. Shift in her PrioritiesChanged Priorities

When Annest Namata is involved in a heavy cheating romance with other men she starts to shift her priorities away from yours. All of a sudden, she won’t have time to do obvious things that affect the both of you. She will start to break-off/change regular meetings that you used to have with her by claiming she is very busy because of work because she is a manager/has meetings. It’s all BS – What meetings? Also, if there is a sudden switch in dates for particular events work schedule then she’s probably making them see her new fling. However, she will try and shift the blame to you all the while claiming she is busy as though she owns the whole of Uganda. She did this to me to a point that she could NOT be bothered to go to my late mothers graveside when she was in the area because she claimed she was busy with work. BUT she had time to go to the Park with a man she had an affair with YET she drove my car past my late mothers grave when going back to Kampala. That’s how EVIL, Callous, Cold and Heartless Annest Namata is. I don’t need evil like her in my life. She is an evil promiscuous Gold Digger.

20. She creates fictitious stories/claimsDon't believe her Lies

If at any one point, out of the blue when you have not said anything, she tells you that her friends and co-workers are accusing her of having an affair with someone, or accusing her of doing some wrong, then realise that there is no smoke without fire. She may do this if she is aware that something is eventually going to get to your attention through the grapevine. I had not imagined it, heard about it and neither had I said anything because it never crossed my mind. So she was guilty of something and was trying to deflect the consequences. She did this with me and repeated it time and time again without me asking. When I questioned why her i.e. why would they accuse only her and NOT anyone else, she claimed they were jealous of her because she is beautiful. What beauty? Is she the most beautiful woman in the world? She is a delusional liar. She later followed it up by lying that her friends and co-workers had apologised to her for the accusation they made. Later, I found out that none of the friends and co-workers ever made such an accusation. At the time, I believed it because I loved her and believed she wouldn’t cheat on me. Now I know I was wrong to trust her at all ever. Now its the same accusation she makes against me. Let her go on making the accusation to deflect her fantasies. What a shame she isShe’s NOT someone worth trusting with anything most of all your feelings. Never invest in her.

21. She plays Mind Games whilst flirting with other men Playing Mind Games

It is an insecure person like Annest Namata indeed who feels the need to play mind games. Playing mind games is a way of psychologically manipulating someone. This experience make you question your worth, your strength, and desirability. This woman isn’t worth your time and she’s certainly not worth your heart. Get out now and know that someday God will send you someone who will love you honestly and genuinely the way you were meant to be loved. Let her continue her promiscuity as a “Call Girl/Slut” until she is worn out and bleached to the max when age has really caught up with her. She has no shame in her game. So if Annest is flirting with other men, don’t tolerate it. Don’t expect to see it obviously, she will do it behind your back mainly. You should not waste your time on someone who doesn’t care about your heart. There are far too many others in the world that will treat you well. Even if that were not the case, it is better to be alone than to be with someone who continuously bruises your heart and shifts the blame to you and goes further by saying God has a plan for her after she has used you and cheated on you. God has a punishment plan for thieves and users like Annest Namata. YOU’RE WORTH MORE THAN THAT!

22. Signs of Money misappropriation/embezzlemet/TheftBANK STATEMENT1

Is Money unaccounted for? You would be fooling yourself if you trust Annest Namata with money or anything of value. NEVER EVER TRUST ANNEST NAMATA WITH ANYTHING. If you are already doing anything of business value together or you are trusting her with anything and she cannot account for any money transactions, exaggerated prices and she starts playing non-accountable delaying tactics, dithering e.g. claiming she is busy because she is a manager, then know that she has been using you and she has stolen the money and defrauded you. That would explain why she cannot account for it. Beware, Check statementsshe will look for a way to smear someone else for the very wrong she has done or try and turn the tables against you. You will always be on pins and needles about money and the loss of respect for her will have already ruined your relationship, engagement/marriage. Monitor your cash flow and spending because you are dealing with a thieving Gold Digger. You are DEFINITELY bound to catch her out for stealing. That is what happened in our relationship. She could not account for missing money yet there was clear evidence she had made illegal withdrawals (theft) from the business account in my absence and claimed arrogantly she withdrew it for business (What business?) which she could not account for. This is tantamount to theft. She stole from me. She is a thief. At the very least for now, get an attorney asap so you can protect your assets and money. 

23. Emotional Blackmail

Emotional Blackmail If Annest is constantly blaming you for things that go wrong in her life? Does she constantly say that it is your fault when something goes wrong even in your absence? This is a sign that she is using you and you shouldn’t stand for it!  E.g. she abused a Policeman after knocking a motorcyclist and she was taken to a Police station and locked up. Despite my concern all day from the time she contacted me by keeping in constant contact every 30 minutes, she still blamed me for what she did yet I was many miles away from where she was. You would think she would apologise and make amends but she thinks she is special and a cut above everybody else plus she thinks she is above the law. She has delusions of grandeur so she continues burning bridges.

24. No Gifts from her BUT she demands Giftsloj

Do you constantly buy her things, but she has never, ever gotten you somethinghandbags back? Does she ever buy you anything? That’s a red flag sign. SHE WILL ONLY BUY SOMETHING FOR YOU WHEN SHE WANTS SOMETHING FROM YOU. Strange that she has the audacity to advice people about gifts for boyfriends and husbands. She always gave an excuse for not buying me anything but was quick to receive from me.#Golddigger. The beauty of a relationship is showing care, love and of course showering each other with gifts whenever possible. After all, shouldn’t your partner buy you some things sometimes? The value of the gifts does not matter at all. It is the thought that counts. I bought her everything you can ever think of and imagine. Her response in my case was her saying “There is nothing I can give you, I can only give you my lovebragging with a re-conditioned car for ever”. “Love for ever” while she was sleeping around. What love is that? When she was using me and clearly cheating on me? She is a low life “Call Girl and Gold Digger passing herself off as high class.” She is only interested in what you can give her and what she can steal from you. She is all about take, take, take and steal, steal, steal. No wonder, she told me “Golddigga” sandals were her favourite shoes. That’s what I refer to as a one-sided affair and a clear sign that she is using you. The more you give, the more Annest Namata will take you for granted and disrespect you. She starts thinking that she is so beautiful and you cannot do without her or find better. She starts demanding for what you should give/buy/do for her. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life as a doormat for a demented ungrateful gold digger-Annest Namata. She doesn’t reciprocate.  She takes, takes, takes, but never gives!  She rarely does things to show you she appreciates you in comparison to what you do for her.

There are better WOMEN out there with manners, dignity, self-respect, integrity, class, morals, gratitude and most of all upscale etiquette.

25. She uses silent treatment as a weaponSILEN TREATMENT2

You talk then suddenly there’s no communication from her. Without communication, the relationship struggles. She doesn’t know how to communicate and will initially tell you she’s learning a proper relationship. Its all nonsense. That is when she is cheating on you. Annest Namata uses the “silent treatment” as her weapon of choice. She does it by refusing to engage in verbal and non-verbal communication with you. She turns on the ‘ignore button’ and pretends you are not there or you don’t exist until she needs you, then she contacts you like nothing ever happened. However, you can’t fix something, if Annest won’t talk to you,silent treatment Life is too short to waste time on a deceitful evil person images (3)like her. However, if you give her the silent treatment, she thinks she is so important and throws a tantrum about it. So give her a taste of her own medicine. This silent treatment involves her intentional silence that is meant to inflict emotional punishment on you that she uses it to frustrate you whilst blaming you for her putrid rotten behaviour. All the while she is with other men. It shows her poor trashy interpersonal relationship skills and more specifically, it shows her poor communication, lack of etiquette, distress tolerance and lack of emotion regulation skills. Annest uses it repeatedly in a relationship to selfishly punish the other person. This silent treatment is in effect emotional abuse. Don’t let her waste your time.

26. Her False Promises of being different, trusted, honest, Born Again, etc..FALSE PROMISES

Her continuous promises that you can trust her, claims that people always trust her, claims that she is different, claims that she is saved/born again, etc (NOT TRUE AT ALL). You would be fooled to believe her deceit and lies. All she is after is getting your trust long-term so that you can trust her with money and anything of value e.g. buildings, land, business, etc. All the while she will be planning how to steal from you in increments until she ultimately steals and betrays you on a massive scale. Initially, she will start by exaggerating the cost of things and rip you off by the money difference she has exaggerated, then move onto stealing money, blaming someone else, lies and her trend continues. All the while she will be lying to those who don’t know her that she is a successful business woman.



27. When she introduces you as a Friend/Business Partner

frenemy (1)

What business partnership? This is a no brainer here. But it’s something most guys in love almost always forgive and forget. Has she ever introduced you as just a friend/best friend/Special friend/business partner? If you were really the man in her life or so you thought, she’d proudly display you like a primped up puppy in a dog show. But if she’s just using you, your relationship status will remain as friends. It suits her because she wants to have as many promiscuous affairs as possible. She is even having affairs with some of the men she is introducing you to as a friend. BUT anyway, she lives a promiscuous life, so introducing you as a friend/business partner when you are more than that is not as unusual for promiscuous Annest Namata to do. Whenever something involved money and property, Annest would introduce me as her husband even in my absence – Gold Digger.

28. Conditional Love!Pretending to love you

When she starts giving you conditions as a prerequisite to her committing to the relationship, then know that she is having many other side affairs. She uses this to try and control the relationship her way because she thinks she is the best thing that happened to the world. How can she be the best when she is a Whore? When you question the conditions, she will tell you it is the last one. Her love conditions are “I will love you if….you are rich, if you have a great car”, “If you give me material(good) things”, etc. All the while she will be having several affairs with several other men for money and bragging about it to her friends by claiming she is a Business woman and they are business partners. What business? May be slut businessWhat’s her business success story apart from stealing from them and destroying them? What is her professional success story? What? Absolutely Zilch.

29. Constantly talking about Money and get rich quick “Ponzi” schemesUganda Banknotes

She always talks about money in the guise of business and makes out she knows business. Money is her God. She is constantly money hungry. She will constantly “name drop” “so and so has money”, ” people have money”,etc. She wants to get it the easy way by cheating or stealing from others and being promiscuous with any man whom she deems to be rich. However small it is, she will cheat and steal from you. But if she is constantly talking about money, know that she is just using you as a means to get money. She will do anything to get to your money regardless of who you are. She will pledge loyalty, make promises and anything to you for her love of money not you. Don’t fall for her evil deceitful disgraceful lies. She is a manipulative promiscuous Gold Digger. She will do anything to get at your money and assets while bragging to the outside “I am a Business woman”, “I know business”, “I have contacts”, “I have brains”, etc. She used to lie that my business was her business. Can she tell you the truth how she started her small company when she earns 1.1M/-? She stole money from me and someone else plus took my customers. That someone else knows himself.

30. “I am corporate”; “I am going for a hot meeting”; “I am a Manager”; “I am very Busy”, “I don’t have time”.MEETING-SO SHE CLAIMS

“I am very busy” my foot. That’s the rhetoric of a “business slut”. She starts talking about going for meetings and thinking that it is a big deal. For example she started telling me she is going to Citibank for meetings. Every day she was claiming that she was going for a meeting at Citibank. She really thought that I would believe her slutty lies. Because she is a typical villager, she thinks that Citibank is a big deal. People have accounts there and don’t have to shout about it but she thinks it makes her important if she associates herself with it. She will also give excuses of attending meetings because she is a manager. So what if she is a manager? Many people out there are Managers/Directors of big conglomerates and Blue Chip and Fortune500 companies but they don’t brag about it. She is just using and conning you. All the while she will be meeting other men inCAFE JAVAS town claiming she is busy, waiting for men in mall car parks and hanging around the Malls and cafe’s in town bragging like she has nothing better to do. Well, she has nothing better to do other than running the small business she started after stealing my money, being promiscuous so that her vile arrogance and lies can be maintained.

31. Miss “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”- Wannabe:

Annest Namata always wants and thinks she is better than everyone else. She will go to the extent of thinkingkeeping-up-with-the-kardashians she is better than the person who helped her be where and what she is today. She is always comparing herself to other people even those she shouldn’t compare herself to and will use you to get material things to show off with. You will hear her say “I like to look good”. She is constantly talking about what the other people do and what the other people have. She also likens herself to Kim Kardashian. That explains why she is constantly shopping as a Gold Digger to show off and make her delusional comparisons. This places a lot of undue unnecessary pressure and gets you fed up of her promiscuous, Gold digging ways as she plays her stupid mind games. So take note: She is constantly talking about what the other people do and what the other people have. She can’t appreciate what she has, what you do for her and she is constantly wishing she was someone else or having or owning what others have. SHE IS NOT DEVELOPMENTAL OR CONSTRUCTIVE AT ALL. She is very very materialistic and money is her God thus her sleeping around. She begged a lady to help her get a job. Later on she talked dirty about her, created fictitious stories about her, played dirty games against the same lady who got her the job which led to the dismissal of that woman from her job simply because Annest Namata wants to be the General Manager. How do you make a thief General Manager?? She is nothing but evil. However, what goes around, comes around.

32. She Never Says “Thank you”.Thankyou4

Annest Namata never says “Thank you” genuinely for anything you do for her and give her and if she does, she will not do it genuinely and will not look you in the eye while saying it. That’s the Gold Digging attitude that she has whereby she thinks that she is doing you a favour and thinks she will be thanking you in another putrid cheap way.  That is proof that she is using you for material things and money. kick her non-thankful butt to the curb for her luck of manners and etiquette. As a promiscuous Gold Digger she is just waiting to drain your wallet as she pretends she loves you and move on to the next men. That’s why she has serial secret affairs with several men while claiming she is born again. She stole money from me after being chased from my house and ran to a man who fooled her that he is building a factory. How many factories has he built now? Despite stealing from me, she tried to take him to Police for stealing from her money she stole from me and gave him. All the while she was bragging to me “he is not my type”, “he’s my colleague”, “He’s my business partner, etc. all her usual stupid putrid lies.

33.She detaches herself from your familyfamily disrespect

The fact that she no longer wants to attend your family’s functions or hang with your friends is one of the signs she’s cheating and using you. This sign may be indicative of Annest Namata the cheater’s remorse on her part, which means that she feels guilty about cheating. The less she immerses herself in your circles (which contain people who are painful reminders of her sins), the less mental anguish she’ll have to endureThere is nothing worse than living with stress and dread every day while she, having apparently no conscience or regard for others. But then again, that’s what she does as a Slut.

One way street34. One-Way Street: You’re constantly doing things for her, but, as Janet Jackson would put it, “What have you done for me lately?” If she’s going to act like a princess, why doesn’t she treat you like the prince of a gentleman you are? She THINKS she is smart extracting money from men as a Slut. But then again she is a promiscuous Gold Digger. She boasts “I have brains”, “My God is big”. Really? But the price of her status is at the expense of her dignity and self-respect. She does not have any self-esteem/morality.
Hot and Cold1

35She is hot and cold: Some days she’s being affectionate all over you, complimenting you, caressing you and buttering you up, telling you how great you are, and then other times she is cold and distant. And often the times when she’s nice and affectionate, it’s conveniently when she wants something from you… You can never enjoy real love with Annest the Gold Digger. Real love to Namata Annest is about sex, material things and money ie how much money she will get from you. How disgusting!Lies

36Lies, Lies and more Lies:  One big sign you’re dealing with Annest the Gold Digger is she will lie about where she is and who she is with. She won’t just do this to you, she’ll do it to everyone she encounters. You will hear her lie to her parents, her siblings, friends and everyone she encounters. She uses the advantage of a mobile phone to lie about what she is doing and where she is. Don’t be naïve enough to believe you are the ONE person she is honest with.  It’s also a red flag if she becomes very defensive when you call her out on her lies or question her which she will. She will act like you’re the bad guy just for asking for a simple explanation.

37. No Female Friends: 

One obvious sign of Annest the promiscuous gold digger is she has very few if any real female friends.sfb Also, when she has female friends, the relationships are usually shallow. Female players like Annest need flexibility and freedom to move. Since female friends can be very demanding and involved in their relationships, due to her promiscuity she  has an active mistrust of other women. She will keep her distance from them so she won’t have to worry about any of them tipping off her male victims about her having affairs with multiple men and other schemes. No wonder whenever one of her friends knew I was in town, Annest would send her a text message “Wacha mudomo” meaning “watch your mouth”. The excuse she gives for not having female friends is “all women are jealous of me because I am beautiful” – That’s Delusional and foolish self praise.


How would you feel if she told you “Me I go for Aids tests three times every month to be sure of myself”. Am sure you would be disgusted. That’s exactly what she told me with no feelings of remorse at all. This was a clear indication of her sleeping around. We were NOT in an open relationship. We were exclusive or so I thought. Obviously she has always been open to sleeping around with any man who offers her money and material things. If it was not the case, why does she have to go for Aids tests three times or more every month and justify it. That is pure proof of her sleeping around antics. That is done by Prostitutes and it proves that she is one. So know that she is using you while sleeping around behind your back. She has a long sexual network. She is very very promiscuous by nature – SHE IS AN EVIL PROMISCUOUS GOLD DIGGER.

39. She nags you incessantlyNagging

Gone will be the days when the two of you could communicate with harmonious precision. Now, every sentiment you express sets her off and she will find every excuse to lash out at you, constantly finding fault. This was despite me making it very clear at the start of relationship that communication is very important. Contradictory as it may seem, she is supposedly a communication training manager!! Hmm! If it sounds familiar, she will be trying to justify her promiscuous trysts. Nagging you helps her ease her promiscuous guilt. So if she habitually begins to point out your every flaw, you may want to get to the bottom of what’s really going on. I sought to solve the problem but I forgot I was dealing with a very loose promiscuous person.moral decay

40. She is Dirty minded, Morally decayed with No etiquette: With her filthy loose mouth, she will incessantly tell you about her sexual escapades with other men without noticing/realising she is telling you. For example one time she told me “I wonder why certain men hold back when they are having sex with me. I can feel him holding it back. I feel like telling them to let it come out, they will do it again.” I was shocked and angry. When I asked Annest, which men are you talking about? Her answer was “Men”. That was full proof that she is a Slut. So know for a fact that she sleeps around and you are sharing her. She is using you. I should have listened when someone who told me right at the start of our relationship. His exact words were “Annest’s biggest problem is that she sleeps around a lot and she will never change.” I chose to love Annest honestly-BIG MISTAKE. I once introduced Annest to someone and the person said me later “That prostitute…..”. I was very offended at the time BUT Now I can confirm that they are very right and all they were doing is being honest. I wish they had told me more precisely and boldly what they knew about her.

images (3)Worst of all she does “The trading material things and money for “sexual services” game by sleeping around. This is a “Promiscuous Escort” practice. That’s why after Annest Namata has used you and you have caught her cheating on you, she will say/write “everything you did for me and paid for/bought, I paid it back.” She thinks sex pays for things and favours long-term. Well that’s what she does – “Call Girl/Escort” promiscuous idiotic mentality Vs sexual services.

 You have to accept the fact that you are not an object of love to her but a pawn, a mere source to feed her materialistic gold digging fragile ego; nothing more, but certainly nothing less. Because Narcissists like her are easily bored, they must change their source of supply(men in this case) very so often. So Annest is always seeking the next promiscuous encounter. Once you understand how she must constantly change her source of supply for money and material things, you will realize her rejection of you has nothing to do with you. Annest repeats this cycle in every relationship she enters. It is inevitable. Be very grateful that toxic promiscuous Annest Namata is out of your life. Her constant lying and boasting arrogance still continues – “I am born again/saved, I am very trustworthy”, “I have brains”, “I am a business woman”, etc. Believe it if you have no choice but there is a lot of choice that is much much better than she will ever be however much she bleaches herself.

Watch out She is NOT yours when its clear she spends time with other men thus her secretive nature. She was NOT mine if she was everybody’s despite the fact that we were engaged. The fact of the matter is, you are sharing her and will always share her with many other men as she sleeps around because she is a very cheap Promiscuous slut and a Gold Digger. Don’t ever forget the circumstances of how you met her, and how history repeats itself. That’s why she will always use events as an excuse for sleeping around looking for the next seemingly richer man. How cheap!


Are you able to spot quality in a woman or are you wrapped up in superficial things such as an orange look bleached and over exposed body with tired cleavage on show? Before you can find and embrace real love and substance, it is critical that you get in tune with yourself so that you can avoid hooking up with the promiscuous Gold Digger Annest Namata.

DON'T IGNORE THE RED FLAGS NOTE: Great Thanks to Kaycee Aguocha for inspiring this blog post




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