01 Apr

Being overly defensive is a sign of insecurity. Annest cannot take criticism however constructive it is even when it is necessary. She obviously has no self-esteem and whenever criticised for the right reasons she goes on the defensive and starts claiming that you have said and done this and that. In fact she ends up giving away secrets that you didn’t know about as she is trying to be defensive unnecessarily. But that obviously is a sign of her total luck of self-respect, low life egotistic attitude.

Every time I was home and away from my phone and room, she constantly went through my phone, clothes pockets, bags, suitcases, etc despite claiming at the beginning of the relationship, she would not do that because according to her it was not necessary and would not be good for the relationship. Did she find anything. Nothing at all because I had nothing to hide. But as earlier stated in the Blog Posts, she is “miss contradiction”. She constantly contradicts herself in everything she says and does.

So despite me advocating right from the start of the relationship for clear communication which is important in any relationship, she was always a cheat and was cheating already in the relationship. There is a saying “You cannot change the stripes of a Zebra”. So I think I was trying to change the stripes of a zebra. Once a cheat, she will always be a cheat regardless of what set-up she is in OR what she claims.No self respect

I bottled up what I was unhappy about to secure the relationship status but that seemed to give her the impetus to continue cheating and lying to her entourage that she is helping me and claiming that I was depending on her. How can I depend on Annest for a living when what she earns in half a year, I earn it in two weeks? How?

I liked her and was attracted to her for a reason. My love was assured but it did not mean that she had to take me for granted. It was very stupid of her to think she could do anything and I would droop over her. She went to the extent of telling people that I am crazy about her and that is why I cannot do without her. She thought that I needed her to do anything and everything in life. What she doesn’t realise is that a man’s feeling’s can change very quickly depending on what you have said and done. What Annest did is unforgiveable.

In this respect, my feelings towards Annest changed very quickly once I learned that she was a two-faced evil bitching behind my back while claiming to love me. She could not handle this reality that I could find out what she had been doing cheating on me with more than one man the whole four and half years she had been with me. She was even using every opportunity to cheat on money issues, etc.

So despite the fact that a man’s feelings can change very quickly, I cannot take a two-faced person like her who is out to use men for money and material things. Why would I want such a person in my life. She is a complete waste of  time as far as I am concerned and that’s why I am writing this Post and Blog to warn men out there to use their common sense and not fall prey to Annest Namata.

I got myself in the right frame of mind and thought about all the things I love and appreciate about her but her negatives far outweighed her positives for all the reasons that I have written and will write in the Blog Posts.

Annest’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder plays a big part in her behaviour and the way she does things. If she was normal, she would not fail to have any empathy and be immoral to her level. She is so heartless in what she does by using people and does not feel any indifference to the wrong she is doing people.

GuiltShe is always defensive because she is very promiscuous always going around with different men secretly. So she stays on the defence thinking you have caught her out.

Health is much more important than having  promiscuous Annest. She seems to think she is immune to diseases. But then again I found a Canesten cream she was hiding in my house which proves she must have an STD or STI.

Truth be told.

NOTE: This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life Character Revelation.

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