Screenshot_2016-04-30-18-14-31-1 The best predictor of future behaviour is relevant past behaviour. When you accept her behaviour, you choose the consequences.

 In a formal relationship whereby you have gone as far as be engaged to be married, working as a partnership is the ideal and right thing to do. Going Into Business and trusting your Significant Other, providing all the start-up capital and working together can lead to a Fuller, Happier Life and Success together.truth meter

 SO YOU WOULD THINK!! AND SO I THOUGHT! THE WORST AND BIGGEST MISTAKE I HAVE EVER MADE IS TRUSTING ANNEST NAMATA. I believed Annest Namata’s lies, false promises and vows that she is trustworthy and honest. I believed all her pretentious religious righteous lies and deceit and her trustworthy claims “Me I am different, you can trust me”, everybody trusts me”, etc. I thought it as right to share everything 50/50. I was so wrong to do that with Annest Namata. She is a Gold Digger and a Thief. I saw and images (5)treated her as part of me, family, a team and a partner/wife but all the while she was stabbing my back and stealing from me and sleeping around with several men. 

SHE DID NOT CONTRIBUTE A COIN TO ANY OF MY BUSINESSES/Developments. Her justification for a 50/50 split was that she would do anything to make it a success and share my life with her as my fiancee/wife. That’s the rhetoric of a THIEF and a GOLD DIGGER. Indeed she did everything to steal and sleep around. BUT she had the audacity to try and dictate what I do with my money. “WATCH YOUR MONEY! The Gold-Digging Whore does not fall far from the tree.” She’s constantly on the prowl for someone supposedly richer than you to see what they can offer her.

Today, she denies stealing. Every thief like her denies stealing. dgb However, the biggest mistake I made is and little did I know at the time was choosing to genuinely love, trust and work with my Ex-fiancee Annest Namata. It was very very wrong to genuinely love the promiscuous thief. She is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made and the biggest mistake anyone can make. I changed her life from a dismal life and she chose to betray, cheat on me, sleep around and steal from me. Now she has the audacity to brag because she is sleeping around with different men in town. #Damn prostitute.


team visionYOU CANNOT BE A TEAM WITH ANNEST NAMATA THE PROMISCUOUS THIEF.  She is too selfish and egocentric plus too obsessed with money to work as part of any team/partnership/relationship. Her greed is disgusting. Fact is that I financed 100% of her life for 4.5 years but all she was doing is stealing from me, defaming me by talking bad about me and sleeping around behind my back. Strange that those who do not know her well THINK she is genuine and innocent because of the very very fake persona she presents. I once THOUGHT the same. But she is busy doing the very same things to them.

 Setting up a Business and managing it together should be a natural occurrence in a couple’s relationship that is leading/progressing on to success for the better of the family. So was I wrong by trying to do anything constructive, inclusive and future proof with Annest Namata? In this particular case, I was very very wrong. I should have taken note that Annest Namata is a thief, a Parasite and worst of all, a promiscuous Gold Digger. Bragging that she is a business woman.

ALL SHE DOES IS LOOK FOR MEN WITH MONEY CONSTANTLY TO HAVE AFFAIRS WITH FOR MONEY, MATERIAL THINGS AND FAVOURS. This is regardless of whether she is in a relationship or not. She dares claim that she is born again. Her motive all throughout the relationship was to con me and eventually steal from me plus lock me down with children so that she can be assured of money and material things. 
All she has done in all her past relationships and continues to do
– STEAL andScreenshot_2016-04-30-18-01-23-1
Cheat with several men
. That’s why she sleeps around for Cheated - Copymoney and material things. She is extremely money hungry and will do anything to steal your money and get your assets in her names. Imagine she was demanding that I register my property in real integrityher names. Why her names yet we were not yet married? She bought land using my company money and then illegally changed it to her names. Thus her desperate need for her to get married on her thieving quick terms. Look at how she even pretends(acts) when taking photos. She pretends to be innocent and decent.

 So rush to trust and marry her on her slutty gold digging terms at your grave peril. You will regret.


BUSINESS SLUT – Annest Namata is a Business Slut. [Wiktionary]- A pejorative term for a woman thatBeware dresses in business attire such as trousers/skirt suits like Annest does, attempting to present herself as a very important member of the business community or society at large. She brags and claims to always be in a hurry, always on a Mobile phone, carrying an iPad in her hands like she has no bag and claims to have more meetings than hours in the day (or so she thinks she does). DO NOT BE FOOLED. SHE IS A VERY GOOD PRETENDER/ACTOR AND MANIPULATOR.

She is a Thief,that’s why she is NOT straight forward with anything. That’s why she is fraudulent and evasive and secretive. MONEYHUNGRY3 DO NOT give her any shares in anything you own. Do so at your peril. All she will do is steal from you after she has had affairs, you’ve chased her out of your life and she runs to men and she will claim that she owns half of it. She will CLAIM she contributed when she didn’t contribute anything. That is what she claims that she owns half of my company CorporateShield Ltd. She NEVER contributed any capital for the startup of the company apart from working to get small business operations but that was even as a result of me teaching her what to do and giving her the leads as to what to do. Money is not evil but Annest who makes it evil by what she does, how she earns it and her excessive love of it.

Surprisingly she expected me to keep quiet and not say or do anything about her thefts from me because she claims her God is big. Her big God supports her thefts and promiscuous deceit. Right? #Delusional.protect ur money

I gave her the initiative to launch my business in my absence and she didn’t know what to do. She rang me and asked “What do I do? How do I start? Where do I go? This was despite me giving her all the info. Now she is busy boasting that she started the business, bragging that she is the only one who advertises in supermarkets. She can fool those who believe her lies and deceit. She takes credit for other peoples ideas and successes. She is just a tragedy in the making. She dare call herself a winner when she is a THIEF. She will answer in court for stealing.

images (94)What makes it worse is that Annest Namata has now gone into desperation mode, her heels are getting higher yet she can’t walk well in them, cleavage show is lower, small tight clothing, her dress/skirt slits are getting higher as well to show and impress all the men out there,  so that her bills can get covered – #PROMISCUOUSGOLDDIGGER.

INTEGRITY is choosing your thoughts and actions based on Values rather Personal gain. So where is her integrity that she talks about? She obviously doesn’t know what integrity is.

When she says ,”I am independent, but I want a good guy to love me and take good care of me’, it translates to ” I am now waiting for the next rich man who falls within a few yards so that I can rush him down the altar for gold digging!” That explains the new claims she is making “I am getting married next year”. She wants to rush so that she can guarantee the Gold Digging because she didn’t succeed in managing to con me down the altar.  I pity and feel very very sorry for the man who has now fallen victim to her deceit and gold digging ways. He will be very miserable and regret his decision. She will cheat on him and steal from him.

ur own business

 NEVER EVER do any business with Annest Namata or involve her in your business if you are wise. Use your common sense NOT your emotions. NEVER trust her to run your business. She is a Thief and will pretend to be hard-working, get to know how your business works, get control of the finances, she will play dirty games with suppliers and business partners behind your back with the sole aim of stealing from you.  The current small business she has is attained as a result of the money she stole from me. She has since stolen from someone else as well. I have been a victim of her thefts yet I was in a relationship for four years with her as her fiancee. I am suing her for theft. So take note of my advice.

The proprietor of “Photogenix Ug. Ltd for example started with $5000 capital, I started with much more for my business and this thief Annest Namata stole my money to give to her “side dishes”/men, to buy cheap shares, shopping, to deposit on her account and later destroyed my company and she thinks that I am going to keep quiet about her thefts. She will answer in court. Her aim will be to get into business with you so that she can steal your business idea and worst of all steal your business. 

NEVER EVER DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS PROMISCUOUS THIEF CALLED ANNEST NAMATA. BUSINESS THEFT PREVENTION She was spending 500,000 shillings a month of my money as petty cash yet in her full time job at the time she was earning 1.1 million shillings. She was lending people and companies my money without my consent and thought that I would not be able to find out. Now let her lend them money. Arrogant thief. Nevertheless, she had the audacity to complain that it is not enough as petty cash. She is an evil gold digger.STOLEMY BUSINESS

She stole a lot money from my business and secretly started a company called APPO Ltd doing my company type of business. She stole my business ideas and my customers and lied to them that she had closed the other business. She absolutely has no right to close my business. I am well aware of all she has done and she will answer in court for all her thefts. She can keep on thinking she is above the law. She is more concerned about herself and will do anything to embezzle your money and or steal from you after convincing you that you can trust her, claiming and convincing you that she will never do anything wrong because she is a “Christian/Saved/Born Again”. That is all lies. There is NOTHING religious about her.

She tried to hold on to my business so that she can dictate whether I can sell it to her on her terms over a 20 year period as she pays me monthly on her terms and she thought I would keep quiet and she takes the business due to her threats – Idiotic Imbecile. She should have gone to the myriad of men she was waiting for in mall car parks and sleeping around with in hotels with plus the one she believed was building a factory and gotten out of my life. – #Cheap slag. Annest Namata is a PROMISCUOUS Con and a Thief. 

DO NOT make a grave mistake and fall victim to her deceit and pretentious religious lies. She claims that she is “Born Again. She steals in the name of God and religion.DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU As her Fiance (engaged to be married), she asked me to help her because she wanted to start a business of some sort. I gave her money and she started several businesses which failed due to her greed and excessive love of money. I did not realise that at the time because she gave all sorts of excuses like she fell out with her friend over my money that I had invested in a restaurant. All the while she was sleeping around with different men behind my back. However, I noticed that she did not have any business acumen, organisation, knowledge and etiquette despite claiming so and having great delusions of grandeur. She thinks because she steals from where ever she works and gets away with it, she can steal from other people and get away with it by trying to threaten them for her association. She steals from you then ridicules you. Money in a Bible

  My first exposure to her thieving deceitful ways was that she stole my personal money. I gave her money to keep safe for me. She kept it in a Bible but later claimed some had been stolen. She framed a security guard as having stolen it. I asked her how he knew where she kept the money and she went as far as claim he knew where she kept the money because he used to go into the house quietly to see her naked. It was just a thieving story that Annest Namata created. If she knew that he would go in the house to see her naked then why was she being naked in front of him? But it further enlightened me about her immoral promiscuous cheap antics and thieving ways. She stole the money despite keeping it in a bible. What a shameless thief she is. So you can imagine what kind of devil character she is.  She talks the talk but she cannot walk the walk.

 So don’t fall for her supposed pretentious religious charm/claims unless you don’t have any moral principles. She will use her immoral sexuality like her slutty walk, exposing her body in any way to seduce and con you. So unless you are very naive or not principled, you should NOT fall prey to her Gold digging intentions and ways.

 However, if you have the right intentions in life and are principled, you have the info about her now. ThiefInitially when I met her, she did not have a job and had been searching for a job for two years plus with no success. I came into her life and sought to change that by enabling her to start a business. I gave her money to start a number of small businesses. I was looking after because she did not have anything. Little did I know that the businesses were failing because she was stealing money. I decided to start a company and signed a partnership with Annest Namata thinking I was doing it for the good of both of us as a family. Little did I know that I was making an agreement with a thieving, deceitful, dishonest evil person not worth entrusting with anything.

Annest Namata the THIEF stole my money because I had made her signatory to my accounts, stole money from my late mothers account, stole my company records, stole my company contracts with customers, stole my company stamps, stole my company TIN Number and my company Post Office box. How can one be so petty as to steal a post office box? Thief on Keyboard ADVICE

 Whatever you do, I advise you, DO NOT go into any kind of Business Partnership and or liaison with Annest Namata, she is a thief and I can testify to that. DO NOT even think of signing at 50-50 Partnership split and orany other kind of partnership as she will want you to do. She will not contribute anything to the partnership financially BUT will try very much to convince you that she is very trustworthy and will work very hard to make any business a success. She claims she knows business. These are her claims and lies Annest Namata has used with every man she has conned time and time again and had an affair with all for the love of money. She now says and writes on her FB page that she is older and wiser. In other words, she is more of a thief and will con anyone in a better way now. Bloody Thief! DO NOT SPEND ON HER AND DO NOT INVEST IN HER.

Lock your house away from the Gold Digger She draws examples and talks of her past and recent relationships and claims she was mistreated that’s why she left the relationship but the business was successful because of her. IT’S ALL LIES. She is not mistreated in the relationships. She sleeps around until she is caught cheatingAnnest is NOT responsible for the success of any businessShe is responsible for the failure of every business she has been involved in because she steals money and mismanages them whilst praising herself. She steals from the businesses. She will claim she wants to invest half in order to have a 50% share by registering the company in 50% of her sharesDO NOT FALL FOR THAT CON. I WAS A VICTIM OF HER CONNING AND THIEVING  WHILST IN THE RELATIONSHIP. I thought I was doing it for someone who was genuine and honest worth doing anything for. Not at all. SHE IS A GOLD DIGGER AND A PROMISCUOUS THIEF.

DO NOT dare let her get close to your money and assets at all.Protect your Money from the thief Annest Namata DO NOT BELIEVE HER LIES AND DECEIT. They are all made up lies. Nothing but lies. She told me the same thing and acted sad BUT it was all lies and make belief of a con. All she wants is to encourage you to start a business with her involved, act like she is going to do everything to make it work but all she will be after is to steal your money. 

NEVER EVER SIGN OR AGREE TO ANY BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT WITH ANNEST NAMATA or have any kind of Business partnership or liaison with her. Why should you sign or make any business agreement with a Thief and Gold Digger anyway? When you are in any kind of relationship with her, she is ONLY interested in your money. She is simply a manipulating Gold Digger. DO NOT register your land in her names or transfer it into her names.

DO NOT give her your land and or property to take care of or manage. She uses them to borrow money from scrupulous money lenders. Her intention will be to get enough money and get you in financial trouble. She is too corrupt, conceited and selfish to care about you whoever you may be.  She will pretend and claim to be trustworthy and talk the talk. SHE CANNOT WALK THE TALK.


DO NOT AND NEVER EVER TRUST ANNEST NAMATA. The bottom line is DO NOT get into any form of Business Agreement or liaison with Annest Namata at all. All she will be after is ripping you off after she has sized up your trust. She has no empathy and is extremely selfish, self-centred plus she has no morals and  she is NOT professional at all. Ask anyone who was dealing with her in my business. She is just an arrogant obnoxious gold digger.

DO NOT do any kind of business with her and do not trust her with money, your cheque book, credit and or debit cards and anything else of value. Know that you are dealing with a deceitful thief. Do not give her any of your Bank cards. She will take advantage and steal your money. I gave her a Bank Debit card to help her for a short period of time but she stole money to the very end after she had ran to the men she was sleeping around with. I was warned very many times by many people she had worked with and done small deals with and people who knew her better than I did but I did not listen. Annest herself would tell me ” I am surprised you trust me with money”. I should have taken that as a hint she is a thief.

At the time I chose to listen to Annest Namata’s lies that she was different, honest religious, etc. It is the biggest mistake I have ever made. So LTUlisten to my advice if you do not want dire grave disappointments. I was warned against her when I had just got into a relationship with her. I didn’t listen and everything I was warned about, she did them and worse. I didn’t expect her to steal money from me when I was engaged to marry her and having done so much for her and changed her life but she did.I didn’t think she would cheat on me with several men and boast about it to a point of writing boasting that she cheated on me. She will reap what she has sown. So Annest keep on sleeping around. LOCK UP YOUR MONEY IN THE PRESENCE OF ANNEST NAMATA

 She is so ignorantly arrogant to a point that she wrote to me rudely stating she wishes she had stolen everything from me. She is a thief, evil and very rotten to the core.

 She can rot in hell with her filthy evil manners. I have NOT met or heard anyone who trusts Annest Namata with anything especially money or anything of value. If there is anyone, they do not know her well and she will rip them off and she is stealing from them right now without them realising it. By the time they realise it, she will have stolen or exaggerated/inflated prices of what they are asking her to buy for them or anything they are entrusting her to do. They will be at a very great loss. 

I know some have read this Blog and are still  disregarding the Blog by listening to the lies she has told them about. They will regret gravely for not listening to the advice here. I regret not listening to her ex-boyfriend who warned me about her Recently, I was told by a Business stop pretending to be christianAssociate who was a Service provider in my business that he did not want to work with me if Annest Namata was involved. Annest Namata had lied to him that we were married. So he thought she was my wife. For anything to do with money, she lied to people in town that we were married. It shows you that she will do anything only for her love of money. Even now she is calling someone her husband because she is more interested in his money and any material things yet they are not married. Check statements

Everywhere I went to do business or anything personal and wanted her involved as my partner, everybody was suspicious of her and I had to convince them to trust her. I was wrong and they were right. Annest Namata is a certified thief. She had been very arrogant and disrespected a business provider and partner in my absence, she was not paying him. Despite him sending people to her office, she would tell them she is busy and not pay them. I then realised why all along the time we were doing business with him he was being a difficult service provider. She was busy stealing my money. However, as usual, she had messed his reputation to me by lying to me that he is arrogant and a bad person. In reality, she wanted to spoil his reputation so that she can get away with her theft in the company. Her evil manipulation still goes on.images (22)

She brought her deceitful thieving corrupt immoral ways to my life and my company. She thought I would take them on and accept them. She issued cheques to prominent companies that bounced after stealing money from my business account. Instead of appreciating my trust, she chose to continue being a thief and a slut. images (99)

 Prior to that, a one time Business Associate rang me to warn me against having a relationship with and working with Annest Namata and doing anything with her. His exact words wereyou are losing out, you could do better, you are getting a raw deal, She’s not the right person to work with and to do anything with or to have a relationship with“.  That speaks volumes. She knew him and they had known each other for quite some time because they had done some little business together and he knows her socially. He was the first person to tell me how promiscuous Annest Namata is and her theft of money. Her response to what I was warned about was “he is lying”, “he’s jealous of us”, “don’t believe him“, etc.keep all your documents safe away from Annest Namata So she will always deny her PUTRID rotten mannerisms. 

Annest Namata has NO business success story to tell anyone. ABSOLUTELY NONE. She is a BUSINESS THIEFAll she tells is lies, lies nothing but lies. Her whole being is to exploit you at a later stage after gaining your trust. It does not matter who you are, she will  exploit and steal from you. I gave her a lot of money to start all types of businesses with good intentions because I loved her and because I wanted the best for her due to her unfortunate upbringing. There is no show to what happened to the money because she is a materialistic Gold images (3)Digging promiscuous thief.

 She will take her time to win your trust and loyalty by pretending to be a good person, pretending to be wife material, pretending to be trustworthy, pretending to be loyal, etc. SHE IS A VERY GOOD CALLOUS ACTOR/PRETENDER. When you hear anything to the contrary about her and ask her, she is very quick to say “they are lying”, “they are jealous of us/me”, “why do you believe them”, ” I am trusted by everyone”, etc. Eventually after she has won your trust, she will use you, steal from you and con you and move on to her next victims. She uses perceived love, mixes it with her lies of being religious as a ploy, gold digging along the way to con you long-term. As mentioned, she also sleeps around for money and material things. I have the evidence to prove all this.

I am warning you the reader of this blog so that you do not fall into the same predicament as so many of us have fallen into. I am NOT warning you and advising you because I am not in a relationship with her any more as she would conveniently tell you if she knew you or if you are in a relationship with her but so PROTECT YOUR LAPTOPthat she can STOP conning people and to warn any one who will fall prey to her evil deceitful wicked ways. She is NOT religious, God fearing, a believer, genuine and honest as she may lead you and anyone else to believe. 

She uses religion as a curtain cover for her thieving deceitful ways and she has always done so. So if you are wise, don’t fall for her lies and deceit. She is not a person you can trust at all irrespective of what she tells you. She even stole my laptop and dongle and claimed money from the company she works for. How petty is that! So don’t trust her with images (92)anything. I’ll repeat, she is a thief.  I was her partner and Fiance for four and a half years but I still fell victim to Annest Namata’s thieving deceitful ways near to the time we nearly got married. She has done the same thing to others before me. So take heed and listen to my advice regardless of who you are and what kind of relationship you have with her whether it is personal and or professional or an employer. All she is after is your money and material things. That’s why she is very promiscuous regardless of what you give and do for her.

She entangles you in a deceitful relationship, fools you into trusting her, marrying her and wanting your children ie twins as she says asimages (47) long as she is getting all material things and money, gets engaged to you. Near to the point you are about to be married, her sleeping around gets worse, then she runs off to another man after you’ve kicked her out. As she leaves she steals from you even petty things like your photos, handkerchiefs, perfume, video game, etc.

Warning signs of her embezzlement are; unexplained money and lavish shopping, acting nice to you and avoiding talking about the business and its operations, delay tactics to avoid accounting for anything about the business and missing money, unexplained investment, unexplained drop in company profits and account balance. Other signs include financial records becoming disorganized or accounts and documents inexplicably going missing or incomplete and she will make up lies about the accounts by talking about investments – She is an Evasive Lying Thief.

 DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH Annest Namata. SHE LOVES MONEY MORE THAN LIFE. It is best you avoid her friendship altogether because it is all centred on money, association for favours and material things. SHE IS A GOLD DIGGER AND A THIEF. She be-friends and seduces people because of their Status, Bank statements, wallet and by the same token she is always looking for men with money and material things while bragging “I have standards”; “I take care of myself”, I am a business woman”, I am rich”- business woman my foot. She is a business money THIEF.

bread winner stories  DO NOT  believe her “Bread Winner” story. Annest Namata will tell you that she isdont believe the lie the only one in her family who graduated and therefore she is the “Bread Winner” and looks after the family by sending money and everything else. SHE TELLS EVERY MAN WHO IS HER TARGET THIS STORY. SHE IS NOT THE BREAD WINNER. She will also claim that all the sisters dropped out of school and got married apart from her and she will add that all her brothers are thieves and drunkards. However, she will NOT allow you to have time with any of the sisters or brothers to confirm her story and her history.That is all her habitual lying to make you believe she is hard working and focused. It is also a ploy to make you feel sorry for her and accentuate the relationship. Her siblings work and am sure they contribute to the welfare of the family. She is NOT the Bread Winner as she claims.

images (44)

 DO NOT give her the responsibility of looking after your land.DO NOT register or transfer land into her names for whatever reasons. She will use the land to borrow money from Loan Sharks and Banks around town. All the while she will be bragging that it is her land, claim she bought it through hard work, etc. In the end you will loose it. The land she has, she bought it after stealing from me and someone else and I have the proof of her thefts. She will claim she has business ideas, knows business, business prospects, investments, etc. DO NOT listen to her manipulating nonsense and deceitful lies. She is just a copycat wannabee.

DO NOT BUY A CAR AND REGISTER IT IN HER NAMES-SHE'LL STEAL IT LATER DO NOT buy a car and register it in her names. DO NOT even give her your car(s) to use.  Even if she claims she is trustworthy. She will CLAIM that everyone trusts her. That’s a big lie. She will boast to everybody behind your back that she bought it cash. Even before she has got it she will be boasting how it is on order. After you have found out what she is, she will later steal it and claim she bought it. If you buy her a car, she will claim she bought it and all you did was choose it. That is how she stole my car. She wants an expensive car so that she can show off and boast how she bought a new car and will even sleep around to get one. She will also use it to get loans from the loan sharks. The other disgusting mannerism is that she will give it to the string of other men she sleeps around with and justify it arrogantly. She is a very ungrateful utterly selfish promiscuous Gold Digger.

Lock ur car

 You are safer locking up your car away than listening to Annest Namata con you thatLock, Take, Hide Sign_1 she is trustworthy and will look after it. Simply lock it up rather than trust her. She stole my car. So what makes you think she would not steal yours? And she dares deny it. Her backward promiscuous Gold Digging mentality makes her think that its a big deal seeing her driving. So she is very keen to boast around town about the car she is driving.


 Most important of all, protect your heart from Annest Namata the heartless, manipulative, evil Gold Digger. Otherwise she will use you, steal from you while pretending to be religious a.k.a. Born again/saved and claiming to be honest and trustworthy. DO NOT believe her disgusting nonsensical big talk and lies. There are many better, honest, beautiful people out there who will not be after your assets, passport, influence and money. Know that she is an old Gold Digger.

DO NOT PAY RENT FOR HER If you are wise enough,DO NOT pay rent for her or give her a house to live in free unless you want to promote her sluttiness. She brags she is rich, corporate and independent. So she should stop slutting/selling herself while you pay her rent. While I was paying rent and bills for her, she was busy bragging that she is independent and that she takes care of herself. She is a very very ungrateful imbecile. I have never and will never meet an ungrateful evil person like her. She wanted me to sell all my assets to set-up business with her running it so that she can steal all the money. She is a
THIEVING Promiscuous Gold Digger. 

get-attachment (71)

 DO NOT fall for her pretentious conning words and offers of help that she will help you build a house for you. How do you trust a thief? She wants to steal from you. She CANNOT DO ANYTHING  for anyone genuinely and get-attachment (72)honestly. NEVER!. After stealing from me, she offered to build for me. When that failed, she then offered to build a perimeter wall for me. Where was she to do that in the 4.5 years we were together? NEVER send her money to buy you land or a house. You will regret taking her sexual services in exchange for building her a house or doing anything for you. Good Luck to you if you fall for her evil waysThat’s what a sly evil thief she is.


 She will pretend she is the so loyal, religious and honest. She will cojol you to trust her by telling everybody trusts her. DO NOT believe all her pretence unless you are very gullible. DO NOT invest in Annest Namata. I was advised by the ex-boyfriend and what she did to me was worse than what I was warned. Ignore my advice about at your peril. She will go to the extent of wearing a specific night dress and gown to lure you. That gown disappears after she has hooked you because she uses it for other men. She will want to rush you to the altar so that she can be guaranteed money and material things. Then she can brag and flaunt her arrogance around kampala and her village. 

I want a baby

 When it suits her and she wants to lock you down because she has seen what she can get from you and securegrn her future, she’ll immediately in the relationship start telling you that everyone is telling her to get a baby with you. She will then start pestering you,” I want a baby boy that can remind me of you every time I look at him.” By then she knows she will be able to lock you down for the next 18 years with child support maintenance money. This is what she did to me and then she tripped herself by saying ” there are so many women who have men’s children and have houses in Muyenga”. The next day, she said “If you leave me I will stay on my own in my small house with your son and I will never get married again or have another child”. This was a clear clue to me that all she wanted was to use me for material things and money as she always does. I cannot have a child with a promiscuous thief. So beware what you are falling for.

protect ur ideas  Protect your innovative Business Ideas. She takes other peoples limelight for what she has not done and praises herself aimlessly whilst bragging how good she is. So keep your ideas under lock and key and protect them legally so that if she copies them you can you can sue her. All the ideas she is claiming are her ideas are my ideas. While I was sharing all my business ideas with her she was giving them to the myriad of men she was sleeping around with. Set your intellectual property and copy rights.

prenuptial agreement

 DO NOT let/allow her to make you sign a conditional business agreement of any kind disguised as a Prenuptial agreement with you in order for her to work with you as your partner in any business for a 50/50 partnership and be in the relationship. As a Gold Digger, Annest Namata is bringing nothing to the table and what she has now is stolen or attained by theft and deception and she will answer in court for the thefts. All those claims “I know business”, “Everybody trusts me”, “Every business I get involved in succeeds”, etc are all her cheap deceitful self-praise Gold Digging lies she uses. THERE IS NO ONE WHO KNOWS HER WHO CAN TRUST HER. DO NOT become her victim. I was NOT warned. I am warning you her prospective unsuspecting victims.

Bank1 DO NOT and NEVER make a grave mistake of making her signatory to your Bank Account(s). I made that mistake thinking I was helping a person I love whom I wanted and expected to spend the rest of my life with. Little did I Know that Annest Namata is a THIEF and has her own deceitful intentions. In my absence, she stole all my money on the account she had access to and even stole money from my late mothers estate account. She is a remorseless spiteful evil moron.THIEF I made her signatory to my account and she claimed it was her money. How delusional can one be. She stole all my money on the account in my absence and denies it yet I have the clear certified audited evidence.

So her thieving has no limits. Court proceedings are in the process. She will pay back that money.

Fill your Car with Diesel Fuel Pump Zozzle

 DO NOT give her money for Gas/Petrol. As you are doing her that favour, she willfuel tank be boasting how she has money to spend on gas and air conditioning as she wishes, bragging that she is independent, etc. I did that for years and she did not appreciate at all. Not even a “Thank you”. She is an ungrateful promiscuous Gold Digger.

 DO NOT allow her to give you conditions for the existence of the relationship. What/Who is she? Sadly, she thinks she is the best thing God created. Aaarrgghh!


 DO NOT give her airtime money. I spent years giving her airtime money which she was even using for her job. She claimed that she didn’t have money and was not getting enough from the company she worked for. She did not appreciate and neither did she tell her employers the origin of that help. She accredited it all to herself just like she went 2 years without a salary and I was providing everything – Selfish disgusting devil. No wonder now she says these are claims. I have witnesses to all this and she avoids the witnesses because she is very very guilty of being a thief. SHAME ON YOU ANNEST NAMATA. She will use the airtime you give her for her promiscuous slutty errands and activities. Her looks are very deceptive, pretentious and deceiving. So make a very informed wise choice. You now have all the evidence about her personality or lack of it.

Intellectual property

 DO NOT share your ideas with her. You will be sharing ideas and planning with a thief. She is ravenous for ideas.(hungry for prey with NO gratitude). So protect your ideas. She will NOT share hers. Does she have any? Why share yours with her? I have intellectual property protection. So let her brag on. She has been heard bragging how she is the only one who protect your business from herdoes advertising in supermarkets. Before I met her, she didn’t have a clue about any advertising/marketing. She stole my ideas, my money started a company doing what I taught her and what my company was doing after stealing the money and destroying my company. I will sue her for…………….

God Annest Namata NEVER APPRECIATES WHATEVER ANYONE DOES FOR HER. So DO NOT invest in her or help her. She CAN’T appreciate. She talks about God and the wonderful things he has done for her. Yes God answers our prayers BUT he does things through people like others and me who helped her achieve what she has achieved to-date apart from what she stole from me and the man who paid her tuition fees. Does she appreciate what other people like me have done for her? Not at all. Does she appreciate what anyone has done for her? NO. She is so foolish as to never appreciate anything anyone does for her because she is a Gold Digger. She doesn’t realise that God does things through people. She is not invincible as she thinks. Neither is she more special/important than anyone else as she thinks.

dsva DO NOT believe her pretentious lies and deceit that she is religious, Born Again, etc. She uses religion to gain peoples trust and then starts stealing and boasting. She steals and starts small businesses quietly. I trusted her and she was stealing my money and lending it all the while boasting that she has a money lending business. Once you start trusting her, she then steals from you on a large-scale. She uses your love against you by using you, stealing from you and sleeping around behind your back when she has got your trust. She manipulated my company partners and transferred the accounts to her so-called company. All the money she was being paid was paid into her accounts. But the thefts will be dealt with. She thinks she is so clever. She may have stolen from others and they kept quiet. She aint getting away with it this time. #Evil thief.

Like all promiscuous Gold Diggers, Annest Namata always has one focus….Money, Money, Money. She is never contentedEvery time you turn around, Annest Namata has a crisis or need that requires money. She always talks about rich people, get rich schemes and money because it is her God. She is always looking for the next man with money to con – EVIL PROMISCUOUS GOLD DIGGER.

POLICE NEWS I am suing Annest Namata for Theft, Fraud, embezzlement and other cases to do with my company and stolen money. She has already been called by the Police Commissioner to explain herself and she lied to the Police Commissioner that we are married and it’s just a misunderstanding. IT IS NOT A RELATIONSHIP MISUNDERSTANDING. SHE STOLE FROM ME AND MY LATE MOTHERS ESTATE. She denies stealing my money and destroying my company yet I have all the proof that she stole on a massive scale.images (36)

 She wrote threatening messages to me that things will happen to me if I continue telling people that she is a thief, that she cannot guarantee my safety, that she will win in court and I have to pay her. How can I pay her for stealing from me? How can you pay a thief who steals from you? HOW?? She thinks I don’t know Business Law.

She disguised herself and wrote to me threatening me that she is not sure about my security and safety in town, etc. Let her try her lack stealing from other people and threatening them, not me.  POLICE SUING THE EVILIncluded in my complaints are charges against her relating to embezzlement, theft, false accounting, obtaining land by false deception with money she stole from me, false statements, among many others. She will also pay the costs for pursuing the matter in court.


Text message from Annest – 21/12/2011 @ 17:51   “What you have done is sham full and it will help us. Thank you. Annest Namata”——————————————– She sent this SMS was after I reported her thefts and embezzlement to Police and she was called to report to kampala central police station.

She is very delusional and evil but she has the guts to claim that she is “saved”/”Born Again”. She is a born again THIEF. Whenever I would leave town, I would give her money and there was money on my account that she had access to as well but she still complained that I didn’t leave her with any money. The Massive Biggest mistake anyone can do is love and respect her because all she does is look out to take advantage of you, while she is looking for the next rich man, betray you and steal from you. She is a Gold Digging Slut.


 BEWARE, she will even steal your assets as you are trusting her and thinking she cannot steal from you. That is what I thought. I thought the better of her but I was VERY wrong to do that and I was so wrong to trust her at all with anything. Count your blessings and most important….. Cover your assets against her theft!

watch your money  I should have watched and controlled my money because Annest Namata is a THIEF.

Save your business DO NOT employ or partner with Annest Namata the serial thief in any business venture or responsibility. Your business cannot and will never succeed with Annest the thief like involved or working for you. NEVER.

money hungry thief

 DO NOT fall for her thieving/conning “business slut” tactics whereby she refers to herself as a Business woman, Founder, CEO, etc. She thinks titles are a big deal and she uses them to impress the naive. That is why she will do anything, manipulate people, talk bad about people behind their backs so that she can be in senior management at her full time job yet she is not good at her job apart from being good at stealing. Those are thieving tactics that she uses to act the part and make you think she is very successful. A real genuine person does not brag as to what they have or do in life. She claims she is a winner in all corners. What corners?? True, she is a winner in her Slut and thieving corners. She is a thief and she is being arrogant for stealing. Bragging/boasting is for small-minded, small reputation, deceitful thieves and wannabes like her. We’ll see where her thieving promiscuous ways will take her and what the end result will be.

216x108px-Tell-a-Friend-newShe is pushing her luck by thinking she is above the law with her villager arrogance. Extremely deranged and delusional.




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ANNEST NAMATA if you don’t want me and others to call you a thief then stop stealing.

ANNEST NAMATA is only good at two things, stealing money and sleeping around.

I have never understood why she dresses on credit only to undress for money.

Annest namata changing perceptions one deception at a time.

Now look at the pictures above, if you still believe her when she tells you that she doesn’t bleach her skin, that she is naturally that skin colour then I wonder. The other picture above is put there for comparison to annest namata.

You will realise you have grown and are intelligent when FAKE physical looks don’t rule your brain.

DON’T forget his annest namata stole money from my account and bought shares worth 42 million Uganda shillings. Her explanation when questioned was “I bought them for us”. What us? This thief thinks people are stupid as she is clever. Today she denies stealing. All thieves deny being thieves or stealing anything.

What those who think they know her ought to know is, being infertile doesn’t bother her, what matters to her is how much she means to men. The more men, the more she sees value in herself by selling her body, using her body to get money and eventually stealing from them.

Name a man that Annest namata has had an affair with and not stolen from. Name one.

You feed her, pay her bills, buy her a car after she has begged you, give her everything her parents couldn’t give her, this annest namaslut will still talk shit about you and then betray you after years of sleeping around with every Tom Dick and Harry . But hey some men like whores like her.

With her disgusting vile rotten character and arrogance, she has this vexing sense of entitlement.

She acts like a hired prostitute hired to fail people

Google search her, it will tell you a lot about her.

Don’t waste your time, patience and energy on this prostitute/thief called Annest namata.

Sadly people learn the hard way when the narcissist strikes and steals from them or hurts. I know one man who did not heed my advice here about Annest Namata . Today he regrets big time.

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“Curses are like chickens, they always come home to roost”. Meaning that your offensive actions, will rebound on you at some point.

The power of the pen or click enlightens. Annest namata thinks ignorance is knowledge. So she will do anything to keep you ignorant about her past, what she does behind your back, her misdeeds and her thieving.

She adopts lifestyles based on men’s money then she has the audacity to brag that it is her money she works hard.

Do not waste your time, money and energy thinking Annest namata is the woman. She will initially act like she could be. DO NOT BE FOOLED. She is a thief and very evil with evil long intentions.

You dare marry her, you will experience a headache and stressful life you have never experienced before.

Annest namata is a thief…a big one! Have you ever met someone who pretends to be religious and respect when in reality she is evil. That is annest namata.

If she can betray her skin, what makes you think she won’t betray you as well? She has rural-urban neurosis/excitement.

Do NOT give Annest namata access to your business digital electronic data. She will steal the data.

But don’t expect apologies from her only denial. Just wait to hear her talking about people being jealous of her. Jealous of what for what?

The working girls on Nile avenue kampala, have a lot more integrity than this thief/harlot.

I pity those who still believe in her and trust her.

In this picture above Annest was trying to copy the lady’s around Kigali town. I leave it to you to conclude who was more original, authentic and better. Compare with the pic below.

She is going to deny everything in this blog because she mastered the art of FAKE and USING people. She mastered the art of ACTING successful yet she carries herself around marketing herself like a commodity.

Don’t get it twisted, Annest Namata comes across as charming and believable as a “great person” because she knows exactly how to manipulate and fool people she wants to get something from. DON’T ALLOW YOURSELVES TO BE FOOLED. Use your brain and common sense. She is a con, a fraudster and a thief.

Her marketing strategy is CARE. She will pretend to care for you and your closest people . I will say it again DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS THIEF AND GOLD DIGGER.

First she will swoon you and win over with who she is NOT. Then she will repel and disgust you with who she actually is.

She does not respect her parents. So what makes you think she will respect you? WHAT?

After getting sexually transmitted money she brags that she is rich. What standards does she have?

After you have helped her and got her to a certain stage and when she is sleeping around with other men, she starts bragging and insulting you with statements like “You think you made me”, “I did everything myself” etc. This is all after kissing your backside to get what she wants from you and stealing from you.

Those are the kind of Pastors(above) she deals with and she stole my money claiming she is lending it to her pastor to buy land for the church. She did not tell me until I found money missing. He denied any knowledge of the money. They are both thieves.

This gold digger/de-toother is a sugar coated con artist. She acts like a product and products have expiry dates.

Watch out for this Judas Iscariot. Even Peter denied Jesus three times.


She is corrupt, a cheat and a thief.

She boasts that she is street smart. In otherwords she is not book smart but imaginary smart.

When you are in a relationship with her she expects you to help her whole family. From the father to all the 11 sisters and brothers. She believes sex is way of ripping off men of money. Even the father rings her all the time asking “has the Doctor given you money to give me. We need food and a good life etc”. Whenever her father rings her or visits her all they talk about is money nothing else.

So when she has conned you into a relationship she looks at you as God who has come to save the whole clan from abject poverty.

Never leave money like this in her possession or near her. She can say all she wants that she is trust worthy, that everybody trusts her, that money doesn’t mover her etc. That’s all lies. She will steal it or some of it and create a story like “someone came into the house when I was bathing or I left the door open and the house servant entered etc…Annest namata is a THIEF. #Fact

How can you trust someone who is an old woman who lies about her age?

In her pursuit of money and material things using her private parts, she will do anything in her perceived pursuit of holiness and claim she is both again and speak in tongues. very keen to show men her rear. I wonder if the rear taken the place of the face.

Take Note: Most of what she has now she got it after stealing money from me and from her former employers. She will pay for those thefts. I repeat, she will pay one way or another.

There is no room for thieves like Annest namata

She has a set of lawyers in kampala with offices on Parliament avenue in kampala town to be exact. These so called lawyers as they refer to themselves have never tried a case in court or even argued a motion in court. Yet she will want them to represent your business. That was enough to confirm to me that Annest namata is a thief.

Are you wondering if she found happiness simply because she is posting pictures on social media? People like Annest namata use social media to fool you into believing her life is gold.

Anyone like her who treats people with venom and contempt, is incapable of genuinely loving another human being. She is simply whoring herself.

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A man of God lays it bare as it is.

Her Pastor uses evil spirits to delude to delude his followers purporting it to biblical delivery. This is a business for him and he uses people like Annest namata for her contacts to the men she sleeps with and the money she steals from them.

Annest namata is the worst hypocrite you can ever come across. She is evil. She pretends in order to get things from people. She uses anyone for her own ends.

This thieving liar will keep you entangled in her web and you will be one of her many victims. You will think she’s true to you until one day you will find out you are with a community wife as she sleeps around with the community of married and unmarried men.

Narcissism is real, stay awake. I speak out because no one will ever embarrass me again or I cannot look on as thief Annest namata makes other people victims.

I expose all this stuff so that you can stop being fooled by Mrs ‘Community’ who now claims to be a business owner and a food consultant after fooling people that she was an events consultant.

“I am different”, “I am not like other women”, ” I am trustworthy” my foot.

Get out of that shitty disgusting pretentious relationship with Annest namata the deceitful thief and find someone who deserves you.

What are you doing with this thief/gold digga anyway? Lowering your standards for this thief who now claims to be a food consultant.

What is strange is that her love is always fake but her hate is very real.

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You will hear Annest Namata dictating and giving you commands and dictating in the relationship as if she is the best thing to happen to the world.

You will hear her saying “I cannot sleep in the same bed where the other woman your ex used to sleep , I cant use the same plates and utensils(she will in your absence throw them away or give them to her parents or sisters and brothers), I cannot have the same the same dining table, same settees, etc. What about his manhood? Why is she not refusing it too because it is the one thing that the ex used more than anything else. Annest namata will be quick to do anything with it.

I once invested my time in this thief unknowingly and believed her pretence and lies and I regret wasting 4.5 years of my life. I regret every minute of it. So you think you are special?

She is addicted to being shiny at men’s expense(Hope you understand what that means). Her shiny doesn’t last. Watch this space.

If you grew up in affluent areas like kololo, Nakasero and or Bugolobi or their equivalents today and went to the top schools for example for those who live or know Uganda, East Africa, do not waste your time with this evil thief called Annest namata. The whore of a thief is out to reap you off and steal money from you whilst using you to act as if she has class. She is just a chameleons village manipulating thief.

Her parents really made a big loss. Am sorry to say. How many men’s asses has the thief Annest Namata kissed in pursuit of money and material things? She is still doing it right now.

Watch her as she fakes a catwalking walking style to lure men. Watch her as she wears dresses and skirts with long slits or even see-through, watch as she takes her trousers even jeans to tailors for readjustments to make them tighter so that they can be skin tight to get men’s attention.

Prince Harry accepted a lady 3 years older than him, who is Annest namata to think she can berate anybody for their age. Annest is just an egoistic ghetto slut full of arrogance yet age has caught up with her but she thinks bleaching will cover it up.

Fix a small gadget to the car she drives including yours if you dare trust her with it. You will be very surprised to find out where she goes and the men she has affairs with. Don’t forget she will be quick to tell you they are OB’s and or just friends. Just friends my foot.

Watch how she wears open toe shoes to inappropriate places and the people she meets while wearing them. When there is money involved from a man, she will wear open toe shoes and show her cleavage and thighs. Watch her!

Have you noticed she likes bragging about her handbags being expensive? You dont know how she has got them. She will lie to you that she bought them with her own money.

Protect your phones and iPads from this thief. She will steal your personal information and use it against you. Do not trust her with your gadgets at all.

Remember she stole my late mothers Death Certificate and Bank card. By the way, when she managed to con a man recently to take her to the US, she went to my mums Bank to withdraw the money on the account. The Bank informed me. Annest thinks she’s a clever thief.

She gossips so much she can even end up telling you what you told her.

Who gives money to a slut private parts vendor to invest in her? Those are the lies she tells people that she knows business and that she was giving me money to invest. I was giving her and she was behind my back lying that she gives me money.This thing called Annest is a THIEF.

There was a saturday she asked me to take her to an office claiming she had a business meeting with someone. On getting there the security were surprised that she knew the man was in the office. They refused her entry. She had to ring him and message him. A series of private messaging ensued. I was then suspicious. She goes in as I waited in the car , little did I know this slut Annest namata was having sex with this man in his office. She came out after 2 hours. The disrespect, I was her fiancy at the time but here she was having sex with a man for money and she was fooling me that it is a business meeting to do with events. When i confronted her about it she was defensive and she stopped talking to me. Annest Namata is just a sewerage depot.

So is that what you want in your life? She is a heartless piece of shit

Annest doesn’t discard anyone for someone better. She discards people for other people who don’t know her bullshit.

Guess where this thief went for Christmas? She has already planned with different men.

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CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Just know that Annest namata has always wanted the title of CEO at all costs in order to brag. All she does is chase titles. She loves titles as she is very self entitled and uses them to con people and chase men who are successful. She is a FRAUD/CON/THIEF.

She is in the twilight of her thieving career. So don’t be fooled with her lies and claims that she has worked hard to this day.

Central to her scammer trade is her play on your emotions often greed or lust whichever takes her fancy. She looks for someone who is more susceptible especially if they need help doing something like looming for someone to manage something like an investment or business.

The thief Annest namata is quick to claim she is a CEO and is trusted by many people, she is successful etc. She will make all sorts of thieving claims and she does anything to dress the part to have you believe she is very successful but you don’t how many men she has asked for money and how many lady’s boutiques she has conned to get clothes and shoes on credit and she has not paid them, the men she has slept around with and gone on trips with to shop for her.

EVERYTHING she has that she claims she got through hard work is gotten with FRAUD MONEY. She is a thief.

She will claim she is hard working. She is just talented bra lifter, eyebrows, lipstick applied and body parts exposed.

Find out if you don’t know what the company she claims she owns called Leverage consultants(Rwanda)Ltd does, what it’s revenue and profits are.

She is just a self entitled imbecile.

The you will see what she will do and how she will act towards you. The slut in her is then clearly expressed and shown or exposed.

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Physical beauty in your eyes or as you perceive it has nothing to do with a good or happy marriage. If physical beauty has anything to contribute to a happy marriage why do most men with beautiful wives still cheat on their wives or abuse them? So if you see it as beauty, it is passing and later on you will realise how real evil ugly inside annest namata is.

I bet you she is pushing the man she has fooled into believing that she is wife material into doing an introduction aka customary marriage. Her aim is to get money through her father, get cows and to tie the man by calling herself Mrs. Her ultimate aim is to get access to half his assets and money. God saved me from this Gold digger/Thief.

If he is foolish enough to do that he is in a lot of trouble.

She has been and is still trying any style and herbs to trap the man by getting pregnant lol!.

She thought she would stay young for ever and over-rated her looks and body. Now the age has hit her, wrinkles have increased despite day and night wrinkle creams she uses and her options have dwindled.

She thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She skin bleaches herself with utterly disgusting filthy rotten manners. I’ve never met anyone with rotten manners like Annest namata.

There she was for years bragging to her friends and relatives how she can’t go with a divorced men who have children. Now what is she doing? She is eating her own vomit. And which woman is getting better privileges? Now she desperately wants children because her biological clock is ticking towards the sunset. All these years she’s been bragging that she’s young and sleeping around.

Time has run out, she is now very desperate to be married by any man. Having a husband is a very big achievement for her. Yet her thieving goes on.

Ask her father how he depends on mobile money from her courtesy of the men she sleeps around with that he(her father) calls Doctors. Why he calls them Doctors tells you a lot about the total lack of morals in that family right from their father.

If a prenuptial agreement is not on the cards, you can still keep your cash and assets secure.

Annest Namata is very thirsty for opportunity to steal money and assets that she drinks from every cup that is handed to her. Don’t wonder why her bleached skin is brighter than her future.

Annest namata is a social climber who will go with any man for status, material things and money.

Most men’s downfalls are caused by certain types of women. Sex is a spiritual encounter. Not every woman has a good spirit. Annest namata is very evil. She will block your blessings as she brags about it. Be very very careful.


What you ought to know is that Annest Namata can only get married if at all you can call it marriage for money and material things. Nothing else. She is an evil gold digger and will stop at nothing to get your money and assets. In any relationship, that is her aim and objective to get money and assets from men she sleeps around with.

Be very careful, she will steal your assets. She will even steal your business and claim that she started it and contributed more than you did. I’ve never met such an evil thing like Annest.

How can she explain her insatiable appetite for money? Is it greed, deficiency or an inborn habit? It’s obviously her inborn habit to steal.

As her village friend who was trying to threaten and intimidate me said “She steals in the name of love and religion all the while pretending to be what she is not”. She has very high manipulation tricks. She is a true reflection of the devil and will do ANYTHING and I repeat ANYTHING to get at your money and assets.

To Annest Namata her money is her money alone, his money is OUR money. And so thieving starts as she feeds him on sex.

Prenuptial agreements can be a great tool for protecting assets for married couples who ultimately end up divorcing. But what happens when you don’t have a


prenup? Or if you wanted one but your spouse refused to sign and you decided it wasn’t worth the aggravation? Can you still protect your assets? The answer, as is so often the case in law, is that it depends. Certain assets can absolutely be protected. Others not so much. Here is the list of ways you can protect (at least some of) your money and assets without a prenup if this Gold Digger has led you very quickly to the traditional marriage in the village (virrage as she calls it).

Beware: She has led many men to the village for the traditional introduction and wedding planning long before you. So don’t think you are special.

She puts her father under pressure to extract as much money as possible from you. Every time she does that, her aim was money and assets plus cows for her father.

She is only after your money and assets. She will NEVER EVER be happy with your success. However, she will make you think she wishes you the best.

1. Keep your own funds/money completely separate.

The word “commingling” is often synonymous with “lottery winnings” to one spouse; and “gambling losses” to the other. If you have an account that has funds in it that you either 1) owned prior to the marriage; or 2) received during the marriage as inheritance or a non-marital gift; and then mixed in your earnings from your pay, or joint funds from another bank account – then poof! The entire account becomes marital. Why? Because the courts consider money to be “fungible” meaning that once that marital dollar goes in, you can’t tell which dollar is coming back out. So Rule #1 – Keep your separate funds separate!

2. Keep your own real estate separate.(Never ever give her shares or any responsibility for it or believe her lies that everybody trusts her)-No sensible/respectable person with common sense can ever trust her with money or assets. NO ONE. Never ever trust a thief called Annest namata.

Many people own a home prior to getting married. Often times, especially if that home becomes the home for the married couple, the homeowner decides to throw

the other person’s name onto the deed. What harm could that be? Right? I mean what happens if the owner died – wouldn’t you want your spouse to have it? The answer is that once the non-owning spouse’s name is on that deed, even if it is removed again down the road, the result is that the court will presume that you have given half the value to that spouse as a gift. And yes, you can sit on the stand and testify that it was only done for “estate planning” purposes, but most times that kind of testimony just comes off as self-serving and falls flat.

So, you can always create a will or trust that leaves your property to your spouse. Rule #2 – do not put her name on the deed unless you are prepared to hand over half the value of it in a divorce. Annest namata will bash you with the same mouth she begged and licked you with.

3. Use nonmarital funds to maintain non-marital property.

Here’s where the waters get murkier. It is easy enough to decide to keep your own property in your own name. The rub comes when it comes to maintaining that property. This is where the couple is using their paychecks to pay the mortgage on that property, or to make renovations or improvements to that property. Now the court is going to be faced with trying to carve out which part of the value of the property might be marital and which part of the value has remained non-marital – a tedious and tortuous task. To keep it all clean, just use your funds from your premarital or inherited account to maintain your non-marital property, too.

4. Keep bank statements for retirement accounts issued at the date of marriage.

Unlike other accounts that maybe comingled, if you have retirement account assets at the date of marriage, and at the time of divorce, you can produce a statement that shows what you had in that account, then the court may let you carve off that amount and divide the rest. The challenge is finding those statements sometimes. Make sure you keep statements that show if the custodian changes.

5. Get a valuation of your business around the date of the marriage.

Also unlike bank accounts that are commingled, the court has the ability to potentially carve off the appreciated value of a non-marital business. So for example, if your business was worth $1 million on the date of your marriage and worth $2 million on the date of your divorce, your spouse would be entitled to the one half of the difference or $500,000. (Or you could have just had the spouse sign a prenuptial agreement that waived any and all appreciation — but assuming you didn’t, this is the next best option).

While a prenuptial agreement is the ideal way for specifying how assets are to be divided should there be a dissolution of marriage, all is not lost if there isn’t one. By following these five steps, you can still protect some, if not all, of your premarital or non-marital assets.

The financial effects of divorce can also have an impact on your credit. So both during and after your divorce, it’s important to keep an eye on your credit reports and credit scores to watch for inaccuracies or any other problems that need your attention.

To this woman Annest Namata, it’s all about money(Don’t let her fool you that she loves you genuinely) Her father raised her to think getting/stealing money and material things from men is normal. (Beware: She hardly talks about her mother for a reason.)

All prostitutes come with a price tag. Annest Namata is no different. She is a bought prostitute, who sells her conscience currently going for the highest bidder. While some sex workers are well liked for their styles, her main style is dictated by money and material things. Its amazing that when a man pays for her flight to somewhere, she will do anything for him even if she is in a relationship. Relationships for her are just cover for her prostitution life.

Does anyone ever complain when the neighbours hear screaming or loud moaning sounds from her in the night or early morning? No. They know that the bitch is just being a slut as she sells her conscience.

She is a bought bitch on heat that has to scream and moan for its pay and material things. Let the bitch moan, grant, groan as all her neighbours may have heard, all this is its faking propaganda for all the money and material things she is paid for her services.
She is faking loud moaning despite knowing she is waking the neighbours to hook you in so that she can get your trust, love and ultimately your money and material possessions. She knows most men’s weaknesses and uses that weakness.

If marriage cured lust, cheating wouldn’t be a problem. Lust is self seeking.

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Don’t deal with this thief called Annest namata who thinks money is everything because for the right price even if it is petty money or material things, she will cross you and betray you.

To understand the present and anticipate the future, one must know the past, enough to have a sense of the history of the person.

What does the Bible say about the love of money? Annest namata claims she is very religious and born again. Annest namata’s love of money is very extreme. So you can imagine how evil she is. She can and will do ANYTHING for money.

What is Annest namata going to do? Knowing her she will sneak the skin lightening products in from Uganda.

Everything about Annest Namata is about thieving, corruption, sex and kickbacks.

She loves sex and money from different men more than anything else. As a result of her excessive love of money, she gets bored easily of having one partner. That’s why she sleeps around a lot. Even now while she is Rwanda fooling a certain man that she is loyal and religious etc, she is busy sending men in Europe and the America messages and pictures of herself and telling them how she wants them.

In a new relationship, Annest namata acts as if she is not money crazy for at least the first 10 months. She then starts creeping on you as you are drunk in her pretentious fake love. It is not real love at all. She will do anything to make you believe she loves you when she wants material things from you and sees your assets and or connections.

She surrenders herself and her old used recycled body to anyone for money and the men get fooled that she loves them genuinely. As she says “my slot is paining...” that statement says a lot about her disgusting rotten manners.

Now that she managed to sleep around with a man who took her to Chicago for a few days, she brags as if she is a US citizen.

Beware – she is a thief and a con.

Some people wonder when I call her a thief because she comes across as religious to some, trustworthy to some, upright to some. Right? Use your common sense.

I will give a brief analogy of why I call her a thief;

After stealing from you, then she starts strutting her arrogance and saying “Did you make me? You think I can’t live without you? You think you are the only one the only man?, there are many men who want me,..etc”. Remember you have wasted your time and money on her and she has stolen from you..

Crime will eventually catch up with her.

You do not know the real Annest namata. You only know what she would like you to think and what she ACTS to be.

Well I will emphasise and repeat this Annest Namata is a THIEF.

She fools people into thinking that she is a born bourgoisie and has worked hard for what she has. Let me tell you now, she is a thief and part of what she has she stole it from me. She also stole from the last she worked for because she fooled them into trusting her.

Her rhetoric never ever matches her reality. She has no shame.

The effects of bleaching affect her brain. Apart from from bleaching, she has to groom her eye brows weekly.

If anyone wants to challenge me about calling her a thief come forward. I am not a lawyer but I know the law and what it entails. By the time you choose to call someone a thief you have clear outstanding evidence that they are a thief. So I will continue exposing her thieving so that no one falls victim again.

Her eyes are always and assets on your money and how she can steal them.

Anyway she stole from me, so I know and I have the evidence and witnesses. I reported her to the Police Commercial Crimes tribunal and they still have the records in case anyone is doubting.

The sad truth is whatever you do in life comes back to you. No thief lives a luxurious life forever. Most of the corrupt people end up miserable.

This arrogant thief Annest namata will learn the hard way.

Peasantry mentality can be a terrible handicap.

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