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Screenshot_2016-05-01-11-12-04-1 You will not know it but Annest Namata will be stealing from you, all the while convincing you how you can trust her and acting like she is the most trustworthy and most genuine person in the world. You might think she can never steal from you. I thought the same and trusted her 100%. She is the Worst mistake of my life. You may ask; “Why would she want to steal from me?” You can ask that again. Don’t live to regret your time wasted, money and investments stolen plus destruction of your business.images

 In her thieving mind, she thinks you are clearly making big bucks, driving around in expensive cars and she wants to get rich quick off your buck by stealing from you and drive an expensive car and brag but all at your expense. She thinks she has every right to steal from you. And you will probably not notice. She has got some tricks up her sleeve to steal from you even if it means doing it in collusion with a vendor(s) or with the people closest to you. She did that to me, she has done it to other men prior to meeting me. She will do it to you and she is doing it right now. She can never change. Truth be told, December 2014 she was caught with forged fake receipts. So what makes you think she is divine? She honours God with words but her actions are extremely evil and very very deceitful.

 As she tweeted on 24th October 2015, “the greatest revenge is massive success”. Her only talk is money and She will only achieve this by stealing as she does to-date i.e. she steals from her employers, so-called friends, several other people she fools that she knows business and bragging on people who do not know her thieving deceitful ways. She cannot brag about massive success to me when she stole a lot of money and personal items from me and I know she has stolen from many others since. She is a THIEF by nature and character but uses religion and manipulation to cover up. Sadly, her father encourages her thieving ways because all he is after is money. Whenever he calls her, all he talks about is money he demands from her nothing more. Next he asks her if she has got a man with money.So her background and upbringing are rotten to the core.


1. She may collude with a fellow employeeDO NOT LET HER HANDLE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR ACCOUNT IN THE BANK
She will try her best to find and befriend someone who has authority to approve expenses. As manipulative as she is, she makes sure she creates good relations with someone or people in finance departments in any company she has dealings with and manipulates them with promises of sharing the loot. SHE DOES THIS EVERY TIME. For example, my business was providing a service to a multi-national company, Annest Namata befriended employees in the pay/finance department. She conspired with them to make it appear like the company was paying me less for my services. So they paid less than the value and she was paid the difference. At a later stage when I found out she was stealing from me, she colluded with them to pay for my company services to her fake formed company Bank account that she called Appo Ltd. That is her ticket to thieving. She will also create a fake supplier/vendor — a little shell company equally owned by both of them (her and the finance staff or someone with authority to sign off expenses etc). Then they’ll fabricate a few invoices and write cheques to that company and split the money — your money.

2. She makes nice with a Vendor(s) – She does this all the timekickbacks

When she’s got buying privileges or an arrangement, then she offers to steer more purchases/orders to a certain Vendor she has made arrangements with — in exchange for  Cash kickbacks. The Vendor charges a lot more (She tells them “Who’s going to know?”; “How will they know?“) and then they share the additional amount with Annest hidden costsNamata. She does this all the time. So when she brags that she has money, know one of the ways she steals it from your business. That is why she always tries her best to be in Procurement. She goes around town telling her friends how she is expecting a lot of money. This is one of the ways she steals money. She will advertise your company with her phone number as if she owns the company. If you don’t like it she will do her best to convince you that she is working hard to get business and so needs to use her personal number. Believe her nonsense at your peril.

3. She selflessly undertakes more “duties” (Don’t be fooled)

nr If she has access to a financial position in your company, she may offer to do more work such as invoicing, liaising with customers, cash collection, especially depositing money and even the Bank reconciliations, if you let her get away with that too. She will try to convince you that segregating these duties will cost you more and be a waste of time or that you can trust her. Then she will go to town, create fake transactions, record them, take the cash and then delete the whole trail without anyone everyou can trust NOT knowing. Another way is she will keep the most lucrative part of the project to herself so that she can siphon off money in collusion with a Vendor. She will tell you not to change anything about that project. She will attend meetings on her own and will not inform other people concerned all the details. She does this to have control of the money that she will steal. She did it to me in my own company. So I am very sure she does the same in her full time job and anything else. All the while she is telling you “you can trust me” and “I have many years experience in events management”, etc. 

4. She may start early and stay later than others – which she has always done under the pretext of being a hard working personfirst_in_last_out

DON’T BE FOOLED. After everyone has gone home and the building has cleared, she can take a little walk around. She will do what suits heroffi hours

because she is not being watched at all. The question you should ask yourself is why has she always stayed late to a point of working weekends too. Once in a while is okay but not always. Why does she choose to do the vital parts of projects especially money or customer related on her own or the most lucrative projects? She will even attend customer meetings on her own and tell you her manager or her colleagues after the meeting. She wants to be in control of the monetary part of the project or event. Open your eyes to her thieving tricks.

5. She may grab a few cheques

cheque book

cheque book

Despite the new age of more secure online Banking, you may still want to control your cheque signing. The cheques are not locked up and no one is keeping a close eye on them because you believe she is very trustworthy. She can take a few from the middle of the pile and she may have become good at forging your signature too. So she’ll open up Bank accounts or Shell companies in similar names to your Vendors or Contractors or just make a Cheque out to cash. If she is also doing the Bank reconciliations, no one will ever know. She did this to my company and by the time I found out she had stolen a lot of my money. I later found out that she had been doing the same thing in her full time job.

6. She may not take annual leave or take it on time booked:Leave postponed

She will deceitfully demonstrate what a hard worker she is by never taking time off or take it when it suits her thieving plan. She’ll insist to you that she doesn’t need it, that her work is her joy – BaloneyDon’t believe her nonsense.  And don’t think she’s overly dedicated to your business. If she never takes vacation then her activities can go unnoticed by the substitute person who has to do her duties while she is away. No one will need to ask questions or wonder why certain things are being done in a strange way. She doesn’t want anyone to know that. She is a thief covering her tracks.

7. She sets up fake Vendor/supplier accounts.billing statement

A thieving employee like Annest Namata and even if she is a slutty partner in your business will set up a fake vendor account and submit phony invoices to the company and issue checks to this vendor. She did this in my company and am sure she has done it many times in her full time job. She will then deposit these cheques into a bank account or sign over these cheques to herself. Solution: Purchase orders need to be tracked in numerical order. Separate out the responsibilities of who can set up a vendor account, who verifies invoices and who writes checks. Know who your vendors are. An Embezzler like her often creates phony vendors and submits fraudulent invoices for payment.

8. She Falsifies and over Inflates expense accounts all the time.fraud-series-receipts

This is probably the most common form of theft that she has always done. She submits either phony expenses or the same expense receipts multiple times. She purchases an item for its actual cost (say, $30) but it shows up on an expense report for a much higher amount (say, $150). It’s done by altering a receipt, invoice, or other document. So instead of being reimbursed by the company for $30, she actually makes $120 on the transaction thanks to the altered document (after the original cost of $30 of course). Reminds me of when she lied that “cable-ties” she bought for use in my company cost 1Million shillings then I found out they cost as little 50,000 shillings Solution: Insist upon a receipt for each expense and ensure it has not been submitted before. However be aware that she can collude with the company that issues the receipt to make/issue a made up receipt which she has done many a time. She should not have anything to do with your money because she is a thief.

WHENEVER she offers to do something for you ALWAYS question her generosity. She’s up to gaining from you by stealing fromhidden_charges

you. But she will give you the impression that she is being a nice wonderful person who wants to help you and see you prosper. ALL SHE WANTS IS TO GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO STEAL FROM YOU. TO HER IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY. There is absolutely nothing she did genuinely for me throughout the 4.5 years we were together. NOTHING AT ALL.

This list is not exhaustive. Be on your guard all the time for her thieving ways as she fools and lies to you that she is genuine and religious. She is the worst most dangerous evil hypocrite I have ever known or met.

WEKNOWWHATYOUAREABOUT She thinks she deserves more than anyone else because she thinks she is very special. She thinks it’s perfectly fine to steal from you. She thinks no one will notice. If anyone like her colleagues notice what she is doing i.e. her thefts, she will hate that person and start bad mouthing him/her in her absence but smile in their presence. From there on they will be her enemy. I found out she was telling a stranger online that I live a good life and she doesn’t YET I gave Annest Namata everything anyone can ever want and trusted her with everything of mine. So she justified stealing from me. She was living a free good life. Have you noticed Annest Namata’s vile thieving behaviours? Will you take note and action?

 Despite her deceit and thieving up to this day, she has the audacity to quote “…I am in love with Jesus”; “I claimed God’s promise and I’m going forward, even though I cannot see the way ahead.” #EvilHypocrite; #Thief; #GoldDigger.

 TAKE NOTE:- She uses religion(i.e. born again claims) to give you a sense of false righteousness so that you can trust her.

If you believe her false pretentious religious doings and quotations, do so at your own grave peril. I once fell in her pretentious deceitful traps. #Thief. She is the BIGGEST and WORST mistake of my life.

Point is, we can all benefit from opportunities to sharpen the saw and minimise narcissistic thieving gold diggers of her kind who come disguising themselves as religious, loving and trustworthy. She is a vile time-wasting opportunist who offers herself to any so-called rich man for company due to her excessive love of money and material things.


However, you can always earn more money. Money can be recouped. But when time is wasted, it cannot be recouped, it’s gone forever. We don’t consider how precious time is until we are older and we realise our time is running out. So invest your time wisely with a sense of purpose not on this thieving promiscuous gold digger and wannabe. She THINKS she is growing younger because she bleaches her skin and uses wrinkle creams and thinks she is entitled to use you and steal from you.

If these are lies as she claims to those who have time to believe her lies and delusions of grandeur, she can sue me. I am suing her for theft, embezzlement, theft from my company and destruction of my company, etc a plethora of crimes. She has bragged to her friends that nothing can happen to her because she can bribe in court and knows people in high places. A villager is always delusional. She thinks a crime expires. A CRIME WILL NEVER EXPIRE. I can and will even sue her in Europe for stealing and other crimes she committed. She cannot bribe in Europe if she ever steps there.




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