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This video is an example of how Annest Namata started stealing at a young age. She has grown stealing all her life.

This explains clearly why every time and I repeat every time I gave her money to pay for anything, she would some. Even it was money for any bills she would steal some of it and pay when the money is short but not tell the person that it’s not the correct amount.

When the person the money and found it short, Annest would act like she is sure it was the right amount and claim that the person stole some of it.

So I was constantly fighting those battles, little did I know I was dealing with a real thief.

So she can fool you in any way she wants e.g. by pretending to be religious, claiming to have integrity, fooling that you can trust her, claiming she’s a very successful business person, etc.

The fact of the matter is Annest Namata is a thief and will always be a thief.

Never think that you have Annest on lock. There is always always someone who has a spare key to her. She gives them the spare keys. Period!

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Annest Namata now tells some people that she’s married while playing single around others. She’s a delusional prostitute.

She will waste your time for years if you let her. Literally.

She has time to waste for what she will get from you.

All the while, she’s sleeping around as a side slut.

Marrying from a poor family who are thieves like Annest Namata is like committing suicide. She will always steal from you and sleep around with all sorts of men to brag in the itojo village that she has money.

But wait a minute, how do you get attracted to someone from such a family? She Annest Namata fools you that she is hard working, born again and loyal. Don’t be foolish and gullible to believe her trashy mouth.

However, to Annest, marriage is a very BIG life achievement. According to her thinking, she will be termed a failure if she doesn’t achieve it. Thus the faking and lies to her audience that she’s married.

That explains why as soon as she has sex with a man who has money and assets, she immediately starts pushing him to marry her. Then she starts pushing to have children with her.

The aim behind it also is to get to his money and assets.

Never compromise for the sake of this thief Annest Namata.

Annest Namata the Thief:

She is never yours

Who in their right mind would marry this deceitful slut and thief called Annest namata?

You can go to the moon and back for her and yet she will have the audacity to say she didn’t ask you to.


Annest Namata is timing your property and any assets you may have. Beware of this gold diggers intentions as she pretends to be miss perfect very far from it.

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Watch the video. Strange enough she then pretends to be ‘born again’, pretends to be very religious and at the same time brags that she has money.

Annest Namata is a THIEF.

Become your own forensic accountant because you are dealing with a THIEF called Annest Namata.

She loves luxury for free. With love for free luxury cones greed and betrayal. That is why she is very deceitful and a Judas.

She has reached a point of no return in trying to satisfy her personal greed.

She crammed her way through school, slept around with the teachers and lecturers to be passed on to the next class and course. That is why she continues to do it now because that is what she knows.

Trying to correct her is like correcting a goat.

You ought to know that her thieving has matured now with her age and her looks fading comes a desperation.

Is it just me or does anyone hate an arrogant thief?

Bottom line is you would be insane to trust this thief called Annest Namata.

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“YOU ARE JEALOUS OF ME” says Annest Namata the THIEF

Bitch please!!! Me, jealous of you Annest the thief?

Of what relevance you as Annest Namata the thief, are you to me?

Sadly, annest namata always THINKS everyone is jealous of her.

She can dream on.

She says her sisters and brothers are jealous of her, she says her many men she sleeps around with are jealous of her, she says her employers are jealous of her, she says her ex’s of which they are many are jealous of her, she says the man who gives her everything is jealous of her, she says her neighbours are jealous of her, she says her nephews and nieces are jealous of her, she says people who don’t even know her are jealous of her. How stuck up can one be?


Annest, no one gives a damn who you think you are, or who you are sleeping around with in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Where you are hiding now in Rwanda after stealing from people in Uganda, most of the women look so much better than you to be jealous of you. But surprisingly she sti says that she is more beautiful than all the women in Rwanda. So why is she insecure about her looks? Besides that she doesn’t realise she has grown old.

Is she his only one and only? Anyway, Lol! Got to laugh.

She loves men for what they have and what they are NOT for love.

She says that she wants a very rich man from a rich famous family who can worship her as a God and kiss her feet. She says and thinks she looks like a goddess. Her delusional behaviour will never cease to amaze.

Annest Namata the Thief and Gold Digger, this below is exactly how she thinks and does.

Credit: Nairobi gossip club

Annest will learn you just to hurt you. There is nothing she can add to your life. Absolutely nothing.

That is why this thief Annest Namata is in Rwanda where no one knows her past and where she comes from. She tells them lies how she paid her tuition fees how she worked hard how she started businesses etc. It all lies. She is a whore and a thief.

So if she is beautiful as she claims, why was she fighting over a man? Then she lied that she got a motorbike taxi accident.

The life Annest Namata went through as a child and adult should have humbled her. Instead she is arrogant, a thief, a user, a prostitute.

She went through stinking poverty and destitution, yet she is there bragging how she is a rich. What is her definition of rich?

She blames her hard life on her father but she hates her mother as she told me.

She doesn’t have any hope of pity, remorse, consciousness, no genuine honest feelings and emotion or regret.

Her heart is awash with a lot of evil hate but she is busy fooling people that she is very religious and born again.

So don’t wonder how she is elliciting illegal money for wealth so that she can brag that she has money.

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She fooled him, acted nice, kissing his ass and doing anything to please him so that he can introduce her to his parents. What she is after is his influence, his money and his assets. Sadly, he thinks she loves him. Annest Namata will do anything to make the man and men think she is a good woman.

The truth is she is a whore and a THIEF.

You better listen to advice from those who have dealt with her. She DOES NOT love anyone. She is too selfish and evil to love anyone.

She has her head too too stuck up her own arse, she needs a tow truck to drag it out.

She can never change. So stop thinking you are very special and invincible.

Annest namata to love you? Really? Get a reality check.

Getting married so that she can get access to your assets after divorcing or after your death is a VERY BIG accomplishment for Annest namata. So don’t feel proud that she wants you to marry her. It is not for the right reasons. You are dealing an evil whore.

Sex and love are not on the same page even in the dictionary.

People can abandon their gold mines for sex with whores like Annest namata.

This is a woman who drove my car at night 10pm from the Uganda capital Kampala to Mbale town to have sex with a married man. Then she had the audacity to tell me that it was business she was going for.

She’s a cheap thieving whore.

90% of women cannot have sex without feelings. Annest namata is in the 10%.

Sex makes her ACT as if she’s in love with you. It’s not love. It’s lust.

What she sees in you is how can I get his life, how can I get to his money, how can I get to his assets.

Sex is not an act of commitment.

She can leave you on the bed and think of the next man to sleep with. The satisfaction that comes from sex to Annest namata dies in minutes.

She is a prostitute in the sense that any man that comes her way for a relationship must show signs of money and she responds to him.

She sells her soul to sex and money plus material things.

She prides herself on what she wears, what hotels she goes to, what car she drives. Those are her biggest achievements.

If you think you are so special and so invincible, we’ll see.

My advice to men; Never allow your erection to destroy your future. All that glitters is not gold. Even salt looks like sugar.

Look out for your future and start today.

Don’t lower your standards for this delusional, attention seeking, excessively arrogant liar and thief called Annest namata.

DON’T put your key to your happiness in this evil woman Annest namata’s hands.

I don’t give a damn that you don’t like me for telling the truth about your deceitful thieving life. The last I checked the way to heaven was not through your stolen yard.

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Annest Namata sexualises herself. She makes men see the value in her by the way she looks and dresses. That is why she will expose her feet, her bossom, wearing tight clothes, have clothes adjusted to fit her tight to get men’s attention. Most of all, you will see her exposing her bleached thighs to men especially in social circles or if she has a meeting with them.

Surprisingly Annest Namata thinks she can just grab another woman’s husband and flaunt him openly as she brags he is my husband yet there was never any marriage, even before he has divorced his wife or even separated and she thinks it will last the test of time. But anyway she is in it for the money.

Watch how she sits, and stands next to her target(s) so that she can his/their attention.

She sends men sexualized naked pictures to get into quick relationships with them for material things and money.

She sucks men in that way to get them sucked in. If the man has a business she starts taking over his business activities as she claims that she knows business. She takes this control by specialising herself to the men. By this I mean by being a whore literally and claiming that she’s hard working. She’s fooling you.

Her next move is to try and take control of the family. Firstly by trying to be overly nice, helpful etc to the family. But her aim is to know their weaknesses so that she can isolate the man to have control over him.

I know right now she is trying to take control of a certain man’s life, material things, business and make his family think she is the best by her pretence but in reality she is EVIL. I repeat that thing is EVIL.

Her aim is to separate the man from his children, take control of his life, his business, his assets, sign over property by making him fear of losing her.

This is what Annest wants money money money. There you are thinking she’s the best thing that ever happened. Use your common sense for once.

What is the difference between Annest Namata and a street prostitute? None.

She uses her sexuality flaunting herself to get control of the man. The way She dresses, walks, exposes her body. She objectifies herself for her benefit.

She is a predator.

She uses sex as a weapon every time. She brags that her body and her career are the most important. What career by the way? Maybe a thieving and conning career.

She is very very shady and the most evil person I’ve ever met.

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She wears makeup, covers herself with pretty tightly adjusted clothes bought by men, pretends she is nice. Inside she is very dark and dirty and very evil.

She is the most arrogant slut I have ever known. She has her head stuck up her arse so deep, she needs a tow truck to drag it out.

So if she tricked you into believing she is this impeccable amazing woman, start using your brain and common sense. You may see what everyone else has seen apart from you.

She does not discard you for someone better. She discards you for someone who cannot see her bullshit and her thieving and promiscuous habits.

Never trust a villager who has stolen money, claims to be a business woman and thinks she’s very beautiful because she has an iPhone bought for her by a man.

This is to show this whore gold digger Annest Namata who thinks Mercedes Benz cars are a status symbol, that in modern countries, these cars are used as Taxis.

She is a lover of free luxuries and she lure you and do anything to get at it. That is why she is a thief.

She conned and done all types of nonsense to men for her excessive love of money. She is now bragging in Rwanda because people there don’t know the real her.

The world needs to know and be careful about these dangerous personalities. The money Annest has is stolen and she is trying to act clean and honest.

She says legit people are stupid and she’s clever. She even used to call her employers stupid. These were people paying her and trusting her but it didn’t stop her from stealing from them either.

If you want to make it, stay away from this gold digger who claims to have expensive taste and is self entitled.

She is very corrupt and influence peddler, a schemer, conspirator, an unethical person and totally an totally unqualified to claim she can be an expert of anything as she claims.

Now what will Annest Namata do in order to keep bleaching. I guess she will crossing over to Congo and Uganda.

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