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Physical beauty in your eyes or as you perceive has nothing to do with a good or happy marriage. If physical beauty has anything to contribute to a happy marriage why do most men with beautiful wives still cheat on their wives or abuse them physically or mentally? So if you see it as beauty, it is passing and later on you will realise how real evil ugly inside annest namata is.

I bet you she is pushing a man she has fooled into believing that she is wife material into doing an introduction aka customary marriage. Her aim is to get money through her father, get cows and to ties the man by calling herself Mrs. Her ultimate aim is to get access to half his assets and money.

If he is foolish enough to do that he is in a lot of trouble.

She has been and is still trying any style and herbs to trap the man by getting pregnant lol!.

She thought she would stay young for ever and over-rated her looks and body. Now the age has hit her, wrinkles have increased despite day and night wrinkle creams she uses and her options have dwindled.

She thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She skin bleaches herself with utterly disgusting filthy rotten manners. I’ve never met anyone with rotten manners like Annest namata.

There she was for years bragging to her friends and relatives how she can’t go with a divorceed men who have children. Now what is she doing? She is eating her own vomit. And which woman is getting better priviledges? Now she desperately wants children because her biological clock is ticking towards the sunset. All these years she’s been bragging that she’s young and sleeping around.

Time has run out, she is now very desperate to be married by any man. Having a husband is a very big achievement for her. Yet her thieving goes on.

Ask her father how he depends on mobile from her courtesy of the men she sleeps around with that he calls Doctors.

If a prenuptial agreement is not on the cards, you can still keep your cash and assets secure.

Annest Namata is very thirsty for opportunity to steal money and assets that she drinks from every cup that is handed to her. Don’t wonder why her bleached skin is brighter than her future.

Annest namata is a social climber who will go with any man for status, material things and money.

Most men’s downfalls are caused by certain types of women. Sex is a spiritual encounter. Not every woman has a good spirit. Annest namata is very evil. She will block your blessings as she brags about it. Be very very careful.


What you ought to know is that Annest Namata can only get married if at all you can call it marriage for money and material things. Nothing else. She is an evil gold digger and will stop at nothing to get your money and assets. In any relationship, that is her aim and objective to get money and assets from men she sleeps around with.

Be very careful, she will steal your assets. She will even steal your business and claim that she started it and contributed more than you did. I’ve never met such an evil thing like Annest.

How can she explain her insatiable appetite for money? Is it greed, deficiency or an inborn habit? It’s obviously her inborn habit to steal.

As her village friend who was trying to threaten and intimidate me said “She steals in the name of love and religion all the while pretending to be what she is not”. She has very high manipulation tricks. She is a true reflection of the devil and will do ANYTHING and I repeat ANYTHING to get at your money and assets.

To Annest Namata her money is her money alone, his money is OUR money. And so thieving starts as she feeds him on sex.

Prenuptial agreements can be a great tool for protecting assets for married couples who ultimately end up divorcing. But what happens when you don’t have a


prenup? Or if you wanted one but your spouse refused to sign and you decided it wasn’t worth the aggravation? Can you still protect your assets? The answer, as is so often the case in law, is that it depends. Certain assets can absolutely be protected. Others not so much. Here is the list of ways you can protect (at least some of) your money and assets without a prenup if this Gold Digger has led you very quickly to the traditional marriage in the village (virrage as she calls it).

Beware: She has led many men to the village for the traditional introduction and wedding planning long before you. So don’t think you are special.

She puts her father under pressure to extract as much money as possible from you. Every time she did that, her aim was money and assets plus cows for her father.

She is only after your money and assets. She will NEVER EVER be happy with your success. However, she will make you think she wishes you the best.

1. Keep your own funds/money completely separate.

The word “commingling” is often synonymous with “lottery winnings” to one spouse; and “gambling losses” to the other. If you have an account that has funds in it that you either 1) owned prior to the marriage; or 2) received during the marriage as inheritance or a non-marital gift; and then mixed in your earnings from your pay, or joint funds from another bank account – then poof! The entire account becomes marital. Why? Because the courts consider money to be “fungible” meaning that once that marital dollar goes in, you can’t tell which dollar is coming back out. So Rule #1 – Keep your separate funds separate!

2. Keep your own real estate separate.(Never ever give her shares or any responsibility for it or believe her lies that everybody trusts her)-No sensible/respectable person with common sense can ever trust her with money or assets. NO ONE. Never ever trust a thief called Annest namata.

Many people own a home prior to getting married. Often times, especially if that home becomes the home for the married couple, the homeowner decides to throw

the other person’s name onto the deed. What harm could that be? Right? I mean what happens if the owner died – wouldn’t you want your spouse to have it? The answer is that once the non-owning spouse’s name is on that deed, even if it is removed again down the road, the result is that the court will presume that you have given half the value to that spouse as a gift. And yes, you can sit on the stand and testify that it was only done for “estate planning” purposes, but most times that kind of testimony just comes off as self-serving and falls flat.

So, you can always create a will or trust that leaves your property to your spouse. Rule #2 – do not put her name on the deed unless you are prepared to hand over half the value of it in a divorce. Annest namata will bash you with the same mouth she begged and licked you with.

3. Use nonmarital funds to maintain non-marital property.

Here’s where the waters get murkier. It is easy enough to decide to keep your own property in your own name. The rub comes when it comes to maintaining that property. This is where the couple is using their paychecks to pay the mortgage on that property, or to make renovations or improvements to that property. Now the court is going to be faced with trying to carve out which part of the value of the property might be marital and which part of the value has remained non-marital – a tedious and tortuous task. To keep it all clean, just use your funds from your premarital or inherited account to maintain your non-marital property, too.

4. Keep bank statements for retirement accounts issued at the date of marriage.

Unlike other accounts that maybe comingled, if you have retirement account assets at the date of marriage, and at the time of divorce, you can produce a statement that shows what you had in that account, then the court may let you carve off that amount and divide the rest. The challenge is finding those statements sometimes. Make sure you keep statements that show if the custodian changes.

5. Get a valuation of your business around the date of the marriage.

Also unlike bank accounts that are commingled, the court has the ability to potentially carve off the appreciated value of a non-marital business. So for example, if your business was worth $1 million on the date of your marriage and worth $2 million on the date of your divorce, your spouse would be entitled to the one half of the difference or $500,000. (Or you could have just had the spouse sign a prenuptial agreement that waived any and all appreciation — but assuming you didn’t, this is the next best option).

While a prenuptial agreement is the ideal way for specifying how assets are to be divided should there be a dissolution of marriage, all is not lost if there isn’t one. By following these five steps, you can still protect some, if not all, of your premarital or non-marital assets.

The financial effects of divorce can also have an impact on your credit. So both during and after your divorce, it’s important to keep an eye on your credit reports and credit scores to watch for inaccuracies or any other problems that need your attention.

To this woman Annest Namata, it’s all about money(Don’t let her fool you that she loves you genuinely) Her father raised her to think getting/stealing money and material things from men is normal. (Beware: She hardly talks about her mother for a reason.)

All prostitutes come with a price tag. Annest Namata is no different. She is a bought prostitute, who sells her conscience currently going for the highest bidder. While some sex workers are well liked for their styles, her main style is dictated by money and material things. Its amazing that when a man pays for her flight to somewhere, she will do anything for him even if she is in a relationship. Relationships for her are just cover for her prostitution life.

Does anyone ever complain when the neighbours hear screaming or loud moaning sounds from her in the night or early morning? No. They know that the bitch is just being a slut as she sells her conscience.

She is a bought bitch on heat that has to scream and moan for its pay and material things. Let the bitch moan, grant, groan as all her neighbours may have heard, all this is its faking propaganda for all the money and material things she is paid for her services.
She is faking loud moaning despite knowing she is waking the neighbours to hook you in so that she can get your trust, love and ultimately your money and material possessions. She knows most men’s weaknesses and uses that weakness.

If marriage cured lust, cheating wouldn’t be a problem. Lust is self seeking.

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To understand the present and anticipate the future, one must know the past, enough to have a sense of the history of the person.

What does the Bible say about the love of money? Annest namata claims she is very religious and born again. Annest namata’s love of money is very extreme. So you can imagine how evil she is. She can and will do ANYTHING for money.

Everything about Annest Namata is about thieving, corruption, sex and kickbacks.

She loves sex and money from different men more than anything else. As a result of her excessive love of money, she gets bored easily of having one partner. That’s why she sleeps around a lot.

In a new relationship, she acts as if she is not money crazy for at least the first 10 months. She then starts creeping on you as you are drunk in her pretentious fake love.

She surrenders herself and her old used body to anyone for money and the men get fooled that she loves them genuinely. As she says “my slot is paining…” that statement says a lot about her disgusting rotten morals.

Now that she managed to sleep around with a man who took her to Chicago for a few days, she brags as if she is a US citizen. Beware- she is a thief and a con.

Some people wonder when I call her a thief because she comes across as religious to some, trustworthy to some, upright to some. Right? Use your common sense.

I will give a brief analogy of why I call her a thief;

After stealing from you, then she starts strutting her arrogance and saying “Did you make me? You think I can’t live without you? You think you are the only one the only man?, there are many men who want me,..etc”. Remember you have wasted your time and money on her and she has stolen from you..

Crime will eventually catch up with her.

You do not know the real Annest namata. You only know what she would like you to think and what she ACTS to be.

Well I will emphasise and repeat this Annest Namata is a THIEF.

She fools people into thinking that she is a born bourgoisie and has worked hard for what she has. Let me tell you now, she is a thief and part of what she has she stole it from me. She also stole from the last she worked for because she fooled them into trusting her.

Her rhetoric never ever matches her reality. She has no shame.

The effects of bleaching affect her brain. Apart from from bleaching, she has to groom her eye brows weekly.

If anyone wants to challenge me about calling her a thief come forward. I am not a lawyer but I know the law and what it entails. By the time you choose to call someone a thief you have clear outstanding evidence that they are a thief. So I will continue exposing her thieving so that no one falls victim again.

Her eyes are always on your money and how she can steal it.

Anyway she stole from me, so I know and I have the evidence and witnesses. I reported her to Police Commercial Crimes tribunal.

The sad truth is whatever you do in life comes back to you. No thief lives a luxurious life for ever. Most of the corrupt people end up miserable.

This arrogant thief Annest namata will learn the hard way.

Peasantry mentality can be a terrible handicap.

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This is what Annest Namata does when she visits your home.

She did this in my house with her dirty crusty feet yet I didn’t even know her or know anything about her. Don’t you think it is disrespectful especially the fact that I didn’t know her?

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Annest Namata may brag to those who don’t know her age or her background.

The reality is she puts on an act as she brags and fools those who have no idea what she is about.

How old is Annest namata?

At 38 going onto 39(in real life much older), she’s well into early grandmotherhood by certain standards.

She has been sleeping around with every Tom, Dick and Harry and stealing from men. All the while bragging that she is very young.


You now know Annest Namata’s true personality and trademark.

Annest namata uses and steals from men. So don’t let her fool you that she is honest or trusted by everyone. That is all foolery to her “victims”.

I helped Annest when no one gave a shit but she still betrayed me and stole from me. She is evil, very evil.

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This message in the video above goes mainly to the thief Annest Namata who thinks after getting material things from men like iPhones, iPad, or being paid for to fly on a plane she thinks they are such a big deal.

Annest Namata is a shameless woman. She will rob you dry and make up a story accusing someone else.

A thieving woman like Annest Namata can ruin you. All she thinks about is getting an already made man. She is never satisified. After getting you, she will be onto the next one and she will be sleeping around with 2 or 4 others on the side and getting money from them.

I pity men who fall for her despite knowing the truth.

If she is denying all this, let her take a lifestyle audit which will identify every detail of the money and material things she has stolen from different people.

Annest Namata is a thieving opportunist.

I will expose her hypocrisy, deceit and evil conduct.

We need a website that exposes fraudsters and thieves like Annest Namata. She pretends she is honest, pretends she has worked hard for the money she has, she pretends she is a christian, she pretends she is a born again christian etc. But the truth is she is a narcissistic thief.

Pretends to have class when she is a liar, a con, a gold digger, a thief.

She is a very deceitful liar and very vindictive. So always have your facts and proof. This evil liar can shock you at how she can change from a pretentious wannabe Christian to an evil killer.

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Money can make a monkey look like a human but money cannot make a monkey behave like a human.

Annest will NEVER EVER change. She will take that man’s money for a number until she hooks anothet man with money and also take his money and material things. She has nothing to offer but her body. Period.

She has built based on conning men using her bosy and stealing from them. She is a whore. Period.

So if you ignore her vile character because she has played all the monkey tricks on you, just know you will deal with her evil character.

Character is like a tea bag, it reveals itself in hot water.

What money does she have that she is bragging about? How much is she worth? What is her richness ranking in Uganda and Rwanda despite stealing and running away? All she thinks is what to steal from a man and vending herself.

Why would one enter into an MoU with a fraudster/thief?

For the people who know Annest namata well, will know and are disgusted about her misplaced arrogance, pretence and deceit.

Where ever there is money and material things, is where she goes and with whoever. #Golddigga

She is now bragging a lot that she is a business owner, that she has money, that she’s independent etc. all the crap she has been boasting about. Don’t forget she used to brag that she is an MD and the best events planner. She is now bragging that she is an expert at food thus her selling of saucepans. Don’t be gullible.

If you want Annest namata to make you look stupid, believe her.

She will brag to you that “I have always bought everything with my own money”. Let the thief not fool you. She was using my money and stealing my money. Secondly she was constantly asking for things she needs plus asking me for money. Behind all that she was stealing my money.

Before that she was stealing her ex-boyfriends money too.

That fact is she STOLE that money from me and her last employer plus other people she conned along the way. So know you are dealing with Annest namata the thief.

I trusted her and she betrayed me and stole property and money from me. Her former employers trusted her with a position of responsibility in their company, she stole from them too.

So you think you are exceptional?

Don’t allow her to make you look stupid. Life is too short to deal with BS from unworthy people.

Wave the dollar in the air and see her come running to you acting slutty and telling you how everybody trusts her (NOT). She will do anything to get closer to you. She is evil. Don’t fall for her slutty gold digging deceit.

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Watch “BEAUTY and the BLEACH”. Skin-whitening trend

So Annest Namata stop bragging that you are beautiful because you bleach. Secondly stop calling dark skinned people “brack”. Beauty is a very perishable commodity if at all. She has delusions of grandeur despite her inferiority complex.

In Uganda, some people call her “maama lususu”. Those who know what it means can explain further. The picture below shows the evidence despite her denials.

Annest Namata says that she feels good when villagers call her a ‘muzungu’. Annest, you are NOT white by any means. You can dream on if you think you are white.

To some men, Annest namata is like a fresh ripe mango on the outside but the inside she is very rotten with maggots.

Clothes hide a lot.

Let her first reveal her real name before she showcases her village “namata” arrogance.

According to Annest, she gets more attention from men wanting her when she is light skinned.

How can a man with standards lower his standards with Annest Namata? All she thinks about is getting men she can get money from. All she’s after is material possession and money. Nothing else.

If you saw what she writes in her diary, you would be shocked into oblivion.

She wants an already made man then she brags that she helped him make it – “gold digga”.

You are not the first or the last to be deceived by her fraud and deceit.

What does she bring to the table? Her evil, filthy manners, excessively digusting arrogance, sluttiness, stolen money and an over used ………..

Never put temporary people in permanent places of your life.

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