08 Apr

Annest feels happiness in situations but for all the wrong reasons but to her they are the right reasons because of her ego and utter selfishness. That is what Narcissism does to someone.

 A narcissist like Annest can feel very happy when she has been helping someone to a very small extent. To her that is a very big achievement because she is very selfish and does not help but talks about helping imaginary people. That goes to explain why she tells everyone that she helped me a lot when she did not.

NOTE: She only helps when she is going to get something out of it. She will NEVER EVER help genuinely and or for genuine reasons. The source of this happiness is not the fact that I or you who  received the help felt happy, but the fact that Annest the Narcissist was able to appear as someone with a good heart, someone who is caring, divine etc. As a  narcissist Annest is loving the feeling that a narcissist gets when she thinks that she has been helping someone and that this person and also other people are aware that she has been doing “good deeds”. She blows her trumpet to announce to the world how she is helping. So, again it all boils down to the Narcissist Annest, not to the person who received help. This is natural behaviour for a narcissist, who cannot genuinely care about anyone but herself. Thus the envy, arrogance, ego and self centredness.

In other words, malignant narcissists like Annest feel that praiseworthy information about you (me in this case) was diminishing her, and she felt that denigrating information about me elevated her. Hence, like a rapist, narcissists must tear their betters “down off that pedestal” by maligning them and that is exactly what she was doing to me for all the wrong reasons. For her colleagues and friends whom she made sure afb596ef444b5d897bdb61540d8341b0did not get to know me well/better on a personal level so that she makes her lies believable. She maligned me and talked bad about me in order to spoil my image. I hope when they read this Blog they’ll get to know the truth nothing but the truth. If in any doubt, make your comments or email me and I will answer your doubts/questions.

Annest, Think with your head, you really are not that important to the other’s around you. If you treat people with no respect, you don’t deserve any form of respect and you will not get respect from those who know and don’t know. I’ve had people come up to me and tell me “I don’t want to do anything with you and your wife because she is ignorantly arrogant”. I don’t blame them at all. I wouldn’t want to do anything with her. I had to clarify that she is not my wife and I would not make her my wife with that type of character.

Worse still narcissists like her are gossips. She is the worst gossiper and gossips by spoiling/vandalising people’s names and makes herself to appear as a wonderful perfect person. She spreads slander against other people but herself. I will give examples of all the gossip and slander against her friends and colleagues at a later stage.

Annest Namata does not know how to communicate appropriately. She wants things her ignorant arrogant way. She has no respect for others but pretends. She does not know what love is. She thinks love is having one person who is committed to her like I was, whom she lies to like she did to me and having different multi relationships with different men and getting material things and money from them. You cannot trust her because she does this for her own good so that she an only her can gain from it. She does not care if she hurts you or not. So there is no reason to do anything with her. There is no need to love her. It is actually better if she has different relationships for life which suits her lifestyle. Her health is at stake but that is the path she has chosen. She is old enough to know better but she chooses a sly, vain dishonest cheap lifestyle.

As I very well know Annest is an inveterate character assassin, it’s easy to spot her ways. She has a trail of trashed good names, lives and careers in her wake. She initially tells you good things about this person and a later stage when she is envious about this person for whatever reason, she trashes the persons name. She has even told me strange and terrible lies about her friends/colleagues and people in her own immediate family. For example she has told me her sisters and brothers are thieves and claimed that is why she would not invite them to my house because they would steal. Why would you say that of your family? Why?

She has even made very BAD accusations against a colleague that she calls a friend at her work/office who is supposed to be her friend. She was smearing this colleague for years for no reason but she wanted to be able to get away with it.  By stating it, I mean what she is guilty of doing. She is heartless to go to the extent of framing other people she calls friends when she is the one doing the wrong. She always does you wrong , then works on turning it round like you are the one who has done wrong. She is so evil.

And as I know her very well, I know she (Annest) is guilty of the very thing she was accusing this other person/colleague at work. I say this because she made the accusation without me asking or getting to know what was going on but because she was guilty, she decided to make the accusation against her to me. This lady initially was not connected to what Annest was being accused her of doing but because Annest was jealous/envious of this lady, she looked for someone to frame. She decided to accuse her of something I believe/think that lady is innocent of so that Annest who was guilty can seem clear of what was being committed. Again this is a characteristic of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and what Narcissists like her do. She has accused me of the very many things that she was guilty of doing. I never ever thought of doing them but she would come up with the accusations.

She accused me of telling people things I had never thought about and had not told anyone. It is with that in mind that I realised that she was guilty of the very thing she was accusing me of doing or telling people YET I had not even thought about them.

She is an evil manipulator. When she is guilty of doing you wrong, she will do anything to turn it against you and accuse you of the very thing that she has done in order to make it seem you have done her wrong. She then goes out on a campaign to devalue you and vandalise your name. I didn’t have time for all her nonsensical evil traits and actions. The best platform was to publish what she is for anyone who gets in contact with her to know what she is and how evil she is. That’s why I call her evil and deceitful.

In Life you have to look out for deceptive evil people because even the Devil was once an Angel.

This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life  Character Revelation.

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  1. antalya escort

    June 24, 2015 at 09:36

    I love reading through an article that can make men and women think.
    Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

    • Pat

      December 25, 2015 at 02:26

      Thank you for your comment Antalya.
      I write the facts as they are. This woman Annest Namata is a deceitful con.

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