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Her inferiority complex:

She is always criticising dark skinned women by saying things like; “she is so “brack” and ugly, very brack, ” etc. By the way, she can’t say black. So she says “brack”. She has problems with R’s and L’s despite her putrid arrogance. One time she told me “I can’t be in a relationship with a “brack” skinned man”. Watch how the man she will end up with will look like. He will be “brack” as she bleaches herself to please him. She forgets that she is a Black person by definition and origin plus ethnicity. She will NEVER EVER be white. She always ends up eating her own sh*t due to her ignorance and stupid arrogance.

If she is white or muzungu as she likes to be referred to, why does she bleach her skin? She will tell you that she has never bleached and doesn’t bleach her skin. Evidence speaks volumes. After kicking her out of my house, I found DR Congo made bleaching cream that she uses. She bleaches areas you wouldn’t imagine. I will leave that for your imagination.

I gave her an ATM card with a PIN and what did she do? She told her friends it was her money and that she was looking after me because i dont have money. Just like she claimed the cars she was driving were hers that she bought cash and the house she lived in was hers. She never paid a penny for those cars and neither did she pay a penny for the house bills.

What did she do after I kicked her out of my house after finding out she was sleeping around with many men, she stole all the money on the account plus money on my business account. This prostitute/thief called Annest Namata has no shame.


Google her, you will read what her real life is and what she really is despite her pretence.

Guess what new victim, you just found yourself a slut who does more whoring whilst using religion as a front, claiming she is a christian born again and claims she is a business woman. Now that she is selling saucepans, she must have made believe that she has done other very successful businesses. Guess what, she has been stealing from other peoples businesses including money.

Below is her weekly SKIN BLEACHING shopping list;

But she will tell you that she doesn’t bleach. She will claim that she uses expensive creams which brighten her skin and that she is not stressed thus her skin naturally becomes light. Believe that if you choose to believe her lies.

Try and use your common sense.

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This is the question that is most frequently asked whether you like it or not. The answer is this YES and NO. Before you go jumping and feeding your ego, first understand the context of the answer Yes.

She can only marry or be in a relationship for status, assets and money. Nothing else. That is all she is after. She has told many of her girlfriends on many occasions. She even told my cousin whom she was trying to coerce to steal with her that all she’s after from men is money, connections and assets.

She loves your adoration and devotion. This is why she tells anyone interested in listening to her crap especially her slut friends that “he is crazy for me but am not because I am beautiful”. “He can do anything for me but I don’t know much about him”.

She keeps one man for PR purposes i.e. to fool people that she is married. She says that if she tells people she is married, they will respect her. Little does she know that her affairs with several married and unmarried men are public secrets in the open.

Depending which man or men are present where she is going, she will do anything to make herself look like a sex object in order to get their attention. That is regardless whether they are married to her friends or anyone. Annest namata has a friend whose husband she has had an affair with for quite sometime because she gets money from him for her sexual favours. Then she has the audacity to brag about it to some people. She is a cheap slut.

Remember that habits are what make up our character as human beings. So now you know her habits. She lives to exploit others with no real emotions.

She never stops looking for potential targets as sources of her supply for money and material things.

She loves your money, sex(I wonder), house, car and other material things such as land, cows, etc. She uses sex to get what she thinks is love then she starts stealing from you and using you and you stupidly fall for her perceived love.

However, the most annoying thing is when you give her money or something valuable that she cannot afford and has never owned and she acts as if she is doing you a favour. You feel sorry and angry too and feel like telling her to go date her father. But even then her father cannot afford to give her money or anything of material value. So you wonder what her ignorant village arrogance is for.

This low IQ villager you have picked after bedding her, after she has done all the monkey tricks, made you think she is wife material, is only after your money, influence and material things.

She loves how you make excuses for her, how you stupidly push others aside and put her first, something you will regret later.

She loves your resourcefulness, business savvy and mainly connections.

But does she LOVE you for you? How can she? She doesnt know you at all.

She jumped in with both feet and expected you to live up to her idealized version of the perfect partner.

If you balked, defended yourself or questioned her, you become enemy number one.

Does that feel like love to you?

She is great isn’t she? Hmmmm!

Sweet charming, cute, funny and so loving and into you.

Never thought I would one day call myself a survivour

Because of her.

You are different and special. So you think. Right?

Wait until you see behind her mask. Oh, but of course

I’m just saying that because I’m jealous, a bad person, obsessed, angry stalker who just can’t let go.

Isn’t that what she told you?

Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe,

I am none of those things??… I am honest.

You will understand soon because


ANNEST NAMATA the Gold Digger and Thief is always on the prowl

The higher a monkey climbs the more it exposes its ass.


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