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By Bigeye.Ug Reporter
They hang out in top places, you can’t know them, they will never approach you but those who know them, know them. You only know them, if you know them, and if you don’t know them, you will never know them. The story of corporate prostitutes in Uganda is as confusing as the paragraph we have just written.
To break into the story, we begin the illustration. An average Ugandan banker earns not more than Shs.700,000 a month. She sleeps in an expensive apartment in Naalya, Kisaasi, Kiwatule, port bell, luzira or any of the so called exclusive suburbs of Kampala. She is the ideal independent woman( so you would think), she drives her own car( from the bond), she foots her own bills( you think) and you never see her stuck to any particular man. To her own knowledge, all she has are just friends with benefits.
Well, the scenario illustrates how corporate prostitution began. Because of the risks of one standing by the road-side waiting for clients, the Ugandan prostitutes are the girls who began the trade while at campus.
At campus, they were in multiple friends for benefits relationships, when they graduated, they landed a job in a bank somewhere or in a sales department in some top company even though their salary was not that much, they found a way around.
They knew how to keep looking good, they had the make-up and the perfect bleached body. The men who saw them, knew these


were the perfect girls. And they decided to position themselves in places like Kabira, Serena, Hotel Royale, Speke Hotel Munyonyo, Cayenne, Piato just to mention but a few.
The beauty of these prostitutes is that no one will ever suspect you are buying a prostitute, because they don’t dress like one. They are what we actually call “sex-escorts”. They will play all roles. They will escort you to an event and act like your girlfriend, they will escort you to bed and give you the sex. As long as you have the money, they will offer you whatever you ask for, and to the men, this is usually sex.
These corporate prostitutes know all the big men in town, they have slept with them, they know how to keep a secret because they have daytime jobs to keep. In actual sense, they earn more from this corporate prostitution than from their daytime full time job plus the side business.
At lunch-time, most of them offer “Lunch-time” sex. During these moments, one will get into her car off to a top-class hotel where she will meet with her client and offer her a one-hour of sex before later returning to work for the afternoon duty.

For others, it’s in the massage parlours. Ugandan massage spas are actually brothels in disguise. For men who have been to most of these massage parlours, they will narrate their experiences and tell you that you can have sex without being judged that you are buying a prostitute.

Campus Girls are also high in the game of sex-escorts. In the daytime it’s lectures, in the night, it’s the escort job. You will never see these girls showing themselves off like the speke road prostitutes.
If you have been to a concert and seen some hot cuties in the VIP section, 70% of them are corporate prostitutes. They are the sex-escorts. They will attend the exclusive VIP events in Serena, they will attend them in any other top hangout.
This is the first story under the series of CORPORATE PROSTITUTES. The series will be running for a month on as we unveil what goes on, in corporate prostitution.
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The choice is ours whether we become a VICTIM or VICTOR.


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