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images (43) Cheating is a choice not a mistake. Loyalty is a responsibility not a choice.

 The one who cheats is the one who is the most paranoid. Annest is very paranoid and defensive all the time to a point that if you have facts about her, she thinks you are following her. That’s why she is very evasive and secretive about her sleeping around.

Annest Namata is an expert at presenting a completely false, manipulating pretentious seemingly authentic persona. If you fall for her false deceitful persona then you are her victim and she will reap you off and use you for her materialistic gain. It doesn’t matter what you are to her. Even now she is busy FOOLING some people into believing she is trustworthy. In some cases she uses sexual favours to get better treatment and trusted.

Annest will make you believe you can trust her. She will constantly lie to you how she will always love you. She wrote several cards to me claiming she will love me for the rest of our lives, claiming she can never let me down, will never betray me. She will make you take her to your elderly relatives that she selects as having fallen for her charm lies and pretence, take you to meet her Pastor who will make you believe he knows her well for his own interests. He made me believe he knew her well, claiming she is a good woman to marry and he will say many good things about her like he knows her. Later on he said, I don’t know her well. That’s her Pastor – untrustworthy just like she is.Truth exposed

When we broke up and I found out she was lending him my money to buy land without informing me for his church he denied any knowledge. When I met him Pastoragain after, he claimed he didn’t know her personal life. So do not believe her Pastor’s good words about her. He wants to gain from the relationship as they plan it together and do not let her deceive your relatives into believing she is a good person. Her aim will always be to con your relatives into thinking she is a decent humble wonderful person. She will choose and act good around them in order entrap them. She does this everywhere she is situated and fools people into believing she is what she is not. She did this to my relatives and family friends. She is a Ugandan version of  a”Catfish”. With so many affairs she has started on-line over time, she often travels long distances to meet the lovers.

As a Cheating Fiancee, Annest  became more critical because she was comparing me to the other men she was having affairs with. She wanted to change things about me which were never a problem beforeAnnest Namata excessive love of money e.g. she started asking me how I felt about growing facial hair, yet it had not been an issue for years. She is damn cheap and shoddy. Makes you wonder why she is arrogant.

She starts little uncalled for fights/arguments for no reason that would blow up onto something bigger than they should be. All because she had serial promiscuous affairs on the go with many other men.

This is someone I would pose for a minute and ask her “Annest what is the problem?” Her answer would be “Nothing”. I would ask her “Are you happy?” and she would answer “Yes I am”. I would ask her do you know how much I love you? and her answer would be “Yes I do and I can’t thank you enough, the only way I can thank you is by loving you for ever”. The next minute she would be cheating on me with yet another man. She is nothing but evil and promiscuous.

images (10) - CopyJUly 2012Thief While we were engaged and she had informed her co-workers and some friends that we were engaged and had all the plans for marriage and were going to get married BUT she registered herself on Facebook as “Single” and “interested in Men only”. She had the guts to tell a stranger that she was actively seducing on-line that I forced her to change her status to engaged. All the while behind my back she was seducing men online, sending them pictures of herself as a seduction gesture, sexting men, meeting men, etc
 That shows Annest’s total lack of morals. How could I have forced her to do that? Anyhow she told him that so that she can be successful in seducing him.THE HOLY THIEF

 She has no respect for any social boundaries. That’s why she can be very promiscuous with several men while in a committed relationship and think it is okay and think she is entitled to it. Instead of apologising for the wrong she has done, she struts her foolish arrogance and justifies it as if she is a Goddess. She will manipulate, charm, discredit and confuse anyone that stands in the way. If it means using sex to get her way she will. She is a con and a thief.Annest the thief

She is extremely deceitfully selfish and a cheat. For example she wanted to copy and take someone’s business who had gone to her office to present his offer and business idea. She went to the extent of getting his ideas, hiring a Boda Boda (Motorbike Taxi) and asking it to follow the man’s car to find out where he was getting the materials from. She later took away his business by supplying the company she works for as someone else and changing my company name slightly to make out that she had a company by sending someone to present it on her behalf. She is extremely manipulative and criminally minded.lovemoney

On realising that I had caught her cheating on me, she bought land and wanted to register it in the company names using my money. She went ahead and bought it and registered it in her names and thought I would not find out, stupidly sent me accountability which showed withdrawal of the money and then lied to me that there were complications with the land. She lies exactly like a thief. She loves money over anything else. She is a promiscuous thief.

What is amazing, while she is still showing off to some people that she is rich, she is borrowing money from people who are supposedly not rich and people she used to ignore. What a contradiction!.

386952_478229492187063_815544467_n What she doesn’t realise is that I know that she stole money from my business account bought land and registered the land in her names. She now has the land and she is borrowing money using that land as collateral. She will pay it back.

She fraudulently withdrew 42 Million shillings from my business account in my absence and bought shares registered in her names only and bragged to several people how she had shares. She doesn’t even know anything about shares. The shares she bought have all lost value to less than half what she bought them and they continue falling. She has to give me back that money as well in addition to all that she stole from me. She is a fraudulent promiscuous thief.

In addition to all this, each and everyday she was fraudulently withdrawing(stealing) money in millions from my business account on an everyday basis and she has the audacity to deny it, then brag to me by stating “You thought your company had zillions of money? What she doesn’t realise, is that initially she claimed she invested it in my business. She then contradicted herself with her own lies. As stated earlier, she is a certified 11451972-red-plasticine-heart-and-snake-headpromiscuous thief.

Beware Annest will pretend and act like she is humble, honest, trustworthy, religious, all for keeps and make all sorts of vows and promises that you will want to hear to marry her. IT IS ALL A BIG LIE. All the while she will be talking great of herself, be-littling you and telling all your personal private matters to her so-called friends and co-workers. All she wants is material things and money. She is a promiscuous materialistic Gold Digger.

8756715-3d-illustration-of-wedding-rings-lying-on-an-open-jewelry-box Annest, is very promiscuous. I gave her two engagement rings. The first one, she lied that it had faded and became old, I got her a second one which was much more expensive, her friends can recall seeing her wearing it on only about three occasions. She would not wear the rings because she had to be slutty by telling men she is rich, single, independent and searching, yet we were engaged to be married. In my presence, she would wear them. As soon as I turned my back or she was away from my vicinity, she would remove them in order to carry on her slutty promiscuous affairs. The day I gave her the second engagement ring and proposed again, she went to an event and was seen being slutty with another man. She later with a guilty conscience claimed that they had locked her car in the venue and she couldn’t leave. What a deceitful liar. If that is not slutty behaviour, then what is it? Annest, you can go on with your slutty antics. What a grave mistake I made. 

—————Original Message————————————————–

From: Annest Namataemail

To: XXXXXXXXXX (Online- Promiscuity)

Sent: 2/25/2011

………I do not put his rings on because he goes for a very long time and i get tired of men asking me where he is and sarcastically laughing at me having waited for such a man.

I have to go to a meeting.

Write to you later.


You sure CANNOT turn slutty Annest Namata into a wife. She will always be promiscuous no matter Cheaterwhat you do or sacrifice for her. I did it all and more. Being promiscuous with several men at a time is what makes Annest Namata happy. I feel extremely sorry for the man who will try and I mean try to make her a wife. He”ll be very very miserable, unhappy and will waste his emotions, time and money on her while putting up with all her arrogance, immoral imbecile shit.

For a time, I would send her very important personal and business related e-mails and she would ignore them and read other men’s emails and respond. She one time said to me that she reads and responds to only important emails and mine are not important. When she would come to her senses and try to use her common sense, she would then try her best to contact me acting like nothing happened  and apologise “I am sorry for everything, I had a bad day”. All her apologies are pretentious and shallow. How could I take her stupid actions and antics. This is obviously the time she was having affairs and she expected me to take her immoral imbecile values. She is an immoral very ungrateful imbecile.

She is morally obtuse. She bribed in order to get her driving licence yet she is busy boasting how sheFAKE INSURANCE CLAIM drives. Why boast?  Sad that kampala town is full of people like her who didn’t go to driving school but are on the road driving. She didn’t know how to drive until I bought her the first car. But she lied to me that she knew how to drive. When she got an accident, images (24)she forged paperwork which she bribed someone to forge and she presented them to the Insurance company and she claimed insurance money. She knew I would not approve of it, so she never told me about it but eventually the truth comes out. That is why I say she is very morally corrupt and does anything for money. That is why she thinks being immorally promiscuous even in a committed relationship is normal.

LiarLiar While she is busy boasting how she is very beautiful and saying “she is very beautiful, every boy and man wants her”, she is very desperate to stay young, constantly seduces men wherever she goes desperately exposing her body parts to attract men’s attention by exposing her body parts when in the office and meetings by the way she sits when she should be professional. But what is professional about her? She continues her delusions of acting young due to her constant lies about her age. The question is if she says she is very young, why then does she depend on using day and night wrinkle creams? Why does she bleach her skin to a point of looking orange? She was 27 for many years and when she got to 31, she claimed she had misplaced her documents and had just found them and made herself a year younger. One does not need documents as she refers to them to know her true age. Anyhow, she is much older than her claims. What a liar she is.Campaign Banners Sexual Network Uganda

Another case of her promiscuity. During our relationship, behind my back, she was chasing a man constantly. Every morning, the first thing she did in the office was send him email asking him how he is and what his plans are for the day. When he would not reply, she would express her great concern for him despite the fact that she knew he is married with a family. All this was also despite the fact that we were engaged to be married. What does that behaviour make her?

ci1pub0To cut a long story short, she asked him to transfer $15,000 to her bank account for her promiscuous services. She must have been his “Side Dish” as it is called in Uganda. She used to meet him in hotels for their sexual activities. On finding out about it, she claimed to me that he was just a friend who wanted to do business with her. Is she the only person who knows business in this world? She claimed that she told him she would have to work with me in the Business. One of her first defensive things she said was , “He wanted to come to our house, but I never took him to our house” yet I had not asked or said anything. Little does she know that I knew all her correspondence with him long before and I had a copy of the promised money transfer and how she would wait for him after work in town and drive to where he was working under the pretext that she was selling/marketing training packages, etc. However, the man was either wise or intended to use her. He made it appear like money was being transferred to her account but it never was. She then started chasing him by ringing him, texting him and emailing him asking why the money has not been transferred to her account. Annest must be stupid to think that anyone would believe that a man she barely knows who is just a friend who could give her $15,000. It is quite obvious that she was asking him for money for her promiscuous slutty services as his “side dish” as its called in Uganda. Again if she is dare deny this, I have the evidence to prove it. How cheap is she!! Why put a money value on her body? Anyway, its her body as she wrote to me. She has no self-respect at all. She can now prostitute herself all she wants.

sexual favours Why would a married man who is neither her Boyfriend, Fiancé, Husband, Father nor Brother offer to give her money as much as $15,000 in Uganda? WHY? WHY?? And yet she was engaged to be married to me. That’s what a Slut she is. She accepts payment in exchange for sex. That clearly makes Annest Namata a prostitute. Even if she got married she would still sleep around. She had the audacity to tell me that “he is just a friend”. She can go on selling herself. Why would I marry a Slut? You can’t turn a slut into a wife. 

cheaters - Copy Annest will size you up, lure you into trusting her, get close and encourage you to share your inner most thoughts and ideas and most all encourage you to start a business with her as a big player with promises to trust her. She will want you to trust her into buying land in her names and trusting her and putting your land and buildings in her names. Use your common sense and do not fall prey to her promiscuity plus her swindling and stealing from you.

Why “My Legs are paining”!! :  Annest picked me from the Airport one time. She knew well in advance, when the plane was landing. She came 4 hours 15 minutes later at 2:45 am and claimed that there was traffic because students were going back to boarding schools. Because she believes her stupid lies, she thought I’d believe them too. How can children go back to school at 2am in the morning? On the way home, she was complaining that her legs are paining and could hardly drive. Her exact words time and time again as she drove were “my legs are paining”. I leave it to you the reader to conclude where she was before, what she was up to before and between 10:30 pm when I landed at the airport and the time she came to pick me at 2:45 am and the correlation of her legs paining. She was definitely NOT stuck in traffic. She is a kampala slut. I challenge anyone who supports her claims/lies or says that she is not  a promiscuous gold digger. I have a lot of proof to prove that she sleeps around, has always been and always will be. How disgusting!

Lycra shortsInstead of bragging for nothing how she has a nice figure, let her tell people how she wears one blue cycling lycra short and body shapers to make it appear she has a good figure. She can’t wear any trousers or a figure hugging dress/skirt without wearing the blue cycling lycra shorts beneath yet she is quick to brag how she has a nice figure, how she is very beautiful, etc. What kind of figure is it that needs cycling lycra shorts to hold it in place? Let’s hear it AnnestAs she brags about being so clean and everybody else is dirty, let her tell everybody how she didn’t know what “flossing” is and didn’t have a clue about mouth wash. In fact her statement when I bought them was “You need to teach me how to use those things”. She didn’t even know what they are called and referred to them as “things”. Today she acts like “Miss know it all” and “Miss spring clean”. # Irritating flirt and poser.

images (14)

She lied to me over the years that she doesn’t drink at because she said she is religious. On finding beerbeerbottlepics in my house hidden in a carrier bag in a covert corner, when I asked her what the beers were for, she was quick to reply “Annest Namata does not drink, some family members drink”. As usual she uses the family members as an excuse for her inhibitions anything that she does wrong. I personally do not have any problem with anyone drinking but all she needed to do is be honest instead of living a lie. As clearly stated, her life is full of deceitful lies in everything she does and says. She lies in everything she does and says. Annest is so disgusting to a point that she went further despite me only asking about the beer bottles by writing , I’ll quote her words in the email she wrote; “Did you find male organs in the bag? Did you find sperm in the bag?”. She is an utterly obnoxious, vile disgusting imbecile.

This explains all her ghetto sickening cheap behaviour. When she was separating from her last boyfriend, she took off her underwear in public, put it on a stick and gave it to him. What a villager she is.

She lives a very very deceitful immoral life and expects everybody to accept it. Her arrogance is the most irritating.

When she is done with using and exploiting you because you have found out what she really is, she doesn’t care if you live or die , even herself too. When we broke up, all she was constantly saying and writing is “I am ready to die”, all the while threatening me about what will happen to me, etc talking about death because she knew I would find out the truth of the deceitful promiscuous life she lives and the money she had stolen from me. Even if she is secretive about it, the truth and nothing but the truth always comes out and it is now.

images (3)

People do not know what Annest Namata is capable of. They tend to take her on face value and believe her lies and nonsensical pretence. I am spelling out the truth about her. Her upbringing was very gross and uncouth. You would think she would change at this late age she is at. She seemed normal until I got to know her better i.e. her disgusting ghetto evasiveness, excessive arrogance and promiscuity.

Her insatiable greed for money and material things is so huge that she constantly needs extra men for extra affairs for material things and money. No wonder as she said and wrote to me several times and I have the emails as proof “You did  not care for your health, I go to a clinic for Aids/HIV checks twice every month to be sure of myself”. 

This proves she sleeps around. If she does not around, why does she need to go to a clinic twice every month for AIDS check up? Why when we were in a fully committed exclusive relationship? She still does it to this day.That is proof of her loose cheap promiscuity.

BUT she has the guts to write on her FB page “I refuse to dishonour God in any way ,in my life.”  REALLY! A thief like Annest Namata should NOT fool you into believing that she is religious. She uses religion as cover for her deceitful slutty life.



If you are not a good person, what is it worth?





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