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  Annest Namata claims she a true religious Believer, Born Again but chooses God only when it suits her. She LIES that she has suffered every time she uses someone, exploits and steals from them. In my case, she is guilty of many things that I’ve written in this Blog and many more. Everything I’ve written in this Blog is the truth nothing but the truth depicting real life events Annest has done.

 Here is a quotation that she put on her page as a supposed inspiration:

ABOUT ANNEST: “A Believer and a simple Business oriented person inspired by these words from someone i called a friend (about 14 years older than me)!………..I expect you to know by now that ordinarily you should never bring up money issues where I am concerned because you know very well that as far as that topic is concerned we (you & me) are miles apart. I therefore request you to desist from bring up issues to do with money where I am concerned……….”

 This statement was made by the person Annest is referring to as someone she called a friend. He wrote the above statement as a result of him writing to Annest Namata in good faith and respect. Annest Namata replied with a lot of  haughty foolish arrogance claiming she is a Director of my company & saying she could do anything she wanted and disrespect people. She was implying she is richer and more important than this person and could do as she wants despite being in his property and despite his call for civility. I will further support that so called friend. Annest Namata is not in his league and she is delusional to think she can disrespect people with her village arrogance and expect respect from them.

She should change the statement on her FB page About Annest to: “A thief, Cheat, money and materialistic Gold Digger…..”


She makes out she is high maintenance. What would make a villager promiscuous person high maintenance? I have met many women of very high social status but they are not arrogant and neither do they act like they are high maintenance. Most of all,  they respect themselves and have principles unlike Annest. You ought to know where she comes from unlike the lies she will tell you and the impression she gives. She will not allow you to go to her home because she is afraid of what you might think.  Thats explains why she stole money from and rushed to do something in her home so that she can show off.She has been busy stealing money in order to build and show off. She is an evil thief. She will answer for her thefts in jail.

For years she was claiming to her friends that she is independent while stealing my money and when I would do an audit, she would borrow money to cover up the money she had stolen. She can never work honestly. Everything about her is about using other people, stealing , being dishonest whilst lying and boasting how she is rich and independent. Honest rich people do not flaunt their riches and neither do they boast how they are rich. Only a dishonest person like Annest who has just seen things can act like she has arrived and has got it all because she has just began seeing things and they are such a big deal. She is not rich by any form of standard. Flying out to China once made her so arrogant to a point of saying people are jealous of her for going to China. Jealous for what? Only a villager would say that. The People whom she is saying are jealous, have seen so much more and have so much more. What would that tell you about her?

Well she is independent enough to be promiscuous. She is now single and free as she said so that she can go on sleeping around with every Tom, Dick and Harry. To that I say “Good Riddance to the prostitute”.

Anyway, Annest keep your cheap ghetto immoral antics to those who do not know you and your background and those you lie to as to who you really are and your background in order to win their trust and love so that you can exploit them. All you are after is money in which ever way. How disgusting of you.

However, if you who is reading this Blog and know Annest Namata , who ever you may be, be warned as to what and who the REAL Annest Namata really is.

However, her arrogance and promiscuous materialism does not allow her to reason. So she is using this as a claim that this person she called a friend looked down on her. As you can clearly read, he is requesting her not to show/tell him how she has money as far he is concerned. He did not show off or claim he was rich at all as she did. The email was forwarded to me so I have the evidence.

It is dismal to know that Annest lived in this person’s hostel as a student just a few years ago but now she is  implying she is as rich/ successful as he is. So what if anything?  But what riches/success is she talking about anyway? This is all be-littling for me to say the least. A successful/rich person DOES NOT blow their trumpet. What are her riches are anyway? What?? The little she has, has been attained through theft of my money and others. She is a promiscuous thief 


TRIM YOUR LAMP-Ephesians 5:14
”Ask the Holy spirit to cleanse you of everything that have been hindering your light from shining”

I renew my strength today in the presence of the lord. I shall shine brighter day by day.

The interpretation of this is asking the holy spirit to guide her…in all she is doing asking him to protect her from all hinderances to forgive of all her impurities and make her a new being so she can shine. You need to clean the lamp glass so that it can show off the light.


So is Annest trying to say that “Believer(s)” as she is now referring to herself and not “Born Again” can Sin and ask God when it suits them/her for forgiveness and she is forgiven. Then Sin again by all the things she does like she did to me, exploiting people, using people, etc and then when it suits her she asks God to forgive her again and again?Stop pretending

That is hypocritical. How can she be so evil but choose to ask for forgiveness and think she is fresh and new and it is supposed to be okay like she did not do anything wrong. She even has no courtesy to be remorseful or apologetic to the people she has done wrong.

She cheated on me, stole money from my account plus my late mothers account she cannot account for, stole my car, stole things from my house, is still holding onto my company and company documents and property and she is asking God to listen to her evil deeds and ways?? She actually thinks she can be forgiven for what she did and does to this day without repenting and without even being remorseful?

Shame on you Annest. However much you seek God, while you are so evil, he is NOT blind.

Is Annest trying to imply she has a special God? Whereby she can do all the wrong to people and choose when to ask for forgiveness and God will cleanse her and she has a choice to do it over and over again? I am not the first and will not be the last.

It is quite obvious she has quoted the verse Ephesians 5 and cut it short to suit herself and not narrated the whole verse. What suits her evil traits and cover are what she has quoted.


Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people. Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talkor coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving. For of this you can be sure: No immoral, impure or greedy person—such a person is an idolater —has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.[a] Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient. Therefore do not be partners with them.

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) 10 and find out what pleases the Lord.11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. 13 But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light. 14 This is why it is said:

“Wake up, sleeper,
    rise from the dead,
    and Christ will shine on you.”

       QUESTION: So is Annest Namata admitting that she was dead in her Transgressions and Sins when she stole from me and cheated on me by sleeping around?



Annest pretends to be religious to blind her next victims but it is all lies. She did that while in a relationship with me and with the test of time, her true colours came out because she is so evil and a serial cheat.

Annest has committed the gravest sins without accountability or oversight as she thinks she is now  untouchable and ultra important and above everybody else. Her consciences died, her feelings became numb and her heart is cold and eyes turned blind. She has the audacity to tell people, “I deal with important people in the first family, so no one can touch me.” Really!!

She is guilty of money missing on my company accounts because she could not account for it. I say that because when I appointed an Auditor to audit my company she refused to cooperate and account for the money and could not account for all the money illegally withdrawn from the account. She is the only other person who was signatory to that account. So obviously, She stole money from my company account and now she has started her own company. She has to pay it back no matter what. All she does is lie to people ” I am a Business woman”, “I am this and that”, etc and by making Bible quotations, pretending to be religious. Like I have said before, there is nothing religious about an immoral person like Annest. SHE IS A THIEF.


This is not about criticising Annest Namata because our relationship ended. Not at all. This Blog is about exposing her trail of arrogance, stealing from people, stealing from companies, mistreatment of people, cheating of people, Cheating on people for the purposes of this Blog, me in particular, vandalising of peoples names, backstabbing by her in order to get away with what she has done wrong to people and the trail of cheating/thefts/conning all for her deceitful love of money and material things. The whole truth is being told as it is.

                                For what you sow you shall reap. Galatians 6:7

NOTE:- This is not character assassination. This is real life character revelation.

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Narcissistic personality disorder is one of a group of conditions called Dramatic Personality Disorders. For those who know Annest Namata, know that she is constantly full of drama which she creates everywhere she goes be it at work or in her home or social environment. That drama comes in the form of despising anyone who is better than her and she creates any drama and makes out the other person is the one who started it and always claims the other person is the one doing her wrong.

People who have gone through her evil drama refer to her as a “Drama queen”. But I don’t and I think there is more to it than just that. She is a promiscuous manipulative thief.

  People like her with her type of disorder have intense,  unstable emotions and a distorted self-image. Narcissistic personality disorder is further characterized by an abnormal love of self, an exaggerated sense of superiority and importance, and a preoccupation with success and power. However, these attitudes and behaviours do not reflect true self-confidence. Instead, the attitudes conceal a deep sense of insecurity and a fragile and total lack of self-esteem and self-respect.

Annest Namata has no self-respect at all. So why should she be respected if you know her immorality?

In many cases, people with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder like Annest Namata is:

  • Are very self-centered and boastful just like she is
  • She Seeks constant attention and admiration
  • Considers herself better than others thus thinking she is ultra special
  • Exaggerates un-existent talents and achievements
  • Believe that they are entitled to special treatment
  • Take advantage of others and use them to achieve their goals by exploiting them ( She uses people and is very manipulative)
  • Reacts to criticism even if its positive with angershame, or humiliation
  • Takes advantage of others to reach her own selfish goals
  • Exaggerates her own importance, achievements, and talents
  • Imagines unrealistic fantasies of success, beauty, power, and intelligence.
  • Expects constant attention and positive reinforcement from others
  • She gets easily jealous of others but she claims others are jealous of her because she is beautiful what beauty is there? Maybe promiscuous beauty.
  • She lacks empathy totally and disregards the feelings of others
  • She is obsessed with herself (she is extremely selfish in her case)
  • Mainly pursues selfish goals by exploiting others in every circumstance ( So do not trust her with anything EVER). She will do anything to exploit you whoever it may be.
  • Has trouble keeping any healthy relationships with anyone which makes her jump from one relationship to another whether personal, friendships and or Business.
  • Appears as tough-minded or unemotional but she is remorseless. ( She is very ill conceited and evil in character).

A person like Annest who is narcissistic tends to be upset very often because she feels as though she is not  getting enough regardless of what you do for her. The truth is, even if you gave her everything and or did everything for her, that she says she wants in a relationship like I did, she will still find reasons to claim she is unhappy to justify her sleeping around. She is very impatient, greedy and very ungrateful. She is a GOLD DIGGER and a “Call Girl”. You don’t have to experience her ups and downs with her. She is simply a self-centred, remorseless, arrogant, egotistical extremely selfish piggot.

It seems she is not happy unless she has her nose up someone’s a** all the time causing issues and problems. She’ll eat your face and act so good to you and talk really dirty about you behind your back no matter who you are whether relative, colleague, friend, employer, sibling, neighbour, partner, etcetra.

For all those people who have been fooled by her fatuous charm, fake thieving confidence and ghetto clandestine lies, please put your “thinking hats” on and use your common sense. There is more to life and reality than meets the eye. If you cannot use your common sense, you will reap what you sow.


NOTE: In response to this Blog Post, Annest sent me an email asking “Why are you giving away my secrets, you think I don’t know your secrets?”.

The fact of the matter is, the truth nothing but the truth about what she is will be revealed.



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Prostitution2 - Copy Utter Greed, Materialistic, Selfishness, prostitution and Arrogance are some of the main causes of a “supposedly”  good person like what Annest Namata was that can make a good person turn evil. Good person? So I thought she was. It was all pretence in order to continue her Gold digging and thieving.

Annest Namata is very selfish and extremely greedy plus arrogant thus the venomous evil character she has got. Do N believe her religious claims and her claims of honesty or integrity. She is just Thieving Gold Digger.deceits favourite role

She thinks she is very great and believes she is now untouchable, unaccountable and above the law. Worst of all, she thinks she is better than everybody else. That explains her total lack of empathy, emotions and immoral character. She will reap what she is sowing. I don’t need a person who sleeps around in my life. Money that she even does not have but thinks she does, is nothing. The money she is boasting about is all attained the wrong way. If anything, any sort of money should not make one arrogant.

I don’t think we are born evil, we are born innocent, but along our years we make certain choices we choose to be evil like she has. Many people who are susceptible to following in the footsteps of others tend to be the people who change their personalities often. Not to say that strong-minded individuals can not be evil but it would be a lot harder to change a strong-minded person rather that a follower.

 I believe that if your environment you grew up in is EVIL you will eventually become EVIL. If you grow up in a thieving environment you will always be a thief. How long do you have to pretend to be something Before you BECOME it?  An evil person of normal intelligence like Annest Namata is a person who makes life difficult, painful, and unpleasant for the good people around her. By far evil people of normal intelligence are the most common type of evil person most people encounter.

 Annest Namata is only interested in using people by exploiting their emotions, ripping off people in relationships, business and money by stealing as an instrument to her ends after convincing them that she is trustworthy when actually there is absolutely nothing trustworthy about her. So anyone dealing with her, you better beware. Ignore the advice at your peril if you think she loves you genuinely.

If you are a good person you will meet many evil people in your life, you need to recognize them and their actions. More importantly you need to recognize which evil behaviours you have been conned into accepting as reasonable and to reject those behaviours – both in yourself and in others – as unacceptable.

All people are capable of evil under the right circumstances. Not to mention that the word and concept behind evil itself is highly subjective and varies with societal standards of morals.

You’d be surprised at some of the good people who have found themselves doing truly evil things! Could this happen to you? NOT if you are principled. Annest is not principled and all she does is pretend to be what she is not.  What you see in Annest is sheer hypocrisy.

Money becomes evil when it makes someone disown God or when it makes man rely less on Him and think they are so great. Annest still pretends to be God-fearing as a curtain but the love of money has made her evil. She always was evil deep down inside. She did not just change.


rottenAnnest Namata chooses evil in everything she does but pretends around the people who do not know her true nature/character like the people she is with and more especially for the people she works for. IF she wants to get something from you, she will pretend to be the best person and will offer to do anything for you. She is very subservient, obedient and runs when asked to walk to do an errand to please you when she is planning on exploiting you or stealing from you. SO they THINK they know her because of what she pretends to be and how subservient she pretends to be to them NOT what she really is. She pretended to be polite to me in the beginning but I saw through it because behind my back she would vandalise my name and image to her friends and colleagues at the same time stealing from me..

Annest Namata sells her morality for the love of money and material things. So if you think you are dealing with a very good-natured person or a trustworthy person in Annest, you are very mistaken.

Here is a quotation of what Annest Namata wrote to me on record “I love you so much. I can never stop loving you and I will never do anything bad to you no matter what you do”.

I asked her why she wrote this to me and her answer was:“I said it because I realised the love you have for me and also remembered everything you have done for me. You changed my life. I love you and I always will do, there is nothing I can do to reward you other than loving you. That is why I said it.”

She is an evil Bitch. She will make all sorts of promises and vows and pretends. DO NOT BELIEVE ALL HER NONSENSE IF YOU EVER COME INTO CONTACT WITH HER. Annest Namata is nothing but an evil thief and promiscuous.

“I would never do anything wrong to you no matter what you do”. “I said I love you after I realised all that you have done for me”. Soon after making this statement, Annest Namata cheated on me, vandalised my name, claimed that I don’t help her yet I was looking after her and did many other things all behind my back that will be unveiled in this Blog. The truth always reveals itself no matter how much you try to hide it. She is very evil and deceitfully cheap.

Annest should never have taken my humility and love for her as a weakness. But with total lack of morals, she cannot change.

Annest changed into what she promised and denied throughout the relationship she would never become. She can go on with her arrogant promiscuous Gold Digging behaviour. We’ll see what she’ll get out of her nature. In reality, she has always be promiscuous and a thief.

She claims the men she is seen with are just friends/business partners when in reality she is having affairs with them. What businesses has she owned to call herself a Business woman and create make belief “Business Partners”.  How many Businesses has she had or does she have to have several Business Partners?? She thought she would put me in that category. I CANNOT stoop so low to her cheap villager slutty level. She had the nerve to tell a man that I was just her special friend yet we were engaged to be married. She is an immoral Imbecile.

Annest cannot and won’t change my binding principles no matter what. I have binding principles that I abide by no matter what. I don’t need an immoral slutty person like Annest Namata.

NOTE:- This is not character assassination. This is real life character revelation.

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5_girl-mirror A true intelligent person knows how to pretend to be a fool in front of a fool who pretends to be intelligent. Fools despise wisdom and self respect.

Chinese Proverbs state;- Distance tests a horse’s strength and Time reveals a person’s character.

Distance tested Annest Namata’s complete lack of moral strength which was non-existent and time revealed her real cheap immoral vile promiscuous thieving character.DSMIV



I told her on the very first day of our meeting, “This relationship will be the greatest test of your morals and will reveal your true moral principles”. And true to my word it proved her total immorality and exposed her thieving ways.


images (18) People with narrow evil minds like Annest Namata, are normally the ones with the biggest loudest mouths talking bad about people, vandalising their names/images and character behind their backs. She is always very quick to vandalise other people’s images by telling lies about them with the sole aim of gratifying herself and making them look bad. She even does this where she works and where she lives. She is not ashamed to talk ill of her own siblings by referring to them as thieves when she is the thief.

 Since narcissists like Annest Namta is are masters of disguise it is very difficult to find out whether a person is a narcissist unless you live and work with the person. So those who work with Annest know her narcissistic ways. It is unpleasant and disorganizing to live and work with a narcissist but people who live with a narcissist are aware of how well the narcissist like Annest hides her unpleasant traits.

Annest, it has been proved that cheating in everything and at everything is easy for you. I trusted you and gave you everything like I would for my mum and even more but you still cheated on me and stole from me all the while. How vile.

The silly selfish things you do LIKE sleeping around and stealing Annest Namata are what cost you a very good genuine59f5332e0ba85164ef72a2f3294d2842
relationship. You need to respect yourself. You should never have taken me for granted. I have feelings and at least I aired my feelings and loved you unquestionably and unequivocally but the more I aired my feelings and showed you real genuine love, the more you thought you could cheat on me and you thought I could not do without you. Guess what I don’t need her in my life in any way or form and I SHOULD NEVER have let her in my life. She is a thief and a promiscuous sleeping around with every Tom Dick and Harry as long as they can offer her money.

Anyway, Annest Namata has chosen a promiscuous cheap vile living. She will live to regret but that’s her choice. Anyway, she had always lived a promiscuous life while pretending to be honest and a true christian. Good riddance with her slut prostitute life.

Annest doesn’t deserve genuine love at all

She goes to the extent of putting a ring tone on her phone with the lyrics “Praise thee Lord….” That is sheer disgusting hypocrisy. Shebe50ae28ffe5cd6ca2edf56a262b9f4e thinks she is fooling God. She is a living rotten Evil Devil on earth. I say that because of what she did to me to a point of disrespecting my late mothers memories. Who does that?? Who?

God forgives Sinners not Criminals. Annest will not be forgiven. What used to be a sin is now a disease. I hope you see Annest for what she is and people like her. She is a serial cheat, promiscuous, a user, an arrogant hypocrite, and very immoral. She cheats and then goes to church and pretends to be very holly. How immoral is that? You cannot get more immoral and disgusting than that.

 She suffers from “impotence of the heart,” i.e. she is incapable of loving genuinely and instead she seeks to control and manipulate with the sole intention of cheating and stealing at the end of it all.

Well Annest Namata……………………


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Morally Obtuse Annest Namata is two-faced, extremely evil, hypocritical, extremely manipulative with “villager” copycat mannerisms, extremely Morally Corrupt, very Remorseless, Extremely Selfish and very Deceitful; Her looks are very deceptive and very deceiving to the naive uninformed eye. “Caro-Light” bleached skin and maquillage aided looks with no substance other than fleecing men she is sleeping around with can only go so far.

What you see is NOT what you get and she only gets worse with time. I can testify to that plus her past interactions, relationships and partnerships. She flaunts her promiscuity everywhere she goes.

 She exhibits putrefaction everywhere she goes but she thinks and acts like she is the best thing God created thus her obnoxious arrogance.


“Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners”― Laurence Sterne

To judge people by looks is like judging a book by its cover. The cover may appear bright and attractive but the book itself is dark and forbidding, what l would call ‘gold-plated Gothic’. Annest Namata is “gothic”.


Surprisingly she told people (friends and co-workers) that “the lights let her go when she met me, everything changed for the best” but all the while she was cheating on me with several men and stealing money from me. That is her appreciation for what I did for her and for the change I made to her life. I even saved her home from a Bank repossession. Her parents that she disrespects could have lost their house and Annest together with her siblings would have no home today. But does Annest care, she is busy sleeping around and extracting money from men as usual whilst bragging. I loved her when she didn’t have any acknowledgement and respect due to her past and whatever else she had done that she couldn’t tell me. None of her relatives made a change to her life but I did and she chose to betray me and now she is arrogant about it.

Annest Namata is nothing but Evil! Evil to the core. What goes around, comes around. Karma has no deadline. However much she keeps claiming her God is big etc whilst burning bridges by doing people wrong, she is fooling herself and those who don’t know her.

MjAxMy1iMDVlNmVjZDg0MGQ3NDZk Annest Namata  will always be greedy, ignorant, excessively arrogant and will always lack any moral etiquette, remorse and nothing will ever change that. If she was ever to change, she would have changed when she is younger. It is too late now. She pretends otherwise and misleads people into thinking she is a good honest person. Do not be deceived by her pretence. I know better after my experiences in the four years I was with her and how she chose to exploit my trust plus how she stole from me. No one has ever been patient with her like I was. No one has ever been giving to her liker I was. But she still chose to be a thief and promiscuous.




quick facts Here is a summary of the list which I have experienced first hand and I am sure many people who have been through her disgusting drama and hell with her can identify with this despite her pretentious two-faced behaviour and her claims of religious integrity. She has NO integrity at all. I was with her for four and a half years and I can testify to that.

  • She always thinks that her opinion is the only best one and everybody’s opinion is wrong yet she is the most selfish person you will ever meet.
  • She plays the manipulative Blame Game by trying her best to twist the truth and acting very religious to get sympathy from those who do not know the real Annest. As my EX, she is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.
  • She is very delusional. She thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world and therefore thinks everybody else is ugly in comparison to her. She is constantly criticising others as though she is the best to a point of criticising peoples children, wives, etc. She contradicts herself by criticising women’s husbands and yet she goes after them for her love of money. Delusional
  • She always judges others and everything she sees thinking she is very perfect and holy in comparison to others (Very far from reality – She’s evil)
  • Her tongue is a restless evil full of poisonJames 3:8
  • She thinks she has the best of everything ( Unfortunately she is a villager who has just been exposed to material things and some petty money) so she thinks she has it all. That’s why she is constantly shopping for her gold digging to show off and be noticed by men.  That’s what promiscuous gold diggers do.
  • She thinks other people are supposed to follow what she thinks is right when it is very far from being right. She is shallow, small minded, and petty. She has nothing constructive to discuss except gossip, talk about money and men.
  • She is very promiscuous but covers it up with religion by claiming to be “born again/saved”tumblr_m65pgqwBys1qeff0xo1_500 yet she is sleeping around and stealing at any given opportunity. She stole millions from me and destroyed my company and started a company. So where her religious integrity in being a promiscuous thief?
  • She thinks everybody is wrong apart from her. In other words, she thinks she is never wrong because she thinks she is important by association. Deranged/delusional!
  • She is easy to sway and corrupt due to her total lack of morals. She is corrupt and immoral in everything she does.
  • BackbitingShe speaks spitefully and slanders people in their absence. This goes hand in hand with her manipulation of people against each other to antagonise, cause arguments and misunderstandings while she takes advantage of the situation. Her backbiting is a form of delinquent behaviour due to an inferiority complex.

     James 1:26 – If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless.

  • She thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world and poses about it when she actually depends on bleaching creams, maquillage and wearing things that cover-up her flaws but exposes her body parts to accentuate her easy loose promiscuity for men’s attention. What a shame!
  • She says she is very clever and everybody else is stupid. Clever! She is delusional.
  • She says she has the best job and does better than anybody else (delusional thinking again! What is her job?) There are many people with better jobs but they don’t brag.
  • She poses that her children will be the best looking in the world and despises, criticises and judges negatively ALL other people’s wives, husbands and children regardless of who they are. Let us see how her children look like and how clever they will be. WATCH!
  • She lies to those who don’t know that she is of a high-class and high maintenance when her class and etiquette is non-existent apart from her being a villager and has village copy-cat mannerisms (Where does she come from anyway to claim she is high-class? What is her family line for her to claim she is high class?) That’s why she steals to maintain that “deceitful persona”. No wonder she hides her siblings and family who can expose the truth about her because they are humble, honest and constructive people apart from her.
  • She says she has the best taste in everything by being judgemental of everyone else when it is not the case at all  (Listen and learn! ; Watch her villager mannerisms and villager choices when she says “it is nice……” ). Every sentence she starts “For me, For us…..”
  • She claims and acts like she is the cleanest person on earth and everybody else is dirty (delusional thinking!) When I met her she was dirty in parts and she learned a lot along the way. She is someone who would sleep with dirty feet, walk around with dirty feet like the nairobi prostitutes and she has the guts to boast now. She couldn’t even keep the microwave clean because she didn’t know how it can be cleaned, the kitchen is dirty, etc. Up this day she goes to the loo and leaves without washing her hands. Let her dare say she is clean and everybody else is dirty.dirty microwave
  • This is how she would leave the microwave all dirty and she has the audacity to brag that she is clean. I even taught her how to use a microwave but she’s busy bragging now.
  • She succumbs and “kisses ass” to the supposed authority for her own selfish little images (8)miniature material gain and for show of perceived authority, class and to steal money (She is excessively greedy and selfish) by constantly manipulating authority and manipulating people against each other. She manipulates people against each other everywhere she goes in order to antagonise and get away with the wrong she is doing/has done and the thefts she has carried out. This is something she has always done in her life, always causing arguments, misunderstandings and fights.
  • She will do anything to associate with certain people with the ultimate aim of getting name-droppingmoney that she will steal and material gain only and or favours for example, she constantly told me ” I am working in this company only for money that I will get on the side”. She constantly name drops because she thinks it makes her important. “I work for so and so”, “I work in this …”, “I cannot be touched”, “I am a Munyankore”, “Nothing can happen to me”, “I have a big God”, etc. As result of people like her tribe dropping, boasting and expecting preferential treatment, the President in his speech once asked “What is in a tribe?” And he is right; What is in a tribe? Annest Namata now forgets where she came from and what her upbringing was like and when I met her what her state was, What state was she in when I met her? What did she have when I met her? Where was she living? Did she have any respect when I met her? People knew what she used to do and didn’t have respect for her at all. She even sent me an SMS and said “people are now respecting me because of what you’ve changed me into and what you have done for me in a short period of time”. Today she claims I made her suffer. But she still stole from me and continued her loose promiscuity with several men behind my back and ultimately betrayed me. EVIL!
  • images (1)
  • Worst of all she is extremely manipulative in any given situation be it a personal setting or office/professional setting. When she is the one who has done wrong, she always plays the victim and will do anything to turn the tables and blames someone else for doing wrong or the very person she has done wrong. She is very evil and deceptive but claims she is God-fearing and “Saved”.
  • She acts like she knows it all, has it all and acts like she was born in priviledge but at images (16)the same time contradicts herself when she shows her lack of know how with simple basic things or when she opens her mouth to talk, you can tell what she is “a wannabe” gold digger.
  • She is a promiscuous Gold Digger that aims to get money, material things and a foreign DGJpassport by deceitfully conning people who live out of Uganda. Her aim was to use me to get money, boast around town, get a foreign passport but her deceitful ways were obvious to me from the start and God saved me from what was worse to come from her. She confirmed it herself before I said anything or even thought about it, she sent me mail “You think I wanted you for your passport?  How could I marry someone who is sleeping around with any sort of man even”handy men” for money and material things, talking dirty about you and stealing from you, sexting men? Annest Namata is NOT relationship/wife material at all.Promiscuity
  • She thinks she has the best of everything as she always says I quote; “Me I know good things”, “I have good taste”, “I am the most presentable in the company”, “men give me good things because they want me”, “Me I know fashion”, “Me I have high standards” (Standards of sleeping around?), ” I am the only beautiful one in the company I work in”, “People look at me and think am rich”, “People look at us because of me, I look good and beautiful”, etc. She knows very little and is embarrassing. She is a copy-cat wannabe and copies other peoples ideas. Well, Annest, men give you what you refer to as good material things because they know you are cheap and materialistic. She is a villager and little miniature things make her feel wanted. That’s why she can make statements like “every man wants to sleep with me”. How cheap and vile!

evil Basically, she has great delusions of grandeur and excessive disgusting vile arrogance and evil mannerisms, yet she is very promiscuous. What is there to be arrogant about? Being a Slut around town?

 Even in her work environment, there are people who cannot stand working with her. I have people who could not work with me in my business because of her. They could not stand her sheer worthless arrogance, rudeness and deceit.

 When she gets a little attention from men and boys as she refers to them by flaunting herself and wearing enticing revealing tight clothes, showing her body parts, she thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Everywhere she goes, she is not ashamed to tell someone that a man wants her.Photo-0057 - Copy How cheap can you be to think that everywhere you go, a man wants you? She treats herself like a piece of thing to be wanted by men. That is all she thinks. But this is because she is promiscuous. She loves money too much over anything. So she is constantly looking for men to have promiscuous affairs with to get money and material things for using her body. A worthwhile respectable decent woman would not think every man wants her and go to the extent of telling people. She actually thinks it is great to tell people how men want her and what she has done with men. She has NO SELF RESPECT at all. Damn foolish and very cheap to think like that.

According to her when men look at her, they want her and she proudly tells people that men want her and she feels great about it. Everywhere she goes, she says men want her. That’s why she tells people e.g. her colleagues “that man wants me”. She told me “everywhere I go men want me”. “I can’t stop men from loving me”, “every boy and man wants me because I am beautiful“, “every man wants to marry me”. It’s all stupidly laughable to say the least. Well, Annest keep flaunting yourself and giving yourself to who ever pays and looks at you or gives you attention.IMMORAL

That’s the rhetoric of a very promiscuous cheap Annest Namata. If you have any moral values, you can’t think like that and utter it and feel proud of it.

Real Happiness and joy always eludes a narcissistic hypocrite like Annest Namata and anyone who associates with her closely because she will always create issues and drama, she will always be selfish, deceitful and a cheat in any relationship no matter what you do for her.

I did everything for her and gave her everything and loved her so much BUT she did not appreciate and still cheated, stole from me and constantly created drama all the while begging me to start a family with her and marriage. It was all in order to solidify her materialism and theft long-term. How can you marry a promiscuous cheat, thief who is constantly deceitful and evasive? I tried everything because I was very patient. She just cannot be straight forward at all no matter what you do. Many men have tried before me but her character cannot be changed. Annest Namata is simply a Promiscuous, Materialistic, Selfish, excessively arrogant Gold Digger.

advice In Life, you have to look out for very vile deceptive evil people like Annest Namata because even the Devil was once an Angel. Annest Namata PRETENDS to love and respect people only for what they have, their Bank statement and what she can get from them at the time – Gold Digger. She is a Judas and has no morals, she is remorseless and lacks any empathy.

DELUSIONAL Due to Annest Namata’s delusions of grandeur, she thought my status was about her and determined by her.  She actually thinks she can determine any persons status. There is absolutely no way she can determine anyone’s status if you listen and learn. She thinks many other people’s statuses are about her and determined by her.

Annest Namata is a walking and talking contradiction with very evil vindictive rotten mannerisms.

She talks the talk but cannot walk the walk as an honest genuine person. There is nothing genuine and honest about her. Her lack of morals is the lack of religious principles. So she should not fool anyone into believing that she is religious and trustworthy in any way or form. If she was honest, religious and honest, she would not be remorseless, she would not steal, she would not cheat and she would respect herself or at least respect her parents and siblings.

Looks greatly aided by maquillage/makeup, bleaching and wrinkle creams cannot come before morals in any society. Face with no substance and evil rotten manners and primitive attitude. 

Like someone who knows her all so well told me and wrote to me recently I quote “Annest Namata has game – If you do not know her well, She can fool a fly to fly upside down.” This statement from herUGLY PERSONALITY friend explains why Annest is a thief and a serial cheat, very promiscuous but she fools people who don’t know her into believing she is genuine, honest, religious and trustworthy.

The truth is she lives a very deceitful promiscuous life and that is why she is very secretive and evasive to the truth about her and her past. This Blog explores the whole truth about the promiscuous deceitful Annest Namata the Gold Digger. The real truth about the heartless thieving Annest Namata will be revealed. A perceived supposed bleached skin person with no substance but promiscuous Gold Digging immorality is worthless to the principled. Her excessive love of money and material things is what guides her immorality and deceit while she hides behind religion. Never believe her religious rants.

Look at her past. Like the old saying goes, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”; Once a thief, always a thief. She has snuck around other boyfriends in the past?  So she is comfortable with cheating and sleeping around and justifies it by turning Marriagethe tables and claiming she was honest, mistreated and cheatedTotal Lies. She is the one who sleeps around all the time. There is no way any principled ethical respectable man would want a long term relationship with her after finding out she sleeps around and is a thief. She thinks the truth never comes out.

Don’t delude yourself into thinking that Annest Namata would never cheat. Do not delude yourself into thinking she would be loyal to you regardless of who you are or think you are. Even if you married her now, today, tomorrow, etc she’ll still sleep around and steal. Whether you work with her and or employ her, she will manipulate and steal from you at some stage after making you THINK she is trust worthy. What a grave mistake she is!

Her Delusions of grandeur and her excessive materialism, gold digging and complete lack of morals do not leave room for any kind of legit integrity, honesty and loyalty. She hides behind religion and pretends to be religious. DON’T believe her lies and pretence.

Her body which she has flaunted all over the place is her only card on the table, to all the men she is having affairs with. She doesn’t have anything else to offer other than waiting for the opportunity to steal and get material things and money under the disguise of what she tells men “I know business”; “you can trust me”; everybody trusts me”, “I am a business woman, “I am independent”, “I am a manager”, etc. When they are tired of the body she is offering them as her main card, they will be moving on. Before that, she will have stolen already.

I am good in bed Annest Namata has been heard talking in public boasting loudly that she is good in bed and men want her because of that. How cheap and a low life. It doesn’t get any worse than that. But how cheap can one be as to brag that “I am good in bed”? Let’s get real, No matter how much she praises herself as she does in everything else, there are very many other women that can be better, satisfying, very inventive and much much better. If she was good, she would have been married a long time ago. But then again, how do you marry a slutty woman who sleeps around and is a thief? (Excuse my honesty). If Annest is as good as she is making people think, then why did her sister manage to take a man she was engaged to away from her and the sister is still happily married to the man with a family? WHY? She ought to know that sex does not get you a man long term. Nevertheless, the experience with Annest Namata is nothing to talk about. She is quick to talk about a man’s performance while neglecting the fact that she could do with a lot of improvement. However, sex does not make a man love you. But she thinks sleeping around makes men love her. That’s why she acts like a sl*t she is. So Annest can go on yet again with her delusional wishful thinking that she is good in bed. Even if she exposes her sluttiness, only those who go for sluts like her would be in that class.

She can go on claiming that I want her back all she wants. The FACT is I DON’T want her back. I DON’T even want her friendship. I told her I don’t need her worthless Gold Digging friendship either. I don’t need her slutty friendship in any form and I DON’T share. There are very many real beautiful respectable women in the world with manners, self-esteem and self-respect. So why would I want her abused and used body shared by several men? No wonder her skin ruptures out with pimples due to all the men she sleeps around with. Now she is busy bleaching.

Even street prostitutes don’t talk about their sexcapades in public.ARROGANCE OF IGNORANCE

A woman who is strong in her sense of self, not critical of others, not arrogant, respects herself, not materialistic, not a Gold digger and forgiving when things go wrong, is an asset. Look around you. DO NOT EXPECT ARROGANT ANNEST NAMATA TO HAVE ANY SENSE OF MORALITY AND SELF RESPECT. SHE HAS NO MORAL FIBRE IN HER. SHE IS AN EVIL GOLD DIGGER. She pretends to be religious when it suits her.

A man of distinction wants a good quality woman with etiquette, self-esteem and self-respect for friendship and marriage not a money minded gold digging slut.



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