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images (81)  A real relationship has laughs, fights, trust, faith, tears, pain, arguments, patience, secrets, jealousy and love. A relationship is simply work in progress.

You think you know someone you are in love with and when you need them most, like Annest Namata had convinced me to trust her, lied to me that she was different from everybody else, claimed she was humble because she came from a humble poor family, claiming she grew up in a monastery with Nuns, etc. Then I find out that she was doing the very things she said and vowed she wouldn’t do and worse behind my back. The term “SHAME” has never and will never exist in Annest Namata’s vocabulary and existence regardless of what she does because she has been promiscuous and a thief for far too long.

To judge people by their looks is like judging a book by its cover. The cover may appear bright and attractive to you like Annest Namata uses cheap Caro light bleaching creams but inside, she is dark and forbidding, what l call ‘fake delusional bleached Gothic’

GOD IS NOT LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WITH THE PERFECT PERFORMANCE BUT SOMEONE WITH THE RIGHT HONEST HEART. So the promiscuous performer Annest Namata is lying to herself and to you who has fallen for all her lies, deceit and ignorance.

It is astonishing that she has NO appreciation for all I did for her, how far I had brought her. Her thank you was lies, deceit, deception, theft and promiscuity. Wow!! Here is an email of her asking me to pay her 83 Million shillings after she has stolen money from. How can I pay a THIEF for stealing from me. Delusional!

—–Original Message——————————————————————–images (60)

From: Annest Namata
To: Patric
Sent: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 12:49
Subject: Re: My Stuff

You are amazing!

Am not handing over any csl (CorporateShield Ltd) things until we settle our issues about
that. I want to know your side now. Are you paying me or  you have
different option of imprisoning me….. Bra bra that won’t work if you are
working with your stupid auditor ………………………………………………….

A car is a liability and so it depreciates my dear. Right now it’s
worth only 10 million without the engine that got a problem completely.
So 18 million from where..

Sent from my iPad ————————————————————————


Annest, Brag now. Show your arrogance now. She thinks she is superficiality divine. Well prove who is stupid the Auditor or Annest Namata.

I asked her hand for marriage and we were engaged to be married, she even told her friends, neighbours and colleagues, she would wear jewellery with my initials, kneel for me, etc but she has the guts to say that “I made her a slave”, “I made her suffer”, etc. It is  all deceit. She is simply a SLUT. All she does is sleep around for money. I don’t need a promiscuous Gold Digger in my life who sells her body.

She has no morals and social etiquette. She constantly gives people the silent treatment even in the office and she will go to a great extent to please the men she is having affairs with. She would give me silent treatment from time to time all the while living a good life but getting out of her way to please the side affairs she is having with different men. How dare Annest give them my money she was stealing plus giving them my cars I was buying for her to drive. She is filthy disgusting to say the least.

You wonder why Annest would cheat on me, steal money from me, steal from my mother’s estate, etc and give Follow your heart but take your Brain with youit to “Boys” that she calls friends/business partners around town as she refers to them, planning what to do with them with my money, taking them to my land and planning with them what to do on my land. All the while she was lying to me and writing to me that she wants to help me to do something else e.g. build.  I know her intention was to use my money while claiming she is helping me and then claim the property and the land as her own just like she claimed that she contributed half to my business but cannot prove it. Annest Namata is evil, nothing but evil with a very ugly character and personality. Most of all she is a manipulating thief.

I have never expected so much better and so much from someone like I did with her. My family too expected so much more from her. Annest Namata is the worst hypocritical evil person you can ever come across.

You will never know what Annest Namata is doing behind your back or in your absence. What she tells you, will be different from what her agenda is. Even in your presence, she will be plotting the wrong against you for her own gain. Rest assured, she will do you wrong, cheat you, hurt you eventually no matter who or what you may be. If you have any principles, DO NOT believe her hypocrisy and pretence.

She will lie and deceive and sneak behind your back but she’ll continue claiming/acting she is trustworthy, saved, born again and a good person all the while doing you wrong.0


She moved out of my house and I found so many men’s contacts for her promiscuous errands. Why men only?  She is disgusting and evil to the core.

It is people like her who are messing up the moral code of the world today. Her guilty conscience makes her think everyone cheats like she does.

Annest Namata is heartless, spiteful, remorseless and extremely selfish BUT will make you think she is the best person you will ever meet. She will make you think she is loyal. She is vile and a very promiscuous gold digger..

When you’re selfish, greedy and promiscuous like Annest Namata, children learn from what they see. She is constantly on the phone because she is enjoying the male attention, being dropped/picked up by this man, that man, meeting this man and the other, etc. She is very promiscuous but she thinks she is so great. So imagine her as a mother. What example will she be to children? She can even abandon her own child(ren) because she is so excessively selfish and heartless with no sense of empathy.

 If you ever want to see a persons true Nature, just expose them to Money. I exposed and trusted Annest Namata with money, she became delusional and turned against me to a point that she was stealing my money while lying to me and pleasing men around kampala. BUT I know Karma will punish her. There is no doubt about that.

Lack of Whatever you do for Annest Namata, she will NEVER EVER appreciate no matter what you do. I gave her everything, gave her all the attention more than she ever had, loved her so much, brought her from so far when she had nothing and did everything but she still found reason to sleep around and steal from me andimages (10) ultimately betray me. No doubt Karma will take effect.


images (8)She had the audacity to ask me one time “If you found out I was sleeping around, would you stay with me?” What a slut she is ! Utterly disgusting. How can anyone ask her fiance such a question?

images (5)

With all the love and attention and everything else I gave her, if she believed in her delusional lies about her going to Hollywood to give birth to twins in her delusions, she would not be promiscuous around  cheating on me with every Tom, Dick and Harry thinking I would not find out eventually. The truth always comes out. Annest Namata is morally obtuse. I cannot lower my standards any longer.

To you who is falling for her false pretentious deceitful charm, lies and deceit, I suggest you get a reality check, look critically into her entire relationship history trail whether personal or professional of all the burned bridges because history determines the future but most important of all steer clear of her village mannerisms, ignorance, disturbing worthless excessive arrogance, sheer hypocrisy, promiscuity and utterly troubled deceiving contradictory persona with no etiquette and stuck-up rotten vile mannerisms. Amazingly, she herself says history repeats itself referring to herself. She does not have the patience to carry on with one partner in a relationship. Every day means a new ‘catch’ to her.

Below are sample E-mails of Annest Namata’s delusional thinking and ignorant arrogance after stealing from me and betraying me:-images (61)

—–Original Message————
From: namata annest
To: Patric Mutabazi

Sent: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 20:13

Subject: Re: Yes, I am going to heaven because i accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour


—–Original Message———————–E-mail Icon

From: namata annest
To: Patric Mutabazi 
Sent: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 10:56
Subject: Re: I will win.

Yes all impossibility on my side will be possible especially in front of Commissioner of Police Economic crimes at CID Head Quarters. God will help me to win this case and you will pay me… just be ready. (DECEITFUL GOLD DIGGER) HOW DO YOU PAY BACK A THIEF? Annest Namata is delusional.

I made a crime for not taking everything from you.


—–Original Message————-reply

From: Patric Mutabazi
To: namata annest

Sent: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 11:50
Subject: Re: I will win.

Dream on. You can try fooling yourself by hiding behind religion. You are a promiscuous thief and I have the evidence. I will NOT pay you a penny. You steal hundreds of millions from my business  and my account and then think you can demand 83 million shillings from me. You are asking me for 83 Million shillings you stole from me to give the man you ran to and he stole it from you. Idiot. So you better get ready to pay even what you don’t have because you will account for every penny and the land you purchased using my money you stole bloody thief. You will also pay back the 42 Million you stole to buy shares and interest plus my car you stole.


She wrote these emails after cheating on me with several men, stealing money from my late mother’s estate, stealing hundred of millions from my business account, stealing from my business, disrespecting my late mother and destroying my company intentionally. Is that all good in Gods eyes? People who go to heaven are not thieves, deceitful, evil, selfish and promiscuous like her. She is not the one to determine if she will go to heaven or not. But I know an evil deceitful thief like Annest Namata cannot go to heaven. What goes around always comes around. Annest Namata is a thief and she will pay for her deceit and thefts.

MONEYHUNGRY3  She is very materialistic. She judges others by acquisition of material things. That explains why she is always shopping to impress. She thinks everybody is moved by the cheap things she acquires. In any way she gets most of them on credit and she is hounded by the shop owners who demand their money. All the while she is busy showing off petty things like the cheap chinese or south african made clothes, shoes, etc.

 I will quote what a lady who is Annest Namata’s friend said to me recently; “She is a typical materialistic woman. So soft-spoken, born again, that one would never imagine how dangerous she is. I will tell you more about her”  “Don’t judge her by what you see because what she let’s you see is not true.” 

“Do good to people when going up because they will be the very people you will find when coming Down”. But Annest chose to use me, lie to me, betray me, cheat on me and ultimately steal from me the person who got her to where she is at today. And she is boasting about it. Good! Well done Annest Namata. The end justifies the means. She can go on exposing her selfish ignorance.


Annest, Thank you for `making deceitful promises and not meeting my expectations and the expectations of many elders but pretending to be what you are not in
order to be able to steal from me and sleep around behind my back. Annest Namata is never a failure at being a great disappointment by using people, cheating people and cheating on them.

Annest should NOT think my heart is/was a theatre for her lies and deception because she will end up watching her promiscuous play in her heart.

People base their whole relationship on sex and do not realise that when the passion disappears, there is nothing left but each other’s personality to live with.

So when the light shows Annest Namata for who she truly is i.e.a Gold Digger plus her nasty ugly personality, that’s when you realise the gravest mistake you have made.

She obviously has self-esteem, stability and loyalty issues. She hardly ever apologetic of her actions or regretful of the pain she causes. If she apologises, it’s all lies. She simply doesn’t care because she is evil, selfish and it is time you expressed gratitude towards God for knowing it now than being oblivious to it for longer. However, it is extremely unfortunate that I became a victim of her own sufferings. She is a vile evil remorseless character as a result of her upbringing.

THE REAL ANNEST NAMATA-SLUT She made all sorts of promises about being religious, coming from a humble family, being loyal in a relationship etc. She went as far as kneel for me whenever she was giving me something. She is simply a pretentious promiscuous thief.

 People change. Feelings change. Lovers drift. Friends and lovers become enemies but the real true loyal honest remain in your life.

There is nothing loyal and honest about cheap materialistic promiscuous Annest Namata.




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