13 Apr

“I DON’T DO WHAT YOU DO is what Annest says when she is guilty of CHEATING ON YOU and cannot explain and neither can she give evidence to back up her deceitful lies that she is not.

A case in point is when I found out she was cheating on me and when I found out she was going to her errands on one of her side affairs, her immediate defence was “Don’t I have a right to sell pictures of my body if I want to?”; “I don’t do what you do”. Up to this day her defence is the use of the same catchphrase.

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE is her most identifiable statement after she has used a man by having a side affair withimages (52) him, led him on, exploited him, led him to think he is the one she loves exclusively, got money and material things from him but expects to continue being his friend with benefits, etc. I am sure men she has said it to who are reading this will know what I am writing about. She is very very cheap, disgusting and vile. She is in effect a Sl*t and Gold Digger.

If she dare deny this, I have a video live recording of her saying it in my presence to a man thinking I didn’t know what she was doing.

images-7It was all a matter of her being caught out and she utters/says things without thinking but that is the best time because I was able to get the real truth about what she is and what she does right from the horses mouth.

The most annoying thing about all this is, I was extremely loyal to her in the relationship. I never cheated and never even thought about cheating at all as a matter of principle. But all the while throughout the relationship, she was cheating on me with every Tom, Dick and Harry. It is unbelievable how some women like her can reduce themselves to that level and have no self-respect at all. In this day and age, you would expect a person who is educated to respect themselves and do things with dignity for health reasons. The question is, how educated is she? Having a degree from Makerere BA Arts does not say much. But she does disgusting things and continues to hold her head high and carries on being arrogant. She thinks everybody is ignorant about what she is doing/or does and how she is being excessively promiscuous.

Her selfish Narcissistic ego and sheer arrogance does not let her think logically. But then again, it’s because she does not want to acknowledge her problem and the way she carries herself. After doing all these disgusting things, she continues being arrogant and thinks and acts like she is growing younger nad better than anyone else. Surprisingly, she claims she had misplaced her birth certificate, so she decided to reduce her age by one year. How daft! She has been decreasing her age for a number of years. If she meets you and you dont know her, she will tell a younger age that suits her purpose. If she goes to a new place, she will tell a younger age. How disgusting is that?


I trusted Annest too much, loved her too much, hoped for too much and that “too much” is what is the biggest problem. All the while she was using me as a stepping stone and at the same time she was belittling me to her friends/relations and destroying my name too. All for loving her genuinely and doing for her what no one ever did for her and for providing for her as part of me.

Sadly, her ego and arrogance are clogging her reality. She thinks she is the best thing that God ever created and that is why she goes around pissing off and manipulating everybody whilst being promiscuous.

People like her are like pennies, two-faced and worthless. I should NEVER have treasured her at all. All she loves is money and materialism over anything else. She should not fool anyone that she loves them. All she is after is their money and material things. She will fool you into loving her when all she wants to use you as a stepping stone to the next man who can provide her with money and material things. That’s as good as prostitution. To Annest, sleeping around is normal as a Gold Digger.

NOTE:  For all those who think that this Blog is a “cry baby endeavour” for use of the Ugandan phrase, think again. I am stating the facts as they are. This is the reality of what Annest Namata is. I am not seeking ‘attention for anyone to side with me. If you don’t ‘want to believe, it is your prerogative BUT you’ll learn the hard way. I didn’t listen to Annest Namata’s ex-boyfriend  who warned me time and time again. She did the very things he warned me about and worse. If you want to promote Annest Namata’s promiscuity/sleeping around for money, well and good for you. If you want her to use you, good for you.


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