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 THE ARROGANCE OF IGNORANCE:  Annest Namata is a serial promiscuous cheat and she will NEVER change. She thinks she can use sex to get anything and maintain a relationship while she is sleeping around with every Tom, Dick and Harry and all the while stealing your money and material things. BUT ALL THE WHILE SHE WILL ACT AND PRETEND SHE IS TRUSTWORTHY WITH MORALS. DO NOT FALL FOR HER PRETENCE AND LIES.


 Though Annest  plays the innocent victim and acts religious, she lives a double life as in habitual cheating and then testing her ability to make up believable lies.  She does not feel bad when her actions hurt you due to her total luck of empathy, remorse and her selfishness and not bad enough to quit lying, cheating and deceiving.

 The people she hangs out with are predominantly male. She justifies this by claiming that her would be female friends are jealous of her because she is beautiful. #Delusional! There are far much better real naturally beautiful women than she will ever be.

She keeps old boyfriends(!) and claims they are her friends/Business partners. What business, you should Marriageask yourself. She may still be listening to their problems. She likes being with men and needs their attention.  Long after she says an old romance is over, they still have secret their intimate moments.  She doesn’t consider this cheating because in her deranged delusional selfish mind, this is just a friend/Business partner as she introduces them to her friends and colleagues.

Obviously her role model(s) did not honour fidelity.  She may have even been put in a place where she had to lie for them to cover up what they were doing as she was growing up.  Her upbringing is full of immorality. This has led her to believe that there is actually nothing wrong with cheating, being promiscuous and denying it whilst using religion as a cover for her deceit.

If she has cheated on all the others in all her previous relationships, used them and stolen from them, what HER LOVE OF MONEYmakes you think she will not cheat on you, sleep around, use you and steal from you? What makes you think she will stop being promiscuous today? Are you any different? Are you so special? So you may think.

To Annest Namata, you are a Money and Materialistic object. She is after your wallet, material possessions and ATM.

She thinks she is more desirable than all women because she has many men in love with her as she claims due to her sleeping around. She is constantly craving male attention for material gain and money. That goes to explain why she said to me when I questioned the male attention and information getting to me; “I cannot stop men from loving me”; “Many men want me because I am beautiful”. She told her friends “I have many boys and men who want me because I am beautiful”. What commitment can you have from her with that kind of cheap thinking/attitude? She seems to think she is very divine but contradicts herself by presenting herself like an object.

SAVE YOUR HEART She is masterful at choosing guys, making them needy and making each one feel and believe he is the one she loves in a monogamous relationship.  Her lack of self-esteem and emotional survival are based on having multiple men declare their unconditional love whilst she is proclaiming religious intentions to those who don’t know her ways. She thinks of herself as a maverick and a rule breaker, and having only one boyfriend is for “other” people.  Detached yet emotionally demanding, she checks in with each guy she is having an affair with often and on a regular basis. Thus her regular sexting, phone sex and the several email accounts that she has. She uses different email addresses for the different men until she makes a mistake.

 Annest Namata engages in calculated seduction. While she is trying to hook you, she is extremely attentive. She will shower you with deceitful flattery and what appears to be affection whilst playing the religious pretence card. But she has an agenda. You have something she wants. She will keep pouring it on until she convinces you that she is genuine, trustworthy and honest. Do not believe her seductive lies at all unless you want to be one of her victims.

If you fall for her total lack of fleshly restraint, good luck to you for you will be sharing her with many other men and will be manipulated and used with great disappointment in the end. After all, she said to me, “how can I stop men from loving me?”  That’s a statement of a promiscuous woman with no morals. So make an informed choice.

Annest Namata operates from her own “Sociopathic, selfish evil Gold Digging playbook”.   She ALWAYS exhibits the following Serial Cheating behaviours:-

  • Enormous deceitful Ego: She acts like the smartest, most knowledgeable, richest or most successful and she may tell you about her supposed successes. They are all lies.
  • Overly Attentive: Initially, she will call, skype, text, message and e-mail constantly. She will resent the time you spend with your family and friends and turn it/use it against you. That’s all in order to trap you. Beware.
  • **Her Jekyll and Hyde Personality: After a while, one minute she will pretend to love you; the Jekyll_Hide personalitynext minute she will hate you. This is proof she is guilty of something i.e. she is cheating on you. She will be religious one minute and be evil the next. Her personality is very contradictory. Her evil personality changes like a flipping switch. Even her pose for photographs is all deceitful giving an impression of a polite nice person when she is NOT at all. Her body language(constantly flaunting herself), the way she dresses and her walk (Seductive SLUT WALK) give you the answer – PROMISCUOUS!
  • Lies and Gaps in her stories: When you ask her questions, the answers are vague or she will claim she doesn’t want to be reminded of the past. She is never straight forward. She tells contradictory and outrageous lies. She lies when she would be better telling the truth.
  • Blame Game: Nothing is ever her fault. According to her, she is never wrong and claims she never does anyone wrong. Yet she does it all the time. She will always have an excuse. She claims that someone always causes her problems/issues.
  • Intentional eye contact: I call it a predatory stare. If you get a chill down your spine when she looks at you, pay attention, it is not a genuine stare/look. Her look is meant to seduce you deceitfully because she wants to get something from you. I know someone she has known for a couple of years but never looks at the person in the eye.
  • Moves fast: She will quickly proclaim that you are her true love and soul mate or family. She wants to move in together or get married quickly and have a child(ren), twins. She will quickly refer to you as her husband. Get to know that she wants something from you – Material things and money as always.(Gold Digger).
  • Pity Play: She will try hard to appeal to your sympathy. She wants you to feel sorry for her upbringing/childhood, her lies about the her childhood, her Ex’s, or financial setbacks, etc. It is all meant to trap you. Do not believe her manipulative lies.
  • She is very Vain: She wants something you have and she can get from you i.e. she will use you. She will try her best to attract your attention by what she does and how she does it plus how she dresses, flaunting her body parts, constantly admiring herself in the mirrors(vain), exaggerating her slutty walk, wearing your name initials on her necklaces,- Don’t be fooled. They are all her promiscuous tricks to lure you to make you believe she loves.
  • Very Evasive: She is always very secretive and evasive about everything she does but expects you to trust her and be transparent thus creating mutual suspicion and hostility. But she will turn the tables against you and say you are possessive and not down to earth.
  • She will twist every single bit of your words to better fit her version of  the story and communicate that “story” with lots of passion to her so called “friends” and “family” like it is true.
  • She started going home later than usual. Excuses of working late or hanging around with “friends” after work which she was not doing before. When asked why she is always going home late out of honest concern for her safety (talking about 1am plus everyday), her answer was “You want me to stay home all the time”; “You don’t want me to work”. I didn’t even say/suggest any of that. I fully supported her self-development and proved it by the support she got from me right from day one but she can’t appreciate. All the late nights were nights with men.
  • She was often unavailable at work despite claiming she was going to the office and on her return, she claimed the phones at work were not working and her Cellphone was not charged yet she had a mains charger in the car.
  • Not returning phone calls or picking them and claiming she was in meetings even when she was on the road BUT returns the calls when it suits her and claims it  is the network. That’s part of her promiscuous antics. She does not have any etiquette socially or professionally.
  • She claimed she was attending more work functions alone because she is the most beautiful and presentable in the company. Deranged and Delusional!
  • She claimed she was going on Trips which cheating trait I had warned her against right at the start of our relationship which would repeat history but that’s exactly what she did. (Why make herself so cheap?).
  • Business Slut – She claimed she was always attending meetings. Her Delusional meetings. She thinks meetings make her important.
  • She claimed the event functions she organised went on into the wee hours of the morning. All deceitful promiscuous lies.
  • She created  abnormal work hours and claimed she was in the office on the weekends and late night in order to carry out her promiscuous trysts. I know she was not in the office.
  • Always looked for an opportunity to start aimless stupid arguments with me, if ARROGANCE OF IGNORANCEshe failed to provoke me, then she would start a shouting rant and then turn it round like it’s me causing the argument to augment her side cheating affairs. This is her main character flow in every relationship followed by her stupid shallow apologies.
  • While she claimed she was in the office working after office hours, she was in Malls and residential car parks waiting for men or sleeping around. She was seen by several people doing this and I have the witnesses to prove it. There are many times she called or I called her when she was with other men cheating on me – Cheap Slut.
  • Despite all I was doing for her, she was not appreciative, she bad mouthed me and spread vicious lies to her friends and colleagues behind my back. Well this Blog will bring out all the truth and expose her lies and deceitful promiscuous life despite hiding behind religion. There is a reason why people are generous.


She trumpets all her little delusional achievements and possessions even when she is not asked. That’s why she has very little respect from those who know her well except for those who believe her lies and do not know the real Annest Namata but think they do.

She has no morals and is very ill mannered. Her actions and all that she did behind my back whilst I was loving her genuinely, will come back one day to bite her! Karma is the best answer and has no deadline. It is not worth descending to her cheap vindictive level.


Annest Namata has an attitude that demonstrates “the world revolves around me” and “you need to cater to my ideals, my promiscuity, ignorant opinions, immoral vile thoughts, arrogance and feelings.”

All actions have consequences. Some people like Annest have the view “what my partner doesn’t see and doesn’t know won’t hurt him” like she did in my case. But even if you get away with it now, it will catch up with you at some point. What goes around comes around despite Annest Namata thinking she is very special. Special for being a promiscuous thief?

I will never let Annest Namata’s deceit, promiscuity, ignorance, evil arrogance, hate, drama or negativity stop me from being the best person I can be.

I loved and trusted her more than she ever deserved. Her evil deceitful mannerisms will come back to haunt her two-fold. It’s a basic law of karma.



This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life Character Revelation.

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 One would expect Annest Namata who is excessively and obnoxiously arrogant, cocky and self-conceited, to match that arrogance with excellence in all faculties.

 Surprisingly or not, you don’t get that expected excellence from Annest Namata at all. She is hot air with no substance despite being full of herself i.e. excessively arrogant. She has no intellectual curiosity. All the four years we were together she never read a book, novel or magazine. All she used to do is ask me to buy her the (O)Oprah magazine so that she can copy how people dress so that she can boast “Me I know fashion”, “me I have style”. #SHAME.

 That is why she talks Luganda most of the time even to people who are not Baganda all because her English is an embarrassment. Sadly, when she speaks english, she fakes an accent and that makes herself look damn foolish to say the least. Every sentence she starts “For me”; “For us..” What’s that all about?images (11)

In actual fact, you end up feeling embarrassed on her behalf. But her haughty worthless arrogance still goes on unbeknown to those who don’t know her well. Eventually they find out the hard way when they are betrayed or let down or disappointed gravely because she is a promiscuous Gold Digger. That is why you find her using “Luganda” much more than English. As I told her she can go look for a thief to marry her.

I was not judgemental of her English and that is why I was in a relationship with her. When you treat her with respect, she reciprocates with disrespect. She thinks she is the best thing in the world. What sparked this blog post was her criticising a small mistake and acting like she is the best at English. So I will reveal her English issues. If anything I taught her so much about English. She could not construct proper English sentences or write it properly but today she is busy bragging.

Keeping abreast of all her worthless haughty ignorant arrogance, she uses English wrongly alas her continual murder of English. No wonder she is always talking Luganda to people who are not Baganda even when they attempt to talk to her in English. She is not a muganda, so why insinuate that she is?


 Here is a sample of her written/spoken English, spellings and pronunciations, grammar in bold letters:-

Bra Bra Bra” instead of Blah Blah Blah; “Wardinstead of Word; “Limargine” instead of imagineProbrem instead of problem “Fright instead of flight; “Itengrity instead of integrity”;Donky instead of Donkey”; “Erection instead of election; Crean instead of Clean;Eath” instead of earth”;Tax instead of Taxi;  Absession instead of obsession”; Loom instead of Room; “Flom” instead of from; Rydia instead Lydia;You no nothing instead of “You know nothing“; “Crapping instead of clapping”;Aeloplane instead of Aeroplane”; “Morning” instead of mourning

She writes and says “Virrage” instead of village”; Virrager instead of villager; Humbring instead of humbling; Rerocate instead relocate;Abud” instead of Abdul“; Erapse instead of elapse”;Soorry” instead tone_comedy1382055180Murder-of-Englishof sorry”; Lematch instead of rematch; “Tith instead of Tithe”; “I hear that..”(direct translation of “mbu” in luganda);  “I hate I know much people“; “crap instead of clap”;My Sloat is paining” (here she is supposed to write and say throat);Hypocrate instead of hypocrite”; “Fliday” instead of friday ;”Jerous” instead of jealous;Mouthings“; “Preasure instead of pleasure”;Regrate” instead of regret;Necked “;  “Sham full instead of shamefulPad rock instead of padlock;Saterday” instead of saturday;Mart” instead of mat;an fair” instead of unfair; Engrish instead of English; Loll instead of Roll; “Priz” instead of Please; “Rirri” instead of Really;”Resamble” instead of resemble; “Lair” instead of liar ; “Transifer” instead of transfer;Bard instead of Bad; “Shandariya” instead of Chandlier;vission” instead of vision;Spie” instead of spy;Remenber” instead of remember;Ware house” instead of warehouse;Cereblate” instead of celebrate; “Celemony” instead of ceremony;Toped up“; “Satified” instead of Certified;Barging” instead of bugging; “Chessing” instead of chasing;Sparkring” instead of sparkling”;Brack” instead of black”;BrackBelly instead of BlackBerry”; Grobarry” instead of Globally, “Exagulate” instead of exaggerate, etc  !!!! to mention but a few.

I loved her despite the grammar and the lack of English skills but I was bothered by her excessive obnoxious arrogance. She could not construct proper English and I went out of my way to correct her and teach her. So why her arrogance? Imagine she now says am jealous of her. #IDIOT.

speak english She uses an acquired deceiving fake accent on the phone to show off to people who don’t know her background which is very embarrassing to say the least because anyone can read in between the lines that she is faking an accent. She missed out. There is something so great I wanted to do for her which even I myself didn’t have the opportunity to do. She doesn’t deserve it anyway. She is NOT worthy. Never.


 Now that she has just got a BlackBerry FB App on my BlackBerry phone that she stole from me, she must be posing as to how she can message on the “BrackBerry” oops sorry I mean BlackBerry.

No wonder, she didn’t know what to answer when someone asked her “What’s up?” Now she is bragging. For what?

If she was low profile and accepting of the fact that English is not her forte, well and good. I am not suggesting that it is everybody’s forte. I had accepted that fact and used to correct her and advise her so that she can be better. I had plans to make a change to all that but her mannerisms and sheer arrogance hindered that. Instead she continues to be arrogant and act like she is the Queen whilst abusing the Queens English.

I think the biggest mistake ever made was her being made a manager. It got to her head. I too made a very very grave mistake of loving her so much more than she has ever been loved, giving her everything and trusting her so much and making her a Director in my company.The more I loved her, trusted her, the more she took advantage and thought she is indispensable because she then started stealing from me and giving the money to boys in kampala and having serial promiscuous affairs on the cheap.

Little did I know what her Jekyll and Hyde character is and how deceitful she is. She went around blowing her trumpet about it just like she is now blowing her trumpet about being CEO and Founder with stolen money from me like it is such a big deal being CEO. In this day and age, anyone can be CEO and Founder of anything. There is no big deal about it in this day and age. To Annest Namata, it is a very big deal despite stealing money and starting what she has today. She is so immoral.

Obviously she did not work towards the achievement of the positions. To give her what is due, she can work hard but what kind of manager is she who cannot communicate appropriately, cannot work in a team due to her evasive selfishness and or write appropriate English but blow her trumpet? She keeps everything to herself so that everything can be attributed to her which holds back the progress of the company or whoever she is working with whatever setting it may be. But she is quick to be arrogant and tell people how important she is, or how she knows business, etc. And she truly represents anyone?? How embarrassing!images (31)

Why does Annest expose her haughty arrogance? Why? What is there to be arrogant about?

If you met Annest Namata’s father that she disrespects, you would wonder WHY in hell she can dare be arrogant or disrespect anyone. Why can’t she be as humble as the father is? There is no need for her worthless putrid arrogance.

If these are the managers of today anywhere in the world, then we have a fundamental problem. What does the future of the country hold? Apart from that, you cannot do anything constructive with her whether on a professional or personal level because she is busy strutting her arrogance and promiscuity with a conceited gait showing off and busy being promiscuous for want of material things and money.

Her Boasting/Arrogance is always a cry of despair. It is just ignorance being  exposed.

People like Annest Namata seldom improve when they have grown with no role model to compare and contrast themselves with and learn. You would think her parents would be her role model but she says she hates them because they are poor. As a greedy gold digger, she thinks it is only appropriate to respect people who supposedly have money.

Instead of writing and saying”Blah Blah Blah, she writes and says Bra Bra Bra; instead of writing “Imagine” she writes limargine; Instead of writing “Flight” she writes fright; Instead of writing “Donkey” she writes Donky; Instead of writing “earth” she writes eath; instead of writing “Taxi” she writes tax. She writes statements like “Have a safe fright”. How embarrassing can one be and yet she has the audacity to be disgustingly arrogant. Annest, be modest and grounded with yourself.

mind-your-language-vol-4  She ought to go back to school and learn English. I tried my very best to make a difference and I can assure you, she is much much better today than she was when I met her. She could not construct a sensible sentence in English. Her pride and sheer disgusting arrogance still holds her back. She could not even understand me whenever I spoke to her for about 9 months and she would beg me to be patient with her . We all learn something new each and everyday but Annest namata thinks and acts like she knows it all when in reality she does not at all. But she is quick to say that other people act like they know it all.

 No wonder she copies my use of the word “sorry” for pardon. She didn’t know the use of that word before she met me. She is a copycat and arrogant for nothing. She has no originality/creativity at all.

This all explains why if you use certain words, she will interpret them based on what she thinks and how she understands them NOT what the actual meaning is. She then uses her own meaning of those words, understanding and interpretation of that word/phrase against you at a later date. This is all because her understanding of English is very low. It took Annest 8 months to a year to understand me. I had to repeat what I was saying time and time again before she could understand me. Now she dares to be obnoxiously arrogant. For what?  Ignorant idiocy.

grammar time  She now claims her wrongful use of English are (Typos) typing mistakes. But typing is not the same as talking and using the same words over and over again and pronouncing them and writing them wrongly. She has said these words wrongly and written wrongly time and time again. How can she say that saying to me “Have a safe fright” is a typo or saying “there is probrem” is a typo. We don’t type as we talk? Do we? Annest accept what your problem is because it is obvious and stop trying to create an accent when talking to a selective audience because it makes you look a fool. An english accent is not acquired or faked.

 She is a great embarrassment to herself and who she represents. I used to feel embarrassed on her behalf and endeavour to correct her. I made a very big difference to her from the time I first met her but her appreciation is arrogance and betrayal. When she opens her mouth it is all pure embarrassment. Thank God I don’t have to deal with her embarrassments in everything she does and says. It would all be okay and accepting of her shortcomings if she did not have a haughty arrogance that defeats the object. But she continues with her vile putrid worthless arrogance.

One would expect Annest to appreciate someone who went out of their way to do everything I could to be there for her and loved her for who she was, gave her everything and loved her to the core. The fact of the matter is her English improved a great deal both orally and written as a result of my consistent correcting her and suggesting ways to present and write it. I helped her with reports, emails, etc. So she can take her disgusting arrogance and thieving ways to those who don’t know her but she will be exposed. However much she tries to hide her real character, an ugly deceitful promiscuous character cannot be hidden. She is a master of deceit and hiding her real character.

I did so much for her and had a lot in store for her but all she was interested in, is using me and exploiting me When did u start learning Englishas she does to anybody else whilst claiming and pretending to be honest, “saved” and “Born Again”. If she is, how come she is not empathetic, how come she is promiscuous and is conniving, cheats, steals, manipulates, etc? Does God promote people who steal, cheat and manipulate?

God is watching. No one can fool God. Annest thinks she can fool God with her pretence and religious performance. But she practises witchcraft anyway so what’s the pretence for?

God is not after a performance. So Annest Namata can pretend to be religious, talk about fellowship, prayers on entebbe hill when she is going to do other disgusting putrid things with men, make bible quotations, fill the house with bibles but that performance is all delusional..







NOTE:- This is NOT Character Assassination. This is  TRUE Real Life Character Revelation.

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