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After all that Annest did to me e.g. cheating on me, lying to all her friends and family friends that she was looking after me yet I was the one looking after her for four and a half years, lying that she was the one buying everything including the cars yet she never spent/contributed a penny, lying that she was sending me money for my maintenance from her salary of 1.1 million shillings a month then running away to another man, claiming that I made her a slave YET I loved her like nobody ever loved her, stealing my money and destroying my company, I gave her everything, trusted her with everything of mine but she chose to use me and steal from me.

Questions for Annest Namata: Annest, do you ever ask yourself; What did you have when I met you? Where were you living, when I met you? What was your life when I met you? What job did you have when i  met you-Zilch.

She was asking to be friends with me and telling my uncle that we can work together and could get back as a Fiance as dictated by God regardless of what anyone wants. In her dreams. After what she did and continues to do?? Not even in Hell. Her morals are too rotten for anyone to do anything with her that is constructive.

However, due to the guilt, she was asking to be friends like she was doing me a favour. She was asking to beMay my enemies live long life to see my success... my friends whilst having numerous affairs with “boys” as she calls them, and men. She even stole my money and gave it to the boys who lied to her that they have Business projects and are rich. Foolish as she is, she believed. So where are the Businesses that the boys lied to Annest the fool? Where? Where are the so called factories that the man she ran to and claimed he was opening? WHERE?? She is so cheap. Her egotistical greed is what will ultimately destroy her.

Her asking to be friends after a breakup like ours which she instigated and planned behind my back by sleeping around for years with several boys and men over the whole period we were together, then stealing money from my late mothers account and my account is like kidnappers who intended to kill you asking you to keep in touch with them after letting you go.

Annest, you can run but you can never hide. The truth and nothing but the truth will eventually come out no matter what you do and no matter what you say and no matter who you lie to and all the religious pretence.

She initially said she has many options because many boys/men want her because she is very beautiful. She said she is very clever, she knows what she is doing. We all have many options but we don’t shout them out on a PA system. There are so many much much more beautiful women in the world that I have met. They have never said they are very beautiful. I have always had very many options but I don’t hold a loud-speaker/PA system and announce it and neither does it make me think that I am very handsome because I have many options. Why blow your trumpet? IF AT ALL she was beautiful, she would not be boasting about it.

She thinks she is best thing that ever happened to the world and she thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Why is she what she is IF she is the most beautiful woman in the world? Why has she not represented Uganda as Miss Uganda if she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Here is a quotation from a young very independent ( and I mean real independent NOT the independent that Annest claims when she is sleeping around to have her rent paid and bills and getting money to show off with) very beautiful lady in Kampala, Uganda I cannot name for obvious reasons who is looking for an ideal man : A good man is hard to find. the one who is considerate and fun, likes to cook, help with the house cleaning gets along with family, doesn’t watch sports all the time and faithful.”

I was all the above that this lady is asking/looking for and more because I provided everything to Annest that she wanted. She didn’t have to worry about anything but she looked for an excuse to cheat on me and  go with different men by claiming that I made her slave and used her. The question is how did I do that? When Annest is asked, she giggles like a stupid fool and has no answers/explanation at all. All because she is lying and claims that in order to justify cheating on me and acting slutty. She tells some people that I made her a slave by giving her everything and all the money. Is that stupidity or what? I don’t get how she thinks and how she can fail to appreciate. For her total lack of appreciation and remorse, she will meet her fate.

So Annest can  keep on doing her disgusting low-class imbecile promiscuous shit, leave me alone and give me my property back that she stole. I don’t want any part of her anywhere near me. I dont date women who choose to be Whores and that is what she is. She is the most disgusting person I have ever known in my entire life and I want to erase everything we ever did together as a couple and ever had together completely out my memory. She should give me my company paperwork, my car money, account and pay for all my missing money that she withdrew illegally/stole, account for all the losses of earnings, all my stuff and everything else and go your way to the men you ran to when you left my house.

We were more than friends and I trusted her more than I have ever trusted anyone in my life. She was my best friend  and my best everything, she blew it all by acting like she is the best thing that ever happened to the world. Even my sister referred to her as an Angel at one time because she THOUGHT she was amazing and honest and this is  turn out what she turns out to be. Grotesque and  Evil.

My True honest love is not blind. I saw your faults and thought I could look beyond your many faults and work with you towards having the best relationship there is and to better you. I had the ability to look beyond the negative and focus on the positive. I am NOT perfect at all. No one is. True love keeps it real. So I kept it real but all the while your were busy bitching behind my back.

Annest, you can go with all those men and boys, you told your friends/colleagues want you. Your exact words were “Many men and boys want me because I am very beautiful and independent”. So go away and continue being a slut which you have always been. The end result will be there for all to see. Its not rocket science

I invested a lot of quality time, a lot of my emotions, a lot of my money, a lot of my memories in Annest BUT all she was doing is being selfish and practising her old ways of promiscuity despite claiming she is religious, God-fearing, genuine and honest.

Annest WASTED my time four and a half quality years. I could have done so much in four and half years. All because she is a Gold Digger. She will always be a Gold digger and promiscuous.

A Broken Heart has no spare parts. So Annest Namata’s solicitation of friendship is a total waste of time when she is still vandalising my image and acting disgustingly arrogant.

I have better things to do in life and I have better quality friends than Annest will ever be. She was my very best friend, my everything and everybody who knew us and didn’t, knew how I regarded her as part of me and as a very integral part of my life for life. Sometimes I even treated Annest better than I treated my late mother who I treasured when she was alive BUT she chose to use me and cheat on me all the while in the relationship. She even stole my money and my late mothers money and gave it to Boys who were conning her that they are starting Businesses. How stupid can one be. She will rot and burn in hell for using people and trying to turn the tables. She will pay the price for stealing my late mothers money and stealing from me..

Annest, will NEVER EVER get someone who will love her unequivocally and unconditionally like I did and as much as I did. It does not matter even if she gets married this minute, today, tomorrow. She doesn’t know what true love is and what it means and she will never know BUT she will learn the hard way. It may seem like she is in a bed of roses to-date/now but she aint seen the reality of her actions yet. BUT ANYWAY, NO MATTER WHAT SHE WILL ALWAYS BE A GOLD DIGGER AND PROMISCUOUS. All she does is sleep around and that’s what makes her happy. You cannot turn a Slut into a wife.


I know I am very very loyal, principled and very dependable and I can guarantee she will not come across a man in her sphere like me again. No one can be patient and stand her rotten disgusting cheap mannerisms.

If a relationship ends because she is cheating on you, then heck no, you can’t “be friends”. A friend wouldn’t mistreat and cheat on a friend. A friend would not steal from the other. She did both and more i.e. She cheated on me with many men and stole from me while bragging to her friends that nothing can happen to her. To make matters worse she also stole from my late mother estate.

It is always good to know that everything we do, we shall be accountable for them when the time comes and you will be accountable and will account for them.

BUT most important of all I am a firm believer that “What goes around comes back around”. This principle ALWAYS applies to anyone no matter what or who you think you are. God does not reward evil vile wicked people like Annest Namata who pretend and claim to be christians and saved.

I never hate people but she is gives people reason to hate her by all that she did and continues to do today. She iskarma evil and very promiscuously cheap. Imagine she abused my late mother when she passed away and went to the extent of stealing from her estate. She doesn’t have any moral integrity at all.

Respect is earned. Disrespect is created on purpose. Mistakes makes us human. Annest, yours are not mistakes, it is what she does in order to use and exploit people as a narcissist and promiscuous Gold Digger.. Failures make me and all of us stronger. Pitfalls intentionally created by people like Annest to destroy me, make me much much more determined, successful and happy.

Thank you Annest for your evil wickedness and for breaking all the promises/vows you made right from the beginning of our relationship.

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 Would you tell a Total stranger that you have never seen and or talked to all about your family, love life, and work? How you buy your cars cash, about your fiance ie how you are going to steal money from him, etc. That’s exactly what Annest Namata does.
 Most people approached on the street would probably answer ‘NO’. But on the Internet, that’s exactly what millions of people are doing on social media and chat rooms.

Annest Namata is one of those who communicates very personal matters with people online that she does not know at all, has never seen or talked to but of course being very materialistic and money minded all the time, she continues to do that BUT denies it. The proof is there for all to bare. She does this while she is looking for men on the net that she can seduce and sleep with for money and material things. That is why on her Facebook page she always puts her status as Single.

Even when we were engaged to be married, she proclaiming herself and advertising herself as “Single“; “Interested in Men only“. She is very cheap and not worth my time.

If she is engaged, why would she be looking for men on the internet and around kampala town at every event she goes to. When asked/criticised for all the right reasons, she says “It is my body”. Yes Annest, it is your body so slut on. She may as well advertise her promiscuous services. She is disgustingly cheap.

You have to bare in mind no matter what she may be to you, all she is after is money for her narcissistic supply. Whoever you may be, you are just seen and considered by her as an object to be used. As a Narcissist, she has no true feelings. This doesn’t matter whether she comes across as a dedicated Christian or whatever else she may claim to you or her selected audience..

I was subject to all those lies of her being very christian, her claims to me that she is humble because of the environment she grew up in, claims she is “saved”, “born again”. But it is all a facade meant to blind you into believing that she is honest, genuine and trustworthy. Annest Namata is none of those at all. She is a con, thief and very promiscuous.

In addition to all this, she stole from me.

In her case it is worse, she goes to the point of instigating the first point of contact with a stranger she doesn’t know at all based on her materialistic tendencies and sends several photos, texts, emails, etc without being asked for them. What would inspire you to do that especially when you have everything and all the  genuine love that you would ever want? This is what she was doing while she was my fiancee, she had everything but she was still not satisfied. She is never satisfied with anything you give her or do for her and she will use you no matter what the circumstances are, no matter who you are.

So to all those she has fooled into trusting her still, you should use your common sense. Annest Namata is a promiscuous Gold Digger and a thief.

But due to her greed, nothing is ever enough. Nothing however much you give her, no matter what you give, she always wants more, more and more. Narcissistic Personality Disorder makes her very greedy for material things and money. She is always on the look out for Narcissistic supply, her next “victim” she can exploit, use and exploit. She is always on the look out for the next rich man to sleep with for money and material things.

She also thinks she is very intelligent and everybody else is stupid thus the thinking, she can never be found out or caught in the act(s). Those are the actions of a slutty gold digger who has got away with it for so long.

Nothing is more gratifying than having the facts despite her creating evil stories and trying to spread them to her “audience” as she did. So her selected can believe her foolish lies if they wish.

I do not have to argue and or justify anything, I have all the evidence to prove what kind of person she is. She was in my life for many years. So she can deny it all as much as she wishes but the truth is in the pudding.

Annest is very promiscuously flirtatious, frivolous and shallow constantly causing unnecessary social grotesque scandals in order to cause misunderstandings between people everywhere she goes and is. Everywhere she goes, she applies her selfish tendencies when she wants money and or material things, she tries her best to create misunderstandings in order to achieve her selfish goals and always want attention drawn to her. #Evil.

Those who don’t know her ways and think she is working in their best interests always believe what she telling them as opposed to anyone who would warn them about her. Only time then tells when they realise that she was there to use them, gain from them, cheat them and ultimately steal from them.

So to all those who still believe her word and still trust her, you have to realise that when people warn you about Annest Namata, they are warning you for a reason. So you better act before it is too late.

I am testimony to that and I learned the hard way. So take action and listen to my advice and warnings.

She is not even professional at all because she behaves the same way office environment as well. But she is quick to call herself corporate. IS that a corporate way of behaviour? She ought to refer herself as a Corporate slut.

This NOT Character Assassination. This is  Real Life Character Revelation.

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Good things ALWAYS come to good people because that’s how God designed it to be! If you simply do good, God will handle the rest. God cannot reward you for doing others wrong.

Annest Namata may claim and lie to everyone she knows and those who THINK they know her, that she is “Born Again”, “God-fearing”, but the TRUTH is she is NOT religious and she is NOT a good person and is not faithful. She is very far from that. God cannot forgive her for her conniving evil deeds that she has carried out so far in her life. I know just a fraction of what she is capable of doing and what she has done by using people but there must be worse that she has done and is capable of doing. She uses religion as a curtain to hide her sinister evil nature and character. I am here to tell the whole truth about her.

Annest Namata will pretend to love you ONLY for her love of money and material things she can get from or acquire out of being with you. In other words, she will  be your friend or close one in whatever context only when she can benefit from you. She will use you and discard you at any cost. That is what a cold callous Gold Digger she is.

I fell in love with her when she was down in the damps when no one gave a damn about her apart from those who wanted to use her. Today she is something as a result of me but I am the very person she is disrespecting and I am the person she chose to cheat on, use and steal from. I now understand why people who knew her could not help her at the time, all because they knew her evil, manipulative thieving character.

 She lied to me for years that I was her best friend for life, her Fiance, that she would be my wife, she promised she would be by my side through thick and thin, which she said to me on very many occasions in person and on phone and wrote as well. It was all lies because all she wanted to get was material acquisitions i.e. money, petty material things like land, houses, cars, etc,

Annest Namata is a thief and a promiscuous Gold Digger.

 When she got grip of her next victim and also started getting promises from men who claimed they would buy her cars, build her houses, buy her houses abroad, etc, she started sleeping with them for services and favours and getting some of those material things from those men like money, cheap stuff like men’s perfumes, shoes, etc.

She does not even think of her health. All she is after is money and material things in life so that she can show off how she is better than others. She likes to think and actually thinks she is better than anyone else. She has got to a point whereby she thinks she is in a higher class than everybody else. Delusional!

Class is not bought and acquisitions do not give you class. Annest you cannot come from that and think that after what you have proved you now have class. You cannot be a thief and have class. You cannot be promiscuous and have class.

She forgets that for us who know the truth, she has only lived in the so-called city kampala for a few years. Besides that she is very very far from acquiring any type of class social status. She does not realise that class is NOT acquired. You cannot buy class and neither can you have class because of what you have attained by the wrong means. She is deceitful, a thief and Gold Digger and yet she has the audacity to boast. It is all worthless villager bragging.

What she should know is that she cannot and should STOP thinking that she can be of any class to me after she has slept around behind my back and stolen from me. I have met and know the elite in this world and Annest Namata does not and will never compare to them. I never judged her before but she forced me to judge her by disrespecting me and despising my late mother. How a sensible person can do that yet she never met my late mother is unimaginable. That is done by uncouth immoral people like her who have no role models in their upbringing. It is not surprising because she grew up in different foster homes with no attention at all. That is why she creates her nonsensical drama.

I have travelled the world and I continue to travel the world. So you Annest Namata travelling to a handful of countries in Africa and travelling to China is a not a prelude to thinking that you have seen the world.  What would happen if she saw the Americas and Europe and or the rest of Asia? What would you think and how arrogant would you be if you had crossed the Chinese border and went to Macau? You Annest are a low life . Don’t dare compare yourself to me in any way or form. I have lived it all, seen it all and yet I am down to earth, I don’t blow my trumpet and I am not arrogant. There is no need for that. There are many other people who have travelled the world and do not boast about it either.

If I was not down to earth I would NOT have had a friendship and or relationship with you Annest to a point of proposing to you. I don’t have to show off about anything. There is nothing Annest has to show me and or teach me.  Absolutely nothing.

So Annest, seek help for your Narcissism and you will be a better person and have peace of mind and soul. Money and material things will not give you peace.


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Annest Namata pretends to be a wonderful person but she is very evil. You have to live and work with her like I did to get to know what she really  is. She is the most vile evil person I’ve ever met in the world.

She moved out of my house while I was away stole some of my things and bribed security to let her in a day before I got back and said to me “there is something I wanted to do inside the house”. #Evil Witch. That explains why I found strange things in my house. She is an evil witch but tells people that she is Born again and very religious. So what is she doing with evil stuff? Disgusting to say the least.

She had promised to pay the bills with my money but she did not, but used my money on my account for her evil acts and sharing it with the boys she was having affairs with. When I got back she said “I didn’t pay the bills, why should I”. She had stolen tens of millions of shillings from my account and claimed she had used it for business. She had not invested in the Business because I instructed an Auditor to carry out an Audit and she kept avoiding him like a thief. She is a thief. She was deliberately doing heartless things to destroy me and my business as she does with everybody after she has been caught stealing and cheating/being promiscuous around town. She is a cheating Selfish evil bitch.

So in that respect, I have decided to present the whole truth about her from here on now.  She has been doing it all along even when I thought that she loved me, I put her first always but she was busy trying her best to destroy me and my image in all that she told her friends, work mates and family. But it does not matter, for those who know what I am. I cannot contend with an evil backward promiscuous Annest Namata.

images (9) For example, she was claiming she looks after me, pays my bills, pays for my flights, pays for my travel, etc all pure total lies. All the while she was telling these lies, I was taking care of her and paying all her bills since she was a mere fraction of what I was earning. What does she earn in comparison to what I earn. She cant even afford any of my bills. While I cared for her everything, she was busy passing it on that she was the one caring for me. While I provided everything, she was busy lying, claiming and being arrogant to her friends and Men that she is an independent woman. Evil ungrateful liar. She tells men that so that she can gain their trust with money so that she can con them and steal.

She will live to regret her foolishness and her choices to-date. There has to be consequences for those who betray you and continue hurting you. Sit and watch. God will take care of business and punish her for all her evil acts and pretence.

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 The definition of a female bully is a bitch. So do no get me wrong when I infer to the word bitch in this post.

 I ought to clarify here before I go any further that this Post is NOT meant to attack the opposite sex i.e. ladies/women. So I am not being sexist here. This is in specific reference to Annest Namata who constantly and without remorse exploits people and then bullies the people she has exploited e.g. by telling them “nothing can happen to her, etc and many other messages she sends or tells them. 

 Bullies typically attack you behind your back, trying to ruin your reputation with others. That’s their favorite tactic. More confrontational bullies will attack you openly, in your face.

 As with any bully, you cannot appease the bitch by turning the other cheek, being passive, letting it go, etc. Those passive behaviours show weakness, which attracts bullies to attack you more.

 There is no way to humour a bully for very long.

There will be no end to the attacks and bullying, until you stand up to the bully, or permanently leave. Though often they won’t let you leave until after you’ve stood up to them.

Since bitches are just female bullies, they are like any other bully who could be male. Once you realize that, you know who you’re dealing with. The bullying does not have to be physical. With Narcissists like Annest Namata, the bullying is mainly emotional e.g. she will give you a lot of silent treatment very frequently and she does not see anything wrong with it because she will deny it and or claim there was a problem with the mobile phone or network. Or she will say she didn’t have charge in the battery. She does that with all the men she is having affairs with. I have evidence of that. She then starts manipulating as she does everywhere she goes.

I had a LOT of respect and genuine love for Annest. Anybody who knows me knows that I had a lot of respect for her. I was raised by my mother and it was pure instinct for me to respect and adore her as a woman because I loved her BUT the moment she showed contempt for me yet I provided everything for her for what she is today and loved her so much and worst of all she showed total disrespect for my late mother, that was the biggest mistake she will ever make and she will realise that one day when it is too late that is IF she ever gets any morals.

Questions for you Annest: WHO loved you for who you are when no one gave a damn and didn’t give a shit about you  because you had nothing at the time? Who gave you everything when you had nothing and could not afford anything? Did I not tell you in 2007 that I will make the world recognise you and what you are worth and make everybody admire you when you were crying that no one has respect for you and acknowledges you? Didnt you Annest tell me people were disrespecting you because of your past history and I chose to love for you for you were despite your history and what ever you had done? Who gave you tips for success in the corporate work sphere? Did I not tell you that I will make you very beautiful in every way possible and people will admire you. I even told you at the time in 2007, I hope you dont use it against me after you have started getting admiration and use me  and you said in your exact words which text I have stating “I can never do anything bad to you after the love you have shown me”. What are you doing now Annest Namata?

You obviously took advantage of what I was doing for your own selfish ends. I know what you were asking me to do for you to put forward as ideas in the company you work for, you passed it on as your own ideas and could  not appreciate how I was getting out of my way to help you get acknowledged on the corporate ladder as well.

What goes around come back around like a hulahoop. It is only a matter of time.

So in this particular case, Annest bitches about other people and thinks people do not get to know what she is bitching about them.

In my particular case while I was busy loving her in the relationship, she was busy ruining my reputation and having affairs all over the place and telling people lies by elevating herself to a level she was not.

After the breakup of the relationship, she continued Bitching and I had to take a very tough stance for her to realise that I knew what she was doing all along behind my back and to show her that I have a been a gentleman all along.

But for now I will not be a gentleman at all to her. She does not deserve a gentleman. She has not been treated right all her life. So when you treat her right and with respect like I did, she takes you for granted and abuses your trust and well being. It is a stupid thing to do but that is what she thinks is correct.

So the best thing to do is to treat her with total contempt as well. I must say I will never ever respect her at all in any capacity. She is vile and evil and does not deserve any form of respect and admiration.

You may wonder why I state that. If you show her admiration, she translates it as her being the most beautiful person in the world which is very far from reality. She is NOT the most beautiful person I have seen or come across. She very far from that. Respect is not only about looks. It is about the beauty in someone’s heart and the character has to be beautiful too. If she is the most beautiful as she thinks, then why is she promiscuous? Why does she seduce men everywhere she goes and online?

If you respect her, she thinks she is the most important person in the world and abuses your respect and trust. So she is NOT worth respecting at all.

images (5) She bitches about everybody behind their backs and I mean everybody including bitching about her Boss, the owner of the company she works for, her siblings, her father, her friends, etc. How can you be employed by someone and think that you are better than them? But Annest does.. How can she pass herself off as the only perfect person in the world? She is the most awful person you can ever come across. She bitches about everybody like she is perfect when there is nothing perfect about her.

Surprisingly she thinks God looks at her with special treatment and therefore she thinks no matter what she does to people, she will be treated as special even by God. How sad.

Annest has said to me on several occasions, “I know whatever I do, God will forgive me and will always be by my side.”  Be by her side when she is immoral and doing people wrong?

So dear reader(s), please make up your mind what you think and get to know her better and I mean the real her if you have any interaction with her.

There is a God because every once in a while the shit hits the fan against the enemies of our souls and we are vindicated.

Most bullying situations in life don’t have a Hollywood ending, but every now and then, karma has a way of circling back and biting the bully in the a**, and to that —the bullied—cry “OO-YAH”!

NOTE: This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life Character Revelation.

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images (4) The title of this post are quoted words that Annest Namata tells anyone she is trying to seduce in order to get their trust. If she also wants you to trust her and steal from you, she will do the same. She goes further to claim that everybody trusts her. IT IS NOT TRUE. You cannot trust her. Yes, you may trust but after a period of grace she will cheat you and steal from you. NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT. I have been there done that and many others have been there and done that. All she has done is betrayed. Even now she is stealing from the people that have not heeded my advice.

 Annest Namata is the worst hypocrite and a pathological liar. Everything she does in not genuine at all. She acts to get peoples trust so that she can exploit you and steal from you.

 Hypocrisy is a lie, introducing or foraying  the wrong side of your personality, just to satisfy the requisites of an ideal person in the society, and to  gain respect from others, for the qualities that do not exist in your system; it is to preach something which we ourselves do not follow. For instance, if a person has no religious belief , but pretends to be a pious person, with some ulterior motive or just to impress upon people. 

As a hypocrite, Annest Namata uses religion as a curtain to blindfold, fool and lie people about her values and character. I knew this from day one when I met her but she continuously convinced me that she is different.

What is genuine about Annest who tells you something, makes promises and vows again and again verbally and in writing and does something else very evil every time? She always breaks her promises. She’s a CON and User.

What is genuine about Annest who vows to make you happy in your life and relationship and starts cheating on you the moment you turn your back? She is an evil promiscuous backstabber.

What is genuine about Annest Namata with whom you are supposed to work together as a couple for the success of your relationship, socially and financially but intentionally works hard to destroy you behind your back?

What is genuine about Annest Namata who pretends to be what she is not?

What is genuine about Annest Namata who pretends to be “God fearing”, religious, etc but all her motives, actions and practices are as evil as hell?

What is genuine about Annest, who will promise to deliver on something but will only go ahead IF only it benefits her and if she can make money out of it and she is not ashamed to admit.

What is genuine about Annest Namata who talks nasty about her friends, relatives whom she calls thieves, her colleagues but pretends to be wonderful around them and yet she is the thief?

What is genuine about Annest Namata who pretends to be what she is not in order to get material things and money?

What is genuine about Annest Namata who pleases you, convinces you to trust her when she wants to get at your assets and money? The moment she gets your trust, she starts to steal from you all the while covering up.

What is genuine about a certified hypocrite like Annest Namata?

What is genuine about Annest Namata who is slutty in her behaviour?

The above are questions that ought to be asked about Annest Namata, the subject of this Blog because she is NOT genuine and honest at all as she continuously claims to be. She is the most evil, dishonest fraudulent person you can ever come across. I was unlucky to have a committed selfless relationship on my part with her.

A message for the evil deceitful Annest Namata:-

She is ridden with impatience and greed yet she is quick to criticise other women in Uganda of being greedy and impatient but she is the most greedy, a Con, ill conceited, materialistic, a thief and very arrogant.

So, never trust Annest Namata with anything and most of all your emotions and what you have worked hard for. DO SO AT YOUR GRAVE PERIL.

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As earlier posted, Annest Namata is full of contradictions all throughout what she says and does. This Post is in relation to a Business dispute over money matters i.e. the company and money that she stole from me.  One of many that she has with several people. This is an ongoing issue that will be resolved one way or another and she will not dictate how it goes because she will answer for her theft in court.. She said she cannot go to court and nothing can happen to her because she is a promiscuous Gold Digger around kampala. She thinks sleeping around will save her from prosecution for being a thief. Watch!


The above Post title is her own words she wrote it to me as quoted. She stated she does not fear prison several times but when summoned by the Police Commissioner to the Police station offices , she got scared, claimed her Boss had asked her to go back to the office and later wanted the Police Commissioner to meet her privately outside the Police Station for coffee. Annest Namata is a promiscuous thief. Her actions during this incident confirmed it beyond reasonable doubt.

So if she did not do anything wrong why say she doesn’t fear Prison? Who said that she was going to be taken to Prison? Why did she want to meet the Police Commissioner in private?

Unless you have done wrong, you cannot pre-empt that you will be taken to prison. If no one has said you have done anything wrong, why would you talk about prison? Does it signify that she is guilty of stealing. Obviously she stole because I now have the evidence of her theft.

 Annest Namata’s evasive actions obviously show that she did something wrong otherwise she would be straight forward in everything she does instead of telling lies and continuously contradicting herself.

 The same goes to the second statement “I haven’t eaten any money”. I wonder how you can eat money. I suppose it is a direct translation from Runyankore to English. If you have not eaten any money, then provide clarification and a breakdown of your expenditure and withdrawals you made from an account that is not yours. An Auditor was assigned to audit the company and she did not want to cooperate. All she kept coming up with options to pay me for my Business in instalments like I was interested in her instalment payments. If she had cooperated and worked with the assigned Auditor in order to sort the dispute and clear the claims that she was making that she owns the company or about the unexplained monies, then we would understand.

The fact of the matter is money was stolen from my company and she was the only signatory to the account. Cheques were signed by her. Money was withdrawn by her in my absence hastily before I got there and she will pay it back whether she likes it or not. ANNEST NAMATA IS A THIEF AND HAS ALWAYS AND WILL ALWAYS BE A THIEF. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF SHE CALLS HERSELF A MANAGER, EVENT MANAGER, ORGANISER. SHE IS STILL A THIEF.

For years Annest has been claiming to men that she is an independent woman, claiming she is a Business woman but was using my money without my permission in essence stealing my money and when asked to account for money that was not on the account she would be evasive. When I insisted on the accountability, she would borrow money and deposit it on the account and then do the accountability. What a thief she is. She was boasting with the cars that I bought and what  I bought her. All she needed to do was appreciate what was being done for her. Even now as I speak IF she gets another car it will NOT be her who purchased it. She will use another man until he realises that Annest Namata is a promiscuous Gold Digger. She has affairs with several men for money and material things. She loves money over anything else.

IF any of those men are lucky enough and read my Blog and use their common sense and not their emotions, they will know the truth and make a decision that will serve their purpose in life. She does cheat women friends of their money too. This is not restricted to men only.

Annest Namata is a serial cheat in any aspect of life. I hope one day she changes her ways. It will take a lot for that to happen. Character is a very difficult thing to change at her age which she lies about. The way I see it now, with her arrogance continuing, her lies going on e.g. lying or using religion as a curtain to mask her ways, she will continue doing this for many years to come.

For those who are wise enough to use your common sense, listen to the advise that has been given and do the right thing. Simply do not trust Annest with anything or do anything with her. Very many people have money issues with her. She uses men for money and material things. How cheap can one make herself.

Her saga continues…  Ensure you read the Blog Post “Annest Namata the Gold Digger” to get more facts about her thieving schemes.

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