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images (16) ANNEST IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. She constantly lies about the dumbest things that are not even worth lying about. That leads to her deceit and cheating. “When her arrogance is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie.”

 Everyone wants to know the real truth until you tell the real truth then to some people it becomes dirty linen. Truth is the breath of life to human society.

              “If the truth hurts, you ain’t living right”-  Stephen Holder

 Have you ever loved a person who thinks she is the best thing that happened to the world, thinks she is never wrong, never sorry/remorseless and believes it is always someone else’s fault for the wrong she does? Have you ever experienced an individual who’s non-accountable for their behaviour and actions and doesn’t learn despite the mayhem and pain they produce? Have you witnessed an individual who has no tolerance for the slightest criticism, even when given constructive advice/criticism? Annest Namata is one such person. Genuine honesty means nothing to her. She is filled with greed for money. She is an 0arrogant manipulator, conniving, and promiscuous.

Annest Namata initially poses and comes across in the relationship honeymoon stages as a polite, obedient and responsible woman. You would not suspect her of having an obnoxiously arrogant evil deceitful cheap promiscuous behaviour. She is a pretentious evil character. SHE IS SIMPLY A PROSTITUTE.

DSC_0731 - Copy This Blog post is in response to all the lies Annest Namata told people from the time we Cheating Annest Namatabroke up and she continues telling lies to those who don’t know her. I kept my cool and continuously kindly asked Annest to be civil and responsible but she interpreted it as a weakness.

 Many other people asked her to do the same time and time again. She said and wrote to me that I was asking her to be civil because she knows Business, because I want her to look after my late mothers things, because she has a golden heart, because she is the best, etc. It was all stupid reasoning. She was too arrogant to listen and all she was doing is continuously tormenting me, disrespecting my late mother in her ignorant obnoxious mails and being rude. What business does she know?Cheater

 Annest Namata has absolutely NO right to disrespect anyone’s mother or father especially when they have passed away. She can go on disrespecting her own parents because they either have no choice or allow her to because they brought her up with rotten mannerisms. No one should allow her to. Never Ever. She is just an ill-mannered prostitute.

Her selected audience did not get to know what the facts are because all they did is listen to Annest Namata’s lies as she sought to justify her immoral deceitful and promiscuous behaviour and get away with it like she has always done and continue being arrogant. A committed relationship is not a test, so why cheat?  I will reveal the whole truth.

“Liar Liar” is what she called me and has been telling people who do not know the real truth. She has done the same to the trail of men I call “victims” she has cheated on, used and broken up with over the years and they have kept quiet but I will put a stop to her deceit. I have nothing to hide and that is why I wrote this Blog. Nothing but the truth will be revealed. I have evidence for everything I’ve written and I am sick and tired of her disgusting arrogance,deceit and lies. The more I loved her and respected her, the more she took me for granted and disrespected me. She went to the extent of telling people that I am crazy for her and can do anything for her regardless of what she does. No wonder she cheated repeatedly and stole my money thinking I would keep quiet about it.

images (27)Yet she was telling me and writing to me time and time again “I can never ever do anything bad to you no matter what you do”, “I want to be with you through thick and thin”, “I will always love you “, “You are part of me”, etc. All the while she was begging me to go for an introduction to her parents, “Asking me to write a “Will” Letter, pestering me to marry her and begging me to have children with her all the while cheating on me with several men and moving around with them and lying to those who would ask that we are business partners and friends. She obviously doesn’t know what love is. Would she, when she is promiscuous? Of course not.

ci1pub0 First of all, right from the first time we met as a visitor I didn’t know her. She secretly got my number and sent me a message while I was sitting in front of her despite not knowing me giving me her number telling me how she wants to talk to me about helping her go out of Uganda. That’s how she seduces men everywhere she goes. SHE HAS OPEN LEG SYNDROME. Today she’ll deny it and use her usual phrase “he is lying”. I have the text message she sent me to this day to prove it plus evidence of people who were present. That should have been a clue to me as to how promiscuous she is and what she is capable of. This is how Annest seduces men by giving them her numbers and email and inviting them to her house. She had the guts to invite them to my house. Her vile promiscuity has no boundaries.

Then when we got to talk much later, she claimed she was single yet she was engaged to be married. The man she was supposedly engaged to had gone to her parents home to introduce himself. She had the guts to tell me she was single and was not seeing anyone. I was warned, but Annest convinced me that the man who warned me was lying (again she used the phrase “He is a Liar”; “He is Lying”). She never changes her habits. She is the liar in everything she does and says. You can never change a zebra’s stripes.That’s why she is very evasive about her real life.

I made it clear right from the start of our relationship that if she wanted to have sleep around, have open relationships and or be promiscuous as she was before or whatever else she wanted, then she should not get into a relationship with me. I asked her if she was serious and she said she was. I gave her time to think about it and she said to me she didn’t have to think about because she is very serious and wants an exclusive relationship with me through thick and thin and claimed she was religious, honest and trustworthy therefore I should trust her. That was obviously a promise she could not keep like all the vows and promises she never keeps but acts and criticises others like she is a Saint. The very things she criticises people about are the very things she does.

A few months into our relationship, she had everything i.e. I was providing everything from housing to paying all her bills, giving her money for her siblings and parents, I saved her home where her parents live from being repossessed by the Bank, I was showering her with all the love a human being can ask for, etc. But I found out she was sleeping around with another man(old enough to be her father) behind my back. When I asked her who he was, she was so guilty and knew I couldn’t take her nonsense. She claimed that she had met him at the event she was an Usher at and then met him only a couple of times and had been to dinner dates with him only three times. She again claimed that he is just a friend. Just like she still does today!, they are all just friends. Yes they are people she regards as friends whom she can carry on having promiscuous affairs with. Amazingly she thought that was supposed to sound okay. To her cheap promiscuous thinking, yes it is okay. Despite me warning her to stop communicating or doing anything with him or else get out of my life, all she did is change his name on the phone and continued cheating on me with him and lied to me that she had stopped communication. THis is a man she would call and say “Can I come and you give me money for ice cream”. She only met him in the office and hotels when she was going for her sexual trysts. To her promiscuous life, it is all about money and material things-Gold Digger.

From time to time, she would become distant, fault-finding, defensive and then blame me for her foolish behaviour and then get close again and start complaining how I am being distant. This is when she was busy being promiscuous with several men and busy seducing others. This is when she would claim she is attending work functions alone. She would receive text messages, calls at midnight, past midnight, phone calls at 6 a.m in the morning from men and then lie that it is work related. If it was work related, why was she deleting them immediately to make sure I don’t see them? If I was next to her, she would tell the men “it is too early” and put the phone down or “I will call you later”. She is a compulsive Liar and a cheap arrogant Promiscuous Cheat.

Throughout our relationship, she could not settle for long. She was constantly causing unnecessary drama, cheating on me but whenever I confronted her, she would give very defensive excuses, get very angry with me, claim am the one doing it, claim she is not promiscuous even before I said anything or asked, she would become very defensive. All clear signs of her guilt of promiscuity. Just seeing a man with a car she likes, she starts chasing him by looking for ways to seduce him. She is so vile and cheap. That’s why she thinks people who drive Benz’s and BMW’s are rich.

 NOW, let me address the biggest lie Annest told her friends and colleagues after our breakup. She claimed that she had caught me cheating on her with an Acholi woman. I do not have anything against Acholi women BUT I have NEVER had a relationship with an Acholi woman ever. So that was a very big lie in itself that Annest made up. Long before I even met her, she knew so much about me from a relative who introduced us to each other, knew other family members and she knew another relative whom I met her talking to about me when I first met her. So in addition to me telling her everything about me, she had already been told about me in great detail. So let her tell more lies about me hiding anything from her. I have several witnesses who know she knew each and everything, every detail about me and what I was doing.The Big Lie

Besides this, she lied to some of her friends and colleagues that I went back to my Ex. Annest had my ex’s number and all the details. Like I said, I had and have nothing to hide. Infact when we broke up and Annest started lying to different people, someone told my ex and she sent Annest messages and copied me on the messages telling Annest to stop her lies about me going back to my ex.. My sister did the very same thing. So Annest should stop her deceitful messages and stupid lies.

Told  I will set the record straight here and now. Annest namata and I, broke up because I caught her cheating on me. She was going to spend some days away with another man  but used it an excuse that she was going to meet a man for business in Nairobi Kenya and Tanzania. All that could also be a disguise for another side affair. She claimed she was going on business as she fools many other people. That’s why I said all she does is hook up with men in order to have affairs with them as a prelude to doing her job/business. I knew about it 3 months prior to the day. I just wanted to believe her nonsense and lies that she is honest, Born Again, saved. What is amazing a day before she was supposed to go and meet him and spend days with him, she sent me a love message “I love you and always will”. How can one be promiscuous and cheap like that?. May be that was meant to make me believe that she loved me exclusively then she would turn off the phone and claim that the network was bad which she had done many times before to other men and I am sure she still does it. I discovered she does that to all the trail of men she is having affairs with. That’s the disgusting trend of her vile promiscuity. #SLUT


In addition to catching her cheating on me, just a few weeks later, she started seducing a man she did not know On-line, sending him pictures of herself despite him not asking. When I found out, she again did the very same thing and said I was lying and accused me of all sorts of things and of the very things she was doing. Like she always does, she tries to turn the tables. Yet when she was seducing him, she did not say anything or tell me anything other than act arrogant while living a good comfortable life I was providing. She was even not communicating with me on purpose because she was busy seducing another man on my expense. Like she does always, when she is guilty of doing wrong and is caught, she tries her best to turn it round and make the person she has hurt or betrayed or stolen from seem like he is the one who did wrong. She has done this to so many other people in different settings.

However, she told people different stories that are not correlated to make her appear good in society and in order to make out that I am the bad person. During our relationship, she had made sure I did not get to know her friends and colleagues, her sisters and other siblings well despite the fact that she told me so much about them that I know them like I’ve met them before. Her justification was that if they came in contact with me, they would take me (Her exact words were “I don’t want them to take my man”). So she was able to tell them anything about me and they would believe her lies because they did not hear my side of the story. For example she told some friends that I was too arrogant to meet them which is totally untrue. Well here is my side of the story in this Blog. I warned her for so long to stop making up lies and to stop accusing me of doing/saying all sorts things but in her usual arrogant way, she continued doing it and her arrogance magnified..

She created names for different men in her Mobile Phone address book to the extent that she changed my name as well. Up to this day, she still does so. She was hiding my name from other men and hiding other men’s names in her phone book from me yet she was living in my house and I was giving her each and everything and she was engaged to me. She is so disgustingly cheap and evil. She can carry on her slutty trysts as a prostitute. I don’t need her in my life ever.

 She also lied that she kicked me out. Kicked me out of where when the slut was living in my house for free. The truth is that she was advertently kicked out of my house because I had got to a point that I could not trust her and her worthless promiscuous arrogance and her constant sleeping around. She was sleeping around yet arrogant for doing so. Despite betraying me, I was very good to her and expected her to be responsible and appreciate all I had done for her, take only her belongings. Prior to all this, if she recalls herself, she had made a statement “If your friends and relatives caught me doing something wrong, the would kick me out of the house. Which means she clearly having affairs. But she stole my car, filled it with things many of which were mine. A family friend found my car parked with stuff and also thought she would be responsible and only take her things and return my car BUT she stole my things in the house, stole my car then went on to steal my money. She later started bragging how a family friend who found things parked in the car could not do anything. What she doesn’t realise is that she could have very easily been stopped from taking anything without my consent. She then moved in with another man she was cheating on me with as well yet at the same time she was trying to get me to move to another house with her. She introduced him to people as a friend/business partner like so many others. She later started giving him my car to drive, lied to me that the company she works for had hired him on contract and she claimed he has rented the car. It was all lies. She gave him money she had stolen from my Account.

Later she insisted that she had taken only her property and left mine. She claimed she had taken photos of all my property prior to leaving. It was a lie. My Aunt was there that morning and talked to Annest but she didn’t tell her she was leaving and neither did she ask my Aunt to be witness to what she was taking. So Annest planned the stealing. She is a certified promiscuous THIEF.  PROTECT YOUR MONEY

So my message to her friends who have been defending her for not stealing from me and cheating on me, or being promiscuous, please forward your email addresses or any other contact and I will send you her contradictory emails and other evidence which clearly indicate that she stole from me and is promiscuous.

When I asked Annest why my some of my property was missing, she initially claimed that the neighbours and family friends had stolen them yet she had all the keys. The person who changed the lock in her presence confirmed that. She stole things as cheap as Cutlery, a Trash bin, a Cable Box, games console, my photos, my phones, my late mum’s photos, Bedspread and many other things like my laptop, etc.

However, she contradicted herself later on by writing to me that she had taken some things by mistake and CLAIMED that she had given them away. Initially she had said “You can come to my house and check”. Of course that was just talk to act like she didn’t steal them. How do you take things that don’t belong to you by mistake? Why give them away when you know they are not yours. That also explains why she was holding on to a company camera that didn’t belong to her but claimed it belonged to her. When challenged, she handed it back. She is evidently a thief and takes every opportunity to steal even the petty things.

That can be confirmed because she then went on further to steal money from my Late Mothers account and also stole money from my Business account on an everyday basis in millions. She stole higher amounts when she realised I was about to get back to Kampala. So doesn’t that prove she is a thief? I have the proof of the Bank statements with all her illegal withdrawals and embezzlement from the Business and claiming the business was not making profit. She was the only other person who was signatory to the accounts. She is a thief and I have proof that she stole my money. ANNEST NAMATA THE THIEF.11794122-word-on-keyboard-made-in-3d

All throughout our relationship, I would ask her to give me Bank Statements for the accounts I had given her access to. She would give all sorts of stupid excuses like a typical thief. I didn’t think otherwise at the time, I just loved her for who she was. For some strange reason, she thought I would not be able to get the Bank statements because she would lie about not being able to get them.

Auditor In addition to this, I asked her to give me accountability of the Business account and end of year audits because figures were not adding up at all and there were irregular withdrawals. She kept on dithering. When I appointed an Auditor, the first thing she said was he is a fool yet she didn’t know him, she claimed “the company is small it doesn’t need an audit”. She then said, I don’t know what auditing is because they have audits in the company she works for. What she stupidly didn’t think about is the fact that I was an Auditor in my first job and it doesn’t matter what size of company it is for an audit to be carried out. She was avoiding the audit at all costs for a reason because she had stolen money but she will not avoid accountability for it.

She continuously avoided the Auditor by giving him all kinds of excuses like “she is very busy”, she doesn’t have the records, she lost the records because she has been doing everything, claimed she had a new business venture for me to divert attention to what needs to be done, claimed she wanted to buy land with me, claimed the auditor is out to frame her”, etc. She was then advised by someone to tell me that she is a Director in the company and therefore had to approve the Auditor. I am the owner of the company, I contributed 100% to the startup money of the company and I appointed her as a Director. She did not contribute anything. So what right did she have to steal my money and then claim there is no need for an audit. She has cheated and stolen from others and they have kept quiet.

Despite all her lies, you ought to know what she didn’t tell anyone due to the embarrassment for her foolish actions. I had to take the case to the Police. She was summoned to the Commercial Crimes Police department to explain my STOLEN money that she couldn’t account for.

 Surprisingly, she told the Police commissioner initially that she wanted to meet him in private at a cafe yet this was official duty for him. Why would she want to meet him in a cafe over a serious matter like that? She later claimed she was busy like she told me when I found out she had stolen money from my accounts. She tried name dropping thinking it would help her. When she met him to my surprise, she told him it was a small misunderstanding which we would solve, she was still looking for business for my company, was working hard for the company and that we are going to get married soon. That was clearly the conning conniving act of a typical thief.

During the relationship, she was constantly telling me she wants to watch pornography movies constantly pestering me to watch them. But she is quick to criticise others by saying they are dirty minded. I am not and will not claim that I am Born Again/Saved as she claims to be but I would not entertain constantly watching Pornography. That is the reason why I refused whenever she asked. But Annest who is supposed to set moral standards by claiming she is very religious always wants to watch them and had pornography books in her possession. So what is her moral code. I am sure she was watching them somewhere else with one/some of the men she was having affairs with. She had told me several times that she watched pornography in the office. So let her lie how she is “saved”/”Born Again” and how she has morals. Her playing religious music in the car, in the office, making Bible quotes, etc will not fool those who know her well. She had Bibles open all over the house. That did not mean anything when she went out of her way to steal from me and cheat on me with several men.

She told some people that she found pictures of women on my phones and the phones I gave her. That is totally a lie. I want her to show anyone those pictures. I have pictures of the men she had in her phone directories. I used to give her phones when I bought new ones. If I wanted to hide anything, I would have reset the phones which would erase anything but I had nothing to hide at all. There were no pictures of anyone I was trying to hide according to her that I was cheating on her with. She went to the extent of claiming that default pictures that come with a phone when it is new are women I know. The Phone in question was a brand new Phone straight from a sealed box that I gave her and yet she still claimed that I had taken pictures of the women using that phone. Let her show the pictures she claims she found because I have pictures of men I found on her phones with video recordings of herself with intentions of soliciting money from men.

Anyhow, she was looking for any excuse to justify her deceit that was catching up with her. I found a screen saver of her and a man on her phone and when I commented on it, it is when she removed it. Why would she have a screen saver of her with another man when she is engaged to be married to me? In addition to that, on two occasions, she called me other men’s names. So she was clearly cheating.

NOKIA PHONE WITH EVIDENCE OF HER PROMISCUITY However, it is important to note here that I found video recording footage of her promiscuous liaisons she recorded on her phones. If she intends to deny this, then I’ll attach it here in the Blog as clear evidence of her sleeping around. I was genuine and loyal to her for a reason.

 Most recently, she went to a supposed friends shop and got clothes on credit up to 450K and gave her a phone number that she doesn’t use which was switched off. Is that genuine of Annest? Is that the honesty she talks about. But she was busy showing off the clothes and shoes she got on credit and hadn’t paid for. She enters shops in kampala and people ask for their money immediately. She is not ashamed to claim that she has paid them. How embarrassing. Outside, she is busy bragging how she has money and good clothes and shoes. In essence she is living a lie because she is a thief. She wearing things she hasnt paid for. Ignorant show-off. This behaviour is seen with Annest Namata constantly seeking for acknowledgement of her inferiority in beauty, knowledge, earning. For those who don’t know her they believe her lies and deceit

Annest makes promises she has no intention of keeping and knows she cannot keep. This is a form of deliberately misleading people. So what or where are her morals? SHE HAS NOT INTEGRITY AT ALL.

She said that I wanted to be the only one giving her good things. That implies that she wanted to get things from all the men she was having affairs with. Well, Annest be as promiscuous as you want to be now and get so-called “good things” from different men for sex. The end result is obvious.

1973113070_mainThings like Sneakers/Trainers of this nature, men’s perfume, the portable speaker, brown jean jacket, black office closed shoes and the kettle, etc on the right are some of the petty things that she treasured so much because a PROMISCUOUS PRESENTman/men she is having affairs with Brown jean jacketbought them for Portable speakerOffice shoesher.

model plane

She also got men’s Paco Robanne perfume, model planes, etc. Why men’s perfume? As a thank you for her promiscuity services. I suppose these are the good things she was referring to when she said “You wanted to be the only one giving me good things”. Those were the so called good things she got after her sex offer services How cheap and preposterous.

 Annest is very disrespectful of elders. She has no manners, she is morally decayed yet she is disgustingly arrogant. She disrespected my Aunt, Uncle and worst of all my late mother. How can she put my late mothers photgraphs face down in my absence? WHY? She went further to say she hates my late mothers property in my house and also said “he i.e. I think my mother will come back”. I CANNOT allow anyone to disrespect my late mother. No one would ever allow anyone to disrespect their late mother. Annest is an evil disgusting imbecile.

Psalms 62:4 – They delight in lies; they bless with their mouth, but they curse inwardly. When we don’t mean the nice things we say, we are lying.

John 1:8 – If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. Lying lips are an abomination unto the lord.

I am curious to know if someone else has been told by her that they are liars after she has cheated on them or after finding out about her deceitful immoral ways. I know one she has called a liar but it turned out what he was saying was very true. She is the Liar.

No true principled man would want to have a relationship and marry a loose promiscuous woman like Annest Namata and I definitely would not want that at all. I believed her lies that she had changed, she was Saved, Born Again, trustworthy, etc. It was all  a facade of her continuous lies she makes when she wants to con a man by trying to win his trust. I am sure she is busy telling those who don’t know her well the very same thing. I know someone who is still trusting her based on the lies she told him about her. She will steal from him and am sure she already has stolen from him. He will live to regret after he realises she has been cheating him of money whilst talking bad of him behind his back.

Annest Namata doesn’t realize the importance principled men place on a woman’s promiscuity. She says she is beautiful and she will get any man as she has always said and she continues with her promiscuity. Respectable Principled men looking for a serious devoted relationship, place great value on a woman’s fleshly restraint. I certainly do. Annest Namata is more concerned with attaining materialism and money to show off than having any fleshly restraint and self-respect. That’s why she sleeps around and is secretive about it. Is that something to be arrogant about?Promiscuity

She has no moral values at all but is very good at pretending to be what she is not. She is so busy trying to compete and show off with miniature material attainments like clothes, car, etc that she is failing to realise the consequences of her other actions. All she is doing is collecting notches on her belts. Annest manipulates people (to their detriment) for her own self-benefit.

In this respect, she is NOT focused, she is NOT respectful, honest, loyal and or trustworthy as she claims. She is very irresponsible with herself. She recently wrote to me stating that her friends are congratulating her for stealing from me and for being promiscuous throughout our relationship. Well done Annest for being proud of being a cheap promiscuous woman and having no self-respect. That explains why she is very secretive about her life. I don’t need someone that loose and cheap.

images (98) HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOU RECEIVED THE SAME GIFT OFFERED TO MANY OTHER MEN TIME AND TIME AGAIN?? That gift should be special but Annest Namata makes you share it. How disgusting and repulsive! In her case it is not a gift any more.

I’d like to think that it is partly the woman’s special gift or morality and self respect that attracts and keeps a man. That special gift can also come in the form of loyalty, trust, honesty and self-esteem. I thought Annest had them and treasured herself BUT I was very very wrong. Like someone commented, it is true she is very cheap, loose and jumpy.

Time and emotions invested in Annest Namata are a total dismal disastrous total waste of time. When propositioned by any man, she lacks the respectable self-control and instead thinks the attention she gets makes her great. For example a couple of weeks ago, Annest Namata wrote to me stating “I don’t care if the men are dirty, it is my body”. How disgusting is that? Is that something someone respectable of themselves says/writes? Only a slutty person can think like she thinks. Save yourself from having to learn expensive lessons on your own. To evaluate her self-worth Annest has to continuously attract men’s attention, seduce them and be promiscuous with several partners thus her statements, “I am very beautiful, every boy and man wants me”. What’s her class? Grotesque and Disgusting!

 AttentionI would like to quote what one of her ex-boyfriends/ex-Fiance wrote to me recently – “When you started your relationship, I warned you about Namata, you didn’t  listen…………You thought other men invest in her?”

 Don’t believe her diversions, excuses and the cover ups. If Annest decides you’re her target, she’ll enmesh you in a relationship quickly and powerfully. Her promiscuity, selfishness, materialism and constant love for money, make a relationship (which requires by definition: teamwork, trust and co-operation) very impossible to sustain. She is exploitive of anyone, friends, family and co-workers.

I was yet another promise and vow Annest cannot keep like many others she has never and will never keep. I feel sorry for anyone who will be fooled into believing her lies and deceit. A zebra cannot change its stripes.

In Life, you have to look out for very deceptive evil people like Annest Namata because even the Devil was once an Angel. Annest Namata is evil.





This is NOT Character assassination. This is real life Character Revelation.

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