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Annest Namata THE MALICIOUS NARCISSIST — Lying that I am at Fault/Crazy:-

Annest Namata the Narcissist has a very evil sinister side, especially if she wants something that you have and you refuse to comply to her delusional evil dreams. This becomes very ugly during the severing of the relationship. Many non-narcissistic people like you and I who have been treated abominably still want to believe that when it comes to ending the relationship, the narcissist Annest Namata will be civil, fair and amenable to negotiation in good faith. Absolutely Not! This is what she does to her “victims” that she initially courts and makes believe that she loves them when in reality she is after their money and material things. To protect yourself, observe her narcissistic personality. I know her personality profile intimately and personally. It has enabled me stifle Annest Namata’s conniving tricks, tactics and her evasive wrong charm offensive.

SPAM MAIL She went to a point of sending me very malicious SPAM emails with the intention of harming my computer. Her SPAM mail damaged my colleagues and friends computers. I could have sent her the same or worse but there was no point in dealing with an imbecile like her.Malicious

 Another of her dark ploys is that she contacts your relatives, friends and her friends, her colleagues and anyone who will bother listening and believing her, to broadcast her blatant accusations and lies about your character by character assassinating you. She did that to me and that is why I decided to write this Blog after many months of asking her to stop telling lies about me to make herself look and feel good for sleeping around with several men behind my back and stealing my money. SADLY, SHE CONTINUES TELLING LIES TO THIS DAY TO HER NEW AUDIENCE. Her audience are PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW HER and believe what she regurgitates.

NOTE: She has no proof for her lies. All she does is vandalise other peoples names. She did this to my relatives to broadcast her lies like she does to her selective audience. For a time they nearly believed her lies until they woke up to the reality of her obscene vile evil deceitful mannerisms. Only to discover that she was covering up her sleeping around and the stealing of my money. WORST OF ALL SHE VANDALISED MY LATE MOTHER E TO A POINT OF REFERRING TO HER AS “THE DEAD OLD WOMAN AS SHE STOLE HER MONEY FROM HER BANK ACCOUNT”.

It is remarkable the lengths the malicious Annest Namata will exceed to trash you, putting you at fault and even leading others to believe that you are “crazy.”  Even people whom you have trusted — family members– can be flipped to Annest Namata’s side, especially if she has influence where you have lived or the people you may know. She is pure evil.

Despite this Blog that outlines the real truth about Annest Namata and the people who knew her well and her evil mannerisms, there are a few people who still believe her deceitful evil lies and nonsense. They may have to learn the hard way when she has carried out her deceitful mannerisms, cheated and stolen from them whilst hiding behind her self-proclaimed religious veil and proclaiming trust which trust she cannot uphold.

Be savvy about the ruses, tricks and ploys of Annest Namata is always playing. You need to be highly manipulationarticulate but fearless in facing this relentless evil and destructive individual  Annest Namata. Regardless of any obstacle placed in front of you by Annest the narcissist, they are undaunting.

As a narcissist gold digger and a money hungry vile cheat, Annest is waging a custody battle for what clearly belongs to me for the sole purpose of trying to psychologically and financially decimate me. For Annest, revenge is sweet yet she contradicts herself by claiming she is very religious. It’s where she lives in her delusional treacherous mind. But I will prove who the THIEF is. Let her fool herself. She will decimate herself in the process. She may have done so many people wrong and got away with it. There comes a time when she has to stop conning, cheating and treating people wrong. The whole truth about her and what she clearly is, will be revealed.

The truth shall be revealed with clear vivid evidence and she will have to answer for her remorseless corrupt mind, promiscuity and her thieving antics.

Another dirty offensive of Annest’s armour is to make me look “crazy” . She does this to anyone so that she can be regarded as the victim for being good, so she claims. This is what I call “victimhood”. But I Know and many other people who know her well, know that I am the sane one who is holding the truth. She is the crazy delusional and money hungry Gold digging user pretending to be honest and genuine. I am entitled to be treated with respect. I made Annest Namata what she is today but she is too selfish to respect that. I taught her English, grammar, taught her etiquette, Telephone etiquette, communication, hygiene, business acumen, etc. The list is endless. She didn’t even know how to choose on a menu in a hotel. So her arrogance is worthless to me. I have many witnesses who know and who even knew Annest before I did and she now avoids them because they know the real Annest that she doesn’t want people out there to know. Her evil deceitful lies and mannerisms will not prevail. The truth always comes out.

It is important that you pay close attention to your intuition/gut instinct. The intuition will always reveal the truth to you and help you maintain a sense of steadiness and calm. Namata Annest is always projecting her venom on others for all the wrongs she does.

Annest always has constant irrational demands, volcanic rages, irrelevant criticisms of anyone even to the person she is in a relationship with, employer, siblings, etc that cut you to the quick and phoney crying jags–why would you waste the rest of your life with a person like her?

She is a false self and pretends to be what she is not. She is very very dishonest and deceitful in everything she does.

“Any blessing ignored can be a curse”.- Tommy Tenney

Mark 7:22 Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness

Being exposed to things shouldn’t change you but shows who you really are. Being exposed to minor things, getting a little attention made Annest Namata delusional thus the arrogance and deceit which has shown us all who Annest really is. One would think my helping her be what she is today would make her appreciative. She continues to use people and will use and exploit more people IF they give her the opportunity to. I cannot give her the benefit to think she is better than anyone else yet she sleeps around for money and favours yet she vehemently denies it while hiding behind religion.

Be careful in putting too much trust in anything else apart from God.  Jeremiah 17;3-10


NOTE: This is NOT Character Assassination. This is Real Life Character Revelation.


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 we met

Up to this day, she continues to act and claim she is single and very religious yet she is in a myriad of serial promiscuous side short-term affairs with several men for money and material things. Single? She is just a prostitute. Disgrace meaning loss of honour and respect. As a narcissist, especially in youth and middle age she appeared to be at the height of her powers unless you knew her well. Sadly, she still thinks she is at the height of her powers by lying and cheating people. She can’t change her promiscuous ways. She has massive denial, repression and a primitive projection. Once in a while you might see a glimmer of light for momentary periods. Don’t be fooled. That cannot last. She immediately returns to her grand delusions and putrid arrogance thinking she is the best thing God created. As she has grown older, the Narcissistic traits have become more ingrained and disgusting. It is daunting that so many people may still look up to her and are fooled by her “big talk” with no substance at all. She is simply a deranged excessively arrogant narcissistic Gold Digger.While I was away, she would claim to men that she is single and independent, act single and have numerous affairs being unfaithful and dishonest, having dinners with several men, meeting men in car parks, sleeping around all the while telling me lies that she is Born Again and can never hurt me. She is disgustingly Vile. Her mind is nimble(deceitfully contrived), her solid fake/false gold charm is irresistible if you don’t know her wellShe manipulates people, lies, tries her best to manipulate the authoritative figures everywhere she goes with an aim of climbing the heady tiers of power. She aims to reach the top by any wrong means possible in order to show off NOT as a career move and with money in mind. She destroys peoples careers by lying about them, talking dirty about them so that she can be favoured, by doing anything in order to get their jobs or get them out of the way. To Annest Namata, money is her God. She will do anything to get to someone’s money. At this point, she wants to show off her delusions of grandeur. It is all deranged make belief.As a high level narcissist, she acts overly confident (it is just a show. It is damn Arrogance interpreted as confidence), extremely self entitled, extremely selfish and controls others effortlessly. With her grandiose false self in high gear, she is reaping the rewards of her cunning, selfish, conniving, remorseless, conscienceless plots. BEWARE!But Karma will take effect. She has initiated the demise of businesses that she hasn’t made any contribution to. She has made colleagues, associates, partners, prospective spouses enemies. Colleagues have left jobs because of her selfish evil ways. One is put on her enemy list when Annest Namata’s evil deceitful ways are uncovered/revealed, her slating him/her and being better than her.ANNEST NAMATA THE THIEF The greatest contradiction is that the proclaimed religious person Annest Namata is always making enemies and continuously burning bridges. As she ages, she is burning so many human bridges.  She has betrayed, double-crossed, abused, demeaned, humiliated and attempted to psychologically annihilate the lives of countless human beings/people even her own siblings. Unmoved and psychologically brittle, Annest  is incapable of change.

 To change she would have to rip off her elaborate mask.  Beneath the facade, nothing that is real can be retrieved to make Annest an honest genuine human being. “The fateful accumulation of ill will has tipped; the act is worn and tawdry—age has come to call despite her claims that she is young. But she continues lying about her age and acting like she is the best looking person we’ve seen on earth. Thus the excessive skin bleaching and fooling herself that it is her natural colour. DON’T be fooled.

images (36)She once wrote to me “I made a crime for not taking and stealing everything from you and for being faithful”. Which means, she intended to steal everything of mine otherwise she would not think or even write such a thing. What is her definition of faithful? Her having several serial promiscuous affairs left right and centre with every Tom, Dick and Harry is her way of being faithful?? She is not ashamed. And she wonders why I boldly call her a Slut.

She will do anything to steal your creative ideas: SO BEWARE!! Make sure you have intellectual rights for all you do and any ideas you share with her like I did. She will steal your ideas. With intellectual rights registered, you can sue her for theft of your out

She is ravenous for new ideas and vision which she takes as her own. She does not have any tact for new ideas but steals others peoples ideas and claims them as her own.  If she wants your ideas and money, she will charm you with her perceived believe-able facade, convince you that you are fated to be an integral part of her. Do not believe a word of it. She is a promiscuous Gold digger.

She will cascade you with compliments, treat you like royalty. Most people are fooled by her full court charm and adoration. You start to trust her and share your creative plans & ideas with her like I did. She will convince you there is no need for formal contracts and if there is, she will try to make it in her favour. Her aim is to betray you, cheat and steal from you and rip you off. She is a THIEF.Thief

Despite all that, remember you can have a unique creativity that she cannot compare to and beat.

I came into her life and changed her Socially, Economically, psychologically and Financially but she cannot appreciate. She said it and wrote it several times how I came into her life and changed her world. Today she is bloody arrogant, claiming she did everything herself, with rotten mannerisms and claiming she made it on her own. If she is not a Gold Digger what is she then?

Annest Namata is drunk with the sweet nectar from the cup of her delusions and  she is incapable of either personal or professional loyalty. So she cannot be loyal to anyone or to any company or organisation.

DON’T fall for her tempting self proclaimed talk and loads of empty promises about trusting her or her business success story. She has no business success story. She is a merciless cunning viper. She developed her own definition of superiority just to match her little deceitful delusional promiscuous world.

Annest Namata is an adrenaline Delusional Drama junkie, her world is a whirlwind of comings and goings, reunions and separations, loves and hates, vocations adopted and discarded, various schemes erected and dismantled, friends turned enemies, enemies turned friends briefly for her own gain and many friends turned enemies. Her Universe is equally a theatre, but a more ferocious and chaotic evil theatre. 

can u trust her Some may say but why risk with an angel you don’t know when you have a devil you think you trust. The questions are; Do you trust her for the right reasons? Do you know the real truth about her? Do you know what she has done behind your back? Do you know what she is planning and doing behind your back when you are doing things with the right intentions? Believe you me when I say and write that she is nothing but evil and will betray you no matter what.

She is arrogant for nothing. She is someone I taught her how to use simple things like a Microwave, Electric Villager-Logo-WItoothbrush she had never seen, didn’t know how to drive despite lying to me so that I can buy her a car, couldn’t use a computer, etc and today she dare say that I am jealous of her. She didn’t know basic simple things because of her villageness. I didn’t have a problem with that. I went out of my way to teach her and expose her to different things. Jealous of her for what? She has nothing for me to be jealous about. I’ve seen it all and more or better. I dont have any jealous streak under normal circumstances.

She’s very flirtatious and promiscuous, she’s sexual with people all over the place……..she is disgustingly disgraceful but she has the nerve to continue being arrogant and pompous. She better be to those who don’t know her. But they will all find out the truth ie what she really is.

Annest Namata is highly manipulative and lies with no twinge of conscience and she is a very dirty player. She is cold, heartless, HEARTLESSfraudulent false self without empathy. She uses lies to invent the truth and always says/promises the opposite of what she does. She never fulfils her promises and she will never ever keep her promises and vows more especially where money and relationships are concerned. Promiscuity(sleeping around) is her game, jumping from man to man. That’s why she is very secretive and evasive even in a relationship because she has a lot to hide.

If you don’t have to do anything with Annest Namata or work with her or her to work for you or with you, DON’T.

Count your blessings and Thank God. The truth is powerful and I am telling it as it is.

NOTE: This is NOT Character Assassination. This is true factual real life Character Revelation.



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download She is morally deceptive and corrupt and totally untrustworthy. She throws herself at any man she deems worthy for her own selfish favours and her love of money. She is very deceitful and constantly tells lies which are very obvious if you have attention to detail but she is very oblivious to that. She uses the lies and manipulation to win peoples trust and thinks she is better than everybody else.DECEIT

 She will check out of the relationship whatever kind it my be before you do all because you have found out her serial relationship PROMISCUITY, money missing as a result of her cheating plus her sick dirty manners; she becomes apathetic and totally remorseless towards you. In a personal relationship, even though its obvious she is having affair(s) and or looking with interest at other men, she will berate you for thoughtless abandonment even if you are giving her all the attention and love in the world. Annest Namata is never satisfied with anything you give and or do for her. NEVER. That is the extent of her greed and selfishness.

Realise that she may SEEM amazing on the surface but she is very morally deceptive and EXTREMELY EVIL in the heart.  SO DO NOT GET images (29)FOOLED. SHE IS NOT WHAT SHE SEEMS. She is an odd mix of low self-esteem, low talent although she will often seem confident to the point of arrogance, that is just a mask for her internal lack of true confidence. Narcissistic controlling people like Annest are not able to let things happen naturally –  she must control things or in her mind things will”get away” from her. So she is compelled to her inner horrors to make sure she is the one pulling the strings even if she has no rights to those strings. She wanted to control my money, properties behind my back, etc yet she did not have a right to do that, all because I loved her genuinely and trusted her more than I have ever trusted anyone in my life. I should never have trusted her. No one should ever trust her with anything. She is a Gold Digger.

It is important to note that I have learned to ignore foolish with silence and to never let my feelings control my emotions and actions. So do not let your emotions control your actions too.

serving God and money That explains why after our breakup, she kept saying time and time again how she has no man before she was asked when in fact she was hanging around with men she was referring to as friends and business partners. All the while , she was writing to me and lying that they were contracted to work in the company she works for. What business anyway? She was even giving the several men she was sleeping around with my car to drive. She is disgusting. She went as far as say she  cannot have a relationship with such men because the is not her type,claiming they are her co-worker, i.e the man I found driving my car she stole, yet she was living in his house and sharing her body with him in addition to the other men. So she is a cheap Gold Digger and “Call Girl”/Escort. #GOOD RIDDANCE

 Annest Namata claims her inspiration is Bill Gates. I have to inform you Annest, Bill Gates worked for what he has got. He did not sleep around or sell his body. He did not use people, did not exploit people and neither did he acquire his riches dishonestly by stealing like she stole from me and others as will be revealed soon. He did not cheat or steal to get what he has to date. He used his innovative brains to get what he has. You Annest would have to be straight and honest to achieve that status and you cannot be straight.. However, if your intention is to get that by manipulating people, Gold Digging, acquiring dishonestly and conning people of their money, material things plus using men like you did to me, you will not hold onto it for long and the consequences of your immorality and deceit in the end will be dire. I can guarantee that.

However, the most valuable people are not defined by wealth, beauty, age, ethnicity or nationality. The most valuable people are defined by their character, morals and self-respect.


deceitful thief I caught her cheating on me and yet she lies to those who don’t know that I was cheating on her. She is too ashamed to be seen by those who know the real truth and hides from them when she is seen in town. She thought she would never be caught because she pretends she is religious. Her Church Pastors defence was that she was lonely. Does loneliness warrant promiscuity/sleeping around with every man who offers money? She even cheated on me when I was in town. She is so cheap. How can a Pastor give that as a viable reason? She was quick to say I am possessive. Possessive for catching her at her promiscuity several times with several men.

 Cheating is the result of Annest’s characterological flaw that allows her to rationalize cheating and breaking her vows and promises. She made a lot of vows to me and I mean a lot BUT she broke all of them and tried to justify her cheating. Up to this day due to her total lack of empathy she still justifies it. Anyway, I saved my self-respect, dignity, and time despite the fact that she wasted my 4.5 years. I thank you Annest for proving everybody right that you are a serial cheat, promiscuous and a Gold Digger. The biggest mistake I have ever made is that I was defending her, trusted her and loved her.

Annest violated all her commitments to monogamy in our relationship. She planned the cheating on me and she will always be a cheat. Cheating is her pattern of behaviour that won’t stop no matter how many promises she makes or how many changes you make to keep her attention. Cheaters cheat… and cheat… and cheat at anything. Annest is not a reflection of my worth but an indication that she is incapable of handling the responsibility of maintaining an honest genuine relationship, and being honest and genuine in any way or form. Even in the office/work environment, she cannot be trusted and should not be trusted. All she is, is a Gold Digger, she always thinks of ways to steal/cheat money in every and any circumstance.

She is too self-conceited and she does not care about anyone’s emotions regardless of who your are and is not considerate thus the lack of empathy. She is not a person of integrity at all. She is not respectful and cannot be respected because after cheating at any thing she expects to rebuild the relationship based on her own terms and lies. She will cheat at anything and in any given circumstance even at a professional level she will cheat simply because all she wants is money and material things.

 Trust is equivalent to love and she destroyed that trust too mainly due to her being very promiscuous. She is very promiscuous but continuously defends herself even when not asked and constantly CLAIMS she is faithful. First defence she puts up is “I am not sleeping with any man” yet you have not said anything to the contrary. It proves she is guilty. What is faithful about her? Absolutely nothing.

Ironically, if you win the argument, Annest starts playing the ‘Victim’ card, and start appealing to her friends and colleagues, creates evil false stories about you, ‘friends’ to not only to help her feel good, but also make you look bad. That is a classic case of Narcissism. Everybody who knows her well, knows she plays the victim card. She always claims to be the victim yet she is the one doing people wrong and exploiting them.


One of the symptoms of Annest Namata’s anti-social personality disorder is excessive arrogance and disrespect for other people’s rights. She exposed her ex colleague to this behaviour, which I didn’t agree to. This is a dangerous aspect of arrogant people like her; if you have to live and or do anything with a person like Annest, whether it is in the office or business transaction seek advice and help. All she does is look for a way to steal any money she can. She will do anything to get her way.

This is why some arrogant people like Annest go on to become criminals. She herself is dishonest in everything she does and says. She is very cold-hearted with total lack of empathy and I believe she has a chemical imbalance in her head and therefore there is something wrong with her mentally. She may look normal but in reality she is not. Many people out there have been cheated of their money by her but yet she continues being arrogant and obnoxious.

Trust Me Unfortunately, I was her fiance one day and the next day she treated me like she did not know me and made up stories like I was her worst enemy. That is what prompted me to tell the whole truth about her and her disgusting manners. It is fair to say Annest Namata ought to be treated the right way for the way she is mistreating, disrespecting people, using people and stealing from them. She is NOT ultra special as she thinks to a point of telling people she cannot be touched, nothing can happen to her. I will prove what a thief she is and her promiscuity.

Her sense of entitlement has blinded her morality. She perceives herself as the best thing God created. She can dream on.

So this Blog is being published to bring out the real truth about Annest Namata and what she has been all along, how she treats people, manipulates people to be trusted, respected, cons people, pretends she is religious, how she cheats people but has been pretending and acting she is what she is not. She is very conniving and very deceitful.

NOTE:- This is not character assassination. This is real life character revelation.



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