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Watch “BEAUTY and the BLEACH”. Skin-whitening trend

So Annest Namata stop bragging that you are beautiful because you bleach. Secondly stop calling dark skinned people “brack”. Beauty is a very perishable commodity if at all. She has delusions of grandeur despite her inferiority complex.

In Uganda, some people call her “maama lususu”. Those who know what it means can explain further. The picture below shows the evidence despite her denials.

Annest Namata says that she feels good when villagers call her a ‘muzungu’. Annest, you are NOT white by any means. You can dream on if you think you are white.

To some men, Annest namata is like a fresh ripe mango on the outside but the inside she is very rotten with maggots.

Clothes hide a lot.

Let her first reveal her real name before she showcases her village “namata” arrogance.

According to Annest, she gets more attention from men wanting her when she is light skinned.

How can a man with standards lower his standards with Annest Namata? All she thinks about is getting men she can get money from. All she’s after is material possession and money. Nothing else.

If you saw what she writes in her diary, you would be shocked into oblivion. every man she sleeps with, she notes it in her diary and gives him a code name. every anniversary she meets those men to celebrate encounter.

She wants an already made man then she brags that she helped him make it – “Gold Digga”.

You are not the first or the last to be deceived by her fraud and deceit.

What does she bring to the table? Her evil, filthy manners, excessively disgusting arrogance, sluttiness, stolen money and an over used ………..

Never put temporary people in permanent places of your life.

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She uses people like transport to her next destination.

She boasts to her friends “I ate his money”. Little does she know that men have budgets for SLUTS like her and she cannot last in any real respectable principled man’s life.

She has accumulated enough people who have seen behind her fake evil mask. That is why she ran to Rwanda where people don’t know her.

However it is a matter of time. Watch! Just wait!

But if you are expecting honesty, trust and loyalty from Annest Namata, you are doomed and in a lot of trouble ahead.

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Time is very precious. Time is more valuable than money. DON’T waste it.

People like this thief Annest Namata who come into your life to waste your time for selfish reasons should NEVER EVER be entertained. DON’T allow her to waste your time.

She makes you lead her through the darkness, the moment she gets out of the darkness with your help and sees the light, she lets go of your hand. Then she has the audacity to say “did u make me?”, “You think I can’t live without you?”, ” I made myself”, “You are nothing”, “You did nothing for me”, “You have nothing”,etc

All this after the slut has stolen from you.

The same mouth she uses to suck is the same foul filthy mouth she uses to insult you.

All she is after is your money, assets, lifestyle and connections.

You should do a thorough LIFE AUDIT. It will awaken you to a lot of things about her.

You are worth more than that ghetto ill mannered arrogant thief. She is heartless and very very selfish.

I know her because I was with her for 4.5 years. She lied and pretended she was holy.

She wasted 4.5 years of my life and at the end she stole from me plus the fact that she was stealing from me and cheating on me throughout the whole relationship.

She has wasted many other men’s time and money too. You can get back money but you can never get back time.

So don’t be fooled into thinking you are very special as she wants you to think.

Annest Namata is a master manipulator and thief.

I gave her responsibilities to run my company and I led from the back. Take note; She DID NOT contribute a penny to my company. This slut/thief Annest Namata then started stealing money from my company and bragging around kampala and to men she was dating online and she was meeting for sex that she is the owner of the company. She is so delusional and disrespectful. Strange enough she thought I would keep quiet about her thefts.

Let her find her cheap class and level.

She THINKS men are desperate for her whore/slut body. She made herself a public toilet with full support of her father and I have evidence of this.

History repeats itself especially if people do not learn from history to predict the future.

Money is a medium of exchange of value for value. Is this woman of value?

You will find out the hard way.

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