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Is it Lust or Love? To know the difference is really important because both emotions offer the same feelings and it’s

new-samsung-pix-10917hard to differentiate between the two, especially in the early stages of a relationship with this thief. Annest namata will pretend to be what she is not. She will do anything to get at you because she wants your money, passport, property, farm, your company, material possessions, status, etc. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT SHE IS GOD FEARING. She uses religion to con people.
Likewise; showing love is what she uses to con people. She can turn love off the same way she turned it on.

The law of diminishing returns will catch up with her. Even makeup will not help.

Everybody needs love. However, give it to the wrong person and it destroys and kills, give it to the right person and it creates magic. Do not expect magic with her.
BEWARE: Annest namata steals in the name of religion and or under the disguise of love. This was confirmed by her villager friend who was trying to intimidate me for revealing the truth about Annest namata the thief. He grew up in the same village she grew up and he said she steals from men under the disguise of love. I was brought up to be a trusting person and this village thief called annest namata took advantage of my trust claiming that she was in love but for her it was all lust.

She will use sex to lure you and seal the deal. She uses sex to get perceived Iove. That is her main emotional manipulation tactic. Several Men being on her menu as friends with benefits, is very important to her.

Here are some clues that will help you in the process of labeling emotions as Love or Lust.

Individuals who are openly trusting or generally seek to find the good in others are more apt to find themselves targeted by Annest namata than those who tend to challenge her to “prove” herself. Misplaced respect and trust often leads people to rationalize or minimize the odd or unusual behaviour that does occur in exchanges with this evil thief. She appear to easily “become” whatever it is her potential victim wants her to be, morphing into “ideal” mates, business partners, or friends. She chooses her victims based on a combination of opportunity and their perceived ability to manipulate the targeted individuals.


Being well dressed is okay and makes you look chic and classy, but hey! she spends too much time and money on her dressing, money she gets from different men. Is it “dress to impress” sort of situation? In her case it is a big YES! Think again and have another look at what you are doing with her. The point is, when its love, you barely pay attention to dressing and styling that much. For you it’s all about being comfortable and accepting your significant other for who he/she really is, and vice versa. The comfort comes with comfortable dressing. It depends on you, if you choose denim or a pyjama. At the end of the day, if you are choosing comfort it’s a sign of love. Annest Namata dresses to impress the men she is trying hard to get attention where ever she goes on a constant basis because she doesnt know what love is despite using the word love in a very fake way. She is very deceitful thus her sleeping around. Getting mens attention and having sex with them is love according to her.

Pointing out mistakes:

This point is a great clue for identifying your emotion. When you are in love, you tend to point out your love interests mistakes. It’s not because you want to dominate them, it’s simply because you want them to get rid of things that are a hindrance in their way to be a better person. You want them to improve and grow as a person. Similarly, when its lust, you just go with the flow, you don’t care what they are doing; it’s your lust that you want to deal with. You don’t want to point out their mistakes or help them groom morally. Now that’s a big indication of what Annest namata is about. All she cares about is herself. If she comments at all it will for her good look on you as she lusts for you.
When you point out anything to Annest namata, she is all defensive all because she is guilty of being promiscuous OR because men outside the homestead have complimented her and she is all out to please them for the money and other material things she wants from them.

Constant aim to please:

In love you keep it real. You are honest about yourself and things associated to you. Just like you don’t dress to impress, you don’t speak to impress too. Deep


down you know your significant other will always admire your honesty. When its lust you say what the next person wants to listen. You won’t tell her that you don’t like this dress on her, or her makeup is a mess today. When in love, you’ll tell her what looks good on her, what doesn’t go well with her personality. It doesn’t involve lies or buttering. It’s genuine and real. So yes! Constant aim to please the next person is a big sign of lust.
When its lust the next person is perfect and in fact a Greek god or goddess for you. He or she has no imperfections or nothing that devalues them. .
But in the case of love, your person is perfectly imperfect. And it doesn’t bother you, after all we are all humans and we are supposed to be imperfect. Trust us! Being pretentious and lying about how cool and perfect the next person, is annoying and exhausting. Perfection is just an illusion. And nobody can ever be perfect, no matter what. So watch how Annest namata lusts after you and you will be a fool to think it is real love. All the while she will be telling all her friends etc that you are absolutely crazy for her.

You know them:

This one is simple. When it’s lust, the bond is very superficial and has no depth. You really don’t know them. When you are in love, you know your significant other really well. You know red is his favourite colour, He is allergic to peanuts or milk, he hates drama, and has watched her favourite movie over a hundred times. You’ll know he doesn’t like to bottle up things and discusses everything right away. You would know everything and every detail about that person. From their shoe size to their wild fantasies, literally everything. You think Annest namata is interested in knowing that about you? Dream on. She knew everything about me before she even met me so that she could fool me into thinking that she loved but it was in order to get material things and money nothing more.

Comfort Level:

Comfort level is really important in your every relationship. When its love you share a great comfort love with your person. You do not hesitate to talk about your problems, fears and concern. You trust them and want to tell them everything about yourself. That’s how the love grows further and the bond you share gets strengthened. In case of lust, you will just fake it, you won’t share anything with them. You will always wonder if you can trust this person or if he will understand you with judging you? The confusion indicates lust and the confidence that the next person is trust worthy indicates the presence of love. Annest namata just fakes love. It is not genuine love at all, it is simply lust simply because she is a promiscuous gold digger servicing many other men in town. She is after your money and assets.


When you are in lust, nothing is certain or known in long-term. Yes! We are denying the fact that you enjoy their company, jokes, dates and all that stuff, but what after that? Will this go on and on? There is no certainty. You won’t be sure about having this person in your future. When you think of your future, you don’t imagine them in it. They are in the current moment but nowhere to be seen in long-term. In the case of love, you can’t imagine a life without them; future that doesn’t include your significant other is nothing but a nightmare for you.
You enjoy the thought of the future that pictures your person by your side, the travelling, the make out sessions, the babies, the fights over insignificant things, the hang outs and literally everything. So yes! Its love, when you want that person to be there in your future. Annest namata is able to switch relationships with different men because she fakes love but it is all lust. That is why she is able to sleep with tom, Dick and Harry and she doesn’t see anything wrong with that. So let her fool you that she is married. We have seen many like fool people that they are married. She used to tell a select few that her and I were married but is when she wanted something of saying that. If I went to any office with her that involved money payment, she would want me to tell them that she is my wife.


People warned me against her that she was a SLUT, Gold digger and a Thief, but I never listened at the time. I didnt listen because without me saying anything or telling her what I was being told, she was pre-emptying the truth by telling me constantly “For me I am different. I am not like other women. I am very trustworthy and honest”, “don’t listen to what people are telling you”, etc. Total lies. She sleeps around with very many men but hides under the born again enigma. Believe her deceit and lies at your peril.

  • I tried to give her the benefit of doubt, believed her lies and did everything and gave her a life she had never ever had before and I have witnesses to this, but in vain. Sad but true… and her usual typical game to reverse the blame will not change the facts. I found out a lot of things about her which are very shocking. She is a conniving evil slut who claims she is God fearing.

What angers me so much is that whenever I would send her the monthly upkeep and give her other monies, she would spend it on her new men in town she sleeps around with bragging that she is

a successful business woman. She went to the point of taking those men to my properties and claiming that they are her properties and giving them my cars to drive while I was away. She took them to our bed too and had sex with them. Annest Namata is a thief and a prostitute and always will be.

If Annest namata manages to fool you that she loves you, just know that she is scheming and is fooling you with a long term plan of stealing from you, getting at your assets, getting her name on your assets and bank accounts. Always know that you are dealing with a pretentious dangerous self proclaimed christian deceitful born again con and thief. Over time you will know that to Annest namata it is all about money nothing else. If you think I am lying or am jealous as she wilk tell you when you confront her, wait and see. #BornAgainMyFoot

What she wants is to first of all get access to your Bank accounts and credit facilities. She will convince you that everybody trusts her and therefore you should trust her too. You dare make that grave mistake. I made that mistake and she stole from me. She will steal at the earliest opportunity. Know that you are dealing with a thief and an unstable whore.

I loved her so much, whilst she lusted after me like she does with all men and makes them think she is in love with them. I gave her my cards to my accounts and bought her cars and many other things that her parents could not afford to give her that she dreamed about. She still stole from me and stole my car at the end of it all. You cannot change a leopards skin. Annest namata will always be a thief and a whore no matter what you do for her. So ignore this blog at your own risk.

When it is Christmas time, she starts asking “What are you giving me for christmas?”, Where is my Christmas?”, “What am I getting for Christmas”, etc. What she is after is money. EVERYTHING to Annest namata is about money. She always used to ask me these questions despite having access to my money and after she has stolen but she was still asking me to send her more.

I shopped for her every little thing you can imagine from lingerie to bras, I repeat everything. She still slept around with so many other men and even brought men to my house and slept with them in our room and bed. Now you tell me why you will believe if she tells you that she is born again. Maybe a born again thief and slut.

Do NOT let this thief called Namata Annest con you. She is a pathological liar who only tells the truth by accident. Believe she is honest and religious at your grave peril. You would be very very foolish to believe that her filthy hypocritical rotten manners and deceit is love.

She will try her best to trap you by getting pregnant when she wants to seal her gold digging plans because she knows she will be able to get money and other material things from you.

While it is likely that no one is immune from victimization, some may be better candidates for victimization by this concubine than others, often simply by being decent, trusting people.

To her you are very replaceable as she is always on the lookout for other men to sleep with for money.

Honesty is a power that a few people can handle

This is NOT Character Assassination. This is Real Life Character Revelation

THINKALOUDTell a friendredes-socialesimages

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DREHSR  A Gold Digger is someone who is more interested in your money/assets than actually being with you in a relationship. Annest Namata’s aim is to hook up with a wealthy man and to get rich from the association, contacts and relationship.

 When you love a gold digger like Annest Namata is, you may be reluctant to believe her negative traits and deceitful behaviours. It is because when your intentions are good, you tend not to think evil of another person and put all your trust in her. Even when she stole from me and denied it, I wanted to believe her lies.

and pretence because she plays the victim and self pity at the same time being arrogant. I was able to see the negatives in her and often tried to correct her with the hope she would see the light. Yet a number of issues and habits came to my attention requiring me to take a step back and reflect on those values that define us as a couple. I was very very wrong and unfortunate to expect Annest the promiscuous thief to change her ways.

 If she is your main woman (she will NEVER be exclusive to you) she will fool you into believing her BS and refer to herself as your wife aka married when it suits her BUT she is other men’s side woman/concubine.

 One thing every respectable man wants to stay away from is a Deceitful Gold Digger. No one looks forward to giving their heart and soul to a person that is only after one thing – money. Annest Namata is only after your money. It is very important to know her family background from someone else NOT her or her close friends. She lies about her upbringing and family to gain your pity followed by favour.


 How many men’s souls does Annest Namata have inside her? HOW MANY?

 Every person you sleep with leaves a part of themselves with you. When you have sex with someone a portion of their soul/spirit stays inside you. She sleeps around and brags that all men want her. Sexually transmitted demons are not something to play with and harder to get rid of than diseases. Having sex makes her feel married. She constantly cheats because she has no fleshly restraint at all for the love of money.

 Sex is a spiritual bond because of the connection made during love making but Annest Namata does it to make money i.e. to be paid, for status and to take advantage of the situation by being trusted in order to steal. Be careful who and what you allow your soul to be tied to.

 Typically, gold diggers look to find jobs that allow them to be on the prowl. So indeed Annest Namata looked for an eventsAnnest Namata the cheat planning job for a reason. Watch what she is doing lately. It’s a job role which gives her an opportunity to meet men privately. She has even boasted to her friend how she is sleeping with her certain friends husband whose wedding she arranged.  Imagine she can brag about that to a point of saying she cant leave him even if he is married to her friend now.

That is why she tells her “friends that “events are a good opportunity to meet men with money and make money by sleeping with them. That’s when she is open for more serial secret affairs. She is very pre-occupied with starting affairs during the events time she plans. During this time she is always in salons and will tell you “I care about my appearance” so that she can get mens attention.

 Her excessive vile arrogant personality and severe promiscuous Slut life is what I could not stand but she always denied sleeping around and still does. She may deny and say that I am making claims but I have all the evidence and have presented some here. Up to this day she flaunts herself like she is the best thing God created and I am sure she must be acting like she owns or has shares in the company she works for. These are things she did when she was with me i.e. acting like she owned my things, my company and managing to fool some people. Her excessive love of money, betrayal and theft from me could not even save any kind of friendship. She is a grave liability not worth the emotional investment. How do you invest in a relationship with an arrogant thief or Beware of Annest Namata the Gold Diggermarry a promiscuous woman ready to sleep around for money? On meeting you for the first time, she starts telling how she is business minded. Know that she is after stealing from you and gaining for you. The reality is how she will fool you by the way she flaunts her body and her bleached skin plus the lipstick she wears, exposing her breasts, her thighs and anything else she can as she walks like an old dog.

WiLL-1 She wants you for your “WILL“. I have proof of her constantly asking me to write a “WILL” in her favour. She will want a piece of you in order to get access to your “WILL“. For your information, this is the reason she will want assets jointly owned with the sole aim of transferring/registering them to her names so that she can lay claim to them at any time. So she will push you to setup a “Sweetheart WILL” so that everything is passed onto her should anything happen to you.

 Annest Namata the shameless Gold Digger, will send you messages of love, promise you the world but what she does and says behind your back are all different. She is contradictory and very deceitful in everything she does. She will play the game and actually suck you in to the point of you believing she truly cares about you, when all she really cares about is your wallet/assets. 

GOLD DIGGER-7 As a Promiscuous deceitful Gold digger she does not have a pot to piss in, so she plots to take yours. She enjoys living the life with all of its amenities, especially if someone else is paying for it. She acts charismatic and knows how to give the person she desires exactly what he needs until the well runs dry or until her Gold digging deception and deceit is uncovered. I uncovered Annest Namata’s Gold digging deception and evil deceit. Plus I uncovered her thieving throughout the years.

jim-mendenhall-quote-if-there-was-a-honeymoon-period-then-the In the initial stages of the relationship she will act like she is the most wonderful person on earth. After the honeymoon period, when she has renewed her putrid side affairs, she starves herself, buys Chinese slimming tea to please the new trail of men she is having affairs with. She spends her time and money she is stealing and getting form you buying body revealing/exposing clothes and taking care of herself at your expense. Even the basics of things she could do herself, she goes to the salon to be done and when questioned, she’ll tell you, she wants to be pampered. Nothing wrong with that but in her case it will be once in a while for ever.ANNEST NAMATA THE GOLD DIGGER

 She spends hours every week in salons and in front of mirrors, wearing tight clothes, tops that are not her size, making sure her looks are satisfactory to the men she’s trying to win/lure over for side affairs even when you are in a relationship with her. She creates dissonance in her own personality and a dissociative gap in her psychology from the difference in the person she actually is, and the woman she thinks the guy would want her to be. She lies to herself, so that it can be easier to lie to the man she’s trying to win over. She pretends to be emotionally interested in the man she’s trying to win over. Above all, to Annest Namata, the side affairs men’s pleasure and satisfaction comes first at any cost.

hardcovered truth She will ACT/PRETEND like a woman, who has submitted completely to you. So you will THINK she is genuine. This is analogous to the stripper who will dance at the drop of a single $1 bill. As a man you feel accepted, desired and wanted on a completely different and new level. There’s a feeling of real honest genuine love. You will be gravely fooled and it will be very naive of you.

 Implicit in Annest Namata’s behaviour is that what she has to offer to a man, is far less valuable than what she wants from him. Phrased differently, what she wants from a man, is of far higher value than anything and everything she could possibly offer him in return. This is all Annest Namata immoral Gold digging trickery and deception. She uses religion to fool people into believing she is honest and genuine. She then ACTS what she is not in order to gain from the relationship. #deceitfulopportunist

ARROGANCE A Gold digger views arrogance as confidence. Arrogance is actually ignorance. This explains why Annest Namata is obnoxiously arrogant but she thinks that is confidence.

FALSE SPIRITUALITY: Gold diggers like Annest Namata have a false sense of spirituality.Born again This is a superficial faith because generally Annest Namata the Gold Digger will never have your back. Lose your money assets and material possessions and she’s in the wind. Quote a couple of scriptures to her and she acts like she is yours. But at the first sign of trouble as a gold digger she is, she will cash out.

If you decide to date the evil charlatan Annest Namata, you better be prepared for some very serious evil challenges and immoral drama and behaviour. She is characterised by being insecure, controlling, extremely extremely manipulative, full of lies and money greed plus thieving in all ways. She will never ever be satisfied by anything you do for her because she thinks she is very special and it should be done for her. The deceitful Annest Namata is very selfishly motivated and extremely materialistic.IMG_10093486393656

If you start a serious relationship with Annest Namata, breaking up with her will take more than just a talk. She’ll kick and scream to the very end and will even make threats against your life or herself. This is where things can get really dangerous for your emotional and physical well being.

images Dating/having a relationship with Annest Namata the deranged psycho is a sure fire way to make your life a living hell. Even if she acts good and genuine, it all comes at a very high price- she is not what she pretends and claims to be.. She will at some stage exhibit typical behaviours of a psycho. Things will only get worse. She will deny it and act like the innocent one and make out that you are the psycho. She is very good at turning the tables to suit her purpose and make herself feel good. She believes her delusions of grandeur.

As a Gold Digger, she attaches herself to men with money to get money, live a good bragging life and to get their material things. Shegold-digga1 then brags about it to the unknowing that she has money. When asked why she is attaching herself or spending a lot of time with the men, her reply is “They are the ones who want to be with me. Can I stop men from loving or being with me”.  When I asked why she can’t say NO, her reply was evil silence of guilt. Imagine how cheap and immoral she is. She reciprocates Gold Digging generosity by providing her promiscuous services to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Then she calls them business partners. How many business partners do you have yet you are employed? #GoldDiggingSlut

job-titlesTalk jobs, all she is after is Job Titles to brag about. She will saunter in your company and business as if she owns it or started it and will feed your mind with all kind of talk about her work colleagues after she has led you to believe that you can trust her. That is why she also goes after men with titles. With her delusions of grandeur she will make you think she is higher up the horizon by constantly blowing her trumpet.

Signs that she is A Gold-Digger – How to spot her Gold Digging:-howtospotagolddigger

 • She is not concerned about your financial future only her own***

As a gold-digger she is not really concerned about your future even if you are a couple. Though you may be in love with her and thus have clouded judgements, there are signs for you to know if she is concerned about your financial future. She lives in the now. She gets pissed off when you mention anything like financial challenges and the need to invest for “us”. She doesn’t see the need to invest the money for “us”when all she needs is a large piece of the pie. She only sees money and investment for herself. Yet she is stealing from you. All the while she will be blindfolding you that she is working hard for you and to start a family.

• She is extravagant at your expense


She is very extravagant and ostentatious in lifestyle. She engages in unnecessary spending spree because she spends your moneyknows that the affair is not going to amount to anything fruitful for her. She is usually very demanding, but coy about it as well. As a promiscuous gold digger she has perfected the art of deception and seduction, it is always very difficult to deny her the requests because she pretends to be what she is not, acts like she loves you when in reality she loves your money and material things. Watch how she mistreats/disrespects waiters in restaurants and hotels. It will tell you a lot about her.

• She constantly flirts with other men everywhere she goesaffair with the neighbour

She constantly flirts with other men while in a relationship and most most of them are always sexually depraved in one way or another, they seek other avenues to quench their sexual lust and Annest knows that and uses it to her advantage to gain by being paid. Watch how Annest Namata walks seductively sauntering like an old dog walks to attract men’s attention. (#Disgusting)

GDigger• She falls too easily due to her excessive love of money

 One notable sign of a gold-digger like her is the ease with which she succumbs to the advances of celebrated and so called wealthy men. She believes that she can trap any man, if she so chooses to, with her sexual exploits. Watch how slutty she dresses and slut walks. She does not come cheap with men that are not wealthy per say but practically throws herself on well-to-do men.

• She Is Obsessed with acquiring High Social Status


Annest Namata the gold digger is always obsessed with her status in society. She thinks that she can gain it by how she looks and dresses plus having affairs. So she does anything to get money and get close to people with status.This along with money, is what a gold digger like her lives for. You will notice when she is using phrases to the effect “how will this reflect one me”, “What will people think”, “It is embarrassing me..”, “You can’t do that to me”, etc. Going to galas/events or driving a car that is well out of her budget, living in areas associated with certain class of people are good indicators of a problem with her social status. She expects you to pay for her next level. Just know you are dealing with a gold digger. She will aim to trap you so that she can claim a portion of your money by use of a child. As a Gold digger she wants to be in relationships with men who can elevate her social status and wants to be showered with any gift imaginable that she sees as a status symbol. Money and material things are more important to her.

• She climbs Boyfriends**gold digga

As a gold digger Annest Namata straps on her heels and figure hugging tight clothes to use boyfriends as stepping stones. She takes all her clothes to a tailor to tighten them. Surprisingly she even takes jeans for tightening so that they can be skin tight to attract mens attention. In fact, looking back on her relationship history, you will find that each man she has dated and been with has been richer than the last.

You are her promotion to a more fabulous, expensive life. So don’t think/dream that you are special to her.

• She avoids pregnancy (But she will want it when she wants to trap you for long term money extortion)Cows as dowry but she still cheats on you with several men

She avoids pregnancy at all costs but talks about it. She works with the Gold diggers philosophy; “Why should I spoil my figure for one man when there are so many men to milk from?” To her, pregnancy is a liability except the few occasions where there is much to be gained from giving birth for the man. Like all Gold Diggers, she always has one focus….money, money, money and material things. For the sake of the tradition, she is more interested in getting cows and money from you that she has tried to tell the father to extract from different men over the years during engagement ceremonies she staged to get money and material things by ringing the father and telling him “get as much money from him as you can“.

• She does not want you spending on others even on your own relations/relatives

Gold-diggers get really mad when their man is spending on other people; whether family members or friends. Annest Namata can try to hide the anger but she devices cunning ways of dissuading you from making expenses on others except herself or when the spending on the other person will favour and benefit her in any form.

Owners_and_Traders_v1 I know she is busy bragging with the Uganda Clays Ltd shares she has that she stole 42 millions shillings from me to buy but she will pay it back ten fold. When I found out she had stolen 42 Million from me to buy the shares, the Shares company owner from whom she bought the shares knew there was a problem right away. I am sure he had met or knows other gold digging thieves like Annest Namata.

 The shares continue falling in price up this day. She bought them to brag that she has shares in companies.

 As Strive Wasiyiwa said “Smart investors don’t buy shares, they buy stakes in companies….” So let Annest Namata brag on with her ghetto/village mind.


She uses her looks and skin bleached colour for short term gains which she makes a big deal of

It goes with the territory. If you suspect her of being a gold digger then it would be a good idea to watch how she behaves with other men. You will realize she tends to flirt a lot to get her own way which is a definite sign. She thinks she is entitled to flirt in front of you and she will see nothing wrong with coveting with any man. She walks around in figure flattering dressing that she has adjusted by a local tailor to get men’s attention. But she doesn’t use her looks for long-term goals, simply because she doesn’t have any.

• She is full of self entitlement and self obsessedimages (2)

Gold Diggers really do believe that they deserve all the expensive gifts, money and material things they receive and so does Annest Namata. She thinks she is doing men a favour. When a man loves her genuinely, she thinks he is beneath her and therefore she is worth every penny. She starts telling her friends and anyone who can listen to her that he is very crazy for her and that she is very beautiful.

For a gold digger like Annest Namata, each and every boyfriend is nothing more than a stepping stone on her way up. So you whom she has managed to fool that she is a very genuine honest person think again. If a woman has that element of total arrogance and self entitlement like Annest Namata does then you should know she is definitely a Gold Digger.

• She has multiple Mobile/Cell phones and multiple Sim Cardssims


Does she have multiple mobile phones? (YES SHE DOES), all bought by men. Does she seem to get a lot of calls unrelated to work and at odd hours? (YES SHE DOES). Does she get lots of WhatsApp notifications (Hell Yeah). She is a gold digger who carries phones with SIMS dedicated to men she is stringing along and ripping off/”detoothing”. Don’t end up being just another Phone/SIM in her collection. She can’t give you a sensible explanation for multiple phones/SIM cards, just know she is using you. She will claim they are work and business related. Believe that at your peril. Business my foot. She filters who she wants to talk to and when. She saves mens names under aliases for whatever she is gaining from them be it money, trips, rent, car payments, coffee, shopping. Men’s names saved in her phonebook have different names. So she keeps the Sim cards separately for the different men she is having affairs with. I was in a committed relationship with her and engaged but she had a name for me in order to hide me from the serial men she was sleeping around with. #Slut

• She Hates Other Women.delusions

Women like Annest who are gold diggers will tend to hate other women. She sees other women as competition for your hard earned gold and not only that, gold diggers like her know that the one person who can easily expose her true colours is another women who knows a lot about her. Dressed to her best always, the gold digger flaunts the fact that she likes to take care of herself. But it’s with other people’s money, of course. Since she places emphasis on her looks, she is wary of and competitive with other desirable women and dislikes their company if they are more gorgeous or more status-endowed. So she comes up with an excuse that women are jealous of her because she is beautiful. Beautiful? Why does she depend on makeup to look the part? Or spend hours in salons if she is so beautiful? (#Deranged). Clearly, her behaviour is caught up in insecurity.

• Her “real” closest friends are Gold Diggers too

You can tell a lot about a woman by meeting people from her closest circle. If a girl has a lot of friends that are only after men for their money, she will likely have this same attitude. So true in Annest Namata’s case. For example she told me that she has friends who sell themselves(aka prostitutes) in Dubai/Abu Dhabi. She made sure I did not meet them. So what would she have in common with them? She obviously is doing and has always sold herself. To cover up, she will court a particular woman as a good friend even if they don’t have anything in common and get very close so that she can get closer to the brother or cousin or friend. Her aim will be to get to that man she can gain from him in all ways.

People attract others that they have things in common with. If her buddies, especially her best friend, is a gold-digger, you need to tread lightly.

• She Does Not Use Words Like “Please” & “Thank You” if at allpay attention

“Please” and “thank you” are simple words that mean a lot when they are said. When you break down this meaning, you will see why they are so important to a person.

  • Please – Asking for an item in a polite manner shows respect and general courtesy. This is asking for something versus demanding.
  • Thank you – Appreciative in nature, the words “thank you” indicate that a person is appreciative of an action you took. 

If she does not say these two words, she simply expects things to be done for her and doesn’t respect you or your feelings. Annest Namata does not use these words. She will now start pretending to use them after she has read this blog post but you can still tell.X6

• She is a walking talking calculator: Every question or conversation that relates to money is being used to calculate the percentage of
fdbd money she feels entitled to benefit from you. Questions to do with what you have as assets are being used to gauge how rich you are and how she can gold dig you. Questions about your siblings or how many children you may have may appear harmless conversation, but Annest Namata the gold digger wants to determine how much of your time and money will got to the siblings and the kids and how much money will be spent on her and how much she will get her access to steal and spend in order to get acquisitions


She always has a meter. She is always pushing for gifts and keen on going for shopping trips. She wants to acquire as much as she can like shoes, bags, jewellery, lingerie, cars, land, houses, etc. Even if she is in a so called ‘relationship’ with a rich enough partner, she is constantly looking for bigger fish to fry. She is never satisfied and will never be loyal.

 Things Annest Namata the Gold Digger will want to Know from the next “victim(s)“:GD questions

  1. What do you do for a living?
  2. How much money do you make?
  3. Where do you live?
  4. Do you own your own home/house / how many houses do you have?
  5. What kind of car do you drive? How many cars do you have? You will hear her tell you “I like cars oh my God” – That’s a Gold Digging sign.
  6. Do you have a business? What business do you have? You will always hear her say “I am very business Timeminded”, “I like business”
  7. What kind of restaurants or hotels do you go to?
  8. Where do you like to shop?
  9. What kind of watch or jewelry do you wear? (she thinks wearing a watch is a status symbol) – You will often see her bragging about a watch and will wear mens watches after sleeping around with them.
  10. Do you have any children? How many?

The crux of every gold-digger is the question in the first 5 minutes – how much are you worth? 

Don’t take things at face value. She is too selfish and will only do things or “sacrifice” only when she knows she is getting something bigger in return. She very manipulative with the sole intention of getting what she wants. She doesn’t care about you or your goals and plans. She lacks any empathy when you are hurting/disappointed.

so true Annest Namata has an over bloated outlook towards herself. She thinks she needs to be rewarded financially because she thinks she has outstanding qualities and looks compared to other women.(#Delusional). No one in their right mind can say as she said “every boy and man wants me because I am very beautiful”. No wonder she is promiscuous and sleeps with every Tom Dick and Harry for money and steals at any given opportunity.

bragging with a re-conditioned carShe is now bragging around town with this 2001 model car telling whoever has time to listen to her “I bought a new car”. It is NOT a new car (Hmmm! new according to her deranged mind it is). SO WHAT ANYWAY IF YOU HAVE A CAR?? She doesn’t even know the history of the car. Besides that, it’s either bought with stolen money part of which she stole from me and what she is stealing now from people who are still trusting her or a man she is gold digging has bought the car. She later advertised it for 28M/- negotiable stating that she is raising money for another but she was busy bragging to people that she is importing another car. Her aim is to give people who don’t know her, the impression that she is rich and high class. So brag on Annest Namata the Gold Digging Thief. She comes from a home with a compound where no car ever parked or drove into. Thus her delusions of grandeur over petty things.

Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel. Betrayal starts with trust of an insider.images (32)

The harsh reality is that she doesn’t really care about you or your dreams. She even has written on her twitter that her life is to short to care. She just pretends in order to gain your trust then she steals from you. She will do anything you ask of her if she knows she wants money from you. If you think the evil deceitful Annest Namata cares, dream on at your peril. You are wasting your valuable time on her.

Take it or leave it this is the real bitter truth. So re-evaluate and set your priorities right.

Underneath the tousled/ironed hair and shiny handbags and kampala bleached makeup face, the message from Annest Namata is an ugly one. To her, a man does not exist as an equal partner in a kind, loving, relationship, but merely as someone to be fleeced for as much money and material things as possible. That is why she is very promiscuous.

CLOSING THOUGHT: She is the root of all evil; not only will she be a massive hit to your account balance and assets, but she will also be one of the most disastrous time-wasting worst experiences you ever had but she will play all the monkey tricks in your house to make you think she is the woman. A relationship is about love, not what you can buy a person. She is after men for money and material things.

She can’t make it all throughout her life using people. It will come back to hurt/haunt her one day and the taste of her own medicine maybe unbearable. She is too greedy and selfish and never gets satisfied with anything materialistic.

Annest Namata the Promiscuous relationship Cheat

Olara Otunu quotationitsaysitall

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An Extremely Bad Separation and Betrayal is one price of a worthless/time-wasting relationship with Annest Namata the Gold Digging Thief. Here is how her brain functions;IMG-20150216-WA0005
In order to avoid the trauma, here are a few ways to avoid Annest Namata the gold digger heartbreak and or time wastage with a thieving woman hell bent on getting at your money and assets by any illicit means:

1. Not all relationships must lead to marriage. Some relationships are for a reason or a season. Annest Namata’s relationship with you will be for a season so that she can get money and material things from you plus what she can steal from you. So discover the purpose and look for someone else with self-respect and who does not pretend for selfish narcissistic reasons. Even if you married Annest Namata a billion times and gave her everything, she will still sleep around and hop from bed to bed with different men and she will steal from you. DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO HER. If you allow yourself to, you are in trouble.

2. Don’t and never give her the totality of your heart. If you are religious, put God first. Nevertheless, do not make the mistake of giving herimages your all. She will claim that she is different, that she cannot change, that she is trustworhty, etc. DO NOT BELIEVE HER LIES. BIG MISTAKE. Loving her, giving her all my heart and wasting my time on her are the biggest worst mistakes I have ever made in my life. She is a heartless, remorseless, gold digging time waster.  She is the whore every one has had.

Soon, the relationship becomes a money pit. You are investing in a depreciating asset if at all she can be an asset to you when she is stealing from you.

3. Don’t get carried away with her SKIN BLEACHED self-proclaimed delusional beauty. She will continually blow her delusional trumpet that she is beautiful. She is very vain. Take note of how she is constantly looking at herself in the mirrors and posting edited photoshopped pictures of herself. Like what she uses online on Google+ andpay attention LinkedIn, it is a 2007 photoshopped picture. Even when she goes to the photo studio she asks them to edit her photos. I’ve seen many women who are a trillion times more beautiful than she will ever be. Remember despite the pretence and claims that she is a good-hearted woman, I can confirm that she is very very ugly and deceitful inside with evil mannerisms.

4. Love is never enough. Understanding, compatibility, wisdom, patience and tolerance are equally important. Does she have any of these qualities? HELL NO! But she will pretend she does for as long as it takes until one day you will be awakened to her real wicked evil ways. Use your common sense and intuition or gut instinct.facebook_340951279dbn

5. When negative signs are more than the positive signs which they will be, it is better to withdraw your heart immediately before it gets “broken”. However, Annest Namata will tell you “I am still learning how to love because I have never been in a relationship like this.” Do not believe her deceitful lies and excuses. There will be very many negative signs but she will pretend and cover them up. Look, observe and act. Why waste your precious time? Time is irreplaceable. sdvIMG-20150420-WA0004

6. Extreme jealousy is the quickest way to break a relationship. Annest Namata will be jealous of you for the smallest of things irrespective of who you are. She gets jealous of people who may seem close to you because she wants to exploit, steal and gold dig you but she will act like she is paying more attention emotionally. Despite being in a relationship with her and engaged, the promiscuous gold digger was still jealous of me yet I was helping her in all ways and I got her out of the hole she was in. After getting to her feet, the slut had the audacity to ask me “did you make me what I am?”. WHY WAS SHE BEGGING ME TO HELP HER RIGHT FROM THE MINUTE SHE CAME TO MY HOUSE YET SHE DIDN’T KNOW ME?? WHY WAS SHE LIVING RENT FREE IN MY HOUSE, WHY WAS SHE BEGGING ME TO BUY HER CARS, BEGGING ME TO BUY HER PARTY DRESSES, OFFICE SUITS, etc?? So you can imagine how delusional and unappreciative she is.

7. Don’t demand trust, let her earn it, build it or show it. However, because she is a remorsele gold digging narcissistic thief, sheNEVER EVER TRUST ANNEST NAMATA will pretend she is a good trustworthy person and you will believe if you are naive. She will constantly tell you “Everybody trusts me”, ABC trusts me with millions or billions, I can’t change, Me am always trusted, Me I can’t do anything wrong, Me I can’t steal, etc” DON’T BE NAIVE and DON’THE fall for her pretentious ways, deceitful love and constant lies.

8. Never compare her to someone else. She is simply a narcissistic, promiscuous, pretentious gold digger and a thief who will do anything for her extreme excessive love of money and material things. She is always talking about money and stealing money even in your own house. She stole my money she had kept in a Bible. Her extreme love of money and material things is the source of all evil.

9. Your relationship should not only be marriage driven but care, love and concern driven. Annest Namata will make sure that it is marriage driven to a point of asking you to write a WILL that is in her favour. Her aim is to ultimately get all your material things, properties, investments and money. She is a GREEDY EVIL VILE GOLD DIGGER.

10. DON’T marry her because you saw her in Church or met her in Church or prayer meeting or because she told you she is “Born Again”. She willMarrying-for-Money display bibles in the house to make you think she is very religious and genuine. Many like her are in Church but not in touch with God. Going to Church does not make you religious like going to a garage doe not make you a car. She is NOT Born again. She uses it to deceive people into believing that she is genuine. Believe her at your peril.

It is not WHERE you meet, but WHO you meet that counts. She abuses the institution of relationships and the sanctity of marriage because all she is after is money and material things.

Love, respect and trust all go together. Even if one of the links is missing, the whole thing falls apart. She has none of them.


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss. I am definitely smiling because this evil vile gold digger is out of my life for good.






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she cant change

 Unsurprisingly her DECEIT, RELIGIOUS PRETENCE and SELF PRAISE still goes on unbeknown to those who don’t know her well. Annest Namata still claims and praises herself that she has brilliant business skills, best events planner with honesty and integrity. If she is the best Events planner, why doesn’t she own the best Events company in the world? Why does she plagiarise ideas from the Internet?  Nothing about her self praise surprises me or anyone who knows her conning/defrauding and thieving ways. She talks the big talk and the gullible and naive believe her and she is able to con many and continue bragging her way. DON’T EVER LET HER FOOL YOU.

 If she has any honesty and integrity, how come she stole from me all the time whenan she was my fiancee and after I kicked her out of my house I discovered she had stolen money from my business account and from my late mothers account and ran to China. She would also steal money meant for paying house bills. Those who don’t know her say she has integrity but she stole money from my account and bought shares in her names. She stole money from my account and bought land and lied to me that she had bought it in my company names. images (48) She also steals from other people like she stole from her former employers and has done that all her adult life. She stole from my late mother’s estate. She stole lots of money from me in hundreds of millions, stole my car, stole something as petty as my Post office box and people have the audacity to say she has integrity. To this day, she is still stealing and producing fake receipts for goods and services when questioned. #BornAgainThief

Is that honesty? Is that integrity?

A person who holds herself unaccountable for her actions and deceit lacks integrity and lacks respect for anyone.

  So whoever is recommending her as having integrity and honesty leaves a lot to be desired themselves. Annest SOCIOPATH Namata the Thief CANNOT and will NEVER have any honesty and integrity. That is why to-date she is on the defensive and posting quotes that confirm her manipulating, deceitful thieving life “Live life in such a way that if someone spoke badly about you no one would believe them”. This is the very same thing she used to tell me. She says and writes this when you are exposing her deceitful life. So believe her deceit at your grave peril. I AM REVEALING NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. I don’t any validation.

facebook_1025264203 EVERYTHING SHE DOES IS TAINTED WITH DISHONESTY AND DECEIT ALL THE WHILE HIDING BEHIND RELIGION. In addition to that, she is now using her “job title” to fool people into believing her lies and covering up her deceitful thieving life.

images (12)

 The fact is that she is very dishonest, has no integrity at all and is deceitful and a thief. She CANNOT define her personal values. All she does is pretend/act to be what she is not.

 How dare she post anything about “promises” on her social media when she cannot keep any simple promise and always looks out to STEAL from anyone. SHE CANNOT KEEP ANY PROMISE LONG TERM. NEVER true about Annest Namata

She is now calling people and claiming that she is looking for investors who can pay thiefdsfbillions of dollars for investment. She is telling everyone how she has got a client in Abu Dhabi who will invest in her. She claims she is asking for half a billion dollars from the investor and she will borrow that same amount from the Bank. Hahaha!! Can someone who earns something like 5 million Uganda shillings borrow half a billion dollars from the Bank? WHICH BANK WOULD THAT BE? DON’T GET CONNED. Perhaps it’s her promiscuous client for her prostitution services. As she told me she has close friends who sell themselves for money and material things in Dubai. To have such friends, it proved beyond doubt to me she is a prostitute too. She is also looking for crowd funders. How do you crowd fund a thief with no integrity? ANY CROWD FUNDER OUT THERE, DO NOT CROWD FUND THIS THIEF.

davfa She retorted that I do not know anything and that I copy everything in the blog from the net. I have published all this Blog. Is it copied? She is writing aimages (34) blog if at all it can be called that but EVERYTHING in her blog is copied and pasted from the Internet. All her blog material and her utterances are all extreme Plagiarism from the internet that she googles. So why should people read her blog when they can google it all themselves and even get more? ALL HER IDEAS ARE SECOND HAND all drawn/copied from the web. Her intellect is all about plagiarism. Her plagiarism plagues the creative ego like no other malady. Then she dares accredit it to herself by signing her name. Anyone can do that. If she is a specialist/expert as she claims, then she should create her own event innovations and ideas. 

fame gameCome a day like Valentine, she creates a misunderstanding and or switches off the phones to be selective with a specific “side dish”/ side affair that she wants to get the most money or material things from. That is the true character of a deceitful ” Born Again Thief”.


 Her thieving legacy lives on despite her religious deceit and claims of honesty.

 She is after your money and material things. Her aim will be to defraud you while convincing you that you can trust her as she has done many men, me inclusive.

 She boasts about/with re-conditioned bond cars, clothes, handbags, jewellery, shoes, Mobile phones, Ipads, watches, job titles etc. So if you THINK she is genuine in her pursuit, dream on. She is just a wannabe “copycat arrogant villager” and a thief acting like she is honest “miss knows it all”.

31525_201401eaf28_193651_wise23 Does she really know the Bible? She uses it to cover up the deceit. As I have reiterated time and time again, she uses religion and the Bible quotes as cover for her deceit and thieving personality. If she was really religious and knew the bible the most basic thing she would not do would be not bragging over petty things and attainments.godreads

 GOODREADS.COM: Some of you who think you know her may have realised she has compiled a “goodreads” list from She NEVER read a book in all the four years we were together. Now after I’ve informed people that she doesn’t read, she is acting like she is a book reader. For those who are gullible, believe her deceitful lying life. If you are doing something genuinely, you don’t have to publicise it. Besides that. who cannot go online and compile a goodreads list? She is very very hypocritical and evil.

greedy slut gold digger This is all she is after material things. Irrespective of you wanting investments and “treasure trophies” in “our” names as a couple, she wants them only in “her” names. She’s a very manipulative serpent who turns on the charm as she comes out to gold dig and steal what someone else worked hard for by manipulating you with her body and sex. Then she dare brag that she has money, bragging about cars, clothes, phones. This rural urban peasant just saw these things in her old age. Thus her “urban excitement” and excessive worthless arrogance. 

images (70) Nothing but the truth has been revealed. It’s your choice whether you want to believe the deceitful pretentious thief or take in the obvious evidence presented to you. If you want to believe her lies and deceit, you will undoubtedly eventually fall victim to her thieving deceitful ways.

 She will talk the talk but she has no ethics, no integrity, no honesty and no respect at all for anyone. It is all pretence for money and material things.

 How do you forgive Annest Namata who deliberately goes out to waste four and a half years of your life and steals from you during that time and more so when you find out she has been sleeping around for money while living in your home with all expenses paid and goes on to steal your car that she was giving the men she was sleeping around with in your absence and to add insult to injury stealing money from you.

HERE IS HER TYPICAL PHONE INBOX DIRECTORY TO “MEN”(even if she is in a relationship and or engaged or married):

  •  I love you dear
  •  I always feel bad when I see you with other menfacebook_-445793658
  •  Sweetie dont 4get the trip
  •  Darling have you seen the credit I sent you
  •  Can I take you out tonite
  •  Honey, I will do whatever it takes just for you
  •  Baby check your account balance and call me
  •  I have not received the money you said you sent to my account
  •  Sweetheart have a good nite and sweetdreams
  •  How is the orange?
  •  Come for ice cream tomorrow

Regardless of who you may be, she will simply use you as a springboard for her own profiteering and STATUS. She will cling onto you when she wants something from you and will ultimately steal from you. Listen to my advice, you will thank me one day.

spot on I am so glad she is out of my life forever. All she does is look out for men she can get money and material things from plus steal/defraud them. She has a very rotten selfish behaviour and is totally unworthy of interacting with at any level. Then she dare talk about etiquette. Her manners and attitude are ROTTEN TO THE CORE AND STINK. #MATERIALISTICGOLDDIGGERfacebook_2095178088

 She meets people and pretends to be what she is not in order to get something from them. Why would I want to be with or associate with such an evil two-faced conceited hypocrite? WHY? Good luck to those who have the time to let her steal from them and exploit them.

 I have met people from all walks of life from different parts of the planet, I continue to do so but I can guarantee she is the worst person I’ve ever met and I know many other people who do not like her putrid rotten manners, behaviour and thieving mannerisms.

I went out of my way to create a comfortable future for her and myself and to give her what she had never images (44)had in her life. Little did I know I was dealing and helping a slutty thief.  What did she do? Steal from me, sleep around with different men, disrespect my late mother to the extent of referring to her as”the dead old woman” as she put her pictures in my house face down and she stole money from her estate. That is the Annest Namata that some fds rpeople are saying has integrity and is honest. I started a business and did it for “us”. What was she telling her “audience”? She was telling them that it is her business whilst contradicting herself telling others that she owns half of it and does 99% of everything.

You start a business to help build the economy, help in creating jobs for your fellow citizens, provide services needed in the country, create wealth for yourself, your family and the country. BUT you have Annest Namata the thief busy stealing from you and brags about it because she thinks she is invincible.

images (51) She will continue to fool the genuine gullible people that she is honest and trustworthy. All the while disrespecting them behind their back and stealing from them. To their face, she will act humble and give a false sense of responsibility. I’ve seen her first hand pretend and experienced her betrayal and found out all the truth about her grave evil nature.

CONTROLLING BEHAVIOUR: She divides and manipulates people in order to conquer people onto her side, driving a wedge between you and significant people in your life. She does this in order to control people she associates with in order to allow what is important to her only. She can even go as far as choose them over a significant other.

 She has the guts to say men are just after her body when she shows off all her body parts at any given opportunity and squeezes herself into tight clothes and has them adjusted by a local tailor to fit her tight for men’s attention. The way you256702894144 dress is the way people address you. She is on Facebook, BBM, Google+, Tweeter, WhatsApp, thiefPinterest, etc. She is very emotionally unstable because all she wants is attention from men for money wherever she can get it from. She is constantly looking for men online for money. Then she talks about being religious and having integrity. What integrity?

 Claims of invincibility like Annest Namata saying “nothing can happen to me” are only for those who have allowed their retarded arrogance and hubris to get the better of them and cloud their judgement. She makes money a lifestyle instead of money being a means.

NON-RESOLUTION OF PAST RELATIONSHIPS: These include not just intimate relationships but those with family members and friends. If a person is unable to evaluate why past relationships haven’t worked out, or consistently blames the other party for all the problems as Annest Namata always does, you can bet with a great deal of confidence that the same will happen with your relationship.


Don’t waste sunsets on ill-mannered, manipulative and deceitful Annest Namata who will be situationship
sfgone by sunrise.images (51)





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guest-posting1 GUEST BLOGGING:-bemyguestdownload (18)

By Bigeye.Ug Reporter
They hang out in top places, you can’t know them, they will never approach you but those who know them, know them. You only know them, if you know them, and if you don’t know them, you will never know them. The story of corporate prostitutes in Uganda is as confusing as the paragraph we have just written.
To break into the story, we begin the illustration. An average Ugandan banker earns not more than Shs.700,000 a month. She sleeps in an expensive apartment in Naalya, Kisaasi, Kiwatule, port bell, luzira or any of the so called exclusive suburbs of Kampala. She is the ideal independent woman( so you would think), she drives her own car( from the bond), she foots her own bills( you think) and you never see her stuck to any particular man. To her own knowledge, all she has are just friends with benefits.
Well, the scenario illustrates how corporate prostitution began. Because of the risks of one standing by the road-side waiting for clients, the Ugandan prostitutes are the girls who began the trade while at campus.
At campus, they were in multiple friends for benefits relationships, when they graduated, they landed a job in a bank somewhere or in a sales department in some top company even though their salary was not that much, they found a way around.
They knew how to keep looking good, they had the make-up and the perfect bleached body. The men who saw them, knew these


were the perfect girls. And they decided to position themselves in places like Kabira, Serena, Hotel Royale, Speke Hotel Munyonyo, Cayenne, Piato just to mention but a few.
The beauty of these prostitutes is that no one will ever suspect you are buying a prostitute, because they don’t dress like one. They are what we actually call “sex-escorts”. They will play all roles. They will escort you to an event and act like your girlfriend, they will escort you to bed and give you the sex. As long as you have the money, they will offer you whatever you ask for, and to the men, this is usually sex.
These corporate prostitutes know all the big men in town, they have slept with them, they know how to keep a secret because they have daytime jobs to keep. In actual sense, they earn more from this corporate prostitution than from their daytime full time job plus the side business.
At lunch-time, most of them offer “Lunch-time” sex. During these moments, one will get into her car off to a top-class hotel where she will meet with her client and offer her a one-hour of sex before later returning to work for the afternoon duty.

For others, it’s in the massage parlours. Ugandan massage spas are actually brothels in disguise. For men who have been to most of these massage parlours, they will narrate their experiences and tell you that you can have sex without being judged that you are buying a prostitute.

Campus Girls are also high in the game of sex-escorts. In the daytime it’s lectures, in the night, it’s the escort job. You will never see these girls showing themselves off like the speke road prostitutes.
If you have been to a concert and seen some hot cuties in the VIP section, 70% of them are corporate prostitutes. They are the sex-escorts. They will attend the exclusive VIP events in Serena, they will attend them in any other top hangout.
This is the first story under the series of CORPORATE PROSTITUTES. The series will be running for a month on as we unveil what goes on, in corporate prostitution.
– See more at:

The choice is ours whether we become a VICTIM or VICTOR.


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    Instead she will claim I made her suffer, kept her in bondage and that I made her a slave throughout our 4 years plus relationship. Unsurprisingly, she told me the very same thing about her ex-boyfriend. But when he was paying her University tuition fees and Upkeep which her parents could not, she didn’t complain that she was in bondage. Did she?  When I was paying for herso true Upkeep and everything else, and giving her everything she needed in life that her parents didn’t give her, giving her money for her parents and siblings upkeep, DID SHE COMPLAIN? But then again, how do you make a person a slave willingly? When you treat her right, give her everything and respect her and catch her cheating and stealing from you, that’s the excuse she gives to those ready to listen to her slutty crap lies. That’s the very ungrateful evil mindset of Annest Namata the “Schemer/User“,Gold Digging THIEF”.

 She forgets she told people what happened whenimages (27) she met me. In her own words she everything changed when i met yousaid“When I met him, I saw the lights and they changed to green for me. Everything started moving”. She also forgets she is the same person who was telling people including me that I changed her life and people started respecting her because of the change I made in her life. She had done her follow-up on me. She knew everything about me by asking my late Auntie yet I had never met her. Life has never been the same for her since she met me. She pursued me yet she could not be loyal. That clearly shows what and how dismal her life was before I met her. BUT I am the very person she betrayed, cheated on with several men, stole from and destroyed my business. Thank you very much Annest Namata a.k.a. Judas Iscariot. 4.5 years of wasting my TIME, money and EMOTIONS. I accepted her as she was but forgot how ROTTEN she actually is. She is an EVIL, GREEDY, HEARTLESS PROMISCUOUS OPPORTUNIST.

 “Without knowledge of history and of one’s own past, it is impossible to conceive the path to the future” -Ambassador Boutros Boutros Ghalimoment of truth

eaf  It all started when she visited me uninvited at my house with a belated very important relative of mine who was as good as my mother. (Rest In Peace Auntie. I will forever miss my Auntie. Simply the best Auntie gone far too soon).  I was unaware who Annest Namata was BUT she knew a lot about me. She even knew what food I liked. Unbeknown to me, she got my number secretly and sent me a text message when I was seated right in front of her and as she was looking at me. She literally sent me a text and watched me read it and my reaction. Little did I Know. I should have taken note of this first RED flag. On receiving the text message, I asked who it was only to find out it was Annest Namata who had sent it to me asking me for help because she wanted to leave the country.  My late Auntie was very disappointed in this action and asked her why she did it. She sent it to me yet she was sitting right in front of me. The human mind is wired to repeat itself. Her Gold Digging unblinking stare should also have alerted me as a very big RED flag.


Shes after ur financial help “The consequences of today are determined by the actions of the past.” Everybody has a past but Annest Namata hides her past because it is awful and EVIL/VILE for all the wrong, slutting and ills she does. No wonder she even hides her past on her “LinkedIn Profile”. She is the most selfish pretentious human being you can come across. It’s good to remember and know her past to better your present and future.

  Fast forward, I met her and she was very quick to tell me about her poor upbringing, how she suffered during her childhood, where she grew up and the problems she had growing up.images (54)
What is startling to think is that she was not looking at me in the eye when she was talking to me. She fgbclaimed she was adopted by a Nun who changed her surname to “namata” and took her to a monastery and she grew up there. However, you will not hear her contact that woman(i.e. the Nun) whom she claims moved to Tanzania. Even when Annest goes to Tanzania she does not mention or go to visit that woman if at all she exists. Listening to Annest’s stories, I felt very sorry and
even dropped tears. What is true and untrue about her childhood stories is very hard to tell because she is a liar and a manipulating gold Digger. She tells those stories to every man she wants to get pity from to gold dig them when she is having affairs with others.

money1_002 Ex_and_Why_175x175 Her “self-pity stories” make you an easier target for her to gold dig, help and do her favours which makes it easier for her to con you and eventually when she has won your total trust even as her partner, she’ll steal from you. Just because she has been scathed in life she thinks she is entitled to use people and manipulate them.

 What amazed me is she did not talk about her mother for two years until I asked her if she had a mother and even after asking she did not talk about her or her siblings for all the four years. #Evil.

However, she did not want me to go to her home. She said she would have to work on the house and build a toilet before I visited her home. She wanted to build a toilet for herself that even her parents and siblings would not use. #Selfishvillager. Then you wonder what her retarded arrogance is for if she has to build a toilet in her home now.

don't trust this thief Annest Namata SHE WILL PRETEND TO BE RELIGIOUS, PRETEND SHE CAN BE TRUSTED, PRETEND THAT SHE IS LOYAL AND WILL ACT GENUINE AND HONEST WHILE WAITING FOR THE OPPORTUNE TIME TO STEAL AND BETRAY YOU.. SHE WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET YOU TO TRUST HER so that she can steal from you and benefit from you while hiding it from you. YOU ARE JUST AN OPPORTUNITY TO HER. When I met her she had been unemployed for more than 2.5 years and asked me to help her get out of the country to get a job. I promised I would help change her life and lifestyle completely. There is nothing I promised that I did not do for her but on her part she kept moving the goal posts to suit her gold digging, thieving and promiscuous personality. She constantly becomes moody because she is having issues in her side dish affairs then brings them to you. Just filthy behaviour.  What more do you expect of a corporate prostitute hiding behind religion and claiming she is born again and boasting that she is manager? EVERY

There is an organisation in Entebbe town she claimed she used to go to for training for “Aids counselling” with the prospect of getting a job as an “Aids Counsellor”. What I HIV counsellingdid is I ensured she always had transport money to get there. She later asked me if I knew someone who would help get her a job there because she had failed. I knew someone but I could not risk that person integrity. Strange that she is the same person sleeping around now. So how and what type of Aids counsellor would she have been? Now I am sure it was all her gold digging lies to make me think she is a genuine responsible productive good woman. Never!

She started off by kneeling down on her knees for me whenever she served me anything pretending to respect me until I stopped her hypocritical gold digging antics. She can do anything for money and access to your WILL.Looser

 I had given her money for rent for over six months for payment of the servant quarter she was living in. I did know a family friend who could help Annest but instinct told me that she may do something to mess up her reputation. I asked Annest to ensure that she doesn’t do anything untoward. However I could not risk. So I decided to get her a house and asked her to move from the servant quarters where I found her living. But again this was because around this time, Annest was acting evasive and slutty. The house I provided had everything and was paid for and I bought her a car as well with everything paid for. All I expected of Annest Namata and I told her time and time again was appreciation and to
reciprocate the love I was giving her. What I never forget is when I told her to move into the house, her response was “What? Are you going to look after me like my father and mother should have done?” She also told my late Aunt neverthe same thing. She made all sorts of promises BUT as you can see she never kept any of them. Annest Namata CAN NEVER EVER KEEP ANY PROMISES OR VOWS SHE MAKES LONG TERM. She will NEVER be loyal.

PROVERBS 6:25-26  “Do not lust in your heart for her beauty or let her captivate you with her eyes, for the prostitute reduces you to a loaf of bread and the adulteress preys upon your very life.” Lust after her if you want a gold digging corporate prostitute. Good luck.

download (9) I asked what her aspirations and plans in life were. She told me she wanted to start a business like an Internet cafe or shop or restaurant and manage it part-time. Meanwhile nearly everyday, she would ask me “Do you want me to be a housewife? Based on my upbringing I wanted her to work with me but have independence and I followed that to the letter but little did I know that I was helping a gold digging slut. I gave her capital to start an Internet Cafe as she asked. I sought to give her what she dreamed of since she was a child. This was the beginning of her drama and vile promiscuous hypocrisy. Despite giving her the money, it never started because she seems to have had a history of promiscuity with the owner of the IT paraphernalia in the cafe room. She never explained what happened. That’s how evasive she is about her life. She get-attachment (19)claimed it was history but it was my money she had just thrown down the drain without a care in the world.images (76)

 DRAMA, DECEIT & CONTRADICTION are her middle names. Despite repeatedly telling me “I am not like other women”, “I am honest”, “I am trustworthy”and other lies, everything changes. With her, you go from trauma to trauma, evil drama to drama, catastrophe to catastrophe. You constantly fall apart emotionally and have bad knock-down arguments started by her but she’ll blame you. While no relationship is problem-free, its important to have a good amount of fun, peace and relaxation. She is constantly flirting with men everywhere. She makes herself available for side affairs, having affairs, secretly going to hotels with married men, all the while she’s criticising other women like she is the best, criticising married women like she is the best thing, criticising other peoples children like hers are the best. All her utterly disgusting gutter filthy rotten manners. What is she to think she is the best. She even goes to the point of badly criticising the very people who help her put food on her table. #Disgusting

tart She then asked me for money to start a Restaurant. She pestered and convinced me that she is very hard-working, trustworthy etc. I gave her money to start a restaurant. To my amazement, she started it with her “friend” without notifying me. When I asked she claimed the money I gave her was not enough to start it on her own. Everyday we talked, she wouldSHOP IN MAKERERE talk negative ill things about the partner/friend in the restaurant business and how she was having fights with her all the time over money. She wanted me to give her more money to add a bar which I refused to do because I knew she would use it for her prostitution which I suspected despite her claims “I am different”.  A few months later she told me she had decided to leave the business with the friend/partner because they were bad to her etc. I wish I had followed it up because I am sure Annest had done something like steal money. Again another person who fell out with her over money. Nothing new! She is a self serving, manipulative evil with no soul.

She then asked me to give her more money to open a shop which I did give her thinking this is it. She bought a shop “goodwill” in Makerere and started operating it part time but employed a full time attendant because I was paying all her bills and providing for everything else. But at this point I was very weary because her stories and drama was not adding up. It was showing her sign of being excessively in love with money. It was going  well and I was still paying all her bills, taking care of her and giving DSC_6681her everything she needed.


 One day, she called me crying that the Bank is going to take her home where she grew up, where her parents and siblings live. I wondered why she waited for the last-minute to tell me because she couldn’t answer. To cut a long story short I told her I would give her money for another Business but I asked her to sell off the business and pay off her fathers loan to save her home being taken by the Bank which she did. Now I wondered what next and was very cautious. The question was how was I going to live with Annest as my wife when she is not straight forward and she is more in love with money and could do anything with anyone who could give her money and material things. I saved her home yet I had many things that depended on me or else the Banks would take them. Does Annest Namata the Gold Digger care? Not at all. All her life she has used men. She sees one successful person as a link/ladder to an even more successful one. #GoldDiggermini supermarket in wandegeya

She was then onto another gold digging scheme to drain more money from me. She asked me to buy her a mini Supermarket in Wandegeya kampala which she claims “her friend” was selling. I asked why they were selling and she couldn’t answer. She will deny this now but there are  people who know about it will and comment. Thank God I did not buy it because she would have registered it in her names and would now be boasting that it is her Supermarket. All she does is slut around to get material things and money from men. Then she dares brag ” Me I have my money”, “I have brains”, “Am a business woman”, etc. Only an ungrateful village slut can do that.

To test if she was genuine, responsible and what kind of person she is after spending so much of my money in a short time trying to prop her up and better her life, I asked Annest to look for a job and her silence was deafening. I felt something was wrong but I dismissed it as her personality. I should have listened to my instinct. She talked to my neighbour who was an MD of an events company and she gave Annest a part-time Event Ushering job. Annest claimed they were paying her 250,000/- per event. The lady asked Annest how she could afford to leave comfortably, afford a car etc when she was not working and she claims she explained to her that I was providing everything.


 BUT this is the lady that Annest Namata later stabbed in the back and started creating lies about and talking dirty about her, despised her and am sure destroyed her ?????????????reputation in the company. She started telling all kinds of evil things about the lady until I asked Annest why she was talking dirty about her. That’s how evil Annest Namata is and worse. I noticed she was dressing to impress and entice. She always exposed as much cleavage as possible and always wore open shoes to the office especially when she was going to meet customers which I thought was inappropriate.  She lived in my house rent free and only paid bills when I asked her to after three years despite earning a salary. She couldn’t even buy anything. All she would do is call me to wire money to buy anything. #Thieving Parasite. Then she dare brag ” I am a manager”. SO WHAT? There are many other people with higher more prestigious positions worldwide but don’t brag about it. That’s when you realise what a “villager” she is with her vile village/ghetto mannerisms.  I found business cards in my house from men that she got while doing the Ushering job that she had stored with messages “call me”. A friend told me that Annest Namata boasts that she knows enough high profiled men who want her and can do anything with her and for her. She can go ahead and prostitute herself all she wants. I don’t need her trashy promiscuous manners in my life.

. After a couple of weeks of starting work, she lied to me that she was going for exercise sessions at the kololo airstrip with all her work colleagues every evening of the week. I now know that is not true. She was actually meeting men after work for her sexcapades for money and favours.  Then she claimed that companies wanted her to appear on Billboards. You expect exclusivity in the relationship but she is busy sleeping around with every Tom, Dick and Harry. She had my contact name in her phonebook as “Boyland/eBoy” yet we were engaged. She had another man’s name as “Pradoman” whom she was having an affair with. So am not surprised that other men like this one who Tweeted me were named different like “Free food” in her phonebook. All those lies for years, e.g. ” I am going to the Entebbe hill every Friday night for Friday night prayer” # Mannerisms of an evil cheap prostitute.

I once randomly asked to borrow her phone to make a call only to find an old Nigerian man’s number she had called and texted SECRET AFFAIR
Affairmany times. When I asked whose number it was, her answer was
“he is my friend, just a friend, he lives in Nigeria, I met him at an event.#Lyingprostitute. Despite me giving her the benefit of doubt she continued sleeping around with this old man (Old enough to be her father) and she lied that he lives in Nigeria. He actually lives in kampala. Apparently, she used to go to his office for “ice cream” as she used to brag to her friends. She would go to his office and he had a framed photo of his wife but Annest the Gold digger was after money and does anything for money. She is so desperate for money that any man who pays her attention and money is a golden catch.  No wonder she is always talking on and on about the sexual network. 
We would be talking about something important, she interrupts with her sexual network talk. #CheapvillageProstitute. She hosts events as part of her job but in her quest for her money greed she is looking for men to hook in order to sell herself.

HesaidShesaid  I realised from the outset right at the beginning of the relationship that Annest likes a lot of drama, comparing herself to people like she is better than them, talking bad about peoples wives, husbands and children, talking bad about anyone behind their back and acting good in their presence and spreading lies and rumours with the aim of so trueantagonising people. She then leaves them to fight each while she is laughing about it and takes advantage of the situation. She did that to me later and did it to a lot to her friends and colleagues.  I am very sure she did this a lot in the office because she would tell me things that were very disturbing and I would ask her why she is doing them. She is very hypocritical and two faced.

plane for the first time She then got an on the job opportunity to travel out of Uganda for the first time in her life. She claimed that the company had chosen her as the best beautiful person to represent the company. #Delusional. She asked me what to do when she gets on the plane, how seat belts are “tied” in her words; should be fastened, what to do while in the lane, how to use the restroom, etc. So she got to use the plane for the very first time in her life 5 years ago. When she arrived she sent text messages to all her friends in Uganda to inform them that she had used a plane. So why does she brag now like she has used a plane all her life? #Villagerairasia-incident-5

  She called me and asked me to call her back which I did. Surprisingly or not she would put down the phone whenever a man was in the vicinity. But she denied doing this yet I knew what she was doing. Her defence was “the owner of the phone she borrowed it from is born again.” I didn’t ask who the owner of the phone was. She had airtime on her phone. My question was “so why put the phone down whenever he approached?” Surely if she can sell herself wherever she goes, what is the point of being in a relationship with her. That’s why I say Annest Namata may as well declare herself a corporate prostitute because she has been selling herself for so long.

BODABODA As nasty a Gold Digger as she is, she moved on the next and asked me for money for one thing or the other. Little did I know that her plan was to buy a Boda Boda Motorcycle and she leased it to a Boda boda rider who paid her every month and claimed the rider took it after a year. It was not until I asked what she had done with the money I had given her that she revealed that she had bought a Boda Boda taxi Motorcycle. So you can imagine she wanted the free money to purchase the motorcycle but could not respect me to tell me the truth until I questioned her. So how can one marry Annest Namata and expect any kind of loyalty, honesty and trust? HOW? She could not even ask and or share the profits with me. She acted like she is doing me a favour to give her everything. #Gold Digger SLUT. She is very money hungry and selfishly evil. All she is after is a man’s money and material things.

About two months later Annest told me they had offered to employ her full-time but she would have to go for a brief interview. She had no idea thwhat to wear to an interview. I helped her with the advice. She got the job.
She had no clue about computer usage, typing at a reasonable speed, no clue about using different basic software983614_684900538237260_8737786309060179632_n and could not answer phone calls appropriately. She has NO ETIQUETTE at all. She could not even pass being a Receptionist yet she lies
 she had worked before but again she is evasive who she was working for and in what capacity. She could not even say which floor she worked and she laughs at herself at the fact that she couldn’t say ” Sixth floor”. I had to guide her each and everyday. I would wire her money, she did not even know what the process of receiving it was, she didn’t know how to wire money through the Bank, etc. She would send me emails for advice and I taking credit for my ideaswould rewrite her emails and or letters. She would ask me how to react to situations in the office or with customers which I was obliged to teach her. I gave her ideas how to contribute to changes in her department and to generate income for the company etc. This was important in life because I thought I was doing it for a genuine person.  I gave her many ideas which she would pass on like they were her own ideasHer putrid arrogance started as soon as she was confirmed as Sales Executive (sales person really). She is pompous now for nothing but at this stage, she didn’t even know what to do when we’d go to restaurants or hotels for meals. She couldn’t order a meal because she couldn’t understand the menu. Just a pompous for nothing villager. She would wait for me to order or ask for my help as to what to order. We went for meals in Hotels and Restaurants and she always asked me to order first so that she can see what I have ordered so that she can order similar food. She would even do it now if you took her to an upscale restaurant. Her work colleagues taught her office etiquette like how to use the office phones, PC, etc but today she acts like “Miss know it all.” Up to this stage you see picking her teeth in public after eating food. #Villager behaviour. So what is her villager obnoxious arrogance for now? WHAT???kindness

This Annest is the very same person who would ask me to buy her Suits  and trousers for work so that she can look corporate, party dresses and shoes so that she can attend events and parties. In my presence, she would say that she was born in the “virrage” and was “born again” so she can’t dance or attend some events. So how come she was attending parties only in my absence and avoided going to parties in my presence? Obviously she was avoiding me meeting the people she was slutting around with but had the audacity to think that I would fund her prostitution. She could not walk in heels until I bought her heels and advised her to wear them to get used to walking in them. She used to wobble around in heels holding on to me like a hatched chicken. #SHAME.

ANNEST NAMATA THE GOLD DIGGER Fast forward, all the while she was working she kept convincing me that she is genuine and she is trusted by everyone, making statements like “You can trust me, I can take care of your things and do anything you want me to do, there are many things I can do for you since you don’t have time and people to trust, etc”. She would say that because she realised I used to do everything myself regardless of how long it took or what it took to do them. This is what she tells every man she wants to steal money from.  Then she tells her friends who are like her behind your back “he has a potential”, “he is rich”, “he is nice”, “he is clean”, “he has a nice car”, “he drives fast”, ” we are going to be rich because of connections and the people we will meet”, etc. #GOLD DIGGER. All the while she will be bragging to her family and friends e.g.saying that the man is desperate for her by saying “he is the one who wants me desperately”. She has very rotten evil manners.  Eventually, I asked her  if she would take care of something’s as she was part of my family (So I thought). She had pestered me for so long to trust her and had pretended that she was genuine. She then started claiming she was very short of time because of her job and wanted me to start a business and we ran it together so that she can resign. I told her my plans and what I intended to do.

 She promised me without me asking her to that if I started a business she would resign from her full time job and concentrate on running the business as our family business. I asked her not to give me conditions because I was not giving her any conditions. All she wanted to do was steal from me. I had seen a gap in the market and knew what to do that no one else was offering. Proof is in the pudding, she started bragging behind my back that she owns the business and acting like she started it and she can do as she likes. Every weekend she would have breakfast in Hotels using my money. She would not even have the courtesy to inform me. Let me see her do it now with her money that she is sleeping around for and stealing from her job.

deceitful trap It was around this time that she started pestering me constantly everyday for Babies(Twins), claiming that family and friends were advising her to trap me, etc and dictating saying that she wants twins to remind her of me inI want a baby my absence. Children are not merely for reminding you about a man. She was be-friending my cousins, family friends, my aunties, etc telling them to convince me to marry her and start a family with her. Sadly, she cons them and they start telling you how she is a good woman while she is seated there watching without saying asfbs word. IF she was that good a woman would she need other people to speak on her behalf or validate her after she has conned them into thinking she is a good woman? She has done this to every man she has had an affair with and wants to get his money and material possessions.  She also enlisted her Pastor who knew my mother and I before he knew Annest. I didn’t need other people to tell me what to do. She went to the point of telling my cousin “you are the closest relative, tell your brother to marry me and I have his child”What she didn’t tell them is the sleeping around that she was doing behind my back. Good enough that cousin of mine so her in strange places waiting for men whilst putting on makeup. She said she wants to giveimages (10) birth once to twins so that she can keep her figure. What figure? To Annest it’s her way assured way to Gold Dig a man. A hard core gold digger like Annest Namata sees kids as a lifelong financial insurance policy. Thus her need to want to give birth once so that she can save her figure because she says she wants to look young so that she can continue slutting around. She would very easily have had babies by another man and claimed they are mine. No morals, No integrity, No self respect at all.

She justified it by saying that “now” is her time and claimed she was sure that they would be twin boys and made it clear that “she hates girls”. I found that bizarre. She also said that men were disturbing her. Yet behind my back she was busy being promiscuous with several men. IF she is young as she claims, why was she desperate to have a baby with me? How do you have children and start a family with her when she is very promiscuous by nature? I DO NOT SHARE A WOMAN. She is a prostitute. IF there are men ready to share her, good luck to them. One minute she was constructive or acts like she is, the next minute she is being promiscuous with many other men. Why would I want that? That’s Putrid, filthy and disgusting!

While she was pestering me daily to have my Baby, she deliberately damaged a phone I’d given her so that I can buy her a new smartphone but it had the last Video of my late (15) So I took it for repair to save the video so that I can transfer it to my hard disk. To my dismay when repaired, I found other videos and pictures of her sex antics and many other images that I cannot describe on this occasion. This was it for me. I had confirmed what a kampala prostitute Annest is. There was absolutely no way I would marry or start a family with her when she sells her body around for anyone who was paying her attention. 

 Is it possible in Uganda today for a man to give a woman $15,000 without strings attached??

get-attachment (23)  She had sex with a married for over a year for a promise of $15,000. Well, Annest Namata thought that I would believe her slutty prostitution lies that a man who fooled her into believing that he was going to transfer $15,000 into her account was just a “friend”. I came home one day only to come across Bank transfer papers in my car but there was something not right. However, the transfer did not seem genuine but Annest believed it. Then I came across correspondence between this man and Annest i.e. she was asking him constantly whether he transferred the money to her account. She must have later realised that I had seen them. So she started by her usual talk “me money cannot move me”. If it cant moved you why are sleeping around for money? Then she told me he was her friend and helped give her $15,000  for her to start a business. She really thought I would believe that stupid “just my friend” lie. #Bimbo Prostitute! She then becamehow to spot a gold digga defensive by saying “money can’t move me”. But all the while every morning before she started work she side concibinewas sending emails chasing him for the money.  She also started looking for an office and claimed that she had told him I would be MD of the company. How can I can be an MD of something I don’t know anything about. Besides that I didn’t know the relationship between that man and my then fiancee Annest. She had made sure I never met him. IF he was just a friend as she claimed and he knew about me, why didn’t she introduce him to me formally. That is why I call Annest Namata a corporate prostitute and I know she is. She was also using her work premises and her naive loyal friend to interview a prospective PR person for the so-called business she wanted to start with that man. She was using me as backup in case the man was using her. True to my word he used her as a side thing or whatever you call it. The man is married with many children. When I gave Annest special treatment and genuine love, she took it for granted and got delusions of grandeur.

  I made it clear I was not going to join the cheap foolishness of hers selling her body for money and favours. I also made it clear to her that I knew what she was doing all along and I told her I would not to work or do anything with the so-called “friend”. It is at that point that I realised she had very many so-called “male just friends” and so-called ” male business partners”. But those are the men she was sleeping around with for money and favours. She justifies it by saying that women are jealous of her because she is very beautiful. What Beauty? Spending hours in salons, face filled with makeup, dieting, fasting and drinking chinese herbal tea. Is that the beauty?

get-attachment (14)

 Strange as it may seem, one day I found a Television and DVD player on a TV stand in my house. I asked Annest whether and why she had bought a TV and DVD because she was not using them but was using mine which was in the same room. She claimed they were her brothers and that he had asked her to keep them for her. Off course it was a lie. Bizarre as you may find this, a man she was having a side affair with had bought her these items and here she was keeping them in my house and lying to me. She is very cheap. Good riddance to her and her sluttiness.

 This is around the time when she heedlessly became obnoxiously arrogant to everyone, very rude, talking the “big wannabe game”, ignoring all the rules of etiquette and thinking she is the best thing God created, acting like she is more intelligent than everyone else, acting like she is the most beautiful. One time after I chased her out of my house for sleeping around, she wrote to me “Respect, do we eat respect, what is respect for?” She will eat her own words.


SO I DO NOT need a cheap arrogant immoral Annest Namata who treats herself like a product on a shelf to be bought or paid for. Her upbringing or lack of it shows why she doesn’t understand what respect is. The way she interacts with people carries vestiges from her relationship with her parents and siblings whom she thinks she is better than and calls thieves when the fact is SHE IS THE THIEF.images (1)

ANNEST NAMATA SEES AND USES MEN AS GOLD DIGGING OPPORTUNITIES. She uses her sexuality as a quick way to secure her trinkets. To Annest Namata who refers to herself as an Independent woman; your money is HER money, her money is her money alone. She made sure I didn’t know anything about her money.That’s why she is part of the women who have failed to settle in any relationship. You take her to Sheraton Hotel and hear her complain how expensive it is but she wants to be seen there as long as a man is paying. Then she brags on FB “I was happy” after going to Equator Bar in Sheraton and spending nights with men in Sheraton. By the way, she thinks going to Sheraton hotel kampala is a very big deal. That’s why she is excited to be seen at Serena hotel as well and thinks it’s a big deal going to hotels. She thinks independent for her convenience but acts dependant. She is just an “Independent dependent Vendor”.


 I started an Advertising and Marketing company/business with all the capital. She DID NOT contribute a penny to the business but promised that after a few months after it has taken off she would resign from her full-time job to run it successfully. It was yet ANOTHER PROMISE among many others that she broke. She instead vested her energy in stealing, bragging around kampala that it is her company and sleeping around for favours. SHE WILL NEVER EVER KEEP ANY PROMISE. She will do it temporarily to gain out of it then she will steal and betray you. I FEEL VERY SORRY FOR ANYONE WHO IS TRUSTING HER TODAY. SHE IS TOO DISHONEST AND GREEDY TO BE TRUSTED WITH ANYTHING.  SHE MISSED SOME STEPS IN HER LIFE, NOW SHE IS TRYING TO CATCH UP BY STEALING AND DOING ANYTHING LIKE SLEEPING AROUND IN ORDER TO BRAG “I AM RICH, AM A BUSINESS WOMAN, AM INDEPENDENT, I LOOK AFTER MYSELF, AM FLYING ON BUSINESS etcetra. That is why going to Juba, Tanzania or Nairobi is a bragging notion for her. #Villager!6cf20fa54cf34883e24f991d9e920254

Her heart is a secret garden and the walls are very high. Thus her excessive delusions of grandeur.  Look at her bragging how she has money, bragging how she’s beautiful, about her petty possessions, bragging about her job title and you realise she is as ignorant as any minstrel show.

She initially started running the business with what seemed like good intentions and would ask for my opinions and approval for everything because she did not know the business at all. However I always ensured she gave her opinion and ideas because I felt she was part of me. I knew thestolen shares business and taught her everything. No sooner had it started taking off with good sales, Annest Namata started stealing money and was acting very evasive. At the start, I made her the only signatory to my account plus she had access to my other accounts. In my absence, She stole 42 million shillings from my account and bought “Shares” in her names shortly before I came back to town. When I asked her she claimed even if they are in her names but they are ours. I told her to sell them and instructed the Broker to sell them. She went behind my back and told the Broker not to sell them because they were in her names. All the while she was bragging where she works how she has shares worth millions. Even the American Shares company is aware of her theft and asked me not to involve him. I don’t have a problem with him. How much are the shares she bought with my stolen money worth now? Every month they fall in value. They are now only 20 and 25 shillings a share and still falling further yet she bought them at 55 and 60 shillings respectively. #KARMA!!!

Money lending In my absence and without informing me and without my permission, she started lending my money as a money-lender. When she realised I was coming to audit my business, she told me “I tried something without telling you because I wanted to see if it will work.” Together with some fake lawyers in town she was lending my money NOT her money MINE and making profit from it. When I met these so-called lawyers I wondered why they were partnering with her and wanted me to sign off and approve the process quickly. There was no paperwork to prove any process that they had done with Annest. One question I asked them that made me realise how they were fake lawyers; I asked them “Can you represent in court?” the so called lawyers answer was “We are working on it”. That right there proved that they were a bunch of fake lawyers conning people in kampala. She then started praising how good they are and wanted to invite them to my home for dinner. I asked her why she has never proposed to invite anyone else but them. Her answer was “they are good people”. To my amazement, I later found a vague email she had written at 10pm to one of them and she signed it “Love Annest”. Do you write an email to your lawyer and sign “Love”? That right there proved to me what kind of relationship it was with one of them. It was not a professional relationship.

road rage

In the midst of all this putrid behaviour i.e. her arrogance and evasive thieving erratic transgressions, one day I was driving in town with her and got a minor accident. I stopped to speak to the other involved party.  As I was talking to him, Annest rang one of her side-dishes telling him about the accident and laughing at the man whose car I had knocked. I had to interject to make him realise he was watching a delusional villager brag. A month later, I receive a call from Annest telling me she is in Police custody. When I asked why she said the Police are jealous of her because of the way she looks. So she was asking me to speak to them so that they can release her. I immediately knew this was one of her delusions of grandeur thinking she is beautiful. When I called Police, they told me how she had knocked a Boda Boda rider and threatened the Police and claimed she was high profile and nothing would happen to her. I then left it to the Police who told me they wanted her to realise what she had done wrong. On being released later that day, I called her and she said “all this is happening because of you.” I was many miles away and in this respect there was no reason for me to reply her. It is good I found out the truth about what she did.fs a

We were talking one day about everyday things, Annest shocked me with a statement when she said “Me I go for Aids tests three times every month”. REALLY!! I wondered if we are exclusive in our relationship why she had to go for Aids tests every month three times. I definitely was not cheating. I asked her why the tests every month and her reply was “I test 3 times every month to be sure of myself”. This is was yet another piece of proof as if I needed anymore that she is a kampala prostitute. She has sex for money and material things. She said other putrid things that I will reveal in another post.


 All the while she was very very evasive with my money and the money on my account was not adding up despite her dithering and conning ways. I needed money from the account from time to time and she would try to control what I do. Imagine controlling my money – stupid idiot. She had the audacity of holding onto the Cheque Book and asking me how much I want. How can she expect me to ask her for my own money? #Slutty thief. She had be-friended the Bank Branch Manager and I believe told her to inform Annest whenever I walked in and what I did. I think she realised that I was going to revoke her signatory rights if I found out she was a thief. When I would ask her for an accountability report she would give excuses and wait to the last-minute and try to give all sorts of excusesLOYALTY OR NON OF IT as to where the money is. She would try to give thieving excuses like “the company will not start making profit until next year.”; “customers in Uganda pay late and they can take a year to pay”, etc. She expected me to believe all her nonsensical thieving lies. It goes to explain also why she lied to me that  “tie-backs” cost 2 million shillings when I could buy them for about 30,000/- or less. She thinks everybody is foolish and a thief like her. She even brags about it when she gets away with doing people wrong. Whenever she gave me accountability nothing ever added up. She made my customers and business partners believe she was the owner of the business. Some knew the truth but believed her nonsensical lies and claims that she is an independent woman. Independent woman my foot when she was busy relying on me and stealing my money all the while sleeping around with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

While I was busy working hard investing and re-innovating to make the business a greater success for the good of both of us despite her not investing anything, Annest the prostitute was busy stealing, spreading lies that its her business, using that status to mingle in a cut above her class and registering a company to steal my business. Then she has the audacity to think she is above the law. She is an evil prostitute. 

Annest Namata went to the extent of telling a Proprietor of a Forex Bureau that I am disturbing her and am very expensive to maintain images (40)because she was taking care of me, etc. Imagine I was taking care of her and giving her EVERYTHING for 4.5 years, paying for EVERYTHING and still giving and buying her everything. Yet she was earning a living. This is the best appreciation the Gold Digger could give me.  Yet she was using my own money plus money from my business without my permission and knowledge. She is an evil manipulating lying prostitute.

 When I went get-playedto see the Forex Bureau proprietor and he asked, Annest was very quick to tell him to hush and the Indian found it strange but never followed it up. He later told me she had gone to his Forex Bureau to change enormous amounts of money into foreign currency and bragged how she is rich and a business woman and claimed she was looking after me. The money she was changing to foreign currency was money stolen from my accounts. She then started manipulating people with her lies that I was doing her wrong, etc. She will do anything even if it means sleeping around with anyone to manipulate them into doing things for her thus taking over their mind and thinking. In addition to this she then feeds your mind with negative things about other people while making out she is a very good person. SHE IS VERY EVIL. Those who believe and trust her will live to regret for allowing her to make a fool of them. No wonder whenever, I had the smallest problem, she always advised me to sell everything of value that I have to satisfy her own selfish gold digging ends and in order to get an opportunity to steal the money.

 fled with my money to china images (79) The final straw was when I came back to town one day to find that she had been stealing millions everyday from my account because I had made her the only signatory to my accounts and she only left 10 million shillings. Every day she was STEALING millions from my accounts up to the very last day when I landed.  When I asked her, she lied that she hadChina Taxi
used it for business but had no accountability for it. When I asked her to account for the business investments she claimed she made, she could not do it. I then found out that she had also stolen money from my late mothers estate
account. Without me asking, she said “I used the money but put it back on your late mothers account”. The fact is that she never. She was stealing the money as soon as it haikou_3_002was deposited. Imagine how VILE she is. This is when she started acting like the thief she is
She then ran away to Guangzhou China with money she had stolen from my account and did not hand over any of my business documents as I had asked her. She also ran away with my Bank Cheque Book to cover up her thefts. She stupidly thought I would not find out from the Bank because of her affairs with men who work in the Bank. So don’t be conned by Annest Namata’s cheap lies and delusional grandiosity(Big Talk). She is a promiscuous THIEF.

Instinct told me something was not right. I rang her and she claimed she was in Dubai but she was not as I later confirmed because the plane she boarded did not go via Dubai as she lied. This is when she exposed her real Slut thieving manners and arrogance.  omg1   

 There I was one day outside a Bank car park and I see my car being driven in by a man. To make matters worse he comes out of my car holding my Laptop I bought for Annest to use for my business which she claimed she bought and claimed money back from the company she works for. I waited for the man to come out of the Bank and asked him why he is driving my car and in possession of my laptop with confidential business information. As idiotic as Annest is, this man answered me arrogantly. That very night she sends me an email and she said that he is just a colleague and that the company she works for had hired the car and hiredimages (34) him as a consultant.Consultant my footIt was all her thieving lies. She initially claimed that she had left my car at her work place. She later contradicted herself by telling me that BUGOLOBI FLATshe had left the car with a friend. She even said he was NOT her type. I later found out that he was the man whom Annest had run to after I kicked her out of my house and he had lied to her that he is a business man and was building a factory. She was introducing him around town as “my friend” and to others as “my business partner”. She is just a prostitute. That is the time she was bragging that she lives in Bugolobi flats that cost 1 Million shillings a month. Would that flat she was in cost 1 Million a month? She was not even paying the rent or any of the bills. How could she pay 1 Million shillings rent he is not my typewhen she was earning 1.1 Million shillings? And she dare brag “You think i work for charity?” Why was she not paying rent and bills then?

 All the while she was sending me emails that the man is not her type, that he is just a work colleague. She was using him as well while he thought he was the one. #Prostitute using men.

 SURPRISED? DON’T BE. tnI waited for her to come back to Uganda from China after shopping with my stolen money. While in China she stupidly sent me a bragging email claiming that she had been promoted to “Procurement Manager” and that’s why she was in China. Stupidly I think she thought that would impress me. However, I knew it was a lie. She has never been a Procurement manager. On her return, I hired two Auditing Firms to Audit my company. One wrote to her officially since she was the one running my business as the Chief Operating Officer and she was 100% liable for all the financial operations on an every day basis. I made a grave major mistake of making her signatory to my Bank Accounts.

You CANNOT and should NOT give Annest Namata the thief access to your Bank accounts. That’s the biggest mistake you can ever make. You will hear her bragging how she is trusted to bank other peoples 100’s of millions or billions. That’s her conning habit. Then she adds “I wonder how they can trust me”. I would ask her to exchange money for me and she would say the same thing “I wonder why you trust me”. Surprisingly she wonders how she is able to fool people into trusting herNEVER TRUST HER. SHE IS A SLANDEROUS MANIPULATIVE THIEF.

re  She started playing thieving games and delaying tactics. I have evidence of her thieving tactics as well. She tried giving me incomplete accountability thinking am as stupid as she is to fall for her lies and thieving. Then she claimed that she lost the paperwork because she has a lot of work to do and is busy. Is that why she sluts around kampala in the evening and weekends if she is busy? She claimed she lost all the accountability on a flash disk but wanted to give it to me. She then claimed she would work it out again. I instructed her to give it to the appointed Auditors because I was not going to deal with a prostitute thief. She then came up with the idea of taking over the company. She then came up with another dodgy idea whereby she wanted me to give her the company so that she can pay me monthly over a 20 year period. In her dim view, it was the best thing to be done. Stupid as it may sound, she could not even have the courtesy to pay back my money she stole yet she had the guts to dictate what to do with my company. She had lied naive gullible people around town that my company was hers so she wanted to protect the lie and thieving. All she does is “keep up appearances”.

auditrs rpt  Despite the numerous correspondence letters by the Auditors, she continued replying and exposing her putrid villager arrogance and refused to cooperate with them. I still went ahead and asked them to do a forensic audit. It was my company and I bank rolled it 100%. I didn’t have to ask her for permission. Just because I made her part of my company she thought she had a right to dictate what I did and to steal and I keep quiet. Did she buy any shares from me to think she owned it in any way?. She is just a thief.   I then left her to see whether she would come to her senses but unfortunately she interpreted it as if I was scared of her and needed her slutty friendship. She even told her friends and colleagues that I was scared of her. Sheer stupidity. All the while she was writing to me to cooperate with her and saying that I am not helping her in the business and that I am only interested in money only. BUT she was stealing my money. She had even channelled the money that was being paid by customers to my company to her personal accounts. she thought I was not aware. I have an Audit report that can fully prove Annest Namata’s thefts. She can deny all she wants.

 Her worthless arrogance at this time was at its peak. My Auditors warned me that Annest would channel my company money to herANNEST NAMATA IS CONNIVING AND DECEITFUL personal accounts she had opened while stealing money from me and from her sleeping around antics. They also warned me that she would register a new company and take my customers by lying to them that the company has been closed and she has started a new company. Of course she lied to them and they believed. She had inside contacts with my customers. Despite me warning one of them not to channel my payments they still went ahead with Annest the thief. I am sure she promised them underhand payments. She was bribing them and more grotesque activities. Annest denied she would do that. She even denied giving people Business cards of a new company she had registered but I already had confirmed that she is a THIEF.  BUT that is exactly what she did. As a thief she is, she will say one thing and do another.

shameless  The final straw that hit the camels back was when she wrote to me  demanding that I pay her 83 Million shillings claiming that she invested it in my business or else she destroys my business and we both loose. It was time to show her my principles because I don’t deal with trash like Annest. Annest Namata NEVER ever invested even a coin in my business. NEVER. She was earning only 1.1 Million shillings in her full-time job but she was claiming that she invested 83 Million in my business. Bearing in mind, I spent 4.5 years looking after her i.e paying her rent and bills and shopping for her and bought her everything as if she was not working. What an ungrateful Slut/thief she is, pretending to be religious. I asked her for proof that she invested any money in mytdf business. Of course as a thief Annest Namata is, she never had the evidence that could be verified. She is not ashamed to claim she invested in Business yet she stole millions from me. She wanted me to pay her money she stole from me and gave her re-bound man she had ran to when I chased her out of my house who lied to her that he was building a factory. Apparently she invested in the lie. So how many factories has he built since? How do you build a factory yet you are renting a flat in Bugolobi? So I had to cut the stupidity and I replied and told her to keep her prostitute friendship and thieving to her slutty thieving friends. I didn’t want anything to do with her after all she had done. She is an evil shameless excuse of a woman.

images (95)

 I will present evidence of Annest Namata’s thefts from my accounts. So she can continue fooling the gullible that I am lying. THE EVIDENCE CANNOT LIE. So all the friends and other people she lied to that she did not steal from me because she is honest and religious, they will be able to see and prove what a THIEF she is. Due to the fact that I chose to act a gentleman and civil hoping against hope that she would come to her senses, she thought she was so great. She then started sending me stupid arrogant emails provoking me. I kept my cool and always replied trying to get her to use her common sense. However much you try, you cannot get the arrogant slut to use her common sense.

Annest Namata starts saying you are living in the past when she the slut has stolen from you and disrespected you andimages (25) expects you to keep quiet about her thieving and cheating. Can she live in the present more than I always have? If she has always lived in the present why is she a gold digging thief? WHY?? Why did she spend 4 years begging me for money all the while sleeping around with any man who offers her money behind my back and stealing from me? WHY?  Then she says that I made her a slave. Yeah I made her a slave by wanting a real relationship with a prostitute. Anyway, she is free to prostitute herself as she has evidently been doing. All the while bragging about job titles. What’s the big deal about her petty job titles villager? Good Riddance.

loadshedding1 Even after 3 years when I asked her to start paying the bills, she would rather show off by buying 300,000/- dresses for her attention seeking prostituting alluring services than pay bills. She would sleep in darkness for weeks and not pay the electric bill. But then again the truth is because she spent most times with men in their houses, lodges and hotels as their concubine while their girlfriends and wives were away. All the while she was also taking men to my house in my absence but to avoid neighbours telling me, she would claim that my house was being treated like a “show home” for interested renters. Why would it be? That was her slutty lie she made up in case she was reported for taking men to my house. She is so cheap. I didn’t see her offer to pay any bills. But she was busy sleeping around for money.image njn

She was very quick to tell people after I kicked her out of my life and house for being a thief and a slut that I am not in her league. Yes true I am not in her villager thieving Slut league indeed. Where did I find her? Living in a servant quarter With no job, no hope and nothing. What did she have and where was she living? Who was she parasiting on, asking me for money for her shopping and bills paid for four years? She is now bragging. She could not even afford to pay rent for a servant box room she was living in. Here she was saying that she is in a higher league but she had just stolen millions from me, was driving my car she stole, my documents she stole in her possession. She is just an ungrateful hypocritical gold digger and Prostitute. I made a major mistake of lowering my standard to her level. Period!


Christmas in Paris and London The final nail in the coffin for our relationship came when I wanted to spend Christmas with her In London and Paris and I prepared it as a good surprise. To my horror,the first thing she said when I told her to get a Visa was she had to be back in Kampala on the 6th January because she had to be in the office and to meet customers. But she forgot she had told me the office was closed and there were no customers in relation to her office work until mid month and that was always the case. It turned out that she was going to meet a man in Nairobi Kenya to spend about 4 days+ with him. She did not tell me, I found out on my own. When I found out she was very defensive and couldn’t initially answer. After thinking about it, her immediate response was “You are spying on me”, ” even men do it” meaning that men also sleep around like she does. As usual she sleeps around as a cheap prostitute with anyone offering her money, favours and material things. That was guilt written all over her. Indeed the customers she was talking about were her sexcapade customers. Yet we were engaged to be married, How disgusting! Due to her slutty pig headed delusions, she still went ahead and went to Nairobi to spend time with the man and came back to my house and expected me to accept her cheap trushy slutty being.

visa application

 I gave her everything for a Visa Application and gave her advice as to how to respond during the Visa application process. What I forgot is that I was dealing with obnoxious arrogant villager. She ignored all the advice and told the Visa officers that she has money. Yet she had transferred money from my account a few days before the application. Thank God they did not give her the Visa. She wanted and intended to spend time with me then go on to her “sidedish” affair in Nairobi. #Slut

 She could not tell me exactly what transpired despite using my money to pay for the Visa application. All she had the audacity to say is that they refused but did not stamp in her passport. 

thief inside the car

 She claimed my car she stole had an engine probrembut she was using it everyday and break-down-truck-services-ug
giving it to men she was having sexcapades with to drive around town. In the picture here she was in Mbarara driving it. How did she manage to drive it to mbarara if it had an engine problem? But she claimed that whenever she drove it, she would have to call a breakdown service to tow it. What she didn’t realise is that she was seen driving it. Imagine she stole my car I paid for in person because I trusted and loved her BUT she was busy showing off even to her series of men she has affairs with and telling them she bought it, boasting that she buys her cars cash. She is simply born a GOLD DIGGING PROMISCUOUS THIEF and will always be. SURPRISE SURPRISE! She still lies that her car has a “probrem” and uses the company money she works for to hire a car unknowing to the management that she wants to show off in town and in her village at the company expense.

stolen land with my stolen money  All the while she was lying to me and faking things to try and detract me from her theft and embezzlement from my company and my personal accounts. She told me she had bought land in the names of my company and even sent an email about the land and where it was. It showed a transaction on my account of withdrawal of money for the deposit for the land. Later on she transferred into her names and lied that she had problems with the land title.  She then started a new story that she wants to buy land with me in Jinja. I thought what a thief the idiot was. I know Jinja better than she will ever know. So I didn’t need her to try conning me about land there. I am well aware of the land she bought with money she stole from me. She will throw it all up.REs

 At around this time she was meeting my uncle who wanted us to be amicable and if possible reconcile. I was not meeting her and neither was I condoning it but Annest was telling my uncle that I was the one instructing him on what to do. I CAN NEVER FORGIVE HER FOR DISRESPECTING my Uncle when he was respecting her and worst of all DISRESPECTING MY LATE MOTHER. No one disrespects my late mother. NO ONE. I don’t think anyone can allow her to disrespect their mother and keep quiet. Shows what kind of uncouth family she was raised in.

theft She continued running my business that I sacrificed a lot for and she was stealing all the money. After failing to extort 83 million shillings from me and failing to convince me to give her the company, she destroyed it and started her own which she had registered despite denying it all along and stole my customers all using my money she stole. Strange enough the Slut expects me to go quiet about it. I know a thief who did a similar thing to his friend and is behind bars for stealing and embezzling.

Everything she has acquired to-date is ill gotten using my money she stole and embezzled from me. WHAT did she have when I met her? WHAT??? She moved into my house with a small suitcase, the house was empty then she left with my stolen car  full. What does that say of a slutty thief like her?images (12)


THEFT  She stole my original copies of my company “Certificate of Incorporation” and “Memorandum & Articles of Association” with the aim of demanding for a ransom of 83 Million shillings to get control of my company back. Yet she did NOT contribute a penny to the registration of my company. #Gold Digging Slut. a thief

    All she does is take, take, take behind your back. Why would I want to be with someone who is a Gold Digger and a Thief? Worst of all promiscuous as well. She is just a pretender. Ask her what her interests are you will be surprised at the copycat pretentious answers she gives you. Let’s not forget, repeated sexcapades with these men however perverted they may be should cause a woman to feel emotionally connected to them or one of them. But No, Annest Namata is busy looking for favours, money and material things from each of them. She thinks that she is  smart for extracting money from them at a drop of a hat but the price of having this status often comes at the expense of her dignity and self-respect. You will never enjoy real love with her. NEVER.

images (50) All that glitters isn’t gold. It’s easy to see how alluring the gold digging, skin bleaching slutting lifestyle looks on the outside, when in fact it offers nothing more than a hollow existence with a seedy underbelly. She has several deceitful affairs going on at once with no regard to the damage caused by her reckless pursuit of self-gratification and materialism.

  She is now bragging around for being slutty. If I had wanted or if I was a bad person I could have decided that I’ve had enoughKicked-out-of-house of her slutting around with every Tom Dick and Harry, her stupid arguments, her arrogance, her thefts, her constant evil manipulation and I would have suddenly cancelled her signatory access to my accounts, access to my cards, taken all my keys, my business documentation which she stole because I mistakenly trusted her, taken my car keys, kicked her out of my house at very short notice and leave her with nothing. Nothing! How humiliating! Let her brag on the naive misinformed unknowing people out there that she is lying to and fooling that she is high class and rich. Sadly some of them know the truth about her but choose to believe her trashy lies.

hqdefault  No wonder I came across an email from a man asking her why she is not close to him any more or why she was not inviting him to my house weekends. Her answer was “It is the network”, “we are friends who are going to do business to pass”. His reply was ” I thought we became close when we were at the lodge together”. This is proof and confirmation she was sleeping around with him and other men in lodges while we were engaged to be married. So her sleeping around as a prostitute for money has no bounds. She can now go ahead inviting them to her brothel she calls a house. Thank God she is out of my life for life. She can get and spread her Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases as she wishes.


  While you are diligently working hard and faithfully for the good of both of you, Annest is busy back biting you, sleeping around, stealing from you and routing for your downfall as she exploits you. That is all she did to me and has done to other men. She never contributed anything to my life or reciprocated anything I was doing for her. She always CLAIMED “all I can give you is my love for forever”. #Deceitful evil hypocrite.

 Well, she will have her own Karma. Karma has no deadline.


TEXT MESSAGE FROM ANNEST NAMATA – August Sat 2011 –  “ ….Stop telling images (2)people that I have stolen your moneyAnnest “That text message proved to me that she is a thief defending herself before I knew she had stolen from me. Good she confirmed her thefts.

Thinks I want her friendship after stealing from me After all her sleeping around with every man who offered her money behind my back, her manipulation, her defaming me behind my back, threats, her thefts, etc, then she expects to send me a connection request on LinkedIn and I accept it. Is she denying it now? Here is the evidence. She can never change. She is still delusional. It explains why she uses social media (FACEBOOK) and professional online sites like LinkedIn for her promiscuous activities, flirting all over. She cons people that she can be an agent of their products and companies. How can you make a thief a company agent? Now she is busy aggrandising her persona and branding herself to hide the real truth. ANYONE CAN BRAND THEMSELVES AND CLAIM ANYTHING.

God shuts down a thieves paradise. So let Annest brag on. She brags thinking that what goes up, must go up. She is now busy bragging in town that she is expecting millions to her account all the while seducing men for money for her sleeping around antics. So gentlemen work SMART not hard because Annest Namata the Gold Digger is prowling for the next victims as she claims she loves you but she really loves your money, assets and material things. A thief has 40 days.

never forget where u came from She starts demanding an expensive lifestyle, expensive gifts claiming that she has a high-class when she was raised poor from a poor humble family, she has stolen to have the little she brags with, her topic is always about money and she is only interested in knowing about your business/ your money. She showed me all signs with evidence of being a Thief and a Gold Digger.

 Marry her, you will know her real gold digging character and then hell will break loose where she will demand 50% of your money, property and assets that you have worked hard for. She wanted 50% of my money, business and property after we broke up yet we were not married and she stole my property documents, money and Bank documents. So know that you who are courting and dating Annest Namata the Thief and Gold Digging (6)

 I am humble enough to know am not better than anyone. I know the Bible says “Trust without wavering” (Corinthians 13;7) BUT I will advise anyone NEVER EVER to trust Annest Namata.

God will never give you the wrong person. So when someone is out of your life and betrays you like Annest does, it’s God trying to save you. God saved me from a rogue promiscuous thief. So the Truth about her will set free whoever is willing to take in the advice and is open to nothing but facts and the truth. 

images (36)

It is one thing for Annest Namata to steal money and brag “I am rich”, it is another to hold on to that money. She now brags about money in kampala shops buying Chinese and South African made clothes to show off to people she thinks don’t know her like she owns a tap from which it flows. Ask yourself what shops she is posing in and you’ll realise she is just a village poser. She even brags that she is the one who advertises in supermarkets a business she stole from me. Those are just her “airs” and cheap big talk. From one event to another she slut walks on bragging and flirting with men oblivious to the fact the real people know that she is a promiscuous thief. She is yet another one fooled by randomness but she continues to think she is the smartest and thinks she is special. You can’t escape where you are from and what you are made of. You can try to disguise it, but soon or later, it catches up with you and you blow up.

i_love_travelling_by_bilalgohar09-d65oipi You don’t have to brag about petty titles and think you are the smartest,fsbv prettiest, most popular person by flirting and slutting around in order to be happy. Annest should try competing with herself first..  Like any Gold digging slut, she loves job titles, cars, travelling, shoes and shopping. She thinks its a big deal. #GOLD DIGGING RED FLAG! She has a very shallow character of ” I am better because I have this, because I am wearing this”, “because I am driving”. Question is how did she get them?

 As they say “you cannot turn a Slut into a wife”, “once a thief always a thief”. Even if she got married today, tomorrow, she will still prostitute herself and steal while bragging. Just like she is currently bragging, holding two phones in her hands like she doesn’t have a bag and boasting that she has millions coming in. Just a Slut thief bragging!!

public toiletBEING IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH ANNEST NAMATA IS LIKE USING A REPULSIVE PUBLIC TOILET. While some people like me are rushing out disgusted and touching our noses due to her filthy rotten character and promiscuous antics, others who are badly off and do not know are looking for an entrance as they look at her pretentious, promiscuous, materialistic, bleached make-up filled exterior she advertises. She is the most untrustworthy, backstabbing promiscuous hypocrite.

the result of lowering my standards to this villagers  BE WISE ENOUGH AND USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. DO NOT INVEST ANYTHING money or emotional investment IN ANNEST NAMATA. I was advised not to invest in her by many people and Annest claimed they were jealous of her. If you believe her you’ll believe anything. Ignore this advice at your peril.

 IF YOU REALLY HAVE TO do anything to do with money or other material things, Never  ever start/do any work with this Annest Namata the promiscuous thief without a signed agreement. Do not trust her. She willfdb bleed you dry. Have a Lawyer familiar with the industry draft a work order and contract agreements.. These documents protect your creative work in case of non-payment, and will help avoid costly legal issues. It is guaranteed she will steal your money no matter what. What a single man/woman does in their single lives determines what they do in their marriage life down the road. She uses singlehood even when she is not single as an excuse to sleep around. She is very promiscuous and thieving gold digger by nature.

get-attachment (21)SHE IS A MERE PROMISCUOUS GOLD DIGGER! She’s hoping to increase her wealth and well being by association with you. You ought to know that you are her promotion to a more fabulous, expensive life that she will brag about. She did that behind my back. I was her promotion to a better life. She doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. Sleeping around is way too easy for her. So do you think you are special?

 Just like she was when at  University in multiple men friends for benefits relationships. Now you never see her stuck to any particular man. So the “he is just a friend” men are her men friends with benefits. That’s why she positions herself in top places in Kampala like the hotels and casinos where she can get men’s attention for money. That’s also why she always said she was single and continues to say so and independent when she was engaged to me and scrounging off me. She has a wicked heart even if you shareRottenecards_3922850_9hdjzgcks2 the same bed. She could poison or kill you and act like nothing happened. She is too ill mannered and rotten to build a developmental relationship. #Cheap money minded Prostitute.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King Jr.





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playing with fire  THERE IS NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE. I made the worst mistake in my life and fell in love with a very very promiscuous GOLD DIGGERget-attachment (3) that is also a very MANIPULATIVE THIEF.  She is a manipulating liar who manipulates people against each other in order to gain favours and trust. Trusting her is a very BIG mistake that you live to regret no matter who you are. DO NOT fall for her actingpretence and manipulation. She is NOT what she pretends/acts to be. Everywhere she goes she pretends to be what she is not. Ignore all my advice at your peril.

  The purpose of this Blog from day one publication was to present the truthful evidence of what she is and her characteristics and evil nature that she denies by saying that “I am claiming”, “I am lying”, etc. It ought to be thorough and a helpful resource for those wise enough to use it to confirm her thieving, conning, deceitful mannerisms. I know the law and that is why I am presenting nothing but facts and I am articulating what she does. She made all sorts of accusations and abuse while I was respecting and loving her. I was doing everything DONOTTRUSTHERpossible to make her happy and comfortable but she was busy selling her body and making accusations against meimages (6) behind my back. She made further allegations after betraying and stealing from me. I was quiet for a long while and taking note of what she was saying, writing and doing.. After stealing from me she was busy telling people not to tell me where she lives, I was aware all the while. We eventually get to know the fake, hypocrites, Users and manipulative thieving Gold Diggers like Annest Namata. Her hypocrisy and evilness is at another level. People like her cannot stay in our lives for long because they don’t fit in at all. After she is kicked out, then the right friends/people, the real loving ones, the supportive and the ride or die people come into our lives. I can never stop appreciating the ride or die people in my life because they touch my soul and they are genuine and honest. Not like the pretentious Gold digger and thief called Annest (2)


 My real wakeup call was the discovery of her serial promiscuity behind my back for years for money and material things, her theft from me, my company and my late mother’s estate. As I have stated several times, Annest Namata is a promiscuous thief. Any respectable woman who has grown up with morals, even if she has access to a Trillion dollar account, she would not touch it without asking. Annest Namata inserts herself in your life and starts acting like she is a wonderful trusted person. Behind your back she acts like she made you what you are, like she taught you everything, acts and brags that she owns your business/assets or any other ventures you may have that you give her responsibility to. All the while she is stealing from you and disrespecting you. She will never stop being evil, hypocritical and a thief. 

You go into the relationship with her THINKING she is constructive and she pretends she wants a family, wants to work with you, wants to build a life, etc. All she is after is your money and material things for herself. From day one, she is looking at you and thinking how much money can I get and what assets can I get from him. It is easy to fall victim to Annest the pyscho10440091_10152886420479078_8943016582766965650_n because she will pounce on you and pretend she is genuine and honest but know that she is in your life to exploit you and steal from you. Know that one day, you and her will end up in front of the police/law because of her very deceitful life. Know that she will be gaining as you loose as she steals from you and cheats on you.

She will deny her issues and all complaints made from everyone around and claim she is innocent
How can I be jealous of youand will also claim they don’t like her or are jealous of her thus their complaints. Use your common sense and realise that Annest Namata is the cancer and that’s why you are getting all types of issues and complaints about her. Why would everyone be jealous of her? What does she know or have for everybody to complain about her and her rotten behaviours or to be envious of? She is not ashamed to tell people that I am jealous of her. WHY? WHAT IS THERE TO BE JEALOUS OF?? That orange pretentious bleached thief? REALLY?

 Annest Namata stole my money, money from my mothers estate, household items and business and property documents without shame and she still denies it to-date. Then I came across several email correspondences from several men after she gave me her password and where she was clearly showing how and what a cheap Slut she is. It proved me that she sleeps around for money and material things. She grew up in several homes. No wonder she has no morals and manners or self respect and does not respect the parents because she did not have manners instilled in her when young. When you treat her with respect and love she takes it for granted and then says you have made her a slave.

Thinks I want her friendship after stealing from meimages (21)  I do NbitchpleaseOT want anything to do with you CHEAT, THIEF called Annest Namata. I DO NOT want your friendship. So do not bother sending me friend/professional link requests on LinkedIn or any other social/professional/Business network media. The Professionals linked to me are a cut above your class and have etiquette and self respect unlike you. You are a Thief and a Slut. So DO NOT bother me in any way or form. I was there for you when you had Don-t-Judge-a-book-by-its-cover-it-s-what-s-inside-that-counts-Framed-Quote-954 absolutely NOTHING. I met you with no job and absolutely nothing but you chose to manipulate people against me, making defamatory remarks and defaming me with your lies, defaming and making derogatory remarks and abuse about my mum, stealing from me and sleeping around behind my back. I am living a much better happier life without you. However, you have to answer in Court for stealing from me, embezzlement, destroying my business and stealing from my Late Mothers’ Estate. 

A good relationship needs transparency, respect,  and true love. But the world we live in is full of hypocrites and evil like Annest Namata. Her love for materialism is well known by those who have grown to her ways well but she always cons people into trusting her. Thus her  excessive money greed, thieving and promiscuity.

Money cant buy class and morals

I gave her everything she ever needed that she had never ever had in her life, she still asked for more and went sleeping around, I loved her unequivocally but she still slept around and still stole money from me. No matter what you do for her she can never ever appreciate.

She wants your money, cars, gifts and your assets. You cannot be her priority. All she loves is money not you. She can brag to those who do not know that she stole from me for what she has to-date – #THIEVINGGOLDDIGGER.get-attachment (18)

She is a Gold Digger only after money and waiting to steal from supposed rich men, sleep around then she goes and imagesposes as a wannabe socialite and bragging that she is a business woman/so called chartered marketer. Maybe she should brag as a business slut. She presents a fake hypocritical image.   How did she get the money and the life she has today? She STOLE money from me and had a good life and made people think she was working for it. I will state this boldly again; ANNEST NAMATA IS A PROMISCUOUS THIEF.

 RESPECT is very important in any relationship whether its a working relationship or loving relationship. Annest Namata with her immoral background doesn’t know that. For her it’s all about your money and material things  she wants from you. She really expected me to allow her to disrespect my late mother, steal from me and I accept it and marry her plus start a family with her. She is very deranged.

download (11) She loves money more than anything elseHer love of money is so excessive. I HAVE NEVER AND I KNOW I WILL NEVER MEET ANYONE WHO LOVES MONEY EXCESSIVELY LIKE ANNEST NAMATA. She can do anything evil for money. For those who know her why do you think she wears small tight clothing even in places that need modesty, full of makeup, showing her tired cleavage? WHY? No wonder she looks tired and worn out orange but delusional as she is, she thinks she is the most beautiful.

  Whilst in a committed relationship having affairs isn’t always fun, care-free or health risk-free Annest Namata does it while hiding behind religion and uses men for money, material gain while bragging to those that do not know her. She thinks she is indispensable and she equates sex with love. How pathetic! That is why she is very active on the two biggest instigators of infidelity and breakups online i.e. Facebook and WhatsApp seducing men asking them what their businesses are, looking for men with money. That’s the deceitful activity of a very promiscuous Gold Digger.DSC00072

get-attachment (2)DONT CALL ME HONEY   

Annest Namata will call you and refer to you as honey and you will THINK and BELIEVE you are the one and only. #Honeymyfoot. Make no mistake, do not be delusional, she calls many other men honey
side concibineand signs “love Annest” when communicating with them. She will wear necklaces with your initials to fool you, kneel for you claiming she is traditionally respecting you, etc. #Mannerisms of a manipulating gold digga. 

 It’s amazing how far she will go to make you think she is exclusive to you and developmental. As you can see her wearing my name initials in the picture to fool me into believing that she loved me genuinely. She is just a deceitful Gold Digger with no morals. Do not be naive to stoop to her level of conning/promiscuity and fall for her gold digging prostitution and think it is a genuine relationship.  All she wants is a free loading good life, and ultimately wants access to your assets and money. That’s why she is always having affairs and flings everywhere she goes.  The relationship becomes too much work. All she wants is money, favours and material things. That is not intimacy/relationship but work. Everywhere she goes, she is fighting with people over money. She went to China for a few days, she still fought with someone over money. She will do anything for money. How can you love money that much and that dangerously?

evil What is bizarre, is that every time I was about to leave the country, I would get ill with nausea and food poisoning and she would not show care at all as my fiancee. All she would say every time I was illget-attachment (6) was You are feeling like that because of me”. At the time, I would brush that statement off by saying “yeah right!”. Now I believe she used to do something.  Why was it happening every time I was about to leave the country? After I kicked her out of my life it has NEVER EVER happened again. WHY? That means she was trying to do something to me to lead to my demise maybe.  That’s why I refer to her as evil. Annest Namata can do anything for her excessive love of money.  This also explains why she tried her best to claim I was cheating to cover up her deceitful life. DO NOT LET FIRST FAKE IMPRESSIONS OF HER FOOL YOU. HER AIM IS ALL ABOUT MONEY AS SHE BOASTS TO THOSE WHO DON’T KNOW HER THAT SHE IS RICH/BUSINESS WOMAN. SHE IS EXCESSIVELY ARROGANT AND BRAGS THAT NOTHING CAN HAPPEN TO HER.Betrayal

IF YOU LOVE AND TRUST ANNEST NAMATA, SHE WILL DEFINITELY BETRAY YOU, CHEAT ON YOU AND WITHOUT ANY DOUBT STEAL FROM YOU. You then wonder how you can love and trust someone genuinely and she chooses to exploit and steal from you. IF YOU STILL TRUST HER, KNOW THAT YOU ARE TRUSTING A REMORSELESS HEARTLESS THIEF. WONDER NO MORE. She is now manipulating people who don’t know her well to portray her as a trusted, genuine person. I am giving you all the evidence of who and what she is.

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”  – Martin Luther King

She presents herself as caring, genuine, generous and business aware. It is all pretence, acting and “wannabe” behaviour. She puts on this innocent looking face and lowers her tone of voice as an act but behind it all is nothing but evilness. The people who know her well and know her pastDO NOT, WILL NEVER and CANNOT trust her at all. That is why she hides her past and changes friends apart from the slutty associates. You can never get she is damn rudethe ghetto bragging and thieving personality out of her. That’s why she praises herself over petty things and attainments even after stealing them. For example, she praises herself despite stealing from me. She brags to those she thinks do not know her. Some are too naive as to believe her deceitful lies.

SHE IS VERY VERY RUDE AND OBNOXIOUSLY ARROGANT. HER BEHAVIOUR IS VERY EVIL AND VERY DISTURBING TO SAY THE LEAST. I AM SURE HER RUDENESS HAS NOW BEEN NOTICED BY MANY PEOPLE INCLUDING HER COLLEAGUES, COMPANY SUPPLIERS, SUB CONTRACTORS, VENDORS AND BUSINESS ASSOCIATES OF WHO SHE WORKS FOR. She was rude and obnoxious to everyone I gave her access to work with or administer. Everyone complained about her disgusting rudeness and watch her arrogancedisgusting arrogance. She gives this picture of a very nice person with her deceitful smile, acting nice to you until you turn your back then she talks evil of you to utterly destroy your reputation so that she can get the glory. She has done
that to many other people. Her rudeness has no boundaries. Imagine she did that to me yet were engaged to be married, what else is she doing? By the way, it doesn’t matter who you are she still does the same thing. She would arrange meetings with my company clients without my approval or acknowledgements then tell me later only when I have asked and on many occasions the clients told me. She would keep quiet about it yet it was my company and my money.  She would connive and agree prices with the clients and not tell me and she would go further to steal the money. I am very sure she is doing these same things in her full time job. She has no professional etiquette at all. All she is after is stealing other peoples money. That’s all. She is very rude and arrogant with ultra disgusting rotten manners.

She would connive with suppliers and business associates of my business in my absence and agree markup prices with them. hidden chargesWhenever I asked her for proof of an agreement made, she would lie that things in Uganda don’t images (20)work like that or that there is no agreement. Yet I instructed her to draw a contractual agreement with them. She thinks other people are stupid to believe her thieving lies. She would then get a cut as a kickback in millions after they have made a payment. She is very morally corrupt and evasive in everything she does. I know she is doing the very same thing in her full-time job. What she does is befriend people in the Finance depts and anyone who has the final signatory powers in the company. She will do ANYTHING to get close to that person(s) even if it means having an affair or one night stand. For her it is all about getting money. I am sure to-date she does the same in her full-time job. She must be conniving with gbgsuppliers/vendors and increasing/inflating the costs in order to get her difference and paid price transparency“Kickbacks”. She will connive with fellow thieves and forge receipts. She did all this while running my business Thus the continued arrogance whereby she is now boasting to her friends in town “I am expecting millions coming in”. This is when she has stolen money in the system in the company and from someone. Annest Namata working for you or with you in any way CANNOT lead to the long-term success of your business/company. SHE IS AN OUTRIGHT THIEF AND WILL ALWAYS BE A THIEF.

However, if caught in the thieving racket, she will do anything to deny it and turn it against anyone she was colluding with and turn them in as thieves yet she is the mastermind and biggest thief.

Anyone who is trusting her now should know they are trusting a manipulating evil thief and they will eventually inevitably fight with her over money. UP TO THIS DAY SHE IS STILL STEALING from the few people who trust her. No doubt. She has fought with everybody over money. Everywhere she goes she fights with people over money.


 Annest Namata’s first manipulative trick is to befriend people in the Finance departments. She then makes sure the commissions a.k.a. “kickbacks” are buried deep in supplier/vendor/product costskickbacks and if you don’t know the actual costing or pricing you wouldn’t notice and she gets away with it and boasts that she is very clever and has money. She connives with the suppliers/vendors to increase the price of the product and service so that she can get her cut when they get paid. Then they pay her for getting the business. You end up paying an inflated price for anything she is involved in. For example, she told me that the cost of something as cheap as “plastic tie backs” is 1.1 million/- yet the actual cost was 30,000/-. Her life is all about stealing from other people everyday. She is a thief who covers her tracks and would stop at nothing to blame someone else for her thefts and brag about it after by saying “me I have brains”. A thief only has forty days. Annest Namata does not have and will never have any (1)

Annest Namata is a thief and that is why I have categorically said that I will continue spreading the word because I have all the evidence of her theft from me and even worst of all from my late mothers’ estate. That is why when I hired auditors to do a forensic audit she did not want to cooperate. A thief cannot co-operate with Auditors. She puts money ahead of everything else.

images (42)

  Annest Namata chose to lie, deceive, steal and carry on adulterous secret affairs with different men that she SWORE would never moralshappen because she claimed she is born again and trusted by everyone. She is NOT trusted by anyone who knows her well. When you get to know her parochial villager style behaviours, gold digging preying ways you will regret never taking my advice if you have not and the numerous complaints.

  How can she even celebrate the birth of the saviour and go to Church, claim she is born again when her conscience is guilt laden due to ill-gotten possessions and money acquired via thieving and prostitution means bordering satanism. I suppose she is possessed with a modcum of conscience. With all the wrongs she has done and continues to do, I wonder how she can go to bed and sleep.

 ILust-lrrespective of the fact that I gave her everything and loved her so much, she still had an affair with my neighbour in addition to all the other secret affairs. She was cooking for him, cleaning his house, doing his groceries, etc. She was driving him to wherever he wanted to go, treating herself like his rug/door knob. This was all for money she wanted from him. Lust is not Love. The good thing is, he told someone she was not her type and he was just using her because she threw herself at him. How cheap can one make themselves?

 I’ve met disgusting people, none as a disgustingly thief and promiscuous like her.

 She thinks she can see whoever she wants, behave all single, sleep around & you’re supposed to just sit there like an old flame providing for her and be loyal to her inconsistent ass. No matter how lucky she has been in hiding her secret affairs and her thieving by manipulating people, the truth is the truth and it eventually comes out. As the saying goes “Thefts, Affairs and fragrance are the things which can never remain hidden”. She is far too inconsistent to do anything constructive with.

images (13) Surprisingly, she has the audacity to write about guidelines to promises. #HYPOCRITE. The respect and love she gained from me in all those years vanished in milli seconds the moment I realised that her promises were ALL lies and scam. Does she care about the pain she causes anyone? Not at all because she is too conceited and too selfish and excessively arrogant to accept the wrong she does. Long-lasting relationships of any kind are built on trust, intimacy and respect. How can one ever trust Annest? She is very extremely untrustworthy and ugly inside.nest  She does not have any self respect/integrity.  She steals at any given opportunity. She has the audacity to judge other men’s wives and children like she is the best thing in the world God created. But I realised why she does that because that is when she is having affairs with their husbands and boyfriends/fiances. So that is her way of justifying the affairs. While I was planning a life with her, she was contradicting herself by telling some people that we are going to get married very soon whilst telling others that “we are just friends/business partners”. The very words were dangerous to our relationship. Thus her serial promiscuous affairs and thefts are a total betrayal of Trust.

She looks orange due to excessive skin bleaching but she is busy bragging and slut walking seductively with delusions of grandeur thinking she is the best most beautiful woman God created. Lol! How do you respect someone who bleaches herself orange and steals whilst claiming she is born again?  As I’ve said before, she is the worst mistake I have ever made in my life I am glad she is out of my life for life.

road3 When I found out she was cheating by sleeping around and stealing from me, she started bragging about her career. She was saying things like “You think I work for charity?”; “I have a career to protect”, etc. So why was she living for free in my house if she was earning so much? Why was she begging me for money if her career is so great?  What would she do if some of us bragged about our careers. She can’t write a professional report but she is busy bragging “my career my career”, ” am a manager” etc. Why is she a thief then? Stealing on the job every time there is a contract for anything. Why does she sleep around if her career is so great? I helped her start her career and guided her so much and she would present everything I did for her as her own ideas. Is she get-attachment (26)grateful? Not at all. She will NEVER EVER be grateful for any help she gets from anyone. She just uses people all through her life whilst hiding behind religion. #Born again thief.

I helped her from scratch when she had absolutely nothing but the moment she started working, she was busy sleeping around behind my back. She knew absolutely nothing, had absolutely nothing as you have read in the post “How it all started”. Even getting the job she has today, she got it courtesy of where I got her a house. When she started work she knew nothing, I helped her all through then she had the audacity to tell me one day “I am now a manager I don’t have time to do some things yet she was living in my house rent free, bill free and driving my car bill free. As I’ve said she is just an ungrateful gold digger. I started a company and she was running it, withdrawing more than half a million every month without my consent or approval and stealing and exaggerating costs and getting kickbacks behind my back. Now she has the audacity to brag. What does a Slut have to brag about?

bragging Anyone who is career oriented and successful does not brag about their career or any achievements because it comes as second nature. Self praise and aggrandisation is for cheap people like Annest Namata. I often wonder why she still brags with mobile phones and Apple gadgets/products that she is just given. If someone ever asked her if she knows when the first ever mobile phone call was made would she would answer? Apple products have been around for ages but she acts like they have just been invented. But then again, she is a villager thus the arrogance and flaunting what is not worth flaunting. She is just seeing the things now. So you should not wonder why she brags about petty things like jewellery, watches, clothes and shoes. She is very backward.


In her own words, Annest Namata said “History always repeats itself” Watch it repeat itself. So don’t even think that you will fix her years of dysfunction and deceit. I WILL NEVER FORGET HOW SHE USED TO LAUGH AT BEGGERS.

fsbThere are 364 days to show real love. She was the very person telling the Manager of a restaurant we were in that “I don’t celebrate Valentine on Valentine days. I celebrate it every day with my man”. Come Valentines day, she was practising her slutty promiscuous ways by going secretly with other men for dinner and spending nights with them. Why does she pretend to respect tradition and pretend to have full christian values when she has been sleeping around for so many years? She steals from anywhere and anyone. Don’t the double standards and hypocrisy make her feel stupid?

download She now says that I am making claims and character assassinating her, here is clear evidence of her loose promiscuity and deceitful lies while we were engaged to be married. DISCOVER EXACTLY WHAT THE BOOK IS ABOUT that she is presenting to you as religious, honest and genuine. As she wrote herself  “The fish starts rotting from the head”.

images (84)

As a sensible respectable genuine man, you need a woman who is genuine, honest constructive and doesn’t love money more than anything else. SHE SHOULD TREAT OTHERS AS SHE WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED. She said and wrote “YOU WANTED TO BE THE ONLY WHO BOUGHT ME GOOD THINGS”. Well Annest go on selling your body and being a Slut. I don;t share bodies. It was confirmation that she is a kampala slut as many people have told me since then. I regret believing her lies that she is different. I regret trusting her thinking she was different.  

 How could I have trusted a promiscuous THIEF? images (14)Don’t let her play Russian roulette with your life. She said she wants to be famous in Uganda and wants money at any cost. What a pity!  Good riddance Gold Digger. Indeed as she wrote, she has to work hard on her appearance and fake pretentious image in order to have affairs and steal money from men. Indeed as a Prostitute she is more concerned about how she presents herself to people who don’t know her and selling herself. No wonder she spends hours in saloons even when she is going for a photoshoot. Religious claims, makeup and skin bleaching help her lie and present a deceitful paint covered book for her promiscuous affairs and ease her thieving .

 Anyhow, I am finally very happy without this thieving promiscuous Gold digger who calls herself Annest Namata. She is the biggest mistake I have ever made. She is just a curse. Despite her bragging, you can never do ANYTHING constructive and developmental with her. She gets you involved in her drama yet she has spent her life burning bridges and doing people wrong and using different men and stealing from them.


hf f

Annest Namata the promiscuous thief slut and thiefk,

b get-attachment (3)images (1)images (2)


This is NOT Character assassination. This is true real life Character Revelation.


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