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An Extremely Bad Separation and Betrayal is one price of a worthless/time-wasting relationship with Annest Namata the Gold Digging Thief. Here is how her brain functions;IMG-20150216-WA0005
In order to avoid the trauma, here are a few ways to avoid Annest Namata the gold digger heartbreak and or time wastage with a thieving woman hell bent on getting at your money and assets by any illicit means:

1. Not all relationships must lead to marriage. Some relationships are for a reason or a season. Annest Namata’s relationship with you will be for a season so that she can get money and material things from you plus what she can steal from you. So discover the purpose and look for someone else with self-respect and who does not pretend for selfish narcissistic reasons. Even if you married Annest Namata a billion times and gave her everything, she will still sleep around and hop from bed to bed with different men and she will steal from you. DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO HER. If you allow yourself to, you are in trouble.

2. Don’t and never give her the totality of your heart. If you are religious, put God first. Nevertheless, do not make the mistake of giving herimages your all. She will claim that she is different, that she cannot change, that she is trustworhty, etc. DO NOT BELIEVE HER LIES. BIG MISTAKE. Loving her, giving her all my heart and wasting my time on her are the biggest worst mistakes I have ever made in my life. She is a heartless, remorseless, gold digging time waster.  She is the whore every one has had.

Soon, the relationship becomes a money pit. You are investing in a depreciating asset if at all she can be an asset to you when she is stealing from you.

3. Don’t get carried away with her SKIN BLEACHED self-proclaimed delusional beauty. She will continually blow her delusional trumpet that she is beautiful. She is very vain. Take note of how she is constantly looking at herself in the mirrors and posting edited photoshopped pictures of herself. Like what she uses online on Google+ andpay attention LinkedIn, it is a 2007 photoshopped picture. Even when she goes to the photo studio she asks them to edit her photos. I’ve seen many women who are a trillion times more beautiful than she will ever be. Remember despite the pretence and claims that she is a good-hearted woman, I can confirm that she is very very ugly and deceitful inside with evil mannerisms.

4. Love is never enough. Understanding, compatibility, wisdom, patience and tolerance are equally important. Does she have any of these qualities? HELL NO! But she will pretend she does for as long as it takes until one day you will be awakened to her real wicked evil ways. Use your common sense and intuition or gut instinct.facebook_340951279dbn

5. When negative signs are more than the positive signs which they will be, it is better to withdraw your heart immediately before it gets “broken”. However, Annest Namata will tell you “I am still learning how to love because I have never been in a relationship like this.” Do not believe her deceitful lies and excuses. There will be very many negative signs but she will pretend and cover them up. Look, observe and act. Why waste your precious time? Time is irreplaceable. sdvIMG-20150420-WA0004

6. Extreme jealousy is the quickest way to break a relationship. Annest Namata will be jealous of you for the smallest of things irrespective of who you are. She gets jealous of people who may seem close to you because she wants to exploit, steal and gold dig you but she will act like she is paying more attention emotionally. Despite being in a relationship with her and engaged, the promiscuous gold digger was still jealous of me yet I was helping her in all ways and I got her out of the hole she was in. After getting to her feet, the slut had the audacity to ask me “did you make me what I am?”. WHY WAS SHE BEGGING ME TO HELP HER RIGHT FROM THE MINUTE SHE CAME TO MY HOUSE YET SHE DIDN’T KNOW ME?? WHY WAS SHE LIVING RENT FREE IN MY HOUSE, WHY WAS SHE BEGGING ME TO BUY HER CARS, BEGGING ME TO BUY HER PARTY DRESSES, OFFICE SUITS, etc?? So you can imagine how delusional and unappreciative she is.

7. Don’t demand trust, let her earn it, build it or show it. However, because she is a remorsele gold digging narcissistic thief, sheNEVER EVER TRUST ANNEST NAMATA will pretend she is a good trustworthy person and you will believe if you are naive. She will constantly tell you “Everybody trusts me”, ABC trusts me with millions or billions, I can’t change, Me am always trusted, Me I can’t do anything wrong, Me I can’t steal, etc” DON’T BE NAIVE and DON’THE fall for her pretentious ways, deceitful love and constant lies.

8. Never compare her to someone else. She is simply a narcissistic, promiscuous, pretentious gold digger and a thief who will do anything for her extreme excessive love of money and material things. She is always talking about money and stealing money even in your own house. She stole my money she had kept in a Bible. Her extreme love of money and material things is the source of all evil.

9. Your relationship should not only be marriage driven but care, love and concern driven. Annest Namata will make sure that it is marriage driven to a point of asking you to write a WILL that is in her favour. Her aim is to ultimately get all your material things, properties, investments and money. She is a GREEDY EVIL VILE GOLD DIGGER.

10. DON’T marry her because you saw her in Church or met her in Church or prayer meeting or because she told you she is “Born Again”. She willMarrying-for-Money display bibles in the house to make you think she is very religious and genuine. Many like her are in Church but not in touch with God. Going to Church does not make you religious like going to a garage doe not make you a car. She is NOT Born again. She uses it to deceive people into believing that she is genuine. Believe her at your peril.

It is not WHERE you meet, but WHO you meet that counts. She abuses the institution of relationships and the sanctity of marriage because all she is after is money and material things.

Love, respect and trust all go together. Even if one of the links is missing, the whole thing falls apart. She has none of them.


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss. I am definitely smiling because this evil vile gold digger is out of my life for good.






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 Humility is the quality of being humble by having a modest view of ourselves. Humility halts arrogance and the self-indulging delusional deranged trap.

 So what does a humble person look like today? How does a person who has genuine humility walk and talk today? DO NOT BE DECEIVED OR FOOLED BY THE PRETENCE ANNEST NAMATA PRESENTS.

 A person like Annest Namata ought to know how foolish it is to be proud, how foolish it is to be egoistic, how foolish it is to be arrogant, how foolish it is to be inconsiderate, how foolish it is to use other people, how foolish it is to be manipulative, how foolish it is to pretend to be what she is not in order to exploit the gullible who go out of their way to trust her, etc. After all we are all miniature in determining our next minute.


Apart from Annest Namata who is vile/ill-mannered and arrogant, has anyone ever realised that humility is one of the biggest gifts a human being can have? Yet she goes on thinking she is superficiality divine because she is getting men’s attention and having affairs for material things. Do you think she has a real meaning of life or does she know the use of money that she steals and has affairs for to brag with? I DOUBT!! She thinks she does.

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”  – C.S. Lewis. Annest Namata did not start anything and she will not be the last. So there is no point of being full of herself with her bloated arrogance.



 While out in social places where the people don’t know about her, she brags “Do you know who I am?”, “Nothing can happen to me”, “I am a manager”, “I am high profile”, “I have a gun I can shoot you”,.. etc She is very delusional and deranged to think that she is invincible. SHE CANNOT SAY ALL THAT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE WHO KNOW HER WELL.

 Whether in her presence or absence, You would be making a massive grave mistake if you defended her or her self serving deceitful actions. She will still do you wrong, talk nasty about slu
you behind your back but give you a fake smile to your face, manipulate people against you and ultimately betray you.

 Her obnoxious cockiness is utterly disgusting. So she can continue misusing quotes and inspirations she copies on-line to fool and mislead people who do not know her thieving, manipulative evil nature. That is what she is good at pretending and acting like she is an honest genuine person.

 “Her Arrogant Cockiness is a display of an empty lifestyle, humility is when you see yourself as a zero while others are making you their hero.” Michael Bassey JohnsonWBE

Some situations/events are supposed to be lessons but she is pre-occupied with greed, money, material things, sleeping around as a bed hopper and delusional self-importance which keeps her in denial of the most important part of knowledge. A lot de-mystifies our earthly pomp and certain events keep on warning us about the arrogance. Some ocurrencies are messages but some people like Annest Namata still don’t get it. REFLECT and make a choice because we all have everlasting choices BUT no one is invincible as this deceitful Annest Namata thinks she is. The day is near when the lord will judge. What you are doing to others will be done to you.humility_poster (2)

images (29)

Karma has no deadline. What goes around always comes around even if she brags that she has a big God. All the while she is going to witchcraft doctors. God does not support or encourage a thief and manipulative evil like her who pretends to be born again.

deceitful-thief Annest Namata will go to any length and do anything to gain your trust when she wants something from you but she willperfect description of Annest Namata the thief eventually play you, steal from you and betray you. All the while she will be acting like she is very honest and the most trusted. It’s all for her selfish ego.

She is a sociopath. She dresses and acts to appear the part so that she can con people after they have believed she is what she is not. She has no conscience and no empathy at all. She looks for vulnerable people and uses her sluttiness to get her victims. So watch her brag and act slutty and know what Annest Namata is. DO NOT GET FOOLED BY HER PRETENCE. She hops from man to man for money and material things to brag with.

 She opts for the easy sleazy gold digging option of relating with so-called tycoons and so-called loaded men who get weak in the knees for her when she acts slutty around them. Her showing off and facebook_-565184462arrogance is an act of vanity aimed at seeking acceptance in circles she does not fit in. While bragging about her material acquisitions and petty money, you will never know the donors/sponsors that give her what she refers to  as “good things”. She protects them in virtual volts where they recline to covertly indulge. That is why she constantly flaunts herself on social media with photoshopped pictures and at events all the while on the lookout forimages (9) the next men to have affairs with.
After hooking these men with sexual favours, she persuades them to trust her and invest in her business ideas she has stolen as she brags around kampala that she is rich and a business woman. SHE IS A BUSINESS PROMISCUOUS THIEF.

Any sin a man commits does not affect his body; but one who is guilty of sexual immorality sins against his own body.

She brags around that she is the first in the office and last out. To some she might seem like the right candidate for a promotion etc but ask yourself if she has any balance in her life. It’s a precursor to a burnout and can also be a signal of the unreasonable expectations of her colleagues. You ought to realise what she spends her time doing when she is constantly receiving thieving/deceitful calls at work for her own thieving projects and not work related. So she has to stay late doing the real work.


 “…… stay humble because just when you think you got all the answers, is the moment when some bitter twist of fate in the universe will remind you that you very much don’t.” ― Tom Hiddleston

 Better information leads to better decisions and, therefore outcomes. Know the real facts about her. She mistakes attainments of material things for happiness. That’s the logical thinking of a Gold Digger.

 So Annest Namata keep on bragging and acting obnoxiously arrogant as if you are superficiality divine. I WILL FEAR NO EVIL.


If like me you are only interested in consistency, stability, trust, respect, loyalty and real love, then do the right thing and don’t allow Annest Namata the deceitful thief into your life.







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AMAZING HOW ANNEST NAMATA THINKS! What a low lifeAnyway, she is a Villager and Gold Digger.

The heading of this post was a statement that Annest Namata made to me one time about a man who was a prospective customer in her job, whom she claimed “wanted her”. She told me “every time I go to his office, he talks very dirty and I find it very funny”. Men “wanting her” as she says it in a very cheap way is a such a big deal to Annest Namata.

several men However, the gist of the story as she claims is that this man wanted a relationship with her/use her. When she would go for business purposes so I suppose to his office as the company customer, he would say all sorts of vulgar things to her i.e. what he can do to her Versus what he wants to do to her and what he wants her to do to him. She led him on by allowing him to say all sorts of vulgar things to her. She justified it to me by saying that he was doing the same to her colleague. But the ex colleague would tell him off. That is the difference between her ex colleague and Annest Namata who giggled instead. What does that tell you about her? She went along with it because she is very promiscuous.


Unsurprisingly, Annest Namata found the rude things he said to her funny and would giggle all through the whole dirty talk. She said he was funny by talking to her dirty. She should have made it clear that she fancied the man because he had a Mercedes-Benz because obviously she did for that cheap reason alone. I am sure it went further than that because when she told me she was not looking at me in the eye and later realised that her big mouth had given away a secret. Good riddance to the kampala prostitute.


However, by making the statement above, it shows she had been to his house otherwise she would not have known where his house was plus it was a big deal to her that he owned a Mercedes-Benz. Regardless of what the car cost and how old it was, to her Ghetto thinking if someone has a Mercedes-Benz they are rich because again according to her, it is expensive to maintain because they take them to the main dealer for service. How many people in Uganda who have Mercedes Benz’s  take their Benz to the main Benz dealer for service? Very very few. 99.9% take their Benz  cars to the small corner garages.

 One has to feel sorry for her, because Mercedes Benz’s in Europe are Taxi’s. So a Mercedes-Benz is not the best or most expensive car but to her it is the best that ever happened. It really shows you her ghettoness/villager mentality and her class.

 One the other hand, it was an old Mercedes-Benz not worth even thinking that it would make out that he is TAXI IN NEW YORKrich.

 But regardless of his status, a car does not define someone’s worth. But of course to the ghetto ridden mind of Annest Namata, a Mercedes-Benz car defines someone’s worth, a house on Entebbe road defines someone’s worth. That shows how narrow-minded and backward she is and the length she will go to get material things and money. In other words, she will have an affair with any man as long as she thinks they have money and she can get material things. That’s why she is very very promiscuous. She will 1924790_4084199199696_985446297_nsleep around with men for money and material things. She will betray people all for the sake of money. She is evil.

She should have been honest and told me that she was having an affair with him. How disgusting and cheap is that? That is the lowest of the low one can be. There is no respect for self. She is very Immoral.

I bought her a car that cost more than a Mercedes-Benz in Uganda because as someone who has worked inmercedes-benz-e-klasse-taxi Germany, I know a Mercedes-Benz is not a big deal. Mercedes Benz’s are taxis in Germany and the rest of Europe. I could have bought a Mercedes Benz if I wanted. But her brain does not allow her to think appropriately. The question is: Does she use her brains to think? So despite buying her that car she was still not satisfied because she is very greedy and materialistic.

But I don’t have to lower my level and standards to her level. I made a mistake and lowered myself to her level because I thought she was genuine, honest and a true Christian. I sought to better her and give her all and make her dreams come true and I promised to make her dreams come true and did it all and more but I was so wrong to do that because she is a Promiscuous Gold Digger.

I don’t have to brag about owning any car. Those who know me, know the real truth. So I don’t have to be-little myself to her foolish low-class ghetto level. I am much better than that. She has a problem with me saying I have cars across the pond. All I can say is I don’t boast about it  like she does when she has a car that she has not even paid for but I wanted her to now tell people how she has bought those cars for me. She is deceitful, promiscuous and a pathological liar.

So what would it make some people who do not think they are rich despite walking out of Car Show Rooms with Brand New Cars, or having Brand New Cars delivered at the offices or places of residence and or having cars on both sides of the Pond. If she was in that kind of situation, she would be too obnoxiously arrogant to comprehend. Anyway, she is a villager with a Ghetto mind of backwardness and ignorance.

As stated in my earlier Posts, you can get someone like her out of the village but you will never get the villageness out of her. She will always think like a villager to all intents and purpose. I tried my very best to make her think different, gave her everything, taught her so much but she thinks and acts like a villager. Old habits die-hard. That’s why she is still promiscuous slutty Gold Digger.Mercedes-Benz-Mercedes-E-Klasse-Taxi_5071

I do not have anything against villagers but when someone like Annest Namata deceives, lies, cheats, steals and uses people then becomes excessively arrogant and tries her best to turn the tables against the very person she has done wrong. It has to be addressed appropriately.

TAKE NOTE: If you are find this offending, I am not being judgemental here. I am just stating facts as they are due to so much disrespect that I got from Annest Namata. I gave her EVERYTHING but she still stole from me and cheated on me plus disrespected my late mother. She is not worthy of any help and or working with. She will get whatever she can from you and move to the next victim and disrespect you who got her to a better place and did everything for her.  What kind of person is that in society? She will NEVER be satisfied with what you do for her, what you give her and how much love you show her. I gave her everything and loved her so much but she was still not satisfied. She still went looking for other men and was promiscuous with them. She is a Promiscuous Gold Digger.

That goes to explain why when she went to Juba, South Sudan, she got excited when she went to someone’s house and saw many remote controls and commented when she came back to Uganda that the man was rich because he had many TV Remote Controls in the living room. Does having many Remote Controls make you a rich person? How can you Annest reason so stupidly like that making a fool of yourself. What do Remote Controls cost? You can buy a Remote Control for $2. #Absurdsoul. She saw remote controls in old age. So they are such a big deal to her.


 This is a Mercedes Benz that Annest Namata says is the most expensive car and the people who drive it are rich but it costs only 12.5 million Uganda Shillings. So judge her character, backwardness and villager antics. I bought her a car more than twice the price of this Mercedes but she was not appreciative and neither was she satisfied. She is a greedy impatient gold digger and thief.

 No wonder she is a vile Gold Digger. When she sees a man driving a Mercedes Benz, she chases him to try and do anything to seduce him by sending him messages, calling him, exposing her body etc


 This Mercedes Benz is only 35 million Uganda shillings. So Annest Namata, your way of thinking is backward and village oriented.

 The car I bought Annest two years ago is nearly the price of this car which is a new registration to-date. So you can imagine her greed and lack of appreciation.

 This all proves her promiscuous gold digging vampire mannerisms.

38 Million shillings

 This 4 Wheel Mercedes Benz costs only 38 Million Uganda shillings. So Annest why make yourself so cheap simply because a man is driving a Mercedes Benz.

Nothing is surprising. Her greed for money is incredible. Self respect and health mean nothing to her all because of money.

11.9 Million shillings

 There is another man whom Annest Namata refers to as a boy whom she was messing around i.e.sleeping around with him as well behind my back and claiming he is just a friend who had a Toyota Crown like this. Again she thought and was convinced that it is an expensive car that he had. This car here cost only 11.9 Million shillings new from the Bond.  So Now What Annest?  The last car I bought her cost more than twice the price of this car but her greed and immoral indecency does not allow her to use her common sense. She cannot be loyal in any relationship.

I cannot and will NOT lower myself to her level any more. She ain’t worth my time and emotions. She is an evil hypocrite and promiscuous Gold Digger.


NOTE: This is her real life character revelation.

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