10 Oct

Work travel can be fun but hard work. So much to see and so little time and missed connections. Every challenge along the way provides a lesson to be learned. As I travel while minding my business, I hear rhetoric written from a blog totally lacking in2 sincerity from none other than my Ex the subject of this Blog who is now desperately making up lies and advertising herself on-line even on a professionals site with photoshopped pictures. Nothing is surprising because she is a pathological liar. She is going further by using people she fooled to recommend her as an honest genuine person. She is a villager and a promiscuous gold digger but deceitfully brags to those who don’t know her well and who don’t know her background as she continues acting like she is a “Bourg”. All the while pretending to be what she is not to win peoples trust.

To her it is all about flaunting herself and blowing her trumpet with excessive self praise and titles. It is all predictable i.e. her remorseless manipulating lies and deceit in her quest to turn the tables against me likeANNEST NAMATA THE THIEF she always does to

Betrayal2everyone she has done wrong. She is always talking about death, bragging that nothing can happen to her and threatening people as to what she can do to them, bragging that she is high profile. Then she contradicts
herself with religion claiming she is born again and 

 QUESTION: Is this the face of a young woman as she claims?? With wrinkles! Yet she claims she is 37 years old. She can keep on fooling and lying her fooled and manipulated “audience” by using sex to lure them.

Annest Namata portrays this very FAKE Image. SHE IS VERY VERY FAKE. Her real image and character is very evil, hiding the reality of who and what exactly she is. Her image and character is very deceptive, deceitfully hiding the real reality of who she is. She is a good actor/pretender and uses that fake persona to con, manipulate, use people and steal from them.


images (81)

  WHAT YOU SEE  IS NOT WHAT  YOU GET.  SHE IS AN EVIL PRETENTIOUS MANIPULATIVE OPPORTUNIST. So if you are wise,  DO NOT be swayed by the cover she bleaches and presents with her very deceitful pretentious smile and promiscuous mannerisms or her petty wannabe titles and claims.



 So the excessively money hungry Annest Namata can kill me or use other people to kill me. It will not stop the truth about her being revealed.  I will not succumb to cheap intimidation and blackmail of Annest Namata the promiscuous bed hopping thief who evidently stole a lot of money from me (I have the evidence), disrespected my late mother by calling her names, defaming her, stealing from her estate and betrayed me. My biggest strength is I am fearless and a thief like her and her friend who was trying to intimidate me cannot scare me. Even the devil once sat in heaven with Jesus. Thus Annest Namata’s pretentious religious claims. There is absolutely NOTHING religious about her. Just garbage. Anyone can claim they are religious and trustworthy. HOW COME SHE IS A THIEF  AND PROMISCUOUS IF SHE IS BORN AGAIN AS SHE CLAIMS???

wasted emotionsSHE WASTED 4.5 YEARS OF MY LIFE & TIME ALL THE WHILE SHE WAS SLEEPING AROUND AND STEALING FROM ME. SHE IS A VERY SELFISH, CALLOUS, COLD HEARTED GOLD DIGGING THIEF.  I sacrificed so much to make her happy and give her what she never had as a child. Oh yes, Gold Diggers can also be the pretentious  seemingly friendliest of hearts. She should declare herself a corporate prostitute and let it be known instead of wasting peoples time, emotions and stealing their money.

Cheating, stealing and denying it is the most disrespectful thing a human being can do to another. I looked after Annest and never asked her what she did with her salary because I wanted her to help her family in the village. But she was busy telling men that she is independent and takes care of herself. That is a SLUT right there.


 She tells people lies that I am jealous of her success and that she kicked me out. Let her fool the naive. She claims everyone is jealous of her. For what? WHAT DID SHE HAVE WHEN SHE MET ME? This is the same person I taught how to write basic emails, reports, gave her a lot of business ideas that she brags about today. I used to apply for international jobs for her and she has the audacity to say am jealous of her. Those are her village antics and primitive arrogance. She uses people. Besides that, what does she have in comparison to what I have? WHAT SUCCESS DOES ANNEST NAMATA HAVE TO BE JEALOUS OF?fgb be

Even after stealing my money and my late mothers money to start the shady/dodgy business as she claims to fool you her audience i.e. those who believe her lies, WHAT SUCCESS? Being a thief and sleeping around with several men whilst pretending to be religious?? I kicked her out of my life and my house because she is a certified thief and sleeps around with every Tom, Dick and Harry for money. She has no ethics or integrity and no self-respect at all. She says it’s a claim so why did she move out at very short notice? SHE IS A THIEF and a WHORE.

In this respect, I will respond in kind and retrospectively to what she wrote in her blog and the accusations she made. She talksblog she wrote God all the time and claims she only listens to Gospel music to fool and please her very deceivedaudienceyet she is the devil’s disciple. She is ONLY motivated by greed, material things and money. She got saved old for convenience to con men of money and material things. Marriage and babies are to seal and guarantee that she gets the material things and money from the man.Then she brags that she has integrity and is saved. What integrity when she is prostituting herself and stealing?

stop playing the victim What comes to mind immediately is her dangerous “mind games” and cold- hearted “manipulation” -. True characteristics of an Evil Narcissistic Manipulator. She always does people wrong, fosters rumours, talks very ill of people, does anything to turn the tables against the victim and then plays the victim to win peoples sympathy. You’d think she’d care but no, she’s very spiteful, very vindictive, ego-centric and narcissistic.

“If your value is found in the belonging and showing off of your petty acquisitions, your looks and your possessions like it is for Annest Namata, you have cheapened your self-worth immensely.”


When we broke up after I found out she was sleeping around a lot, she immediately accused me of ruining her life by depriving her of the comfortable lifestyle which I provided, she claims I made her suffer, made her a slave. This was to justify her gold digging serial promiscuous affairs she was having with several men behind my back. Was she paying any rent? NO. Was she paying for the car? NO. Was she spending her money? NO. She only paid bills for one year out of the four years all the while complaining. She expects her promiscuous cheap affections and liaisons with other men to be sponsored and paid for. That is why she wanted me to buy her a Toyota Harrier desperately begging me so that she can look for the rich men to sleep around with as they believe her lies of being independent and rich. No wonder she was giving my cars to men she was sleeping with. I wish I never met her ever.omg

Mums Grave - Copy She claims she did a lot for me. What did she do? WHAT? Four years plus Absolutely nothing. She could not even bother driving the cars I was buying for her to my late mums grave to pay respect to my late mother even when I asked her to. For four years she couldn’t do that. Annest Namata would drive past my late mums grave. Yet she could drive long distances to sleep around as a slut even when called by men at 3am/4a.m. She could not offer to pay rent yet she was being paid a salary, could not contribute to anything in the household, could not contribute to my plans and or business ventures. #Gold digging prostitute.

 All she could do was sleep around like a slut she is, running around chasing men and following on like a groupie and stealing my money. She then had the guts to say “it’s the men who want to be with me”; “he is the one who wants to be with me”. #Slut! Did she help me build anything? All she was interested in is what was involving the collection of money from my tenants and then stealing it. Then she steals from me and thinks threatening me will make me stop suing and exposing her for theft and embezzlement. Annest Namata is a promiscuous thief and will steal again and again from other men. She steals in the name of love.


images (34) First of all, this is NOT character assassination as she is claiming. This is true character revelation of what she is for those of us who know her well and what she has done and got away with despite all the her denials and religious pretence. This is why I have not mentioned anyone’s names apart from hers and mine. IF someone claims they loved you so much and cannot let you down all the while she is sleeping around with other men then she is just a user/gold digger and promiscuous cheap bed hopper. It is amazing by saying I am character assassinating her, it means she is admitting being an evil person. SHE HAS A POSSIBLE PRISON SENTENCE HANGING ON HER HEAD FOR STEALING MONEY FROM MYdownload (4) COMPANY PLUS EMBEZZLEMENT AND DESTRUCTION OF MY COMPANY. That is why she avoids and denies the theft issue whenever it is raised by anyone. Evidence of her theft will be presented.

So her claims that I am character assassinating are her defensive ways to counter the blog that has all the truth that she is secretive about and yet she passes herself off as this great religious righteous person. I heard all the lies she was spreading while she was my fiancee but kept quiet hoping she would realise her delusions and use her common sense. I kept quiet for a long time expecting her to be civil about our breakup. All she did is make up lies, berate me and worst of all berate/disrespect my late mother whom she never met. A mother is a jewel. You cannot berate/disrespect someone’s mother especially when she has passed away and then think you have any morals and she dares praise herself and brag. God will punish Annest for her evil nature. No doubt about that. Annest Namata said “I don’t believe in dead people. After they are dead they are gone”. So that’s why she chose to disrespect my late mother. She will carry the curse around with her.


 Indeed some “girls” have got some specific types of ex-boyfriends/ex-fiances and boys have specific types of ex-girlfriends/ex-fiancees. She is the worst partner and ex you can ever have. She claims she was not lucky because I chose to reveal the whole truth about her thieving deceitful character and we are not friends. She does not know what being civil is. I was very very unlucky to ever meet her, the promiscuous evil gold digger who pretends to be what she is not. There is nothing genuine about her. Everyone in my family and friends tried very hard to be civil with her but all she does is exhibit her stupid obnoxiously arrogant behaviour and disrespect. IF she was not an arrogant gold digging thief and promiscuous, maybe we would still be friends and would be successful in different get-attachment (44)fields. Our relationship should have been above and beyond anything else

BUT I CANNOT be friends with a bed-hopping thief because she chose to expose me to HIV/AIDS and STD’s plus exposed my life to many other dangers. I didn’t know the men she was having affairs and sleeping around with behind my back. She was plotting my downfall behind my back, backstabbing me yet I considered her family and best friend. She is just like Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. She betrayed me for money despite me warning her to desist sleeping around for money and to appreciate my help that was genuine. All I expected of her was appreciation. Her appreciation was sleeping around and stealing from me.

I CANNOT and WILL NOT be friends or associate with Annest Namata the PROSTITUTE and THIEF. Cant be friends How can I be friends with her when I sacrificed everything to make her happy and gave her everything she never had or saw in her childhood and today she claims I made her a slave. So since she said she hates her parents, did they make her a slave because they couldn’t give her what she wanted/needed and couldn’t give her the love she needed? Does she really know the definition of a slave? How could I give her everything, literally everything, love her so much and trust her 1 million% with everything of mine and she says I made her a slave? Only a Slutty Promiscuous Gold digger can say that. No wonder she has no relationship with her mother, disrespects her father and thought it normal to disrespect mine. She never met my mother(R.I.P) but she still disrespected her in her death to a point of putting her photos in my house face down in my absence but she kept her photoshopped ones up for men to see. How Evil!! Annest Namata has utterly filthy disgusting rotten mannerisms.

Be Grateful

 When I met her what state was she is in? What did she have? What money did she have? What job did she have? She was unemployed for more than two years plus and she was living in a leaking “servant quarter” box room that she could not afford to pay for and had applied to go to Iraq as a security guard. I didn’t judge her for that. I gave her money to start different businesses?

 I saved her “home” where her parents and siblings todate live from a Bank repossession. Despite saving it, I didn’t get any thanks from her family because she lied to them that she is the one who paid it off. Now she dare say that I am making claims – She is an Ungrateful promiscuous thief. When she got a job, she worked for 2 years of the 7 years she is claiming when it is actually 6 years without being paid a monthly salary as she lied to me and I was providing her with everything and she lived a very good life. I myself have never got that fromHumbleyourself anyone. Let her tell everybody how she got the job she is arrogant about. She started her first job in 2007. So she shouldn’t lie about the length of time she has worked. 

If she was still living down in the “Servant/Maid quarters” where I met her living, would she have got that job that she is bragging about? Would she be where she is today? WOULD SHE? BUT all she can say today is that I made her slave. Yet she stole money from me and my late mothers account plus she stole my money to buy land, shop in China and start the small dodgy company she has. She is so ungrateful and a thief. She is the most ungrateful, unappreciative, selfish, vindictive gold digger you can ever come across.


Like several people have said, She waited for me to give her everything, teach her everything, make her look more desirable by giving her the means, she got a lot of male attention as a result, mixed with people who believed her lies “am a business woman, am independent, I have a business, I look after myself, etc” as a result of the lifestyle I gave her, she misinterpreted the attention she got as being the most beautiful and slept around, then she thought she is the best thing that God created, goes on looking for the men with seemingly more money.

To her the buck ends with having affairs with several men, their money and material things. All the while covering it up with a relationship and religion. Just a professional prostitute. Simply because she was not paid attention to by her parents in her childhood, she now seeks it from men byattention_seeker_car_sticker_decal having serial promiscuous affairs. Thus her excessive arrogant showy delusional talk and Slutty walking with a sly smile to be noticed by men so that she can have affairs. The prostitute is not loyal but puts herself on a pedestal.

You will hear her say whilst bragging “I caught so and so looking at me”. She even used to brag to me about men in the office looking at her. So what if they were looking at you? She thinks its something to brag about. Are you the only woman men look at? – She is a very loose promiscuous attention seeker who sleeps around. She has open legs syndrome.

THE PATHOLOGICAL LIAR I would like her to bring a witness(es) and proof to prove that I made her a slave. But then again, this reveals her greed. That is what she says every time a relationship ends and she has stolen and been caught cheating. She never appreciates anything you do for her. That’s why she is a promiscuous gold digger everywhere she goes. She told me her ex boyfriend had made her a slave. So after stealing and cheating on every man she seduces another and rans to them claiming that the ex made her a slave. Good Luck to the naive new man/victim who will believe her.

 Her statement and accusation in her Blog was  “….He does not wantimages (84)

me live, he is been trying to kidnap me and kill me. He wants me dead….”. She lied to other people and some believed her nonsense. She will have to prove this statement and accusations. ~
When I would be out and about with her she would say “People are staring at me because they’ve never seen me with a man”. The fact is they were staring at her because they had seen her with many other men and were feeling sorry for me as I confirmed after. I asked her for civility and good communication right from day one when we got to know each other. I also asked her to make it clear that she was ready for a serious mature relationship or leave if she wanted to sleep around. She claimed she was serious and wanted a steady mature relationship. It was all her putrid lies. No sooner had we started the relationship, she started having promiscuous affairs sleeping around with several men at a time behind my back for money. #SLUTSLUTSLUT

We can't be friends

How can there be room for friendship when she bragged by sending me a text message how she slept around behind my back in the relationship yet we were engaged to be married, after she stole money from my business, stole money from me, stole my business documents, stole from my late mothers estate and stole items from my house, holding onto my business, lying to my business partners and eventually stealing and destroying my business? How do you remain friends with a vile thief when she is acting arrogant for doing you wrong. How do you remain friends with an uncouth prostitute?

How do you remain friends when she is berating everyone and acting like she is the best thing that happened to the world? A friend does not steal from another, steal from someones late mothers estate and betrayal is not forgivable. She abuses God’s name in her quest for her deceitful promiscuous and thieving life. How can I be friends with her when she is a vindictive evil liar and cheat? If as she claims I made her suffer, why did she stay 4 years in the relationship all the while sleeping around and stealing? IF I hadn’t caught her going to cheat on me for four days with a man, she would still be sleeping around behind my back and stealing my money.

stop bragging

How dare she brag that she is a winner when she stole money from me, stole from my late mothers Bank Account, stole my ideas, stole my business customers plus my business documents. SO SHE IS BRAGGING FOR BEING A THIEF. Very shallow.

Proverbs 12: 23 ” Sensible people keep quiet about what they know, stupid people advertise their ignorance” 

She claims in her blog that I want to choke her when she enters a room. That is laughable because she came to greet me when I was in her managers office for different business despite the fact that I wouldn’t have wanted to greet her let alone shake her dirty hands. I didn’t want to even look at her. Anyone else would not have shaken her hand after all that she did to me. It’s a grave mistake that I shook her hand as she pretended like she had done nothing. As much as I wanted to be civil, she was being excessively arrogant after stealing from me, destroying my business, stealing from my house, disrespecting my late mother for 4 years and cheating on me with several men. Her STD’s will rot her away. She will be punished. She is  an attention seeking evil gold digger, a free-loader and a thief. 

get-attachment (5) I am the happiest I’ve ever been in comparison to when I was with her gold digging pretence, am free at lastfrom her PRETENTIOUS EVIL SMILE, and parasite/free-loading existence. I didn’t even make any friends when I was with her. Instead I lost friends and business associates. I lost business associates because she was rude to them. I am now drama free, stress free, argument free, free loader free, idiocy free, Slut free, arrogance free, villager manners free, rumour mongering free, slut talk free, Prostitute behaviour free, thieving free, orange skin bleaching slut free, etc. I do not want her anywhere near me but I have to make people aware of what an evil thieving person and gold digger she is and sue her for stealing from me.

 When I first met her, she acted honest and pretended to be what she is not i.e. her usual claims “Born Again”. The worst thing she could ever do is disrespect my late mother (R.I.P. mother) e.g. putting my mothers pictures face down, to the point of stealing from my mothers Bank account and what my mother contributed to and worked tirelessly hard for.PR It is my personal responsibility to my late Mother and the late Aunt who introduced her to me whom she both disrespected after their death to make people aware of what Annest Namata is and what her evil character and ill mannerisms are.

lies and deceit

 As deceitful as she is, Annest Namata has now gone to the extent of making utterly self-pity false accusations that I don’t want her to live and that I want to kidnap and kill her. This is how she turns the tables after doing you wrong and has managed to get away with it. She does this in her personal and work life. I know other people she has done this to. I WANT ANNEST NAMATA TO PROVE TO EVERYONE WITH EVIDENCE AS SHE WROTE IN HER BLOG, THAT I WANT TO KIDNAP AND KILL HER.  This is a very serious accusation that she will answer in court for in addition to the thefts and all the threats she has made. She has finally proved beyond doubt that she is very deranged and psychotic. She has now come up with this accusation because she is having secret affairs with men all over and she is looking for a scapegoat if anything happens to her. In addition to that, she has wronged so many people over money issues and created enemies all over the place.

zero tolerance for false accusations  To prove her lies and deceit, How can I want to kidnap and kill her when I am not in the country? HOW?  AS I ALREADY STATED, SHE IS AN EVIL MANIPULATING LYING THIEF. This is all in addition to all the intimidating threatening silent calls my cousin and I received soon after my break-up with her and the threats to my personal life that she made after disguising herself as I have reiterated in the blog and through other people.

SFV She should write and tell people about her thefts from me and other people if she is a true Christian as she claims. WHY IS SHE AVOIDING THE TOPIC ABOUT HER THEFTS? WHY DOES SHE AVOID THE TOPIC ABOUT HER PROMISCUITY? Does her big God condone stealing and promiscuity?? images (36) It is clear that her lack of gratitude and appreciation is presented by her claiming that I made her a slave.

Little does she realise that the people who know her well and those who worked with her, know that her life changed when she met me. She even forgets that she told people “when he came into my life the green light came on and everything started moving and my life changed”. So how could I have made her a slave as she is claiming now. Manipulating Liar Liar. It is not surprising it’s coming from the mouth of a woman who sleeps around for money and brag that she is a business woman. She is just a villager who has just seen things and is exposing her backwardness.

Self praise is for losers  Amazingly, she still has her thieving “big talk”. She is still praising herself by stating “I am the best events manager”. I have not seen or heard how many accolades/trophies/awards she has won for being the best events manager ever as she claims. So it is not surprising that she is still delusional and bragging about being the best at everything. Is that what the Bible teaches her or the Church she goes to? Delusional! Even Oprah Winfrey, the best Talk Show host in the world cannot brag that she is the best but Annest Namata dares boast audibly that she is the best. How ignorant and vile!


Be Humble. A lady should allow others to sing her praises instead of boasting of her own achievements, as they will always speak for themselves.  Annest Namata is NOT a lady. She is always bragging over small petty achievements and bragging about petty job titles.

fsbgd Someone should correct her and teach her how the words “evolve” and “roll” are used. Then she translates directly from her vernacular “In other areas”. So her murder of English has evidently been presented by herself.  Further to that, as she says, she always looks forward to going to “occasions” because as she told her friends and colleagues, that is when she has the opportunity to look for men who supposedly have money to slut herself. #Gold Digging prostitute.

So she has made it clear she looks forward to occasions and going out to flaunt herself for her promiscuous antics. Looking forward to going out is supposed to be a natural occurrence. It is not an attribute to talk about and publish. Having said that, she is the same vile hypocrite who used to tell me whenever I wanted to take her out “For me I can’t dance, For me I am born again, For me I was raised in the virrage, Me I grew up in the “virrage”, I can’t wear short things, etc”. BUT in my absence she was the first to cheaply flaunt herself to any man who paid her attention and sleep around. Then go around social media writing “I need a party dress”. She even had the audacity to ask me to buy her party dresses and shoesShe is just a malicious pretentious evil loose prostitute.old digger

You know what a villager she is when she misinterprets what you tell her, when she cannot appreciate/know designer labels like Tommy Hilfiger, Chaps Ralph Lauren, Channel, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, etc. I wasted too much money and precious time giving her the finer things in life. Little did I know I was doing my best for a selfish villager prostitute.

POint “How you were raised and treated has everything to do with how you treat other people and your partners in your life.” So it’s not surprising how she treats other people. WATCH HOW SHE TREATS WAITERS IN RESTAURANTS/HOTELS. She uses Jesus to cover her deceit and sins. “People do not change, they become a clearer version of who they really are.” Annest Namata does not change. She showed me her pretentious evil side and a clearer version of her promiscuous thieving immorality. SO DON’T BE FOOLED.

 One does not have to work in the events industry to have a smile and to have a images (15)good appearance as she says. Indeed as a slut she is, her body is her temple thus her saying “I work hard to have good a good appearance”. No wonder she spends lots of hours a week in Saloons. Everybody smiles and wants to have a good appearance. No one wants to look bad. It doesn’t mean she should flaunt herself in a cheap manner by dressing in a skimpy way with her sagging breasts on show by continuously propping them up, wearing provocative dresses and behaving in a sexually provocative way, walking in a slutty way to get men’s attention and then justify it that she wants a good appearance. She is also justifying her bleaching of her body and gold digging antics and promiscuous practices. Strange that she denies bleaching her body. How cheap and Gothic!

monsters-university-trailer-screenshot-studying Good to know that she is studying part- time Marketing at the Institute of Marketing Jinja Rd as she claims. As a Gold digger, I am very sure she is not paying for the course and she will NOT appreciate whoever is paying for her. She is using him as well. As you can see she is already referring to herself as a chartered marketer before she has completed the course. So another major mistake for whoever is paying for her. We had just got together, she was asking me to pay for a course for her. She doesn’t pay for anything but she’ll brag that she is. She had to do a course because she claims to know marketing when in reality she doesn’t. You can study it but it doesn’t make you an expert. Did she know anything about advertising and marketing before I taught her?? She stole all my ideas and presented them to her bosses as hers and now claims they are her ideas. Her own ideas are very old and very irrelevant. Thus the bragging that she has an marketing business.Didn’t she steal from me to start it? Watch and learn!!

She will not succeed by stealing from people who trust her for the wrong reasons. She has been claiming for years that she is a marketer. But it doesn’t mean if you study it, you become an expert at it. But it will make a difference to the degree that she did not read for thus she is unable to explain what she did at university. I hope she genuinely attains the results for the marketing course after stealing my laptop. She will always be a thief. Warren By the same token, she lies that she is paying tuition fees for her sister at university. She forgets she berates her sisters and brothers, she calls them thieves, drop-outs, drunkards, etc. So how can she claim that she is paying her tuition fees when she is the one studying.

Her deceitful thieving life never changes. I would like her to provide the proof that I am married. She has told some people that I have wives in every country I work in. Let her prove that. How can she believe her own delusions/lies to that extent? Just because she sleeps around and brags about it to her slutty friends, she thinks other people don’t have morals and self-respect like her.

No big deal

 Being first in and last out of the office is not a big deal. It is simply a responsibility that one takes on board as a responsibility of your job. I’ve done it for many more years. but it is not something to publish/announce like she does.  It is a normal occurrence. If she does it everyday, it shows that she is struggling in her job and cannot finish on time. The truth is she is always doing things that have nothing to do with her job. All she cares about in her job is stealing money. So what is she bragging about? Anyhow, as published, she uses that in a relationship to carry on her promiscuous activities by lying about where she is. That is why she was seen in mall car parks  and side roads waiting for men to take her to their homes and hotels for her sexcapades but she would tell me she is in the office working late and on weekends. So was she working up to 1 am / 2 am in the morning? How cheap and slutty! She can go on selling herself.

Dangerous relationship2

 She made our relationship very dangerous in more ways than one with all her dishonesty and I have witnesses to this fact. The truth always comes out and I am now getting more facts about her secretive promiscuous life and how she destroyed a relationship that could have been very perfect. She started right at the start of the relationship by sleeping around with a man old enough to be her father. I am sure he has children older than she is and I am. But then again to Annest, it is all about money. She exposed me to love triangles and octagons with all their dangerous side effects and deadly diseases. She was trying to control my money because she was stealing it, she is self-centred with no reciprocation and worst of all is her manipulating deceitful promiscuous behaviour. God removed her from my life for protection. It was long long overdue. Good riddance.10264297_10152134960249205_556376503531317550_n

I am not perfect, have never said I am and I will never be. I don’t blow my trumpet. I am down to earth and humble for a reason. That is why I will never pretend to be what I am not. Her pretence that she is born again, believer, honest, trusted by everyone, that is all her putrid lies with one aim to get a man’s trust and guard down so that she can steal and exploit the generosity of the man. Her aim is to get your money. Period.

“Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future”. Its contradictory she can refer to herself as a winner when she is a thief and a Gold DiggerTHE HOLY THIEF. But then again she is just a copycat who uses phrases without knowing the true meaning. That’s why I cannot allow her to be my friend and I am warning everybody from doing anything of value with her because I learned from the past doing anything with her. My best living present is living without her in my life. She is NOT worth the investment of your time, money and emotions.

slutting around My cousin who worked in a company next to where Annest Namata worked, watched everything she did slutting around with different men. But Annest Namata  is now saying that I am claiming. She thinks people are stupid or blind to see. No wonder at one point when I would go to pick her up from her office she would sneak to the back of the office so that people do not see me  and other men she was having affairs with and tell me.  She would only come out to the front when it was late and everybody had left the offices. She is simply a deceitful cheap prostitute.

You’ll be FOOLED to think she is genuine and honest. If you do, you will REGRET ever believing anything she tells you or promises you. Implicit in Annest Namata’s putrid disgusting behaviour is that what she has to offer to the man, is far less valuable than what she wants from him. Phrased differently, what she wants from the man, is of far more value than anything and everything she could possibly ever offer him in return. She has a delusional obnoxious sense of entitlement and self-importance.  Chased out and she ran to the man she was sleeping around with She was kicked out of this House Door for too many reasons and she dares deny it. Didn’t she find a lock on the door? So what are her lies about? When someone brings more problems, life risks and health risks and issues to your life due to her sleeping around, it’s time to show her the door. 

I sacrificed everything for Annest Namata, gave her everything and loved her more than I have ever loved anyone, would move mountains for her but as I’ve mentioned before, she never ever appreciates anything anyone does for her. I even did things for her that bethankfulI never had the opportunity to do for my late mother.   But then again a gold digger like her never appreciates anything. She is rude, selfish, remorseless and immoral. She is far too selfish to care. She had the guts to say she wanted to come back to collect her trash. Evil Slut! All she does is use people, manipulate people against each other and still goes on with her lies. She is never ever grateful. That’s how Annest Namata the Slut Gold Digger behaves.

After using people, stealing, she then claims she was mistreated and made her a slave. Why would everyone mistreat or make her a slave? Why her only? She was engaged to be married when I met her but she told me she was single and that the Ex made her a slave. It explains why we were engaged but she was telling men she is single. Annest Namata is a deceitful fraudulent cold-hearted promiscuous gold digger.

Blog reader comments“Hey this is a very scary and revealing article, Patric. Where does this Namata work from and how do you think she lures her victims with? I am not surprised because the ladies of these days in kampala have become more con and thieves than men. Give more details please on what she claims she does in business and from where?”

Lilly:  Wooww!! Really? I have heard about Namata Annest and she nearly put my husband in trouble because she came up with very big deals,10,000 branded T-shirts.10,000 pens,10,000 flags,etc. She made us make several samples,(which samples she never brought back!!!!!) Thank God it never took off! She is a thieving “Schemer” out for money and material things. She thinks she can host both lust and the word of God! According to the Holy Bible these two can never co-exist. So she can brag on about her big God. Even thieves like her pray to God. Well she is a thief and prays. She has an inflated sense of self superiority. She denies events of the past to make herself look better than she actually is. I can’t waste my time on a copycat promiscuous thief.

CopyCat1 images (35)

 As a Copycat she copies other people’s styles, behaviour and etiquette e.g her use of the word “sorry” she copied it from me, she copies how people dress, to the point of copying what they eat, how they walk, etc. Look at her Slut house where she lives, you will find a weighting scale in the corridor because I have one in my corridor. She is so petty even copying the mirror in the corridor. Just a villager!

 The only reason she copies is because you look good and she wants copycatto look good like you plus she doesn’t have the etiquette. She has no sense of originality but exposes her worthless excessive village/ghetto arrogance. I realised marrying her would have been
the biggest mistake. Even her brother said as much. She will punish herself for sleeping around behind my back and stealing from me when I trusted her 100%. It’s inexcusable, and unforgivable to steal and sleep around. I can’t stoop to her Slut level.tyle thief


I am sure if you know her you’ll often hear her using the word “sorry” for pardon. That’s her copycat village mentality. She copied that from me. She wasn’t using it before. She has no originality at all.

Apparently now she wants to play golf because she is a manager. Do you play a game because you have a particular job or when you have interest. She will be looking for rich men at the Golf course to con. Anyway, I feel sorry for the people she will brag about golf. I grew up living near that Golf course and seeing it every day. To her its a VERY big

Lately, she is busy bragging as she talks about Yoga. She used to laugh at neighbours who used to practice Yoga. Today she is bragging about Yoga and even has the guts to brag “hello yogis?”. #ShamelessHypocrite.

She just catches feelings, wants to hang out and sleep around with the aim of getting at your money and material things thus ending up in materialistic “situationships” but will act different. I would rather be known in life as an honest sinner than a lying pretentious promiscuous thief. She loves money so much even a monkey can take advantage of her love of money. NEW GOLD DIGGER

 You don’t date and marry a woman who cheated on her man with you and many others. You don’t marry a woman who stole from her boyfriend and fiance unless you are immoral like her. You are no more special than he is. What Annest Namata did download (15)to me, she will do it to you too. She did it to others before me. It maybe fun to cheat with, but coupling and marrying her will be like digging your own grave as you share her with other men. You will be the same next man amongst the men calling her a thief and a slut after she has used you and stolen from you.  All she loves is your money and business liaisons. Watch!!!!!

Annest Namata will not introduce you to her real relatives like uncles and aunties, sisters, etc but will claim friends of friends are herimages (80) aunties and well to do people are her relatives. All she does is live a very deceitful life. There is an Auntie she claims is her auntie but at the same time tells her friends that they are poor and she looks after her. Is the Annest Namata family rich for her to call others poor? Anyway she can go on with that so-called auntie because that is the woman with whom she used to steal my things and money with. She would

she-no-love-you-she-only-love-moneysteal my things and hide them at her house, have affairs with several men and share with that woman. Her daughter who is her friend has the same slutty mannerisms as Annest. So nothing is surprising. Disagreements Don’t Have To Be a Negative Experience, If The People Involved Display Mutual Respect Consideration And Humility. You can’t get that with Annest Namata.

Show me a conceited person and I will show you someone who is arrogant, proud and inconsiderate – BIBLE PROVERBS 21;24

 INTEGRITY is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Annest Namata claims to have integrity. How can she have integrity yet she lied to me while sleeping around with every Tom Dick and Harry and stole millions from my business? She has also stolen from others.


To Annest Namata the narcissist, you are not her lover, you are a rival for her attention, you are the competition.

So know this one truth, the moment she claimed she loved you, you became her enemy inadvertently and justified her several secret promiscuous affairs. Envy and lust are very bad.

She would rather impress a stranger she knows little about for the love of his money than truly love her own.

images (57)She stole my late mothers death certificate plus her debit card from my possessions and then denied it. She could not look at me in the eye when I asked her where they were yet they were in bag. There was noimages (56) one else in the house who could have stolen them. But let her dare try and steal the money, she will be caught and proven yet again for being a thief.

Go on Annest Namata prove further what a real thief you are.


 She stole my Uganda Post Office Box and she is not ashamed to be using it now.

 What post office box was she using all along when I met her? She was using the Hostel Post Office Box where she lived when at University. I thought it best to help her and get a Post Office Box for myself and share it with her. I gave her money to pay for a Post office box but Annest Namata the thief took advantage of my help and stole it and gave all sorts of excuses. 

She steals anything. She goes in a relationship for money, material things and to steal.

get-attachment (15) After she has hooked up a string of several men to sleep around with and get money from, she starts bragging “you think in my job I work for is charity”, “I look after myself”, “I am a business woman”, etc. What she is bragging about is being an Events planner. So why was she begging me everyday to buy her this, that and the other? All the while begging me to trust her and then steal from me. She is just a villager who has just seen things and money and is excited with urbanisation and material things. Trust her with anything at your peril. The rural urban excitement makes her think she has arrived. She has a lot of Rural-Urban excitement and embarasses everyone around her while trying to act like she knows it all. She saw the city a few years ago but she acts like “Miss know it all”.

She tries her best to get as much money and as many cows from every man who goes to her home to introduce himself? She even tells her father to extract as much money as possible from every man that goes to her home to introduce himself. Those are deeds of a villager, prostitute gold digger.

. Annest Namata is a thief and will always be a thief. She stole money from my company, stole my money, my late mothers money, stole my car, stole my company documents and attempted to steal the company yet she did not contribute a coin to the company. All the while she was stealing money from me as well. So Annest Namata deny it but I have the evidence which will be presented in court no matter what.

She claims I kept her in bondage. Bondage my foot! How come she stole millions from me if she was in bondage? How do you steal when in bondage? How do you live a lavish lifestyle if you are in bondage? How do you get everything in life while you are in bondage. She will get to know real bondage and will eat her own words. She is a very greedy prostitute and a thief.

010411174840--Luwum Street Kampala

 She stole my documents for my lock-up shop here but she denies it now. Let her do anything, she will be prosecuted in Court for it.

 Her thieving has no bounds but she is busy pretending to be humble, trustworthy and religious.

images (6) I should have noted her sluttiness and thieving ability. Right from the beginning of our relationship she started saying “I want your son so that I can remember you whenever I look at him”. That means whenever I was away, she was busy slutting herself to remember. All she wanted to do was get my children and extract child support me for years to come. I can guarantee that is what she is aiming to do now with her target man. She is materialistic and an evil gold digger.

If I could go back to the day she came to my house uninvited, I would kick her out and walk awayI am embarrassed that I allowed a pretentious, deceitful, very evil hateful and very promiscuous Annest Namata in my life to a point of getting engaged.get-attachment (39)

Value yourself enough to choose to be with someone who is genuine and has etiquette plus that person should have self-respect and values.

 She is an obnoxious prostitute hiding behind religion.She has no emotional or spiritual connection.

DO NOT waste your emotions, time and money investing in Annest Namata. Everyone has been very gravely disappointed. I gave her EVERYTHING. It still was not enough. She stole from me and slept around. What a prostitute!get-attachment (5)





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21 responses to “HER DECEITFUL JOURNEY

  1. Fred Barigye

    September 25, 2014 at 18:21

    The more the monkey climbs high, the more it exposes its behind.

  2. Grayce Ahumuza

    July 25, 2014 at 10:28

    This woman is very ugly inside. I dont know what men see in her with all her arrogance. How can she steal from a man who loved her so genuinely.
    I know Namata she had NOTHING when she met this man.

  3. Pat

    July 11, 2014 at 13:34

    Thank you all for taking the time to read the blog and comment.

  4. Annette Kaahwa

    June 30, 2014 at 06:07

    This namata comes begging you pretending she is a good person then changes after getting another man she can get money from. Talk of “gwowonya egele yalikusamya”. Indeed she is evil.

  5. Claire Kaggwa

    May 28, 2014 at 07:13

    This woman is just damaged goods. Sleeping around ate mbu saved? She is stupid, she betrayed a man who loved her and gave her everything she never had before. All she could do is cheat on him with sick men and steal his money while boasting on us mbu she is has money.
    What is she looking for? HIV? Its unfortunate that Pat met this woman. She is nothing but poison.

  6. Doyisa Lebohang

    May 28, 2014 at 06:41

    This gold digger Namata is never loyal. She comes into your life with other intentions. She is ready to steal other women’s men for money. To make it worse as we have read here she is also a thief. Now really how foolish can a man be to fall for such a woman.

  7. Jane Barigye

    April 25, 2014 at 08:53

    If this Namata Annest also known as Judas Iscariot had not betrayed Pat they would have done so much more mightier successful work and projects together as a couple. But the betrayal and her prostitution quickened the salvation process. Otherwise Pat could have got infection diseases, got Aids or at worst got killed.

  8. Frank Musoke

    March 7, 2014 at 17:29

    Sente zitigomya abakazi. Namata loves money too much and will go with any man and do anything to get at money. You should have known that before you dated her. Didn’t anyone tell you? She had to destroy your company because she has a very bad heart. You should never have trusted her.

  9. Johnny Bosco Senyonga

    March 7, 2014 at 14:46

    Leave de ug galz like Namata Annnest. 99% are just like her just want money, leka naawe tobimanyii.!!!!! She thinks she is the best. Twakalaba! Muleke yekube bleach for attention.

  10. Kusiime Derrick

    March 7, 2014 at 14:37

    Pat dont always consider the outside of a person like namata. Check how she is inside. I know you have told us namata pretended but I am sure something could tell you that you can not trust her and she sleeps around. Me I can not trust Namata. You can see how she behaves around people especially men.

  11. Rachel Kansiime

    January 24, 2014 at 19:18

    She boasts that she is very beautiful with brains. HoHoHoHo! Nsaba mirrors zituyambe.
    She copies other peoples ideas and presents them as her own. Is that brainy? Now you have told us all the truth how you helped her with business ideas and even work ideas. She just uses men.

  12. Auntie H.

    December 2, 2013 at 12:40

    From the moment I laid my eyes on Namata in kololo when the late Auntie(RIP) came with her to your house in 2006, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life avoiding her. I wanted to tell you how dangerous she looked but I could not. But I remember saying “Will Patrick manage Uganda girls like her?”
    It may have sounded negative at the time but I think we now know what a thief and how dangerous Namata Annest is. She can even kill you for money. She stole from you and then demanded money from you for your company! Who does that? Imagine she sleeps around and gets paid. You saw the proof.

  13. Doreen

    December 2, 2013 at 10:19

    Annest Namata only loved your money and cheques. She wanted to take all you own. There are many professional prostitutes like these in Uganda even if they have jobs like her. So even if she is a manager or whatever, she is still chasing men for money.

  14. Elisha Cooper

    November 30, 2013 at 09:12

    You call her a Slut, but you loved that slut even as you say you did not know, almost wifed that slut, missed that slut. She is now busy slutting herself now as a bonafide slut..

  15. Daphne

    November 27, 2013 at 14:31

    Patric, why do you bother with this Namata loser. She is not worthy your time at all. You should never have invited her into your life. As you can see she showed you she is a thief. How do you trust a thief?

  16. Lester

    October 23, 2013 at 05:32

    You have outlined everything about this Namata. This is the whole truth about her and she should not deny it. Thank God someone has finally done it. Namata is sooooo arrogant. Little did we know about her.

  17. Elizabeth Doris

    October 17, 2013 at 20:29

    Banange….this woman surely messed her life up. What a disorganized “CV” account of a life? Sleep around, steal, but then you are born again? What a contradiction??

  18. Joanita Musoke

    October 17, 2013 at 16:59

    Qualities of a genuine confident person:
    1. Confident people don’t need to “bling themselves up”…. They have no need to brag, pretend or talk about themselves like Namata does..
    2. Confident people are “quiet” about their confidence…..they exude it without saying anything. .
    3. Confident people are self-aware about themselves and their impact on others.
    4. Confident people accept themselves warts and all. They are not afraid to show that they are not perfect.
    5. Confident people accept others for who they are and look at the positives in people.
    6. Confident people have a “half-full” mind set – positive and healthy.
    7. Confident positive people are “solutions focused” not “problem centric”.
    8. Confident people make other people feel good about themselves. Confident people are very accepting of others.

    So Annest Namata does not fit in the confident category. She is just an arrogant wannabe loser bragging that she is this and that.

  19. Peter Kalyegira

    October 17, 2013 at 16:41

    She pretends she doesn’t care what people think hmmm !…. I know Namata is just pretending. This blog tells all about what Namata Annest is.
    No man who knows her can invest in her. No way. Why invest in someone who is after your money.

  20. Silvia Nagenda

    October 17, 2013 at 16:12

    Achievers talk and walk the talk. This Namata just boasts and talks the big talk. Those who believe her nonsense and trust her are as just the same as she is.

    It is true she likes money too much and yes she did steal this man’s money and destroyed his company. Small as it was, it was successful. So she should answer for the crimes she committed. He should never have trusted her at all.
    Those lies that he wants to kidnap and kill her are stupid lies she is using against him but they will backfire against her big time. This time I am sure she will not get away with stealing.

  21. Collin Mbaziira

    October 15, 2013 at 13:54

    Silly woman. She is hiding. Why can’t she allow us to comment on what she has written. She is not able to face the truth. There are people who are ready to take her on and make her tell the truth or keep quiet for ever and pay the money she stole.


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