12 Jun

I AM VERY BEAUTIFUL EVERY BOY AND MAN WANTS ME A cheat(er) like Annest Namata has personality traits that can help you spot her deceit. Extreme vanity, disgusting arrogance, extreme loose flirtation, fake smile and compulsive lying are just a couple of big RED FLAGS that can tip you off. Annest Namata’s lack of self-respect, her village arrogance, her loose foul mouth and evasive actions are enough to give you

 An evil deceitful liar like her can’t believe others honesty; she can’t believe others can have self-respect and integrity. She has no modesty at all. All she wants and does is dress seductively to encourage any male sexual attention everywhere she goes. Her defence for this is “I work on my appearance and image“. By flaunting yourself?

 Distance tests a horse’s strength and Time reveals a person’s character. I told her on the very first day of our meeting, “This relationship will be the greatest test of your morals and will reveal your true moral principles”. True to my word it proved her total vile promiscuity, disgusting immorality and thieving personality.

She is a pathological liar and lacks empathy, is manipulative, superficially charming and does NOT take responsibility for her actions. She is stuck up, full of herself and very obnoxiously arrogant. Her excessive arrogance is $(KGrHqFHJCUFH6D!i,VCBSHJOODuYw~~60_35worthless, just village ignorance.

She hates her parents as she vividly told me. I was shocked. How can you hate your most precious jewel in the world who brought you into this world? Do you who is dating
her now really expect Annest Namata to respect you? REALLY?  DO YOU?

She is now busy lying to those who don’t know her well that we were in a relationship for four years and she only saw me twice in the four years. WHAT A STUPID LIE. I WILL PROVE WHAT A STUPID LIE IT IS. She is also claiming that I used to control her like a remote control.Her lies Yet even when I was in town, I would be too busy to call her and when I called her she was busy slutting herself. When I wouldn’t call for a while she would complain. So what utter nonsense is she regurgitating? You would be foolish to believe her lies. Annest Namata is a manipulating slutty lying thief.

 Why was she pestering me to marry her and trying her best to trap me to get her pregnant and pestering everyone including old relatives and her Pastor to talk to me into marrying her if she only saw me twice in four years? Why was she pestering me to marry her, pestering me for a child if I controlled her? Why did she take me to her Pastor to convince me to marry her IF she saw me only twice. Why? I have the evidence of all the people she was pestering to talk to me to marry her. How did I start several businesses for her if she saw me only twice in 4 years? – SHE IS  A LYING PROMISCUOUS GOLD DIGGER

It’s a man’s job to respect a woman, but it’s a woman’s job to give him something to respect. Being rude, a thief, arrogant, loose and sleeping around CANNOT make a man of distinction respect her. As a promiscuous cheater, Annest has lower expectations and lacks self-respect; so she will not pressure a man for a ring. But she will pressure him for money and material things. If she pressures him for a ring, her motive will be his money, assets and passport.

Certificate PG She goes to the extent of discussing with her friends, colleagues and people she meets whom she barely knows, how she has slept with man abc and what they did in bed, how they are going to do it, etc. She has very immorally repugnant and disgusting behaviour.

 Emotionally Manipulative – In order for her unfaithfulness/serial cheating to remain undetected, Annest the cheater manipulates the person she is cheating on. It’s a way to keep her partner off-balance and make them second-guess his gut instincts. Most seasoned cheaters are very skilled at emotional manipulation. The ones that are not manipulating their spouses or partners are often the ones that are caught by someone they emotionally manipulativeknow or by their partner. They may also be the ones with a conscience and may truly be feeling dishonourable with respect to their actions. Annest has no conscience as her cheating goes on because she thinks sleeping around is justifiable. She justifies it by saying “I am an independent woman,” However in a social setting, she will be-friend the person she wants to get closer to and talk dirty about you to  the person who is closer to him/her. That’s all her emotional blackmail.

Extremely Jealous – Annest Namata the cheat is very jealous and insecure. Often the jealousy that she projects is a reflection of her own personal unfaithfulness, whether it be emotional cheating or physical cheating. She will often deflect her own suspicions on the man by accusing him when in actual fact she is the one doing it and that is exactly what she did to me. She Jealousyautomatically thinks everyone is cheating just because she is always sleeping around. Even if her partner is innocent of the charges like I was she continues spreading the lies she cannot substantiate. I want her to produce evidence that I was cheating in the relationship as she has lied because I have a lot of evidence of her sleeping around.

 Overly Flirtatious  and Insecure – Being overly flirtatious can stem from a need for attention which is caused by severe low self-esteem. Annest is constantly looking for attention from men. An affair/affairs often alleviates her feelings of insecurity. Flirtingdva can open the doors to infidelity because it’s often based on sexual chemistry which can ignite the fire of infidelity. Infidelity is a non-realistic form of attachment because it is based on only the short time fun times unlike the happy, sad, trying times that you may share with a mate who sacrifices their life for you. Often this masks an underlying fear of abandonment. The fear of being alone as a result of catching her cheating makes Annest seek additional serial affairs as a security that she won’t be left alone. The serial affairs also make her feel important and that’s why she often blows her trumpet about every man wanting her. However much I said, I was not going anywhere and gave her everything she wished for, she still slept around behind my back with different men for money and material things. She has no morals and self respect at all.

Insatiable – Often cheaters are unsatisfied in their life and that is exactly what Annest is. Whether it’s Greedemotionally, or sexually, she is continually looking for that something that she is missing within herself. I gave her everything, she still went sleeping around despite the health risks. She is seldom content with her life as she seeks out new ways to fill the void in her emotional being. That also explains why she is constantly shopping enticing clothes and having them adjusted to be made tighter on her body to please men because she is not content  deam Gold Digger. Her serial myriad of serial affairs are a temporary fix for her and often this trait is added onto the fact that she is a compulsive serial cheater who sleeps around everywhere she goes.

Narcissistic – A narcissist has a sense of entitlement that most others do not. So as a Narcissist, Annest is able to use other people for her own pleasures without giving a second thought to her victim’s feelings because she thinks she is entitled to. Always very selfish and highly greedy, she feels entitled to her needs and makes no apologies. In fact, she will often deflect with lies and manipulation in order to fuel her exploits. She does this in all her relationships with anyone regardless of who you may be. She will always make anyone miserable simply because she chooses to sleep around for her excessive love of money.

Compulsive Liar – Often lying and deception is a two-images (57)pronged skill that a cheater is adept at. Most serial cheaters are seen as compulsive liars because it’s a convenient way to mask their illicit affairs. It also helps to keep their partner second-guessing themselves and leaves them free to carry on their cheating ways. This all explains why Annest Namata is a compulsive liar..

Is your partner a serial cheater? This means that there would be a history of her cheating either in your own relationship or a previous one. Habitual cheating may be a trait you are unwilling to deal with in the future because its only destructive. Annest has a long history of cheating.

What honourable respectable man in his right state of mind would want to be in a serious relationship and or marry Annest Namata when all she does is sleep around behind your back for the insatiable love of money and material things? That is what she did to me for four years yet she had everything and has done to many others. So you who thinks she will change, you are fooling yourself if you think she will change. You can’t change the stripes of a Zebra. She will always be promiscuous and a thief. Once a thief always a thief.

images (57)Annest Namata beats all the traits of a serial promiscuous cheater. We were engaged to be married, she was constantly pushing me to start a family with her, she was telling people we were going to get married soon, pushing me for a date, etc but all the while she was sleeping around, she was going away for weekends away with men she was having affairs with to Lake Victoria Islands, Jinja, Mbale, etc, She can go ahead prostituting herself. That is what she is best at being a loose cheap SLUT.Bed Hopper

She was seen as late as 3 a.m / 4 a.m in the mornings on several occasions coming from a neighbouring man’s house walking back to my house being chased by dogs and she used to take care of the man’s house like she was married to him yet she was engaged to be married to me. (Let her deny this, I will reveal the real evidence).

All the while I was paying all her house bills plus rent, bought her a car(s) and giving her everything she needed and she was engaged to me. She is a very ignorant Marriageungrateful bed hopping Sl#t. This all explains her lies in our relationship whereby she would claim she is going to Entebbe hill to pray every friday night, she constantly claimed she was loyal, claiming she is going for fitness evenings at the airstrip, etc  when in reality she was spending the nights with men, going to lodges, hotels, etc.

No wonder when I got back, my front car seats were broken.  All she could say because she had just heard it for the first time was “lean back”, “lean back”. She is so filthy disgusting and immoral it beggars belief. We had just started the relationship and I had just bought her the car yet she was sleeping around even in the car.


 People who saw her in kampala town during our relationship, told me the cars I was buying were in my absence being driven by different men and she was hiding behind the window tints – #Cheap SLUT. Whenever she realised someone had seen her with a man, she would pretend she hasn’t seen them. Later she would ring them and lie that it is a work colleague. She went to the extent of ringing my tenant who saw her at midnight with a man he saw her with was a colleague. He didn’t even say anything. Annest is the one who rang him with a guilt conscience defending herself by claiming “he is not my man, he is a colleague, he is just a friend, etc” but that is one of the men she was having an affair with. Who is she trying to fool? Her infidelity and sleeping around will come back to haunt her ten fold.

REMEMBER: NEVER DISRESPECT SOMEONE WHO HAS HELPED YOU BECOME WHO/WHAT YOU ARE BECAUSE KARMA IS A BITCH. It will definitely come back to you later in your game. cropped-Sleeping-Around-Town

make a choice Is she wife or slut material? What kind of relationship material is she when she is a bed hopper jumping from one man to another and bragging about it by saying “I will make money from him”; “He has potential”, etc

 No wonder she flushes a lot of cleavage and skin at any given opportunity and more all the time displayed for the men as she desperately flirts with them to get their attention where ever she goes. She is addicted to advertising herself everywhere. Are there buyers, oh yes! those who believe her lies and the book cover she bleaches and does anything to expose for men’s attention. Others just take what she offers them because she literally throws herself at them with no fleshly restraint for her excessive love of money. Money is her God.

She monkey swings from men to men with no sense of remorse or dignity/SELF RESPECT. No wonder a friend of hers recently said “Everywhere she goes, men know her naked.”q

If she could have secret serial promiscuous affairs with several men while engaged and constantly pushing the man to start a family with her, pushing him to marry her, then what else is she capable of? If she can sleep around for money and material things even when engaged and say there is nothing wrong with it and justify it, what else is she capable of? Is she what relationship/marriage material is? Couple up with her and marry her at your own peril. No wonder over the years no man has invested in her. Those who have, have been gravely (19)

Why prostitute yourself to get ahead in life? The very fact that Annest Namata would contemplate using her body to get ahead shows her lack of education, her immorality and evident lack of self-respect and esteem. In the end, she is damaged goods and feels the pressure to give it up for her excessive love of money and material things. Even when she is in a relationship she continues her Gold Digging sleeping around. She is a very grave liability and not an asset at all. Good luck to whoever is wasting his valuable time and money on her.

Maybe if she paid her own way in life, she could avoid such guilt-induced one-night stands and serial affairs with several different men and get stressed hiding the affairs.

She is so disgustingly arrogant yet she has no sense of moral fibre in her. Good riddance to her. She can bleach herself orange/yellow for weak/immoral men’s attention and sleep around all she wants. I wonder why she cannot openly declare herself a prostitute. Anyway, she indirectly did on her FB page by stating how much she charges per day while contradicting herself by quoting bible verses all aimed at money yet again.

She’s the gossipy, backstabbing, evil, conniving sort who drips with sarcasm and generally disdains everyone around her regardless of who it is and boasts about it.

A bed hopper like Annest Namata is not someone that deserves respect and trust when all she does is PRETEND to be “saved” a.k.a. “born again” whilst stealing and cheating.

Ours was more than just a relationship. She lived in my house, I took care of her, managed what I owned, shared a life with me and ran my business and other assets. She still slept around behind my back even with neighbours, whilst talking ill of me, lied that she was taking care of me and herself and stole money from my late mothers estate and money from my business and destroyed my business due to her thefts.  Today, she claims that I made her suffer. So Annest Namata is EVIL.

images (99) She can continue prostituting herself and talking about her sleeping around adveentures to her friends in town and people she barely knows. Wish her the best with her looooong sexual network. As one of her ex-boyfriends commented on this blog – “You thought men invest in her”, Annest is NOT an emotional investment for men seeking something more than a fling/mistress. She is just a promiscuous Gold Digger who uses people as she is being used but all she wants is money.

 She ACTS “Holy” and talks the religious talk but she can’t walk the Holy walk. So don’t  believe her fabricated and manipulating lies, evil pretence and disgusting arrogance that she depends on. She does NOT have any divine moral principles at all. It’s all sheer utter pretence. 

Chronic cheating, stealing and sleeping around is rooted in her emotional immoral emptiness.


For those who do not know the real Annest Namata, fall for her facade. She is a revisionist historian who looks for defunct lies to accuse you of and abuse and manipulate you with while bragging.

I am just the Deliverer of Truths about Annest Namata best left unsaid but I am going to say it.




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30 responses to “TRAITS OF THE PROMISCUOUS CHEAT(ER) Annest Namata

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    • Pat

      November 12, 2017 at 17:54

      Keep reading the blog

    • Pat

      November 27, 2017 at 07:40

      Keep on reading the blog. You can contact me for any questions

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  4. Benjamin Mutebi

    February 11, 2015 at 20:27

    Old habits die hard. Be ready to see more even her many boyfriend’s in your bed.
    She’s just a boisterous arrogant villager.

  5. Marjorie

    September 27, 2014 at 15:12

    As the Banyankole say “People who strangle themselves are not moaned”. So this Namata who says she is untouchable, I feel sorry for her. She is going to eat her own words. How can she be so boastful like this and treat people like she is God.

  6. alexandria

    September 15, 2014 at 12:57

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  9. Anonymous

    July 10, 2014 at 01:32

    I got so bored today afternoon, however when I watched this TRAITS OF THE PROMISCUOUS CHEAT(ER) – Annest Namata | Patric’s Blog about THE EVIL DECEITFUL ANNEST NAMATA comical clip at this web site I turn out to be fresh and happy too.

  10. Anna Kashaija

    June 24, 2014 at 22:07

    Sounds like he was spoiling her and she just took advantage . If you want to find true love you can tell if Namata is after your money by her conversation which is all about money or she talks abput people who have money. She will talk about business a lot. You are attracting the wrong women .
    She is a very wrong woman. That is why she always says she is single when she has many men she is seeing on the side for money for course. She has affairs with them for money but she tells us who do not know mbu they are just friends. Men friends my foot

  11. Jennifer Kasamba

    May 27, 2014 at 17:55

    Omutwe gwekyenyanja muvundu. This namata’s head is really rotten

  12. Anonymous

    May 25, 2014 at 17:14

    hi!,I love your writing so much! percentage we keep up a correspondence more about your post on AOL? I require an expert in this area to unravel my problem. May be that is you! Having a look ahead to look you.

  13. Ken Ssekandi

    April 18, 2014 at 16:55

    Typical kampala woman. That she is corporate. Why is she corporate prostituting herself. She is now happy because she can sell herself to whoever offers her money.
    She has clocked over 30 years and hiding her real age yet the pride is killing her. She is her own worst enemy.
    No wonder her relationships cannot last because she wants money all the time from every man. Always looking for men with money. But this theft from Pat should land her in prison. I didn’t know she could steal as well like this.

  14. adidas f10

    April 16, 2014 at 00:05

    Whatgood work! You are the pride of our class.

  15. Allen

    March 19, 2014 at 03:52

    Yaaaa this Namata Annest is a gold digger and a thief. Try yo luck else were

  16. Soph Naluwagga

    March 19, 2014 at 03:49

    Dats how she messes mens lives. U can imagine her quiting just cz she is in need of money.
    Hahahaha Namata the Gold digger let go of the cheap kampala gold digger.
    She side dishes around and she is here boasting.

  17. como reco

    March 12, 2014 at 13:58

    Very good website congratulations. My name is Hugo

  18. Gregory Despain

    March 4, 2014 at 14:20

    Superb piece! Extraordinarily explanatory.

  19. Gregory Despain

    March 4, 2014 at 13:54

    Great story! Remarkably well explained.

  20. Duncan Katongole

    January 7, 2014 at 09:31

    To Namata infidelity is normal, rather than the exception. People should go into a relationship with her knowing that she will cheat and steal rather than believing she will not and believing her religious lies.

  21. Roselyn Serwanga

    September 22, 2013 at 12:59

    The most precious things on earth are not bought by money.
    1. Love
    2. Honesty
    3. Truthfulness.
    4. Faithfulness.
    5. Character.
    6. Being Cultured.
    7. Kindness
    8. Cleanliness
    9. Beauty(Not Pretty Face).
    10. Respect
    This Namata is only after money and she does not have any of these qualities but pretends to have them so that she can trap men. Wife material my foot. She cannot be a trusted loyal wife?.

  22. Grace Kimuli

    September 14, 2013 at 16:26

    She is hungry for attention because she was denied attention when young. That is why she has affairs with different men but hides it. Those who are close to her know what she does.
    One time she boasted about being a gold digger with the sandals she was wearing with a gold digger label. If you work with her closely, you can know she sleeps around. She is very secretive about all her life.

  23. Ruth Kintu

    September 14, 2013 at 16:17

    Akanula amaaso ngamaze okubba. Kyokka Namata obwa malaaya nokubba! Msscchhhwww

  24. Alex Kisakye

    September 12, 2013 at 10:16

    She is a free loader and a parasite always looking for the next rich man. It makes me wonder why you loved her in the first place. There must have been hints of her sleeping around. When she acts arrogant and tells her friend she can get any man, you know she is sleeping around.

  25. Judith Kaahwa

    September 11, 2013 at 14:58

    Tekyewunyisa. Namata is very materialistic. That’s why men take the opportunity to hit and run and dump her like gabbage. That is why she bleaches her skin and is always shopping clothes to get men’s attention.

  26. Misc - Australia

    August 18, 2013 at 15:57

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  27. Claire A.

    August 12, 2013 at 02:17

    Kikadiye naye….. Why is she very proud? I have never met someone so annoyingly proud like her. She cannot even get married maybe to a very desperate di**head but even then he will divorce her after he realises the mistake he has made.

  28. Hope Tamale

    August 8, 2013 at 18:40

    Lwaki Namata yesalako ebigambo? Mbu “I am beautiful (What beauty?)”, “I have brains”(What brains?), “I know business”(What business? Eyokuba?), “I am a manager”- So What?, “Mbu “nothing can happen to me, I am high profile”- Kale we shall see.


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