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download She is morally deceptive and corrupt and totally untrustworthy. She throws herself at any man she deems worthy for her own selfish favours and her love of money. She is very deceitful and constantly tells lies which are very obvious if you have attention to detail but she is very oblivious to that. She uses the lies and manipulation to win peoples trust and thinks she is better than everybody else.DECEIT

 She will check out of the relationship whatever kind it my be before you do all because you have found out her serial relationship PROMISCUITY, money missing as a result of her cheating plus her sick dirty manners; she becomes apathetic and totally remorseless towards you. In a personal relationship, even though its obvious she is having affair(s) and or looking with interest at other men, she will berate you for thoughtless abandonment even if you are giving her all the attention and love in the world. Annest Namata is never satisfied with anything you give and or do for her. NEVER. That is the extent of her greed and selfishness.

Realise that she may SEEM amazing on the surface but she is very morally deceptive and EXTREMELY EVIL in the heart.  SO DO NOT GET images (29)FOOLED. SHE IS NOT WHAT SHE SEEMS. She is an odd mix of low self-esteem, low talent although she will often seem confident to the point of arrogance, that is just a mask for her internal lack of true confidence. Narcissistic controlling people like Annest are not able to let things happen naturally –  she must control things or in her mind things will”get away” from her. So she is compelled to her inner horrors to make sure she is the one pulling the strings even if she has no rights to those strings. She wanted to control my money, properties behind my back, etc yet she did not have a right to do that, all because I loved her genuinely and trusted her more than I have ever trusted anyone in my life. I should never have trusted her. No one should ever trust her with anything. She is a Gold Digger.

It is important to note that I have learned to ignore foolish with silence and to never let my feelings control my emotions and actions. So do not let your emotions control your actions too.

serving God and money That explains why after our breakup, she kept saying time and time again how she has no man before she was asked when in fact she was hanging around with men she was referring to as friends and business partners. All the while , she was writing to me and lying that they were contracted to work in the company she works for. What business anyway? She was even giving the several men she was sleeping around with my car to drive. She is disgusting. She went as far as say she  cannot have a relationship with such men because the is not her type,claiming they are her co-worker, i.e the man I found driving my car she stole, yet she was living in his house and sharing her body with him in addition to the other men. So she is a cheap Gold Digger and “Call Girl”/Escort. #GOOD RIDDANCE

 Annest Namata claims her inspiration is Bill Gates. I have to inform you Annest, Bill Gates worked for what he has got. He did not sleep around or sell his body. He did not use people, did not exploit people and neither did he acquire his riches dishonestly by stealing like she stole from me and others as will be revealed soon. He did not cheat or steal to get what he has to date. He used his innovative brains to get what he has. You Annest would have to be straight and honest to achieve that status and you cannot be straight.. However, if your intention is to get that by manipulating people, Gold Digging, acquiring dishonestly and conning people of their money, material things plus using men like you did to me, you will not hold onto it for long and the consequences of your immorality and deceit in the end will be dire. I can guarantee that.

However, the most valuable people are not defined by wealth, beauty, age, ethnicity or nationality. The most valuable people are defined by their character, morals and self-respect.


deceitful thief I caught her cheating on me and yet she lies to those who don’t know that I was cheating on her. She is too ashamed to be seen by those who know the real truth and hides from them when she is seen in town. She thought she would never be caught because she pretends she is religious. Her Church Pastors defence was that she was lonely. Does loneliness warrant promiscuity/sleeping around with every man who offers money? She even cheated on me when I was in town. She is so cheap. How can a Pastor give that as a viable reason? She was quick to say I am possessive. Possessive for catching her at her promiscuity several times with several men.

 Cheating is the result of Annest’s characterological flaw that allows her to rationalize cheating and breaking her vows and promises. She made a lot of vows to me and I mean a lot BUT she broke all of them and tried to justify her cheating. Up to this day due to her total lack of empathy she still justifies it. Anyway, I saved my self-respect, dignity, and time despite the fact that she wasted my 4.5 years. I thank you Annest for proving everybody right that you are a serial cheat, promiscuous and a Gold Digger. The biggest mistake I have ever made is that I was defending her, trusted her and loved her.

Annest violated all her commitments to monogamy in our relationship. She planned the cheating on me and she will always be a cheat. Cheating is her pattern of behaviour that won’t stop no matter how many promises she makes or how many changes you make to keep her attention. Cheaters cheat… and cheat… and cheat at anything. Annest is not a reflection of my worth but an indication that she is incapable of handling the responsibility of maintaining an honest genuine relationship, and being honest and genuine in any way or form. Even in the office/work environment, she cannot be trusted and should not be trusted. All she is, is a Gold Digger, she always thinks of ways to steal/cheat money in every and any circumstance.

She is too self-conceited and she does not care about anyone’s emotions regardless of who your are and is not considerate thus the lack of empathy. She is not a person of integrity at all. She is not respectful and cannot be respected because after cheating at any thing she expects to rebuild the relationship based on her own terms and lies. She will cheat at anything and in any given circumstance even at a professional level she will cheat simply because all she wants is money and material things.

 Trust is equivalent to love and she destroyed that trust too mainly due to her being very promiscuous. She is very promiscuous but continuously defends herself even when not asked and constantly CLAIMS she is faithful. First defence she puts up is “I am not sleeping with any man” yet you have not said anything to the contrary. It proves she is guilty. What is faithful about her? Absolutely nothing.

Ironically, if you win the argument, Annest starts playing the ‘Victim’ card, and start appealing to her friends and colleagues, creates evil false stories about you, ‘friends’ to not only to help her feel good, but also make you look bad. That is a classic case of Narcissism. Everybody who knows her well, knows she plays the victim card. She always claims to be the victim yet she is the one doing people wrong and exploiting them.


One of the symptoms of Annest Namata’s anti-social personality disorder is excessive arrogance and disrespect for other people’s rights. She exposed her ex colleague to this behaviour, which I didn’t agree to. This is a dangerous aspect of arrogant people like her; if you have to live and or do anything with a person like Annest, whether it is in the office or business transaction seek advice and help. All she does is look for a way to steal any money she can. She will do anything to get her way.

This is why some arrogant people like Annest go on to become criminals. She herself is dishonest in everything she does and says. She is very cold-hearted with total lack of empathy and I believe she has a chemical imbalance in her head and therefore there is something wrong with her mentally. She may look normal but in reality she is not. Many people out there have been cheated of their money by her but yet she continues being arrogant and obnoxious.

Trust Me Unfortunately, I was her fiance one day and the next day she treated me like she did not know me and made up stories like I was her worst enemy. That is what prompted me to tell the whole truth about her and her disgusting manners. It is fair to say Annest Namata ought to be treated the right way for the way she is mistreating, disrespecting people, using people and stealing from them. She is NOT ultra special as she thinks to a point of telling people she cannot be touched, nothing can happen to her. I will prove what a thief she is and her promiscuity.

Her sense of entitlement has blinded her morality. She perceives herself as the best thing God created. She can dream on.

So this Blog is being published to bring out the real truth about Annest Namata and what she has been all along, how she treats people, manipulates people to be trusted, respected, cons people, pretends she is religious, how she cheats people but has been pretending and acting she is what she is not. She is very conniving and very deceitful.

NOTE:- This is not character assassination. This is real life character revelation.



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