img_9907 Why do narcissists seem to pick the worst possible times to discard their partners? Are they really that cold-blooded that they not only break-up with you but also plan to do it at a time that would add insult to injury? What would motivate a narcissist to hurt someone they professed to love so much in such a heartless and brutal manner? THINK!

I have heard many stories of narcissists leaving their partners right before a major holiday, or on their partner’s birthday, or after their partner shared something very personal. I’ve also heard of narcissists ending relationships right before a special planned event, or when their partner was down on their luck, grieving the loss of a loved one or even diagnosed with a serious illness. The list of heartless, cold and calculating ways that narcissists end relationships continues on and on.

It is not your imagination. Indeed, it is true that the narcissist just like annest namata does, will purposely plan the timing of her breakups to occur during times when distress or vulnerability is extremely high in your life.

Narcissists like annest namata thrive from kicking you when you’re down. So take note this narcissist does that. This is irrespective of what you have done for her. She simply jumps to one of the men she has been sleeping around with.

Adding to your troubles and blindsiding you increases the odds that you will hear her say that you have become unhinged by the cruelty of her cold-blooded actions and complete surprise.

She anticipates you to beg, plead and promise to change even more than you already have when she unexpectedly breaks things off with you. Note that if you give her an indication that you have found out her thieving ways and her sluttiness, she will jump ship to make it seem like she has dumped you when in reality it is you who has dumped for what she is-a thieving slut. It is her deranged way of further managing you down the road and fully establishing her superiority and dominance over you. The more that you abandon all dignity in a desperate attempt to try to understand how she could simply dispose of you as though you never meant anything to her, the grander and more in control she feels.

Your pain creates a transitory jolt of self-worth that silences a narcissists nagging feelings of self-loathing. It gives her a temporary rush. Watching your heart break with agony is literally intoxicating to her. To her it’s equivalent to a hit of a drug. Her behaviour, post-discard, may appear almost manic as she becomes drunk in her own premeditated ego boost. Do not be surprised by her slutty behaviour soon after the breakup or misunderstanding.

Flaunting a new  “supply” i.e. a men she has been cheating on you with in your face just days later is her cheap coup de grâce. At the same time she will be denying it as slutty as she is claiming that they are just friends. Emotionally healthy people would feel too ashamed or embarrassed to publicly jump into another relationship so quickly. This narcissist doesn’t. Not in the least. Instead she praises herself how beautiful she is and claims many men want to marry her. Marry a Whore?


Because the narcissist has most been planning your discard and smearing your reputation behind your back for weeks/months, if not much longer. The narcissists’ supporters won’t think twice hearing that you were replaced so suddenly because they have heard all about your alleged faults and misdeeds for quite some time and they believe the trash they have heard from annest namata. They more than likely will be happy that the “poor” narcissist has found someone to rescue her from the likes of you. Foolish them. I know many of the supporters who believed her lies at the time but are now leaking their wounds and wishing they had taken my advice.

What should you do if your narcissist breaks up with you unexpectedly and smears your character? Absolutely NOTHING! Her arrogance will continue soon after the breakup. Just ignore the narcissistic slut as she brags how she is happy sleeping around with other men. Her “supporters” are still under the influence of the narcissist’s stories just like you were. In fact, you’ve seen sides of the narcissist that her “supporters” have never seen or could never even possibly imagine. Guess what? You still stayed and hung in there in the haze of your cocktail mixed with shots of your own cognitive dissonance and unconditional love.

Do not try to defend yourself to the narcissist or her supporters. This is a waste of precious emotional energy that you will need. Do not try to sway the supporters into siding with you. The narcissist has anticipated the things that you might say and has already countered them by planting a very credible sounding rendition of the truth in the minds of her supporters who believe her trash without thinking logically. For example, annest namata made her supporters believe that she was the one with money and that she was helping me and buying everything and that she had businesses. She made her supporters believe that I was begging and that I needed so bad in my life despite cheating on me with several men and stealing from me. The supporters believed it all. I met this narcissistic slut living in a servant house what they call servant quarters and she could not afford the rent. So how could she have been the one feeding me or looking after me? One has to be foolish to believe her.

Why should I let the narcissist get away with trying to destroy my character and play the victim while I’m the real victim and the one hurting?”

It’s not fair! Did you say? But narcissists like annest namata don’t play fair or by the rules. She is morally deficient and lacks any conscience or morals. For this reason, you can never win a battle against a narcissist. There is no level that she will not stoop to win. I have already outlines all that she does. Your mind may be able to travel to hateful and horrible places, but your conscience will not allow you to pack your suitcase and follow suit.

You never entered the relationship to play games or “win.” You entered the relationship with an open heart and pure intentions. It may appear that the narcissist has “won” as they are running off happily into the sunset with their new soul mate aka victim while you are beyond devastated, just hanging on by your fingertips trying to put the pieces of your life back together and figure out what just happened.

As the fog slowly dissipates and you, like the many of the survivours before you, will learn that there’s a name for the ABUSE you suffered. It’s called narcissistic abuse. You will realise that the narcissist tried to destroy, devalue and then discard you not because you were unworthy or flawed, but actually just the opposite. The narcissist devalues, destroys and discards from a place of insecurity and inferiority. “All cruelty springs from weakness”.

Narcissists believe that if they can destroy and dominate good people who possess qualities that they lack, then they can adopt those qualities through some disordered process of osmosis.

If you’ve been discarded, or have caught the narcissistic slut cheating on you with other men, most likely it’s a tribute to your strength.

I started early seeing through the charade of the narcissist. I began challenging the narcissist on her lies and hypocrisy. I saw her mask slip and caught a glimpse of the evil, phony person that she was hiding from you. At that point, I was no longer a good source of supply. Your expiration date as her narcissistic supplier

whom she had fooled by pretending to be what she is not had arrived.

My inkling or glimpse of the truth of what had been hiding behind the mask invalidated the deluded image the annest namata the narcissist had of herself. Her cover was blown and to survive she needed to discard me so that she doesn’t have to acknowledge the reality of her real, flawed self. To acknowledge the truth of her real-self would shatter the narcissist into pieces from which she could never recover. Lucky I kicked her out and she packed my car with her possessions including some of my property she stole from house and fled to several of the men she was having sex with.

Unfortunately, understanding the motivation and timing behind your dismissal does not lessen the torment of the feelings of pain, heartache, and betrayal. You’ve been lied to, toyed with, and manipulated. Your love has been exploited and used as a weapon against you. Healing from this abuse takes time and tenacity.

When I said that you can never win a battle against a narcissist, I meant that you can never win if you play her stupid cheap games. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you lose. On the contrary, now that the relationship is over, you are no longer her unwilling opponent in her twisted “love” games. You’re sincere, genuine and you believe that love is not a game where there must always be a winner and a loser. Let Annest namata the narcissist play the “You’re Always Going To End Up The Loser Game” with someone else. Sadly she always thinks that she is the winner because she is a whore who uses men one after another like a street whore. You will see her smiling right after a supposed relationship has ended. To her a relationship means nothing more than a sexual encounter for her love of money and material things. She will happily go on bleaching herself and wearing small size tight clothes, wearing open shoes, spending hours in salons to spruce herself at the expense of one man against another to get more men’s attention. The cycle goes on.

You may still feel that the narcissist has won and that’s okay. Be patient with yourself. The more time and distance you have away from the narcissist, the more you’ll realise how mentally and emotionally imprisoned you actually were at the time you were in a relationship with her.

Kick her to the curb like I did. You are FREE of all her nonsensical time and money wasting drama now. You are free of her thieving. You are free of her fraudulent life. You are free of her sleeping around and denying it. You are free of her sexual network. You are free of her dangerous sexual liaisons with all sorts of men of any calibre. You are free of her disgusting slutty life. You are free of her religious born again pretence. So let go of what you know in your mind that she has been doing behind your back. That way you will be available to receive what you truly want and deserve.

This is NOT Character Assassination. This is Real Life Character Revelation.

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HER RELATIONSHIPS CYCLE – Idealize, Devalue and Discard

Annest Namata has no empathy, she is callous, cold, vile and very heartless.  She is gifted at deceit, pretence, worthless arrogance and bragging, hypocrisy, thieving to mention but a few and no one is exempt from the harm she can cause. If you’re in a relationship, friendship with her or otherwise, you will definitely eventually be exploited, stolen from and used. You will come to find that the person she pretended to be never ever existed. The tears she criesnew-samsung-pix-7090 if any, are all for fantasy. These insidious qualities will take your friendship or relationship nowhere. Immediately cease contact with her and RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!  Of course the current new friends and men she is fooling and pleasing with sex for the moment, will not believe this truth about her. Watch this space. Keep on wasting your precious time and money.

It doesn’t matter what you do for her it will never be enough. She will still sleep around with any Tom, Dick and Harry for money and material things. She can have sex with a man if she wants to get the next iPad or iPhone. If you are a girl friend, she will despise you behind your back until she betrays you. Despite all this rotten disgusting behaviour, she claims she is a born again christian.

81d62fb31742f3a837305498ab2fd0cc Because she is a gold digger and very materialistic and money is her God. Annest Namata repeats over and over the same relationship cycle, no matter whom she is dating, having an affair with or in a double relationship with you for however long, if she is not benefiting from stealing from you or prospects of getting your assets, she will sleep around with other men for money. 

She brags in kampala Uganda that she is a top class corporate and business woman. SHE IS SIMPLY A CON AND THIEF.

She will pay back the bloody money She steals and the poses she makes. You can manipulate people who need help and support for their businesses and brag in front of people who don’t know your thieving ways. Well now those who are wise know and have listened.

When she was my fiancee she said and sent me an email stating “You want to be the only man giving me good things…” That statement proves she is a whore/slut for life.

She always engages in ‘sexual situationships’ with different men for money then she brags to those who don’t know and claims to be born again.

On another day she said to meSome men I meet want to do IT for a very long time and I can feel when they are holding it from coming out, I feel like telling them let it come out, u will do it again, I will give it to you and you do it again, so let it come out”. While you are doing something personal and intimate, you hear her saying “You mean you can also do that?”. You then realise and confirm that she is a Slut/Whore. She has sex with many other men all the time. To her that’s the norm.

That is rhetoric of a real whore. She had just revealed her secret. Well by that time she was already known for being a kampala slut who sleeps around with anyone whom she wants money from.. After the sexual encounter she starts chasing the men for the money they promised her.

 Relationships with her are always castles–or, sometimes, marriages–built on sand. All the while her father is ringing her and asking how much money the man will give for what she is giving him and whether he will give him a chance to own cows.

I’ll describe the entire process of Annest Namata’s psychopathic seduction, from its pretentious ideal beginning to its invariably bitter end:-

201611221479811836425934zi-yr1yie84 The psychopathic bond follows certain predictable stages: idealize, devalue and discard. This process may take several years or only a few hours. It all depends on what the psychopath wants from you and whether or not you present a challenge to her. If Annest Namata the psychopath wants the semblance of respectability–a screen behind which she can hide her perverse nature and appear harmless and normal–she may establish a long-term partnership with you or even marry you.

 If all she wants is to have some fun, it will be over when it suits her gold digging plans and based on what she has stolen from you. She will then tell you “we are just friends who want to do business to pass”. If she wants the stimulation and diversion of an affair, she may stay with you for as long as you excite her. Despite the differences in timeline, what remains constant is this: eventually, sooner or later, you’ll be discarded (or be led by the psychopath’s bad behaviour to discard her) as soon as you no longer serve her needs.

 She is highly manipulative, so the process of idealize, devalue and discard is a natural outgrowth of her personality.

Idealization, Devaluation, and Discard

This is something more commonly done in romantic relationships with Annest Namata the narcissist rather than friendships, but it can be found in both. This is a cycle that can be extremely damaging to a person, yet it’s something that this narcissist will do without thinking twice.images-29

The beginning of the relationship starts with great idealization. She will make you feel like you’re the most important thing in her life. This will involve flattery, praise, and telling you she has found her soulmate. This will push you deeper into the relationship, and motivate you to reciprocate the praise you feel yourself.

Suddenly, this will change with the more men she has sex with. Instead of receiving praise and flattery, you’ll start to feel criticized for everything you do. You may get some praise here or there, but mostly you’ll be chastised for your actions. During the devaluation phase of the cycle, you’ll feel a great deal of psychological and emotional abuse.

During the assessment phase, Annest Namata interacts closely with her targets to see what makes them tick. She asks probing questions, to discover the targets unfulfilled needs and weaknesses. She also commonly lures her targets with promises to offer them whatever’s been missing from their lives. If you’re recovering from a recent divorce, she will offer you friendship and an exciting new romantic relationship with promises of being the best woman you have ever met. If you’ve suffered a death in the family, she will appear to be very sympathetic and helpful in any way as a friend. If you’re going through financial difficulties, she will steal money to lend you to seem generous. She cannot help with her own money. Never. If you are new to the environment or area, she will court you with the sole aim of getting something from you. She does not become close to you for genuine reasons for pure friendship. To Annest it is about what she will get/gain from you. She is a leech and a very dangerous one.

During the manipulation phase, Annest Namata constructs the “psychopathic fiction.” She pours on the charm to hook her victims emotionally and gain their trust. She presents herself as a kind-hearted individual. Then her thieving fangs come

Of course, in order to do so, Annest Namata resorts to outrageous lies since in reality, she is just the opposite. In romantic relationships in particular, she depicts herself as not only compatible with you, but also as your soul mate. While seeming your compliment, she also presents herself as your mirror image. She will claim to share your interests and sensibilities.

This psychological bond capitalizes on your inner personality, holding out the promise of greater depth and possibly intimacy, and offering a relationship that is special, unique, equal–forever. DON’T BE FOOLED.

Because Annest Namata the psychopath is a great manipulator, convincing liar, and uses her body, most of her victims don’t heed the warning signals. For her, everything is about image i.e. how she looks to the people out there. She will waste your money while she tries anything to look rich to those who don’t know her but think they do. She doesnt care about you. She never has and never will.

During the early phases of a romantic relationship, people in general tend to be too blinded by the euphoria of falling in love to focus on noticing red flags. Also, during this period, Annest Namata is on her best behaviour. Yet, generally speaking, she gets bored too easily to be able to maintain her mask of sanity consistently for very long. The honeymoon phase of the relationship usually lasts until this psychopath intuitively senses that she’s got you on the hook or until she’s gotten bored by the relationship and moved on to other targets i.e. other men. She shows her true colours when she’s got no incentive left to pretend

This raises the question of why Annest idealizes her targets in the first place. She idolized me and used to kneel for me when serving me food or drinks. I never asked her to kneel for me. In fact I asked her why she was kneeling for me and she claimed it was respect for me being her man. #NonsensicalBullshit. So dream on if you think she is genuine to you.

Annest Namata suffers from a shallowness of emotion that makes her bonding ephemeral and superficial, at best. When she wants something like money or material things –or someone–she pursues that goal with all her might. When that goal is your money or a job or something outside of yourself, her pursuit may appear somewhat fake IF YOU ARE CAREFUL TO TAKE NOTICE. You’re a JUST means to an end. In reality, you were never idealized for yourself, but for something else.

But when her goal is actually you–seducing you or even marrying you–then her pursuit feels like an idealization. Temporarily, you represent the object of her desire, the answer to her needs, the love of her life and the key to her happiness. SO YOU THINK. But this feeling of euphoria doesn’t last long because it’s very empty to the core.

images-2She uses sex to sell after holding so-called healthy living dinners and fooling people with claims of healthy products. I am talking about flirting techniques when she meets men so that she can appear attractive and ends up with most in the Hotels and Guest houses. In her mind this keeps her attractive to customers and prospective customers. Notice how she dresses, how she walks and behaves around men and giving people the impression she has a lot of money aka independent. A simple example is those 2 phones she carries around are bought by men she has slept with. #IndependentMyFoot.

She has been bragging for years how she is the Events guru of the world. So how after stealing fromdelusions-for-dcmta1 the company she worked for has she become overnight a healthy living guru??  You cannot become a healthy eating expert over night when you have been in an entirely different industry and have no legal or food tech training. She has nothing to show for it. She worked for one company and all she did was steal money from the company. Bragging and stealing plus sleeping around with different men is all she is good at.

Also, keep in mind that this psychopath twists the truth to fit her momentary goals and to play mind games with you. When you actually pay attention to what she says instead of being impressed by how sincere she may appear, her narratives often sound inconsistent and implausible.

Annest Namata commonly projects her own flaws upon others. If she tells you she was seduced, it was most likely the other way around. If she tells you that her previous boyfriends mistreated her, cheated on her, got bored of her, abandoned her, listen carefully, since that’s probably what she did to those men.are-you-imitating-or-idolizing

Her lies serve a dual function. They help establish credibility with you as well as giving her the extra thrill of deceiving you yet again and getting you hooked so that you can trust her with your money and assets. #Hooker

Once she gets bored with you because the spell of the initial conquest has worn off, the way she maintains control of you is through deception, isolation, abuse, gaslighting, undermining your self-confidence and denying you sex because she is getting it from other men. The more you struggle to meet Annest Namata’s demands, the more she’ll ask of you. Until you have nothing left to give because you realise you are in a relationship with a Slut.

Such a relationship is one-sided and distorted. It’s a sham. Being a consummate narcissist, she loves no one but herself and cares about nothing but her selfish desires.

All she is after is your money, business, your material things like property and land and she is after your passport and foreign citizenship if you are in that category. She wants a K1 Visa from you if you live in the US or have the citizenship. She will want you for your citizenship if you have one for any foreign country.images

And even though you may be capable of love, you’re not in love with the real her–the cheater, the liar, the manipulator, the player, the hollow, heartless being that she is–but with the charming illusion she created, which you initially believed but which becomes increasingly implausible over time.

From beginning to end, all this phony relationship can offer you is a toxic combination of fake loveShe constructs the psychopathic bond through deception and manipulation. You maintain it through self-sacrifice and denial.

When all is said and done, the only truth that remains is that the whole relationship was a fraud because all she is after is your money and material things and she steals from you at all costs while she is pretending to love you. She even steals from her female friends. She will be as patient as she can be but ultimately her goal is to get money and material things from you.

For your information, all that Annest Namata is after is your money, houses, cars, you giving her money to buy clothes and shoes she can show off with, money from you to buy land in kampala and her village in Itojo, money from you to constantly change cars, money from you to constantly change the decor in the house, etc

All the while behind your back she will be bragging that you are very desperate for her, you are crazy for her and claiming that your business is her business, she is spending her own money and calling you stupid.

She is very good at faking it. She knows how to attract others and persuade people into placing misguided emotional investments into a relationship that doesn’t actually exist and a complete waste of time and money invested. She is NOT a woman worth investing in at all,


This narcissist is no princess. She is a parasite; a vampire; a soulless creature that masquerades as your Princess charming and claims that she is religious and trustworthy. DON’T be foolish to believe her.

While at the beginning it feels good to feel like her hero as she will pretend she is appreciating, writing quotations of what you say on her Facebook wall, Annest Namata the promiscuous gold digger will only continue to suck you dry emotionally and financially. Watch!! You definitely deserve better than that fake “orange skin bleached, rotten mannered thief” who calls herself annest namata.




This is NOT Character Assassination. This is Real Life Character Revelation



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new-samsung-pix-6413 Psychological manipulation is defined as the exercise of undue influence through mental distortion and emotional exploitation, with the intention to seize power, control, benefits and/or privileges at the victim’s expense.

 Psychopaths walk among us and look all normal. Annest Namata walks amongst you whilst hiding behind religion claiming she is born again, claiming she is a business woman, all the while being evil to people and stealing from them. Here’s how to resist the evilness of this narcissistic psychopath.

Psychopaths aren’t just the villains in slasher movies and morality tales. They walk among us every day, appearing at first like normal people. The same goes for narcissists.

The long and short of it is this: In the course of a normal day, you’re almost guaranteed to run into a few truly toxic narcissist and psychopath like  Annest Namata who will try to abuse and manipulate

The excerpts below might seem extensive, but these short summaries below are actually just a small fraction of the advice available in the whole blog; #Truthbomb


“Gaslighting is a manipulative tactic that can be described in different variations of three words: ‘That didn’t happen,’ ‘You imagined it,’ and ‘Are you crazy?'” Gaslighting is perhaps one of the most insidious manipulative tactics she uses because it works to distort and erode your sense of reality; it eats away at your ability to trust yourself and inevitably disables you from feeling justified in calling out abuse and mistreatment.”

How can you fight back? “Ground yourself in your own reality–sometimes writing things down as they happened, telling a friend, or reiterating your experience to a support network can help to counteract the gaslighting effect.


You know when she claims all the nastiness that surrounds her is not her fault, but yours? That’s called projection. Narcissists do it a lot. “Projection is a defense mechanism used to displace responsibility of one’s negative behaviour and traits by attributing them to someone else.

The solution; “Don’t ‘project’ your own sense of compassion or empathy onto her and don’t own any of her projections either. Projecting our own conscience and value system onto others has the potential consequence of being met with further exploitation by her. Don’t forget that  she is an opportunistic thief.


She fails to consider the long-term ramifications of certain decisions. This psychopath will claim you called her “a loose cannon.” You noted this could possibly go south if X, Y, and Z conditions occur.

What’s going on? It’s not just that your nemesis didn’t understand what you said. It’s that she had no interest in understanding because she is busy 

having affairs and sleeping around with several other men to have attention for you. She always fools someone into believing they are her partner, she will fool him that she refers to him as husband but all the while she is sleeping around with all types of men for money and material things.

Malignant narcissists aren’t always intellectual masterminds–many of them are intellectually lazy. Rather than taking the time to carefully consider a different perspective, they generalise anything and everything you say, making blanket statements that don’t acknowledge the nuances in your argument or take into account the multiple perspectives you’ve paid homage to.

To counter it, hold onto your truth and resist generalising statements by realising that they are in fact forms of black and white illogical thinking.

Deliberately moving the goal posts

Narcissists/sociopaths employ a logical fallacy known as moving the goal posts in order to ensure that they have every reason to be perpetually dissatisfied with you. This is when even after you’ve provided all the evidence in the world to validate your argument or taken an action to meet their request, they set up another expectation of you or demand more. This woman always moves the goal posts to justify her actions however wrong they may be.

Don’t play to her games. Validate and approve of yourself. Know that you are enough and you don’t have to be made to feel constantly deficient or unworthy in some way. Don’t forget she is a villager of a whore.

Changing the subject

Switching conversational topics sounds innocent enough, but in the hands of a master manipulator like Annest namata, a change of subject becomes a means tonew-samsung-pix-7484-copy avoid accountability. Narcissists don’t want you to be on the topic of holding them accountable for anything, so she will reroute discussions to benefit herself.

This sort of thing can go on forever if you let it, making it impossible to actually engage on the relevant issue. Try the broken record method to fight back: Continue stating the facts without giving in to her distractions. Redirect her redirection by saying, ‘That’s not what I am talking about. Let’s stay focused on the real issue.’ If she’s not interested, disengage and spend your energy on something more constructive. In the end you will find that you are wasting your valuable time on her.


Just because you’ve been dealing with this one since you encountered your first playground bully doesn’t make it any less destructive and apparently it continues. You will find out her name calling from friends and family. In your face she will pretend she is all nicey nicey and wife material. Behind your back she will talk nasty and dirty about you to a point of saying that you are lucky to have her.

Simply don’t tolerate it. It’s important to end any interaction that consists of name-calling and communicate that you won’t tolerate it.  Don’t internalise it: Realise that she’s resorting to name-calling because she’s deficient in higher level methods. Don’t forget she is a villager trying to pass herself off as a bourgoisie.

The Silent Treatmentsilent-treatment

By deliberately not responding to your reasonable calls, text messages, emails, or other inquiries, the manipulator presumes power by making you wait, and intends to place doubt and uncertainty in your mind. The silent treatment is a head game where silence is used as a form of leverage.  She does this a lot.


Dirty Smear campaigns

She will try to control the way you see yourself, the way you her friends that you know about when she has fallen out with them,the way you see your friends and close family and if she fails she will start to control how others see you. She will play the martyr while you’re labelled the toxic bad one. Her smear campaign is a pre-emptive strike to sabotage your reputation and slander your name. That is why I chose to expose her in this blog for what she is then she tried threatening and intimidating me using a foolish man whom I confronted and he denied it.

Sometimes true evil will even divide and conquer, pitting two people or groups against each other. Don’t let them succeed. Document any form of harassment, and make sure not to rise to the bait and let her horribleness provoke you into behaving in just the sort of negative ways she falsely attributed to you. For many years she tried her hardest to divide me with family and family friends. She is pure evil hiding behind religion.

Creating Urgency as cover for her promiscuitynew-samsung-pix-11527

Manipulators are masters at manufacturing urgency. They do this through stall tactics that are often preposterous. Some of the more outlandish ones my ex has used include: “My file cabinet is jammed and I can’t get the papers”; “I can’t read your e-mail, you will have to change your font”; “I’m going out of town” — always somewhere off the grid, like Siberia Adjacent — and won’t have access to e-mail, cell phone, fax, or messenger. Eventually the truth reveals itself.


Beware when she as your colleague or friend seems to love you while aggressively denigrating the last person who held your position. Narcissists do this all the time–they devalue their exes to their new partners, and eventually the new partner starts to receive the same sort of mistreatment as the narcissist’s ex-partner. But this dynamic happens in the professional realm as well as the personal one.

Simple awareness of the phenomenon is the first step to countering it. Be wary of the fact that how a person treats or speaks about someone will potentially translate into the way they will treat you in the near future. She did it to me. She devalued her exe even using my phone to message him then later devalued me to her affair man she was sleeping around with.

Pretend Ignorance download-2

This is the classic “playing dumb” tactic. By pretending she or he doesn’t understand what you want, or what you want her to do, the manipulator/passive-aggressive makes you take on what is her responsibility, and gets you to break a sweat. If she has done something wrong like sleep around with other men, when you ask her something in relation to that subject, her answer is “I don’t know”. If money is missing and you ask her, she will not look at you in the eye but will answer you “I don’t know”. She uses this tactic in order to delay, stall, and manipulate you into doing for her what she doesn’t want to do. She also uses this tactic as well when she has something to hide, or obligation she wishes to avoid like stealing from form you and cheating on you with other men.

 Aggressive jokes

The problem isn’t your sense of humour, it’s the hidden intention of that cutting joke. Covert narcissists like her enjoy making very malicious remarks at your expense. These are usually dressed up as ‘just jokes’ so that they can get away with saying appalling things while still maintaining an innocent, cool demeanor. Yet any time you are outraged at an insensitive, harsh remark, you are accused of having no sense of humour.

Don’t let the manipulative evil abuser gaslight you into thinking it was all innocent fun–it wasn’t.

Overwhelm You with fake Facts and Statisticsimages-1

She enjoys “wannabe intellectual bullying” by presuming to be the expert and most knowledgeable in certain areas. She takes advantage of you by imposing alleged facts, statistics, and other data you may know little about. For example, she will think she knows the doing business in Uganda better than you. This can happen in sales and financial situations, in discussions and negotiations, as well as in social and relational arguments. By presuming expert power over you, this manipulator hopes to push through her agenda more convincingly. Simply know that she is a thief trying to con you at any cost and in any way even if it means having sex with you.


One of the ways truly toxic people distract you from their nastiness is by focusing your attention on the supposed threat of another person. This is called triangulation. Narcissists love to ‘report back’ falsehoods about what others say about you. To resist the tactic, realise that the third party in the drama is being manipulated as well–he or she is another victim, not your enemy.

You can also try reverse triangulation, or gaining support from a third party that is not under this narcissist’s influence.

Honest people are easy marks for smooth-talking narcissists and master manipulators. Yet that’s only part of the reason narcissists pull off their shell games. The other reason is that she has honed her machiavellian skills into an art form. That’s why she brags about it. DON’T ALLOW YOURSELF TO BECOME HER VICTIM.

Have you personally experienced any of her deceitful manipulation techniques?

Know the games this toxic manipulating born again con called Annest Namata plays so that you can come out on top and not be her victim. Many men have fallen victim to her gold digging and thieving. 

DON’T let this thief fool you that she loves you when all she is after is your money.



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new-samsung-pix-7445 Knowing how this psychopath Annest Namata uses emotion to manipulate you can help you protect yourself and not allow her to fool you into believing that she is genuine. Never ever believe that she is religious and righteous. SHE IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY AT ALL.  A THIEF/CON CAN NEVER BE TRUSTWORTHY.

Manipulation is an evolving process over time especially by this cruel manipulative hypocrite.. Victims are controlled through a series of promised gains and threatened losses covertly executed through a variety of manipulation tactics. In otherwords, the manipulation builds up gradually as Annest detoothNamata creates uncertainty and doubt by going back and forth from hot to cold, by going back and forth from giving you what you desire to taking it away and making promises as a whore and thief she is, which promises she will never fulfil.

What is detoothing?

Detoothing is when a woman in this case gives the impression to the opposite sex she is interested in them and acts genuine, to be able to get other favours and steals from the men. Detoothing is more suitably classified as a habit.

 She exploits the age of free coffees, free lunches on account of a bleached makeup filled face in Kampala and other cities around. In Uganda, she is well-known as a callous DETOOTHER a Ugandan local term used to describe a woman who sleeps around with different men and steals from them. She steals from men and sleeps around a lot. You will often find her flaunting her cleavage plus exposing her bleached body, giggling like a fool at whatever her male counterpart is saying, batting her eyelashes, showing off petty things, walking like an old age dog swaying her non-existent hips trying hard to get different men’s attention wherever she goes. Look up those big hotels and restaurants in kampala, you will find her there.

While she is with you, she will receive calls from other men and you will often hear her answering on the phone  ‘SHYA!’ as she plans to leech money finance01pixoff another man. Being a super maestro in the bedroom is a lucrative plus for her. She will play any monkey trick to get you hooked and if you are foolish, you will fall for her pretence that she loves you. To Annest she knows that from here, it’s a smooth ride to the bank then she will start asking the man to buy her a car. That is why she goes to the national prayer mountain on Entebbe road to break the demons that haunt her.

Kanye West must have been inspired by Ugandan Gold Diggers like Annest before he composed the gold digger classic. She has innate village syndrome and rotten mannerisms and will give you excuse after excuse to avoid being committed to you because she has other men and a main whom she gold digs from. I’d rather remain single and miserable than date this evil gold digger called Annest Namata. Had I known the truth before, I would not have let step anywhere near me.


Emotional manipulation is an abuse. If you are in a relationship with this deceitful thief Annest, no good will come of it in the long run. She does not value or respect you or your well-being but she makes you think she does.

For most of us, the labelpsychopath may seem far-fetched because it summons images of cold-blooded serial killers. But psychopathy is a complex condition that scientists still struggle to fully understand and describe. However for some of us who have dealt with an evil narcissistic person such Annest, we know what we are talking about and are not afraid to express our experience to the world.

A psychological assessment used to measure psychopathic traits in an individual measures if and how individuals display behaviours such as pathological lying, a grandiose sense of self-worth, cunning manipulation, a lack of behavioural control and remorse, and an unwillingness to accept responsibility for actions (among 013a4ed1469b28311218b82c4ac830cdothers).

There are people like this Annest Namata who are part-way up the scale, high enough to warrant an assessment for psychopathy, but not high enough up to cause obvious problems. Often, these kind of people are our friends and maybe fun for some people because she is very good at pretending when she wants something from you. She will take advantage of you every now and then. It starts off subtle and she is able to talk her way around it. The exact description of Annest Namata who masks it all by claiming she is very religious and also claims that she is a successful businesswoman when she is actually a thief who manipulates people to trust her and steals from them. I am one such person she manipulated into believing that she loved me and would do anything to work with me as a life partner. Her aim and objective all along was to steal from me along the way and when I stopped trusting her after finding out about her thefts from me, she stole much more. I also found out she was a kampala whore for the highest bidder.

Here are a few of her methods of manipulating people:

1. She uses empathy to her advantage.

Psychopaths aren’t capable of feeling or having any empathy.

Psychopaths are specialists in cognitive empathy. She just doesn’t care what you’re thinking or feeling. So she can use you against yourself. Dust settles Annest Namata does not. She is very jumpy from man to man. You can never have a long healthy relationship with her.

2. She can turn emotions on and off in an instant. (Very cold evil hearted Whore)download-4

She doesn’t completely lack empathy be it pretentious empathy…. If she wants to, she can empathize to suit her selfish intentions, and that explains how she can be so charming to fool you until she gets what she wants from you and then be so manipulative and evil. This is a full description of a psychotic prostitute.

3. She uses fear against you.

For example, how do you react if you’re suddenly startled by a loud noise? Most individuals will jump or immediately develop sweaty palms. However, experiments show that psychopaths barely startle–and their hands stay dry. So notice that her palms remain dry.

Again, cognitive empathy comes into play. And this is part of what makes this psychopath dangerous. She can manipulate situations or exaggerate facts to scare you into action, without feeling fear or  any  remorse. She is too selfish to care. She is also ready to risk going to prison after stealing money and material things from you.

4. She lies/deceives a lot.

kjSince psychopaths are concerned primarily with reaching their own goals, deceit is viewed simply as a means to an end. She presents a distorted view of reality by exploiting one side of a story or entwining truth and lie so well that it’s difficult for many to distinguish fact from fiction.

5. She chooses to act ignorant when it suits her.

Neuroscientists who study mood and anxiety disorders in the book The Psychopath: Emotion and the Brain, state the following:

Screenshot_2016-06-13-09-37-23-1 Whereas most people automatically anticipate the consequences of their actions, automatically feel shame for unkind deeds, automatically understand why they should persist in the face of frustration, automatically distrust propositions that seem too good to be true, and are automatically aware of their commitments to others, psychopaths may only become aware of such factors with effort.

In other words, Annest Namata the psychopath says and does things without any feeling of shame or thought of how those actions affect others–allowing her to take whatever action she desires in the pursuit of her own self-aggrandizing goals. Her goal is to get your money and material things.

If you are in a relationship with her of any kind…;

  • Your joy of finding love has turned into fear of losing it. Things got to such an amazing start and you are not sure what went wrong. Your feelings have gone from happiness and euphoria to anxiety, sadness and even depression.
  • You are unhappy in the relationship a lot of the time but you dread losing it because you are happy every now and then when it suits her.
  • Your relationship feels very complex but you are not sure why. When you talk to your friends about it, you find yourself saying ” it is hard to explain, its just really complicated….”
  • You obsess about the relationship. You endlessly analyse every aspect of it as you try to figure it out. You talk about it constantly to whoever will listen. None of this gets you anywhere because as you do that the deceitful Annest Namata is bragging how you are crazy about her — pretty damn stupid and idiotic of her if you ask me.
  • You never feel sure of where you stand in the relationship because she is always going to sleep around with different men for money, which leaves you in a perpetual state of uncertainty and anxiety.
  • You always feel on the defensive. You frequently find yourself feeling misunderstood, so you feel the need to explain and defend yourself often.
  • You seem to have developed a problem with trust, jealousy and insecurity which she will point out to you constantly after all she has manipulated you into feeling that by making herself feel like she is the most important person in the world you cannot do without when in fact you can very easily.
  • Expressing negative thoughts and emotions feels restricted or even forbidden. So you try to keep those things hidden. You get frustrated because important things go unsaid and bottled up.
  • You find yourself apologising a lot for even things that are her fault. Take note, the slut does not apologise to you for the wrong she does to you and for any disrespect which will be in abundance.
  • You will find yourself doing things you don’t agree with or allow her to do because they are against your principles and values in order to keep her happy (so u think) and keep the relationship as going concern. DON’T WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME.

  • You never know when life will bring you into direct contact with this Annest Namata the psychopath–or at the very least, one who exhibits traits that are commonly identified with psychopathy.

That’s exactly why you should sharpen your own emotional intelligence to protect yourself from her when you need it the most.

Knowing if you are being manipulated is actually a lot easier and more obvious than you might think.




Better still, so many men in Uganda, kampala from areas around Ntinda, Kololo, Mutungo and Entebbe to mention but a few have still got caught with bad memories of Annest Namata’s detoothing antics. One wonders where her habit drives her! She is a great admirer of “How I went from a pauper to having money overnight” by Prof. Bad Black and other bleached gold diggers aka detoothers around kampala.”

She used to say to me “I want to be like the bleached women in town“. I thought she was joking. Little did I know I was in a relationship with a Slut. From that point on I watched her behaviour.

Don’t cry foul when you have been spending enormous amounts of money and time on her despite these warning as she gets accustomed to sponging off you.

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Screenshot_2016-05-03-19-17-45-1 The long-awaited occurrence that people who have been reading this blog and those that have been told, that I have warned about time and time again has happened. For those who believed her deceitful lies and ‘wannabe’ pretentious lies, you ought to now know the real truth about how ANNEST NAMATA EMBEZZLED AND STOLE AGAIN. THE THIEF HAS STOLEN FROM RESPECTABLE, HONEST TRUSTWORTHY HARD WORKING PEOPLE WHO STILL TRUSTED HER WITHOUT KNOWING HER REAL DARK THIEVING SIDE. She makes friends and associations for purely thieving strategic reasons. Watch her fight over money with anyone she has fooled that she is honest. When she has them fooled, they think she is the best human being. Watch the current close “friend” she always hangs around with being fooled.

QUESTION:- Why do you think she has been bragging around town over the years that she is expecting millions coming in? She goes into a shop and brags that she has millions coming in. Where do you think the millions were coming from? Why do you think she has been bragging with cars she cannot maintain after selling the one she stole from me and using “bodas bodas” for a while? All of you who believed her lies that she has always been a business woman, get to know the real truth about her. She has total luck of remorse and shame.

Despite my warnings and the publishing of this blog, some people did not listen, others thought that I was unhinged (so they said based on what she told them), others believed her stupid nonsensical claims that I am jealous of her, others believed her trash dumpster talk that I wrote the blog because she dumped me. Well, it was all her retarded villager lies and utter nonsense that she was regurgitating as she normally does. ALWAYS LISTEN TO ADVICE WHEN IT IS EXPOSED ABOUT THIS SERIAL THIEF CALLED Annest Namata. Her thieving goes on. She stole from me and from my company plus stole from my late mothers estate but that was not enough. Imagine stealing from an account of someone who passed away and claiming she is religious. Despite that, she is still stealing. She cares about no one but herself.

images-44 For those in the know, she has been bragging that she is a General manager, CEO, the best events planner, the best events manager, etc her usual delusions of grandeur. I know first hand how she foolishly brags about being the best at every thing. It is all villager urban excitement thieving mannerisms about her. How can you employ or work with this imbecile? The company taught her EVERYTHING about the business then she started stealing. She claims that she made the company successful. How could she have made it successful when she was stealing from it? I taught her EVERYTHING about my business then she started stealing from me.  She is so morally rotten and ill mannered that she ALWAYS bites the hand that feeds her. That’s what THIEVES like her do best.

PLEASE READ MY BLOG POST “EVENTS MANAGEMENT – HER DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR“. In that post, I clearly warned anyone not to believe her hype, her pretence and I laid out her ploy to steal in the events management business arena and her lack of skills but her ability to lie and fool those who don’t know her well.


From the first post of this blog, I warned everybody not to work with her or employ her because she would steal from them. I warned everybody not to believe her lies and pretence that she can be trusted, that she is born again, etc. I warned everybody that she would eventually steal after she has been trusted with anything. Some people listened and believed me, others chose not to. Armed with the keys to the “gold mine/loot” as fraudulent as she is, she went ahead and defrauded the whole process while covering up her tracks like a thief she is. Her cycle of stealing goes on to this day with arrogance to her crimes. She is ego, money and status driven. Annest Namata has NO loyalty, NO morals and NO integrity.

Screenshot_2016-05-14-17-03-18-1 The Breaking News is that she caused the company she has been working for the last 8 years plus, her very first and only job, a financial loss of 72 million shillings / roughly £16,000 / roughly $25,000. That is what was known about. The fact is I know she stole that money. I am very sure that if the company audits their books properly and listens to ex-employees who had problems with her thieving ways i.e. those who reported her excessive thefts and dodgy ways, they will find she has stolen much much more than 72 million shillings. She is a thief by nature and will always be a thief. She is not ashamed to give the same reason she gave when I found out that she had stolen from me and that is “I did not steal, I used that money for paying taxes and debts”. My company did not owe anyone money and she had no show of taxes paid equating to what she had stolen. Besides that, the Bank statements proved she was stealing 1 million to 2 million shillings and more everyday in my absence. As a matter of fact, every thief denies stealing or being a thief.

 Her cover up after being unveiled as a thief begins in earnest. She takes advantage of patronage to dampen the truth. She changes her numbers by getting new sim cards. She also has many email accounts that she uses for many different men she sleeps around with. Plus she starts using social media to brag and act innocent, quoting the bible, etc after blocking people who know her conning thieving life.

Before the findings of the losses probably the biggest in that departments and companies history, she had offered to resign. Main reason for her resignation was that she wanted to have time to plan for her wedding. Lol!! That is very laughable. How many people resign because they have to organise a wedding? How many people resign because they want to concentrate on a marriage. Annest Namata CANNOT and WILL NEVER be faithful to anyone even if she got married a billion times. She can only get married to a thief or a naive person who would believe her deceitful lies. It was just her thieving excuse to run away before they found out the big loss to the company which I know was embezzlement and theft. She has been stealing from her employers all throughout her employment contract. The first time I questioned her about it, she justified it by saying that they allow her to get kickbacks because they trust her. This was not about kickbacks only. She was stealing money and exaggerating prices to customers, service providers, etc. From now on, now that she is not part of that company or department, they will  make much more profits than they ever made in her past eight years of her presence because she was busy stealing and living it up.

 As I published before in my earlier blog posts, she does not hold real records for anything she does. She keeps her own thieving records because in everything she does, she is busy stealing and manipulating people. She has been stealing from this company since day one she was employed while blowing her trumpet. In fact she told me from day one “Me I just want to work for this company to get contacts from the owners and make money nothing more”. So why trust a thief like her who pretends that she is very religious and born again? #BORNAGAINTHIEF

 When I found out that she had stolen from me and my company, she was very quick to deny it and claimed that she had invested in my company. This thief did not invest even a Screenshot_2016-04-28-02-30-54-1-1penny/cent. She didn’t have any money to eat or pay her bills, so how could she invest in my business? She stole a lot of money from my business. She also claimed she had bought land registered in our names, the truth is she stole my money and bought land. She tried to blame other people but no one else apart from her were in charge of my business finances. She was the only other signatory to my business account. The biggest mistake is daring to trust this THIEF Annest Namata. She is a thieving manipulating evil vile opportunist.

 Prior to all this, she STOLE 42 million shillings from my account and bought shares in companies. She justified this as investing for “us” but she had the shares in her names. She had stolen more money from me before all thisI WILL SAY IT AGAIN, ANNEST NAMATA IS A PROMISCUOUS THIEF.  However, karma showed its way, the shares she bought keep falling in price.  As she is doing now, after she stole from me, she used an opportunity at work and run away to China thinking that by the time she goes back to Uganda, I will not be there or her theft effect will have gone away. Likewise, now she told her deceived audience that she has gone to the USA. She did not go to the USA. All this as earlier mentioned is her pattern of stealing. Steal and ran away for a while. She can never ever change. Annest Namata will always be a THIEF. A Thief can never ever change. Marry this thief at your own grave peril or else you become a thief yourself and get in trouble along the way plus she will make you a victim too because she will steal from you. She has fought very many people literally everybody she knows over money after stealing.

She then had the audacity to tell me that she wanted to buy my business and that I should allow her to pay me in instalments for a 20 year period. She foolishly felt like she was doing me a favour. She was claiming that the business was struggling but here she was asking me to sell it to her and she pays me back in instalments. If the business was not doing well and she was in charge of the financials and running it why did she then want to buy it from me? However, after failing to get me to sell her my business in 20 year instalments, she tried to extort money from me in exchange for my business documents by demanding that I give her 83 million shillings. #Thief #Thief #Thief

She has done the same thing. I am sure she denied stealing from the company as she always does. I am VERY VERY sure she stole A LOT more money from her employers over the years she was employed by them. She has been bragging how she has money for many years now. Yet she was earning very little by Uganda standards until 2 years ago when they raised her salary due to her deceitful lies and promises. After the management finding out the loss to the company due to her thefts, she has the audacity to ask them if she can buy off the tents from them and pay them 5 million shillings per month.tents The question is; WHY DID SHE NOT BRING IN 5 MILLION SHILLINGS PER MONTH AS EARNINGS TO THE COMPANY all the 8 years she has been employed by them? That is the question they should be asking themselves. IT CONFIRMS HER THEFTS FROM THE COMPANY FOR ALL THE YEARS SHE HAS BEEN EMPLOYED BY THEM. If they are wise, they should not agree to her thieving requests and terms. How do you do you deal with a THIEF who has just stolen from you and has been stealing from you throughout all the years you have employed her? All the while she is bragging around town behind their backs and saying that they are stupid and she is clever. Annest Namata disrespects everybody and talks dirty behind their backs.

fdsh She has been getting events business through her employers name and diverting the business to her own so called “Appo Ltd”. After stealing so much, she must have realised or been notified that they are going to find out. Thus her offer of resignation before they found out about the losses the company had made. She did exactly the same in my case i.e. when she stole from me and my business. Her thieving patterns never change. She steals and rans away to the next victim who does not know about her all the while playing the religious card when in fact she is an evil conniving thief. She destroys businesses but all the while she brags that she is good at business and it is not functional or successful because she has left. The real reason is she has stolen from the business before leaving the business. What makes it worse is that if she is in a relationship with you and involved in the business, she will steal from you and steal from the business as well.

images (3) In addition to all this thieving, she managed to con a man who sells Sauce pans, into trusting her to do business with her. Of course new-samsung-pix-6002her first thing on meeting him must have been to be as slutty and a whore as she can be and asking “What is your business?”, “How many customers do you have?”, “me I like business”, “you can trust me”, “am good at business, etc. The slutty thief she is, she managed to promiscuously con him into trusting her. SHE IS A THIEF. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TRUSTING HER? It’s a matter of time before you realise she is stealing from you too right now. She tries to buy class but doesn’t realise you can’t buy class. He will wake up after she has stolen from him.

This dining table you see in the picture, I bought it, she claimed she was selling it when I bought another one to replace it. Obviously she instead hid it from me. Here it is now in the pictures in her whore thieving house. Everything she does is hideously disgusting. She is always stealing. She will do ANYTHING for money. She will sleep with anyone for money.

So she is busy conning people around kampala, Rwanda and South Sudan that the sauce pans add salt to your food as you cook plus claims that they are the only ones that save energy as you cook. That is NOT true at all. I have Sauce pans that save energy. They are not that type she is selling. The fact is that most stainless steel pans save energy. So her sales claims are lies again. Little does she know that too much salt is dangerous for your health. So how can someone make that a selling point? I deal in Smart Solutions and there is no product in the world that can add salt or sugar to your food as you cook. Period! She will convince you that she will stage a dinner show to show you how it works. She will claim that u can cook without oil etc. For your info, some oils are healthy for your body. If you are wise, you should NOT be spending 10 million shillings plus to buy sauce pans from her. She is conning and fooling you. All the while bragging to her fooled audience “I am making a lot of money.” At the same time she is not telling the man how much exactly she is selling them, the profit margin, etc. Hold on; Look at the person Annest namata selling to you with claims of healthy eating, why is she starving herself to loose weight, why is she bleaching herself to look the way she does with tons of makeup? I am sure she has promised the man heaven on earth for the business and others BUT he will learn the hard way what a conniving THIEF she is. He will regret believing her promises or falling for the thief. I hope he wakes up now. Evidently she is a money hungry GOLD DIGGER AND A THIEF. Gold Digging married men is Annest Namata’s other lucrative business. SO BEWARE.

images (2)


 What is very disturbing is that she will steal from you and use part of the same stolen money to tithe in Church then brag to her selective audience of friends and on social media that she has money and tithed a lot of money. Her Pastor praises her for the money because he enjoys the money she has stolen. She used to steal money from my account and lend it to her Pastor without my knowledge.    When I questioned her Pastor, he denied any knowledge of the money she lent and gave his Church. He’s part of thieving. She one time went as far as lending my money to the company that employed her due to a shortfall they had. She did not tell me that she was using my money. When I found out, she had the guts to tell me “I was going to tell you”. No apology for the wrong she does. That is the bragging thieving audacity of Annest Namata the slutty thief.


  Take note of how many Bank account cards she has. They have never matched the amount of money she earns. This is because she is a thief and spreads the money she steals in different bank accounts. Unsurprisingly even after her sleeping around services, she gives the men those account numbers to pay her for her sexcapades. Plus take note how she brags when paying for items. She thinks using a debit card is a big deal. She has just seen these things thus her urban excitement. This was one of the pointers for me to realise that she was engaged to be my wife whilst stealing from me and colluding with other people to steal from me. To Annest money comes first.

Internal fraud through employee theft is a growing problem and it is something that Annest Namata has done all her work life. The key factors that play into occupational fraud are “need” and “opportunity”. It is always important to understand your employee profile of who is likely to commit fraud. Do not believe Annest Namata’s claims of self righteousness. She is a thieving con. So do not look at her at face value or listen to her delusional claims talking as if she comes from a rich well to do family or her claims that she worked hard for anything she has. She is a THIEF.


  •  – Find out if an employee lives beyond their means (need)
  •  – Is the business structured in a way that would make it easy for the employee to embezzle funds or compromise the company inforjmation (opportunity)
  •  – Companies should invest in fraud management systems and put in place strong Risk management and Control frameworks.


images (2)

 In addition to stealing from the company, she has been diverting business from the company to her own. She has been getting ideas from the company and stealing them. This is why I say it is wrong to listen to her asking to buy the tents so that she can use their ideas in the business. Why did she not bring in the business worth 5 million every month if she can do it now? Sadly, she thinks she is very clever and everyone else is stupid. That is how Annest Namata the thief thinks and operates. She is a shameless self praise thief with publicly declared delusions of grandeur as she sells herself to the highest bidder.

To fool those who do not know her, she ensures that she dresses the part even if it means stealing money to buy expensive clothes, shoes, handbags,IMG_20151204_051841-1 mobile phones, sleeping around with any available man married or not for money (ice cream as she refers to it), she ensures she is driving and changing cars to make people believe she is a successful business woman (the cars are bought by the men she has affairs with); she ensures she brags how she is clever at business, how she has businesses even when the businesses are not hers and she has not contributed anything to the business(es). Then finally her major trick is to act very religious a.k.a. born again. This is to make you trust her 100% with anything. If you are in a relationship with her or marriage as she refers to it, it can never be exclusive because she is very very jumpy and promiscuous and she sleeps around but she will constantly tell you how everybody trusts Truthher, how people in the past have trusted her, how people have mistreated her, etc. DO NOT BE FOOLED AND LIED TO.  The conniving thief is moving on to her next victim(s). This thief Annest Namata will always be a thief no matter where she goes, who she befriends or whether she gets married today or tomorrow. Her aim has always been to marry money and property not the person. Marriage cannot and will never change Annest Namata”s moral decayed manners.

Don’t do what you don’t want to be done to you. Straight up! Annest Namata is a greedy money minded Kampala concubine and con woman with lust and no conscience.


 This is someone who stole money from my company from inception of the company to the time I kicked her out of my life and she stole my car as well plus personal items in my house. My company statements prove what Annest Namata stole and how she stole plus the amounts. She even stole my late mothers Death Certificate and her Bank Debit card from my wallet. Then she dares claim that she is born again with integrity and now boasts that she has an empire. She uses her body is for rental purposes. She is simply a promiscuous heartless THIEF. 

TRUST THIS WOMAN AT YOUR GRAVE RISK. If you want to know what Annest Namata REALLY is wait until money, property and material things are involved. Then you will realise how EVIL she is, what a thief she is and how VERY dangerous and conniving she is.

Her everyday actions will tell all you need to know. Pay very very close attention before she extorts money and material things from you and puts you in danger. She is called a dangerous thief for a reason. She has sadistic pleasure in hurting people and stealing from them with no morality and no conscience at all. These are people who go out of their way to help her.

This slut had nothing when I met and she was begging me for EVERYTHING. Now she has the audacity to say I am jealous of her. For what? For being a thief and a whore?

Her interests are only ME, MYSELF and I.

images-33Time-to-evaluate-e1407795868561-700x480RAISE YOUR HANDS




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Employee theft and embezzlement can and does happen in any business. This too often happens because you as the owner/proprietor of the business don’t haveAnnest Namata the money thief the right checks and balances in place and you are trusting the wrong person. You don’t realise that the very person you trust is the very person who steals from you and doesn’t care if your business fails. So protect your business against her fraud and theft. SHE IS TOO SELFISH AND GREEDY TO CARE ABOUT YOU REGARDLESS OF WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO HER. There are several actions you can take to protect yourself and your business long-term. I trusted Annest Namata with my everything i.e. my personal life, investments and business and I live to tell the tale of what a REMORSELESS, SHAMELESS, THIEF and vile manipulative ungrateful person she is.

theft prevention plan Misplaced trust, lax hiring and supervision, and a failure to implement basic financial controls can lead to an environment that is ripe for internal theft and fraud. Is the embezzler secretly sapping the financial vitality of your business? Oh yes she is. If you can’t stand being around a thief acting and pretending to be honest, you shall know the truth. She stole from me.

 There are many different methods used by Annest Namata to steal from you/your company:- Embezzlement, Skimming, Fraudulent Disbursements, exaggerating prices and stealing Business Opportunities to mention but a few. All the while she will be telling you that everybody trusts her. You CANNOT trust a THIEF and she is an EVIL THIEF.villager

These tips can help you greatly reduce the chances of you becoming Annest Namata’s theft victim.

1. Know that it can and is happening to you right now

If we’ve heard, we’ve heard it a thousand times “I trust her” and she will blow her trumpet how she is trusted all the while she is stealing from you. She stole from me and she continues to do it to others that are risking to trust her. Every case of embezzlement in business involves a person who is trusted, taking money from an unsuspecting business owner. Annest Namata stole from while I was not suspecting she would do that to me because I images (35)gave her everything she ever needed and wanted but she still stole a lot from me. If she could steal from me yet we were engaged to be married, who are you to think she will not. If I trusted her with foreign currency and she kept in a Bible and she still stole it, who are you to think she cannot steal from you? The Business owners mistake is always, trusting her too much because she cons into believing that she us trustworthy. When you think it cannot happen to you, your business is the most susceptible. Any employee who complains about not being trusted is the one found to be stealing. Annest Namata used to say that I don’t trust her and indeed she was and is a thief. 

As the late American President Ronald Regan once said “Trust but Verify”. Have you ever verified?

All she does is aim to destroy your goals in life. Why would GOALS SHE DESTROYSyou give Annest Namata the thief uncontrolled access to your cheque book/Bank Account or control of your money and assets and business when she has a history full of thieving and using religion to hide her evil ways? Listen to all the complaints you get about her. There is a reason(s) why people are reporting all that about her to you. No One is jealous of her as she claims. Absolutely no one. May be her fellow villagers from Itojo that she has fooled and lied to. Remember as I told you, she rushes to the village to brag on her fellow villagers whenever she gets something new.

2. Run all receipts and disbursements through a cheque accounttrackyourexpenses

Put any money that comes into the business into a cheque account. Take any money that leaves the business out of a cheque account. This provides a record of receipts and disbursements that cannot be tampered with because it’s controlled by the Bank. She can work with the Bookkeeper of your company to put false entries into financial statements but she can’t manipulate cash in the Bank. However she ensures that she creates relations in the Bank. She will even go to the extent of having affairs with persons with perceived authority in the Bank. She did that in the Bank I was banking with. Everything should be reconciled to the Cheque Account. The reconciliation should happen monthly and you the Business owner or another independent party should review it in a timely manner. Annest Namata the thief is very active planning and stealing from you

Mismanagement and Corruption are identical twins. Where you find one, the other is always nearby.”- Strive Wasiyiwa.

3. Create separation dutiessperate duties

If you value your investment/business, DO NOT allow her to recommend a Vendor, to set up a Vendor, approve a payment and write the cheque. It is better to have at least three people involved when money leaves the business. In the same way, Annest Namata should not set up an employee on the payroll system and cause a paycheque to be cut. Annest Namata can setup a fake employee to funnel money into her own account. She did that to my business. That is why she could not cooperate with my Auditors appointed because she realised her theft had been spotted.

4. Review Statementsreview statements

The Business owner should periodically and unpredictably review Bank statements, credit card statements and statements from the payroll showing what each employee was paid. This should include looking at cancelled Cheques. After years of blind trust, I reviewed a Bank statement to find that she had made cash withdrawals and channelled my customer payments into her accounts, she was also withdrawing cash in millions on an everyday basis by writing cheques to herself. If you give her a company Debit card she can use it to  purchase personal items like clothes and groceries.

5. Audit the Books Frequently

Periodically, have an unrelated/neutral third party review your books and accounts. This doesn’t have to be a comprehensive audit of every transaction –Unannounced spot checks will do. The cost is minimal and the deterrent can save you millions or tens or hundreds of millions that Annest Namata steals and will steal from you. Random, unannounced financial audits and fraud assessments can help identify new vulnerabilities, and measure the effectiveness of existing controls.ACCOUNTS-AUDITS

Employee theft and embezzlement is a massive problem. Statistics reveal that it results in one-third of business failures in the long run. Set up the simple financial controls necessary to prevent it. Don’t let your business become yet another statistic of Annest Namata’s thieving ambitions. Do not let her fool you into trusting her. She has always stolen and will continue stealing.

6. Establish a strict code of conductimages (50)

You should write and post a code of conduct that clearly spells out the rules for employees and the repercussions for not following them. Annest Namata saunters around acting like she is untouchable and acts like she owns your company. She did that with my company and can do the same with anyones company. Give the code of conduct to every employee and require written acknowledgement of the rules. The problem with Annest Namata is the more you trust her the more she takes you for granted and steals more from you. You can give her everything like I did and even offer to advance her career but she still steals from you. She is a certified thief and will always be a thief. #VeryUngrateful. Annest Namata will always be a thief no matter what you do for her.

7. Set up organisational Checks and Balancesimages (50)

In a small to medium size business, one person can wear many hats. No one person should control that many aspects of the business – it’s asking for trouble especially if Annest Namata is working in that kind of company. Annest Namata uses that opportunity to embezzle and steal. Also avoid assigning her to handle Purchasing and Vendor payments or allowing her to manage accounts payable and accounts receivable. I entrusted her with that after she repeatedly claimed that “she is trustworthy, everybody trusts her, she is born again etc”. SHE STOLE A LOT FROM ME, ALL THE WHILE ACTING GENUINE AND BLOWING HER TRUMPET HOW SHE IS TRUSTED BY EVERYONE. SHE WILL CONTINUE STEALING FROM YOU AS LONG AS YOU DARE TRUST HER.

8. Institute policies and procedures ( Do NOT involve her)policies and procedures

Someone other than the Bookkeeper should settle Bank and credit card statements every month. Make sure Annest Namata has nothing to do with money in your business. Ensure that the person who reconciles the bank statements should not have the ability to enter or modify transactions in the accounting system. Another way to rein in fraud is to have payroll prepared and authorised by HR but entered by accounting, then checked by management before the funds are sent to the payroll. Also keep everything locked up that should be locked up and enforce rigorous key control and computer system access. Constantly changing locks and passwords company wide is not over-reaction – It’s smart.

9. Watch her elusive behaviour and her pretenceAnnestnamata deceitful behaviour

If you notice changes in her behaviour – files/records have been supposedly misplaced; she doesn’t want help with a particular project; she is giving a certain customer excessive attention; she is being evasive about information or a project, etc – look into it. The same goes to if you have given her access to critical parts of the company’s operations or finances. Watch out if and when she routinely works early or late when when it suits her and when no one else is around which Annest Namata does a lot of and blows her trumpet about being hard working. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY HER PRETENCE AND CLAIMS OF BEING TRUSTED. 

10. Create an anonymous reporting systemanonymous

Every company/organization should have a reporting system for employees, vendors, and customers to anonymously report any violations of company policies and procedures.

Annest Namata thinks she is special, above board and in your absence she will do as she pleases. Promote and encourage the use of the reporting system whenever possible, and take the reports seriously. The fact that they are anonymous does not mean they are any more or less credible; they should be investigated just as thoroughly as any reported misconduct.

11. Investigate every incident in detailinvestigate

There is no point in implementing procedures if they are not going to be acted upon. Investigate every incident and report, no matter how large or small. A thorough and prompt investigation of policy and procedure violations, allegations of fraud, or warning signs of fraud will give you the facts you need to make informed decisions and reduce losses.

Believe you me she is not working those extra hours on her own because she loves her job and your company/business. It is because she doesn’t want anyone to see what she is doing. Everyone in the company should stick to regular business contracted hours unless otherwise authorised and approved. If you entrust her with hiring staff, she will ensure she hires or recommends someone she can steal with or who will not say a word about her thieving schemes?

download (20) When caught for stealing, she will accuse and go to the extent of framing someone else. She will cry tears of a Saint. She is remorseless and will act. If you are gullible, you will fall for her perceived pretentious innocence. I fell for her deceitful lies and acting until I found out the truth that she is the one who had stolen from me in the first few months of our relationship and continued stealing until she stole on a massive scale yet we were engaged to be married. So don’t be gullible, use your common sense.

12. Copyright and Protect your ideasimages (90)

She will act like “Miss know it all”, copy ideas from other people and put them forward as her own, etc. All the while she will be stealing your ideas and passing them on to other men for favours and sex. She will also be stealing them to start a similar business on the side with help of the men she is having affairs with for money.  So as you trust her, she is busy exploiting  and using you for her own gain. She is very evil. So protect your ideas from her thieving eyes. She stole my idea of Security Pedestal advertising. She now goes around bragging that she advertises in supermarkets. She will pay tenfold for her thieving.

The key in all this is to trust your gut and recognise that no one knows your company as well as you do. If the real dangersomething doesn’t look or feel right, it’s probably not. By all means investigate. In addition to this, never think that you will always have access to capital/investment to make up for her thefts and embezzlement.

facebook_1436881907297 Dishonest deceitful Annest Namata will ignore your attempts to provide a positive work environment, and she always searches for ways to defeat even the most comprehensive internal financial controls. Put her in control and you have a recipe for her thieving disaster. anyone willing to commit fraud does not discriminate. The cost of trying to prevent fraud/embezzlement is less expensive to a business than the cost of the fraud that gets committed.

 EVIDENCE:- I confirmed Annest Namata’s thefts through a detailed study of my account books including cash flow statement, bills, credit records, and stock/shares details to identify any discrepancy. There was NO ONE else who was involved in my accounts handling apart from her. SO I WILL REPEAT, ANNEST NAMATA IS A THIEF. She is spiritually filthy but passes herself off as spiritual.

She claims to be of high authority. That’s how she brags to those who don’t know her. She tells people that she has contacts, so she can be do things for you for commission. DO NOT admire people like her who make money as “commission agents”, despite the conspicuous consumption that often follows their way of life. Commission agents are not business oriented or entrepreneurs. The business of “providing access” to the right people are not innocent of corruption. She is very morally corrupt and all she is after is money by any means possible.

That’s why after 4.5 years together, there is absolutely nothing to show what she contributed to our relationship or to my life other than her stealing so much from me and being promiscuous with every Tom, Dick and Harry. #GolddiggingThievingTimewaster

“Look for three things in a person: intelligence, energy, and integrity. If they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother.” – Warren Buffetdownload-1trust-quotes-i-trusted-you-and-you-betrayed-me

LET THE THIEVING SLUT KEEP ON BRAGGING. It is very difficult to deal with a villager with urban excitement who is also a thief. She can never ever change. She will always be a slut and a thief.

Agree/ disagree with this proverb? “If you don’t open the door to the Devil, she goes away”.

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Screenshot_2016-05-01-11-12-04-1 You will not know it but Annest Namata will be stealing from you, all the while convincing you how you can trust her and acting like she is the most trustworthy and most genuine person in the world. You might think she can never steal from you. I thought the same and trusted her 100%. She is the Worst mistake of my life. You may ask; “Why would she want to steal from me?” You can ask that again. Don’t live to regret your time wasted, money and investments stolen plus destruction of your business.images

 In her thieving mind, she thinks you are clearly making big bucks, driving around in expensive cars and she wants to get rich quick off your buck by stealing from you and drive an expensive car and brag but all at your expense. She thinks she has every right to steal from you. And you will probably not notice. She has got some tricks up her sleeve to steal from you even if it means doing it in collusion with a vendor(s) or with the people closest to you. She did that to me, she has done it to other men prior to meeting me. She will do it to you and she is doing it right now. She can never change. Truth be told, December 2014 she was caught with forged fake receipts. So what makes you think she is divine? She honours God with words but her actions are extremely evil and very very deceitful.

 As she tweeted on 24th October 2015, “the greatest revenge is massive success”. Her only talk is money and She will only achieve this by stealing as she does to-date i.e. she steals from her employers, so-called friends, several other people she fools that she knows business and bragging on people who do not know her thieving deceitful ways. She cannot brag about massive success to me when she stole a lot of money and personal items from me and I know she has stolen from many others since. She is a THIEF by nature and character but uses religion and manipulation to cover up. Sadly, her father encourages her thieving ways because all he is after is money. Whenever he calls her, all he talks about is money he demands from her nothing more. Next he asks her if she has got a man with money.So her background and upbringing are rotten to the core.


1. She may collude with a fellow employeeDO NOT LET HER HANDLE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR ACCOUNT IN THE BANK
She will try her best to find and befriend someone who has authority to approve expenses. As manipulative as she is, she makes sure she creates good relations with someone or people in finance departments in any company she has dealings with and manipulates them with promises of sharing the loot. SHE DOES THIS EVERY TIME. For example, my business was providing a service to a multi-national company, Annest Namata befriended employees in the pay/finance department. She conspired with them to make it appear like the company was paying me less for my services. So they paid less than the value and she was paid the difference. At a later stage when I found out she was stealing from me, she colluded with them to pay for my company services to her fake formed company Bank account that she called Appo Ltd. That is her ticket to thieving. She will also create a fake supplier/vendor — a little shell company equally owned by both of them (her and the finance staff or someone with authority to sign off expenses etc). Then they’ll fabricate a few invoices and write cheques to that company and split the money — your money.

2. She makes nice with a Vendor(s) – She does this all the timekickbacks

When she’s got buying privileges or an arrangement, then she offers to steer more purchases/orders to a certain Vendor she has made arrangements with — in exchange for  Cash kickbacks. The Vendor charges a lot more (She tells them “Who’s going to know?”; “How will they know?“) and then they share the additional amount with Annest hidden costsNamata. She does this all the time. So when she brags that she has money, know one of the ways she steals it from your business. That is why she always tries her best to be in Procurement. She goes around town telling her friends how she is expecting a lot of money. This is one of the ways she steals money. She will advertise your company with her phone number as if she owns the company. If you don’t like it she will do her best to convince you that she is working hard to get business and so needs to use her personal number. Believe her nonsense at your peril.

3. She selflessly undertakes more “duties” (Don’t be fooled)

nr If she has access to a financial position in your company, she may offer to do more work such as invoicing, liaising with customers, cash collection, especially depositing money and even the Bank reconciliations, if you let her get away with that too. She will try to convince you that segregating these duties will cost you more and be a waste of time or that you can trust her. Then she will go to town, create fake transactions, record them, take the cash and then delete the whole trail without anyone everyou can trust NOT knowing. Another way is she will keep the most lucrative part of the project to herself so that she can siphon off money in collusion with a Vendor. She will tell you not to change anything about that project. She will attend meetings on her own and will not inform other people concerned all the details. She does this to have control of the money that she will steal. She did it to me in my own company. So I am very sure she does the same in her full time job and anything else. All the while she is telling you “you can trust me” and “I have many years experience in events management”, etc. 

4. She may start early and stay later than others – which she has always done under the pretext of being a hard working personfirst_in_last_out

DON’T BE FOOLED. After everyone has gone home and the building has cleared, she can take a little walk around. She will do what suits heroffi hours

because she is not being watched at all. The question you should ask yourself is why has she always stayed late to a point of working weekends too. Once in a while is okay but not always. Why does she choose to do the vital parts of projects especially money or customer related on her own or the most lucrative projects? She will even attend customer meetings on her own and tell you her manager or her colleagues after the meeting. She wants to be in control of the monetary part of the project or event. Open your eyes to her thieving tricks.

5. She may grab a few cheques

cheque book

cheque book

Despite the new age of more secure online Banking, you may still want to control your cheque signing. The cheques are not locked up and no one is keeping a close eye on them because you believe she is very trustworthy. She can take a few from the middle of the pile and she may have become good at forging your signature too. So she’ll open up Bank accounts or Shell companies in similar names to your Vendors or Contractors or just make a Cheque out to cash. If she is also doing the Bank reconciliations, no one will ever know. She did this to my company and by the time I found out she had stolen a lot of my money. I later found out that she had been doing the same thing in her full time job.

6. She may not take annual leave or take it on time booked:Leave postponed

She will deceitfully demonstrate what a hard worker she is by never taking time off or take it when it suits her thieving plan. She’ll insist to you that she doesn’t need it, that her work is her joy – BaloneyDon’t believe her nonsense.  And don’t think she’s overly dedicated to your business. If she never takes vacation then her activities can go unnoticed by the substitute person who has to do her duties while she is away. No one will need to ask questions or wonder why certain things are being done in a strange way. She doesn’t want anyone to know that. She is a thief covering her tracks.

7. She sets up fake Vendor/supplier accounts.billing statement

A thieving employee like Annest Namata and even if she is a slutty partner in your business will set up a fake vendor account and submit phony invoices to the company and issue checks to this vendor. She did this in my company and am sure she has done it many times in her full time job. She will then deposit these cheques into a bank account or sign over these cheques to herself. Solution: Purchase orders need to be tracked in numerical order. Separate out the responsibilities of who can set up a vendor account, who verifies invoices and who writes checks. Know who your vendors are. An Embezzler like her often creates phony vendors and submits fraudulent invoices for payment.

8. She Falsifies and over Inflates expense accounts all the time.fraud-series-receipts

This is probably the most common form of theft that she has always done. She submits either phony expenses or the same expense receipts multiple times. She purchases an item for its actual cost (say, $30) but it shows up on an expense report for a much higher amount (say, $150). It’s done by altering a receipt, invoice, or other document. So instead of being reimbursed by the company for $30, she actually makes $120 on the transaction thanks to the altered document (after the original cost of $30 of course). Reminds me of when she lied that “cable-ties” she bought for use in my company cost 1Million shillings then I found out they cost as little 50,000 shillings Solution: Insist upon a receipt for each expense and ensure it has not been submitted before. However be aware that she can collude with the company that issues the receipt to make/issue a made up receipt which she has done many a time. She should not have anything to do with your money because she is a thief.

WHENEVER she offers to do something for you ALWAYS question her generosity. She’s up to gaining from you by stealing fromhidden_charges

you. But she will give you the impression that she is being a nice wonderful person who wants to help you and see you prosper. ALL SHE WANTS IS TO GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO STEAL FROM YOU. TO HER IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY. There is absolutely nothing she did genuinely for me throughout the 4.5 years we were together. NOTHING AT ALL.

This list is not exhaustive. Be on your guard all the time for her thieving ways as she fools and lies to you that she is genuine and religious. She is the worst most dangerous evil hypocrite I have ever known or met.

WEKNOWWHATYOUAREABOUT She thinks she deserves more than anyone else because she thinks she is very special. She thinks it’s perfectly fine to steal from you. She thinks no one will notice. If anyone like her colleagues notice what she is doing i.e. her thefts, she will hate that person and start bad mouthing him/her in her absence but smile in their presence. From there on they will be her enemy. I found out she was telling a stranger online that I live a good life and she doesn’t YET I gave Annest Namata everything anyone can ever want and trusted her with everything of mine. So she justified stealing from me. She was living a free good life. Have you noticed Annest Namata’s vile thieving behaviours? Will you take note and action?

 Despite her deceit and thieving up to this day, she has the audacity to quote “…I am in love with Jesus”; “I claimed God’s promise and I’m going forward, even though I cannot see the way ahead.” #EvilHypocrite; #Thief; #GoldDigger.

 TAKE NOTE:- She uses religion(i.e. born again claims) to give you a sense of false righteousness so that you can trust her.

If you believe her false pretentious religious doings and quotations, do so at your own grave peril. I once fell in her pretentious deceitful traps. #Thief. She is the BIGGEST and WORST mistake of my life.

Point is, we can all benefit from opportunities to sharpen the saw and minimise narcissistic thieving gold diggers of her kind who come disguising themselves as religious, loving and trustworthy. She is a vile time-wasting opportunist who offers herself to any so-called rich man for company due to her excessive love of money and material things.


However, you can always earn more money. Money can be recouped. But when time is wasted, it cannot be recouped, it’s gone forever. We don’t consider how precious time is until we are older and we realise our time is running out. So invest your time wisely with a sense of purpose not on this thieving promiscuous gold digger and wannabe. She THINKS she is growing younger because she bleaches her skin and uses wrinkle creams and thinks she is entitled to use you and steal from you.

If these are lies as she claims to those who have time to believe her lies and delusions of grandeur, she can sue me. I am suing her for theft, embezzlement, theft from my company and destruction of my company, etc a plethora of crimes. She has bragged to her friends that nothing can happen to her because she can bribe in court and knows people in high places. A villager is always delusional. She thinks a crime expires. A CRIME WILL NEVER EXPIRE. I can and will even sue her in Europe for stealing and other crimes she committed. She cannot bribe in Europe if she ever steps there.




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