05 Aug


Annest Namata may brag to those who don’t know her age or her background.

The reality is she puts on an act as she brags and fools those who have no idea what she is about.

How old is Annest namata?

At 38 going onto 39(in real life much older), she’s well into early grandmotherhood by certain standards.

She has been sleeping around with every Tom, Dick and Harry and stealing from men. All the while bragging that she is very young.


You now know Annest Namata’s true personality and trademark.

Annest namata uses and steals from men. So don’t let her fool you that she is honest or trusted by everyone. That is all foolery to her “victims”.

I helped Annest when no one gave a shit but she still betrayed me and stole from me. She is evil, very evil. Then you you see a man thinking that she changed. I have to laugh.

If you think you can get something sensible from Annest namata long term, then you are very delusional. All she wants is your money, assets and prestige nothing else.

Annest namata laughs at dark skinned people because they have not bleached like she has. So why isn’t she a top model if she is so beautiful as she boasts?

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