18 Jun

This message in the video above goes mainly to the thief Annest Namata who thinks after getting material things from men like iPhones, iPad, or being paid for to fly on a plane she thinks they are such a big deal.

Annest Namata is a shameless woman. She will rob you dry and make up a story accusing someone else.

A thieving woman like Annest Namata can ruin you. All she thinks about is getting an already made man. She is never satisified. After getting you, she will be onto the next one and she will be sleeping around with 2 or 4 others on the side and getting money from them.

I pity men who fall for her despite knowing the truth.

If she is denying all this, let her take a lifestyle audit which will identify every detail of the money and material things she has stolen from different people.

Annest Namata is a thieving opportunist.

I will expose her hypocrisy, deceit and evil conduct.

Don’t let her fool you that by kneeling for you, she’s respecting you. This gold digger Annest namata will do anything to get at your money and your assets. She is evil.

We need a website that

exposes fraudsters and thieves like Annest Namata. She pretends she is honest, pretends she has worked hard for the money she has, she pretends she is a christian, she pretends she is a born again christian etc. But the truth is she is a narcissistic thief.

Pretends to have class when she is a liar, a con, a gold digger, a thief.

She is a very deceitful liar and very vindictive. So always have your facts and proof. This evil liar can shock you at how she can change from a pretentious wannabe Christian to an evil killer.

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