10 Feb


She is a Slut(morally bankrupt) and a THIEF branding herself as a wife material. She only has a criminal mindset of acquiring wealth. She over rates herself so that she can be considered a high end prostitute. She is a low life.

She does not have a heart in that chest but a garbage bin.

She is a con and manipulates people. She will have an affair with any man unless she is getting something out of them. What I mean by something is she is after the man’s money, connections, land, material things like cars, citizenship, etc. She doesn’t make friends even with women unless she wants something in return.

She acts and pretends to be what she is not so that when the truth about her is revealed, it is not believed. That is why many people are victims of her betrayal and thieving.

She is a self glorified gold digger who sleeps around with different men while pretending to be born again, steals and cons then brags that she has money.

I have never seen another self proclaimed christian born again so proud to be a whore and so disgustingly arrogant. What a contradiction.

Annest namata wants to lock you down for your money, material things and your assets. Well she is killing them by lewering them into the sewers.

She is now in the salon doing everything to entice her target. Watch how she will dress, watch how she will walk like an old dog walks, watch the makeup done in the salon, watch the dark bleached hair, etc.

DON’T let her manipulate you with her sexual organs. Her words are smooth well rehearsed but rarely is there any truth in them. Over time, her actions will the horrifying reality that NOTHING is as it seems. She is a FRAUD.


She fancies your ability to travel and all she wants is to brag on the villagers and people she has fooled that she is rich. You may ask how?

By being with you she has access to travel but she will tell them that she is travelling on business and it’s all her money. She will tell them she is the one who funds your travel. Annest the gold digger and thief has no appreciation for anyone or anything you do for her.

Annest Namata is a liar, a thief, a gold digger and a narcissistic deceitful pretentious evil born again.

So use your common sense.

Simply because she is a whore, she thinks she can use and abuse people. So I will expose all her evil thieving traits because when I loved her, she told her friends am a fool.

If you think she is Gold, then you have a problem. Have yourself checked out.

Why do most good men end up marrying sluts and regretting it later on?

She can only be married to a man who can see her as his thieving assistant. She is a thief for crying out loud.

As the saying goes “There is honour among thieves”. This simply means that thieves cannot be honourable.

It is very foolish to expect any good trait from a thief like Annest Namata. She steals from people and destroys their lives.

She destroys peoples careers without remorse.

For her it’s about using people for money and material things.

So who is her next recycled sycophant?

A few Ugandan shillings can make some people talk nonsense and become arrogant. This woman Annest namata is a very good example.

It’s one thing to have an evil corrupt and perverted mindset and another to assume your acts are divine. Look at her and ask yourself “What is in it for her?”

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