12 Dec

Will her new target heed my warnings or will he fall victim to her pretence and lies as she fools him that she loves him? As she fools him “You can trust me, everybody trusts me”, “I love you”, “Honey”, etcetra.

Really!! When was a thief ever trusted? Ask all those who fell for that lie. There is no difference between her and Judas. Everyone who interacts with her eventually regrets ever trusting her with anything.

Sometimes a man can be unlucky as to land an evil woman like Annest Namata who has nothing to lose. I have not control of my past but no regret of my future.

She is targeting your money and assets. Period.

Too much love of money is the root cause of all evils. She can do anything where she expects money and I mean anything. Let her fool you that she is religious.

When I kicked her out of my house she stole money from my account and from my late mothers account. She stole my car and She also wanted to steal my house.

She is morally bankrupt with deep religious hypocrisy.
If you think she trully loves you, dream on. She was wallet and visa calculations. That’s why she boasts to her friends that she is smart. She is a whore/thief.

Beware she is a target gold digger.

She will entice you by telling you “Your orange is ready”, ” come for your orange”, etc.

Her love is convenient. She claims to love you for what she can get out of you.

You trust her with money for bills, she tithes it in her thieving Pastors church or uses it for her fake business agendas. She mainly uses it to buy material things to show off. You trust her with Money, she lends it to her thieving Pastor so that he can buy land and she gets praised because she claims the money is hers.

She once used my money from my account and to lend it to her employers to pay salaries and she didnt tell me. When I needed the money, she lied and played delaying tactics. Annest namata is a thief.

She will be tried in court for fraud and theft from my company and running my business as if it was her family property when she did not contribute a coin.

She will ONLY help you inorder to better herself NOT you. Know the difference.


In this new age of information and data, one would be a fool to ignore free information given. Education is worth its weight in gold.

She is extremely arrogant and thinks she is the best thing that ever lived.

You teach her how to use a modern toilet then she turns round and acts as if she was born with a silver spoon.

Her love is delusional only money oriented. She is only after your money and assets. Every betrayal begins with trust.

It’s bad to be deluded that she loves you when all evidence points to the contrary. There are virtually no deeds to support your belief.

Reasons why she always has affairs behind peoples backs is because she will do anything for money and material things thus her statement “You wanted to be the only man giving me money and good things”.

That’s why the everyday C’s are a big deal to her to show off wherever she goes. The C’s being Cash, Cars, Cellular phone, Clothing. Then the other material things follow.

To her, you are just a gate-keeper that will open doors to a better life of comfort and wealth, visas to travel abroad.

From afar she will give you this impression of a genuine innocent woman. She will further fool you that she is born again, very religious. The evilness inside her will shock you to the core when you get to know the real Annest namata.

My word to her is if you have the money match it with your words and prove how you got it. #Thief

She uses to brag that she is a General Manager (GM) after playing her ex colleagues dirty to get the job. So what happened? She stole money from the company and she was fired. She stole AGAIN!!

So if the alarm bells don’t ring in your ears, then wait for the ultimate betrayal of the century.

This narcissist is not a princess as you think. She is a parasite and a vampire.

She has fooled a couple of friends into believing that she is very religious, that she is incredible, that she is she’s the most beautiful etc. If you know some of them, they are just like her looking for men with money, sleeping around, showing off that they have money. You will hear them say things like “team kukwata mukizigo”, “team money”, “team husband snatcher”, etc the least goes on. Then when she comes to you, she will pretend she is very genuine, honest, claim she is corporate, act very religious, act as if she is developmental. Dont be fooled. Use your brain.

It’s not easy these days to find a woman who is honest, truthful and faithful. However, I can guarantee you that Annest Namata is not any of these as she will pretend.

She is NOT wifey material at all. She is after your money and assets. Period.

DONT forget that history rewrites and repeats itself.

All she does is sing her own praises “am very beautiful every man wants me”, ” am the most presentable that is why men like me”, “am a good cook thats why men like my food” etc which is not worthy of self respect.

She is constantly creating problems at her home in Itojo so that she can get you to give her money and she deposits it on her account. Lies after lies about problems that dont exist.

Be very careful of cons who claim to be agents of God.

It’s only in Uganda where you find someone acting as if she knows everything doing what she doesn’t know anything about but praising herself for being the best. All she knows is sleeping around with every Tom Dick and Harry who according to her has money and stealing money from anyone at any given opportunity.

DONT EVER believe her if she tells you that she loves a man for what he is not for what he has.

She is very uncouth. Every now and then she will bring her extra relationship stress to you and she stupidly shouts at you. You look at this uncouth ill mannered slut and you wonder why you ever let her into your life.

Do you know why movie actors don’t say BYE to you when the movie ends? It’s because life doesn’t end when the movie ends. So likewise this slut/thief will move onto the next target/victim without closure or saying bye but life goes on. Only that she will have wasted your valuable time which you can’t get back plus she will have stolen from you.

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