19 Nov

Her inferiority complex;

She is always criticising dark skinned women by saying things like; “she is so “brack” and ugly, very brack, ” etc. By the way, she can’t say black. So she says “brack”. She has problems with R’s and L’s despite her putrid arrogance. One time she told me “I can’t be in a relationship with a “brack” skinned man”. Watch how the man she will end up with will look like. He will be “brack” as she bleaches herself to please him. She forgets that she is a Black person by definition and origin plus ethnicity. She will NEVER EVER be white. She always ends up eating her own sh*t due to her ignorance and stupid arrogance.

If she is white or muzungu as she likes to be referred to, why does she bleach her skin? She will tell you that she has never bleached and doesn’t bleach her skin. Evidence speaks volumes. After kicking her out of my house, I found DR Congo made bleaching cream that she uses. She bleaches areas you wouldn’t imagine. I will leave that for your imagination.

I gave her an ATM card with a PIN and what did she do? She told her friends it was her money and that she was looking after me because i dont have money. Just like she claimed the cars she was driving were hers that she bought cash and the house she lived in was hers. She never paid a penny for those cars and neither did she pay a penny for the house bills.

What did she do after I kicked her out of my house after finding out she was sleeping around with many men, she stole all the money on the account plus money on my business account. This prostitute/thief called Annest Namata has no shame.


Google her, you will read what her real life is and what she really is despite her pretence.

Guess what new victim, you just found yourself a slut who does more whoring whilst using religion as a front, claiming she is a christian born again and claims she is a business woman. Now that she is selling saucepans, she must have made believe that she has done other very successful businesses. Guess what, she has been stealing from other peoples businesses including mone.

Below is her weekly SKIN BLEACHING shopping list;

But she will tell you that she doesnt bleach. She will claim that she uses expensive creams which brighten her skin and that she is not stressed thus her skin naturally becomes light. Believe that if you choose to believe her lies.

Try and use your common sense.

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