30 Apr

Screenshot_2016-05-03-19-17-45-1 The long-awaited occurrence that people who have been reading this blog and those that have been told, that I have warned about time and time again has happened. For those who believed her deceitful lies and ‘wannabe’ pretentious lies, you ought to now know the real truth about how ANNEST NAMATA EMBEZZLED AND STOLE AGAIN. THE THIEF HAS STOLEN FROM RESPECTABLE, HONEST TRUSTWORTHY HARD WORKING PEOPLE WHO STILL TRUSTED HER WITHOUT KNOWING HER REAL DARK THIEVING SIDE. She makes friends and associations for purely thieving strategic reasons. Watch her fight over money with anyone she has fooled that she is honest. When she has them fooled, they think she is the best human being. Watch the current close “friend” she always hangs around with being fooled.

QUESTION:- Why do you think she has been bragging around town over the years that she is expecting millions coming in? She goes into a shop and brags that she has millions coming in. Where do you think the millions were coming from? Why do you think she has been bragging with cars she cannot maintain after selling the one she stole from me and using “bodas bodas” for a while? All of you who believed her lies that she has always been a business woman, get to know the real truth about her. She has total luck of remorse and shame.

Despite my warnings and the publishing of this blog, some people did not listen, others thought that I was unhinged (so they said based on what she told them), others believed her stupid nonsensical claims that I am jealous of her, others believed her trash dumpster talk that I wrote the blog because she dumped me. Well, it was all her retarded villager lies and utter nonsense that she was regurgitating as she normally does. ALWAYS LISTEN TO ADVICE WHEN IT IS EXPOSED ABOUT THIS SERIAL THIEF CALLED Annest Namata. Her thieving goes on. She stole from me and from my company plus stole from my late mothers estate but that was not enough. Imagine stealing from an account of someone who passed away and claiming she is religious. Despite that, she is still stealing. She cares about no one but herself.

images-44 For those in the know, she has been bragging that she is a General manager, CEO, the best events planner, the best events manager, etc her usual delusions of grandeur. I know first hand how she foolishly brags about being the best at every thing. It is all villager urban excitement thieving mannerisms about her. How can you employ or work with this imbecile? The company taught her EVERYTHING about the business then she started stealing. She claims that she made the company successful. How could she have made it successful when she was stealing from it? I taught her EVERYTHING about my business then she started stealing from me.  She is so morally rotten and ill mannered that she ALWAYS bites the hand that feeds her. That’s what THIEVES like her do best.

PLEASE READ MY BLOG POST “EVENTS MANAGEMENT – HER DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR“. In that post, I clearly warned anyone not to believe her hype, her pretence and I laid out her ploy to steal in the events management business arena and her lack of skills but her ability to lie and fool those who don’t know her well.


From the first post of this blog, I warned everybody not to work with her or employ her because she would steal from them. I warned everybody not to believe her lies and pretence that she can be trusted, that she is born again, etc. I warned everybody that she would eventually steal after she has been trusted with anything. Some people listened and believed me, others chose not to. Armed with the keys to the “gold mine/loot” as fraudulent as she is, she went ahead and defrauded the whole process while covering up her tracks like a thief she is. Her cycle of stealing goes on to this day with arrogance to her crimes. She is ego, money and status driven. Annest Namata has NO loyalty, NO morals and NO integrity.

Screenshot_2016-05-14-17-03-18-1 The Breaking News is that she caused the company she has been working for the last 8 years plus, her very first and only job, a financial loss of 72 million shillings / roughly £16,000 / roughly $25,000. That is what was known about. The fact is I know she stole that money. I am very sure that if the company audits their books properly and listens to ex-employees who had problems with her thieving ways i.e. those who reported her excessive thefts and dodgy ways, they will find she has stolen much much more than 72 million shillings. She is a thief by nature and will always be a thief. She is not ashamed to give the same reason she gave when I found out that she had stolen from me and that is “I did not steal, I used that money for paying taxes and debts”. My company did not owe anyone money and she had no show of taxes paid equating to what she had stolen. Besides that, the Bank statements proved she was stealing 1 million to 2 million shillings and more everyday in my absence. As a matter of fact, every thief denies stealing or being a thief.

 Her cover up after being unveiled as a thief begins in earnest. She takes advantage of patronage to dampen the truth. She changes her numbers by getting new sim cards. She also has many email accounts that she uses for many different men she sleeps around with. Plus she starts using social media to brag and act innocent, quoting the bible, etc after blocking people who know her conning thieving life.

Before the findings of the losses probably the biggest in that departments and companies history, she had offered to resign. Main reason for her resignation was that she wanted to have time to plan for her wedding. Lol!! That is very laughable. How many people resign because they have to organise a wedding? How many people resign because they want to concentrate on a marriage. Annest Namata CANNOT and WILL NEVER be faithful to anyone even if she got married a billion times. She can only get married to a thief or a naive person who would believe her deceitful lies. It was just her thieving excuse to run away before they found out the big loss to the company which I know was embezzlement and theft. She has been stealing from her employers all throughout her employment contract. The first time I questioned her about it, she justified it by saying that they allow her to get kickbacks because they trust her. This was not about kickbacks only. She was stealing money and exaggerating prices to customers, service providers, etc. From now on, now that she is not part of that company or department, they will  make much more profits than they ever made in her past eight years of her presence because she was busy stealing and living it up.

 As I published before in my earlier blog posts, she does not hold real records for anything she does. She keeps her own thieving records because in everything she does, she is busy stealing and manipulating people. She has been stealing from this company since day one she was employed while blowing her trumpet. In fact she told me from day one “Me I just want to work for this company to get contacts from the owners and make money nothing more”. So why trust a thief like her who pretends that she is very religious and born again? #BORNAGAINTHIEF

 When I found out that she had stolen from me and my company, she was very quick to deny it and claimed that she had invested in my company. This thief did not invest even a Screenshot_2016-04-28-02-30-54-1-1penny/cent. She didn’t have any money to eat or pay her bills, so how could she invest in my business? She stole a lot of money from my business. She also claimed she had bought land registered in our names, the truth is she stole my money and bought land. She tried to blame other people but no one else apart from her were in charge of my business finances. She was the only other signatory to my business account. The biggest mistake is daring to trust this THIEF Annest Namata. She is a thieving manipulating evil vile opportunist.

 Prior to all this, she STOLE 42 million shillings from my account and bought shares in companies. She justified this as investing for “us” but she had the shares in her names. She had stolen more money from me before all thisI WILL SAY IT AGAIN, ANNEST NAMATA IS A PROMISCUOUS THIEF.  However, karma showed its way, the shares she bought keep falling in price.  As she is doing now, after she stole from me, she used an opportunity at work and run away to China thinking that by the time she goes back to Uganda, I will not be there or her theft effect will have gone away. Likewise, now she told her deceived audience that she has gone to the USA. She did not go to the USA. All this as earlier mentioned is her pattern of stealing. Steal and ran away for a while. She can never ever change. Annest Namata will always be a THIEF. A Thief can never ever change. Marry this thief at your own grave peril or else you become a thief yourself and get in trouble along the way plus she will make you a victim too because she will steal from you. She has fought very many people literally everybody she knows over money after stealing.

She then had the audacity to tell me that she wanted to buy my business and that I should allow her to pay me in instalments for a 20 year period. She foolishly felt like she was doing me a favour. She was claiming that the business was struggling but here she was asking me to sell it to her and she pays me back in instalments. If the business was not doing well and she was in charge of the financials and running it why did she then want to buy it from me? However, after failing to get me to sell her my business in 20 year instalments, she tried to extort money from me in exchange for my business documents by demanding that I give her 83 million shillings. #Thief #Thief #Thief

She has done the same thing. I am sure she denied stealing from the company as she always does. I am VERY VERY sure she stole A LOT more money from her employers over the years she was employed by them. She has been bragging how she has money for many years now. Yet she was earning very little by Uganda standards until 2 years ago when they raised her salary due to her deceitful lies and promises. After the management finding out the loss to the company due to her thefts, she has the audacity to ask them if she can buy off the tents from them and pay them 5 million shillings per month.tents The question is; WHY DID SHE NOT BRING IN 5 MILLION SHILLINGS PER MONTH AS EARNINGS TO THE COMPANY all the 8 years she has been employed by them? That is the question they should be asking themselves. IT CONFIRMS HER THEFTS FROM THE COMPANY FOR ALL THE YEARS SHE HAS BEEN EMPLOYED BY THEM. If they are wise, they should not agree to her thieving requests and terms. How do you do you deal with a THIEF who has just stolen from you and has been stealing from you throughout all the years you have employed her? All the while she is bragging around town behind their backs and saying that they are stupid and she is clever. Annest Namata disrespects everybody and talks dirty behind their backs.

fdsh She has been getting events business through her employers name and diverting the business to her own so called “Appo Ltd”. After stealing so much, she must have realised or been notified that they are going to find out. Thus her offer of resignation before they found out about the losses the company had made. She did exactly the same in my case i.e. when she stole from me and my business. Her thieving patterns never change. She steals and rans away to the next victim who does not know about her all the while playing the religious card when in fact she is an evil conniving thief. She destroys businesses but all the while she brags that she is good at business and it is not functional or successful because she has left. The real reason is she has stolen from the business before leaving the business. What makes it worse is that if she is in a relationship with you and involved in the business, she will steal from you and steal from the business as well.

images (3) In addition to all this thieving, she managed to con a man who sells Sauce pans, into trusting her to do business with her. Of course new-samsung-pix-6002her first thing on meeting him must have been to be as slutty and a whore as she can be and asking “What is your business?”, “How many customers do you have?”, “me I like business”, “you can trust me”, “am good at business, etc. The slutty thief she is, she managed to promiscuously con him into trusting her. SHE IS A THIEF. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TRUSTING HER? It’s a matter of time before you realise she is stealing from you too right now. She tries to buy class but doesn’t realise you can’t buy class. He will wake up after she has stolen from him.

This dining table you see in the picture, I bought it, she claimed she was selling it when I bought another one to replace it. Obviously she instead hid it from me. Here it is now in the pictures in her whore thieving house. Everything she does is hideously disgusting. She is always stealing. She will do ANYTHING for money. She will sleep with anyone for money.

So she is busy conning people around kampala, Rwanda and South Sudan that the sauce pans add salt to your food as you cook plus claims that they are the only ones that save energy as you cook. That is NOT true at all. I have Sauce pans that save energy. They are not that type she is selling. The fact is that most stainless steel pans save energy. So her sales claims are lies again. Little does she know that too much salt is dangerous for your health. So how can someone make that a selling point? I deal in Smart Solutions and there is no product in the world that can add salt or sugar to your food as you cook. Period! She will convince you that she will stage a dinner show to show you how it works. She will claim that u can cook without oil etc. For your info, some oils are healthy for your body. If you are wise, you should NOT be spending 10 million shillings plus to buy sauce pans from her. She is conning and fooling you. All the while bragging to her fooled audience “I am making a lot of money.” At the same time she is not telling the man how much exactly she is selling them, the profit margin, etc. Hold on; Look at the person Annest namata selling to you with claims of healthy eating, why is she starving herself to loose weight, why is she bleaching herself to look the way she does with tons of makeup? I am sure she has promised the man heaven on earth for the business and others BUT he will learn the hard way what a conniving THIEF she is. He will regret believing her promises or falling for the thief. I hope he wakes up now. Evidently she is a money hungry GOLD DIGGER AND A THIEF. Gold Digging married men is Annest Namata’s other lucrative business. SO BEWARE.

images (2)


 What is very disturbing is that she will steal from you and use part of the same stolen money to tithe in Church then brag to her selective audience of friends and on social media that she has money and tithed a lot of money. Her Pastor praises her for the money because he enjoys the money she has stolen. She used to steal money from my account and lend it to her Pastor without my knowledge.    When I questioned her Pastor, he denied any knowledge of the money she lent and gave his Church. He’s part of thieving. She one time went as far as lending my money to the company that employed her due to a shortfall they had. She did not tell me that she was using my money. When I found out, she had the guts to tell me “I was going to tell you”. No apology for the wrong she does. That is the bragging thieving audacity of Annest Namata the slutty thief.


  Take note of how many Bank account cards she has. They have never matched the amount of money she earns. This is because she is a thief and spreads the money she steals in different bank accounts. Unsurprisingly even after her sleeping around services, she gives the men those account numbers to pay her for her sexcapades. Plus take note how she brags when paying for items. She thinks using a debit card is a big deal. She has just seen these things thus her urban excitement. This was one of the pointers for me to realise that she was engaged to be my wife whilst stealing from me and colluding with other people to steal from me. To Annest money comes first.

Internal fraud through employee theft is a growing problem and it is something that Annest Namata has done all her work life. The key factors that play into occupational fraud are “need” and “opportunity”. It is always important to understand your employee profile of who is likely to commit fraud. Do not believe Annest Namata’s claims of self righteousness. She is a thieving con. So do not look at her at face value or listen to her delusional claims talking as if she comes from a rich well to do family or her claims that she worked hard for anything she has. She is a THIEF.


  •  – Find out if an employee lives beyond their means (need)
  •  – Is the business structured in a way that would make it easy for the employee to embezzle funds or compromise the company inforjmation (opportunity)
  •  – Companies should invest in fraud management systems and put in place strong Risk management and Control frameworks.


images (2)

 In addition to stealing from the company, she has been diverting business from the company to her own. She has been getting ideas from the company and stealing them. This is why I say it is wrong to listen to her asking to buy the tents so that she can use their ideas in the business. Why did she not bring in the business worth 5 million every month if she can do it now? Sadly, she thinks she is very clever and everyone else is stupid. That is how Annest Namata the thief thinks and operates. She is a shameless self praise thief with publicly declared delusions of grandeur as she sells herself to the highest bidder.

To fool those who do not know her, she ensures that she dresses the part even if it means stealing money to buy expensive clothes, shoes, handbags,IMG_20151204_051841-1 mobile phones, sleeping around with any available man married or not for money (ice cream as she refers to it), she ensures she is driving and changing cars to make people believe she is a successful business woman (the cars are bought by the men she has affairs with); she ensures she brags how she is clever at business, how she has businesses even when the businesses are not hers and she has not contributed anything to the business(es). Then finally her major trick is to act very religious a.k.a. born again. This is to make you trust her 100% with anything. If you are in a relationship with her or marriage as she refers to it, it can never be exclusive because she is very very jumpy and promiscuous and she sleeps around but she will constantly tell you how everybody trusts Truthher, how people in the past have trusted her, how people have mistreated her, etc. DO NOT BE FOOLED AND LIED TO.  The conniving thief is moving on to her next victim(s). This thief Annest Namata will always be a thief no matter where she goes, who she befriends or whether she gets married today or tomorrow. Her aim has always been to marry money and property not the person. Marriage cannot and will never change Annest Namata”s moral decayed manners.

Don’t do what you don’t want to be done to you. Straight up! Annest Namata is a greedy money minded Kampala concubine and con woman with lust and no conscience.


 This is someone who stole money from my company from inception of the company to the time I kicked her out of my life and she stole my car as well plus personal items in my house. My company statements prove what Annest Namata stole and how she stole plus the amounts. She even stole my late mothers Death Certificate and her Bank Debit card from my wallet. Then she dares claim that she is born again with integrity and now boasts that she has an empire. She uses her body is for rental purposes. She is simply a promiscuous heartless THIEF. 

TRUST THIS WOMAN AT YOUR GRAVE RISK. If you want to know what Annest Namata REALLY is wait until money, property and material things are involved. Then you will realise how EVIL she is, what a thief she is and how VERY dangerous and conniving she is.

Her everyday actions will tell all you need to know. Pay very very close attention before she extorts money and material things from you and puts you in danger. She is called a dangerous thief for a reason. She has sadistic pleasure in hurting people and stealing from them with no morality and no conscience at all. These are people who go out of their way to help her.

This slut had nothing when I met and she was begging me for EVERYTHING. Now she has the audacity to say I am jealous of her. For what? For being a thief and a whore?

Her interests are only ME, MYSELF and I.

images-33Time-to-evaluate-e1407795868561-700x480RAISE YOUR HANDS




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7 responses to “THE SERIAL THIEF

  1. Bridget Kasango

    August 8, 2016 at 03:34

    Pat you leave her. Her time will one day come. Nothing lasts for ever. Let her keep boasting. We see her behaviour here and we who know her well just ignore her because we know she is a villager who thinks she is so great and untouchable. She has got a new set of people she is pleasing and manipulating with her pretentious behaviour.

  2. Tae Abia

    August 8, 2016 at 03:09

    She makes sexual promises to men for material things and money. We all know it apart from a few people that she fools that she is born again, mbu she is a good business woman, mbu she is CEO. etc. She is sexual predator for money and a thief indeed.

  3. Lafaze kalanz

    August 8, 2016 at 03:06

    Gano agabbi. I know Annest Namata did not contribute a single coin to any of your ventures. She was just a vulture waiting to steal from you and to get money from you while fooling you that she loves you. How can she love you when she sleeps around with different men in kampala, even Nairobi and Tz. When she was with you, I saw her in many hotels around kampala and at Ssesse islands with different men.

  4. Nicholas Mugs

    August 8, 2016 at 03:03

    The God you serve will not allow her to die when she owes you money and property she stole from you. She will pay you all that she stole from you no matter what. True she is a thief.

  5. Ann kalete

    August 8, 2016 at 03:00

    Annest the devil is not only a liar and thief but lives and dwells in kampala Uganda but wants to con any man who can take her to live in the US or UK. She will steal from that one too and as she looks for another rich man. That is how loose and jumpy she is. She jumps from man to man for money and material things. She is not trustworthy at all.

  6. Susan Babirye

    May 9, 2016 at 14:33

    Thank you for exposing this woman. I have been waiting for this for many years. I knew someone would eventually expose her. She treats people as if they are nothing like she is untouchable yet if you know where she comes from you would be shocked.

    • Pat

      May 12, 2016 at 12:05

      Thank you for appreciating. I am not interested in her delusional, trashy promiscuous life despite her thinking that she’s important. All I am doing is exposing her filthy crime ridden life as she pretends and brags that she is rich and born again.


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