07 Mar

she cant change

 Unsurprisingly her DECEIT, RELIGIOUS PRETENCE and SELF PRAISE still goes on unbeknown to those who don’t know her well. Annest Namata still claims and praises herself that she has brilliant business skills, best events planner with honesty and integrity. If she is the best Events planner, why doesn’t she own the best Events company in the world? Why does she plagiarise ideas from the Internet?  Nothing about her self praise surprises me or anyone who knows her conning/defrauding and thieving ways. She talks the big talk and the gullible and naive believe her and she is able to con many and continue bragging her way. DON’T EVER LET HER FOOL YOU.

 If she has any honesty and integrity, how come she stole from me all the time whenan she was my fiancee and after I kicked her out of my house I discovered she had stolen money from my business account and from my late mothers account and ran to China. She would also steal money meant for paying house bills. Those who don’t know her say she has integrity but she stole money from my account and bought shares in her names. She stole money from my account and bought land and lied to me that she had bought it in my company names. images (48) She also steals from other people like she stole from her former employers and has done that all her adult life. She stole from my late mother’s estate. She stole lots of money from me in hundreds of millions, stole my car, stole something as petty as my Post office box and people have the audacity to say she has integrity. To this day, she is still stealing and producing fake receipts for goods and services when questioned. #BornAgainThief

Is that honesty? Is that integrity?

A person who holds herself unaccountable for her actions and deceit lacks integrity and lacks respect for anyone.

  So whoever is recommending her as having integrity and honesty leaves a lot to be desired themselves. Annest SOCIOPATH Namata the Thief CANNOT and will NEVER have any honesty and integrity. That is why to-date she is on the defensive and posting quotes that confirm her manipulating, deceitful thieving life “Live life in such a way that if someone spoke badly about you no one would believe them”. This is the very same thing she used to tell me. She says and writes this when you are exposing her deceitful life. So believe her deceit at your grave peril. I AM REVEALING NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. I don’t any validation.

facebook_1025264203 EVERYTHING SHE DOES IS TAINTED WITH DISHONESTY AND DECEIT ALL THE WHILE HIDING BEHIND RELIGION. In addition to that, she is now using her “job title” to fool people into believing her lies and covering up her deceitful thieving life.

images (12)

 The fact is that she is very dishonest, has no integrity at all and is deceitful and a thief. She CANNOT define her personal values. All she does is pretend/act to be what she is not.

 How dare she post anything about “promises” on her social media when she cannot keep any simple promise and always looks out to STEAL from anyone. SHE CANNOT KEEP ANY PROMISE LONG TERM. NEVER true about Annest Namata

She is now calling people and claiming that she is looking for investors who can pay thiefdsfbillions of dollars for investment. She is telling everyone how she has got a client in Abu Dhabi who will invest in her. She claims she is asking for half a billion dollars from the investor and she will borrow that same amount from the Bank. Hahaha!! Can someone who earns something like 5 million Uganda shillings borrow half a billion dollars from the Bank? WHICH BANK WOULD THAT BE? DON’T GET CONNED. Perhaps it’s her promiscuous client for her prostitution services. As she told me she has close friends who sell themselves for money and material things in Dubai. To have such friends, it proved beyond doubt to me she is a prostitute too. She is also looking for crowd funders. How do you crowd fund a thief with no integrity? ANY CROWD FUNDER OUT THERE, DO NOT CROWD FUND THIS THIEF.

davfa She retorted that I do not know anything and that I copy everything in the blog from the net. I have published all this Blog. Is it copied? She is writing aimages (34) blog if at all it can be called that but EVERYTHING in her blog is copied and pasted from the Internet. All her blog material and her utterances are all extreme Plagiarism from the internet that she googles. So why should people read her blog when they can google it all themselves and even get more? ALL HER IDEAS ARE SECOND HAND all drawn/copied from the web. Her intellect is all about plagiarism. Her plagiarism plagues the creative ego like no other malady. Then she dares accredit it to herself by signing her name. Anyone can do that. If she is a specialist/expert as she claims, then she should create her own event innovations and ideas. 

fame gameCome a day like Valentine, she creates a misunderstanding and or switches off the phones to be selective with a specific “side dish”/ side affair that she wants to get the most money or material things from. That is the true character of a deceitful ” Born Again Thief”.


 Her thieving legacy lives on despite her religious deceit and claims of honesty.

 She is after your money and material things. Her aim will be to defraud you while convincing you that you can trust her as she has done many men, me inclusive.

 She boasts about/with re-conditioned bond cars, clothes, handbags, jewellery, shoes, Mobile phones, Ipads, watches, job titles etc. So if you THINK she is genuine in her pursuit, dream on. She is just a wannabe “copycat arrogant villager” and a thief acting like she is honest “miss knows it all”.

31525_201401eaf28_193651_wise23 Does she really know the Bible? She uses it to cover up the deceit. As I have reiterated time and time again, she uses religion and the Bible quotes as cover for her deceit and thieving personality. If she was really religious and knew the bible the most basic thing she would not do would be not bragging over petty things and attainments.godreads

 GOODREADS.COM: Some of you who think you know her may have realised she has compiled a “goodreads” list from She NEVER read a book in all the four years we were together. Now after I’ve informed people that she doesn’t read, she is acting like she is a book reader. For those who are gullible, believe her deceitful lying life. If you are doing something genuinely, you don’t have to publicise it. Besides that. who cannot go online and compile a goodreads list? She is very very hypocritical and evil.

greedy slut gold digger This is all she is after material things. Irrespective of you wanting investments and “treasure trophies” in “our” names as a couple, she wants them only in “her” names. She’s a very manipulative serpent who turns on the charm as she comes out to gold dig and steal what someone else worked hard for by manipulating you with her body and sex. Then she dare brag that she has money, bragging about cars, clothes, phones. This rural urban peasant just saw these things in her old age. Thus her “urban excitement” and excessive worthless arrogance. 

images (70) Nothing but the truth has been revealed. It’s your choice whether you want to believe the deceitful pretentious thief or take in the obvious evidence presented to you. If you want to believe her lies and deceit, you will undoubtedly eventually fall victim to her thieving deceitful ways.

 She will talk the talk but she has no ethics, no integrity, no honesty and no respect at all for anyone. It is all pretence for money and material things.

 How do you forgive Annest Namata who deliberately goes out to waste four and a half years of your life and steals from you during that time and more so when you find out she has been sleeping around for money while living in your home with all expenses paid and goes on to steal your car that she was giving the men she was sleeping around with in your absence and to add insult to injury stealing money from you.

HERE IS HER TYPICAL PHONE INBOX DIRECTORY TO “MEN”(even if she is in a relationship and or engaged or married):

  •  I love you dear
  •  I always feel bad when I see you with other menfacebook_-445793658
  •  Sweetie dont 4get the trip
  •  Darling have you seen the credit I sent you
  •  Can I take you out tonite
  •  Honey, I will do whatever it takes just for you
  •  Baby check your account balance and call me
  •  I have not received the money you said you sent to my account
  •  Sweetheart have a good nite and sweetdreams
  •  How is the orange?
  •  Come for ice cream tomorrow

Regardless of who you may be, she will simply use you as a springboard for her own profiteering and STATUS. She will cling onto you when she wants something from you and will ultimately steal from you. Listen to my advice, you will thank me one day.

spot on I am so glad she is out of my life forever. All she does is look out for men she can get money and material things from plus steal/defraud them. She has a very rotten selfish behaviour and is totally unworthy of interacting with at any level. Then she dare talk about etiquette. Her manners and attitude are ROTTEN TO THE CORE AND STINK. #MATERIALISTICGOLDDIGGERfacebook_2095178088

 She meets people and pretends to be what she is not in order to get something from them. Why would I want to be with or associate with such an evil two-faced conceited hypocrite? WHY? Good luck to those who have the time to let her steal from them and exploit them.

 I have met people from all walks of life from different parts of the planet, I continue to do so but I can guarantee she is the worst person I’ve ever met and I know many other people who do not like her putrid rotten manners, behaviour and thieving mannerisms.

I went out of my way to create a comfortable future for her and myself and to give her what she had never images (44)had in her life. Little did I know I was dealing and helping a slutty thief.  What did she do? Steal from me, sleep around with different men, disrespect my late mother to the extent of referring to her as”the dead old woman” as she put her pictures in my house face down and she stole money from her estate. That is the Annest Namata that some fds rpeople are saying has integrity and is honest. I started a business and did it for “us”. What was she telling her “audience”? She was telling them that it is her business whilst contradicting herself telling others that she owns half of it and does 99% of everything.

You start a business to help build the economy, help in creating jobs for your fellow citizens, provide services needed in the country, create wealth for yourself, your family and the country. BUT you have Annest Namata the thief busy stealing from you and brags about it because she thinks she is invincible.

images (51) She will continue to fool the genuine gullible people that she is honest and trustworthy. All the while disrespecting them behind their back and stealing from them. To their face, she will act humble and give a false sense of responsibility. I’ve seen her first hand pretend and experienced her betrayal and found out all the truth about her grave evil nature.

CONTROLLING BEHAVIOUR: She divides and manipulates people in order to conquer people onto her side, driving a wedge between you and significant people in your life. She does this in order to control people she associates with in order to allow what is important to her only. She can even go as far as choose them over a significant other.

 She has the guts to say men are just after her body when she shows off all her body parts at any given opportunity and squeezes herself into tight clothes and has them adjusted by a local tailor to fit her tight for men’s attention. The way you256702894144 dress is the way people address you. She is on Facebook, BBM, Google+, Tweeter, WhatsApp, thiefPinterest, etc. She is very emotionally unstable because all she wants is attention from men for money wherever she can get it from. She is constantly looking for men online for money. Then she talks about being religious and having integrity. What integrity?

 Claims of invincibility like Annest Namata saying “nothing can happen to me” are only for those who have allowed their retarded arrogance and hubris to get the better of them and cloud their judgement. She makes money a lifestyle instead of money being a means.

NON-RESOLUTION OF PAST RELATIONSHIPS: These include not just intimate relationships but those with family members and friends. If a person is unable to evaluate why past relationships haven’t worked out, or consistently blames the other party for all the problems as Annest Namata always does, you can bet with a great deal of confidence that the same will happen with your relationship.


Don’t waste sunsets on ill-mannered, manipulative and deceitful Annest Namata who will be situationship
sfgone by sunrise.images (51)





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