25 Oct

Do't believe her Lies The term, “liar, liar pants on fire” takes on a different meaning when dealing with Annest Namata the pathological liar. She is not completely rooted in reality, believing the lies she tells, often in an effort to remedy her low self-esteem despite acting like she is confident by being arrogant. People misinterpret her excessive shear arrogance for confidence. A confident person is never excessively arrogant and rude like Annest Namata is. I don’t see why she should be arrogant when her background is very humble. I call her arrogance “worthless arrogance“. There is absolutely no need for her to have any form of arrogance.

 Annest Namata is a deceitful compulsive liar—-she can’t help herself. This is not an excuse for her abominable behaviour. It is part of her psychopathology. Annest spends her life in a state of delusion, a world of her making. She finds others to share her delusion with her. She tries her best to lie to those who are successful in her eyes in order to “play with them” and share their lifestyles. At the core of it, Annest is a very small  petty minded person who has major tantrums if she doesn’t get everything she wants.

One of the main ways that Annest aims to reach her goal is through lying, manipulating and cheating—overt and covert lies and cheating. She bad mouths others, makes efforts to destroy their characters and professional status to move herself forward up the ladder. She has no compunctions about lying to everyone/anyone. She has clever concocted stories for each person in her inner circle and for the world at large. She lies to anyone all of the time, promising anything that she will not deliver.

She is constantly playing foolish mind games, changing her mind about everything, having affairs and denying it before you’ve asked and she did in our long term relationship yet we were engaged to get married. Paradoxically, she was telling everyone how we were going to get married but all the while having affairs with different men. Basically she will mess your mind and life. She is very keen at inventing “her own truths” which is are deceitful lies—intricate stories out of whole cloth. She is akin to a manger.

 Sadly,some people believe her, even highly sophisticated individuals who should know better. It isabba-money the supposed charm and manipulating magnetism and her deceitful lies and delusions that camouflages her perfidy every time. Once Annest has established perceived power in her delusional world she continues with her lies. She always says the opposite of what she does and constantly denies all the wrong she does. She promises constantly and never honours these proclamations. Pity the man who will waste his time and money marrying her. She can NEVER honour any promises and vows. She is very dishonest in everything she does. All she is after is money, money, money – deceitful GOLD DIGGER.

She initially honours her promises as a covert way to make you believe you can trust her long-term. Further down the alley, she will disappoint you by what you will uncover when she greatly disappoints you by the opposite she will do from what she promised.  She will do all the wrong and worse she claimed she cannot do. She knows that she can create her own reality and if this involves ripping people off  over and over again, or destroying their lives because she is neglectful and cruel, unsympathetic, causing so much stress.—-none of this matters to her. She faces those who confront her lying with more lies and constant denial.

Her catch phrase when confronted with the truth is “That boy/girl is lying, do not believe what he/she is telling you”. She sent me an email with this catch phrase yet I had not been told anything. So when I was eventually told, it proved the truth about her. That proved to me that she was a very deceitful promiscuous thief. So, protect yourself from this pretentious, highly conniving conceited predatory individual called Annest Namata.

We used to go and pray together on my late mothers death anniversary and tend to her grave but as soon as Annest ran to other men, the best thing she could do on the day is stay out with men till the wee hours of the morning drinking. However, she says “My family drinks but Annest Namata doesn’t drink”. That is Annest Namata’s respect for someone who has passed away. She does not even mark the passing of someone she looked after in hospital to the end. When asked why she is doing that, all she can say “you are spying on me”. Very vile and immoral of her. And she has the audacity to write to me “I am going to heaven”. I don’t think we have to work that out. Only God can determine that NOT the greedy, impatient, deceitful, promiscuous Annest Namata. You can’t go to heaven when you are a thief and are using/exploiting people every day.

She recently wrote to me stating  “You made me a sex slave”; “You made me suffer”. Does she understand what being a slave is? How could I have made her a sex slave when she is promiscuous in her nature with so many men around East Africa. How could I make her a sex slave when she was always having an affair with a neighbour behind my back? She was cheating on me with every Tom Dick and Harry from day one of our relationship. That is why she looked old and tired within a period of two years because she sleeps around a lot. When you look at her, can you expect such stupid crap from her? But she pretends to be what she is not to those who don’t know the real her. She has a ghetto mentality that is very deranged. She is an evil hypocrite.

I suppose I made her a slave in her delusional mind because I was making her a respectable person. I Skin bleachingwas wrong to have any respect for her, she wants to be treated and respected in a slutty way. That’s what makes her feel good. The moment I gave her everything, respected her and taught her each and everything, I made her a slave in her head because I was treating her right. So she can go on over bleaching and prostituting herself with every Tom Dick and Harry. I couldn’t care less.

“You can never separate the life you live from the words you speak.”  Class is the impartial, consistent display of emotional integrity. – So what does this say about Annest Namata who told me that she has two friends who are prostitutes in kampala and Dubai and do anything with anyone for money. What does she have in common with them if she is promiscuous as well. Guess! Your guess is as good as mine.

“Integrity is the recognition of existence the fact that you cannot fake your consciousness, just as honesty is the recognition of the fact that you cannot fake” – Ayn Rand


This is NOT Character Assassination, This is true real life Character Revelation

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  1. David Wanzusi

    September 14, 2013 at 16:11

    Tozanyiisa obudde…….

  2. Ronna G.

    August 21, 2013 at 02:19

    The suspect is a Ugandan by prostitution.

  3. patblogg

    October 28, 2012 at 14:00

    Annest Namata is a deceitful liar and when she is caught at her own lies and deceit, she tries her best to turn it against you by lying and claiming you are the one who did wrong. She goes to the extent of smearing you with the very things that she did.
    A case in point is, I caught her cheating on me with clear evidence and she set to lie that she caught me cheating on her. I have proof of all the money she stole from me but she invented the lie that I stole. I am waiting for her evidence because my evidence is there for all to be seen and it will be exposed to the public.
    Next Blog Posts to explore her lying, deceit and thieving character/mannerisms. I wonder if in her Church they teach, support and encourage stealing and promiscuity because she claims she is “Saved” and “Born Again”.


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