14 Oct

As a Covert Narcissist, Annest Namata flies under the radar. It can be very difficult to identify her early before she has psychologically ambushed you and manipulated your thinking. She pretends and acts genuine, religious, polite, humble, soft-spoken initially and respectful. It’s all deceitful lies to whoever it may be.

deceitful-thief She conceals/hides her real true nature and ill evil manners with great evil skill. She comes on the scene unobtrusively. She is at your service, appears to be a good listener, changes her voice tone, acts like a good friend, appears to like/love you so much but she is a manipulative actor of pseudo empathy (exquisitely designed by Annest to manipulate her “victims” so that they fulfil her narcissistic needs – status, money and material things).

Covert Narcissists like Annest Namata Convince and deceive Us they Are Good People!

 In the initial stages, Annest Namata appears to be very sincere. She pretends to have your best interests at heart or so it seems. She is not genuine and not honest at all.

At the beginning of our relationship, she acted like she had my interests at heart and acted like she loved me so much. She acted, said, wrote and promised to be my wife through thick and thin, offered to help me in everything I was doing and aimed to do and was very kin to know my plans. This is the bait and the trap. You come to trust and count on this very pretentious inconsiderate person who pretends to be interested in your life and goals for her own selfish sinister intentions.

As a covert narcissist she thinks long-term for her own very selfish goals, way down the road only for her own good NOT yours. She initially offers to do anything to help you, assures you she is very trustworthy, does favours for you and you take her into your confidence and trust. All the while, Annest Namata is sizing you up. She will later after ripping you off and using you refer to these favours she offered as having done so much for you/helped you.

The closer she comes in, the greater her opportunity for ripping you off and stealing from you. Like all narcissists and Gold diggers, she does not bother with people she cannot manipulate and deceive. Those who romantically fall for Annest Namata are without doubt bound to be very disappointed and hurt in the long run. It does not matter how long it takes, she will eventually exploit you, steal from you and hurt you as well after she has got what she wants from you. Annest has no morals, no empathy and is extremely selfish. She has done that to so many others. I was in a relationship with her for more than four years simply because I wanted to make the relationship work and I loved her genuinely and honestly despite her awful evil manners BUT she thought it was because I had no alternative and wanted her to help me. Well, she is out of my life and I am doing it up.

While I was loving her genuinely, and doing everything for her, she was telling people even those she doesn’t know that I am crazy about her and justifying cheating on me and sleeping around. She made these statements to justify it and deluded herself into believing it.  She takes deceitful evil measures and knows that by romancing you and becoming an indispensable part images (15)of your life. Her intention is to own your feelings and possess you psychologically. She is a vile manipulator.

It is not surprising that  Annest chooses friends, partners based on money, social status, professional accomplishments, social and business connections because she is a Gold Digger. You will notice this from the way she will ask about your contacts in high places and question why you don’t take advantage of them. This is one thing she constantly berated me about. She was very concerned about the fact that I was not using my contacts to make money. Money and material things are what she wants to extract from you and all her other “victims”. She will always have other “victims” that she refers to as “friends, O.B.’s, Business Partners”. Whether it is direct or covert, Annest Namata is a user who only becomes involved with those whom she can use, exploit and increase her delusional power, arrogance and economic outreach.

Most individuals are still fooled by Annest Namata because of her initial very pretentious low-key style, pseudo empathy and her perceived quiet charm and perceived loyalty. Don’t be fooled, it is NOT real honest loyalty/friendship.  Protect yourself. Annest Namata is not a good person as she claims/pretends to be —She is a user and emotional abuser who wants to eclipse your life and take what you have to offer.

Miss I know it all Understand all of the incarnations of Annest and her narcissistic personality disorder. You will learn how to identify, detach, assert yourself despite every manipulative tactic  Annest Namata uses. She is very selfish and ill conceited. Everything is about “I” despite the fact that she gets what she has with other peoples help or by exploiting them while they are trusting her, by using them often by having affairs with them. She is extremely selfish and excessively arrogant.

In her personal life, Annest looks for partners who will enhance her perceived delusional image of perfection, self-entitlement, and ultimate power and success. These individuals are emotionally pliable and she’ll do anything to get them attracted to her. If they are not attracted to her and she wants something from them, she will go out of her way to seduce them and get their attention as she is doing now.

Where is the money goneShe recently wrote to me stating “you didn’t have money, you got money when you sold a house.” BUT this is the same deceitful Gold Digger who spent 4.5 years living a good life due to my sweat and generosity while lying to her friends, colleagues and especially men she was seducing that she is an Independent, rich, Business woman, etc all the while stealing my money and using it and telling lies. She stole my money to start the small company she has got and stole my customers as well. Nevertheless, where are her riches now? Since we broke up, how many cars has she bought cash as she was bragging? She is an extremely ungrateful Gold Digger.

She was initially not paid a salary for the first two years of employment and depended on me for her daily expenses and all her living expenses plus most of the airtime she used for company business. She even would call me to ask me to send her money when going to her village to visit her family. But even when she was paid, what was she paid in comparison to the life she was living?Then she later had the audacity to steal money from my late mothers account, my company account money, go to China and do shopping amongst many other things, started a company and mismanaged my company deliberately and intentionally then expects me to be her friend/Business Partner. How delusional!

images (71) She had the impudence to write to me recently and state “I am going to Heaven”. Who is she to decide that after all her continuous evil wrong doing? No one can steal, exploit people, use people, be deceitful and promiscuous in a long term committed relationship all the while pretending to be “saved” and then go to heaven. Maybe in her little delusional world.

What would be good about Annest when she talks ill about a person who has passed away that she does not know and never met and who is a parent. She cannot even talk anything good about her own mother. She talks ill of all her siblings. She has gone to the extent of claiming someone she has no family connections to, knows very little about is her family and cannot even mention any of her many siblings. She lived a comfortable life as an indirect result of the same person who passed away that she is talking very ill about. And that is my late mother. Annest is evil is nature and character.

Annest has no morals, values, ethics and conscience because she thinks the little money that she hasTrust broken that she thinks is a lot can get her anywhere and out of anything. Yet she claims she is Born Again!!

You should not be her next “victim” after knowing what she is aboutA Relationship or Marriage does not stop a very promiscuous Cheat like Annest Namata from sleeping around. Annest will always be promiscuous and a Thief despite what she pretends to be. She CANNOT be trusted in any relationship or any dealings with her. NEVER. I thought she had changed and matured, God was I so wrong.

Anything built on illegal acquisition and manipulation like her acquisition thefts cannot stand the test of time.

Most evil in the world is done in the name of good. Evil people like Annest Namata, genuinely believe they’re doing the right thing when she is doing you wrong, for a cause she thinks she is good and godly.

“God can see the honest and those hiding behind religion as a front.”  “Tranquility disturbed evolves into continuous disturbance.”



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  1. Pross Nam

    September 14, 2013 at 16:13

    Her arrogance is not a virtue. It is misguided villager ignorance.

  2. Erina KIsembo

    May 13, 2013 at 14:16

    What did you see in this woman? Everyone who knows her can not stand her arrogance and ignorance. So how could you live with her for that long. Thank God you found out what she is. You could have got Aids from her.
    No man can do anything constructive with this woman. She is evil and very disorganising. Very very jumpy from one man to another. Let her sleep around. Let her be.

    • Patblogg

      May 21, 2013 at 17:16

      Erina, I loved her at the time.Due to her great pretence, I did not see that arrogance until she started sleeping around behind my back then the arrogance came out. I dont know why I gave her my time. She is not just arrogant, she is very promiscuous and worst of a thief.

  3. Asaba

    October 16, 2012 at 11:18

    OMG!! I know this woman. Take her to court. You have written so much about her. With evidence that you say you have she will be convicted. No one should take the fruits of your hard work. You look after her and teach her so much and she steals from you? eh!

    • patblogg

      October 23, 2012 at 10:20

      Asaba, thank you for taking the time to comment. Court proceedings for her theft, etc will be taken care of. I have all the evidence and more. I don’t work hard for people like her to come into my life to deceive me and steal and think I will keep quiet. She is a great deceitful lying cheat.

    • Patblogg

      May 21, 2013 at 17:17

      Asaba, thank you. I will take her court no matter how long it takes. She can ran but she cant hide. Many criminals ran but they are eventually caught.


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