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Wikiquote:  AGE FABRICATION – Simply put, Lying about one’s age seeking to retain the marketability that comes with her association with youth. Exact fitting description of Annest Namata’s age fabrication intention(s). She is fooling herself. Is she fooling you too? Surely you can see the wrinkles on her face and her talk. Is that the face and body of a 34 year old woman? Hell NO. What makes it worse and slutty of her is when you see her trying to walk like a 17/18 year old swinging what is not there like an old dog. #SHAME.Truth exposed

  Annest Namata fabricates her age by deliberately misrepresenting her true age and telling lies about her real age so that she can seem younger. But you can tell she is older by looking at her and her body configuration.

 An old woman like her trying to fool people that she is young. She thinks people can’t see how old she looks. Yet she says she is young. Wow!!lying-about-your-age-card-1

 Although uncommon in modern society, it is possible for an individual like Annest Namata not to know her exact date of birth due to her humble background. So she arbitrarily chose a date of birth to cover up her real true age. That’s why she keeps changing it. Either way, if she was really honest and genuine, she would find out her true age regardless of circumstances IF she was truthful and honest in life.

So she should STOP berating people of their age or daring to say that people are growing old or that they are old, etc. She is very old for a woman.images (17)

 Why hide her correct age? So you may ask. She is a pathological liar and has a “maturity inferiority complex” and “open leg syndrome”. Thus her constant denial and lies about her age. The way she talks gives away her age.

get-attachment (1)

muffin top Look at her, is that a 34 year old as she claims? I’ve seen and know many older women who look younger than her (the age she claims). Despite the excessive Caro-Light bleaching to a point of looking yellow/orange, she does not look young as she thinks and blows her trumpet. She berates everyone “he is old, she’s old”; “He’s old, he shouldn’t use Facebook because he is old?, etc How old is Annest Namata herself?

 As someone who knows her better said, I quote, “she looks like a constantly pregnant Warthog in heels.” But her arrogance goes on. What will she be like after she has given birth?

 The truth is she is much older than she claims to be. It’s obvious to see but she thinks she can fool anyone else to think she is 34 years old. However, she is quick to say that other people are lying about their ages because she lies and has always lied about her age.

Age manipulation and fabrication is a kind of lying. Her lies are a deliberate act of deviating from her true age.

She has been lying to her friends who are her main audience that I am 50 years old. That’s utterly stupidly laughable. Please Annest provide the evidence that I am 50 years old as you are lying to your selective audience. You have a copy of my birth certificate and you know the hospital where I was born. As a by the way Annest, when and where were you born? Let’s prove how old you really are. I thought you said your parents don’t know when you were born. #LiarLiar.


Annest Namata the promiscuous thief


 Annest Namata claims that I am 50 years old. Clap for her. She has been spreading those stupid rumours and defaming me to the unfortunate who listen to her trashy talk. So who in this picture looks older than the other?

 Let her produce the legitimate proof of my age and real legitimate proof of her true age. That will prove her lies.

She should NOT show her forged birth certificate that she bribed for. She is obviously giving away her true age by insinuating that am 50. She has been spreading her lies all over for a period of time. She claims she is 34 years old. Liar Liar yet again. The truth always comes out.  Who would be 34 years old and look maturely tired like her despite the skin bleaching and wrinkle creams, the hours every week she spends in saloons and makeup she uses? Everybody who knows her can clearly see that she looks very mature and much older than she claims to be. Even people who do not know her can see that. Instead, she acts like she is growing younger. I want her to show the marriage certificate she is spreading rumours about to justify her lies. – She is very psychotic and delusional!

SHE IS NOT 34 YEARS OLD as she claims. At the beginning of our relationship, she lied to me and many others that she was 27 years old for 3 consecutive years in a row yet she was older. I have witnesses to this. I know Birthday liespeople who know that she was lying she is 27 for three years. No wonder I questioned her how she could be 27 and look that old. Whenever she gets to a certain age,she makes up new lies about her age. At what age will she reveal her true correct age? I suppose when the wrinkles cannot be hidden and when the hair cannot be bleached anymore. She claims she bleaches her hair because it is too dark. Who would bleach hair because it is dark? Her lies have no boundaries.

 I one time planned to celebrate in a grand way her birthday plus celebrate “US” but I thought to myself, why should I organise and celebrate a birthday with someone who is lying about her age, lying about who she is? Why would I celebrate “US” as a couple when she is sleeping around behind my back and lying about her age? WHY??

No wonder she is now bleaching herself to a point of looking orange. It’s clear to see what her promiscuity has done to her. Now she is using Congolese made bleaching creams like “Caro light” to turn off the consequences of her promiscuous (sleeping around) lifestyle. 

Prov. 12:22: “Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD, but those who deal truthfully are his delight.”

 Annest hides her correct age in order to feel youthful through verbal and written statements for example falsifying that she had misplaced her “documents” (referring to birth certificates) and claims she is an age she is not. Even if you lost your Birth certificate, you’d still know your age. She told me that her parents don’t know when she was born and her true age. That means she made up the age she is or she was trying to justify the false age she told me and tells everyone else. She is very sly and evasive in everything she says and does. Surprisingly, she expects everybody else to lie about their age like she does.

So legally and in reality, she is however old but she will not admit to or give/tell her true age to those who don’t know and the discerning.

She pretends and claims to be younger than she really is. But since she does not appear as young as she  LYING ABOUT HER AGEthinks or portrays herself to be, isn’t it counter-productive and foolish to lie to the public?

NIVEA ANTI WRINKLE CREME So why does Annest use Nivea night and day anti-wrinkle cream if she is so young as she claims? WHY? Isn’t that contradictory. Why would you need to use anti-wrinkle creams when you are in your twenties or even thirties? It proves she is much older. Sadly, she thinks she looks young and praises herself for looking young. #Lol!

 She hides her correct age because she is very insecure about what people will think about her and to get men who wan younger women but she doesn’t realise that her body and structure can tell what her age is. She is all about show and what people will say as though the world revolves around her. By looking at her picture, I have been asked by several people if she has had several children or abortions….. and if she is a certain age well above what she claims to be. She has now embarked on a body bleaching spree to hide her facial and body flows whilst boasting that she is young and beautiful. The face looks like it belongs to a different person and on the whole she now looks yellow/orange. But anyone can tell because her knuckles are dark. You can’t hide a bleached body.

Annest Namata, lying about your age is just lying to yourself. That seems normal to her now but age cannot be cheated after 30 especially for women. So Annest is making a fool of herself.

Some people have targets that they have set for themselves and when they have not got there by the time they thought they should have, they decide to reduce their age, thinking maybe they can still catch up on time, Sounds silly though, because whether you falsify your age or not, it remains the same, women age faster than men and it shows. In Annest’s case, it is about her continuous lies and Vanity. The truth always comes out.

Annest embrace your fake wannabe life, deformations, wrinkles, cellulite, deceit, lies, ill evil rotten mannerisms, burned bridges and all.

Rottene Instead of lying about your age in order to attract people who might never appreciate the real you, give yourself permission to celebrate you.  But who is the real Annest Namata? After all, she is always pretending to be what she is not.) Much of this is due to her vanity. If she is as young as she claims, why does she use wrinkle reduction creams day and night? Why does she have wrinkles? Why is she evasive about many things about her? Why is she evasive about her past?

 She cannot even tell you where she was born or anything about her childhood. Which schools she went to. When you ask, she is quick to tell you that she does not want to talk about her past. What is she hiding? Why does she hide her family from any one else? Before she allows you to communicate with any of them, she makes sure she poisons your mind about them by calling them thieves, villagers, etc yet Annest Namata is the one who is a thief with disgusting evil village mannerisms. She will want you to meet her father on her terms. She never talks about her mother. That is very suspect and tells you a lot about her lack of morals and deceitful life.

Age is a very big piece of demographic data that carries heavy baggage, especially for women. When you lie about your age, you are denying your very existence.

The great Talk Show Host Oprah Winfrey says “ageing is easier once you’ve embraced the wisdom that can only come with getting older.”

In the end, Annest Namata pretending to be the age she is claiming when she is actually older is just “gate-away behaviour” — a move toward joining that creepy club of people who look like walking testaments to the wonders of lat pulls, dermabrasion, Cialis and skin bleaching. Surprisingly she thinks skin bleaching makes her look young.

She joined the Kampala club of Skin Bleachers and wrinkle Maquillage fillers. She always bleached but whenever I asked, she would lie that she becomes light skinned when she is not stressed and when I am with her. You can spot skin bleachers like Annest Namata a mile away by spotting her artificially enhanced skin. She now looks “orange/yellow” due to her excessive bleaching but surprisingly she is arrogant about it and thinks she is the best. No respectable noble man would respect a woman who sleeps around no matter how much they bleach themselves or how much of their body they show off to get attention. Less is always more. What is sacred and precious to show when all is constantly shown to men all over the place wherever she goes? 

Rottenecards_51555872_3898gxhthk So Annest Namata can be spotted for the age she is whether she likes it or not. Even if she underwent dermabrasion and excessive skin bleaching, the ageing will still show even worse with the skin bleaching she is doing. So she can bleach and add layers of make-up and liken herself to Kim Kardashian all she likes but the age will still show. She is choosing to look like a scarecrow. There is no similarity to Kim Kardashian in any way or form may be as usual in her delusional promiscuous world.

 She told me she has friends who are prostitutes in Kampala and Dubai and she criticised them intensely on an ongoing basis by saying they are fat and ugly. So I guess she has joined them since she loves money over anything else. That’s why on her FB page she wrote, “Bodyguard for a day $1,000”. #Secret diary of a “corporate prostitute/Call Girl acting religious and corporate. Very cheap antics with no self-respect and she has the guts to say she is “Born Again”. Wow! What a deceitful life. She talks the holy talk to mislead people but cannot walk the holy walk.

So if she thinks she is airbrushing and bleaching away a few birthdays, she should one day ask herself the question “Who exactly do I think I am fooling?”Birth certificate demand

 If Annest Namata was to choose to lead a life worthy of the “womanhood” description, then she would feel proud about telling her right age. She is in constant denial because she is delusional. For four and a half years, I never saw her birth certificate and when I asked, she kept quiet. But she saw mine. That’s how deceitful she is hiding her age because she is much older she would hide her birth certificate from me.

If she decides to get real and embrace the fact that human beings make mistakes and learn from them for the better, then she can look at her age as a sign of achievement, varying experiences and an avenue for due respect. But only if she can respect herself.

At the end of the day, whether she reduces her years or mentally refuses to acknowledge she is older than she claims, it will not turn back the hands of time, logically! So in the long run, Annest Namata is lying to herself and not society. So why waste the energy when her body clearly shows her age? She can bleach herself all she wants but we all can still see how old she looks and is. At the end of the day, sleeping around has made her look even older past the real age that she is.

                       Revelation 21:8 – All Liars have their part in hell.

My late mother (R.I.P) always said “people who feel the need to be deceitful, lie and steal, will always do something worse!”

Annest Namata is very fond of lying and criticising other people’s ages like she is growing younger all because she thinks because she lies about her age, other people do the same. I do not lie about my age and Annest went to the hospital where I was born and got my birth certificate authentically signed by a solicitor. So she should STOP lying that I am much older than 50 years. Let her show you she is lying to you about my true age and her true age.Thank God she let out the hidden secret about her age discrepancy to me. The truth always comes out however much you hide . She is very deceitful in everything she does.

stop She makes sure you don’t get to know her siblings or if you do, you don’t get close because they would be in a position to tell the real truth about her and she vandalises their reputation so that you can dislike them and not get close to them to find out more about her.

Plain Old Denial: Annest lies about her age because she is living in denial. There are actually people who are known in delusion to age backwards after turning 30! She is one of them.

She can bleach her skin all she wants, it will not hide her true age and neither will it rejuvenate the skin long-term.

‘Start things as you would like them to finish’.  It is not how old you are, but how you are old.

etl-site-header-plain She keeps berating people for their age but watch how age will affect her. It is already. That’s why she is skin bleaching herself to a point of looking “orange”. If she is so beautiful as she boasts, why is bleaching herself sick? Why does she spend hours every week in salons? Why does she flaunt herself like she is expiring? She is on the shelf. Thus the desperation.

“After Thirty, the body has a mind of its own” – Bette Midlerjbh

So Annest Namata can bleach herself into oblivion but her body will have a mind of its own no matter what she does trying to hide her true age and trying her best to attract men’s attention by using the age bracket. A highly respectable man of substance and integrity cannot fall for her promiscuity and continuous lies. Morals are an integral part of self-respect.

“Arrogance and Pride are the master sin of the devil, and the devil is the father of lies” – Edwin Hubbell Chapin

Conceit is a disease — it makes everyone who knows her well, sick except Annest who is conceited. She has no conscience and neither does she have any remorse for the wrong she does to others. She manipulates people into thinking she is what she is not and convinces herself she has done no wrong because she thinks she has a special God and she thinks she is so great yet she is an obnoxious, very rude, ill mannered,  ignorant, excessively arrogant liar and a thief.

struggle to loose weight

 You find her buying these Teas to drink under the pretext of staying young and slimming. Exactly what makes her think Tea makes you look young is mind boggling.



This is NOT Character Assassination. This is Real Life Character Revelation.

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