30 Jul

events manager This is the job title that Annest Namata is extremely pompous and delusional about. She claims she is the best events manager ever . Mmmh!! I would like her to prove that she is the best events planner ever. She can dream on. She always claims to be in what she calls “hot meetings”. For events?? Are Events held every day/week? Even the biggest and most successful Events Companies in the world don’t plan/organise/hold events every week. This is an elaborate show of her constant delusions of grandeur and lies. She is in effect just eventan “Events planner” but she aggrandized the job just like she does everything else about her due to her severe excessive arrogance and deranged delusions of grandeur. At the end of the day, she”name drops” and or has affairs to get anything done or accomplished.

So it’s not really due to what she can do or skill she has. I have been told by many people in companies/organisations she has been to pitch, that all she does is “name drop” in order to get anything like a possible contract or business. No wonder in the side business she started after stealing money from me and stealing my business idea, she has to sleep around with the prospects and customers to get business because she can’t name drop.

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EM Here is an outline of the Events Management process to elaborate that you don’t have to be special or an Events Planner/ manager to know what needs to be done and to organise a successful event. This is knowledge that is just acquired through experience on the job.

 I managed the biggest Residential Event (“Kololo Youth”) in Kololo Uganda when I was just 17 years old. No one who lives in Kololo (an upmarket residential facebook_524498256
district in Uganda) has ever bettered it or done anything similar. I am not praising myself, the evidence is there for anyone interested in proving what was done. But I was not an Events planner/manager and I do not need to brag about it like Annest Namata brags about managing events. Events management has been around for many centuries since the 1930’s. So what is she bragging about?? Oh sorry she just realised a few years ago that there is something called Events management when she got her first and only job. Thus the arrogance. I forgot she is just a villager who has lived in the city for a few years and started wearing shoes in her senior years and it explains why she is suffering from excessive urban excitement. Thus the arrogance.



Event Planning:

Consulting with the client(s) to meet their very specific requirements and objectives
• Programme Design and Development
Marketing Strategies to maximise delegate attendance
• Venue Investigation & Selection (She does this alone and excludes everyone in order to solicit “Kickbacks” by inflating cost prices through vendors and suppliers)
• Vendor/Supplier Contract Negotiation (She does this on her own as well for kickbacks)
Database Administration of Delegates/Attendees
• Graphic Design to produce attractive promotional material
• Invitations & RSVP’s (Internet or paper based)
• Accommodation bookings and coordination thereof (Depends on the Event)get-attachment (86)
• Entertainment & Production Services
• Audio Visual, Lighting, Staging & Décor
• Theme and Decoration
• Local & International Speakers ( Depends on the Event)
• Photographic and Video Requirements
• Conference Language Translation services if required (Only required for some events)
• Banqueting, Catering and Menu Selection
• Complete Itinerary Services & Checklists for distribution amongst all team players
• Source Creative Corporate Gifts (depends on the event)
• Budget, Reconciliation and Continuous Financial Reporting

Travel Arrangements: ( If need be) Not required for all events

• Passport & Visa Arrangements(Depends on the Event)
• Travel bookings including Charter flight bookings when required (Depends on Event)
• Complete Airport Assistance (Depends on the event)
Car Hire booking, Coach/Bus Services & Shuttle Arrangements

Managing the Event:

• Registration Staffing & Services
• Delegate Conference Packs and Name Tags
Hotel Coordination & Rooming Lists (If required)Event_Management
• Check in/out of delegates
• Banqueting & Catering Coordination
• Conference Leisure & Transportation
• Coordination of all Production Services, Technical Aspects and Vendors
• Financial Reporting & Account Reconciliation ( She does this privately in order to sieve out what to steal from the company)
• Post Event Evaluation and Follow-up


I am not an Events Management specialist and I do not purport to be but I know this is all that needs to be done. It does not mean this is how she works it out because all she is after is the commissions she will get as she has said several times to many people including myself. So what I have outlined is not her way of doing it. She chose to do Events Management to get men for money and her promiscuous antics because she realised this during the time she was working as an Usher. She hooked up with men behind my back and slept around. I will  not name them because this blog is not about them. She chooses to concentrate on this for her love of money and getting men for money #Gold Digger. She has always used these events to lure men as her next victims for money and material things. That’s where she has met most of the men she is having serial affairs with. She goes to the extent of instigating the affairs. How cheap.

wekgv So what is the big deal about being an Events Planner/manager the job that Annest Namata claims people are jealous of her about. What is there to be jealous about in this job? Why would people be jealous of her job as she CLAIMS? What would possess you Annest to be obnoxiously arrogant because of this job? All because she makes illegal commissions a.ka.”Kickbacks” from the events and she boasted to me that her manager approves of all the “kickbacks” she solicits. If the “Kickbacks” are approved by her manager, why does she collude with the vendors and suppliers and hide them in the costings of products or services? SHE IS JUST A THIEF. That explains why there have been no substantial profits made over the years she has worked because she is busy caring about how much money she STEALS for herself from illegal commissions and boasting that she is a business woman. She is a business thief.
 What specialist skills are needed to do this job? NONE. Yes it needs, organisational skills, projections, a lot of effort sometimes depending on the event and can at times be very hectic BUT it is not rocket science as she makes it out to be. This is the same person who begged me for years to give her ideas. All the ideas I gave her, she would present as her own and yet she is here bragging that she has brains.To-date she is googling and Pinteresting all the ideas and claiming them as her own. How daft!

fbws It is amazing that she prays so hard and writes all over calendars wishes and hope that an event succeeds because it is too big a job for her. Now we know that the prayers are so that she can be praised for the success and so that she can go ahead ripping off from the illicit commissions she makes illegally from the events plus trying to get men she can trap as her next victims for her narcissistic supply to justify her continued arrogance and showing off. Every event she organises she hooks up men and has affairs with them regardless of where they are coming from or what their set-up is. Whenever there is an event, she shops, dresses up, has her hair done and polishes her nails in a saloon for hours readying herself to get men’s attention. As she once said “that is when she gets men’s attention to make money”.
 How cheap can one make themselves. I should have known better that I was allowing a slut and thief into my life. So disgusting!

get-attachmentget-attachment (1)

 If you asked Annest Namata what ITIL V2 and V3 Event Management is, would she be able to answer? Does she know what it is? Of course not. Does she know anything eventproabout event management software?? Absolutely NOT. She thinks Excel is an events management software. And she dares brag that she is the best events manager. #Deranged/Delusional.

All Annest Namata thinks about is making under hand illegal commissions a.k.a. “kickbacks” out of the events for her selfish ends NOT for the good of the company she works for. She does not care about the company she works for. Anything she is involved in is about her, money and men for their money and assets.

This is a lucrative business but for all the events she has planned over the years, where is all the money that could have been made as profit? All she does is brag and looks out to make her money out of kickbacks and meet and hook up with men for her promiscuous affairs.

EVENT If she was that good as she praises herself, she would have suggested diversification and spin-offs of the business in many different ways. But she is after something else ie stealing money disguised in over inflated costs after conniving with Vendors and Suppliers. So she cant be constructive in any way or form. If she was in a more demanding and prestigious professional job, what would she say and how would she act around people? She would be busy being arrogant and stealing. What would the extent of her arrogance be? She better keep her disgusting arrogance to herself. Posing that she is corporate all because she is an Events Planner/manager. What is the big deal? Does that job really validate her sheer arrogance or her poser personality? Why is she irreverently arrogant? There is absolutely no need to be arrogant in this and in any other kind of job.


  Does Annest Namata know the history of Events Management? Obviously NOT at all. She does not realise that Events Management started in the 1930’s. They even had the Tents that Annest Namata talks about like they are something new or extraordinary. Well she just saw them when she started the only job she has had. Ignorance is bliss.

 So she should STOP bragging about being an Events planner/Manager. Besides that there are very many events companies in the world and there are millions of Events Managers who are sooo much better than she will ever be. Humility is something she doesn’t know and will never know.

 In addition to all this, she does not keep any records and when she does it is not complete. Yes there are files but I bet you they are not complete and many records are missing. If anyone took over from her in this department, I can guarantee you she would claim she was too busy doing everything else to keep detailed records from the time she started to now. She would give excuses that she was doing everything on her own. How can you operate a department like this without proper records. Obviously she is hiding something. Even if there were some files, they would not be clear and she would act like she is the only who knows when filing is a straight forward process.

If they carried out an audit in that department that she manages, would she have any over the years up-to-date records that can be audited without her making up the records?? IF THEY DID A FORENSIC AUDIT THEY WOULD DEFINITELY FIND HER THIEVING/STEALING WRITTEN ALL OVER THE TRANSACTIONS SHE HAS HANDLED OVER THE YEARS. All she does is go around posing “I am a manager, I am busy, etc”, calls herself corporate. Is that how corporate managers operate or behave? Is bragging part of her corporate thinking. Its a big deal to her. She has never worked anywhere else and does not have a clue how things should operate. So she brags in the company like she knows it all. Worst of all, she walks around with “airs of arrogance” and talks like she owns the company thus her delusions of grandeur. At the end of it all, she is stealing from the company and I am sure one day the company owners will find out she has embezzled/ stolen a lot of money from them.

Every time there is an event she has to organise, she rings people for ideas. If she is praising herself let her show her crappy creativity or total lack of it. She is not creative at all. All she is good at is organising when things are already done. It is like moving things from A to B and liaising with who as moved them. But along the way, all she wants is to paid kickbacks for the companies providing services and products. That’s all she is good at. After the event she praises herself not the people she got ideas from. She cannot even thank them. If she is so great at events, why is she ringing and emailing people for ideas about events. She used to ring me and email me about every event and training but after she would be too arrogant to even say thank you but  was quick to attribute the success to herself. She is simply a manipulating User and Gold Digger in every respect.

So Annest Namata, you can keep your ego delusional thieving trophy and ignorant backward putrid arrogance to yourself and maybe to those who do not know you and your thieving delusional background and promiscuity manners but THINK they know you.



This is NOT Character Assassination. This is her real life Character Revelation.

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  3. Angela Kwebaza

    December 2, 2013 at 09:13

    There are many events companies. I have attended very many much better events than she plans. She is not the best events planner as she poses may be she is the best in her little arrogant head.

  4. Maureen Ocaya Latigo

    May 13, 2013 at 14:27

    Eh Eh! Hm! I have attended some of the events she has arranged, they are good but they are not the most margical. There is nothing new or special about them. Only that I did not know that she boasts about being an events manager. What I noticed is she prepares herself like she is going for a world premier. It seems like you have told us, she does it to get men’s attention who she finds at events. If she is like that and is not stable in any relationship, then you cant be with her in any relationship. That job needs a lot of trust, which she cannot be given. Let her jump around. Leave her to swing from man to man. Let her be.


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