22 Jul

It is strange that I predicted Annest Namata’s behaviour right from the start of our relationship. Her behaviour seemed too good to be true. There seemed to be too much pretence than the reality could proclaim but she always clouded my questioning about her mannerisms with the “religious curtain” that she still uses by saying  –     “I am Born Again”,  “I am saved”, “I am not like that”, “I am different”, “Everybody trusts me”, “I am a true believer”, “I am faithful”, “I have never hurt anyone, it is others who hurt me”, etc. She tells everybody she Hypocritewants to get money and material things from the very same things. That is her cover for deceit and gold digging. SHE IS NOT GENUINE OR HONEST AT ALL.

She is very very conniving. She used to even kneel for me to show/pretend that she was genuine. All that was pure gold digging deceit and pretence. That is why I say Annest Namata will do anything and I repeat anything to make you believe she is honest and genuine BUT she will use you, rip you off, steal from you and move on to the next man. She thinks she is divine. She is so evil, she does not see anything wrong with what she does.

This got to the extent of me telling my late Aunt (RIP) who was her friend that I don’t trust her as a “Born Again” and Annest also told her in order to get her to support. My exact words at the time were “If you claim you are born again, I don’t trust you because every born again I have been in contact with has done a lot more harm and hurt me in one way or another.”, “let me down”, and so many other things. Annest did all she could to get my late Aunt (RIP) to support her in making me believe that she is different and honest, etc.

Annest Namata is not ashamed. She continues to make the same claims to-date. Her vile deceit and lies continue. The last she wrote was “I have changed I am not the same”. She forgets she told me the very same thing during our relationship. But the very next day, she would be busy seducing men and or falling for the attention they are paying her.

At the time, I said to her “I hope I don’t give you everything, you get comfortable, you start getting the attention, grow big-headed, grow horns and then turn against me the very person who brought you from very little, who did everything for you and brought you from next to nothing”. She claimed she loved me too much to hurt me. of course she was lying. As she was saying that, she was sleeping around.

Annest denied vehemently and claimed she can never do anything like that, claiming she is very different, she is Born Again. In fact her exact statement was “I can never ever do anything to you”. No one has ever done what you have done for me in such a short time. When you came into my life, my life changed completely”.  She kept saying it and writing it to me up to very recently. Today she is saying that I made her a slave by giving her everything.

If there is a prison/sanctuary for manipulators, Users and Gold diggers, Annest should be the first one there. She is so evil.

evilShe did everything she vowed and promised she would NEVER do and or ever be. Whatever she denied, is exactly what she did and turned out to be. What an evil narcissistic hypocrite she is. Annest Namata is an evil promiscuous narcissist.

Her motto plan seems to be, start by killing the person with pretence good deeds and make belief kindness then bury him at the point of perceived happiness and success. That’s what she does.

I guess it always comes down to the way she was brought up.

Her irrational disgusting behaviour (arrogance, criticism, judgments, Miss know-it-all, etc.) has negative effects on any kind of relationship, be it personal or professional.

She claims, she is a true believer and Born Again but she doesn’t either seem to understand the Bible or chooses to interpret it in a way that suits her purpose. All she is good at is constantly praising herself like she knows it all and flaunting her ignorant arrogance around town like she is so divine.

In the Bible it clearly states “Let someone else praise you, not your own mouth — a stranger, not your own lips.” Proverbs 27:2

She continues to praise herself and think so great of herself. “She thinks the sun came up just to hear her crow.” Cowboy Wisdom.

Annest  is never a failure at being a great major disappointment in a every faculty of being and life.

The law of Karma states:- If you do people wrong, you get it Double what you did…..

Up to this day, Annest  Namata continues to act arrogant, do people who treat her right, wrong.



This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life Character her Revelation.

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