17 Jul

clarity of thought and vision

Thanks to the Blog readers who have given me feedback with regards to this Blog.

I would like to make further clarification in brief as to why this Blog was written to avoid being misunderstoodClarifying and derailed from the theme and purpose.

Question you should pose to yourselves; What would prompt someone to write an elaborate Blog?
Truth and Lies - Copy I am not in any way weak, jealous or bitter at all as some readers may have been led to believe by the subject of this Blog Annest Namata. She always gives the same reason i.e. that people are jealous of her. Jealous of her for what? For sleeping around? She gave me the same reason about the ex boyfriend and I believed it at the time. There is absolutely no reason to be jealous of Annest. There is nothing to be jealous about her. Some have made private comments without understanding or trying to get to know the real reasons and think I am “unhinged”. But it is okay, everyone is entitled to their opinion whether it is informed or not. They ought to know the person unhinged is the subject of this Blog.  There is no reason why I need to be weak and there is nothing to be jealous about Annest as far as I am concerned. Neither is there reason to be jealous about her job or her. There are much better jobs out there to be jealous about if at all. For those who know my job cannot even begin to compare it to hers.

Why would I be jealous when there was a lot of  money missing in my company and she was the only other signatory and avoided the appointed auditor, and could not account for missing and misappropriated money? She stole from me. So why would I be jealous of Annest Namata the promiscuous thief? She does this kind of thing to many other people and expects everybody to keep quiet. She will answer for it in court. She does not understand what civility is. Why would I be jealous when she was cheating on me in the relationship right from the start yet she claimed she had changed from her past and was Born again? I made it clear from the start that if she wanted to have fun she should not enter into a relationship with me. I even told her the relationship would be a great test of her moral high ground and she claimed she would be patient, loving, honest loyal, etc. All those are lies she tells every man she goes with. She is simply a thieving Gold Digger.

This Blog was written as a result of a number of attempts by me  and various others trying to make Annest Namata understand that people have real feelings, people have common sense, people think before they act plus attempts at trying to make her think and understand that civility is the best option plus making her understand the repurcussions of her arrogance.  Her worthless arrogance blurred her vision. She could not and cannot account for misappropriation of my investments and it is quite obvious that she stole, etc. She was also spreading unsolicited made up rumours about me. Despite my attempts at telling her to stop it, she did not. So let the whole truth and nothing but the truth be revealed now.

As a result of her continued obnoxious worthless arrogance, I chose to put the truth out for everyone she had lied to, to know because she has done this to many other people and adopted this stance of worthless uncalled for arrogance by making statements like “I am better than him”, “there is nothing that can happen to me”, etc and all her other nonsensical ignorant talk. In what way is she better than me or anyone else she claims she is better than? So she thinks anyway in her delusional world.

She did very many foolish immoral cheap stuff and she begged me for forgiveness and I thought forgiving her was the best thing because I wanted to make the relationship work regardless. But I now know, it is one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made. Having a relationship with Annest Namata is the biggest mistake you can ever make.

threats3 She chose to continue being promiscuous, haughty and arrogant e.g. she made threatening statements like “Nothing can happen to me”, “there is nothing you can do to me”, “You no nothing” (Know is mis-spelt here), “you are jealous of me”, “you are jealous of my job, “you are listening to the wrong people”, “Watch out something will happen to you”, etc and the final straw was she started vandalising my late mothers image and name, etc. No one has a right to vandalise my late mothers name. She continued making up stories about me that she could not justify and neither could she prove them. But all that was in order to justify her immoral disgusting behaviours and antics which had been discovered.

 Why would I be jealous of her? She is what she is today because of me. What was she before I met her AND WHEN I MET HER? WHAT DID SHE HAVE WHEN I MET HER EVEN WHEN SHE STARTED WORKING? WHAT?
She now lies to people and those who don’t know believe her lies. She calls herself a Business woman. MAYBE BUSINESS SLUT. Did she have any money and or Business and or business acumen before I met her? For those who know her well and even those that saw her when she started that job she is arrogant about know the real truth. She did not have any phone etiquette or office etiquette at all. What she had when she started working was all mine. All I didnt know was that she was busy showing off and telling lies.

She is still arrogant now because of what she misappropriated and attained the wrong way and thinks she is untouchable and still believes that people cannot believe what has been written about her to expose her. She has written to me recently stating “You think people can believe what you are writing”, “Nothing can happen to me” and tried to scare me about my safety thinking I will stop. That is not the way to do it as far I am concerned. But I thank her for threatening me about my safety.

She created a different story for each of her “audiences” as to why we broke up and claims she threw me out. The truth of the matter is she was thrown out of my house and she is very lucky that I was civil but she misinterpreted my civility as her being clever and great. What a pity!  If she threw me out, why has she moved to different houses five times in one year but I have not?

I know she told some people that I was controlling her life. I was NOT dictating what she did, otherwise I would not have bought her cars so that she can go where she wants or do what she wants with ease. I provided her with the means to live a good life and was not there half the time to control her or even see what she was doing as she claims. She had all the freedom to do what she wanted. Neither was I determining where she went or what she did. I gave her everything she ever wanted and encouraged her to develop as a person, make friends and did so much for her. But she cannot appreciate anything anyone does for her. She is the most ungrateful evil person you can ever come across. BUT what goes around comes around.

But anyhow, it is quite obvious she wanted her cake and eat it too by thinking that she can switch the relationship as she wishes to “friend and business partners” whilst she goes on with the other affairs (her narcissistic new supplies). What business partner? What did she contribute to my business for her to make out she was my business partner? What? Maybe stealing my company money and avoiding accountability. There is nothing professional about her other than her worthless arrogance and cheating.

Well, Annest you are now free as you said to be promiscuous, immoral and a cheat. as you wish but I will not have you in my life with no morals. I don’t promote and condone immorality. That is my principle. But you will explain how and why you stole money and other things from me.

Annest did all this whilst also vandalising/soiling my name behind my back, refused to account for many things in relation to me, my company and my late mothers Bank Accounts. All the while, she was busy praising herself and acting extremely arrogant and vile.

No one on this planet has a right to disrespect a persons parents especially when they have passed away. NO ONE. She also thinks she is above the law and on top of the world and that’s why she did it.

Apart from that, Annest was living a high life as a result of what my mother did i.e. raise me right. You will notice, I have not disrespected her parents at all. But Annest who has no ethics and morals whatsoever, thinks she has a right  to do that especially when my mother passed away. She will be punished for that. I don’t have to do anything. God will take care of that. She thinks she has a special God.

For those who know her well, know that Annest does not respect her own parents and her family if anyone. Simply because she is the Bread winner in her family as she refers to herself, she thinks it is okay to disrespect them and anyone else.  After all, she looks after them to show off to the neighbouring families that she is doing better than them. That explains why she goes home every christmas to show off what she has acquired whether wrongly or the right way NOT to be with family.

She is very ill mannered. In all the years I was with her, she did not have her mothers phone number, never called to speak to her and never bothered about her. She only contacted her father whom she spoke to with utter total disrespect.

So it is not surprising. I treated her right and sought to make her part of the family and be respectable but she misinterpreted all that, took me for granted and chose to take advantage of me, all for her love of money and promiscuous ways.

To this day, she continues to be and act extremely arrogant and abuses her bosses names, status and reputation by saying “nothing can be done to me because of who I work for”; “I am high profile”, etc. This is evident in the comments made by one of the Blog readers which tallies with my experience. She also claims to be important in the company so she thinks nothing can happen to her. She is very delusional. No one is above the law and No one is untouchable.

Her continued pretence, habitual lies, deceit and excessive arrogance is testimony for all those that know her and or have dealt with her whether on a personal and or professional basis. I don’t have to deal with her nonsense any more. But the truth about her shall be told to protect her potential victims out there.

NOTE:- This is not character assassination. This is real life character revelation.




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