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Annest Namata claims to be “Born Again”, genuine, honest, faithful, “God fearing”. All this is NOT true at all. UTTER NONSENSE AND LIES. She uses all these claims to get peoples’ trust and to make people believe she is humble and honest. She uses it as a curtain for her ulterior sinister evil practises at a later stage. She is just a promiscuous Gold Digger.

 I realised that I had to have a relationship with a devil for four and a half years, before I could realise what she is. I got warnings about her evil being, her devilish behaviour, her evil mind but kept forgiving her until the final straw in 2011. Before, I did not want to believe what I was being told.

 My late mother and her late best friend who were like sisters have been watching from heaven and I am sure were warning me as well. For the sake of love, I kept forgiving the devil of a woman.

But I guess I had to live with the devil for a while to know  to understand that she is a devil with an evil mind. Sometimes, you’ve got to live with the enemy close to know them better. And I think I did just that.

AWERVG So despite her claiming she is christian a.k.a . Born Again, she always talks about death and still does to this day. So what kind of religious God fearing Born Again person is this who talks about death and threatening me about my safety? Makes you wonder what she thinks she is. WHY IS SHE A THIEF IF SHE CLAIMS SHE IS BORN AGAIN?

But that is what she does when her cheating actions and antics are uncovered. She threatens you with death, stupid threats about her being a particular tribe, untouchable, threatens your security and all sorts of other foolish things. Annest Namata you better realise, you may have done it to other men and may be they were scared but do not bother doing it to me and think I will be scared. Never.

The Prosperity of gospel has made it easy for her to con people and hide behind religion. The CRC Church she attends is a bottomless pit. The whole SOWING and REAPING divine principle has been totally twisted and reduced to sowing monetary and material things.

The Scripture: Romans 8:6-8

“The mind of sinful man is death….The sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to God’s law, nor can it stop pretending to be christiando so. Those controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God.”

Being born again, is an act of God whereby eternal life is imparted to the person who believes. How can Annest relate to this by what she does, how she treats others and what she does? How can a Cheater and thief be born again?

A person needs to be born again in order to have their sins forgiven and have a relationship with God. But Annest has always claimed she is Born Again while doing everybody wrong, cheating, vandalising peoples names, being two faced and evil and stealing from people. So how can she have a relationship with God when she is constantly sinning? She can’t even pray the prayer of repentance. So is she really giving her heart to the Lord?
Annest Namata seems to think because she is seeking and getting certain peoples attention by flaunting herself therefore she is very important today. May be she is in her delusional deranged world. She has retarded delusions of grandeur.
But the day of reckoning is coming. You cannot pretend to be loving, genuine, honest, religious, pretend to have a special relationship with God thus regard yourself as Born Again whilst living a devilish life of lies, deceit, cheating, stealing and think you will go to Heaven.

Annest, all those lies you were telling me and being deceifult for years, e.g. ” I am going to the hill every Friday night for Friday night prayer”. Is that what you were doing under the guise of religion supported by God? \”I am going to to the airstrip to exercise”. You really think God supports cheats and thieves?
I now know where your Friday night vigils were and where YOUR hill on Entebbe road you were going to supposedly to pray as you claim was. How come you don’t go to that hill to pray any more? She was going to spend nights with men and lying to me she is going for all nigh prayers. Annest Namata is a Cheap serial Cheating promiscuous prostitute.

How can I dedicate myself and my life to you Annest and you choose to cheat on me right from the start of our relationship with so many men. And you are quick to shift the blame and claim I was cheating on you. Any way that is what she always does. You try your best to shift the blame, turn the tables, play the victim and act innocent in every matter after you have been caught doing wrong. You do the same at work in the company you work for. Annest Namata’s ill mannerisms and deceit are very well-known by everyone who knows her well.

I have written this blog. Let anyone come and prove that I cheated with them as Annest has been lying about me. No one will because I did not cheat at all like Annest Namata the prostitute did.

Annest Namata is very evil, the greatest liar and con and most of all very deceitful and promiscuous.

NOTE:- This is not character assassination. This is Annest Namata’s character revelation.




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