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This Post title depicts the irrelevant slutty idiotic utterances and comments that Annest Namata was making and telling her friends and colleagues. I will respond in detail as a matter to great respect to my late mother. Another way of responding as a matter of respect to my late mother wouldThis is personal be to ignore the Slut Annest. But I will respond.

 First and foremost, Annest Namata DOES NOT know anything about my late mother apart from knowing who she was as my mother and seeing the pictures. She came into my life after my mother had past away. So for her to claim my mother was a witch is her STUPID retarded ghetto/village way of trying to hurt me. BUT it will not work because I know Annest Namata’s evil ways. There is no point in trying to answer to her cheap ghetto/village antics.

 How do you respond to an immoral irrespectable slut who goes out of her way to disrespect your late mother and steals from your late mothers estate? This is all after she has spent four years disrespecting my late mother by putting her pictures off the wall in my house, face down in a cupboard in my absenceHOW?

 If Annest Namata can talk ill of an elder who passed away who is my mother and then steal from her estate, then it shows what Annest Namata is worth. She is just a putrid imbecile not worth dealing with in any way or form. She is an immoral evil deceitful imbecile.

 She has used this before or said this of her friend’s mother as a way to hurt them. I was witness to her saying it several times and was not She has nothing to say about her motherhappy about her trying to vandalise peoples mothers on the cheap. But anyway those are Annest Namata’s cheap antics that are of no relevance to society. SHE IS AN IMMORAL SLUT.
However, it goes to show her evil character and claims that she is “Born Again” and God-fearing. She just acts holy but she is evil. If she is, do you say such things of people’s mothers especially when they have passed away? Even if she was alive, the least you would expect is respect. But of course if Annest cannot respect herself, how can she respect anyone else? That explains why she does not respect her own parents especially her mother. The four years I was with her, she never ever called her mother at all NOT even to say hello.

Annest the promiscuous snake NO ONE CAN DISRESPECT MY MOTHER AND I KEEP QUIET OR I RESPECT THEM. NO ONE REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY ARE HAS THE RIGHT TO DISRESPECT ANYONE’S MOTHER/PARENT. YOUR MOTHER BRINGS YOU INTO THIS WORLD AND NURTURES YOU. YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE BECAUSE OF YOUR MOTHER. This slut Annest Namata does not know that because she was abandoned by her mother. So she pretends to respect your mother at the start of the relationship/friendship then later in the relationship behind your back she starts disrespecting her


She is doing and saying all this after four and a half years of acting/pretending like she respected my late mother to the point of going to her grave and attending to the grave in my presence for four and a half years. Now she has the audacity to say that my late mother is the last person she would ever respect. To that all I say is, Annest Namata you are a disrespectful immoral vile idiot. Don’t DARE call yourself “Born Again”. Anyway, I don’t need Annest Namata to respect my late mother because IF my mother was alive she WOULD NOT respect Annest Namata the prostitute anyway. My mother would have seen through all her slutty lies and thieving ways. Even as she is watching us from above, she must have been opposing the relationship we had because Annest Namata is a slut and always will be and my mother would NOT accept that at all. I write this knowing what my mothers principles were.

dsbaMy late mother (RIP) was an AIDs campaigner and was a founder of a Womens Empowerment Organisation called “Women Empowerment” that she started and ran on her own, worked with NOTU, worked in Telecommunications, Womens Gender, was a Union Official, a Local Councillor of Kampala Central and was a Business Woman.

So no promiscuous imbecile like Annest Namata can dare disrespect her because Annest Namata will NEVER and I repeat NEVER achieve what my mother managed to achieve. NEVER. Even as she is selling her body day and night. NEVER.


 So my mother would NOT entertain Annest Namata who sleeps around and boasts cheaply about going for AIDS test three times every month confirming the fact that she sleeps around and is a kampala slut.

 For those of you who know her and are dealing with Annest Namata, judge the character you are dealing with and the claims of righteousness she is making as a person and decide what you have before you and what kind of idiotic selfish evil person you are dealing with.

I think the job she does plus her loose cheap promiscuity while bragging how rich and successful she is can tell anyone who knows her that she is daft and simply a Gold Digger. If she was so clever would she be an Events organiser? No wonder she sleeps around with the men she meets in the events she organises.


report card2

Her claims and lies that I was daft in class and that I was debarred from every school I went to. Do I really need to react to that? Okay if I was daft in class, what am I to-date? The schools she went to leave a hell of a lot to be desired. Annest Namata tell us which schools you went to. She cannot even talk about the schools she went walking to for two hours bare footed with no shoes and she is now being arrogant. First of all, we never ever discussed my school times with her because she was very cagey about the schools she went to if at all she did. Secondly, she did not see any of my schools reports as she claims.

NTARE SCHOOLwe Annest came to my life 5 years ago. So how could she have got my “school reports”. She claims she was keeping them for me. How and Why? What primary schools did she got to in comparison to mine? She claims I was debarred from Ntare School which I attended. Let her give the evidence that I was debarred. But for those who know, I left Ntare because the West of the country was cut off as a result of the war.  So I left on my OWN accord. So her claims are baseless, a lie and really stupid as usual. I left Namilyango College on my OWN accord because I could NOT dig for teachers which was a requirement by the headmaster at the time. I was there for education not to dig in school gardens. That’s why I left. I later had a stint in City High School in Kololo whcih got me to a University in UK. So Annest Namata go on opening your gob because the real truth is being revealed now. She didn’t even qualify to go to University, that’s why she was a private student living in a private hostel as a private student. She DID NOT pay her own tuition fees as she lies. Her tuition fees were paid by another man who is married to her sister. No wonder she did BA Arts in Arts and she cannot explain what she studied. That’s the best degree she could be offered. The question is if she can’t explain her degree course, how did she get it. Did she sleep around for the degree. Nothing about her surprises me now that I know the facts about her.

Nevertheless, to prove her utterly foolish rhetoric, let us compare the schools I wentKitante Primary School to, to the Schools she went to plus her performance and mine.
No offence but the fact of the matter is that the schools she went to CANNOT in any way be compared to the ones I went to. The primary school I went to was visited by the Queen of England as a representation of all schools in Uganda. So where is the primary school Annest Namata went to?  Where? She cannot even talk about it. This is a very good example of Annest Namata trying to say she is very clever and I am stupid or everybody else is stupid or she is better than anybody else. She is very delusional andKPS deranged to say the least. This all proves her foolishness and “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”. Let her compare her primary schools she attended to mine. The schools she attended CANNOT be compared to the ones I attended at all.

Let us compare her University qualifications to my University qualifications. What qualifications does she have? BA Arts in Arts. Is that a qualification to boast about? Is she a Postgraduate? Absolutely Not. How did she get her get her grades when she can’t explain the course. She slept around for her grades and she is now boasting “I graduated from Makerere University”. So why is she opening her loose foul filthy mouth and exposing her backwardness and foolishness? This will prove who is dormant as she has claimed. She doesn’t even have an honours degree and has the audacity to open her big filthy putrid mouth and devalue my qualifications. What are her qualifications? WHAT?


 Did she go to Nursery let alone a private nursery school? She never stepped in a nursery school. So her sheer arrogance is worthless. No wonder her English is so bad. I taught her how to construct English sentences. When I met her she could not construct sensible English sentences, she couldn’t write basic emails, etc She is now here bragging with a fake American accent as if she has ever lived or stepped in America and even she has by now, how long has she lived there to warrant a fake American acccent?

 Let’s compare Universities and types of degrees attained. What is BA Arts in Arts that she has? She can’t even explain what she did at University. She obviously did not attain the degree by working for it but used her body to get the transcripts.





 Let’s compare Universities. All she does is boast with no etiquette. So let’s get the facts out and prove where she hails from. She is arrogant for nothing. I helped her get to where she is and be recognised and taught her everything – manners and etiquette now she is being arrogant. For what?

 Can we compare jobs? I think we should compare jobs as well. She told her colleagues I am doing “Kyeyo” because that is the best she could do if she lived outside Uganda. Uganda is one of the regions I manage. So am I doing Kyeyo in Kampala as well? I feel sorry for her. Even if I was to do “Kyeyo”, I’d still earn more than her even after she has stolen money from her employers as she always does and the myriad of men she is sleeping around with as a “side dish” as it is referred to in Uganda.

 No wonder whenever I was with her, she was always talking about “Side Dishes” and “sexual  networks” every day I was with her because she has always been practising the Side Dish affairs with several men on a long sexual network. 

No wonder she is quick to point fingers at people by telling them “stop telling people am sleeping with so and so”. Yet those people have not said anything or even thought about it. After I found out that she sleeps around and got the evidence she accused me of the same thing yet I never even thought about it. I had never thought that way and neither had i said anything like that. That’s because she is guilty.

The proof is in the pudding. Annest let us compare your job to mine. All she is doing is being manipulative where she works in order to show she can do anything to get a better job. What does she know about Training? What does she know about marketing? She would beg me for ideas to present to the company and would present them as her own. So her managers are under the illusion that she knows what she is doing when in reality she is begging men for ideas and presenting them as her own.

She is someone whom I would explain to what my job is, time and time again and she could not understand it. This is the same person whom I taught etiquette, normal everyday behaviour(etiquette), how to write reports, communicate, write professional emails, gave Business ideas, taught her what food to order in hotels,etc and she now dares compare herself to me and so many other things but she can never appreciate. No wonder she now depends on “Docstoc” for documents paid for by someone else. Why can’t she use her own brain? She would not be praising herself as to how she has a brain. If you genuinely have something, you don’t praise yourself. You don’t brag.

Annest should not have made a fool of herself by making such stupid utterances thinking that her audience is stupid. I have never put her job down despite knowing what it is in comparison to mine. But now I have to analyse her ability to do her job because I aided her with a lot of ideas for her job. She didn’t have a clue as to what to do. She couldn’t even write basic emails and now she has the guts to be arrogant. What an idiot.
Annest, I loved you for you, NOT for what you were, your qualifications, standards, or where you were from but obviously I was in love with the wrong evil person who is NOT worthy of my trust and love at all.

Doing anything with Annest Namata is the Biggest and the worst mistake I’ve ever made in my life. She is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.


 She is making comments disguising herself as Christine Agon, Mercy Line, Peter Bagonza and Charlotte Aine and using those disguises to disrespect my late mother. Is there a name like “Line”? How stupid! She is such an ignorant evil Slut. Evil to the core. Annest comment as yourself because I know what you are trying to do. She is playing the victim as she normally does when she has done wrong and trying her best to involve her employers and other people by trying to claim the Blog is about them.

 This Blog is NOT about anyone else but Annest Namata and her immoral antics and  it clearly states it right from the first page of the Blog. It is plain for all to see and read. So Annest Namata should not try to derail the purpose of this Blog. The truth about Annest Namata shall be told as it is. Her strategies of stealing from men will also be uncovered and revealed. Annest Namata will not steal, cheat, use people, vandalise their names, make claims that she has been used, abuse people, abuse their parents, yet it is her using people and think everyone will keep quiet. She should Stop thinking she is untouchable because she is forgetting where and how she started and where she came from.

download (2) Annest is now trying her best to threaten me e.g. she is now threatening me about my safety in images (55)Uganda. Let me make something clear to Annest Namata. Annest will not threaten my safety in Uganda so that I can stop writing the Blog about the truth about her evil thieving and promiscuous thieving life. She CANNOT threaten my sanctity. Let her try somebody else and NOT me. She is trying her best to act the victim as she ALWAYS does when she is guilty and she is trying to involve her employers as she claimed now and before but it is obvious this Blog is about Annest Namata NOT about her employers, fellow employees or anyone else.  She has threatened me that things will happen to me, she has said she cannot guarantee my safety, etc. She loves money so much that she can do anything to get at it. Who/what does Annest Namata think she is? Annest Namata will answer to the law about her THEFTS.

Annest is playing “victimhood” again as a way to turn the tables and look for a scapegoat for all the wrong she has done to so many people out there.Annest always blames the person she has done wrong for all the wrong she has done

She always looks for someone to blame for her problems and mistakes she has made which she creates while all along she has been self distracting. It would be wise to find out the real source of her problems only then will she  find a way  to move past them and resolve them amicably. But sadly she does not know or understand civility. That’s why she starts fights and arguments everywhere she goes.

But as usual, Annest considers herself above the law and expects others to deal with her according to her foolish egotistic delusional exaggerated self-inflated valuation of self-worth. Not me. That’s why she justifies her crimes and thinks by association everyone she steals from will be scared of her. People will now know who she is and what she is. Where did you Annest start from? Where do you come from? Who and what are your family? She now CLAIMS an American is her family.

BUT thank you Annest Namata for threatening me. I am aware that you are threatening other people around town thinking you are untouchable and so great now. Annest Namata is telling people she is high profile and nothing can happen to her. How delusional! 

NOTE: This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life Character Revelation of this evil deceitful Annest Namata.

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