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Here are Tale-Tell signs of Annest Namata’s Evil Narcissistic Personality:-

Annest Namata the serial promiscuous cheat • Too Good to be True: A friendship/relationship with Annest Namata starts so well and seems too good to believe by what she does for you and says to you. This comes from name-dropping, impression management, denial or concealment of things she has done, religious claims and plain lying to win your trust and love. This is both for personal and professional relationships. She lives a deceitful lie. So DO NOT fall for her deceitful pretentious charm. IT’S ALL PRETENCE/ACTING. #VERY DECEITFUL

Entitlement: This is her expecting special treatment or expecting to be treated differently than others. At first this can seem like confidence or assurance or enjoying the fruits of the little proclaimed success like it did seem to me, but time will show that it is out of proportion and she devalues others. Her thinking of entitlement is out of proportion and is delusional and gets worse. This exposes her constant delusions of grandeur. For example she thinks she has to be catered for in any circumstance like she is anything more special.

Blaming Others: She blames others every time not just for things for which she as a narcissist is responsible for doing wrong, but also for frustrations where no one is to blame. This is entitlement and externalizing working together. She thinks she is never wrong in anything she does and for her wrong immoral behaviour. So she looks for a scapegoat by looking for someone to blame in each and every scenario. She will plan to do something and when and if it goes wrong, she shift the blame by turning the tables. She always blames others for her PUTRID disgusting behaviour.images (70)

Self Focus /Very Selfish: As a narcissist she may seem like she is interested in others, but only as narcissistic suppliers. A tell-tale sign is that narcissists like Annest are not interested in what others are interested in. She may learn to mechanically ask about others’ concerns or well fare but she will be clearly bored and switch the attention and focus back onto herself quickly. Watch her behaviour. She is extremely selfish.

Generosity ‘Out of the Blue‘: Sure there are people who are natural at giving and warm but the beneficiariespretentious generosity of this are people they have already come to know and love. Narcissistic Annest Namata will use this as a seduction technique. This generosity can come in different forms e.g. by offering to do something for you. If she offers to spend, it will not be out of her own pocket. She will use someone’s money she has stolen and pass it on as her own and worst of all will not tell the owner of the money like she did to me.  She offered to lend money to the company she works for and other people like her Pastor, using my money and did not tell me. But to those people she came off as generous. If you don’t know why you were ‘singled out’ for the generosity, then watch out! The end result is for her own selfish benefit. By lending my money to the company she works for, she wanted to be noticed and favoured by the management of the company plus getting interest as someone who has their best interests.Which is not the case. So it was not a genuine gesture but it was about her gaining out of it.Worst of all she did not tell me yet she was using my money and gaining from my money.get-attachment (36)

History of re-Inventing Oneself: Productive people change jobs but tend to stay in the same or a related field to build on the past. Likewise, social groups change slowly but not all at once. With a narcissist like Annest Namata, there is a tendency to change type of work, location of residence(to hide her ill mannerisms), hobbies(she doesn’t have any but copies e.g. yoga, swimming just because she envies people doing them), and  she changes ‘friends’ in one ‘fail swoop’. In part, this is because it is possible for the magnetism of her narcissism to allow her to penetrate a new group like a hot knife in butter but it is also because the previous group of for example friend(s) or serial partners she calls friends, were catching up on to what she really is and what her behaviour is. I caught on the fact that she is promiscuous and a thief because she cheated on me and stole from me a lot of money. So she had to change friends, location of residence, etc. She doesn’t realise kampala is small (to her it is big) and it is all a small world.

Denial of Struggle or Suffering: This is different from reluctance to discuss difficult times. It is the positive denial that suffering or difficulty ever occurred by concealing her past by arrogantly saying she doesn’t want to talk about it. Struggle or suffering is seen as a sign of weakness to a narcissist like Annest Namata. However, she can also chose who to tell and exaggerate to gain the persons trust and interest in her.

She is easily distracted from Productive Activity into Status Struggles: This happens in her everyday life MANUPULTAIVE BEHAVIOURand in her work environment. It also links to her wanting to be treated as ultra special. Why should she be treated as ultra special? So she is constantly involved in status struggles. Her status struggles are what makes her think she has a right to treat people wrong, cheat people, steal from people and use people. In our relationship, she changed from being productive in our relationship and business I started to showing off that she was better than me which is very stupid of her. It got to a point where she THOUGHT she was very clever and knew everything. She claimed she taught me the business when in reality she DID NOT know anything about the marketing business and its me who taught every detail of the business. When I met Annest Namata, she was a villager/ghetto and didn’t know the basics in life but today after she has learned from me she is arrogant like she knows it all. She did the same in her work environment, the moment she learned, she now acts like she knows it and acts like she has shares in the company. So make a wise choice.

Lack of Empathy: Empathy may be feigned since it is a social norm, but there will be many lapses because she lacks any form of realimages (11) empathy. In any circumstance it is all about her. You (whoever you may think you are to her) are just an object to be used to her own advantage. It does not matter how much she claims to love you or how genuine and honest she claims to be. She will do anything for you in the initial honey moon stages. It is all a lie and deceitful. Eventually or all the while, she will cheat on you, use you and ultimately steal from you AND betray you.

She is selfishly calculative: A selfish person like Annest Namata is akin to a dog in a manger. For those of you not familiar with this expression, it simply means that even if she does not necessarily want or need something, she will purposely hang on to it anyway if she knows someone else wants it just so that the other person may not have it. She does this mainly with material things in the home environment and work/office environment. This is very indicative of her very selfish demeanour.

She is extremely Manipulative: Because selfish people like Annest always want things to go their way and for their benefit, coupled with their “me first” attitude, she can be manipulative if she badly wants it to get her way. And she doesn’t give a hoot if others get their feelings hurt along the way, as long as she gets what she wants her way again for her own selfish gain. Annest Namata is very evil.

She is very Envious: A selfish person like her will always envy what others have and aim to out do theenvious person. She is very negative, always finding fault with things and people if she envies them. She also makes a bad team-mate or team player because of her ego and selfish arrogant nature. Everything about her is about “I”, “my”, “mine” very selfish antics even when they don’t belong to her. The moment she starts the “I”, then you know she is having affairs with several men and she is feeling great. I tried to teach her the etiquette of working together even as a couple BUT she is too selfish to do anything with anyone. E.g. I bought cars for both of us to use and mainly for her to get around in comfort but she referred to them as “My car” and lied behind my back that she bought the cars cash.

BIT#H Please!! How could she afford to buy a car when she didn’t have a job and could not even afford to pay for a leaking box room(Servant quarter)? HOW? Anyone who believes her lies has a problem using their common sense.

Narcissistic Annest Namata will betray you, exploit and use those closest to her and you to achieve her selfish goals. I am an example of that and there are many others. The individuals close to her, including her family plus perceived friends are simply objects that she uses to enhance her inflated self-image and to obtain everything to which she thinks she is entitled. For example she has nothing good to say about her siblings. All she says is that she looks after them and calls them thieves BUT she is not ashamed to call a stranger family yet she DOES NOT know anything about him apart from the little he has told her. She is the thief NOT the siblings. She has no respect for her parents who she told me she hates because they are poor. So there you go, money comes first to her.


There are no limits to Annest Namata’s narcissistic cravings for ultimate power over others for material things and money. Since she doesn’t have a conscience, and empathy. She very easily side steps any moral or ethical impingements that could slow her down or alter her course all for her own selfish gain for her love of money and materialism. This is all despite her claims of being different, God-fearing and “Saved”. That is all for show to con her victims as I call them.
Every effort you put into getting along and loving plus caring for Annest Namata, will never be reciprocated. She will give back a fifth of whatever you give her and eventually start giving nothing – love, affection, money, work effort. Don’t be devastated when you discover that you mean little more to her than a fashionable material and money accessory…SO just take a deep breath, open the door, and walk away. She ain’t worth your time and emotional effort. She is a Gold Digger.
Annest Namata is a great evil Actor/pretender with disgusting delusions of grandeur ……. until the real Truth about her is revealed. People are NOT objects to be used and exploited by Annest Namata.

Take Note After writing this Post, Annest Namata sent me an email stating “Why are you telling people about my secrets? You think I don’t know your secrets?” My answer was  “Please go ahead and tell all my secrets”.  After all, all throughout our relationship she was telling everybody about our personal intimate secrets and personal matters behind my back. So it is time for the world to know all her hypocrisy, thieving characteristics and narcissistic evil nature and promiscuity. Anyone who is wise, will not fall victim to her deceit disguised as love.

Her materialistic use of people is calculated and should be stopped in its tracks. Those with a “one track mind” and who don’t mind her immorality, lack of self-respect, her promiscuity, can go ahead and deal with her at their total detriment because she is a promiscuous Gold Digger and User. She will use them, exploit them and steal from them. All the while giving away their secrets and disrespecting them behind their backs while pretending in their presence.

In Summary:-

  • She displays excessive worthless haughty/arrogant behaviour
  • She humiliates, criticizes and be-littles others who are a threat to her. Thus her arrogance.
  • She makes up and exaggerates small unnecessary lies to get her way
  • She fantasizes about unlimited success and claims of having done things or owning things which she has stolen to own. She is very pretentious, promiscuous and a thief.
  • She brags incessantly, to ignore you, not to listen to the obvious
  • She will idolise you much beyond the call of courtship to a point of kneeling for you when serving you food/drinks when she wants something from you, that something being money and material things. She has done this to so many men. She did to me until I stopped her. So who do you think you are if she is doing that? You think you are special? Think again..
  • She makes promises which are incommensurate either with the event, or with her ability to fulfil them and she never will fulfil them unless she is going to directly benefit her way. NEVER TRUST ANNEST NAMATA.
  • She has a disgusting haughty/arrogant body language and behaviour plus she is very promiscuous, a mannerism she cannot change but she disguises herself as a christian with integrity. What integrity?

This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life Character Revelation.

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