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An Arrogant Poser like Annest Namata might as well be a mannequin in a store/shop display. She acts in the most superficial manner imaginable. Her goal is to think she looks better than you, say she is better than anybody else, act like she knows more than you and make sure you know it by flaunting it. When you get to know the real her, she is none of those things that she thinks and portrays herself to be and the lies of her delusions of grandeur.

She behaves as if she were a virtue and superficiality divine.
She spends most of her time striking poses, walking up and down to be noticed and using phony self-criticisms everywhere to elicit compliments to make herself feel superior. She pretends to be what she is not.

Trying to make a Poser like Annest Namata feel secure is like trying to fill a bottomless pit. Because she insists on engaging the world superficially, she creates an experience devoid of true genuineness and intimacy.
She is quick to say she is very pretty, very beautiful and every boy and man wants her but can now not leave the house without maquillage or without wearing things that show most of her body to provoke men and of course entice. She is constantly seducing men everywhere she goes. If she is so beautiful, then why does she need the great aid of maquillage? Why wear anti-wrinkle day and night cream day in day out if she is so beautiful that every boy and man wants her as she says?

Arrogant Annest NamataShe goes out of her way to always wear open shoes even in inappropriate places because she thinks she has the best legs and feet in the world. What she forgets is when I met her what her feet were like. I as a man went out of my way to teach her what to do teaching her etiquette and to buy her creams for her feet, her body but she is quick to pose, “My legs and feet are nice”. The open shoes she wears are always small for her feet.  Even if they were nice shoes/feet, why wear inappropriate open shoes to the office? Because she is constantly flaunting herself. Why is she constantly flaunting herself? She is constantly on the look out for the next man as her victim. Is that the corporate dressing code according to her or her complete lack of style/etiquette. Annest respect yourself. Simple as that. People in the office and all the meetings outside your office are not waiting to be attracted by your slutty body or to look at you. Maybe some that you are out to seduce so that you can use them. Besides, professional dressing code is not about flaunting yourself in public. But that’s all she knows being slutty all over the place.

She holds supposed Uganda designer/household names with the label facing out to be seen (whether they real or fake is another matter), Price labels are left on shoes deliberately maybe to show that she has money, name of the product showing, e.g. she will hold a Blackberry, an Ipad like she doesn’t have a handbag to put 
Poser 2them in (to show off), Wear shoes with the price tag showing especially when it seems expensive to her, walks into a room and checks to see if she looks better than everyone else and wants to be noticed by flaunting herself in the way she seats and where she seats in the room, flashes her wallet to show off how many Bank cards she has (What is sad is the money in those accounts has been acquired the wrong way i.e. she has stolen it like she stole mine and has been promiscuous to achieve it). There are people who have seen it all. She shows off the fake imitation jewellery that I would refer to as accessories she wears and goes on to state how expensive it is like she was asked or like it is a big deal.

She makes friends and associations based on their money status, societal status and prestige to make herself look good and feel great. She also makes new friends when the old ones have discovered what sort of person she is. She wants to own something because someone she is envious of has it, constantly competing with people she cannot compete with and who are in a different league than her own. She got to a point where she was trying to compete with me who got her to the position she is at which is very foolish of her. She even competes with people who employ her, competes with people who own the houses she has lived in. She uses everyone along the way who has helped her.

She will often claim to love/like things she barely knows anything about but will act like she knows more about them than she really does. In the end it shows she doesn’t know much about them. For example, Annest claims to like reggae Music she barely knows anything about.
She will often copy her friends or colleagues/ex-colleagues which can range from style, what the ex- colleague wore, ate, drunk, did, and so on. She starts doing things the person did or had but contradicts herself by vandalising that person’s name. She did this to an ex-colleague of hers. As soon as she left the company, Annest was quick to say “Good riddance” and telling people how bad she was but was at the same one copying her mannerisms like the coffee and cake she used to buy on the way to the office everyday, Why the hypocrisy?

Observe for her chameleon like characteristics. As a Chameleon character, she will pretend to like things in the hope of not being excluded and making friends or appearing to fit in and she will not ask if she doesn’t know but will act like she knows.

XS Paco Rabbane Men's PerfumeShe thinks by over spraying herself with Black XS men’s perfume (which she gets from one of her men most of the time( to cover up her serial affairs), wearing skimpy tight dresses/skirts socially and dog sheen shiny suites and open shoes to work will entice the opposite sex which she does to lure men as she always wants attention regardless of the circumstances in order to attract their attention. She even does this in the work environment and where she goes to solicit/pitch for business.


If Annest has recently changed, find out why. Annest Namata the Poser will change because of other people, maybe it’s a man she likes for money and material things or maybe it’s a friend she’s trying to imitate. She is very fake in character. If Annest Namata changes drastically after meeting a new person/people which makes it evident that she is poser take note. A case in point, in Uganda, British English is the mode of english. She started using American english words like “trunk” to mean “boot”. Prior to that she didn’t know what Trunk meant or using “elevator” instead of lift. I knew then it was because she was having an affair with someone with an American lean. Whenever I asked why she was using American words, she would not answer and looked absolutely guilty which proved to me the number of serial affairs she was having with lots of different men. She is utterly disgusting and cheap.

It is evident Annest is a poser when she starts to “love” new things she didn’t care for before as soon as she meets new people. She is a deluded evil gold digger.

She causes passionate people to be enraged due to her pretence and using people.
She does all this due to her insecurities and thinks she is ultra important due to her delusions of grandeur. She  makes silly statements to people who don’t know her and her background like “I am a high-profile person”. “Nothing can happen to me”. What is high-profile about her?
She seems to think she has a magic wand and that everything she touches becomes gold. She has at one time said to me “You missed a golden chance” referring to herself as gold. How can she be gold when she is sleeping around with every Tom, Dick and Harry? What is golden about her? What’s golden about her when she is a thief?
I actually wonder why she thinks herself larger than life, better than everybody else and shows off what she is not. There is nothing golden about her. Her looks are just deceptive.

Best be yourself, imperial, plain and true to yourself. There is no point of being pompous. Where does she come from? Who has got her to where she is now? Where and what was she when I met her? What did she have when I met her?

As a human, you have to decide whether you wish to live in your own fictitious deceitful world or change your life, take it in the right direction, and become someone who the future would remember with great respect.

523731_10151871749675627_1063495332_nIf this woman can do this and be down to earth when she has had a good gold plate life all her life, never been exposed to this kind of life, who or what does Annest Namata think she is? Gold digging slut.

Annest Namata had a hard life but today she boasts and poses like she was born with a silver spoon. She is the Gold Digger of today.



This man is worth 502 Billion Uganda shillings / 200 Million Dollars. He does not show off and neither is he arrogant like Annest is and yet Annest cannot be compared to him in any way or form but she is obnoxiously arrogant.

This man is the seventh richest man in the world BUT he does not show off and is respectful of anyone regardless of who they are or what they are.

So you ask yourself, how Annest Namata can think she is so great when she cannot compare herself to any of these people who have it all and have seen it all.

Peoples natures are alike; it is their morals, habits, etiquette or the lack of it and principles or the lack of it that carry them far apart.

NOTE:- This is Not character assassination. This is real life character revelation.



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