28 Jun

Truth exposedreally? Who in their right mind would be possessed and so conceited as to THINK that she is so beautiful, think she is the best looking in the world and make a very cheap village/ghetto statement like this?

 No one else but Annest Namata. This is what she has the audacity to tell people like she is the best thing that ever happened to the world. She indulges in excessive self praise all the time like she is a perfect 10 and the most beautiful and the world has to stop because she just arrived. That is all her very far-fetched delusional narcissistic thinking with her greasy bleached chicken pox face. She went further to elaborate her statement by saying “Everywhere I go men want to sleep with me and marry me because I am beautiful”. Does sleeping around with different men equate to or mean beauty? That is what Annest Namata thinks. How cheap and immoral!! If you are expecting impeccableget-attachment (56) respectable good manners from Annest Namata, you are so dead wrong. Annest Namata has the most vile disgusting evil rotten manners you can ever come across. Bragging and self praise is done by people like her who have a very small inflated reputation.


Annest Namata is just a combination of an over bleached orange looking skin, a fat tummy and tooth-pick legs walking like an old dog seductively trying hard to entice men and yet she is bragging “I am very beautiful.” What beauty? A beautiful woman can never brag about her beauty because it speaks loudly for itself.

what-if-billboard TRUTH BE TOLD:- IF Annest Namata is very beautiful as she brags, how come her sister took her ex-boyfriend from her after just visiting them(i.e. Annest and her boyfriend) for one day and the sister is still happily married to him to-date.images (15) Her ex-boyfriend obviously saw a better woman and wife material in the sister NOT Annest. Despite him paying Annest Namata’s tuition fees, he still married her sister. He could NOT marry Annest Namata. That tells you a lot. Lol!!!

 No wonder Annest Namata made sure I did not meet any of her sisters yet they were very keen to meet me. She would always lie we are busy or have travelled. Did she really expect me to marry or start a family with her when she was avoiding me meeting her family and she was living an evasive secret promiscuous life sleeping around? She always told people that the sisters would take her man(me).  She also used to tell me, “I don’t want them to take you.” Obviously the sisters are better than Annest Namata will ever be and have far much better morals and etiquette. Why else would she be worried that they will take me away from her?? WHY? I would not have done that but it proves what is wrong with Annest.

She is the most despicable and disgusting human being I’ve ever known and will ever know. She runs around with an over-inflated sense of self-importance so delusional and thinks she is a perfect 10. She once said to me “I can’t stop men from loving me”. She equates men wanting and sleeping with her to love. Obviously she doesn’t know what true love is. What a cheap Sl*t. The U is missing her.


Halle Berry A lady as beautiful as “Halle Berry” in the picture below on the left would not utter words aboutMarilyn-Monroe her being beautiful like Annest Namata blows her delusional trumpet. Yet Halle Berry is way much more physically beautiful for Annest Namata to dare compare herself to. Can Annest compare herself to Halle Berry? NEVER. Annest Namata can’t even say the name. Instead she says “Harre Belly”. Wow!!!!

 Annest Namata SHOULD NOT even compare herself to Marilyn Monroe in the picture on the right even if she bleaches herself to a pulp. Never! Can she? In her delusional world, she would with very dismal results. No beautiful woman with self-respect, self-esteem and integrity can say “every man wants me because I am beautiful”.

But anyway, for Annest Namata to say every man wants her, that proves that her price is so low which proves the fact that low prices attract the most customers. So her statement about all boys & men wanting her clearly depicts her cheap immoral promiscuous class, her sleeping around and her attachment to a low price since she loves money and material things so much. But unfortunately, she thinks every man wants her because of her delusional imaginary class and beauty. What class? The lower the price the more customers you get.  

get-attachment Scarcity creates value. People pay extra for things that are hard to get, while things that have a surplus go cheaply. That’s basic economics. To Annest Namata, exposing her body parts to attract men’s attention, advertising herself online, using skype to expose her body thinking that is the way to get a lifelong man, being promiscuous all over the place whilst lying she is religious, makes her very cheap. How can she claim to honour God and live a virtuous life with her corrupt immoral life? She expects a lot but appreciates very little. Who does she think she is? But those are the morals of promiscuous Gold Diggers.


 Beauty is the opportunity to find what is unique in you and ignite it. It is a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense. It’s not something that comes out when your face is covered up with makeup. You won’t find it on a treadmill or in the weight room. No – beauty is what lies within you. Beauty is a characteristic of a person, that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. What satisfaction can Annest Namata give you when you are sharing her with other men, when she is morally corrupt and disgustingly arrogant about it? IF she was as beautiful as she blows her trumpet she would not compare herself to Beyonce.get-attachment (27)

When we judge the book by its cover. It’s usually untrue and very very unwise to do that. The first impression is always the most expensiveIt is expensive because of what we loseThe priority one sets on appearances in the physical realm is to deny oneself the quality and beauty of the spirit. Most important of all we should consider the character. Annest Namata’s character is nothing but EVIL WITH ROTTEN MANNERS.

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”  Khalil Gibran

bad intentions No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful. Annest Namata does not and will never have any integrity, truth and honesty. She is a promiscuous THIEF and a GOLD DIGGER. As a Gold digger, she is no better than a common gutterslut. She is  a GOLD DIGGER only interested in money and material things and I stand to testify to that because she gold dug from me and cheated on me for money. I was with her for over 4 years and I can prove it beyond any reasonable doubt because of what she did to me and bragged about it. She has very bad intentions and is very very immoral and deceitful.

The most beautiful thing about a person isn’t their looks, but the heart and personality. Don’t beget-attachment (55) fooled by her outside appearance enhanced by bleaching creams, her hair pieces, make-up and hours a week spent in saloons. Everyone is beautiful in one way or another. The real beauty is on the inside of a person. Annest Namata thinks being light skinned makes her noticed by men and she thinks its makes her the most beautiful. She THINKS “lighter skin makes one more beautiful”. How foolish of her.

You can’t do as Annest Namata does i.e. bleach herself orange, she spends hours every week in the saloon, wear hair pieces and then brag that she is beautiful. A beautiful person does not brag about being beautiful.  beauty speaks for itself. The beauty comes naturally and so does self-respect and self-esteem. You can’t spend hours every week in a saloon, photoshop your pictures, tailor adjust your clothes to fit you tight for mens attention, buy and wear small size clothes, buy camouflaging clothes to cover up your lousy figure and bleach your skin and then brag “I am beautiful”. YOU ARE NOT. BEAUTY DOES NOT BRAG.

165486_10200422150907992_1747092465_n She used to claim it was me causing her pimples and would give me examples of her friends who have them. So are the pimples being caused by me now or her promiscuity? Why is she bleaching to cover up the pimples and pimple scar marks?

 Were the puss filled skin rashes all over her body she had in July 2013 caused by me? She is out of my life. So what caused them? Obviously reactions to her slutty sleeping around. Look at her face here. This is the same acne I bought her creams to clear without knowing she was sleeping around while I was away. #CheapProstitute.

take noteFacts and real Truth be told, She sleeps around with many men, doesn’t use protection/condoms and mixes their bodily secretions in her body as she sleeps around with them and that is what causes her skin reactions i.e. rashes and acne. Annest Namata knows this and that is why she was using me as a scapegoat by claiming that it is because I had asked her to use contraceptives. No wonder now she has resorted to extreme intensive skin bleaching creams to clear the skin and acne to a point of looking orange.images (23)

We will all see the end results of her excessive bleaching to cover up the promiscuity pimples and acne scars and her age with the ulterior motive of getting men’s attention to promote her promiscuity.

Annest Namata who praises herself for being so beautiful goes further to say “I can get any boy/man I want”. Yes she can get any boy/man with her similar thieving promiscuous manners and with no principles because she is p68438_589301594483918_2088855831_nromiscuous for her sleeping around services with no fleshly restraint. She is cheap with no moral principles to go as far as make a statement like that.  So is this the most beautiful woman in her small world as she boasts with all her obnoxious Ghetto/village arrogance and bleached orange look??? She can dream on.


There are so many real naturally beautiful women with beautiful hearts as well who don’t have to pretend to be what they are not. who don’t bleach their skins and don’t spend hours in salons every week trying to look the part. She spends hours in kampala saloons and then she has the guts to boast.

My definition of exterior beauty get-attachment (21)Beauty is only skin deep.Can Annest Namata compare herself to these women?? Where is Annest Namata’s skin deep beauty that she boasts about? Bleaching with Congolese Caro light cream and taking tablets is what she is boasting about as beauty? Maybe getting men’s attention, having serial affairs makes her arrogant and think she is the most beautiful woman.  She is just full of herself a clear sign of insecurity. Insecure people like her make for bad partners in many ways as they cannot seem to feel completely comfortable with themselves. These types of people want to be the center of attention more often than not because she actually forms opinions of herself based on what other people think.

 Where were all the men who want her as she says looking when I met her? She was so desperate for a 224086_10150173563617438_1070208_nman to a point that she was sending people emails asking them to look for a man to marry her regardless of who and what they were. I have the proof f this if she is denying it. She doesn’t have any etiquette, didn’t have the basics in life and now that she after she stole from me, she is boasting and being arrogant. How can you have a relationship with her or marry her a gold digger when she sleeps around for money and material things plus she is a thief ? You can at your peril, great emotional, economic and moral cost. Once a thief, she will always be a thief.

If she was so beautiful and a very successful business woman before I met her as she lies, why was she very desperate to go and work as a Security Guard in Iraq? Why was she living in a leaking “Servant quarter” which she could not afford to pay rent for. Why was she succumbing to the servant quarters owners every whim yet he was married? I was told but I still chose to love her for what she was. I thought she would change and respect herself. She can never change. I CONFIRMED ONE FACT You cannot turn a slut into a wife. It has been proven to me beyond reasonable doubt by Annest Namata. She will always be a slut even when she is married.

I trusted her wholly, gave her everything any human being would want and was ready to give her more. She still stole from me and at the same time she was sleeping around behind my back, talking very ill of me and she now has the nerve to be pompous. For what? For being a cheap promiscuous slutty thief?

Everything-about-Me-Is-Fake-and-I-m-Perfect She says all her girl friends and co-workers are jealous of her because she is the most presentable and beautiful in the company. Apparently that is why she does not have any women as her close friends. She really has great delusions of grandeur. Would she be where she is if she was the most beautiful and successful person in the world? Would she be sleeping around with every man who pays her attention and whom she thinks wants her?dbggtehn

 She has ashy, yellow feet she scrubs with local stones to make them look presentable and she dares boast “my legs are nice, etct…” Who else would brag with these kind of feet on the right incessantly apart from Annest Namata, who started wearing shoes for the first time in her life when she was in secondary school – Senior/Form two. That’s why everybody who meets her first time says “she is walking in a strange way“, “she is walking funny”, etc. All because she does not know how to walk in shoes worst of all high heels. You should have seen how/what they looked like when I met her and how she used to walk in high heels when I met her. I am the one who introduced her to foot creams, she didn’t even know that there are specific foot creams and I brought her foot creams that made a major difference to her feet. I will quote a cousin of mine who saw Annest before I met and saw her “She was like those women you see who live in “servant quarters” with stained feet”. And he was right, she lived in a servant quarters and who knows what she was doing. So Annest Namata is now arrogant for absolutely nothing.
She should be humble because of her family background and poor upbringing. No point in her being arrogant or despising other people.xfdsb
Kylie-Minogue-Feet-808293 - Copy

compare Annest Namata brags about her feet and legs and she says they are the best in the world. REALLY?? Are they as good or can they be compared to these in the pictures here on the right and below in any way or form? Let her dare compare her legs and compareherfeetandcontrastfeet to these. So she should stop blowing her delusional trumpet. If she had these kind of feet then, there might be reason to boast. So Annest Namata, stop your worthless bragging regardless of how much you scrub your feet with stones or spend hours every week in saloons.

 Watch how she wears open shoes inappropriately to the office and events to show her body parts when she is going to meet customers or going for events. For those who know her know that is a deliberate act.

Hair pieces

 In addition to this, has she ever told anyone how she uses hair pieces and claims that it is all her hair. I found my house full of hair pieces and besides that, all throughout she was asking me to buy her hair pieces to enhance her hair appearance.

 I am a man why should I go through the trouble of buying her hair pieces for her promiscuous slutty errands so that she can sell herself. Damn stupid to dare ask me to do that.

Anyway, she is a “Call Girl”. That’s why men in realm want her because she throws herself at them for money and material things. Men of her calibre will take what she is throwing at them with no fleshly restraint because she offers herself.

Then she has the audacity to say “it is my body even if the men I am sleeping with are dirty”. How disgustingly cheap and slutty is that? But coming from her, it is normal. No one said it is not her body. How disgusting! Yeah Annest go on sleeping around it is your filthy body. If she is trying to portray herself as respectful and religious, its contradictory. She ought to stop pretending and be promiscuous openly.Cheater

“What is her definition of true beauty?” If you Annest Namata think you are so beautiful that everybody is drooping over you, how come you have never been Miss Uganda or Miss World? How come you are the one who chases men expose yourself to men constantly? She is always busy seducing men everywhere she goes and she brags after seducing them and getting money from them. She uses her body in exchange for material things and money yet she dare be arrogant to those she lies to as being a successful business woman. What success? For being a cheap promiscuous thief?

—–Original E-mail Message——————————————————————————————————–Shame on you2
From: Namata Annest
To: Pat Mutabazi

Sent: Wed, 11 Sep 2012  7:52 pm

Why do you want to know who am sleeping with?……… whether the men are dirty or not it is my body not yours…………….

Annest Namata. ——————————————————[I have evidence of this mail from her. So she should not deny sending it to me]. Notice she wrote “the men”, she sleeps around with more than one man – SHE CONFIRMED THAT SHE IS A SLUT.

The email above explains a lot about her total lack of manners, self-respect, morals and etiquette BUT also confirms her sluttiness. I don’t  a damn who she sleeps with whether as she says they are dirty or not. Its disgusting. She can go on prostituting herself and her cheap bleached used body. I don’t give a damn how much or with whom she sleeps around with as a “Call Girl/Escort/side dish” or whatever else she refers herself to while bragging she is a manager and corporate.

Why are you Annest Namata chasing men you want to get money from them  to the extent of offering to take them for meals, claiming they are family on FB when they don’t have any family connections to you. She has as many as 12 siblings but she can’t put them on her FB page as family but she will do that for a complete stranger she knows nothing about. She is extremely selfish. All she wants is to get close to him so that she can con him and get what she wants from him i.e. money and material things while sleeping around. Ultimately, she wants to get access to his foreign passport. She is playing her old card game by telling the man; “I am Born Again and religious”. “God Bless you”, “Don’t you miss our food”, “When are you coming back”, etc.  I thought you Annest said you are not into those kind of men. Her talk is cheap. She goes to a point of saying to her friends that “meeting guests in her job is an opportunity to meet men and make money. Wow! How disgusting. Shame on you Annest Namata the promiscuous Gold Digger.For Annest who brags about how many men want her

Why does she dream of going to Hollywood/Dubai to have plastic surgery if she is so beautiful? #Delusional!

Her desperation for a man with money has sent her to the bleaching room or made her rub herself with jik and steel ware of which has made her uglier because some parts of the body have failed to be bleached like the toe knuckles, hand knuckles and the butt.

Annest, you can now have multiple serial affairs with as many boys and men that you refer to as “friends” and “Business partners” as you want after all that’s what you are good at and have always done. Now we know what you mean by business partners. She told her friends that by being committed to her and wanting a monogamous relationship, I was controlling her. How cheap and vile. For those who know the truth, know I never ever controlled her. She had all the freedom in the world and that’s why she was able to sleep around behind my back because she became delusional. All she wanted, was to sleep around and I was supposed to accept it. Pretty stupid to think that way. Well, she can go on being a prostitute.

When you work on making yourself beautiful on the inside, you attract respect and you are a wise woman. Annest Namata as she stated in her putrid blog prefers to looking good on the outside. In the Bible it states that everyone is beautiful and wonderfully made.
I don’t think they were referring to physical beauty but more to holistic beauty. So Annest Namata can go on with her delusions and deranged assumptions.

Anyway, the bloom is fading before her very eyes. Thus the excessive bleaching in a very desperate attempt to retain it and she is ending up looking orange. No wonder as she wrote in her so called blog “I take care of my looks because of my job”. It’s too late she has slept around far too much and for too long with too many men to retain the natural nature. It already faded and that’s why she is bleaching herself orange and constantly wearing makeup to attract men’s attention for her continual promiscuous/slutty services. It will NOT last forever no matter what she does.

SHAME She was not even ashamed to say to me one time at the start of our relationship “I haven’t slept around much”; “I haven’t done it much”. Why was she defensive? I hadn’t asked her if she had slept around a lot. It is simply because she sleeps around a lot. So she was trying to cover up. #CHEAPVILLAGESLUT, VERY IMMORAL. How can a man continue to love her after she has implied directly to you that she has slept around with many men. HOW?

 In the fevered race to erase wrinkles, she tries to stop time and the inevitable progress of nature. Aging is a fight no human can win. Every car needs a fresh coat of paint and a few new pin stripes but the real, true beauty comes from within the chassis.  True beauty is something you cannot even see in a mirror. Strange enough, Annest Namata thinks that true beauty is about showing/flaunting her bleached body and responding to men’s attention by sleeping around with them. She thinks sex means love. She thinks getting men’s attention is beauty. Even the ugliest woman on earth gets mens attention.

31525_20130503_230751_self_respect_q_01 Everything happens for a reason. Just when I was about to commit myself to her as a husband and start a family with her, I found out she was sleeping around and is a thief and had been stealing from me and from my late mothers account all throughout our relationship.

 THANK GOD I AM NOT PART OF Annest Namata’s TRASHY CHEAP PROMISCUOUS WORLD AND SEXUAL NETWORK. She is a Gold Digger for her attainment of material things and money and talks about it as success. What success?

 She flaunts herself by exposing too much of her skin to seduce men, bleaches her body constantly, wears maquillage to attract men’s attention, constantly gives out her phone numbers, exposes herself using Skype, sending men pictures using mail and WhatsApp, etc and contacts to men online in a desperate attempt to get her next victims that she will use, cheat and steal from plus being promiscuous in a myriad of affairs for money and material things.


DSC00091 - CopyAll she does is criticise people, so and so is ugly, criticising her colleagues/work mates, criticising her neighbours, criticising her bosses/managers/colleagues, criticising her friends, criticising people’s wives, criticising people’s children, criticising people’s husbands, wives and describing them all as being ugly, “brack”, etc., saying that she has higher standards than anybody else, etc. What are her standards anyway?the village promiscuous bed hopping standards? Why would she think she is the most beautiful in the world? If that is the case, then why does she sleep around?  If she is the most beautiful WHERE DOES SHE FIT INthen why chase men wherever she goes and on-line and seducing men who supposedly have money every day. She criticises other women’s figures, and skin colour, etc. Why does she bleach her skin with chemical creams? What is her figure like for her to dare think she can dare criticise and laugh at other women? She obviously sees something else when she looks in the mirror.

 Does Annest Namata actually think she is the most beautiful human being on this planet? She should look at herself again, look at her orange looking bleached skin in the mirror and think about that. Who are you Annest to think you are so beautiful and everybody else is ugly? What are you? If she thinks she is very beautiful, then why would she like to do plastic surgery? Why is she so insecure about her body? Why does she wear body shapers and cycling shorts inside to hold her shapeless body?  She even has the audacity to say,” I like wearing high heels because they lift my bum up”. Very putrid. Yet she cannot even walk well while wearing them. That is all the Narcissistic Personality Disorder presenting itself.

She is so vain  and insecure that’s why she is constantly admiring herself in every mirror she comes across, she probably thinks people’s status’ are about her and controlled by her. It goes to show why she thinks she is growing younger to the extent that she keeps changing her year of birth and claims she had misplaced her birth certificates. But her body cannot hide the fact that she is older than she claims to be.

STOPCHEATING Annest, don’t be proud IF at all men/boys as you call them/refer to them want you because cheap items have many interested parties and buyers. Supply creates its own demand for sexual prostitution. She bribes men with sex in order to get material things, money and favours. She is in essence selling her body. Strange enough she expected me to accept that and marry her despite her sleeping around. She is so deranged.

 There is nothing wrong with being attracted to a “type” of person, this is scriptural and even portrayed through out the bible. But there is a lot wrong with someone like Annest Namata sleeping around even when in a relationship with you and thinking that she is the most beautiful being in the world by constantly blowing her trumpet, criticising others before looking at herself. She had the audacity to call her colleagues ugly. How dare Annest call anyone ugly? What is she?

Beauty is an ambiguous quality. What dictates the preference of choice? None but the free will of Gods diversity in man kinds heart.Caro-Light-Cream-TubeOXBOW_-_You_Can't_Cheat_Nature_-_slogan

Caro Light Bleaching creamBeauty is more than appearance. Annest, bleaching your skin orange/yellow with “Caro light bleaching cream” does not make you more beautiful or brainy as you say and neither does being promiscuous make you a more beautiful person. Getting attention for being loose and promiscuous does NOT mean you are beautiful and she cannot be respected. The absurd thing is that she thinks looking orange/yellow as a result of excessive skin bleaching makes her very beautiful. How cheap! You find her practising her vanity by admiring herself in any mirror or glass she can find and blowing her trumpet “Mmm I am beautiful”- Delusional!  She is really sick in the head.

Annest Namata associates light skin with many benefits, high among them the power to keep men hooked. But after long-term use the skin becomes weak and becomes more prone to sun-burn and consequently skin cancer. Skin also ages faster, with wrinkles and sagging caused by the loss of collagen – the substance that keeps the skin firm. Is it any wonder that she has been using wrinkle creams for years and yet she dare claim she is young.


Promiscuous Annest Namata

The deceitful evil thief

  You would be surprised when you ask her why she looks light skinned in comparison to before. Her answer would be “because I am not stressed. Stress makes me dark”. You would be very foolish to believe that.

 The fact of the matter is, all the while she is using Caro-light cream to bleach herself. What type of man does she expect to attract and entice with her fake over bleached orange/yellow looking skin? Should be one of the same calibre. No wonder she was secretly applying bleaching creams and hiding them from me. She was very evasive, texting in the bathroom and kitchen till late and deleting the inbox content and worst of all meeting men for sex and lying to me that she has gone to the office yet her phones were switched off intentionally.

 1 Peter 3:3-6  Don’t depend on things like fancy hairdos or gold jewellery or expensive clothes to make you look beautiful.  Be beautiful in your heart by being gentle and quiet. This kind of beauty will last, and God considers it very special.

1 Peter 3:4 “Instead, your beauty should consist of your true inner self, the ageless beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of the greatest value in God’s sight”.

Proverbs 6:25 
……………….. Don’t let her coy glances seduce you.

1 Samuel 16:7 …….. The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (Annest Namata dare call herself “Born Again” a.k.a. Saved, when she contradicts herself by wearing skimpy things to entice men for her promiscuous antics)

Looks are very temporary, fade and don`t mirror what`s inside. Annest Namata is arrogant now, yet when I met her she couldBeautiful not afford to buy any cosmetics. She couldn’t afford them until she started using my money to buy them. Besides that she now looks old, tired and old due to her excessive promiscuity with several different men. But she can’t see that. Now all she can do, is be pompous. For what? I pity her current “victim” for he doesn’t realise what he is involving himself with. She will do anything to latch onto him until she traps him into believing and trusting her. Watch her Gold Digging.

According to “Askville” the true definition of Beauty is defined as:-
“A beautiful person is kind and sincere. A person who believes in thinking before talking, who believes in treating others as they want to be treated. It is not HOW a person looks; but how they carry themselves. A beautiful person has morals, and thinks of others and cares about other people. A person who prefers to be an original  (in a good way) instead of concerning themselves with being in with the in-crowd all the time. A humble person would never put themselves on the pedestal nor have anyone put them on a pedestal. A person who treats people they cannot stand in the worse possible way with respect”.True Beauty

There is no problem in trying to make yourself look good. However, neglecting the real person inside you and boasting that you are beautiful and every man wants you is very cheap loose thinking, utterrance and total delusional. She acts brand new when she has slept around a lot.

Can we really look beautiful by the colourful layers of paint/maquillage and a bleached orange/yellow skin and yellow feet on the outside? Is that what real beauty is all about? Filling your face with maquillage and skin bleach like Annest Namata and then boasting “I am beautiful”? Our home is beautiful not when it looks pretty on the outside but does not have a happy family inside. Looks are VERY deceptive.
 Just take an example of a book? How many of us try to buy a novel looking at the picture on the outside cover or by the novelty of the outside cover? If we are smart enough, we always try to know from others how the content of the book really is and get reviews about it. After we find that the book has good content we buy it. We don’t buy it because the cover looks good because of the colours painted on the cover.

It is sad to see that Annest Namata wants to look beautiful with the great aid of maquillage, using bleaching creams on the outside but she is rotten to the core on the inside. Let her try bleaching her morals. #Impossible 
 Everyone has beauty, but not everyone knows how to reveal their own. Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them for the right purpose.

 What she doesn’t know is that Caking on make-up causes cracks at the wrinkle lines and increases the appearance of aging. Thus it exposes her age despite lying to us that she is young.

 Random Thought: Where Do You Draw The Line Between Vanity and Self-Esteem or a lack of it? The outer beauty is just a cover. Annest Namata calling other people ugly does not make her beautiful/pretty. She thinks out doing others is by criticising them as being ugly is her way of looking and feeling beautiful. In that respect, she is the ugly one in every way. I wouldn’t marry that however much she flaunts herself and bleaches herself.

UGLY PERSONALITY A person can never maintain that external appearance he or she has. This will fade away someday with time and it fades faster for women. Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last. The only thing that will remain with us is the good qualities we possess. Of course, Annest Namata does not have those good inner qualities. All she does is pretend to be what she is not and is delusional as to think she is great.get-attachment (2)

 Today, our earth is not searching for people who are trying to disguise their real ugliness with their appearance hugely aided by flattering clothes hiding many flows, maquillage and bleaching creams. As long as you have a clean heart and you don’t have an evil mind and heart, you’re beautiful. Having said that, there are very many much much more beautiful women than Annest Namata will ever be and they are not arrogant or obnoxious and neither do they trumpet their beauty.

Most men looking for a relationship want a USEFUL woman NOT a Promiscuous slutty GOLD DIGGER like Annest Namata. Visual appeal alone won’t cut it. Beside; there are so many women competing to be the sexiest, it’s not even a race worth entering. Can she hold a conversation about REAL world events? Hell No! 

So Annest Namata if sleeping around with every Tom and Harry and stealing other peoples money is all you bring to the table, you can keep your rotten immorality. I don’t even need your friendship. I’d rather have a woman of pure unadulterated SUBSTANCE. And I’m VERY sure I speak for all respectable conscious-thinking men out there on this one.

Annest Namata may look good from the outside to some people with the great help of maquillage and bleaching but she has an ugly nasty deceitful evil personality with no spirit which in essence does not make her alluring in any way or form.


The pride and happiness of a man comes from the beauty of his home in all aspects. Character supplements physical beauty depending on your definition of physical beauty. What’s your definition?

One’s perception of physical beauty is completely subjective. Annest has an over-inflated and delusional sense of self-importance and she needs to be taken off her delusional pedestal. She has the worst possible character i have ever come across yet she is very delusional.

So Annest don’t dare tell people how beautiful you are whilst flaunting yourself when you depend on bleaching yourself and maquillage to look the part. She adjusts every clothing to hold her tight because her figure is horrible to entice men. She is constantly showing off her tired cleavage but is quick to criticise other women for doing it. If she was so beautiful why would she show off her body constantly??

If a black woman bleaches, does it make her a white person? Annest Namata thinks it makes her white. That’s why when she is called “omuzzungu” by villagers and people in her village she actually thinks she is white. #“Bimbobrains”!

SFBAnnest Namata is convinced in her delusional world that the lighter you are in complexion, the greater your chances both socially, economically because she believes that all men like brown women despite her sleeping around antics and evil personality. Many now realise where her priorities are. She is very promiscuous anyway. No wonder she is bleaching to keep the sleeping around cycle going. So she continues bleaching herself to a point of looking orange/yellow even despite the side effects. I would never put up with a person who bleaches their skin for the sake of looking like someone else. We emancipated ourselves from slavery and colonialism not to go back voluntarily. Its an insult what people like Annest Namata do.

 Annest is desperate and considers skin bleaching as the only way she can stand out, and always wants to be told that she is beautiful. So no one should not wonder why she bleaches and always wears small tight clothes to entice men for her prostitution.

Medical experts state that there are severe consequences for black people who bleach. Many people who bleach are being killed by melanin, the substance that lends skin pigmentation and protects the skin from cancer, causing ultraviolet rays from the sun. Once the skin has been ‘bleached’ it looses all its natural protective barrier, making it susceptible to damage by the sun’s rays. But does Annest Namata care, all she wants is money and material things as she gets men’s attention, sleeping around for money and to live for today. Good riddance to the prostitute.

Hydroquinone is very harsh chemical present in the bleach which makes the cell of our skin completely dead and this if once happens cannot ever be repaired. How sad. Why bleach your skin? It shows her level. Cheap Desperado trying to look white. Bleaching of skin is a sign that one suffers from inferiority complex, she thinks you get noticed only if you’ve got light skin. She will pay for this bleaching act in her old age. She will pay for these nasty stuff in her old age by looking very distastefully ugly.

cosmetics IT’S NOT THE SKIN COLOUR THAT WILL MAKE HER A GOOD WIFE. She thinks her bleached skin colour makes her irresistible. Maybe to the low life.

 People like Annest Namata who continuously use these bleaching products often end up with rough, blotchy skin. They tend to be caught up in the ‘bleaching trap’ by using more cream to try and correct the problem, but by doing so, they find themselves causing even more damage to their skin. Alternatively, they may find that because of exposure to the sun, their ‘lightened skin’ gets darker. That explains why her skin looks dark from time to time. So Annest Namata is now stuck in the Congolese Caro light skin bleaching cycle.

Bleaching your skin does not define you but portrays the kind of person she is. Whether she likes it or not Annest Namata is still black regardless of how bleached she is.DEFLECTING QUESTIONS

JULY 2013 – Is it any wonder that she has got a skin reaction of a puss filled rash all over the body that she is referring to as an allergy??

Skin cancer liver cirrosis, kidney problems ,wrinkle face, spotted skin, these are the problems she is bound to face later. Its a matter of time. Lighter skin does not mean an open door to opportunities but insecurities within. Gold Diggers like her think the lighter the bleached skin the better looking maybe to the unprincipled men who look for corporate prostitutes like her.


I don’t care how good looking you THINK you are. If your personality and manners are ugly, your looks don’t mean anything.

who Annest Namata cuts, waxes, colours, clips, plucks, straightens, shaves, and curls. She lifts, curls, runs, squats, and sweats. All the while drinking Chinese slimming tea. She spends far too long staring back at that person in the mirror, scrutinizing, worrying, and wishing. Wishing that her stomach could be just a little bit flatter, that her arms could be a little more toned, that her legs could be longer, she wishes her legs were big (She says men like them bigger). She wishes she could look just like that woman she saw in the magazine, office, the grocery store, the mall.


Annest, Stop bleaching your skin and let’s see the real you. She can bleach herself into oblivion as she looks “orange” now and is arrogant about it because she thinks she looks good.


Her Fake Beauty will fade, Class and morals that she doesn’t have are forever.


NOTE:- This is real life character revelation.



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