20 Jun
image640x480I would like to thank all the Blog readers and those Blog readers who have made comments thus far. Your comments have further confirmed to me and many others what and who Annest really is as opposed to the image she portrays which is a falsified image.
I am  Posting a few of the many representative comments which outline the various Blog readers views and their personal experiences with Annest Namata.
For anyone who did not believe what they were reading and for all those that Annest tried to convince that what I have written is not true or denied what I wrote, here is a sample of comments from some Blog readers whom I do not know, who have had similar or worse experiences with her.

Well lesson learnt. People like Annest really use the Bible verses to suit their needs and situations…
Annest for you to be cleansed and shine again by the holy spirit…you will need a lot of work to do on yourself.
First of repentence and also show some remorsefulness for what you have done and did…  God loves you though but it doesn’t mean he can’t send you to hell if he has to..  And no sin goes unpunished of course unless the 2R’s; Repentence and Remorse…

Well if you Annest think you have got it all..that’s where it all goes wrong…you can never have it all..
Truly time reveals character of a’s just a matter of time you won’t be able to hide it anymore…Patrick it may have hurt getting to find out about that new hidden character of Annest but its worth it because then you didn’t have to live a lie and live with the hypocrite Annest ….


Well one thing for sure is that there is time to go down for such people like Annest… doubt…
Hmm I agree when u say someone will cheat and cheat and cheat…that’s so right cheaters are never satisfied…..once a cheater always a cheater…. So Annest will always be a cheat.


The part of Annest admiring other men with you around..that is so rude. Ladies don’t do that.

Her fear of rejection for doing wrong explains why she looked for her next victim because then she would constantly have attention and material things too bad and not right.


Unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!! how cruel?

Why don’t you take legal action if your money was really stolen?

I know this babe and she’s so greedy with money, she will kiss ass for money I can’t believe this guy took over 4 yrs without realising this. She’s a thug.


Wooww!! Really? I have heard about her and she nearly put my husband in trouble coz she came up with very big deals,10,000 branded Tshirts.10,000 pens,10,000 flags, etc Made us make several samples, (which samples she never brought back!!!!!) Thank God it never took off!



OMG! We never thought this day would come. Everything you have written about this woman is absolutely true. I have experienced FIRST HAND. She has the evilest heart I know. She tells lies about people, she steals tons of money from her boss then goes on to kiss ass…mbu they cannot touch her because she is a munyankore….wow!  I can’t stop reading………


Typical villager, how did you end up with this villager? I Can’t stop laughing

Sad!!!!!!  Why don’t people like Annest just be themselves than fake what you are, given her humble background you’d think she’d be down to earth. One thing for sure is you can take some1 from the ghetto/village but you can NEVER get that ghetto-ism from them. Now she’s gonna go back to zero unless of course she steals from her employees but trust me such people always end up on the streets where good people like you picked them from.

OMG!!!!! I had a taste of this from this very babe, she looks down on people and takes herself as though she’s all that. I know this chic and all you have written is true so true she runs mad when it comes to money. It was so obvious she was a villager i could tell she’s just gotten the experience of money, expensive cloths etc from her stupid arrogance and lame feeling she was all that. I am shocked it took you over 4yrs. She has no respect, no remorse at all and I am sure she’s just a time bomb waiting to explode.

Well as a christian one is expected to respect parents yours or your patners..

and a curse is to every child who doesnt respect their parents or hurts them. Annest as a christian should know that.
The punshment for such direspect will be high.
we always reap what we sow..
and no sin goes unpunished.
Sorry Patrick we pray for the soul of your mother to rest in eternal peace.


Thanks for sharing such wonderful information…keep posting more such articles…




OMG!!! What!  What possesses this woman to think that she is very special and a business woman. Why did you leave it for so long to get her out of your life. We were once suppliers of the company where she works and she came to do business with us. She was only interested in her commission, not what we were supplying. She was very rude and acted like she has just seen money.


I fear I have an alike problem with the person I love. I need support. If I leave her, she needs to be helped, yet I do not wish to leave her nevertheless The symptoms are synonymous in your case and mine, but I will not rest unless I can help this person. Please advise me.




Annest is very greedy. I know her personally and her family. She likes money soo much. When it is money she will hurt anyone to get it. It is a pity. The man writing this blog did so much for her but what she did to him. She also like showing off what she has. She hides her personal life from people but we see her in town. She is very bad.




I know this chile. She is very very arrogant.. She has a small business but I do not want to do anything with her in any business deal she may have. She did a small deal with me and she did not want to pay my company. I sent someone to her office to collect my money and she sent him back after threatening him. She could not answer my calls. When she answered, she was rude on the phone. She came back the next day to my office asking for my business. Thank you for letting us know more about her. I will not do business with her again.

Patrick,   I think you have a problem yourself! Remember at the time you were starting wz Namata! I advised you that Namata was engaged and you ignored it! u are now paying the cost of not listening. You yourself, your a narcist as you want as you want us to believe that  Namata is!   Just feel it and swallow it because you did not listen when I told u around 2007. U thought you were a man enough and therefore didnt want any advice. so why now? U THOUGHT OTHER MEN HAD INVESTED IN HER!!

If you would like to read the other actual comments in detail from the Blog readers that made comments, help yourself and peruse the Blog and the comments are at the bottom of each Blog Post where appropriate.




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  1. anderson

    September 16, 2014 at 19:43

    Ԝow that wɑѕ strange. I juѕt wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my
    comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing
    ɑll that over again. Anyhoѡ, just wanted to say fantastic bloց!

  2. Bangirana Joel

    May 13, 2013 at 14:35

    What more evidence do you need after reading comments like this. What does this woman do and where is she based?


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