06 Jun

Annest Namata thinks and thought that I could not live a life without her in my life after she cheated on me, stole from me and all the bad evil things she did as outlined in the Blog.

Her presence did not add value to my life instead she took from me which is tantamount to theft and deceitful exploitation. She is a habitual liar, cheat and a thief.

I did not need her to be perfect, I just wanted to feel and know I am the only one and we are only two in the relationship but obviously she proved she cannot be faithful with one partner. She has to be promiscuous in order to feel wanted. She enjoys the attention of several men. That’s why she can say despite being engaged to be married “I cant stop men from loving me”.

Take Note: I am not bitter and neither am I jealous for being separated from her or what she has led everyone to believe that I am jealous and I am lying because we separated. It is not the case at all. Why would I be jealous when I got her from the gutter. WHY? How can I be jealous of her when she is not at my level? What do I have to be jealous about? I cannot be jealous of someone who has chosen to be a slut.

The truth nothing but the truth will be revealed because she has done me wrong so many times but hides behind religion. She has done so many people wrong and continues to do so to many others up to this day. Whether it is in the home environment, work environment and or social environment, all she does is use people, treat people with contempt, cheat people, vandalise peoples names, cheat in relationships, steal then create stories and tries to turn the tables with accusations. She plays “victimhood” as a way to turn the tables and look for a scapegoat for all the wrongs she has done.

I had a very fulfilled constructive life before I met her and I have a much better life now without her. I don’t have to deal with her rotten disgusting immoral rotten manners.

It is unfortunate that she can continue pretending and lying to those she has fooled and lied to, how God-fearing she is, how religious she is, how genuine she is, what a believer she is, quoting verses from the Bible as she wishes. For people like me and those who know her well, who know what she really is, know her deceitful life, we will not believe her lies and motives. She is now vying out for her next “victim” by pretending she is very holy. The fact of the matter is, she is not holy, not a believer and not God-fearing at all. On the surface to deceive people may be. She will NEVER change. To the next victim, do you your research about Annest Namata the cheater and thief.

God is not blind to her evil conniving ways and disgusting rotten mannerisms. There is no point in her quoting Bible verses everyday and choosing portions of the Bible verses that suit her purpose and the way she wants to interpret them. She lives a very sly evil deceitful life. She is very secretive about the life she leads. She was with me in a relationship for 4.5 years BUT she is lying to some people that we are just friends and to some she was lying to them that we are Business Partners while contradicting herself at the same time by telling others she is my wife.

If you are doing any kind of Business with her and have any kind of relationship with her, think again and listen to open honest advice that I have given. I was given this advice in a different format. I did not listen because I thought she was what she was claiming to be “Born Again, honest and genuine”. That is all lies.

She is now thanking God for answering her prayers! Is that her prayers for stealing my money from my account and buying shares in tens of millions in her names using my money and then stealing more money from the Business account and starting a business, etc. Is that right in Gods eyes?

She has an intolerable character, she is extremely selfish, remorseless and working with her and being in a relationship with her is like falling in Hell. She is a revenge seeking Gold Digger who uses religion to hide her true bad and very evil dishonest character.

In Life, you have to look out for deceptive evil people like Annest Namata who pass themselves off as true believers and very religious genuine people because even the Devil was once an Angel.

You Choose Who You Are:

We are judged by what we say, what we do, how we say it and who we associate with. All choices we make, not things that happen to us by chance.

Annest thought she would determine my definition and self-worth. She tried to do this by trying to control my own money and my Business plus my assets all because I had entrusted her with them. She was afraid that if I gained some form of financial independence which I had anyway, I will get other women and forget about her. It is all her stupidity because I made it all on my own and she did not contribute anything. Yes she helped me along the way but she found things there.
So she harboured great feelings of jealous and insecurity.

TRUST is a valuable commodity and Annest Namata is not the person to give that commodity. She is an opportunist SAVE YOUR HEARTwho abuses everyones trust with anything to do with money and material things. I gave her everything and trusted her with everything, she became delusional and misinterpreted it as me using her and needing her only for help. She is the most ungrateful idiot I have ever known and will ever know..


This is not about criticising Annest Namata because our relationship ended. Not at all. I would not like to be in a relationship with a promiscuous cheat. This is about her delusions, trail of arrogance, abuse, disregard of others, mistreatment of people, cheating of people, Cheating on people like me for example, vandalising of peoples names by her in order to get away with the wrong she has done to them, playing the blame game and accusing other people of doing wrong and the trail of cheating all for her insatiable love of money.

ANNEST NAMATA, THANK YOU FOR PROVING EVERYONE WHO KNEW YOU AND KNOWS YOU WELL RIGHT ABOUT YOUR SELFISH, EVIL, DECEITFUL CHEATING PROMISCUOUS LIFE. She proved everyone who knew her right that she sleeps around and is a thief. What better evidence would be there after stealing from me?




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  1. Stephen

    May 13, 2013 at 14:38

    This woman is a carnibal. Very very selfish and a poser.

  2. patblogg

    December 17, 2012 at 12:31

    Twino, Annest is still conning people who do not know her that she is honest, trustworthy, etc. Those people ought ot wake up to the reality of that fact that Annest is a thief and promiscuous. She can quote as many Bible verses as she wishes to fool people and intimidate them. That is her tact for fooling people.

    I and many other people who know well, know so much better.

  3. twino

    June 8, 2012 at 07:14

    wel in life we can live without certain people..thou wen we ar with them we feel we cnt do without them but wen they ar gone thats wen we realise we can do without them infact we ar much better off without them…
    wel patrick see u can do without her but i bet she is doin bad without u…no doubt coz ur all she had u were her good samaritan…too bad she doesnt good samaritans ar very few..n they come once in a lifetym..just lik the wishing star


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