17 May

Prostitution2 - Copy Utter Greed, Materialistic, Selfishness, prostitution and Arrogance are some of the main causes of a “supposedly”  good person like what Annest Namata was that can make a good person turn evil. Good person? So I thought she was. It was all pretence in order to continue her Gold digging and thieving.

Annest Namata is very selfish and extremely greedy plus arrogant thus the venomous evil character she has got. Do N believe her religious claims and her claims of honesty or integrity. She is just Thieving Gold Digger.deceits favourite role

She thinks she is very great and believes she is now untouchable, unaccountable and above the law. Worst of all, she thinks she is better than everybody else. That explains her total lack of empathy, emotions and immoral character. She will reap what she is sowing. I don’t need a person who sleeps around in my life. Money that she even does not have but thinks she does, is nothing. The money she is boasting about is all attained the wrong way. If anything, any sort of money should not make one arrogant.

I don’t think we are born evil, we are born innocent, but along our years we make certain choices we choose to be evil like she has. Many people who are susceptible to following in the footsteps of others tend to be the people who change their personalities often. Not to say that strong-minded individuals can not be evil but it would be a lot harder to change a strong-minded person rather that a follower.

 I believe that if your environment you grew up in is EVIL you will eventually become EVIL. If you grow up in a thieving environment you will always be a thief. How long do you have to pretend to be something Before you BECOME it?  An evil person of normal intelligence like Annest Namata is a person who makes life difficult, painful, and unpleasant for the good people around her. By far evil people of normal intelligence are the most common type of evil person most people encounter.

 Annest Namata is only interested in using people by exploiting their emotions, ripping off people in relationships, business and money by stealing as an instrument to her ends after convincing them that she is trustworthy when actually there is absolutely nothing trustworthy about her. So anyone dealing with her, you better beware. Ignore the advice at your peril if you think she loves you genuinely.

If you are a good person you will meet many evil people in your life, you need to recognize them and their actions. More importantly you need to recognize which evil behaviours you have been conned into accepting as reasonable and to reject those behaviours – both in yourself and in others – as unacceptable.

All people are capable of evil under the right circumstances. Not to mention that the word and concept behind evil itself is highly subjective and varies with societal standards of morals.

You’d be surprised at some of the good people who have found themselves doing truly evil things! Could this happen to you? NOT if you are principled. Annest is not principled and all she does is pretend to be what she is not.  What you see in Annest is sheer hypocrisy.

Money becomes evil when it makes someone disown God or when it makes man rely less on Him and think they are so great. Annest still pretends to be God-fearing as a curtain but the love of money has made her evil. She always was evil deep down inside. She did not just change.


rottenAnnest Namata chooses evil in everything she does but pretends around the people who do not know her true nature/character like the people she is with and more especially for the people she works for. IF she wants to get something from you, she will pretend to be the best person and will offer to do anything for you. She is very subservient, obedient and runs when asked to walk to do an errand to please you when she is planning on exploiting you or stealing from you. SO they THINK they know her because of what she pretends to be and how subservient she pretends to be to them NOT what she really is. She pretended to be polite to me in the beginning but I saw through it because behind my back she would vandalise my name and image to her friends and colleagues at the same time stealing from me..

Annest Namata sells her morality for the love of money and material things. So if you think you are dealing with a very good-natured person or a trustworthy person in Annest, you are very mistaken.

Here is a quotation of what Annest Namata wrote to me on record “I love you so much. I can never stop loving you and I will never do anything bad to you no matter what you do”.

I asked her why she wrote this to me and her answer was:“I said it because I realised the love you have for me and also remembered everything you have done for me. You changed my life. I love you and I always will do, there is nothing I can do to reward you other than loving you. That is why I said it.”

She is an evil Bitch. She will make all sorts of promises and vows and pretends. DO NOT BELIEVE ALL HER NONSENSE IF YOU EVER COME INTO CONTACT WITH HER. Annest Namata is nothing but an evil thief and promiscuous.

“I would never do anything wrong to you no matter what you do”. “I said I love you after I realised all that you have done for me”. Soon after making this statement, Annest Namata cheated on me, vandalised my name, claimed that I don’t help her yet I was looking after her and did many other things all behind my back that will be unveiled in this Blog. The truth always reveals itself no matter how much you try to hide it. She is very evil and deceitfully cheap.

Annest should never have taken my humility and love for her as a weakness. But with total lack of morals, she cannot change.

Annest changed into what she promised and denied throughout the relationship she would never become. She can go on with her arrogant promiscuous Gold Digging behaviour. We’ll see what she’ll get out of her nature. In reality, she has always be promiscuous and a thief.

She claims the men she is seen with are just friends/business partners when in reality she is having affairs with them. What businesses has she owned to call herself a Business woman and create make belief “Business Partners”.  How many Businesses has she had or does she have to have several Business Partners?? She thought she would put me in that category. I CANNOT stoop so low to her cheap villager slutty level. She had the nerve to tell a man that I was just her special friend yet we were engaged to be married. She is an immoral Imbecile.

Annest cannot and won’t change my binding principles no matter what. I have binding principles that I abide by no matter what. I don’t need an immoral slutty person like Annest Namata.

NOTE:- This is not character assassination. This is real life character revelation.

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