10 May

5_girl-mirror A true intelligent person knows how to pretend to be a fool in front of a fool who pretends to be intelligent. Fools despise wisdom and self respect.

Chinese Proverbs state;- Distance tests a horse’s strength and Time reveals a person’s character.

Distance tested Annest Namata’s complete lack of moral strength which was non-existent and time revealed her real cheap immoral vile promiscuous thieving character.DSMIV



I told her on the very first day of our meeting, “This relationship will be the greatest test of your morals and will reveal your true moral principles”. And true to my word it proved her total immorality and exposed her thieving ways.


images (18) People with narrow evil minds like Annest Namata, are normally the ones with the biggest loudest mouths talking bad about people, vandalising their names/images and character behind their backs. She is always very quick to vandalise other people’s images by telling lies about them with the sole aim of gratifying herself and making them look bad. She even does this where she works and where she lives. She is not ashamed to talk ill of her own siblings by referring to them as thieves when she is the thief.

 Since narcissists like Annest Namta is are masters of disguise it is very difficult to find out whether a person is a narcissist unless you live and work with the person. So those who work with Annest know her narcissistic ways. It is unpleasant and disorganizing to live and work with a narcissist but people who live with a narcissist are aware of how well the narcissist like Annest hides her unpleasant traits.

Annest, it has been proved that cheating in everything and at everything is easy for you. I trusted you and gave you everything like I would for my mum and even more but you still cheated on me and stole from me all the while. How vile.

The silly selfish things you do LIKE sleeping around and stealing Annest Namata are what cost you a very good genuine59f5332e0ba85164ef72a2f3294d2842
relationship. You need to respect yourself. You should never have taken me for granted. I have feelings and at least I aired my feelings and loved you unquestionably and unequivocally but the more I aired my feelings and showed you real genuine love, the more you thought you could cheat on me and you thought I could not do without you. Guess what I don’t need her in my life in any way or form and I SHOULD NEVER have let her in my life. She is a thief and a promiscuous sleeping around with every Tom Dick and Harry as long as they can offer her money.

Anyway, Annest Namata has chosen a promiscuous cheap vile living. She will live to regret but that’s her choice. Anyway, she had always lived a promiscuous life while pretending to be honest and a true christian. Good riddance with her slut prostitute life.

Annest doesn’t deserve genuine love at all

She goes to the extent of putting a ring tone on her phone with the lyrics “Praise thee Lord….” That is sheer disgusting hypocrisy. Shebe50ae28ffe5cd6ca2edf56a262b9f4e thinks she is fooling God. She is a living rotten Evil Devil on earth. I say that because of what she did to me to a point of disrespecting my late mothers memories. Who does that?? Who?

God forgives Sinners not Criminals. Annest will not be forgiven. What used to be a sin is now a disease. I hope you see Annest for what she is and people like her. She is a serial cheat, promiscuous, a user, an arrogant hypocrite, and very immoral. She cheats and then goes to church and pretends to be very holly. How immoral is that? You cannot get more immoral and disgusting than that.

 She suffers from “impotence of the heart,” i.e. she is incapable of loving genuinely and instead she seeks to control and manipulate with the sole intention of cheating and stealing at the end of it all.

Well Annest Namata……………………


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  1. remmy

    June 20, 2012 at 08:38

    Kissa i know this babe and she’s so greedy with money,she will kiss ass for money, i cant believe this guy took over 4 yrs without realising this. She’s a thug.

    • KISSA

      June 20, 2012 at 09:27

      remmy how do u knw her??
      dnt tel me shez exactly how shez being described here..

  2. kissa rean

    May 10, 2012 at 19:00

    truly time reveals character of a person..ts just a matter of tym they wnt b able to hide t anymo…t may hurt gettin to find out abt that new xter bt ts worth it coz then u dont live a lie ….

    • patblogg

      May 10, 2012 at 20:43

      Others may have kept quiet for God to do his job to the evil sinner and hypocrite but in my case, I will expose her for what she is. She is not special as she thinks. And she does not have a special God. God is not blind. She has always said nothing can happen to her. So to her it is okay to steal and be vile to people and nothing will happen to her. So she thinks she is a Goddess.


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