30 Mar

After all that Annest did to me e.g. cheating on me, lying to all her friends and family friends that she was looking after me yet I was the one looking after her for four and a half years, lying that she was the one buying everything including the cars yet she never spent/contributed a penny, lying that she was sending me money for my maintenance from her salary of 1.1 million shillings a month then running away to another man, claiming that I made her a slave YET I loved her like nobody ever loved her, stealing my money and destroying my company, I gave her everything, trusted her with everything of mine but she chose to use me and steal from me.

Questions for Annest Namata: Annest, do you ever ask yourself; What did you have when I met you? Where were you living, when I met you? What was your life when I met you? What job did you have when i  met you-Zilch.

She was asking to be friends with me and telling my uncle that we can work together and could get back as a Fiance as dictated by God regardless of what anyone wants. In her dreams. After what she did and continues to do?? Not even in Hell. Her morals are too rotten for anyone to do anything with her that is constructive.

However, due to the guilt, she was asking to be friends like she was doing me a favour. She was asking to beMay my enemies live long life to see my success... my friends whilst having numerous affairs with “boys” as she calls them, and men. She even stole my money and gave it to the boys who lied to her that they have Business projects and are rich. Foolish as she is, she believed. So where are the Businesses that the boys lied to Annest the fool? Where? Where are the so called factories that the man she ran to and claimed he was opening? WHERE?? She is so cheap. Her egotistical greed is what will ultimately destroy her.

Her asking to be friends after a breakup like ours which she instigated and planned behind my back by sleeping around for years with several boys and men over the whole period we were together, then stealing money from my late mothers account and my account is like kidnappers who intended to kill you asking you to keep in touch with them after letting you go.

Annest, you can run but you can never hide. The truth and nothing but the truth will eventually come out no matter what you do and no matter what you say and no matter who you lie to and all the religious pretence.

She initially said she has many options because many boys/men want her because she is very beautiful. She said she is very clever, she knows what she is doing. We all have many options but we don’t shout them out on a PA system. There are so many much much more beautiful women in the world that I have met. They have never said they are very beautiful. I have always had very many options but I don’t hold a loud-speaker/PA system and announce it and neither does it make me think that I am very handsome because I have many options. Why blow your trumpet? IF AT ALL she was beautiful, she would not be boasting about it.

She thinks she is best thing that ever happened to the world and she thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Why is she what she is IF she is the most beautiful woman in the world? Why has she not represented Uganda as Miss Uganda if she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Here is a quotation from a young very independent ( and I mean real independent NOT the independent that Annest claims when she is sleeping around to have her rent paid and bills and getting money to show off with) very beautiful lady in Kampala, Uganda I cannot name for obvious reasons who is looking for an ideal man : A good man is hard to find. the one who is considerate and fun, likes to cook, help with the house cleaning gets along with family, doesn’t watch sports all the time and faithful.”

I was all the above that this lady is asking/looking for and more because I provided everything to Annest that she wanted. She didn’t have to worry about anything but she looked for an excuse to cheat on me and  go with different men by claiming that I made her slave and used her. The question is how did I do that? When Annest is asked, she giggles like a stupid fool and has no answers/explanation at all. All because she is lying and claims that in order to justify cheating on me and acting slutty. She tells some people that I made her a slave by giving her everything and all the money. Is that stupidity or what? I don’t get how she thinks and how she can fail to appreciate. For her total lack of appreciation and remorse, she will meet her fate.

So Annest can  keep on doing her disgusting low-class imbecile promiscuous shit, leave me alone and give me my property back that she stole. I don’t want any part of her anywhere near me. I dont date women who choose to be Whores and that is what she is. She is the most disgusting person I have ever known in my entire life and I want to erase everything we ever did together as a couple and ever had together completely out my memory. She should give me my company paperwork, my car money, account and pay for all my missing money that she withdrew illegally/stole, account for all the losses of earnings, all my stuff and everything else and go your way to the men you ran to when you left my house.

We were more than friends and I trusted her more than I have ever trusted anyone in my life. She was my best friend  and my best everything, she blew it all by acting like she is the best thing that ever happened to the world. Even my sister referred to her as an Angel at one time because she THOUGHT she was amazing and honest and this is  turn out what she turns out to be. Grotesque and  Evil.

My True honest love is not blind. I saw your faults and thought I could look beyond your many faults and work with you towards having the best relationship there is and to better you. I had the ability to look beyond the negative and focus on the positive. I am NOT perfect at all. No one is. True love keeps it real. So I kept it real but all the while your were busy bitching behind my back.

Annest, you can go with all those men and boys, you told your friends/colleagues want you. Your exact words were “Many men and boys want me because I am very beautiful and independent”. So go away and continue being a slut which you have always been. The end result will be there for all to see. Its not rocket science

I invested a lot of quality time, a lot of my emotions, a lot of my money, a lot of my memories in Annest BUT all she was doing is being selfish and practising her old ways of promiscuity despite claiming she is religious, God-fearing, genuine and honest.

Annest WASTED my time four and a half quality years. I could have done so much in four and half years. All because she is a Gold Digger. She will always be a Gold digger and promiscuous.

A Broken Heart has no spare parts. So Annest Namata’s solicitation of friendship is a total waste of time when she is still vandalising my image and acting disgustingly arrogant.

I have better things to do in life and I have better quality friends than Annest will ever be. She was my very best friend, my everything and everybody who knew us and didn’t, knew how I regarded her as part of me and as a very integral part of my life for life. Sometimes I even treated Annest better than I treated my late mother who I treasured when she was alive BUT she chose to use me and cheat on me all the while in the relationship. She even stole my money and my late mothers money and gave it to Boys who were conning her that they are starting Businesses. How stupid can one be. She will rot and burn in hell for using people and trying to turn the tables. She will pay the price for stealing my late mothers money and stealing from me..

Annest, will NEVER EVER get someone who will love her unequivocally and unconditionally like I did and as much as I did. It does not matter even if she gets married this minute, today, tomorrow. She doesn’t know what true love is and what it means and she will never know BUT she will learn the hard way. It may seem like she is in a bed of roses to-date/now but she aint seen the reality of her actions yet. BUT ANYWAY, NO MATTER WHAT SHE WILL ALWAYS BE A GOLD DIGGER AND PROMISCUOUS. All she does is sleep around and that’s what makes her happy. You cannot turn a Slut into a wife.


I know I am very very loyal, principled and very dependable and I can guarantee she will not come across a man in her sphere like me again. No one can be patient and stand her rotten disgusting cheap mannerisms.

If a relationship ends because she is cheating on you, then heck no, you can’t “be friends”. A friend wouldn’t mistreat and cheat on a friend. A friend would not steal from the other. She did both and more i.e. She cheated on me with many men and stole from me while bragging to her friends that nothing can happen to her. To make matters worse she also stole from my late mother estate.

It is always good to know that everything we do, we shall be accountable for them when the time comes and you will be accountable and will account for them.

BUT most important of all I am a firm believer that “What goes around comes back around”. This principle ALWAYS applies to anyone no matter what or who you think you are. God does not reward evil vile wicked people like Annest Namata who pretend and claim to be christians and saved.

I never hate people but she is gives people reason to hate her by all that she did and continues to do today. She iskarma evil and very promiscuously cheap. Imagine she abused my late mother when she passed away and went to the extent of stealing from her estate. She doesn’t have any moral integrity at all.

Respect is earned. Disrespect is created on purpose. Mistakes makes us human. Annest, yours are not mistakes, it is what she does in order to use and exploit people as a narcissist and promiscuous Gold Digger.. Failures make me and all of us stronger. Pitfalls intentionally created by people like Annest to destroy me, make me much much more determined, successful and happy.

Thank you Annest for your evil wickedness and for breaking all the promises/vows you made right from the beginning of our relationship.

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  1. Patric

    December 18, 2012 at 11:26

    You cannot turn a promiscuous woman into a wife. I didn’t know I was trying to turn a cheap promiscuous Annest Namata into a wife. Annest Namata was promiscuous before I met her, she claimed she had changed because she is “saved”, but continued her promiscuity with several men while criticising other women for wanting to be “side dishes yet that is exactly what she was doing and she will always be promiscuous.
    She told me when we were in a committed relationship and engaged to be married that “I go for Aids check up twice a month to be sure of myself”. She further repeated it by writing an email. That tells you a lot about her lack of morality and sluttiness. Why would she go twice a month for Aids check up when she is in a long term committed relationship. She has absolutely no moral fibre in her brain. She can keep go on going for AIDS check up twice every month since she is a full time slut sleeping around with any man can offer her money.


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